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  1. Carefully, Oscar got another piece of bread ready. Then, he took great pains to apply the proper amount of garlic butter to the surface. His knife made a satisfying noise as it scraped against the grain of the bread. Once the uncooked toast was covered completely, Oscar placed the knife back down on the cutting board and gingerly picked up the bread. This time, he actually managed to make it to the oven. He placed the bread on the rack and closed the door. He watched as the convection from the oven caused the oil from the butter to bubble and pop. The crust was the first to change color,
  2. Oscar followed Bahr to the back and watched, enraptured, at his demonstration. Crafting was such a cool skill to pick up. He had to make sure he did that soon. When Bahr brought up his deal, Oscar had to think for a moment. 1000 for a buy one, get one or get an IOU. It was a tough call. But he opted for neither and brought up the Col Transfer screen, punching in 2000 Col as the amount he was going to transfer to the man. His thoughts hearkened back to this occasion in which he had accompanied the Major to buy a piece of equipment for the farm. The man only wanted 1,000 dollars for it, but
  3. Oscar gingerly picked the knife back up and scooped a pat of garlic butter out of the container. He took great pains in spreading the butter thinly over the surface of the bread, making sure every nook and cranny was evenly covered with the savory seasoning. He set the knife back down and cleaned his hands on a nearby towel. Then, he carefully picked up the bread. He held it gingerly between the fingertips of his two hands as he walked over to the oven. But before he could place it inside, his fingers slipped and the toast fell to the floor. A moment later, it shattered into numerous frac
  4. Oscar looked up at the number next to his health bar and then back to the man. "Level 4. Just finished up my first quest. Figured I'd want some armor before I tried anything more difficult." He wondered to himself why the man was inquiring about his level. Would that affect the price at all? Would he charge him more because he was a low-level? Less? Oscar hoped for the latter. Bahr didn’t seem like the unreasonable sort though. Oscar didn’t want to get away without paying a cent either. Maybe the man would be amenable to a trade? Oscar had plenty of materials that could help cover the cos
  5. Oscar was going to make some Garlic Bread. He took a slice of bread and set it on the cutting board in front of him. Then, he picked up a spreading knife and scooped up some Garlic Butter from an already-prepared bowl. As he went to spread the butter onto the bread, the knife fell from his grip, slick from the oily butter on his fingertips and clattered to the table. Oscar took a steadying breath. Crafting items was serious business. It was almost no different here than it was in real life. All the things he wouldn’t think he needed to compensate for actually needed to be taken into considerat
  6. Oscar guffawed at the pun the man made of his own name. It was too good. His laughter echoed off of the walls of the shop. It really wasn't that funny, but in a world bereft of humor, Oscar could appreciate it when he saw it. "Bahr-nacle? Bahr? Classic!" He wiped a tear from his eye as he caught his breath. "Sorry, sorry. Just been a long time since I heard a pun like that. I wanted to buy this <<Libarium Overcoat>> you got here. How much is this thing gonna set me back?" Oscar really hoped he had enough money to cover it. Something this good would probably take most, if
  7. Oscar sliced downward and dispatched the boar with a critical Rage Blow. Once the boar was dead, Oscar opened the loot screen and saw a whopping four T1 Crafting Materials drop into his inventory. He reached for the sky and let out a hearty cheer as the rest of the loot was collected. 30 Col and a Rare Unidentified Trinket. Score! His Quest Tracker updated with the materials he had collected, so he decided to head back to the Cook Trainer straightaway. Once he walked into the kitchen and deposited the materials, the Cook assigned him to craft a dish. He sat down in front of the crafting s
  8. Oscar stepped into the Crusty Bahrnacle, mostly because he liked the name on the sign outside. It was in a seedier part of the Town of Beginnings, but once he stepped inside the juxtaposition was jarring. Instead of dirt and grime like he expected, it was almost immaculate. The warmth inside the shop was welcome given how cold the streets of the ghetto could get. Crafted sets of armor hung from racks, each carrying a price tag. Oscar noticed a blue overcoat that he just had to have. He looked at the stats and noticed that it also came with an Evasion boost. Considering how much damage things c
  9. Oscar lunged forward, dragging his sword low to the ground. He brought it up and over his head and then shot it straight back down, using its weight and his back muscles to put more force into the slice. He struck the boar’s flank, dealing two damage on the successful hit. He was able to dance out of the way of the coming counterattack and took a step backwards. He looked at his energy bar. Rage Blow next turn! He flipped his sword over the back of his hand and circled the boar like a lion would a cornered gazelle. Every so often he would flourish the blade by turning his wrist. The
  10. Oscar found a second boar and began charging up Rage Blow. His sword began to glow a light purple. As he rushed towards the target, the sword left a trail of purple behind him. He brought the sword up above his head and back down, tracing a line the entire way. The Sword Art struck the boar in the flank and dealt a healthy 4 Damage to it. 40 percent of its health bar was shaved off in a single stroke. The boar turned and headbutted Oscar in the shins for 3 damage. It took just over 10 percent of Oscar’s health. That was a fine trade, in Oscar’s opinion. He adjusted the grip on his blade a
  11. He looked around in the overgrowth for any shiny spots. It took a bit of searching. He felt like he was checking under every pebble and blade of grass until he found something usable. But, finally, his luck came through. A shiny spot was there directly in front of him. He reached out his hand and touched it. Then, he watched the gathering bar fill up. Once it was full, a hot pepper was placed into his inventory. This would be perfect for cooking up a spicy dish! He already had an idea for the type of dish he wanted to make in mind, so he went looking for another boar. Perhaps they would d
  12. Oscar dealt a swift blow to the Boar’s flank for a second critical hit. The boar disappeared in a shower of fractal shards, leaving behind only its loot. Oscar watched as a rare trinket and 120 Col were dumped into his inventory. He was a little bummed that he didn’t get any materials, but that was okay. There were plenty of boars and plenty of gathering locations. No sense getting bummed out because he wasn’t done yet. Oscar looked around, trying to see if he could find another boar or a gathering location. While he did so, his energy ticked back up. He’d be able to use Rage Blow again s
  13. Oscar found his target fairly quickly. He charged up a Rage Blow and rushed into combat. He brought his sword up above his head and put all his strength into a single strike. A thin, purple line trailed behind the tip of the blade as the deadly edge descended upon the boar’s flank. The Rage Blow connected for a critical hit, dealing 8 damage and leaving the boar barely standing. The enemy turned and tried to hit Oscar with a Headbutt to the shins. Thankfully, it just barely missed and went skidding off behind him. Oscar wheeled around and stepped forward. The boar’s back was exposed and h
  14. Oscar approached the Master Cook NPC for training in the Cooking profession. The profession that provided buffs to a group seemed like the perfect one for Oscar. The NPC rattled off her pre-scripted introduction and then Oscar’s quest tracker updated with “Gather 5 materials.” He groaned audibly. This was the last quest all over again. It seemed as if it was a little different, however. He didn’t have to specifically search for each of the materials. He was able to grind mobs for it as well. That seemed like the perfect thing to do in Oscar's opinion. He could get a ton of loot and a ton of cr
  15. Estate Name: Oscar-Meyer Mansion Floor Location: Floor 7 Plot Size: Estate {Safe Zone} Rooms: 4/15 | Yard: 2/3 Main House: Bedroom - Rested | Living Room | Basic Workshop - Chef's Kitchen | Dining Room | Yard: Slime Farm | Fishing Pond Total Cost: Free (Donor 25+)
  16. Quest Complete Net Rewards 4 SP +1 from Yui's Grace +1 from Thread Completion +2 from Quest Rewards 5 Uncommon Tier 1 Health Potion 1 Tier 1 Damage Potion 1 Tier 1 Overhealth Potion Unidentified Uncommon Consumable #1 ID: 120596 Unidentified Uncommon Consumable #2 ID: 120598 1 Unidentified Rare Weapon (Katana Acquisition): ID: 120598 6 T1 Crafting Mats 480 Col
  17. Oscar wandered the town for a while, taking in the sights and just generally enjoying a job well-done. He’d go back for the second quest later, but for right now, he really wanted to go ahead and decompress. He wasn’t one for grinding really hard on one thing. There was plenty to see and enjoy in the world of Aincrad. And, as long as he was stuck here, he might as well make the best of it. The Major wouldn’t have it any other way, either. If you’re in Hell, become a demon. It was time to embrace this situation for what it was: just another obstacle to be overcome. Oscar was good at o
  18. Oscar strolled through the town on his way to turn in this package to Lyle. He sincerely hoped this was the last step of the quest because he was starting to feel hungry. He knew he was probably being fed through a tube in the real world, but that didn’t change the sensation within the game. Hopefully, some of the Col he earned today would be enough for a hot meal and a night at the Inn. He smelled the smithy before he saw it. That thick smell of burning metal hung heavy in the air long before he actually walked through the threshold. Inside, there was an NPC named Lyle Tealeaf who was op
  19. Oscar tapped the crafting station and scrolled through the window that popped up. Eventually, he found the item he was looking for and tapped it. He noticed that his success rate was only 66%. That seemed to be the magic number for a lot of crafts. Regardless, there was nothing to do but to attempt it. Hopefully, he wouldn’t need to go back out and gather more materials if he failed. He watched the progress bar fill and crossed his fingers, hoping that it wouldn’t fail. He almost jumped for joy when he saw the success message pop up. “Nice job! Thank you for your help!” The Healing Potion
  20. The frenzy worked! Oscar found the shiny spot he was looking for and interacted with it. When the bar filled, the final crafting material was placed in his inventory. The quest tracker directed him to return to Zackariah, so he headed back into town and made a beeline for Zackariah’s workshop. “Oh,” Zackariah began. “You’re back so soon? Do you have the materials I asked for?” A contextual menu popped up asking Oscar if he wanted to hand over the quest items. He hit accept and the materials spawned in on Zackariah’s table. “Oh wonderful! Such good condition too! Before you go, w
  21. Try as he might, he just couldn’t find any more sparkling areas. He looked under trees. Next to rocks. Even next to the lake. But he just couldn’t find anything. It bummed him out a bit. Perhaps he could just go inside the city and take a quick nap. Today had been a busy day and he needed the rest. But the Major’s voice rang out in his head. You can rest when the job’s done. Don’t confuse lazy with tired! The words reinvigorated his spirit and embolden his resolve. The job wasn’t done yet. He could rest when all was said and done and put to bed. He resumed his search with renewed vig
  22. Oscar searched high and low for the last material and couldn’t find it. It was a shame because he now had plenty of materials from those two boars, but they didn’t count for the quest. He noticed that he’d gone quite a ways away from town. Not wanting to run into any stronger monsters, Oscar headed back the way he came. While he wasn’t against the idea of fighting more boars, he did his best to avoid them. He really wanted to just get this quest done at this point. Thankfully, there were no more boars that wanted to tussle. That or he stayed well out of their aggro ranges. He was just out
  23. Oscar got lost in his reminiscing. He thought about all the kids that he left behind because he was stuck in this game. He wondered how they were doing. If he’d had enough time to really help them before getting stuck. How would his being trapped impact them? Would they grow emboldened? Backslide? He truly hoped they were all doing well and had taken his lessons to heart. Every single one of them had great potential and he would hate to be part of the reason why they didn’t achieve it. He snapped out of his reverie and noticed a gleaming spot by his hand. He lifted his hand up and interac
  24. The Rage Blow found its mark, dealing critical damage to the boar for a killing blow. Oscar quickly looted the boar and found an unidentified rare weapon and another consumable, along with a bunch of other goodies. They were added to his inventory and Oscar walked off, whistling a tune. This experience was quite eye-opening. Any reservations he had about actually playing the game were gone. How else was he going to get revenge for his charge unless he did so? He sat down under a tree and waited for his hit points and energy to tick back up. While he did, his thoughts drifted back to the r
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