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  1. "Heh. While you two lovebir-" she started, when the sound of rocks grinding against each other alerted her to instinctively duck. Her slip in concentration gave the golem the opening it needed to clarify the game's mortal dangers when its punch almost connected with the redheads body. Her sloppy maneuver enabled the creature to grab her wrists while she was still trying to regain her footing, allowing it to lift her up and letting her dangle. "Alright you stupid hunk of dirt. It's one thing to try and hit me, I wanted to take your stuff after all. But embarassing me in front of my friends
  2. 'So they can be harmed by martial arts, perfect.' Hisa thought, releasing a sigh of relief. "Alright then, I'll go and look for a gem." she announced, venturing deeper into the cave, leaving Katoka in Vie's care, as her real life friend still seemed a little shocked by the events that just unfolded. Sticking to the walls, Hisa slowly explored the cavern. Due to the lack of natural light, she relied more on her sense of touch than her sight to find the gem she was looking for. After a while, something that stuck out of the wall caught her attention. Grabbing and examinig it, she realized t
  3. A little taken aback by her fellow martial artists punch not phasing the elemental creature, Hisa hesitated for a moment, looking for a weak spot to ensure that her kick would not only connect but actually have an effect. Her real life friend had ensured the safety of her fellow redhead and damaged their foe, opening it up for a follow up attack to eliminate the danger. Eventhough she was pretty sure that sand wouldn't help because the stone golem doesn't seem to have eyes, she wanted to try regardless. Years of videogames taught her that sometimes games ignore wether or not creature
  4. After a short travel, they arrived at the grove, spotting a woman sitting on one of the trunks painting, "Hey!" Hisa shouted, waving, interrupting her two party members' chat. "Are you Hannah?" she yelled. The npc shot up from her painting, taken aback by the sudden appearance of travelers. "Yes! Please come closer so we don't have to shout!", the artist responded. Quickly making their way to the artisan, Hisa opened her inventory to pull the parcel they were given out before nudging her fellow martial artist, to get do the same. "We were told to give these to you." "Yes,
  5. "Death game or not, I don't plan on kicking the bucket. Besides, these rocks don't stand a chance against two martial artists and a blonde with a butter knife!" she laughed before looking at her real life friend "But you're right Katoka. According to the item description we should be able to drink it whenever we want and the buff will last until we actually get hit. I'm gonna drink it now, otherwise I might forget." Hisa said before opening her inventory, scrolling through the potions until she found it. After pressing her finger against the item's name, it materialized in her hand. She
  6. "Alright then, I'll go in and talk to the merchant, hopefully he can actually pay us". With a chuckle, Hisa entered the tavern, After a brief look around she spotted the merchant that sent them on this quest and approached him. "Hello sir, I'd like to report that we have taken care of your problem, your trade routes are going to be safe from now on." "That's great news! Thank you very much little girl." She looked at him for a brief second, hiding her anger, and, when a waitress walked by with a jug of water, faked tripping. Mid fall, she grabbed the plate the pitcher was on, s
  7. "Sounds like a bunch of excus..." Hisa began before getting flicked interrupted her. She rubbed the spot between her eyes for a couple of seconds while her real life friend finished her sentence. Trying her best to hide a sigh as she witnessed Katoka flirting. Before she could come up with a witty comment, the food arrived. In awe she stared at the mountain that was just delivered to her table. Among the plates were the sandwiches, way more than she expected, all but one wrapped up in paper. "T-Thank you very much" was all she managed to utter before she couldn't hold back anymore and beg
  8. "First of all, thank you for the last quest Vie. I'm really excited for the upcoming one! Traveling with you guys is tons of fun!". The redhead turned to the waitress "I'll just have a coffee and...". Hisa suddenly stopped in the middle of the sentence. There was an important decision to be made. It's impossible to start an adventure on an empty stomach but she had to choose the kind of sandwich she would eat wisely. Should she go for a fish one, a ham one, a cheese one or a chicken one. Realizing that about half a minute had gone by, both of her party members and the waitress looking at
  9. "I'm really glad you managed to get in and the auto-translate they put in place really works great. I would've never expected you to be from america." The redhead remarked. Confidence rushed through her body as this was the first boss she helped fight, her excitement for the upcoming challenges was made visible by an ear to ear smile. She had proven to herself that she was no longer deadweight but could hold herself in a fight, even a tough one. The important thing to focus from now on was to control her temper. While bursts offered great satisfaction, the drawbacks could be very deadly
  10. "Right back at ya." she replied. "Katoka told me about your abilites but seeing them first hand, it really is something else. Now, it's time to head back I think." She patted the grass and dirt off of herself, helped her kneeling friend up and started to walk back to the city gates. "That was a tough fight, I was almost out of energy, but I had a single point left in the end." she chuckled "I really have a hard time holding myself back, I'm just so used to playing very bursty characters in other games. Also my personality probably doesn't help. Also I sometimes talk too much. Sooooo, w
  11. "Rule number two, double tap!" Hisa announced before she vaulted off of Ruler's shoulder into a front flip that ended in an axe kick to finish the Venom Snapper off. "Hell yeah!" she exclaimed as the creature exploded into hundreds of tiny shining shards. "Don't worry," the redhead smugly remarked "I have more than enough sand left for the rest of you." With an evil grin she announced "Ruler, duck!" before she threw the sand in an arc, following it up with a spinning kick that barely went over her teammembers crown as her form lowered, but hit all the remaining ads in the face. The forc
  12. "I like your style. Blasting the sand into the enemies instead of covering your eyes, impressive move! Ready for the next one?" she chuckled before reaching into her bag, grabbing more sand. This was supposed to be serious but Hisa just had too much fun comboing with her friend. But that blade of hers, the redhead had to be careful not to accidentally cut herself during one of her moves. And she definitely didn't want to be in the way of one of Ruler's sword arts, as she just witnessed how devastating they could be. "Alright, here I come!" she announced before sprinting forwards aga
  13. After watching Ruler having started the encounter, Hisa yelled "Cover your eyes for and spread your legs!" before she sprinted towards the enemies. As she got close to the blonde, she gave herself one last push before beginning to slide between rulers feet. As her glowing feet-wraps emerged from underneath her party members skirt, Hisa got tucked them in, as to not accidentally just slide into the beast. Her vision still covered by the courtain that was rulers armor, she got ready to hit whatever was in front of her when she emerged with sand. As her face exited the cloth, she found
  14. 'Stoic', well, Katoka can surely break though that facade, so it might still be a good fit for her. Nevertheless, not getting any physical reaction from Ruler frustrated Hisa a little bit. Before she could ask any further questions, the blonde announced that she was about to start the fight. This caused Hisa to stop focusing on being a wingman and instead become a fighter. With her eyes on target, she waited for the signal. Slightly hopping from one leg to the other to warm her body up, she got ready. 'This is it, the first fight that might actually be dangerous from what Ruler described
  15. 'Helpful', and most importantly 'Hasn't called me small'. Two more boxes checked and out the door they went. "So, uh, how did you get started with like, all of this? Did you do like swordfighting or something like that before you were trapped in here?" she asked her party member, seeing that she was wearing full plate and a sword. "I kinda just took what I knew how to do in the real world and ran with it. I wonder if other people do the same though. Katoka's choice of using a katana also didn't surprise me, she was always a nerd, but a cute one I'll give her that." Hisa said, paying atte
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