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[PP-F27] Alternative Methods Required <<Scouting the Labyrinth>>

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Alternate Methods Required
<<Scouting the Labyrinth>>

The time for waiting had long been over, and the hunter was patient for that entire time.  Many different scouting ventures had been sent out into the floor, that he had heard about, but none have borne fruitful measures.  This day would be different, as the hunter was going into the fray.  He had scouted a bit of the floors, but nothing too extensive within the caves that wrap throughout the floor.  They would start through the northern mountain cave entrances, then head their way through with the hopeful help of his and his teams search capabilities.  Though, the team needed to be assembled.

With her valuable knowledge of the floor that she had expressed many times during their venture, it would have been a crime not to indulge the unique curiosity of @NIGHT.  They're ability to stealth and search would also be a fairly capable interest too, as the hunter was anything but stealthy.  Still, his range finding capabilities weren't something to scoff at, NIGHT's would at least be far more mobile than his own.  Going even farther, her combat capabilities inside and out of stealth would be paramount.  He would send a message her way asking for her assistance in searching for the labyrinth once more.  They would begin in the Dagan mountains.  With that information sent, he would go on to message the second one.

He would need someone that had been through the caves at least a little bit.  He had heard of two different ventures through the caves to find the labyrinth: one headed by Zandra; another headed by a most recent addition to his friendly list, @Nari-Lanreth.  Although, the hunter knew the chaos sister more than the new girl; Hirru had already had a large order of crystals that had to be made through Zandra, so he didn't want to pause that for a moment of combat.  Besides, she would come recommended from Lessa, a friend of Baldur's, so Hirru would send a message to Nari for her knowledge.  Even if a little bit, it will be immensely better than nothing.

The last member of the party would be a no brainer, as he was standing by the angelic adornments that comprised the hunter's armor, @Crozeph.  Jacob's Ladder had made a full deployment into the twenty seventh floor to investigate the place.  Due to Hirru still keeping the majority of his searching capabilites, he was still known as one of the scouts of the guild, even if he still had not joined yet.  The issue with that was that he was no longer an attack type player anymore, or DPS, but a healer, which was another valuable role.  To safeguard the hunter, Baldur asked Crozeph to be Hirru's bodyguard for any long scouting ventures.  The hunter was glad to have someone there with him, even if he had to keep his interests towards something, or else he would run off and fight something he shouldn't.. or eat something he shouldn't..

"Let's await our friends, Cro.  In the meantime, eat up."

With that, he added in each message to bring whatever you can from a list of consumables.  Even if this was just a scouting mission, they would have to be prepared to fight field boss level creatures.  He would look at his meager consumables that he still kept on his person and sighed.  He really needed to buy more stuff.


HIRRU 4~6 0
NIGHT 7~9 0
NARI 10~12 0

Hirru provides and consumes

  • Immolation Potion 4 3| T4 POTION | THRN III = Thorns +40 (Hirru uses 1)
  • Gungnir Shard | IDENTIFICATION | T4 FEAST (Infinite) | T4 MIT III = MIT +60 5/6 uses (Reusable) [Hirru uses 1]
  • Berry Crumble Feast | 197732 | LD III FEAST | LD +3 5/6 USES [Hirru uses 1)

Hirru stats [Hirru | HP: 920/920 | EN: 104/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | BH: 46 | HLY BLS: 36 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 36 | LD: 14]


Hirru | HP: 920/920 | EN: 104/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 60 | BH: 46 | HLY BLS: 36 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 36

Hirru Lvl 32 (PL 58)

920 HP (+220 PL)
104 Energy (+22 PL)
1 Base Damage
5% Battle Healing
8 Recovery
110 Mitigation (35 HA skill, 15 Iron skin, 60 consumable) [187 w/ Bulwark equipped]
72 Thorns
4% Holy Blessing
20% Life Mend
14 Luck Die (5 search, 3 item, 3 buff, 2 reveal, 1 detect)


Paladin's Oath ..................... // +4% Holy Blessing / +20% Life Mending
Light's Embrace .................... // +8 Recovery / 36 Thorns
Favor of the Golden Dragon ......... // +3 Loot Die
Blades Cloak ....................... // Vanity
Lun'Rael's Insignia ................ // Unique Vanity |
Fates Armament (Shield) ............ // Unique Vanity | 
Dimensional Backpack ............... // +1 B.R.I Slot

Battle Ready Inventory

<Teleportation Crystal> x5 ......... // Teleport to a town / out of a dungeon [Uses 2 posts: 1 for use, next to teleport]
<Bulwark ........................... // +72 Mitigation
<Betrayal of the Fallen Knight> .... // +12 Damage
<Mass HP Recovery Crystal> x5 ...... // +10% AOE Heal
<Imugi's Inspiration> x5 ........... // +10% AOE Heal [
164865-1, 164865-2, 164865-3, 164876-1, 164876-2,]


Heavy Armor ........................ // Rank 5: +35 MIT
Battle Healing ..................... // Rank 5: +5% HP each turn
Search ............................. // Rank 5: +5 Loot Die / +5 Stealth Detection
Quick Change ....................... // Rank -: Instant change of equipment from B.R.I. / Cooldown 

Extra Skills (Max 4)

First Aid .......................... // Rank 5: +20% ST-H / -15 EN
Leadership ......................... // Rank 5: Command the Front w/ Buffs

Skill Mods / Addons (Max 5 Mods)

Iron Skin (Add on) ................. // +15 Mit / +60 HP
Field Medic (Add on) ............... // +25% AOE-H / -15 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Hyperactive (Add on) ............... // +3 EN Regen for 3 turns / -5 EN / 3 turn Cooldown

Reveal (Add on)..................... // +2 to Dungeon, Labyrinth searches / Post 10 searches / 3 turn Labyrinth Cooldown

Barrier ............................ // -15% Dmg shield AOE / -15 EN / 2 turn Cooldown
Energize ........................... // +8 EN ST / -10 EN
Rally .............................. // +1 ACC AOE, -1 ACC self / -6 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Press The Attack ................... // +(Target Tier) Dmg, -(Cumulative)Dmg / -10 En / 5 turn Cooldown

Detect ............................. // +1 to Labyrinth searches | +2 Stealth Detect

Housing Buffs

Rested ............................. // -1 EN for 2 uses
Relaxed ............................ // OOC HP regen 5*tier Rec EN after 2 turns
Filling ............................ // Increase food by +1 T1 slot
Multipurpose ....................... // +1 LD, Stealth, Dection, or Prosperity to 1 post
Practiced Angler ................... // +2 EXP & +1 LD & CD to attempts

Temp Buffs

Thorns +40
MIT T4 +60
Luck Die +3
Evasion +2
Overhealth +15% -> (Filling) +5% = 20%


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The message had caught Nari by surprise, midway through her preparations to head out on a venture of her own. She glanced up from tying her boots - not that it was required in this world, but it somehow felt more comfortable to do so - in order to stare at the flashing icon in surprise. Moments based, before Yuki let out a questioning yip. Shaking herself from her daze, Nari palmed the message, waving her other hand at the fox and mumbling in response to the verbal confusion. "Yeah, yeah...I'm checking it...huh, message from Hirru..."

Her eyes scanned the message twice, piecing together the request. Her first pass over it, barely more than a customary glance, had left her confused as her mind tried to wrap itself around the fact that someone would want to head into the labyrinth. It wasn't until she slowed down and focused on the message in actuality, that she realised it wasn't just a request to head into the labyrinth itself - it was a request for a scouting mission of the labyrinth. "He...wants to try finding the floor boss's...shit."

She pulled up her keyboard, sending a brief response acknowledging her acceptance of the request, before heading into her storeroom. She needed to review her available materials, needed to make some final adjustments. "Need to not keep them waiting for me like some kind of new player...shit, why couldn't he have given me more notice?! Ahhh...there it is! Alright, now I just need...perfect...okay. Uhm...scythe! Scythe is over...there...alright! Yuki! Come on, we're headed off! Floor twenty-seven, our old home...remember it? Let's...get going!"

Nari made a mad dash towards the door, taking a few seconds to glance behind her as she closed it. She was certain she'd grabbed everything she'd need, but her eyes did a scan just in case. She felt an excitement boiling within her that she hadn't felt in a long time; they were finally making an effort again. Trying to escape. Trying to get out......and I get to be a part of it!


She arrived on the twenty-seventh floor about an hour after she had sent the message, quickly spotting the green-haired knight from days passed. Smiling, and raising her hand in a wave, she made her way across the courtyard towards @Hirru. "Hirru! Hey! It's good to see you again, and this time in a place that's...well, maybe just as dark...but more welcoming I hope! I'm...glad you sent the request. I'm excited to get back to the frontlines. Or, well, to the frontlines, really. In earnest, that is..."

She stopped talking, content to flash a smile at him, before glancing around. She figured there were others coming, and she was curious to see who would show up. Maybe some fresh new faces...or old ones that I haven't seen in forever! I wonder who it's going to be...



Nari-Lanreth Slim Banner.png


  • --

Nari-Lanreth | Lv. 32 | P. 39 | HP: 820/820 | EN: 117/117 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 20 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 30 | B.Healing [+44] | L.Momentum: 1 | LD: 4 | Bld: 48
Tier 4 | Tier 8


  • Solitude's Sorrow
    [Scythe; Tier 4 Perfect]
    Enhancement: Accuracy [2 Slots]
    Enhancement: Bleed [1 Slots] 
  • Reaper's Defence 
    [Light Armour; Tier 4 Perfect]
    Enhancement: Evasion [2 Slots]
    Enhancement: Light Momentum [1 Slots]
  • Ormi's Blessing 
    Silver Ring Trinket]
    Enhancement: EVA +2 for one post. Cooldown: 3 posts. 3 Charges

battle-ready inventory

  • Teleport Crystal {3}
  • Arrowhead Brooch | Tier 1; Perfect Trinket | Accuracy III
  • Divinity's Wait {5} | Tier 2; Perfect Potion | Mitigation III
  • Divinity's Protection {5} | Tier 3; Perfect Potion | Overhealth III
  • Cheesecake {3}  | Tier 4; Perfect Dessert | Loot Die III
  • Percephonius Pyratius {11} | Tier 4; Perfect Potion | Damage III
  • Eleanór a Rún {3} | Tier 4; Perfect Support Song | HP Recovery III [Mass]
  • Siúil a Rún {2} | Tier 3; Perfect; Masterpiece Support Song | HP Recovery III [Mass]



Utility Skills
Extended Weight Limit [Active: Passive. Effect: +2 additional Battle-Ready inventory slots.
Searching [Rank: 4. Active: Passive. Effect: +1 LD per rank. +1 to Stealth Detection per rank.]
[Rank 3 Searching Mod] Detect [Active: Passive. Effect: Grants +2 Stealth Detection. Grants +1 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths.]

Combat Skills
Battle Healing [Rank: 3. Active: Passive. Effect: While in combat, recover 1% per rank of your maximum HP (rounded down) at the beginning of your turn.]
Fighting Spirit [Active: Passive. Effect: Attacking and using Howl or Focused Howl generates +1 additional Hate. (Ex. Generate 1/2/3 Hate on a Miss/Hit/Critical attack. Generate 5 Hate when using Focused Howl.)]

Weapon Skills
Polearm [Rank: 5. Active: Passive. Effect: +7 DMG]
[Rank 5 Weapon Addon] Stamina [Active: Passive. Effect: Reduces EN of all attacks by 2.]
[Rank 5 Weapon Addon] Precision [Active: Passive. Effect: Gain +1 ACC.]
[Rank 5 Weapon Addon] <<Weapon Type>> Focus [Active: Passive. Effect: Decreases minor critical threshold by 1. Also reduces DoT thresholds by 1. Players cannot use Focus and Ferocity at the same time for the same Weapon Type.]
[Rank 5 Shift] TECH Specialist [Active: Passive. Effect: For TECH Sword Arts, +4 to multipliers, +3 to EN cost. No other Shifts may be taken.]

Armour Skills

Light Armour [Rank: 5. Active: Passive. Effect: 30 MIT. Mitigation is capped at 2 slots.]
[Light Armour Mod] Meticulous [Active: Passive. Effect: Gain +1 base Damage.]
[Light Armour Add-on] Resolve [Active: Passive. Effect: Gain +1 Accuracy and +10 * Tier HP.]

Active Extra Skills
Concentration [Active: Free Action. Cooldown: 5 turns. Effect: As a free action, gain Absolute Accuracy on your next attack. In the case Absolute Accuracy is already present, increase your Accuracy by 1 instead. Effect lasts until the start of next turn.]

Meditation [Active: Post Action. Cooldown: 3 turns. Effect: Recover an additional (4 * Tier) energy.]

Parry [Active: Post action. Energy cost: 9 EN Cooldown: 3 Turns. Effect: Apply the energy cost upon proc, not activation. Reduces the final damage of the next successful attack against you by 50% (rounded down) and negates stun/paralysis effects of that attack. If hit by multiple attacks, only apply parry to the first attack against you. Parry lasts for three turns. Cooldown starts when the player activates the Skill. If the player is hit when using Parry, the cooldown is reset to 3 turns.]

[Parry Mod] Vengeful Riposte [Active: Passive. Cooldown: 4 Turns. Effect: A successful Parry also returns 50% (rounded down) of the raw damage that would be dealt to you back to your opponent. The reflected damage can be mitigated by the opponent.]

Survival [Active: Passive. Effect: Increases Healing effects received from all sources by 10%. Grants immunity to all damage dealing environmental attacks/effects.]

Familiar Skills
Protector Familiar [Active: Free Action. Cooldown: 3 Posts; Effect: The next time you would take damage, your familiar rushes to your aid, reducing the final damage by 10%.]

sword arts


[x12] ST-I (12 10 EN) | A single-target sword art.
[x15] ST-II (15 13 EN) | A powerful single-target sword art. Only available for use when ST-I was used and successfully struck an enemy the previous turn or if ST-II had been used and had missed the previous turn.
[x20] ST-B (20 18 EN) | A devastating single-target sword art. Can only be used if the sword art used the previous turn is not ST-B and had rolled a natural CD9+. When performing an AoE attack, use only the first roll.
[x11] AOE-I (11 9 + 2 * targets EN) | AOE | A sword art that strikes multiple targets at once.
[x14] AOE-II (14 12 + 2 * targets EN) | AOE | A powerful sword art that strikes multiple targets at once. Only available for use when AOE-I was used and successfully struck an enemy the previous turn or if AOE-II had been used and had missed the previous turn.
[x16] TECH-A (16 14 EN) | STUN | A single-target sword art that stuns an enemy.
[x16] TECH-B (15 13 EN) | DELAY | A single-target sword art that, on a successful strike, applies [Delay] on the enemy. [Delay] is a status condition that reduces the enemy’s ACC by 1 for one turn.
[x16] TECH-C (15 13 EN) | COUNTER | A single-target sword art that, on a successful strike, places [Counter] around the player. [Counter] reduces the final damage taken by its user by 25% (rounded down) for one turn.
[x16] TECH-D (15 13 EN) | SHATTER | A single-target sword art that applies [Shatter] to an enemy for 3 turns. [Shatter] is a debuff that can stack up to a cap of 3. Each stack of [Shatter] removes -20 MIT from an enemy, down to 0, if it has MIT.
[x12] TECH-F (11 9 + 2 * targets EN) | AOE STUN | A sword art that strikes multiple targets at once. All struck targets are stunned for one turn.
[x16] TECH-G (15 13 EN) | BURN | A single-target sword art that, on a successful strike, applies [Burn] on the enemy. [Burn] is a DoT ailment that deals [14 * Player Tier] unmitigated Burn damage for 2 turns.
RAW-A (10 8 EN) | THORNS | A single-target sword art that utilizes the [Thorns] of the individual against the enemy. Other types of enhancements that apply damage upon contact with the individual are also considered in improving the damage of this sword art (eg. Immolation Potion, Flame/Frost Aura, etc). Outgoing damage is considered mitigatable.  Must have a weapon equipped to activate this sword art.



Estate Buffs

Master Bedroom [-1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat.]
Master Bathroom [The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 25% (rounded down).]
Dining Room [Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast. A Lesser Feast contains 4 portions of the food items sacrificed. Lesser Feasts created this way cannot be used outside of the thread they are created. Limit 1 item created per thread.]
Basic Kitchen [Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot. This can exceed normal Cook enhancement caps. Ex: A perfect T2 MIT food gives 35 MIT instead of 30.]
Living Room [Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.]
Attic (Storage) [+5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests]
Storage Closet [+1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot]




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why couldn't she remembered how far she'd ventured into the dagan mountains?

that was all night could fix upon, the carriage ride taking her through the motions of the landscape once more. between the different emerald and neutral hues of the passing scenery, the woman, sat hunched, eyes boring out into the wilderness, seemed too perturbed to bother about admiring it as she once would've been. no, her fingers were definitely fidgeting. 

for once, of recent, she was absent of a body to hold her accountable.

the last bit of shade would brush across her face, a weave of ivy and canopy just before breaking sunlight as they started towards the rocky terrain. sunlight, that foreign, grating heat, sat heavy and irritable on night's own skin. her eyes shifted, as did her thoughts, from mulling over the past to the meeting point just a little aways and above. blots of figures against white stone, and a brimming cold that stung with the altitude.

she jabbed at her inventory, finally made up her mind after her ride came to an end. a thicker tracksuit, in the same fashion as her others wrapped itself around her. night's gaze was steeled towards hirru, still quiet. and the thought that she wasn't alone, nor the first to arrive, slipped her mind.

for the party:

  • Liquor of Light (4) | DAMAGE III | [x]
  • Mousse (4) | PROSP III | 176128-1, 176129-1, 176309-1, 176316-1
  • Crème Brûlée (4) | ACC II | [x]
  • Smores (4) | EVA II | [x]
  • Imugi's Inspiration (20) | MASS HEALING CRYSTAL
    164865-1, 164865-2, 164865-3, 164876-1, 164876-2,     164878-1, 164891-1, 164891-2, 164891-3, 164892-1,
    164892-2, 164892-3, 164893-1, 164893-2, 164901-1,     164907-1, 171070-1,  173684-1, 173686-1, 173686-2

| Lv. 138 >> P. 105, Lv. 33
status: no. no thank you.


  • using mega-slime farm.
  • labyrinth scouting: ld +3, search every 2 posts.
  • ooc hp regen: 40hp/post

NIGHT | HP: 1242/1242 | EN: 146/146 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 134 | LD: 14 | BH: 68 | VAMP-D: 68 | FS | AA | Stealth Rating: 6


  • Cosmic Devourer+1 
  • rider. 
  • feather.

battle-ready inventory

  • Jack's Executioner
    BLIGHT (32, -20MIT), BLEED (48), FROSTBITE (40, -1ACC), STATIC (40, 24 SPLASH)
  • pretense.
  • Silver Crescent Necklace
  • Imugi's Inspiration (5)
  • Teleport Crystal (5)
  • Der Flohwalzer (3)



mod count: 7/7

  • 2HSS | RANK 5/5
    • focus, stamina, precision
    • shift: aoe
    • athletics, nimble
  • SEARCHING | RANK 4+1/5
    • reveal, tracking, detect, night vision


    • untraceable, vanish, surprise attack-t




  • OROCHI | +1 LD


  1. Liquor of Light | DMG III
  2. Berry Crumble Feast | LD IV filling
  3. Mousse | PROSP III
  4. Crème Brûlée | ACC II
  5. Smores | EVA II 
  6. Gungir Shard Feast | MIT III
  7. Duality | +30 MIT, -3 DMG
  8. Water Canister | +20 HP/OOC REGEN
  9. Divinity's Protection | +15% HP


  • Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 15% of EXP earned in that thread.
  • Lv. 10 | +1 LD to looting.

sword arts


en cost matches multiplier unless stated otherwise. shift underlined.

  • ST | x12 -> x15 | x20
  • AOE | x15 -> x18
  • TECH-A | x12 | STUN | 13EN
  • TECH-B | x12 | DELAY
  • TECH-D | x12 | SHATTER
  • TECH-G | x12 | BURN




  • Dimensional Backpack, Item Stash
    | +2 Battle-Ready Inventory Slots.
  • Well Rested
    | -1 EN for the first three expenditures of each combat. 
  • Relaxed
    | +(5 * Tier) HP per out-of-combat post. Full energy restoration occurs after two turns out of combat.
  • Squeaky Clean
    | -25% DoT damage taken from the first DoT applied to this player in a thread.
  • Skylight: Searching
    | +1 Expertise to declared utility skill. Cooldown of 30 days to reassign.
  • Multipurpose
    | +1 LD/Prosperity/Stealth/Detection to one post per thread. Can be applied after a roll.
  • Filling
    | +1 T1 slot to a food consumed by this player in a thread. Can exceed Cook enhancement caps.
  • Col Deposit
    | +5% col from loot-minimum mobs, +10% col from treasure chests.


  • Greenhouse
    | +2 G.EXP, +1 CD&LD to gathering attempts.
  • Familiar: Profession
    | +2 G.EXP
  • Demeter's Cornucopia
    | +1 CD to gathering attempts. 



Edited by NIGHT
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For many people, the thought of scouting is a scary concept. The boss room is needed to be found, minions scurrying everywhere, and dangers jump out of the dark like in south Detroit. One must be prepared for the worst and be prepared with the group. Teamwork is needed to succeed by watching each other's back. If there ever was a wall to move back, it's a comrade's back. Victory may seem far but it is always there, the group must act as if they have Excalibur, the sword of promised victory.


None of those matter at the moment for a certain guy, the resident trash panda of Jacob's Ladder accompanying Hirru. Getting lost somewhere is a common thing for Crozeph and getting involved in something menacing is part of the package. It's a win-win too because Hirru handed food to him. Crozeph munched on it and slipped a few slices whenever Hirru turned his head to wait for other companions. 

Gray hair, a clean undercut, a white cloak over a white kimono, and on his neck is a glimpse of the black shirt beneath the white kimono. Ereshkigal, his katana tucked beside him, parts of the sword length covered by a white cloak. His current appearance was not approved by him but Zumama, the recent addition to his ragtag group of dungeon seekers or grave robbers was adamant to make him look like a legit leader. "You gotta dress up to impress, be the leader you are of Night's Watch."

"Who decided that?" he said under his breath.

It was even a miracle that Hirru recognized him. He nodded as Hirru told him that they'll wait for the others. Soon enough the others arrived, and a familiar face was seen quickly while a new one arrived carrying a scythe "have some" he offered while munching quickly on the other pieces.

Crozeph consumes the following:

Gungnir [Feast] - +40 MIT
Berry Crumble - +3 LD


Edited by Crozeph
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As they waited, the hunter would look at his meager consumables being consumed by Cro.  He was pretty sure that a second portion of the gungnir got taken too.  Thankfully, it easily replenishes itself after 24 hours.  There isn't much else he had, so his part in the supply chain was done.  He hoped everyone else had brought what they needed, and if they had anything to give everyone else, that would be great too.  Their wasn't much information out there about the area, except random encounters, which was going to happen anyway.  Hirru didn't want to have any exceptions or any surprises.

Although, the surprises were sure to come.  The violet haired scythe user, Nari-Lanreth, had joined them in the northern mountainous area; a place fruitful by the tireless work of the Dagan dwarves, and the aggressive nature of the Earth Elementals.  The flora that thrived were something that the hunter could come to love, if he wasn't going to be steamrolled by a charging boulder.  He was glad to see her here, instead of where that girl wanted.  

"Aye, it is good to meet in a place where the threat is more well known."

Next would be his fellow two handed sword user, and one of the few that, if time willed it, she would know more about him than himself.  Be that from the mysterious book that he carried in his inventory that knew more about him than he did; or, the strange matter of her own feelings towards the experiences that they have had.  Hirru could not tell, but there was much to see from their interactions.  Today, she seemed silent.  He didn't understand why, nor did he remember anything that would cause it.  Not that he could remember much at all.  She did seem to deliver on the items that they would probably need.

"Alright, let's get these buffs set up before we head out.  Did anyone bring any Overhealth?  If not, I have field rations."

Hirru takes

  • 5 Imugi's Inspiration 164865-1, 164865-2, 164865-3, 164876-1, 164876-2,
  • 1 Smore - +2 EVA (Consumed)

Stats updated

[Hirru | HP: 920/920 | EN: 104/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | EVA: 2 | BH: 46 | HLY BLS: 36 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76 | LD: 14]

Edited by Hirru
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Nari nodded towards Hirru as the man seemed to take stock of their little ragtag group. She smiled as he mentioned the request for Overhealth item, bringing up her menu and dumping a collection of consumables on the group before her. She was once again amazed at the stock her had created - all of it for this specific purpose, and what came after. "I've got the overhealth, and a few other things that might be of interest. Feel free to take a dig through, and if there's anything you like grab it."

Her eyes passed over each of them, smiling as she offered what she could. It passed over a single face, before coming to a sudden halt. The smile froze in place, as her eyes slowly drifted back towards the individual she'd just spotted, their expression one of familiarity. For a moment, Nari found herself staring silently, the smile still in place, at a very familiar face. One that she had not seen for some time. 

Almost as quickly as she had frozen, Nari was moving, taking steps towards the figure. She moved in an exaggerated way, reminiscent of a dazed individual. As she approached, her right hand came up, before pulling back and suddenly darting forward. The palm aimed for the girl's face, and a single hissed word escaped her lips. "You."

Almost as quickly, Nari's demeaned changed as she suddenly wrapped her arms around @NIGHT, embracing the girl tightly before releasing a barrage of questions at the individual. "Where in the nine hells...have you been?! You just decided to up and leave one day?! And now you have the...the...the guts! The...what the fuck? Not even a message! Not even a 'oh hi how are you'?!"

Gifts to the Party

  • Divinity's Wait {5} | Tier 2; Perfect Potion | Mitigation III
  • Divinity's Protection {5} | Tier 3; Perfect Potion | Overhealth III
  • Cheesecake {3}  | Tier 4; Perfect Dessert | Loot Die III
  • Percephonius Pyratius {11} | Tier 4; Perfect Potion | Damage III
  • Caribou Stew {3} | Tier 4; Rare Meal | Protein II
  • Ketchup Chips {3} | Tier 4; Perfect Snacks| Probiotics III
  • Axintori Alcemitanti {11} | Tier 4; Perfect Potion | Overhealth III
  • Monkey Agility  {1} | Tier 1; Evasion I

Nari consumes one (1) Axintori Alcemitanti; Overhealth III, Divinity's Wait, Percephonius Pyratius, Monkey Agility

Nari-Lanreth | Lv. 32 | P. 41 | HP: 966/966 | EN: 98/98 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 23 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 60 | B.Healing [+46] | L.Momentum: 1 | LD: 4 | Bld: 48


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sting on her right cheek. and a hug that was too tight, now too foreign, that night shriveled up in her coat. was their cursor orange? it didn't take her long to realize who had just done so -- though, if it had taken any time at all, it was because night didn't want to admit who she saw.

but the world was small, after all.

night's hands were raised. her first instinct was to return the embrace, on the basis of who it was, but they sank quietly to her side, one palm instead placing a soft touch onto nari's arm. only the easiest words were allowed to be spoken, as she tried to maintain eye contact (poorly) with their destination at hand.

"nari," she muttered, force applied carefully so not to hurt the other, "you have to get off."

and she took the briefest of moments to glance at the other player who'd shown, just in case they felt like another personal liability. crow. so it wouldn't matter so much, but part of her wondered if there was guilt to be shown behind her eyes.

because she knew what happened to yuki for crow, too.

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Crunch of food, he chewed so loudly but not loud enough to be rude. It must've been the low noise of the area that made his bite louder than usual. He looked at them, he knew who they were except the girl clinging like a koala at Night. The swordsman who seem to usually be quiet seemed different. Whether it was Crozeph's observant nature kicking in at the wrong place and time or Night was too obvious with how she felt, he knew something was up; just not a specific what's up.

"Nari? like that fake crab substitute? oh nevermind-" he took a bite finishing off another snack from Hirru "it's kani or whatever it was." He stood, dusting off dirt from his cloak, Zumama would kill him if she saw the stains. As soon as Hirru told them about the buff, he quickly moved over to what Night brought for the team. He picked up something that looked familiar to him "wait, this looked like Bistro's special brew" he thought. He drank quickly, followed by the smores and grabbed the mass healing crystals. He looked at Night and Nari again grabbing one from her consumables quick as lightning, and then to Night "by any chance, have you seen my fiance around? she seemed preoccupied with a lot of stuff I it's hard to find the right time for me to even see her in our house." He nodded and then walked towards Hirru "I heard there was another scouting group, it would be better if we had a few tidbits of where they started."

Crozeph consumed the following:

Liquor of Light - DMG III
Creme Brulee - ACC II
Smores - EVA II
Mass Healing Potion -  164878-1, 164891-1, 164891-2, 164891-3, 164892-1
Divinity's Protection - Overhealth III
Final stat block:
HP: 1679/1679 | EN: 164/164 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 94 | ACC: 6* | EVA: 4 | FLN: 16 | Phase | REC: 3 | LD: 4| Risky II

Edited by Crozeph
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A quick slap to the face after giving some of her own potions to the group, it seemed that there was something going on with these two.  Was Hirru in the wrong for bringing these two together?  Of course not, he wouldn't know about everyone's business.  That's Hik's job to know all of that.  Where was the master of shadows?  He needed to knock on his door some time.  Most of the hunter's information from brokers have been from his network, but not him specifically.  Though that was one thing and this is another.  Looking back at the two of them, it seemed they were in embrace.   At least one sided, as it would seem that NIGHT did not want to reciprocate.

"I guess you found your people, as we were talking about.  Though, I more asked you here to help in information.  I've heard from a friend of a friend that you got fairly far before you had to turn back.  This will help greatly for our hunt.  Especially if there are any weird things or mobs to watch out for."

He would grab a bottle of the Axintori Alcemitanti, pop the cork, and pour a slight filler.  Something he gets from Snow every day to fill out his health, just incase of combat.  She always preferred us to stay alive out there, which made sense.  He would down the mess of a potion, and watched as his health would skyrocket.  Nodding that it was all good now, he would look on to Cro.  He was wondering about his fiancee, which would be a cause for concern, though Hirru didn't know anything from Zandra's team, nor if she was on there.

"You know.. I actually haven't heard any word from the other team that went in.  DIdn't Zandra go in with a few?  Got an invite from her, but been busy, so didn't reply."

Hirru sighed before readying all of his gear and set his helm upon his head, the paladin motif was complete.  The only thing that was odd was that he wasn't wearing the signature red gauntlet, but a simple bracelet emblazoned in gold.  He stood proudly with this and felt the nature of a Vice Commander once more.

"If we're all ready, then let's head out.  NIGHT, I need you as a forward scout.  Your stealth will help us detect things faster than they see us.  Nari, any information that you can provide will be helpful, but you're also gonna be one of our damage dealers, I'm sure.  Cro, stay by me, but be ready to rip and tear.  I will be your lead buffer, healer, and secondary scout, so let me know if anything requires my attention.  We have no tank, per say, but we will be able to prevail."

He nodded to NIGHT before he would start making the first steps into the cave.

Hirru consumes Axintori Alcemitanti -> 15% (Filling +5%)= 20% Max HP (+184)

[Hirru | HP: 1104/1104 | EN: 104/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | EVA: 2 | BH: 55 | HLY BLS: 44 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76 | LD: 14]

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Nari took a half step back, her eyes holding a bit of confusion at the lack of response she'd gotten in greeting. Something felt off about NIGHT's entire aura, as if there was an apprehension behind it all. Confusion messing with her mind, Nari was slow to respond to the jest about her name, shaking her head in response before even realising it was a joke at all. "Err, no. Nari-Lanreth. It's...not an imitation...ah...heh, funny, I guess?"

The words rang without humour as she continued trying to figure out what was going on, before having her attention ripped away at the mention of other scouting parties. Memories flashed through her mind of her own attempt, before she spoke up. "I actually led an attempt a while ago. We didn't make it far before getting split up and having to turn around...honestly I wish I could tell you anything useful from the entire experience, but..."

She gave a shrug, her expression dark as she realised how much a waste that venture had been. She hoped this one would prove more beneficial, and maybe actually get them somewhere in turn. "What little I've been able to get out of my contacts isn't super helpful, either. Seems like this floor enjoys keeping its secrets as close as it possibly can. Although, someone did suggest that those secrets would be important towards clearing this place...so it's no wonder they're so hard to pry free."

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oh of course things would go down hill immediately with a ""by any chance, have you seen my fiancé around?"

whatever traces of guilt remained in night's eyes, surely that was enough of a wake-up call to have cleaned it up -- because night surely hadn't seen anyone's partners anywhere at all. even though she should've. once nari let go, the player's hand immediately darted to rub at her cheek, then dropped her hand once hirru was addressing the party.

thank goodness for his summary. night hadn't been present since forever ago. but to crow specifically -- "no, i haven't." and that was simple enough as a confession.

ordered to take point, night simply nodded. quiet as she was, her gaze fell on nari for a moment before the player drifted towards the cave, sinking into the shadows. the first steps of hirru fell behind her, then.

she started on her own, her footsteps accommodated with a cat's grace. but it wasn't far along that there were signatures of unfamiliar figures already in her vision. so she signaled with a wave, and a gesture for two towards hirru.

ID210758 | LD3 +17 = 20 | -> x2 mobs.
| progress: 20/300.


Labyrinth Sentiniel #1 | HP: 1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase
Labyrinth Sentiniel #2 | HP: 1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase

Crozeph | HP: 920/920 | EN: 98/98 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 94 | ACC: 6* | EVA: 4 | FLN: 16 | Phase | REC: 3 | LD: 4| Risky II
Hirru | HP: 1104/1104 | EN: 104/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | EVA: 2 | BH: 55 | HLY BLS: 44 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76 | LD: 14
Nari-LanrethHP: 966/966 | EN: 98/98 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 23 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 60 | B.Healing [+46] | L.Momentum: 1 | LD: 4 | Bld: 48
NIGHT | HP: 1242/1242 | EN: 146/146 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 134 | LD: 13 | BH: 68 | VAMP-D: 68 | FS | AA | Stealth Rating: 6


Edited by NIGHT
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"Quite an uneasy group" Crozeph thought. despite the players knowing each other with the exception of him not knowing Nari, Crozeph shrugged it off. A long time of not meeting each other can add a toll to the ice, what they need is not an ice breaker but an iceberg destroyer or so he thought. 

Night's reply was more than enough, Cro needed a few info but she didn't seem like the right person to pry more at the moment. "Well no use thinking more about it now that we've done our own scouting group. Let's just hope we do better if they didn't"  he told him. Hirru had done the briefing before and he may not be jotting notes for future references, Hirru's advice was enough... it was what he's been molded to.

Night signaled at them, finally some action or progress? it was for Hirru and Crozeph knew he had to be ready once the support gives the go signal to him. He unsheathed his katana, the glimmer of the blade caused by what little light they have was quickly consumed by the black amorphous liquid that followed. He stretched out his arm, revealing the impressive length of his katana and lowered it. Black liquid wrapped on the hilt up to Crozeph's elbow, the rest of it rippling on the sharp edge of the weapon as if some kind of teeth ready to harden on command "heads up Hirru, Night found something and wants to show you"

[Crozeph prepares to attack on Hirru's signal.]

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Posted (edited)
HIRRU 4~6 0
NIGHT 7~9 19
NARI 10~12 0

It wouldn't be long until they found their first obstacle of the labyrinth, two mobs.  At least, that's what NIGHT was signaling, and Cro more or less confirmed to him.  Hirru wouldn't have to waste a search ping to see the beings either, as they would see them in all their splendor, soon enough.  The creatures of this place were not too similar to their surface elemental variants.  Not a true elemental, but it may be that the caves have interwoven the areas.  The mobs in here maybe mixed breeds, with minor parts belonging to different locales.  Guardian like, with their earthen body, but they seem to have metal patches.  It's as if they have armor from their metal elemental halves.

Hirru would run to the front, just slightly before NIGHT so she could be within the art when it is performed.

"Let's give these creatures no time to react!  They surely have a gimmick to them that'll mess us up!"

He would think carefully on what needed to be done first.  If he burst off with the damage buff, it would be the most ineffective now.  They would need to burst some of that armor off first before going in to cause huge damage.  Both NIGHT and Cro were proficient in Area of Effect, but Hirru didn't know anything about Nari's fighting style.  It would be a good time to learn.

"Lessen the armor on them as we go!  Quick bursts!  We do not want them to hit more than once!"

Hirru called out as he slapped his hand to the top of his shield, then watched as large barrier would emit from it.  This will give them some protection, for now.

Post Action: Barrier // -15 en // -15 % True Damage for All (1/1)


Labyrinth Sentiniel #1 | HP: 1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase
Labyrinth Sentiniel #2 | HP: 1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase

Barrier | -15% Damage
 | HP: 920/920 | EN: 98/98 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 94 | ACC: 6* | EVA: 4 | FLN: 16 | Phase | REC: 3 | LD: 4| Risky II
Hirru | HP: 1104/1104 | EN: 89/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | EVA: 2 | BH: 55 | HLY BLS: 44 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76 | LD: 14 | CLDN [Barrier 0/2]
Nari-Lanreth HP: 966/966 | EN: 98/98 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 23 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 60 | B.Healing [+46] | L.Momentum: 1 | LD: 4 | Bld: 48
NIGHT | HP: 1242/1242 | EN: 146/146 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 134 | LD: 13 | BH: 68 | VAMP-D: 68 | FS | AA | Stealth Rating: 6


Edited by Hirru
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Nari followed along quietly, still trying to make out where she fit in this small group of veteran players. Her thoughts drawn inwards, it was a moment before she realised that they were even in danger - the creatures coming out of nowhere and catching her by surprise, forcing her into movement in reaction, rather than anticipation. Pay attention idiot, this is how you get killed. She cursed herself silently, hoping no one else had noticed her lapse of awareness - or at least, that it had been so brief as to create no issues at hand.

"Armour. Gotcha, let me just..." Her scythe was a blur as she kicked it into motion, her foot tapping the haft's bottom to force it into movement, before letting the weight of its blade carry it forwards and around. She arced the weapon, careful to keep herself distant from the others, as she watched for an opening on the creatures. Dangerous, for sure. But nothing worse than she'd faced before - not that she would allow that to lessen her caution around them. We are in Aincrad, after all...

Barrier | -15% Damage
[0.0] Crozeph | HP: 920/920 | EN: 98/98 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 94 | ACC: 6* | EVA: 4 | FLN: 16 | Phase | REC: 3 | LD: 4| Risky II
[0,0] Hirru | HP: 1104/1104 | EN: 89/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | EVA: 2 | BH: 55 | HLY BLS: 44 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76 | LD: 14 | CLDN [Barrier 0/2]
[2,0] Nari-Lanreth | HP: 966/966 | EN: 85/98 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 23 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 60 | B.Healing [+46] | L.Momentum: 1 | LD: 4 | Bld: 48 | Concentration [0/5] | -13 EN
[0,0] NIGHT | HP: 1242/1242 | EN: 146/146 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 134 | LD: 13 | BH: 68 | VAMP-D: 68 | FS | AA | Stealth Rating: 6

Labyrinth Sentinel #1 | HP: 932/1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase | Shatter [1/3]
Labyrinth Sentinel #2 | HP: 1200/1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase

Nari Activates Concentration
ID212199 | BD: 2+5-1= 6 | <<Tech-D vs. Labyrinth Sentinel 1>> | Hit: 23x16-100 = 268 damage | Shatter [1/3]

Edited by Nari-Lanreth
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  • 2 weeks later...

not to hit them more than once? how would they collapse, then?

night moved faster, in tandem with nari's swipe. if the blade of that scythe went through the golem, she'd simply chalk it up to the physics system making way for fluid motion more than keeping realistic. night's own attack, then, was aimed to topple the sentinel -- down it through pushing through its bottom half, once it had been sliced, unsteady. and to even the playing field, past the rush against one foe, she darted to another in a series of thunderous steps. night couldn't pretend the scouting party hadn't caught the enemy's attention now, but she could at least bear the burden of damage with the equipment she had.

so just as the second golem raised a fist, throwing a punch, the player blocked it with the flat of her blade. the blow wasn't enough to set her off her feet -- yet. with a growl, night pushed back, tilting the red of her edge towards the opponent's stone.



ID212368 | BD3+7-1 = 9 | -> Labyrinth Sentiniel #1
ID212369 | BD8+7-1 = 14 | -> Labyrinth Sentiniel #2

15 + (2*1) -2-1 = 14 EN

21 * 15 = 315 DMG
315 - 100 = 215 DMG
315 - 120 = 195 DMG

PLAYERS -> Barrier | -15% Damage

[0.0] Crozeph | HP: 920/920 | EN: 98/98 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 94 | ACC: 6* | EVA: 4 | FLN: 16 | Phase | REC: 3 | LD: 4| Risky II
[0,0] Hirru | HP: 1104/1104 | EN: 89/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | EVA: 2 | BH: 55 | HLY BLS: 44 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76 | LD: 14 | CLDN [Barrier 0/2]
[2,0] Nari-Lanreth | HP: 966/966 | EN: 85/98 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 23 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 60 | B.Healing [+46] | L.Momentum: 1 | LD: 4 | Bld: 48 | Concentration [0/5] 
[2,2] NIGHT | HP: 1242/1242 | EN: 132/146 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 134 | LD: 13 | BH: 68 | VAMP-D: 68 | FS | AA | Stealth Rating: 6

Labyrinth Sentinel #1 | HP: 717/1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120-20 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase | Shatter [1/3]
Labyrinth Sentinel #2 | HP: 1005/1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase


Edited by NIGHT
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Hirru gave the signal and it was time for Crozeph to move. Two enemies, looking like they needed some help to shave off the bulk they have on their body. Crozeph wasn't fond of creatures like them. He'd want tear flesh from mobs and sentinels seemed to offer less of those.

He dashed, watching as Kani and Night landed their attacks, Hirru has also provided a buff for them and Crozeph will need it later on. Ereshkigal was already unsheathed and what the katana need was something to bite on. Naru kicked her scythe when she attacked while Night had an exchange with one of the golem.

"Good, I can simply move in and..."

He lowered the blade, quicker than normal and made a circular motion while raising it. The first target got hit and the second one wasn't ready as it tried to push back Night. Ereshkigal sank at its face after a clink was heard "wassup Regirock" he uttered followed by black amorphous liquid trying to split its head open.

ID: 212372 BD: 2+6= 8 [23+3x11= 286] damage on Labyrinth Sentinel #1
ID: 212373 BD: 9 [23+3x11+1=297] damage on Labyrinth Sentinel #2

PLAYERS -> Barrier | -15% Damage

[1.0] Crozeph | HP: 920/920 | EN: 85/98 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 94 | ACC: 6* | EVA: 4 | FLN: 16 | Phase | REC: 3 | LD: 4| Risky II
[0,0] Hirru | HP: 1104/1104 | EN: 89/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | EVA: 2 | BH: 55 | HLY BLS: 44 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76 | LD: 14 | CLDN [Barrier 0/2]
[2,0] Nari-Lanreth | HP: 966/966 | EN: 85/98 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 23 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 60 | B.Healing [+46] | L.Momentum: 1 | LD: 4 | Bld: 48 | Concentration [0/5] 
[2,2] NIGHT | HP: 1242/1242 | EN: 132/146 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 134 | LD: 13 | BH: 68 | VAMP-D: 68 | FS | AA | Stealth Rating: 6

Labyrinth Sentinel #1 | HP: 431/1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120-20 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase | Shatter [1/3]
Labyrinth Sentinel #2 | HP: 708/1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase

Edited by Crozeph
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Note: Mob HP changed due to ... A LOT (3 extra dmg calc? / AOE specialist not added / Mit not calc / Phase should be active on second mob hit) missing from Cro's attack.  Corrected in current stat.

It seemed that the first wave of attacks was coming along swimmingly.  Nari seemed to be perceptive of the hunter's words, as she started out with a Shatter Art.  Weirdly enough, the move seemed much more powerful than a normal one.  Was she a Tech user?  This is definitely a great find, as he didn't know too many Tech users and would benefit from looking into her fighting style with it.  NIGHT and Cro would rip through the duo with their AOE Arts, and cause heavy amounts of damage towards each of the Sentinels.  Both were nearly taken care of, with one already in the yellow.  That would become a problem though, as the two attacked.

It seemed that the attention of the mobs had been spread between the elusive NIGHT and the brutal Cro.  A large metal fist would slam down where NIGHT would have been, but their evasive nature would allow them to dodge away from the dangerous slam attack.  Cro would follow the same route, though his sentinel would veer off a bit.  Maybe the hit wouldn't of connected, regardless.  It hit Hirru kind of hard that his shield really wasn't needed, as it shattered before his eyes.  He sighed before letting the idea that the enemies would probably not need to be defended too hard against, if his party used evasion as much as they have.

"Nice work!  Nari, can you shatter the other one?  Cro and NIGHT, continue the onslaught!"

He would say as his energy levels would replenish heavily.  Quickly, he would run over to the recently attacking Cro and lay a hand upon his shoulder.  A glow of yellow would seem to flow from hunter, to the omnivorous warrior.  Hirru would nod to his brother-in-arms.

"You're juiced up.  Get in there!"

Labyrinth Sentinel #1 attacks - [ID: 212381][CD: 8][LD: 12][MD: 8+2-6 (NIGHT)] Miss
Labyrinth Sentinel #2 attacks - [ID: 212382][CD: 7][LD: 4][MD: 5+2-4 (Crozeph)] Miss

Hirru Turn
- Barrier Ends
- [Recovery ID: 212383] [CD: 10] +12 EN
- Action: Energize -> Crozeph +8 EN | -10 EN

[1.2] Crozeph | HP: 920/920 | EN: 90/98 (+8) | DMG: 23 | MIT: 94 | ACC: 6* | EVA: 4 | FLN: 16 | Phase | REC: 3 | LD: 4| Risky II [Risky Active Next Attack]
[0,0] Hirru | HP: 1104/1104 | EN: 91/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 110 | EVA: 2 | BH: 55 | HLY BLS: 44 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 76 | LD: 14 | CLDN [Barrier 1/2]
[2,0] Nari-Lanreth | HP: 966/966 | EN: 85/98 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 23 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 60 | B.Healing [+46] | L.Momentum: 1 | LD: 4 | Bld: 48 | Concentration [0/5] 
[2,2] NIGHT | HP: 1242/1242 | EN: 132/146 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 134 | LD: 13 | BH: 68 | VAMP-D: 68 | FS | AA | Stealth Rating: 6

Labyrinth Sentinel #1 | HP: 472/1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120-20 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase | Shatter [1/3]
Labyrinth Sentinel #2 | HP: 705/1200 | DMG: 280 | MIT: 120 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | Phase

Edited by Hirru
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