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The Weekly Link #4



((Trying something new and writing this in character now from the perspective of Neopolitan. Feedback is appreciated on whether you would prefer this or out of character. Any necessary asides will be in double parantheses))

The Weekly Link

Week #4

    News are coming and we are seeing a possible event coming to us soon! Stick around for more details

New players

     We have people who have made their wayu out of the Town of Beginnings and are now making their way towards the front, or wherever they so choose to go. A big congratulations to @Mace and @Huginn to starting their journey. We also have some people who have come out of hiding and returned to our spotlight. Keep your eyes out for some old friends among @tricolor_mina, @Hunter Yagami, and @Gryas

Open Parties and Interesting Threads

   Trouble is brewing on the thirteenth floor! Though there are no confirmed reports yet, local priests at Angel's Point are being accused of confiding with demons. As the investigations go on, the residents of the town are looking for brave adventurers that will help them out should the investigation go wrong. I assured them to spread the word and ask that any who wish to participate in their defense to contact me.

    ((This is an upcoming event for all players, please contact me if you have an interest in joining so we can get a preliminary head count))


   People are always willing to help in this world, no matter what the orange guilds make you believe, and it's time we gave them some publicity. Anyone with requests or offers for help just contact me and I'll make sure you're mentioned next time I post this


@Shield has several offers for people

  • He will carry anyone through a repeatable quest in return for assistance on the last hit drop of Bloodstained Lands
  • He will trade any imperfect, unidentified weapon/armor for a perfect of the same tier for free
  • He will carry any player through Witch of the West for the Crafting consumable


Weekly Riddle

((Due to perspective switch, makes no sense to mention the previous riddle in flavor, but last week's solvers were @Shield, @Paglikha, and @Cosi))

    We haven't gone up in floors for a little while, but you might want to keep those minds of yours sharp. Here's a riddle for all of you scouts or anyone wanting something to think about besides this game.

It stretches and bends, though it has a limit.

If it doesn't snap, rubber will hold it


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