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The Weekly Link #8



The Weekly Link

Week #8

Pretty quiet week for everything on site, but here's the little news on what has happened.

New players

     Our rules are under constant improvement, and that's why we have helpers. As such, we're always here to welcome new players and characters into the game. I would like for everyone to give a warm welcome to the only new character of this week, @Dagger. We also have returning player @Winik. I ask that you give them both a warm welcome and offer to RP with them as they may not have anyone else to do so with.

The Weekly Riddle

    Last week, we only got two answers for our riddle. Our winners this week are @Dustin and @Shield.   

How do you put 8 Horses into seven stables

[ 8 ] [ H ] [ O ] [ R ] [ S ] [ E ] [ S ]

    Now, I'll dial things back a bit with an easy riddle. We'll get back to some of the fun ones later.

Give me food I grow, give me drink I die. What am I?

Mechanic Updates

    We have a small update to the housing system regarding selling and refunds. Please check out the blog post here for more information.


    Again, not much happening this week. If any of you would like to suggest things to add to this blog or perhaps give us some suggestions to work on as staff as a whole, please let me know.


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