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[Announcements] Minor Housing update

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Selling Rooms!
We have had downgrading plot for a while now, but now we have added selling rooms! The issue came up that a player could downgrade their plots, but the rooms wouldn't be refunded at all. It has now been decided that you can sell rooms for 75% of their original cost. This means that each non-upgraded room can be sold for 7,500 col since it cost its normally 10,000. A Upgraded room would return 26,250 col as that is 75% of 35,000. 

Selling Entire House

When selling an entire house, you must also downgrade the plot to zero when doing this. Take the total cost of the house and subtract from it the cost of your current plot size of land. You can find those totals on the buying side of the housing reference. Take 75% of all of your room cost(What is left after you take out plot cost) and that is how much you receive back from selling the rooms. Finally, look to the downgrading plot and find exactly how much you receive from downgrading your plotsize to zero. Add that amount to the room total and you have how much you receive back. 

This update won't apply to those who are just trying to have a house, just those who are trying to sell/downgrade their houses. This update has been added to the bottom of the housing reference. 

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