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Easter Egg Extravaganza

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After a long day, all you really want is a big dinner and a soft bed. The mobs have been slain, the mats have been found, and the crafts have been crafted.
You’ve completed quests, messaged with friends, and hardly spent any time at all considering the harsh realities of the virtual world you’ve been trapped in. All in all, a good day, and one that you-
Wait a minute. Nestled in a tuft of green grass is a vibrant pink ball. As you crouch to examine the object, you realize it isn’t exactly spherical.
In fact, upon further inspection, the item is actually quite familiar; nostalgia swamps you as you reach for it.

          Item Acquired          
Easter Egg

   O           X   

Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, Aincrad will be flooded with colorful Easter Eggs. Using a variety of methods, both combat and non-combat related, players will have the opportunity to collect as many eggs as possible. They can then redeem them for fantastic prizes. Eggs will only spawn in threads created on or after April 1st, and only if the title includes an [E3] tag. These eggs will stop spawning come April 23rd, so the last day to collect is Wednesday, April 22nd. Items and consumables will be allowed, but not certainly required to partake in the event. Grab your gear, form your parties, and prepare yourselves for a little spring-time fun!

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