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Sword Art Online


Beginner Floors

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Welcome to the early floors, where the monsters are weak and the bosses are fairly easy. But don't let that cloud your judgement, packs of monster are just as disastrous as one high leveled monster.

Intermediate Floors

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Here the monsters are fierce and the bosses are plenty. At this point if you haven't been advancing with a group, now is definitely the time to start looking.

The Frontlines

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Welcome to the highest achieved floors, where even soloing monsters is extremely deadly, and boss monsters are raid tier battles. It's almost guaranteed you're going to die.

Merchants and Shops

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Looking for a place to upgrade your gear or perhaps to set up a personal shop and make a few Col? Then look no further traveler for your entrepreneurship and shopping needs are available on all floors!

Player Vs Player

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Arrange a fight between a player in Aincrad. Duels are a safe way to fight one on one, where the victor does not become an orange player and the loser does not die, well most of the time.


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The rules and how-to of the roleplay. You MUST read this before partaking in the RP.


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Apply for a character here and record progress with your journal. Make sure to read the Tutorial/rules before applying.


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Have a member of Staff evaluate your craft or familiars.


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Various quests will popup when you are nearby a certain area, in select floors, or within certain towns. You can review this list to see which quests are available for you. Remember quests involve performing a certain action for a nice rewards, be sure not to endanger yourself if the risks are too great.

This forum is available as a player bulletin board. You may post requests, services, trades, and similar. All posts in this section are still considered in character.

Out-of-character discussion about the SAO roleplay. Ask others to RP with you, discuss plots, characters, or anything related to the rp.

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Welcome to the latest installment of the SAO saga. Dive into a new world of swordsmanship and "magic", explore the endless possibilities the Underworld has to offer and find your meaning of Alicization!

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