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  1. He really didn't feel that? The sense of dread - it felt like some suffocating force was watching her, and pressing down on her entire being. She figured this was an after effect of jumping into the void - and it shouldn't have any detriment - there were no status effects next to her health bar. So why? Why did she feel this way? Beat tried giving her a pep talk, Mari found herself looking elsewhere, anywhere but Beat. She had heard it all before. Her life? Mari had very little value for that. At least he admitted it was easier said than done. Mari found very little about herself that she actually liked. Mari covered the only mirror in her small cottage because she hated seeing her reflection. She hated how she wasn't able to stop things without violence and death. She still looked back at those days - at people like Lessa who were so strong and confident - who were able to calm people and stop the fighting. People like Azide who had rallied people together. People like....like Baldur who gave hope where there was none. "Right." Mari said as she turned her gaze back to Beat. "That's how I'd wanna go out too - I'd rather die knowing it was to save someone, than if it were for naught. And who cares if it were just you, it's important because it is you. Right?" Mari closed her eyes as she tentatively reached out to grasp his hand. He had offered, so it was okay. Right? "We're going to risk our lives together. These bonds will grow stronger over time, and we'll be closer in the future then we are now." Right. Baldur's words rang through her head. It was okay. They were all in this together, so it had to be okay. His strong grip tightened around her small hand, swallowing it as he helped heft her up. HIs hand lingered on hers before he let go, leading them toward the settlement, the closer they got the slower Mari tried to work. She still felt like something was terribly wrong, a feeling deep in her gut. "I...uh..." She stared at him. Did he not know? "I walk everywhere." She pointed to the left. "The stairs down are about a 10 minute walk that way. Where...hmmm....where is your house?" Mari asked. She already knew she was being a burden. IT was bothersome traveling with a PKer. "I get it." Mari said as she hugged herself tight. FIghting the dread. "I can just take the stairs home... I think, the further I get away from this floor the better I'd feel. I don't wanna put you out." @Beat
  2. Mari

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    Tiny, timid footsteps carried Mari though the halls of the temple. Wisps of shimmering gold trailed behind her as she walked. Mari's hair tickled her bare shoulders, a look of unease on her face. Mari wasn't one for dressing up. She was only doing it for a bit - to drag Shield out for some ramen. But the more she thought about it, the more she was wanting to turn and leave. It was stupid. It wasn't like she wanted to wear it, or that she looked good in it. The outfit was without the glimmering golden heels - Mari was smarter than that. One did not wear footwear to temples or dojos. It was improper. Hell, Mari didn't even like people wearing their shoes in her home, but she didn't have the heart to tell others to take them off. Still, sometimes - when you were sad you just had to do stupid sh*t like this, one just needed to dress up in order to feel better about themselves. Despite that...Mari felt awkward, that she shouldn't be here. That she wasn't welcome. This Dojo - it was first and foremost Baldur's home. A part of Mari didn't want to see him right now. The way she had asked him to leave her house, it wasn't the most kindest way to leave things. But - it was what she needed. She needed to process things. To have time alone. Apparently she also needed to throw herself backward into a void. I should probably apologize to Beat again for that... Mari rounded the corner of the temple, first seeing the tuft of hair and tall stature that was Shields back. Payback Mari thought to herself. One of the reasons she had dressed up was to force him, dragging him to a ramen store. "Oh Shield ~" She called as she finished rounding the corner. "Someone owes -" She paused. Stopping dead in her tracks when she saw Ariel there. What the hell was Ariel doing here? Mari shifted her gaze from Shield to Ariel, then back to Shield. Mari cleared her throat and turned on her bare heel and walked away from whatever that was. Crap.... it was embarrassing enough that she was wearing this. Why did she even think that this was a good idea. Stupid. Stupid, stupid! Mari smoothed out the lines of her dress as she quickly strode away from Shield and Ariel. Of all people it had to be someone who may still want her dead. Mari's last run in with the woman wasn't exactly bad, but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows either. "Can't believe I though this would be funny..." Mari muttered to herself as she opened up her HUD - scrawling through her inventory so she could find her regular, safe, clothes. The only funny thing about it was that Mari dared to have the idea to wear such an outlandish outfit again.
  3. Mari

    [F04-PP] Snowfall <<Avalanche>>

    -editing I'll ad this bit in later, imagine its nice and sweet and emotional or something then she goes back to her house. Snow you don't need this to reply to the post. I'm sorry Im lazy and I just wanna go into my bed and kick my husband in his shin. Mari stepped up onto her porch. Instantly she could tell there was something off. There was another small plate of food left in front of her house. Lately Mari had found many a plate of various foods and sweets left in front of her door. She didn't know who was doing it. Nor why. They didn't seem to be malicious - the foodstuffs weren't tainted with any sort of debuffs as far as Mari experienced. Blue eyes followed the fresh tail of footfalls. Heavy with the thump of a run. The culprit was close. Mari turned, leaping off the porch. The poor dango left solitary and alone in her wake. If Mari was fast enough...she'd be able to find out just who the hell was leaving her food. Was it Oikawa? Crozeph? She had no idea. But curiosity drove her forward. Mari's eyes widened as she saw it. The gentle sway of blonde hair. Was that? Her run slowed into a walk. "S-Snow?" Mari asked breathlessly. Mari paused to catch her breath. It was..."That was you leaving me all those things? I don't...." Mari shook her head. "Why didn't you knock? Why were you... leaving things at my door?" @Snow
  4. "Yuki!" Mari called out to the pinkette as she lifted her hand in a small wave. "There ya are. Sorry, I don't really wanna stray any closer to the town than here." Mari gestured to her crystal. "Still causes problems." She was at a point where she could confidently take on Redemption, with others - but Mari didn't want to. Not yet. She wanted to take Oikawa through first. That'd...be a fun thing to convince the Egyptian themed idiot to go for. Mari snorted to herself at the thought of trying to convince him. Mari tilted her head, assessing Yuki with a questioning look. She seemed...down Yuki was normally chipper. Almost annoyingly so. Mari was curious as to what was bothering Yuki - but Mari wasn't one to pry or question. She was the kind of person who would be there if she was needed, but not force it out of others. Because she sure as hell hated when people did that to her. "Well, sure." Mari said as she held out her hand to the side. "This should go pretty quickly, I already used a damage potion. Old habbits I suppose." In her hands a long, thick spear appeared - mahogany handle with a needle-like point. Mari offered Yuki a wry grin. She hadn't seen the new weapon yet. "So, if you're ready, let's head out, and as for the reward- that's yours. I don't need it." @Zajcica
  5. Mari

    Housing Evaluation

    Initial application: here Room(s) Being Added: Bedroom Room(s) Being Upgraded: N/A Room(s) Being Re-Assigned: N/A Total Cost: 10,000 Col text fluff ---- House Name: Frozen Cottage A quaint cottage that sits by one of the many frozen lakes on the 4th Floor - it is about a half hour walk from Snowfrost and hidden among the forest trees. A dim warm light often warms the surrounding area, even if no one is home - the fire is always burning. Offering solace and warmth. Location: Floor 4, in a clearing by a lake outside the safe zone. A thirty minute walk from the main settlement on the floor. Plot Size: Studio House Room(s): "Living Room" , "Bedroom" Room Upgrades: N/A Total Cost: Donator Perk Enhancements: Relaxed: - Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts. Rested - -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat LIVING ROOM Directly opposite the door is a small table; enough to fit two if they were to squish together. To the right; a roaring fireplace, there is a place to put a pot to cook food, but the hook is currently empty. The floor before the fireplace looked like it had been draped in a few different indescribable animal skins. In front of the fireplace are two chairs facing opposite each other; made from a rich red velvet, adorned in pillows. There is also a small mirror on the left hand wall, round without trimming. To the immediate left, right by the window is a small corner that looked like it didn't quite belong in the room - cobble floor fell away to a light tatami mat - and atop that sat a Kotasu table. It's surface made of a wood that had been stained a golden brown. The surrounding material, thick and plush made of blue. Atop the table sat a small ornate teapot - painted with the images of the 'Great Wave of Kanagawa' and beside around it four matching cups. BEDROOM Up and round the stairs leads to a small bedroom in the attic. High wood ceilings with exposed beams are illuminated by paper lanterns, creating a flickering warm glow. The small bedroom has nothing more than a window to overlook the lake on the fair side and a roaring fireplace set in the cobblestone wall. The fireplace is usally burning with a small flame to keep the cosy room warm. The large queen size bed is covered with thick and plush white duvets. Multiple layers of pillows and blankets cover the bed - along with varied animal skins. Despite being warm and comforting with plush pillows one cannot help but notice that the bed looks like it has never been slept in. THere is however, a small pile of blankets and a pillow in the corner of the room. It almost looks like someone has chosen to sleep there instead of on the bed itself.
  6. Everyone seemed ready to go, Mari nodded - taking the lead. They walked down a large corridor. Mari was in fairly decent spirits, despite some of the things that had happened to her lately. Macardon was right. THey were all working together extremely well. "I like this..." Mari said as she turned to shift her gaze from Oikawa to Calrex then to Macradon. "I still owe Mac a solid rabbit the size of his head..." Mari mused as she tapped her lips. "Maybe we'll find one in this sickly sweet dungeon, eh?" Mari turned her attention to Oikawa, offering him a smile. "At least I can satisfy you with a bowl of ramen, nice and easy." As Mari went to turn back around she came face to face with a giant yellow duck. It looked like it was made from marshmallows. Really? At least it wasn't multiple enemies, and it was only the one. "Sooo...." Mari said as she turned to the group. "I'm not -actually familiar with these things. We don't have them in my country - but they're called peeps, right?" Mari asked as she prodded the giant marshmallow that was blocking their path. "Mac, wanna take a bite outta it?" She asked. "Maybe we need to like eat it to get past it?" She gave it another prod, she did not like the idea of that. Overly sweet hings like this? Pure sugar? No. She did not like that at all. The giant, yellow, sugar covered peep shifted wildly as Mari reached out to poke it a third time. "Oh sh*t it's the next encounter!" Mari shouted as she pulled out her dagger, instinctively striking it in retaliation. She didn't have the distance to activate her charge, but she did have the reactionary forethought to activate her Eternal Cyclone skill. She struck it once, and with a spin struck it another few times, each time her dagger simply grazed its sugary flesh. Barely making a dent in it. "W-uh..." Mari took a few steps back to rejoin the rest of the group. She glanced up at its health bar. Her attack did but a sliver of damage. "Well, game on I guess." @Calrex @Oikawa @Macradon ID:151435 BD:5 + 6=11-3=8 HIT Action: Eternal Cyclone 18 x 13 =234- 100 =84 [H: 0/-/-/0] Mari - 1410/1410 | EN: 104/138 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 43 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 3 | BH: 67 | BRN: 24 | BLD: 24 | FLAME AURA: 15 -11 EN The Giant Peep: 1916/2000 HP | 30 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 150 MIT -84 DAM Ability: Every three turns, the Peep splits into smaller Peeps. Players then have the opportunity to play Chubby Bunny with the peeps by rolling a CD. The CD corresponds to the number of Peeps one can shove down their gullet and still speak. After the Chubby Bunny phase, the Giant Peep reforms and players gain bonuses equal to the amount of Peeps they ingested. 1-3 Peeps - Phase 4-6 Peeps - Apply Burn on a BD8 7-9 Peeps - Holy Proc on the player’s next Critical. 10-12 Peeps - Next successful attack procs double Fallen.
  7. Beat leaned further back, giving them more space. Mari breathed a small sigh of relief. He had been so very close she swore she felt his fringe tickle the bridge of her nose. The scents of cooking drifting off him. Things like rosemary and basil, oil and fire. He gave her a small affirming nod. And whilst Mari appreciated the distance between then now she couldn't help but realize the coldness that quickly took his place. Mari had been on this floor for the majority of her time in Aincrad - and yet she never felt this cold before. Goosebumps flared up on her bare freckled arms and shoulders, rising up to her neck. She visibly shivered. "A sense of dread?" Mari nodded, rubbing her arms. "Yeh. It's like the constant feeling of..." her brows furrowed as she tried to find the words to explain it. "Like, I'm about to be attacked or am being constantly watched by something that wants me dead." Mari laughed awkwardly. Beat said he wasn't feeling the sense of dread and the ball in Mari's gut grew. He...really didn't feel that? She stared at him with almost pleading eyes. Begging him to tell her he felt something, anything. She was....Mari shifted her gaze to her small and trembling form. She had to get this under control. Mari jumped when Beat placed a hand on her shoulder; the warmth travelling down her arm. Her head shot up. "I-Uh..." How was she meant to explain herself. "You don't respawn here..." Right...he was right. Mari rose her hand, ready to place it over his to reassure him somehow, but his hand was already gone, so Mari's hand fell to lay in her lap. "I guess that was a very small chance - but..." What could she say? That it wouldn't be the end of the world if she didn't respawn, if she wasn't plopped back out next to the void. Mari clenched her jaw to stop it from shaking. The sense of dread still strong. Gnawing at her psyche and body. Mari swallowed, hearing her heartbeats reverberating in her ears. "I figured. What do I have to loose?" She asked. "At best - maybe I activate some sort of secret quest or dungeon, at worst - I see my daughter again." Mari didn't believe she would see her daughter. Mari believed death was final. But, it was still a thought that eased her mind sometimes. "I know I'm not alone though." Mari managed as she forced herself to smile. "I have so many people to be thankful for." But Mari knew she couldn't take them for granted, that she had been. That she should try to keep her distance a little more, that it was okay to have walls up. She shifted her gaze away from him - back to the void. "I didn't mean to scare you. I'm...Sorry but..." Mari shifted uncomfortably where she sat. "C-Can we make our way to a different floor...I'm really not feeling too good here." @Beat
  8. Mari had been resting on her Porch -chewing a dried bamboo shoot - granted, it was a bit of a waste...but Mari ran out of food that didn't have buffing abilities - besides she was a little overdue to visit Cordelia's noodle shop anyway. Mari was just finishing it off when she received a message from Yuki; someone she wasn't expecting to hear from. Mari had assumed Yuki was ignoring her, or avoiding her - after Mari had chastised her during their last quest together. Mari rolled her eyes, Yuki thought Mari was mad? No. Mari wasn't mad. She was frustrated, but not mad. Mari had heard from Life about how she had almost died against one enemy, if he hadn't jumped in and saved her at the last second she'd not be around anymore. Who knows what other stupid situations she had gotten herself into. Still, Mari wasn't going to refuse her - the Essence of Steel was a relatively easy quest. Yuki, I'm not mad. I'll meet you at the edge of the forest. -Mari. Mari stood, stretching her back till it gave a few satisfying cracks and began to walk toward the edge of the forest, back toward the borders of the safe zone. As she walked Mari downed a damage potion - sure, she didn't need it anymore - but she'd rather take care of things quickly. Battles were not something she really felt like doing lately. Now that Mari was close to the level cap she had slowed down on her questing. Sure she could push harder - but truth be told, she was just so very tired lately. At least Yuki was reaching out to her again; Mari would have to reiterate that she wasn't mad - just disappointed with how reckless the pinkette was being. Mari reached the edge of the forest, found a tree within clear view of Snowfrost and leaned against it, all she had to do now, was wait. @Zajcica USED: 1 x Titans Strength T1 Potions. Damage +3 1X Super Sight and Speed Dried Bamboo Shoot: 2 ACC, 1 EVA
  9. Mari

    [PP-F17] Olympia

    "Weelllll..." Mari said, elongating her response. "We'll just have to keep unlocking floors till we find some nice Egyptian mythos for you." She crossed her arms. "Even though I guess that means I need to deal with another gross, hot, and sandy floor - but at least it could be fun." Mari said playfully. She was trying to lighten her mood - she didn't want to be a downer around Oikawa. She didn't want to bother him with her own issues. She watched as he got up and stretched, his cape billowing in the gentle breeze that surrounded them. What is it with men and not wearing shirts? Mari thought to herself as her eyes darted over his chiseled form. Granted it was a fantasy game - and people tend to be more 'showy' with their character designs, but... "Don't you get cold?" Mari blurted out. She quickly cleared her throat - Wasn't meant to say that out loud. "I like spending time with you too." Mari said, quickly continuing on the conversation, nice and smooth. His twinkling eyes met hers as he asked her if spending time wtih others was a bad thing. The typical grin of his - the confidence in his tone. Mari furrowed her brows, she knew he was teasing her - still. She couldn't help but rebuttle. "My name isn't Shield. It's Mari." she huffed. Oikawa turned, and began to walk - Mari felt a sudden pang of fear as a voice in her head told her he was just going to leave her. "Hey, W-wait!" Mari leapt up from her seat and managed to catch part of his cloak, gripping the material tightly in her hands. "I really don't have anything better to do, if anything I could really use -" "-You're looking for people to attach to. To feel apart of again. To feel welcome again." Mari let go of his coat. The material fluttered to rest neatly behind him again, being tugged only by the ever gentle pull of the wind around them. Mari didn't want to do that. She didn't want to attach herself to others like that. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair to Baldur, to Oikawa, to anyone within the guild. I could really use some company right now. "I could really use some sunshine right now - last place I was hanging around was the 10th floor and that's kinda the opposite of this place." Mari said as she fell in line beside him, matching his pace. @Oikawa
  10. "Yeh, I got that Mac - I just rather not be outta commission." Mari offered Macradon a wry grin, taunting him. "Someone's gotta keep the hard hits comin, right?" It was then Yuki's turn. "I'm errr....really not that worried." Mari said to Yuki- did she - not quite know this was an event? Maybe Mari would try to ease Yuki's worry. "Look at Zandra over there." Mari gestured toward Zandra who wasn't dead -just knocked out. "If these makeshift health bars deplete here, we'll probably just be knocked down for a few turns." Mari watched as Yuki missed. She sighed. Yuki's heart was in the right place, but her attention was not. "We're in battle - focus. You're missing because you're distracted. You're also geared to be a tank - so you shouldn't worry about why you're not hitting." Mari doubted her words would help - Yuki seemed like the kind of person who would just take anything the wrong way. Mac would just laugh things off, Mari felt she had to be a little more careful with the Pinkette Mari darted around Yuki and hefted the Warhammer high over her head - this time she aimed for the other leg - smashing her weapon hard into it - ice and bark shattering with a critical hit. Warhammer Attack 1: Deal 6 damge and paralyze one target > Tree of Winter ID:151136 CRIT - BD: 9 HIT
  11. Mari shrugged when Zandra refused to buff herself. Judging from their previous fight, she was wielding a 2 handed axe - that alone had a much, much higher base damage output than a small handheld dagger. So it was only natural she didn't feel a need to. Mari on the other hand, always had to buff -because if she didn't she couldn't make up for that difference"Difference in weapons I guess." Mari said offhandedly. They were walking the 10th floor now. Dark, dry dirt crunched beneath their feet. Mari keeping an eye on the quest marker. Zandra seemed like she was going to say something, but had chosen not to. Mari wasn't one to pry. Whatever was on Zandra's mind, that was her business. "I think a lotta things stupid - but you not needing to buff weapons is not one of them. I know you fight on the frontlines - that's well above the level requirement for this quest. Hell, for anything that could probably spawn on this floor. I know I'm saving the better things for that boss fight too. So no harm, no foul." Mari wasn't really good with words, nor with easing others - those words would have to do for now. "Lessie..." Mari said, blue eyes on the information in front of her. "I know the event triggers when we're by the Stygian River - it looks like we'll encounter a bunch of warriors before the big beastie of a Leech Lich which has been feeding on them. I don't have any AoE - so when they spawn. How about you use an AoE - and I take care of any stragglers?" Mari offered. It was a tried and true battle technique she had used countless times - the ones with the large areas of attack would go first, and single target users could then aim for whichever had the higher health, allowing the AoE to come back in with a clean sweep. Still, Zandra may not prefer that fighting style. So rather than assume Mari asked for the others opinion. The opinions of others were important in battle after all. @Zandra
  12. Mari

    [F04-PP] Snowfall <<Avalanche>>

    A cold hand brushed away at the snow that covered the small stone shrine. Something Mari had to do every few days lest it be completely enveloped. This wasn't the exact place She had taken Toms life; that was a little closer to town - but here - it was where she'd remember his life. What little she knew of him. Since her run in with Crozeph, she actually knew more about him now - than ever. She knew he had a step-brother, and was the golden child of the family. Knew that he was given every opportunity, where Crozeph had not. It made her wonder why Tom did what he did back then. But, Mari couldn't live in the past. She shouldn't. "Your brother found me, yanno." Mari said as she continued to brush the snow off the small stone structure. "Held me by the neck and everythin' you coulda warned me. He had an anger problem." Mari finished cleaning the snow from the top of the shrine; good. It'd last a little longer, burn a little brighter. Mari peared into the creavice, where a small oil burner sat - with an eternal flame ever flickering. Thanks to game logic, it was one that would never go out unless Mari, or someone else destroyed the stone shrine - and Mari didn't know anyone who was heartless enough to destroy something that clearly held such meaning. "He's a good kid." Mari said as she leaned against it, placing her backside against the top of the monument. Was sitting on a memorial grave rude? Possibly, but Mari placed this, she looked after it, and she talked to it as though it were Tom himself. Sides, it wasn't like anyone else was around, right? Mari pulled out a worn violin from her inventory; drew in a deep breath and started to play a soft lilting tune. One day, perhaps soon - her violin would give out - as it ran out of durability, but for now. At least she could play for him. @Snow
  13. She was pulled up from the ground by her shoulders. Mari immediately shrunk into herself. Shoulders slumping forward as her arms wrapped tightly around her trembling waist. Anything to stop the suffocating cold, the dread - the fear that strangled her. Mari was faintly aware of Beat - as his gentle grip shook her shoulders. Asking if she was okay. Was she? She glanced up at her stats - no debuffs. No health lost. All that she felt was the ebb and lull of panic and unease. Truth be told, if he wasn't there - grounding her. Mari may have screamed till she was hoarse. Instead, she swallowed. Pushing down the feelings. Pushing down the fear and the cold, the loneliness that squeezed like a vice. Mari felt Beat brush strands of gold away from her face, trailing heat from his fingers as he did. Mari stared at him - wondering if he realized just how close he was. That she could practically feel the heat of his breath against her skin. "They're green...no...Hazel" Mari found herself saying - She had never gotten a good look at his eyes before - she'd always assumed they were brown. Baldur was right - All Mari really wanted was a hand to hold, or arms around her - something to leech warmth from. But she couldn't. Wouldn't. She was looking for people to attach to, and feel part of again - and - she just couldn't. She wasn't ready for that. Mari reached out and gently placed a hand on the mid of Beats chest and gave him the smallest of pushes to give them space. She could take a guess at what he planned to say. "I can't run away." Mari said quietly as glistening blue eyes rose to meet Beats. "I made a promise I wouldn't. I knew I wouldn't die down there." Probably. Her eyes shifted back to the void. "Ever since...I found this floor - scouted this floor - the first thing I wanted to do was jump down there. It had always had this strange way of calling out to me. But when I was down there...all I felt was cold, and all I could hear was these strange intangible whispers - that is until you came barreling down there after me." Mari offered Beat a weak lop-sided grin in an attempt to ease him. "I jumped alone, because that's what I am." Mari shifted her gaze down to her lap. Rather than explain it further, she shifted the subject. Mari knew that it'd be silly to try and explain things to a person she barely knew. That granted - she knew she wasn't exactly alone, she had her guild members, the Pillars. She had friends, but -she felt it was something she needed to do alone. Her foibles were her own to bear. What if you didn't come back?" She ignored the question for now. Because Beat would not like the answer "I keep feeling this strange sense of terror creeping up on me right now...do you think it has something to do with the void? Do you feel that too? Are you okay?" @Beat
  14. Mari

    [PP-F6] Banquet Above, Feast Below

    Mari didn't dare turn to look behind her - she couldn't see it, but she was very aware of it. The king in the painting. She felt the feathery touch of nails scraping against her bare shoulder as the King had reached out to her. She felt heavy, she felt out of breath - she flinched as a voice reverberated around the room. Screaming at her - Mother! Such a word, it carried venom, piercing Mari's heart - flowing through her blood, paralyzing her with that single word. Get up, Get up. Get up. Get up Mari slowly pushed herself to her feet, first one leg, then the other. A part of her knew she should have gone for the one with more health - that was her role, that was what she had always done, but fear had taken its hold. Gnarly claws that dug into her psyche - it was a wonder that Mari was even able to hit anything at all. Even so...Mari had just helplessly drove her dagger into the nearest one; despite the heavy weight of an unrelenting fear she had to fight on. This dungeon was messing with here in more ways than she expected. She wasn't like this. She could do better. Would do better. The Corrupted Kingsguard gurgled as Mari shoved her dagger into the gap between his shoulder blades - his head swiveled around, cracking and snapping till soulless pockets where its eyes should have been stared down at her. "Mother!" It cried out before exploding. Why....Why were they calling her that? Why? Why? It shook her to hear something call her that. No...Mari wasn't ....she.... Mari took several shaky steps back, till her back hit the painted portrait where the king sat. She wanted to tell the others that she was struggling, that she couldn't do this and needed help. But...every time Mari had called out for help. No one came. Mari forced her shaking eyes shut. The last time she had called out for help... She was met with nothing but an apathetic look - cold eyes that disregarded her as they turned away from her. This would be no different. She couldn't ask for help. She was meant to be a pillar. She was meant to hold others up. Mari couldn't. Wouldn't. Push it down. Just keep pushing it down. "Mother....?" Mari questioned aloud, rising shaking hands to clasp at her heart to try and calm the beating. "Why..." She asked. She figured, if that king, that festering corrupted and corrosive king was watching, he'd be able to hear her, right? He'd answer her, right? @Crozeph @Oikawa Passive: +1 En +67 BH (Negative 1 to BD because she scared as balls) Action: Eternal Cyclone > 18+2=20 x 13= 260 -40=220 ID: 150799 BD: 10 CRITICAL [H: -/-/-/-/0/0 ] Crozeph: 500/500 | EN: 46/50 | DMG: 12 | MIT: 8 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 0 | SVY: +2 | RGN: +2 | BLD: 1 | LD: +2 [H: -/-/-/-/9/9 ] Oikawa: 1365/1410 | EN: 114/138 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 61 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 0 | SR: +5 | BLD: 36 | PV(O): +1 | FL AURA: 20 | LM: +2 | REC: +3 (+1 EN) (-10 EN) [H: -/-/-/-/0/0 ] Mari: 1410/1410 | EN: 127/138 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 43 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 3 | BH: 67 | BRN: 24 | BLD: 24 | FL AURA: 15 Enemies: Corrupted Kingsguard 1: 0/300 | DMG: 72 | MIT: 40 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 (-131 HP) Corrupted Kingsguard 2: 0/300 | DMG: 72 | MIT: 40 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 (-149 HP) Corrupted Kingsguard 3: 0/300 | DMG: 72 | MIT: 40 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 (-131 HP) (-36 Bleed) [PAR: 1/1][BLD: 2/2] Corrupted Kingsguard 4: 0/300 | DMG: 72 | MIT: 40 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 (-131 HP) (-20 Flame Aura) [PAR: 1/1] Corrupted Kingsguard 5: 0/300 | DMG: 72 | MIT: 40 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 (-194 HP) (-36 Bleed) [PAR: 1/1][BLD: 1/2] (-20 Flame Aura) Corrupted Kingsguard 6: 124/300 | DMG: 72 | MIT: 40 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 (-176 HP) Loyal Insanity: All the Kingsguard view Oikawa as some kind of traitor to the King and thus all Hate is focused on him. Attacking the statues changes the hate but missing twice in a row on attacking will return their Hate to Oikawa.
  15. Mari wasn't sure what she expected when she fell - maybe somewhere she had secretly hoped that she'd just vanish. That maybe, just made she'd fall forever, that the void would take her. That she'd somehow wake up in a hospital bed somwhere, or even her own and that this would have been all some terrible, terrible dream. But it wasn't. And none of that happened. Instead, was the sensation of falling. Her perception of time distorted - everything felt like it had slowed down, but at the same time - it felt like she was moving faster than humanly possible. Blinking eyes tried to adjust, but all that surrounded her was the endless crevasse of enveloping darkness. Mari was suspended in the air, she closed her eyes and exhaled. Allowing herself to succumb to whatever may happen. Voices. She heard them whispering, they started up as barely audible sounds that could have been mistaken for the wind. They grew in loudness, in urgency. Mari couldn't quite pick what they were saying, it was as if they were speaking every language at once, and yet none she had ever heard of. Every so often she thought she could hear her daughter whispering, calling out for her, but that....that couldn't be real, right? Mari blinked back tears - This may not have been the best idea after all. The cold numbed her, her fingers, her feet - her heart. But then, there was a rush of warmth. "What!? WHAT!?" Her voice seemed to drown out the whispers, the intangible voices around her. Mari felt him before she saw him, or heard him. Long and strong arms had wrapped around her - pulling her into him, suffocating her with their sudden warmth and grip. Mari couldn't recall the last time someone had willingly done something like that. Had willingly reached out to her, held her. A small whimper came from her at that realization. A small and timid hand reached out to clasp onto Beat's arm to see if the warmth was real and in that split second, she almost forgot she was falling. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" Mari blinked and removed her hand from his arm. was he being serious right now? Really? He was asking her that!? Mari's concerns about reaching out to others - about invading their personal space and how her touch was no doubt abhorrent had disappeared as she reached out to Beat - she clasped each of his cheeks between the palm of her hands. "Beat!" Mari said exasperated as she squeezed them together - her hands leeching the warmth from them. "You're the f**king idiot who jumped in after a stranger!" If he replied; she didn't hear it - for the next second. They were no longer falling in the void. They were next to it - back to where they started. Her back against the dark earth of the 10th floor, trapping Beats arms beneath her. Ginger hair sprawled out around her face like a halo of fire threatening to engulf her in flame. Blue eyes stared up at the man who was hovering over her. If anyone were to walk past right now, they'd most definitely get the wrong idea. Mari would have been embarrassed - if it weren't for the sudden and retching feeling of dread that began to sink into her body. It trickled down her nervous system like trails of ice, numbing her as her pupils dilated. She could feel her heart pounding against her chest, hear it thrumming in her ears. Her mind screamed at her to run - but her body felt like lead. An unmovable useless pile of junk. It was clear that she was terrified, but of what Mari did not know - she didn't fear Beat. If anything she felt like he was protecting her against whatever unseen force was causing her to feel this way. Mari wanted to scream till her lungs were on fire - but all that could escape her was a timid whimper, and a whispered plea, barely audible above the sound of her own exploding heart. "Make it stop." @Beat