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  1. As the peeps once again forced themselves out of Macradon's mouth and reformed Mari darted forward, wasting no time in activating her skill once again. With a quick flurry of slashes she managed to deal a whooping tiny sliver of damage. She grit her teeth in frustration. Daggers really weren't that great, were they? As Mari stepped away from the peep - it wobbled, then toppled over poor Calrex once again. Two symbols appeared next to its health bar, for once Mari's DoT had activated. "Well..." Mari said as she scratched her cheek, staring at her dagger which dripped with a goopy glob of marshmallow. "At least it's burned- and bleeding. Although I wasn't aware peeps could bleed..." She added under her breath. Mari knelt down and tried to wipe the marshmallow remnant away from her dagger before turning to the Peep which had...somehow collapsed on top of Calrex. "We..." Mari turned to Macradon. "We should probably try to pull him out of there, or like...wait for it to split up into all those peeps again?" Mari snorted then laughed. "Surely, ya not gonna try eating them a THIRD time, Mac- right?" Right? @Macradon @Calrex Passive: +1 EN Action: Eternal Cyclone > Giant Peep ID:164696 BD: 9 CRITICAL Burn activated Bleed Activated 18+1 (crit) 19 x 11=209-150 MIT =59 Giant Peep: 164697 MOB: 10 CRITICAL [H:2] @Mari - 1410/1410 | EN: 85/138 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 43 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 3 | BH: 67 | BRN: 24 | BLD: 24 | FLAME AURA: 15 -11 EN [H: 5] Macradon - 1940/1940 | EN: 158/189 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 107 | 4 ACC | EVA: 2 | BHL: 97 | FTH: 36 (21) | FRZ: 6 | REC: 6 | HLY: 12 | PHS: 1 | VMP: 194 [H: 6] Calrex - 1694/1805 | EN: 104/176 EN | DMG: 16 | MIT: 116 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | BHL: 88 | IMMO 30 | ACH: 0.5 -2 DAM The Giant Peep: 625/2000 HP | 30 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 150 MIT | -59 DAM | BLEED -24 2/2 TURNS BURN -24 2/2 TURNS Ability: Every three turns, the Peep splits into smaller Peeps. Players then have the opportunity to play Chubby Bunny with the peeps by rolling a CD. The CD corresponds to the number of Peeps one can shove down their gullet and still speak. After the Chubby Bunny phase, the Giant Peep reforms and players gain bonuses equal to the amount of Peeps they ingested. 1-3 Peeps - Phase 4-6 Peeps - Apply Burn on a BD8 7-9 Peeps - Holy Proc on the player’s next Critical. 10-12 Peeps - Next successful attack procs double Fallen.
  2. "Hmmm..." Mari chewed the inside of her cheek. A Hawk or Falcon... "If you don't mind them being white - I know a place on this floor that has a few Snow Hawks flyin' around. They're nesting right now though so may be a little territorial but hey - means you may be able to get a young one to raise. Right?" Mari offered Aiko a smile. She hadn't played the games he was going on about, so didn't know what colour the birds were in the game, but he was dressed in all white. So...it'd match his outfit. Right? "You'd both match then." Mari offered as she pointed to his attire. "But if you want something different we can go to another floor." Aiko jumped up, becoming excited about having a dragon as a familiar. Well. Mari took a deep breath an exhaled on a small chuckle. "Aiko, familiars aren't much bigger than a large dog. You won't be able to ride around on a dragon like that. Mmm...if you had a green crystal you'd probably get away with climbing on the back of the big dragon that guards the 10th floor though." Mari offered, tempting him with a fun activity if he were to ever consider going green. Mari reached out and ruffled AIko's hair. "But - if you just wanna see some flying around. I can show you that one day too. So - you ready to get yourself a pet?" Mari asked @Iron_Lion
  3. Mari

    [PP-F01] Unmasked (Mari, Itzal)

    Mari exhaled as she shut her eyes. Listening to Hidden describe smokey mask mans position, and how it was fairly desirable. Convenient. Mari had to agree. She opened one eye to glance at the figure. What did he call himself? Are? Right. Something didn't just sit well with her regarding him, but thus far he had been level headed and diplomatic - so Mari couldn't exactly cuss him out just because he gave her the heeby jeebies. Mari shrugged when Hidden said she only wanted to talk. "Hey, I get it. He's a frustratin' guy. Last I saw him he was hell bent on getting...ahh..." Mari paused. Her shoulders sagged. Esther. Mari's voice softened. "Last time I spoke he was hell bent on getting a girl named Esther away from some shady people. Dunno what came of that though..." Mari felt a pang of guilt. She had kinda left Esther to her own devices, and the poor girl got mixed up in some dodgy sh*t. If Mari had been more attentive, and less focused on her own problems, maybe things would have been different. But...there was little use in dwelling on what-ifs. "Honestly. As someone who has to put up with sh*tty ass rumours I say, if you didn't see the kid do it. As in didn't see him physically push someone off the edge-" Mari emphasized. "Then don't buy into it. Let him fess up for himself. If you're gonna be monitoring the meeting on Domarus' side - then ain't it only fair I join Hidden?" Mari offered. "That is, if she wants me there." @Hidden @Itzal
  4. "Yeh...not exactly quiet, is it?" Mari asked as she took a side ward glance at the door. The hinges were probably a century old, the witch- possibly older. At least in theory. As their steps around the spiral staircase echoed around them Jomei broke the silence. Continuing their conversation from earlier. "That...really, all night?" Mari pursed her lips. "That sounds...a little far fetched. Gosh. I hope you two took it in shifts so your energy could recoup orate. I know the zombies on the 10th floor can be a little bit of a hastle if you allow them to...yanno..." Mari squished her hands together. "Sorta get into a hoarde. It's not so much the HP or strength, just the sheer numbers... It's a shame I missed that event." Mari fell quiet. Her eyes downcast. "I've missed a lot, I guess." Lowenthals death, event after event, and the disappearance of old friends. Just how much had Mari missed in her isolation? Mari jumped slightly as Jomei turned to smile at her. Offering kind words. Mari coughed to clear the lump in her throat, quickly brushing off the compliment. "Ah, well...that's just cause you don't really know me too well. I'm sure I'll grate on your nerves soon or later." Mari said with a forced laugh. ---- The battle had commenced. With both mari and Jomei having exchanged their blows, it was the Witches turn to cast her move. Or spell... Mari grit her teeth. "It's fine...I've got the hate right now anyway." Mari turned to glance back at Jomei, offering him a grin as she jutted her thumb toward herself. "I'm kinda hate magnet, player or mob. So this should be a piece o' cake. You just stay safe n' sound. Mmmkay?" The witch cackled, diverting Mari's attention to her just in time for the witch to throw a potion bottle toward Mari. "Wh-HEY!" Mari called back as she knocked it out the way just in time. "Watch where ya throwing things you old hag!" Mari sprung forth and with a quick flurry of pivoted strikes she had successfully attacked the Witch. "Dammit..." Mari seethed as she glanced up at the Witches HP bar. "That mitigation really bites for people with small ass weapons like ours, huh?" @Jomei Witch ID: 164463 MOB: 8-3=5 MISS Mari ID: 164464 BD: 5 + 4=9 HIT Action: Eternal Cyclone - 11 x 13=143-70= 73 - Jomei: 1530/1530 HP | 144/163 EN | 18 DAM | 4 EVA | 4 ACC | 52 MIT| 2 SAVVY | 76 BH Mari: Mari 1090/1090 HP | 84/106 EN | 11 DMG | EVA 3 | MIT 43 | ACC 4 -11 EN Witch: 489/700 HP | 100 DAM (50 min) | 70 MIT -73 DAM
  5. Mari

    [PP-22] Sundered Spire Ascendance

    Just how much have you been hanging around Baldur, Mari?" Mari shifted her gaze away from Cordelia. Not much. Ever since Mari admitted she may have feelings for him she hadn't really seen him. "Mmmm... No I don't think so." Mari mused, making sure she kept her voice light-hearted. depite the sinking feeling she had gotten from the comment. There was no use in worrying Cordelia. Especially not on such a pleasant night as this. "I doubt he'd beat me in a pun war if it ever came to it." Mari said with a small grin. "I mean - you could judge it if you really wanted to.I know how much you love dad jokes." The ginger haired woman shifted her gaze back to Cordelia. "Yeh. I know." her voice was soft. Mari appreciated those words, far more than her friend realized. Beloved friend. It wasn't often anyone would dare to call Mari an acquaintance, let alone a beloved friend. Maybe things had changed. Mari tilted her head up toward Cordelia, slowly pushing herself up off the ground. "Right. Of course it would be you," "Hi? Freyd- Right?" Mari was just as surprised to see him there as he was to see her. Mari turned her attention to Cordelia, how should she explain it? "I uh...he said he saw me in a dream once - but the first time I had met him was today." Mari had planned to say more, but there was a crescendo of unrest along the horizon - and it appeared that Cordelia was distracted by it too. Her face whipped to the sounds - a fleeting look of concern brushed across her features. Freyd had long since gone by then. "Right." Mari said in response to Cordelia, drawing out her own weapon. A two handed spear. "Like I need any more rumors about me, 'sides - if the kids dreaming about me the least I can do is help him out. Right?" Mari snorted at Cordelia's comment. It was tiring. It was exhausting. Mari watched as her friend charged off. Friend... That's right. Mari had friends now. And it may be exhausting. But she wouldn't trade that for the world right now... ▶ ───●─── Back to her usual orange attire, no longer wearing her simple kimono. Mari had her spear clutched tightly in front of her. She had joined both Cordelia and Freyd. "Wow...." Mari turned her attention to Cordelia. "I wonder what you'd call that..." Mari said as she gestured toward the big red gash that Cordelia had made. "A cut above the rest? Well, I better do the same." Mari turned back to Freyd, she hadn't seen him attack - but could assume he also had a AOE. "Hey kiddo, I'll take care of the large swings - focus on the group with the lowest HP so Cordelia can finish wiping them out." They were tall, but they didn't have that much health. Mari swung her spear over her head in a half arc as she charged forth, light on foot her attack sweeped through the first Vanguard. It shattered into a shower of red data, Mari charged through the glimmering dust of the fallen warrior and tore through the second - pivoting on her foot she followed suit with the third and fourth. The attack took seconds, but it only took seconds to lay heavy damage upon the vanguards. ACTION: WEEPING MOON AOE [x9 AoE] Weeping Moon (9 Energy +2 per target hit) - Do a single and powerful 360-degree spin 19 x 9 =171 ID:164456 BD: 10 CRITICAL HIT +2 base Damage ID:164457 BD: 5 + 5=10 HIT ID:164458 BD:8+5= HIT BLEED ACTIVATED ID:164459 BD: 4+ 5 = HIT Freyd | HP:820/820 | EN:68/80 | DMG:20 | MIT:43 | EVA:3 | ACC:4 | KEEN:1 | HLY:2 | BLD:12 Cordelia | HP: 1200/1200 | EN: 107/118 | 25 DMG | 25 MIT | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | PHSE | 12 HLY | ABS. ACC -11 Mari | HP 1490/1490 | EN: 146/146 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 43 | EVA:3 | ACC: 4 | BH: 72 | BRN: 24 |BLEED: 24 | FLAME AURA: 15 -15 (1,1,1) Sundered Vanguard #1 | HP:0/584 | DMG:219 -189 (0,0,1) Sundered Vanguard #2 | HP:413/584 | DMG:219 -171 (1,0,1) Sundered Vanguard #3 | HP:253/584 | DMG:219 -171 -24 Bleed 2/2 Turns (0,0,1) Sundered Vanguard #4 | HP:413/584 | DMG:219 -171 Vanguard 2 ID:164460 MOB 3 attacks Mari and misses Vanguard 3 ID: 164461 MOB 8-4= attacks Mari and misses Vanguard 4 ID:164462 MOB 4 = attacks Mari and misses @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows @Cordelia
  6. Mari

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    Mari excused herself from the Magpie habitat - shutting the door to the enclosure behind her. Blue eyes focused on the package between her hands. It wasn't anything real fancy. It felt like one of those jellies that people ate at festivals when Mari squished the small package between her fingers- and it's stats where simple enough. Offering her +3 to prosperity. It'd be useful if she wanted to get more col or unidentified materials at some point. Speaking of... Mari rose her blue gaze to @Macradon and gave him a smile as she approached him again, her hair messy - with a few down feathers stuck to it. Mari completely unaware of her disheveled appearance. "Hey, I just did that magpie thing." Mari held up the small package toward him. "Got a prosperity treat from it. Maybe we could go on a mad dash for more col again at some poi-" Her eyes shifted behind him to look at a bright flash across the sky, and then another, and another. Mari blinked - Was that....a meteor shower? Her hands lowered and Mari fell silent for but a minute as her eyes reflected the dazzling dancing lights that streaked their way across the star speckled heavens. Awe. That's what they would call it. She was in awe, it wasn't often that she was left speechless. But at a time like this.... it was hard not to be.
  7. Mari

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    Mari gave @Macradon a final slap on his back with the flat of her palm. A warm smile upon her features as she let her hand linger there. "There, all dolled up - if Kairi comes along I'm sure you'll sweep her off her feet." Mari removed her hand and used it to brush away errant strands of ginger hair. "Well, I'm gonna go check out those magpies - they look kinda interestin' You know I used to feed a few of them in my backyard at home?" She turned her attention to the enclosure. "I...kinda miss hearing their sing-song calls in the morning, so hearing them now...It's kinda nice." And with those words to Macradon Mari shifted away from him and headed toward the stall. The closer she got the more it...smelled. Not entirely a bad thing bu there was a distinct avian smell about the stall. One part had been blocked off for the large habitat Mari had noticed earlier - closed off from the rest of Aincrad with a mixture of netting and chicken wise. It was decorate with rocks, plants, and trees - It reminded Mari of her local Zoo - and the walk through bird enclosure they had. Bags of what Mari assumed were seed littered the entrance of the stall. Sitting in for gramps this year..." The NPC began, she continued to talk but Mari admittedly tuned her out, instead - reading the popup in front of her - so she had to go find a magpie? That seemed easy enough. "Yeh. Sure." Mari said with a dissmisive wave of the guitar-playing NPC. Whatever she had to say was probably just flavour text anyway. "Let's see...picking a magpie...." Mari saw a rather scraggly magpie, it looked young as it still had a lot of its down feathers. Pin feathers also littered the poor things head. Mari snorted. It reminded her of the magpie that hung around her home, 'Dude' she had called it. Mari turned to the NPC, who looked miffed at Mari. "This one. Please." "Whaat? You want that one?" The NPC shrugged as she shifted, moving into the magpie enclosure and carefully grabbing 'Dude 2'. "Gramps has some weird birds..." She mumbled as she exited the bird enclosure and released Dude 2 into the habitat. "There ya go, try to get the guy to like you or somethin' " The NPC seemed just as disinterested in Mari as Mari was with her. Listening to the NPC Mari stepped into the habitat, jumping slightly as the red-eyed NPC shut the door behind her with a loud metallic clang . "Get the bird to come to me..." Mari mumbled. If she had come prepared, she'd have grabbed some mealworms or mince meat or - well - anything. As it stood...right now...she had nothing of value to - "OH." Mari blinked, she had something. Mari opened up her inventory and pulled out the Hoya trinket she got a few months ago - a glittering teardrop shaped gem on a necklace. She never had a use for it. Didn't have anyone to give it to. So why not offer it to a fledgling bird? Mari carefully lowered herself down to a kneeling position and held out out patiently, and silently for the mangy bird she had dubbed 'Dude 2' The magpie ruffled its feathers and cawed softly before attempting to land beside her. It...didn't go well. Dude 2 landed with a fwump. A pile of black and red feathers in front of Mari. "You really are quite young, huh?" Mari asked softly as she lowered her offering so that the magpie could nip at it. Dude 2 nipped at it once, then turned and ran - disappearing into a nearby bush. "I uh..." Mari wasn't expecting that. She had half expected him to take the trinket and fly off. Instead, Dude 2 returned - a few minutes later. Struggling to walk as he held a package the same size as him in his beak. Mari picked it up from his beak. "Oh, THank you?" She said as she reached out to scritch the pinfeathers on his head. "So, I guess that was easier than I thought..." Mari said as she stood up, still in the enclosure she glanced out to see if Macradon was still doing okay. Step 1 Roll ID:163622 CD: 2 Step 2 Roll ID:163623 CD: 5 Step 3 Roll ID:163624 CD:11 Total: 18 Nebulae Yokan Block x1 Tier 1 Perfect Dessert | PROSPERITY III A small block of jelly, packaged in a delicate, colorful paper. The dessert looks almost crystalline. In its medium is a variety of wispy colours, capturing red, white and gold sparkles in its hold. It's signed off with a flourished black 'R' in marker.
  8. Mari

    [PP-22] Sundered Spire Ascendance

    Pristine blue eyes blinked in mild surprise as they danced over the message in front of her. It was always a shock when someone messaged her. Especially a request to hang out. Mari knew she was not a nice person. She was blunt, and didn't cater to others delusions, which often painted her in the light of 'cold b**ch'. It never bothered her though. Mari just became used to it. She had friends now, and she would take solace in that. Mari typed a reply to one of those very friends. The message was short. Mari never liked wasting time with them. Why bother? Especially when they were meeting up in just a few minutes. Mari stood from her seat on the bench - leaving a half eaten stick of Yakitori behind. It'd soon dissipate. The huffy NPC wasn't that great of a cook. The meat was charred and overdone, although Mari had an incline he had burnt her order on purpose. With a small exhale Mari followed the path out of the festival. Away from the laughing children, the bustling sounds of the crowds, and the dizzying lights of the stalls. The path was dimly lit by a full moon above. Twinkling fireflies danced on either side of the path, an effect of the event, perhaps? Not too far down Mari had spotted Cordelia. Standing tall and proud, with locks as pure as snow tickling her angular facial features. Really, she must be a model of some sort. Right? It seemed that she hadn't noticed Mari just yet. She ha been mumbling to herself- as every so often her attention shifted to the two crows that followed her around. "Good Lord, I'm losing more and more brain cells by the second-" with Mari's lipped quirked into a half smile as she crouched down beside Cordelia, pausing to inspect a particularly shiny pebble. "Oh, should I help you look for them? I'd lobe to help." Mari snorted as she said the pun. Her freckled face crinkled in sheer amusement. "Is that why you wanted a walk?" Mari asked, still wearing a bemused grin from ear to ear. @Cordelia @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows
  9. Mari

    Mari's Evaluations

    Item Name: Gravity Dust Profession: Alchemist Rank: 8 Quantity: 4 Craft IDs: ID#162692 | CD:6 ID#162693 | CD:12 ID# 162695 | CD:10 vID#162699 | CD:11 Post Links: Here
  10. Craft Attempt 1 ID#162692 | CD:6 SUCCESS Craft Attempt 2 ID#162693 | CD:12 SUCCESS Craft Attempt 3 ID#162694 | CD: 3 FAIL Craft Attempt 4 ID# 162695 | CD:10 SUCCESS Craft Attempt 5 ID# 162696| CD: 4 FAIL Craft Attempt 6 ID# 162697| CD:1 FAIL Craft Attempt 7 ID# 162698| CD: 4 FAIL Craft Attempt 8 ID#162699 | CD:11 SUCCESS 8 x T3 Mats sent to Banker +4 GALAXY DUST
  11. Mari

    Mari's Evaluations

    Item Name: Gravity Dust Profession: Alchemist Rank: 8 Quantity: 2 Craft IDs: ID# 162636 | CD: 12 LD 15 ID#162638 | CD:9 LD: 3 Post Links: Here
  12. Craft Attempt 1 ID#162632 | CD:4 LD:5 Salvage! Keep 0 Mats Craft Attempt 2 ID# 162633 | CD:1 LD:12 FAIL Craft Attempt 3 ID#162634 | CD: 2 LD18 FAIL Craft Attempt 4 ID# 162635 | CD: 4 LD:9 Salvage! Keep 0 Mats Craft Attempt 5 ID# 162636 | CD: 12 LD 15 SUCCESS +1 Item (perfect item) Craft Attempt 6 ID# 162637 | CD:5 LD 9 Salvage! Keep 0 mats Craft Attempt 7 ID#162638 | CD:9 LD: 3 Success! (rare item) Craft Attempt 8 ID#162369 | CD: 4 LD:8 Salvage! Keep 0 Mats --- 8 x T3 Mats sent to Banker +2 GALAXY DUST
  13. Mari

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    "Mmmm..." Mari tapped her lip with a neatly trimmed fingernail. For the occasion- it had been painted a brilliant orange that complimented her hair. Should she go up to the booth? It was tucked away in the corner of the festival. Hidden further down the path, past the bamboo festivities. One side had been blocked off, by the look of it Mari guessed it was some sort of habitat, and from the warbled bird sounds - that must be where the magpies were kept. "I did tell myself I'd attempt all the activities..." She thought aloud. After all, she was known for being a little abrasive - this would help with that image, right? Heck - she even had someone approach her and ask to be a part of the guild. Speaking of...I wonder how the others are doing... She hadn't heard much from any of the other Pillars. Perhaps, after this - she'd reach out to them. Make sure everything was okay. Oikawa especially, had worried her. Mari went to take a step toward the path that lead to the booth but stopped when she heard a familiar voice call out. "Good to see you, friendo." She "Here..." Mari placed her hands on Macradons' shoulder and spun him around. "Let me help you with that." Mari wasn't born in Japan, but she had spent a few years there - and had much of the same struggles he did with his Obi. "You know, I buy mine pre-tied- you can do that these days. At least back in Osaka." Mari jutted her thumb behind the belt to give Macradon some breathing space as she adjusted the tightness of the thick band. "Here, you should wear the sash at your hip. It's masculine." Mari said as she shifted the bow slightly to his side. Finally she finished tying the knot at the front and folded it underneath the band. "There." Mari said as she took a step back to admire her work. "It's not perfect..." She mused, she could see it was a little askew - and the bow at his side uneven. "But it'll do." It was better than his attempt at least. "It's nice to see you here." Mari said as she shifted her hand to tug on her hair. A sense of unease and caution bubbled up, she had worn her yukata a few times now but she still felt it odd, unnatural. She wasn't used to wearing them within Aincrad - and she was dressed far more plainly than others. Even Macradon's attire was more extravagant than her own. Mari swallowed and gave herself a firm nod. She could do this. She would do this. Push it down. Push it down. Breathe. Mari drew in a breath and painted a smile on her peach coloured lips. "I was about to go look at the magpie taming area. Looks like we could get something from it. " Mari lifted her hand to gesture behind him. "You could also write your wishes or...err..something?" Mari coughed. She wasn't exactly good at events like this. "At least there aren't any punch bowls here, eh Mac?" @Macradon
  14. Mari

    [EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

    Not knowing whether or not @Shirogane had followed Mari continued toward the bamboo tree that everyone else had been hanging their wishes from. "I remember doing this in Japan..." Mari mused quietly. Blue eyes shifted across the brightly lit papers that danced and twirled in the gentle breeze. Mari reached out and let one of the wishes rest gently in the palm of he hand. 'I wish I could go home' It read. So many people here wanted just that...to go home. Mari pulled her hand away and let it flow freely in the breeze. Now it was her turn. In comparison. Her wishes seemed impractical. Foolish. She hadn't really made any wish from the heart. Didn't sit and meditate on her answers. She just wrote pragmatic responses. Mari assured herself that it would have been different in the real world. That she'd enjoy the event. Mari slowly hung each wish on the bamboo branches. She kept telling herself that it would be different if she were home. But she wasn't And, she probably never would be home. Mari still had no real intention of leaving, but those thoughts were best left unanswered. Mari finished hanging her wishes and turned from her spot. It looked like Shirogane hadn't followed. She was probably still busy. Mari pursed her lips. What was there to do now? Her eyes rested on Alkor again. He probably didn't want to be bothered. Even knowing that she found her steps drawing her closer to him. With each step she felt her heart constrict - as it pounded hard against her chest. She wanted things to be amicable between them. There was still that little voice in her head that told her to turn and run. But she didn't. Mari's feet stopped in front of Alkor. She swallowed. Her throat felt dry. "Hey." Mari began. Offering Alkor a half-smile. "Just wanted to uh..." Mari took a step back and scratched the back of her head. This felt intrusive in some strange way. Her eyes shifted to the sky for a moment before turning back to the masked man. "You know. Check in. It's ..." There was lilting waver of doubt as she paused for but a second to find the right words. "It's nice to see you here." He must never know I thought him attractive like this. Nope. Don't need it. Mari would have reached out and patted him on the shoulder if he were anyone else, but he wasn't. He was Alkor. "I'm off to look at this magpie thing since I've hung my wishes. If you wish to join me later come find me." An offer. That's all she would do for now. Offer him that friendship, and a chance to hang out if he so chose. This wouldn't be like the last event where she stayed by his side. Unaware of his own discomfort. "I'd enjoy the company but -" Her eyes lowered to his own Tanabata wishes. "I feel like writing those is something best done solitary so..." Mari lifted up her hand and bid him a wave goodbye. "I'll see you around." And with that she turned on her heel and left him to her own devices. That...was much easier than she had anticipated. The fear of loosing his friendship was slowly dissipating. Maybe he wouldn't just disappear again after all. @Alkor [Wishes hanged]
  15. Mari

    [PP-F01] Unmasked (Mari, Itzal)

    "Macradon has been a frontliner for a long, long time. And Shield has recently returned to them." Mari said to Hidden. "They're good people, and ones you'd probably wanna know if you wanted to get on the frontliners good side. But - I'd spare that talk for later..." Mari didn't want the two to get distracted and go on a different tangent. She knew Hidden wanted to return to the frontlines, and despite Itzals protests on Pinball - Mari knew her words were true. The frontlines were truly not in a position to turn anyone away. Even if there were to be another...incident. "I know ..." Mari began slowly. "My words carry little weight - but with me there - I'll do my best to ensure there isn't another Zelrius incident. Even with Pinball around." Mari knew Pinball - and she knew this stranger - whoever he is. Would know what she was talking about. Mari shifted her gaze to Hidden and offered her a wry smile. "That includes you- yanno. I'll drag ya back in line if I need to." It wouldn't have been the first time. Mari had to literally throw herself in the way of Hiddens last attempt to attack another player, and Mari felt she played a part in successfully diffusing the situation. Mari reached out and placed a reassuring hand on Hiddens shoulder, offering her a tight squeeze to show that the words were not intended to be a threat. Are went on to talk about Adrian, trying to bring light to what may be the reason for him not properly appearing on the Monument. Made sense. Mari couldn't even fact check her information. So she went along with what the masked man said. "And this is a child doing this?" Mari asked incredulously. Honestly...it all sounded a little hard to believe. Like, sure - Aincrad was filled with messed up people - but not that messed up. Wasn't there something in place to stop people like that from entering? Mari recalled having a background check for criminal records or something before joining. Then again...a child wouldn't have that big - if any - of a record. "Man...." She said with a sigh as she rubbed her forehead, pushing her hair up and out the way. "That's...a lot to take in. He talked someone into jumping? I dunno if I believe that one." The rumour mill in Aincrad was dangerous. Mari knew that first hand. So she would take what they were saying with a grain of salt. "Right. So to summarize -" Mari paused. They were kinda talking around in circles. How had the conversation shifted so drastically. "We came here to look at a way to help Hidden - and came to the conclusion I already figured. The only way Hidden can help herself is through her actions. And what about this bounty? Don't you have any sorta power to poof it away since you're oh so chummy with Itzal and Hestia? You know its hard enough to work toward redemption - even harder if you're being actively hunted. I should know. So..." Mari paused as she shifted from her standing position, turning on her heel to walk back toward the nearest tree. Mari then promptly sat herself on the ground. IF they were gonna be here a while she may as well get comfy. "You both want to find this Adrian kid - and get him the help he needs. Hidden wants that bounty gone. See where I'm goin' with this?" Mari honestly doubted a bounty would really have too many people after Hidden, after all - Mari didn't have one and was hunted, and when she did have one, it changed nothing. If anything she saw a decrease - but...not every situation was the same. And if it helped put Hidden's mind at ease, it was worth a shot in the dark. @Hidden @Itzal