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  1. "Doesn't surprise me." Mari said as she approached Yuki, glancing over at her HUD when the information was offered to her. "Weren't they meant to be quite prideful and territorial? At least from memory, Greek Mythology isn't exactly one of my strong suits...that's more so for Ceres." Mari said with a shrug as she placed her hands on her hips. At least it wouldn't be too hard to spot them. Big giant half lion thing flying in the sky? Yeh. Easy. Taming one? Not so much. Especially if it involved climbing hills. Mari grimaced. Part of her wanted to nope on out of there. "I hate climbing..." Mari mumbled as she stepped back and stretched. If she were gonna be moving like that, best make herself feel limber. "So if you're looking for a nest, I assume you're wanting to tame a younger one or a hatchling or whatever the hell baby Griffin's are called, right? Or ya gonna go for big mama or papa?" @Zajcica
  2. Mari recalled their previous strategy. She'd aim for the skeleton with the most health, the last one shambling behind the others. Right...Macradon had only just missed that one, good Mari's turn. She flipped her dagger into its reverse grip and charged toward the 4th Skeleton. Pivoting on her foot as she struck it again and again - each cut striking deeper, till it began to bleed. Even bones bled in Aincrad it seemed. Once she finished her successful attack Mari rolled back so she was in line with Macradon. Mari grinned as she gave him a light 'bap' on his shoulder. "See, you were nice 'n quiet that time - think half of Aincrad would have lost their sh*t knowing how silent you can be." Mari said with a bit of a forced laugh. She still felt a little down, but didn't want to drag Macradon back down, especially when they were in the heat of battle. It was a good distraction. @Macradon [2,3,3,1]< Macradon > 1920/1920 HP | 23 DMG | 122 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | 179/189 NRG [-,-,-,1]< Mari > 1170/1170 HP | 13 DMG | 43 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 103/114 NRG < Skeleton 1 > 510/870 HP | 261 DMG < Skeleton 2 > 342/870 HP | 261 DMG < Skeleton 3 > 354/870 HP | 261 DMG < Skeleton 4 > 623/870 HP | 261 DMG -247 BLEED (-24) 2/2
  3. Mari didn't address Yuki's sad voice; if Mari were to console her now; she wouldn't learn that what she did was wrong - and she was just chastised- so she had every right to feel upset. Besides, Mari had a feeling if she did try to console her Yuki would probably burst into tears and Mari would probably just get annoyed if she did. Not to say Mari wouldn't feel bad about having someone cry in front of her - just the reasoning behind it. "I appreciate the apology." Mari said simply. "That's all I ask really, thank you for your offer." And that's all that had to be said, yuki apologized - and in turn Mari accepted that Yuki was there if she needed. Mari cleared her throat when Yuki bowed formally toward her; a lotta people were doing that lately - how awkward. "Really, it's fine. Ya better lead me the way to the Griffin then. Do they spawn in groups or just on its own?" @Zajcica
  4. Mari laughed awkwardly at Macradon's words, she tugged on her hair as she kicked at the floor. "Heheh...yeh..." She shifted her gaze away, feeling sheepish. "I'm...slowly figuring that out - it's hard, real hard. But I guess I'll get there. I know I can rely on you at least." She shifted her gaze back to him as she interlocked her fingers behind her back. "I feel like I could almost say the same about Cordelia, and Baldur too." Mari cleared her throat. "Although...I feel more like I'm sorta bothering him sometimes. I guess the same goes for you - I always question if I should be asking anyone on quests..." They began to walk now; stone floor crunching beneath their boots. Mari absently tugged on the tendrils of her scarf. "I know I shouldn't think that...but with me trying to complete them all - I guess I just keep thinking that it's too much to ask any of you." Mari pursed her lips into a frown when he said that if she was tarnished - he may as well be too. She didn't like that, she really didn't like that; but she supposed that was the point. her eyes traveled upwards to the crystal dotted ceiling above as he disappeared from view. "Yeh...I guess...I can't say I exactly agree with you, but I don't see that its an argument I'll end up winning. Try not to make too much noise this time." Mari said with a small snort. @Macradon
  5. Mari was concentrating on her breathing - a way to calm herself down. Breathe in - hold for 10 seconds - Breathe out - hold for 10 seconds- She repeated this a few times till she had felt better. The wind was gentle, dancing across her skin - literally cooling her off - and it had helped that Yuki had chosen to remain silent rather than try to argue the point. Really, there wasn't anything she could really say to fix it beyond. 'Sorry I didn't realize I was doing that' IF she had said something like that, Mari wouldn't have minded -she'd accept it. But if she had kept pushing, Mari would have told her that she could find the familiar on her own. "So..." Mari said after a long silence. "Which way are the Gryphons?" She turned to look back at Yuki, who looked like she was slinking away. "You do still want to try and find the familiar, right?" @Zajcica
  6. Mari

    F17/PP <<The Nemean Lion>>

    Mari really didn't like the idea of dragging Shiina along, and even had her reservations about Yuki. It didn't sit right with her gut. Then again; Oscar was right. If they attacked first - then the lions hate would be aimed at both Mari and Oscar, although... "You know..." Mari said. "I use a dagger, I don't have any AoE..." Mari had opened up her HUD. Sure, Yuki had said she had grown up, but that was level wise; she was still the same headstrong woman. "Levels aren't always everything Yuki." Mari reasoned. "Still... if you want the rewards for this you..." She paused as she glanced to Shiina. "You both have to be in the party. Do either of you know any healing skills? Have any items handy?" Mari shifted her gaze back to the Quest information in front of her. So many enemies. "That means that you'd have to hit four targets with an AoE- or at the very least, three - otherwise one of the two girls has a very real chance of being dead." Mari said bluntly. "Not that I don't have faith in your skills or anything, I'd just really rather not have anyone else die if I can help it. This means you should probably attack first; and I'll follow up with a secondary attack, taking care of anything you may miss. Does that work?" @Oscar @Zajcica @Shiina
  7. "You know what really pisses me off?" Mari asked. "People who push. Even after I have kindly asked them not to. You're right. You don't know the situation." Mari was doing her best to keep things together - to not let her anger gt the better of her. Mari knew she had anger issues; but this? This wasn't fair. Why was she always expected to be so resoulte and perfect when people kept f**king spitting on her. "You know what your words feel like?" Mari said. "LIke you're literally spitting on me. You wanna help?" She asked. "Then stop f**king pushing yourself into my issues so you can play hero. That's it isn't it? You wanna help because you think it'll make you feel good? But you're not listening to what I want. That's the worst." Mari shook her head, running a hand through her hair. She took a moment to breathe in, and held her breath. Then exhaled. "Someone who really wanted to help. They'd say 'ok' and let me take my time with things. They'd offer to be there if I needed. Not charge on f**king in and not listen to what I want. You don't know what the hell I'm doing, nor going through. You didn't stop to ask if I was already working through my issues with others. You just assumed that I hadn't, and you just put yourself in that position. So. You. Can. Feel. Good. About. Yourself." To Mari's credit; she didn't yell. Her words were spoken slowly and cooly - with a trembling anger that threatened to roll over her. Mari turned her back on Yuki. "You're insisting I go at your pace because my pace isn't good enough. That isn't helping. I get you wanna help, and I appreciate it. But this what you're doing now? Its the opposite of helping."  @Zajcica
  8. Another quick message from Cordelia she still didn't elaborate on who was coming - but Mari hadn't asked. A part of her wanted to, would that be rude? Then again, it'd be best for Mari to know who they were at least. With that resolve in mind she opened up her HUD to quickly reply to Cordelia. -- To Cordelia From: Mari Okay, I'll head to the North entrance of the town; just outside the safe zone. I'll be hard to miss, everything's so bloody dark and gloomy here. Who are you bringing? -Mari. --- With that done Mari flicked it off and began her leisurely walk toward their destination. It was the main entrance/exit of the underground town - so hopefully she would be able to meet them there. The last thing she wanted or needed would be to loop around the entire exterior of the town. No short cuts for her. Now positoned within clear site of the Southern gate to town; far enough to not bother the town guards or players within Mari found a 'comfy' looking rock and sat down. Absently running her hands through her hair to try and remove some of the knots. @Cordelia
  9. "I wouldn't say you're that hard to deal with - just that you kinda charge in. without regard to your safety." Mari noted with a small nod. She wasn't gonna lie to the girl. "I can't say how the game is changing you - all I can comment on is the you I know." Yuki joked about how Mari said she liked Yuki - she chose to ignore the comment, she didn't do well with that sort of thing, and admitting she didn't mind someones company was quite a lot for her. Course, Yuki could never have known that. It was then that Yuki started to talk about the Redemption Quest. "Yeh. I know it." Mari said a little too bluntly. She sighed and shook her head, knowing that sort of thing would have probably upset Yuki. It was just a reminder of things she'd rather forget. "I mean, yeh...yeh it's pretty common knowledge." Before Mari could get much of a word in Yuki had already offered to join her and help her. "Whoa, whoa hang on there." Mari paused and put a hand on each of Yuki's shoulders. " I appreciate the sentiment but I don't know if I am even taking it yet. And...." Mari stepped away and rubbed her shoulder. How could she possibly put this delicately? Especially since Yuki had told her it was her goal to help Mari. "This is one of the things you need to listen to me on. I don't want you pushing and charging your way into this. This is a personal matter for me. Yuki, I really appreciate the offer but I don't want your help. It's nothing against you. I hope you understand that yeh?" @Zajcica
  10. "Six?" Mari shook her head in disbelief. "I think I've only done it three or four times...maybe five if you include the people who ran off on me and left me to face it alone under leveled. Ahaha..." Mari tried...she was always trying with Life - but no matter how she looked at it, or at him. She struggled. She guessed that oppression and torture were not things to easily forget. Her eyes glanced up at his crystal then back to him. He seemed so innocent lately. She doubted anyone would know what he was like. Ever. "Right so I should grab something that ramps up my Accuracy or Evasion then..." Mari said quietly as she opened up her HUD. "Let's see..." She pulled out one of the bamboo shoots that Cordelia had made, and started to absently chew on it. She listened to him as he talked about how much more useful her dagger would have been if she had submitted it before the quest. Mari shrugged. "Yeh, true - I wasn't exactly planning on taking this quest today though - you just happened to come across me, and I just happened to need the distraction." Did she have things figured out? Mari wasn't too sure about that. "Nah. I just seem like I do." Mari offered. "Inside I'm still a right ol' mess - but I guess at least I look like I have it together." Super Sight and Speed Dried Bamboo Shoot: 2 ACC, 1 EVA @Life
  11. Mari watched quietly as he took a few pieces of the dried seaweed- a nice delicacy she picked up from Cordelia's shop. Now that Mari was able to eat again, she did so. Often. She had snacks and food available where she could and those little dried salty sheets - topped with sesame seed were just perfect for her, and apparently for her guests. Mari couldn't help but smile as she watched him. Thankful that he felt comfortable enough to eat - and if he were anything like her...it had probably been a while since he had. Mari carefully poured Oikawa a cup of the milky liquid before passing it over to him. "You said no one deserves to be homeless - would you say you deserve one?" Mari asked him. It was something she had been made to realize herself, that she was very hypocritical. She could feel the pain that swirled around him, a miasma of emotions that were so turbulent that they drove others away. "It wasn't just us." Mari said quietly as her eyes traveled down. She twirled the cup in her pale hands before cupping it. "I've gone mad asking myself the same thing over and over..." She paused as she took a long sip of the tea. Long lashes fluttering closed. Sighing happily as the bittersweet taste allowed her to forget her troubles. The warmth settled in her stomach and permeated throughout her being. Her legs sneaked up under the blanket of the heated Kotatsu. Mari had denied herself these things for such a long time, and now...she felt like she finally was able to rest, but she couldn't Not quite yet. She was so tired... They slowly opened when Oikawa asked her why she felt she was undeserving. Cereulean orbs, soft and forgiving with a gentle gaze- one that hid a storm of emotions beneath a calm facade. "Ah..." That...was a lot harder to answer. "Do...you know how I got my crystal?" Mari asked him quietly. "I think...It'd be easier for me to answer that if you told me what you've heard or know about me. I can fill in the blanks and correct any misinformation. But...Aren't we here for you?" Mari asked, concern lacing her soft voice. She reached out to him and forced his hands to wrap around the cup tightly before letting them go. "When was the last time you were able to let your guard down, to just shut your eyes for a minute and breathe? I bought you here so you could do that within comfort and warmth. Things often denied to people like us." @Oikawa
  12. Mari glanced over her shoulder as Yuki approached. Ever the bright and exuberant girl she was. "It's fine." Mari said as she pushed herself off the ground, then dusted off her hands. "I'd rather you have someone with you if you're this high up - familiar hunting can be relatively safe but ya also gotta be careful. I wouldn't be surprised if someone died during the quest." Mari offered Yuki a grin, "Side's, I was still on the floor - If I was down a few floors maybe you'd be a little more outta luck." Mari paused. "Ah, no. I'd still help." She admitted in defeat. Mari knew Yuki would be the kind of person who would recklessly dive into a situation because she was just that stubborn. Mari reached out and placed a hand on the other girls shoulder. "Ya would probably just dive right on in regardless - so your foolhardy and stubborn ways kinda guarantee I'll do my best to be there. Can't exactly have someone I like disappear on me now, can I?" Mari was about to ask her what she was going to hunt but Yuki shouted it out. "A...Gryphon..." Mari asked. "Well, I suppose I haven't seen a mini Griffin running around before - good luck trying to leash something so proud though. "Don't worry, I'll be your lookout." Mari said as she accepted Yuki's invite. @Zajcica
  13. Mari nodded, "Yeh.." She shook her head. "They were never really my friend to begin with. I know that now." She left out the part where it was Life who had done those things, and that he had recently come back into her life, trying to blame it on some sort of errant AI who'd whisper things into his head - and he'd do them. Even if that were true... he was still the one who did it. That he was wanting them to friends again, and how very difficult she was finding it. Mari knew Macradon was trying to help - but also knew that too much of this sort of thing probably didn't sit well with him. Mari didn't want to put more on his shoulders. Not when he was bearing so much already. She wiped her face clean. Her eyes stung - and it still hurt. She still felt all knotted up on the inside, and doubted that it'd be a feeling that'd go away any time soon. "I honestly don't know what I'd do without you, and others like Baldur or Cordelia." Mari realized he hadn't heard her say she was stupid for liking anyone - it had been something she didn't entirely mean to blurt out - and it was probably something better left bottled up. She didn't need that out there in the world. "B-But you're NOT hated!" Mari cried out as she pushed herself up off the ground. "You're not hated! You're not tarnished. You're a good person Macradon!" It wasn't the same thing...surely. He couldn't really compare them. That wasn't fair to him. "You're not!" Mari insisted. Mari listened as Macradon pointed out something to her that she had stopped believing in - it was something she had assumed - she was targeted because she was at the top - she was at the time one of if not the strongest player - she had a demonic... Mari closed her eyes, thinking about Lowenthal and how he had tried to take her weapon. "Yeh....let's get some more Col." Mari said with a weak smile. @Macradon
  14. After fighting the lionesses and lion - Mari was about ready to call it; she had a quick pit stop but then before heading off to the boss room to head all the way back down to floor 4 - a few day trek to be sure. She had gotten a message from Yuki. Mari blinked. She hadn't expected to hear from her again so soon. Yuki asked Mari to join her on a quest, but didn't specify which one. "I suppose I should. I'd rather not see her die..." Mari said to herself. The lion had been stressful enough. To: Yuki From: Mari Sure. I'll be near where we parted ways. -Mari. Mari's messages were rarely long or drawn out, short, simple, and straight to the point. Some would find it rude - Mari was used to not having the time nor luxury to type out long messages. There were a few exceptions, however normally brevity was Mari's friend. "Wonder what she wants me to do..." Mari said as she shifted to go sit on the edge of a low rolling hill, overlooking one of the towns. It was...beautiful really. Mari wondered if she'd ever be able to see such sights up close. @Zajcica
  15. "It's close...?" Mari asked as she stared through the treeline. "Well, I guess that's why I don't see a lot of people through here, most generally avoid the quest spawns unless they're actively hunting them. I live close by...so this time." She angled her head away from him. "This time I'll chalk it up to coincidence." She said with faint smile. She'd have to push through this - she wanted to ask him about the rumours...but she'd have to lean into it. Life began to walk and Mari followed suit, opening up her HUD to see if there were any items that would be useful during the battle. "I've heard of it ...something about it being like a giant ice golem...at leat it isn't Avalanche..." She sighed. "I've done that quest so many times. So many." Mari fell quiet when Life mentioned Alkor...somehow, it didn't hurt. Usually when she heard his name she'd flinch, or she'd be reminded of all the hurt - and whilst yes, it did still hurt if she were to dwell on it, the mere mention of a name no longer brought that pain. "I'm glad he has a friend he can talk to." Mari glanced to his Katana and idly thumbed her harness. "Yeh, flames would be good against it, I'll be submitting my dagger soon - going to give it bleed bleed burn burn instead of damage, since my familiar takes care of that now. Do you know anything else about the quest? I actually don't have any of the information." @Life