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  1. "Oh...yeh." Mari said as she looked up. "At least there's only two of em. Well, no more monkey business." Mari pulled out her dagger as the two beasts landed in front of them. "I don't want to paws our conversation, but - " Mari didn't finish, she charged forward - in an attempt to attack one of the monkeys, but instead of hitting it, she tripped - the slopes were slippery and the rocks loose. "F**k." Mari hissed. feeling like crap. Mari sighed, placing a hand on her forehead. She felt...a little useless. "I don't..." She sounded defeated. "I mean - I promise I'm not normally this bad..." Mari said as she looked down at her dagger. She shifted the blade to and fro so it'd glimmer in the sunlight. "I dunno...why I'm so bad today." Mari forced out a laugh. "Guess all that sh*t weighing me down is actually weighing me down." Mari said as she shifted her arms, acting like she was burdened with something heavy on her back. Really....how could she miss so many times? @Jomei ID:156764 BD:2-1=1+3=4 MISS Charged Eternal Cyclone > Monkey 4 11+5 (charge) x13 Eternal Cyclone 208-20=188 Passive +1 EN Jomei: 1530/1530 HP | 153/163 EN | 18 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 77 B. Healing Mari 1090/1090 HP | 105/106 EN | 11 DMG | EVA 3 | MIT 43 | ACC 4 Elite Flying Monkey 1 220/220 HP | 90 DAM (45 MIN) | 35 MIT Elite Flying Monkey 2 220/220HP | 90 DAM (45 MIN) | 35 MIT
  2. Mari

    [F21 - PP] Cat eyes looking for «The Hidden Village»

    Mari's messages were always rather brief - she didn't like rambling and she didn't really like messaging. Maybe part of it was because so often they would go unanswered. Maybe another - was that she simply didn't feel the need to type an entire story into a text. Those sort of messages, those personal and meaningful messages were reserved for a select few. Mari sighed, having replied only after arriving on the 21st floor - luckily. Hopefully Ariel wasn't left waiting for too long. Mari was visiting Baldur's estate, so the travel down to Floor 21 was short. Mari found a large, somewhat smooth rock and sat herself down. Rubbing her legs. Even in the digital world she felt the ache of her leg muscles. Maybe it was psychological. Maybe it was programmed in. It didn't really matter to the ginger haired woman. "Wonder why she wants to see me..." Mari mumbled to herself, pausing in her action. Wasn't it odd? Her and Ariel never exactly saw eye to eye. Mari didn't blame Ariel for that. How could she? Mari had killed 8 people. Her reputation was... terrible. The rumours that Zandra so readily believed. Who was to say that others had heard those same ones and taken them as truth? Mari bought her legs up so she could cross her legs. Cold fingers thrummed against her bare knees. Is she going to ask a bunch of questions? Mari sucked her lip in, she was so tired of those questions - but she'd be amiss if she didn't answer them. Or did Ariel want to imprison Mari? Much like Bahr...no...Ariel hadn't shown any indication of that. Mari felt her nerves spin in the pit of her gut as she went through scenario after scenario. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion
  3. *editing later* Baldur pun count :23 Mari Pun count: 5
  4. Mari covered her mouth as Macradon turned to face her, practically screaming 'Chubby Bunny' into her face. Bits of melting peep slowly dripping from his mouth in a thick viscous trail of yellowed saliva. "Eurgh...err.." Mari held up her thumbs to give both him and Calrex a double thumbs up. "Yaaay!?" She could not hide the grotesque sarcasm from her voice. "I err...nice going, I guess?" If she didn't know any better, she swear she saw chunks of strawberry. How long has that been there? What happened next, would scar her forever - the amalgam blob burst out of Macradon's mouth, writhing as bubbling spit steamed off of it. It landed on the ground with a thick schlick Then that pile, along with another that must have fallen out of Calrex's mouth rolled together to reform a now slightly moist and malformed giant peep once more. "I uh..." Mari shivered. "I guess I gotta go attack it." she muttered to herself. Mari primed her <<Charge Skill>> and darted forward to attack - she slashed at the peep and winced as what could only be a mixture of Calrex and Macradons oozing saliva splashed across her face. Then again and again before she fell back, wiping her face on her scarf. "This is nasty!" The giant peep, being well - a stationary giant ass peep...simply fell over. SPLORT Mari: Action > Charged Eternal Cyclone > Giant Peep ID:156482 BD:7 18+5=23 x 13= 299-150=149 Giant PEEP: MOB: 6-2=MISS Passive: +1 EN [H: 1] Mari - 1410/1410 | EN: 95/138 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 43 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 3 | BH: 67 | BRN: 24 | BLD: 24 | FLAME AURA: 15 -11 EN [H: 2] Macradon - 1940/1940 | EN: 162/189 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 107 | 4 ACC | EVA: 2 | BHL: 97 | FTH: 36 (21) | FRZ: 6 | REC: 6 | HLY: 12 | PHS: 1 | VMP: 194 [H: 4] Calrex - 1530/1805 | EN: 120/176 EN | DMG: 16 | MIT: 116 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | BHL: 88 | IMMO 30 | ACH: 0.5 The Giant Peep: 1527/2000 HP | 30 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 150 MIT -149 HP Ability: Every three turns, the Peep splits into smaller Peeps. Players then have the opportunity to play Chubby Bunny with the peeps by rolling a CD. The CD corresponds to the number of Peeps one can shove down their gullet and still speak. After the Chubby Bunny phase, the Giant Peep reforms and players gain bonuses equal to the amount of Peeps they ingested. 1-3 Peeps - Phase 4-6 Peeps - Apply Burn on a BD8 7-9 Peeps - Holy Proc on the player’s next Critical. 10-12 Peeps - Next successful attack procs double Fallen. @Macradon @Calrex
  5. "Hhaah..." Mari laughed dejectedly. "Careful now." She chided, "I may actually think someone's being genuinely nice to me." Mari joked as she waved a dagger in Jomei's direction. She wasn't used to such compliments so brushed them off the best she could. Still, it was nice to hear that someone else would act the same. Mari always felt like she was some strange outlier, rarely anyone had negative emotions like she did - she felt like she was in some strange alternative land - then again, she was stuck in a video game. Right... They were all stuck here. Mari clenched her hand tightly around her dagger and charged toward the final Monkey, activating her <<Eternal Cyclone>> Skill but instead of spinning on her heel to do more damage to the Monkey she cleaved it in half in a single swipe. And suddnely; the two were met with silence. No more laughter. "Phew..." @Jomei Passive: +1 En ID:156355 BD: 9 CRITICAL Charged Eternal Cyclone > Monkey 4 11+5 (charge) x13 Eternal Cyclone 208-20=188 Jomei: 1530/1530 HP | 152/163 EN | 18 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 77 B. Healing Mari 1090/1090 HP | 104/106 EN | 11 DMG | EVA 3 | MIT 43 | ACC 4 Flying Monkey 1 0/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT Flying Monkey 2 0/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT Flying Monkey 3 0/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT Flying Monkey 4 0/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT
  6. Mari

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    Pale freckled legs were bought toward Mari as she hugged her legs tight to her chest. She hated this feeling. It felt like she was drowning. She found a sweet relief from it all as she pressed her forehead into her knees. Mari exhaled, picturing all the bad thoughts and energy leaving her in a thick miasma of of bloodied ochre. It sounded silly, and it was, but sometimes. It helped. Mari held her breath in that moment. Hearing the distant sounds of footsteps and doors opening and closing. Laughter. She should go there. She should join them. But do I belong there? Mari knew she was being petty, stupid, childish. But parts of her couldn't help herself, she wished she didn't feel this way. It just hurt, knowing all this time she had been trying her best- but no matter what her best was just never good enough. What would she tell one of the children she taught, if she saw them like this? She'd probably try telling them that the only way they can overcome this is by reaching out, slowly. No one would approach her like this. Hell. Few did even on her good days. Mari sucked in a breath, as though she hadn't breathed in hours - as though her life depended on it, despite the fact she was never sure if one even needed to breathe in the game. Slowly, carefully, Mari unwound herself from her cocoon and pushed herself up off the floor. Head tilted toward the floor Mari made her way to the noises of merriment. Her fingers danced across the divots and bumps along the wooden walls till they gave way to the soft texture of the shoji doors beneath her fingertips. What would Oikawa say if he were here? He'd probably ruffle her hair and tell her 'You're being stupid Snowflower' Shield? He'd probably give her a stern lecture on the ethics of friendship and magic. What would Beat say? He'd probably tell her she was overthinking things too. Too far into her own head. Mari arrived at her destination; the smells of food wafting through the air. Ah. So they were in the kitchen? Mari paused at the crack in the door; seeing everyone there - smiling. Getting along. She felt like the outlier, peeking in on a happy family. Mari leaned against the doorframe for a moment, taking in the scene before she inevitably ruined it. A cautious look on her features as she tugged on her hair. There were people there she knew, people she didn't. And Snow. Poor sweet Snow... Would Mari's presence annoy her? Maybe it'd be better if she just turned and left.
  7. Jomei was quick witted, throwing wordplay right back at Mari and she couldn't help but grin at it, her lips splitting to show her teeth. "Yeh I'm fine I'm just...flustered, I- I'm just used to doing yanno..." She averted her gaze. "Better. And I'm trying to work on things and...." Mari shook her head. Jomei didn't need to hear her sob story. She turned on her heel and went to attack the next monkey. Only for the exact same thing to happen again. "Are you f**king kidding me!" Mari spat, her short temper getting the best of her as she threw her dagger into the ground. "These dumb ass bloody monkeys don't even have any bloody evasion and I can't even - right stupid dagger you are!" She hissed at the insidious weapon, its red blade glistening in the ground. Mari bit her tongue. Crap. Crap. Here she was trying to make a good impression and she just exploded. Mari would be lucky if she ever saw Jomei again. Mari looked up at him with a guilt ridden expression. "I-uh..." Her anger was quickly quelled by her embarrassment. "S-sorry I just...ugh...why do I even use a dagger anymore..." Mari muttered as she scrambled to grab her blade from the ground. The monkeys rolled over on their backs laughing at her. Who needed to attack when they could just point and laugh at such a useless adversary? @Jomei Passive: +1 En ID:156350 BD:1 MISS Charged Eternal Cyclone > Monkey 3 Jomei: 1530/1530 HP | 152/163 EN | 18 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 77 B. Healing Mari 1090/1090 HP | 103/106 EN | 11 DMG | EVA 3 | MIT 43 | ACC 4 -2 EN Flying Monkey 1 0/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT (-178) Flying Monkey 2 0/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT (-178) Flying Monkey 3 150/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT ID:156350 MOB: 2 Flying Monkey 4 150/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT ID:156352 MOB: 2
  8. "Man this'd go so much quicker if one of us had something more than say..." Mari stared at her dagger and offered Jomei a wry smile "Something better than butter knives." She gestured to his rapier. "At least yours is bigger." Jokes. Mari always fell back onto jokes to lighten her own mood. They were terrible, lame, and even dads would cringe at them - but they helped in times of self doubt. Mari charged forward and attempted to attack one of the monkeys after Jomei had decimated the first; it chittered wildly and jumped up- landing on her head and using her as a springboard to dive forward to attack Jomei. "What the f**k!?" Mari called out as she ducked down and swatted it out of her hair. Instead of attacking the fellow ginger - the Monkey fell flat, face first into the ground. The other Monkeys, rather than attack, pointed and laughed at their fallen comrade. Mari felt her cheeks heat in embarrassment. "Ugh...S-Sorry..." She muttered. "I didn't....like the feeling of its weird monkey claws all up in my hair." @Jomei 11+5 (charge) x13 Eternal Cyclone 208-20=188 ID:156340 BD:1 MISS Jomei: 1530/1530 HP | 157/163 EN | 18 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 77 B. Healing Mari 1090/1090 HP | 104/106 EN | 11 DMG | EVA 3 | MIT 43 | ACC 4 -2 EN Flying Monkey 1 0/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT (-178) Flying Monkey 2 150/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT ID:156340 MOB 7 - 3= MISS target: Jomei Flying Monkey 3 150/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT ID:156343 MOB 7 - 3= MISS target: Jomei Flying Monkey 4 150/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT ID:156345 MOB: 8 - 3= 5 MISS
  9. "You think so?" Mari asked quietly when Jomei ensured her that it was just what he needed to hear. Mari wasn't so sure herself. But.. why would he say otherwise? Why would he lie? "You're...welcome." The words fell softly from her lips, spoken in a way that if he had not listened for them, he would not have heard them. Mari wasn't sure how she - of all people could really help anyone. But hearing him thank her? It made some part of her, deep down in the festering blackness of her self loathing feel relief. "What If's are more deadly than venom." Mari added thoughtfully as her cerulean eyes shifted to the sky above. "All we can do is live each day one step at a time." Mari wished she could take her own advice. She wished she had some weight or gravitas behind her words. But they didn't. Not to her. "Sure, let's do that." Mari said as her attention shifted back to Jomei. Mari managed to offer him the smallest of smiles that broke the dreary facade on her freckled face. "Let's make it a good fight, eh? Show that Witch karma's a b*tch." Jomei: 1530/1530 HP | 163/163 EN | 18 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 77 B. Healing Mari 1090/1090 HP | 106/106 EN | 11 DMG | EVA 3 | MIT 43 | ACC 4 Flying Monkey 1 150/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT Flying Monkey 2 150/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT Flying Monkey 3 150/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT Flying Monkey 4 150/150HP | 70 DAM (35 MIN) | 20 MIT @Jomei
  10. (I'm working backwards and will finish editing this post after, Sorry fam!) "... Do you think it might be possible for it to possess a player?" @NIGHT voice cut through the crowded room, dire and dangerous words that needed to be said, she was the first courageous one to voice them. To mention that death sentence may be the only option. When her eyes darted over to Mari to confirm what she had said about the shadows Mari nodded. "As I said earlier, I've experienced a frontline battle in near darkness before- the only thing I'd be able to suggest to stop that would be flooding the arena with light - or having everyone here obtain Night Vision. And The latter doesn't seem likely. If need be I can, but I understand not everyone is in a position to do that. So our best bet is to have those special stone drops used in each group." Mari turned to @Baldur although she was addressing everyone who had been in that battle. "Do we know exactly how many of those stones we have?" The room began to go back and forth at that point, some people chiming in on Yuki's place within the battle. During this time Mari shifted her eyes to @Zajcica with a concerned expression. It was a little unfair to have her at the center of attention. Mari's eyes widened when she saw @Hidden enter the room - she hadn't expected to see her, especially since she looked- well nothing like she normally looked like. Were there potions that cound completely change how you looked? It seemed far-fetched, but then again there was Mr. Mc-Broody Pants sitting in the corner with his weird ass shadow mask. So, Mari supposed a potion that changed how you looked was within the realm of possibility too. In her typical fashion Hidden interjected - having only heard half the conversation. "Hi-" Mari paused, bit her tongue and quickly recovered. "Hi." She said sternly. "You've just arrived, please rather than insult everyone here I'd suggest taking a seat and being a little more civil." Mari paused. "Please." She added emphasis on the word. If Hidden didn't catch on that Mari could easily see through the disguise , since they were on each others friendlist, before - she would have by now. "We're moving on from Yuki's position. Really, it shouldn't need every single person here to interject." @Bahr spoke up, further giving Mari's earlier suggestion weight - about how they should have each member who had that special glowstone in a party. Mari bit her tongue. He wasn't being rude - but it was hard not to feel like his burning bi-coloured gaze was on her, or that he was trying to telepathically set her on fire. "You're right - but I think it's important we slowly work out what we need in each group as we plan. I can't really comment on Orgoth though." The shadowy figure, @Itzal said a few words and Mari nodded. Jabbing a finger in his direction. "Creepy mask dude is right - we need to work on balancing energy consumption, and health. But that's kinda. The usual isn't it? Unless things have changed in my absence?" @Oscar came in, and had given a nice information dump on the group on who Orgoth was, Mari was thankful for that - because she seriously had no idea what the hell the others were talking about, besides him being some minotaur bull type guy. @Crozeph followed shortly after and gave Yuki much needed support, in the terms of comfort and boyfriend-y goodness. Mari gave a small sigh of relief seeing that. Mari offered @Ariel - The Crowned Lion a weak smile, at least someone was listening to her; it felt all but everyone dismissed the groups suggestions regarding orgoth and planning in leui of pressing down on Yuki. Mari felt a little bad that she had a part to play in that, but she had kept mostly silent on a matter she'd otherwise have a lot to say about. Since Baldur did ask everyone to move on. Hell - even Shield had to interject again. "A sacrifice." Mari said, breaking the heavy silence that followed Ariel's words. It had been a thought brewing in her mind ever since NIGHT made the suggestion that it could affect players. Mari didn't want to bring it up straight away in fear that people would brush her off or think her suggestion heartless but it seemed that it was now the topic of discussion. "If the shadows of the boss can possess a player - " Mari lifted her eyes to address the solemn crowd in front of her. "And there are multiple accounts of bosses affecting a players psyche before, I have to wonder..." Her fingers thrummed nervously against the small wooden table she sat at. She felt cold and alone, in a room full of people - her heart pounded hard against her chest. She never really said things that people liked to hear. "If we can somehow coheres it to possess certain players - as a sacrifice. It'd be easier to control that way. We'd be able to make a plan for detaining the players. But- there are always inherent risks." Her eyes shifted back to Ariel. "That removal may not just mean teleportation, but death." There were a few nods of acknowledgement from the room - a somber reality that NIGHT had touched on earlier. "I understand the gravitas of such a suggestion - and for making it. I want to be the first one to offer myself as one of those people. But in saying that..." Mari knew there'd be pushback, that people would probably throw her ideas out the window. Tell her she was wrong or stupid - but...she had to admit she felt a little better voicing them. "If we can't control where or who the shadows possess if that is a possibility we'd need a contingency placed in each group. Something like ensuring someone has the ability to paralyse the other. So we'd need to look again -" Mari flashed Bahr a look as she shifted the topic back to groups. "At what kind of groupings we'd have, since that is very much a part of planning. So far we can safely say we want two tanks per group, one to two support - and I want to add an addition of someone who has paralytic or stunning abilities within the group too. Things like Bull Rush would be useful to knock back a possessed player. Finally, we want to have each group to have that unique drop from the lab boss- I think counting those, would be a good way to see how many groups we need and we can work from there."
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    Real Life Picture Thread

    Im allergic to mushrooms but...
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    [PP-F01] Unmasked (Mari, Itzal)

    "They don't? Typical." Mari turned to Hidden and offered her a smile after Hiddens nervous whisper. "It's fine. It was worth a try, you came here - with your head held high, and you tried to seek something out. That's more than many can say." Mari turned to the guards, her tone changing. "You're a fricken guard you should know that orange crystals very well appear for minor offences too, and repeated minor offences. Gods - I'm trying to be nice but ya'll making it really hard." Mari offered the guards a lop-sided grin. They asked her if she thought they were stupid. "Honestly, yeh. I do hope you don't treat everyone who seeks aid with such hostility. C'mon." Mari said, on purposefully avoiding using Hidden's name. "Let's go." Mari turned to leave, pausing only at the gnarly drawl of a deep voice. He told the guards to show her some respect, and Mari - with her typical foot in mouth syndrome had chosen to interject. "Honestly - being a frontliner alone doesn't demand respect. I'd imagine anyone who comes here to seek help should deserve some iota of respect. Regardless of their crystals. If you're the captain I'd suggest telling them that." Mari said, pointing and waving a finger in the direction of the two guards. "Although..." The bitter tone in her voice faded as she drew in a breath of warm air. Stop being defensive. Stop being this person. You're not that anymore. "I should apologize for reacting harshly. I get how stressful doing something like this would be." Mari said softly, closing her eyes and letting her shoulders fall as she exhaled. "If my companion wishes to leave, we can., my business here is as ...her friend and guardian Nothing more." Mari looked to Hidden. Wouldn't it be worth talking to the captain? All they had to do was erase the bounty on Hidden right? If they weren't going to arrest Mari of all people on sight, wouldn't that show they wouldn't just outright arrest or kill Hidden? @Hidden
  13. Mari

    [PP-F01] Unmasked (Mari, Itzal)

    Mari placed a reassuring hand on Hiddens shoulder before stepping in front of her; Mari knew the risks. She made a promise - she promised she'd help Hidden - and she wouldn't back down from that. The guards were, well on guard as to be expected. They had two people approach the prison with glimmering orange crystals above their heads - and the guards had no real way to tell if the sign of sin was due to petty theft - or murder. "Whatever you do." Mari said quietly to Hidden, so that only she would hear. "Do not draw your weapon, don't show aggression. Even if I do, you don't." Mari turned back to the guards. "Bold of you to assume we are turning ourselves in." Mari said with a confident tone. These men didn't scare her - she could easily take them on, but she wasn't going to. Rather, Mari planned to never draw a weapon against a player again. Even if they wanted to retaliate with violence. She had a teleport crystal ready - and would use that to get Hidden out of here if need be. "You see our crystals, and immediately go to draw weapons." Mari shrugged. "Sure, I get it - you are guards. But- aren't you also a police force? If someone comes here peacefully, are you really going to arrest them without a thought? Without due process? Tch. No wonder half of Aincrad think you're a joke." Did Mari need to add that part? No. It probably made things worse, but Mari was never really good with controlling what she said. She sighed and bit her tongue. Drawing a deep breath. "If it were just me - I'd fully accept how you're acting." Mari began, her voice softening. "However-" Her eyes darted to Hidden. "This girl clearly just wants to talk to someone, she's clearly afraid. She's clearly wishing to have nothing more than a discussion. Yet is met with hostility. Aren't the protectors of Aincrad meant to protect everyone who comes to seek help from them? Regardless of who they are?" Mari asked. "What if a child came to you, alone and scared- with an orange crystal above their head, would they be met with that same hostility from the very people they sought help from? Or would they be locked away, afraid and alone?" Mari didn't mean to, but she sounded annoyed. Was this how the so-called police force acted? Hell - even Bahr was willing to listen to her, of course -when he found out who she was reason went out the window. Mari expected that of people, of her reputation, and of the wild rumors that surrounded her. But of someone like Hidden? What if Aiko had come here? Their aggression pissed her off. "I'm Mari." That admission was bound to have a few bladed aimed at her throat. But Mari was ready for that. "Frontliner, and Guild Leader of Jacobs ladder, I'm here to ensure her safety. I don't want any violence. If Itzal and Hestia are not here, would you kindly tell us where they are?" Using her name was a gamble, but Mari didn't believe in being manipulative, besides she was terrible at lying. If the rumours of her past were terrible so be it, there were beginning to be an equal amount of rumours about her doing good - it really depended on how they'd react. Either way, Mari was not going to leave Hidden. @Hidden @Itzal
  14. Mari

    [PP-F01] Unmasked (Mari, Itzal)

    Mari pushed herself off the rock, a little surprised to see Hidden well, not so hidden. "Ah." Mari exclaimed as she approached. "No edgy cloak today?" Mari asked with a wry grin. "I think it's a step in the right direction." Mari said with a small nod, "Although if I were being picky I'd tell you to straighten your back, pull your head up. You're..." Mari folded her arms as she regarded the long haired girl. She looked so timid and closed off. "From what I hear, you've been quite the brash and outspoken girl." Mari teased. She had heard about Hidden from Yuki and Crozeph. "So why should that change when you're not wearing your cloak?" Mari paused. She was probably being hypocritical. Mari was always a little more nervous when she was wearing something different; her gala dress for starters - she almost hated the idea of others seeing her in it. "I get that its hard." Mari said sympathetically. "But - you're trying, and that's all anyone can really ask, right?" Mari reached out and gave Hidden a small squeeze on her bare shoulder. "No one said the path to redemption would be an easy one. You're gonna have people denying you every step forward you take. You're gonna have people who will always wanna put you away - who will believe you can never be redeemed. But you're trying. Remember that. Yeh?" Mari pulled her hand away and placed them on her hips. "So, where's this place you're meant to be taking us?" @Hidden
  15. Baldur's grin widened. His eyes crinkling as his smile reached them. A large heartwarming, albeit shit-eating grin. One that only came from years of unrelenting puns and jokes, but he hadn't had a lot of time with Mari. He didn't know that she could dish it out just as much. Jokes, those terrible cringy jokes - and puns - oh the puns she used to live for them. Thrive on them, and it had been too long since she was able to unleash that wave. "Having the guild is certainly a reel good experience..." Mari rubbed her arm. "I'm not used to dealing with the scale of people that comes with it. But...I'm currently enjoying where things are." Mari turned her eyes back toward the ocean. "Speaking of fishing, that's how we're gonna do this." Mari exclaimed, casually placing her hands on her hips. "We can either walk to a nearby dock and fish from there - or take a boat out. Our goal is to try and fish up Mōretsuna - Oh -" Mari turned over her shoulder to give Baldur a cheeky grin. "And those of us who have the fishing skill get a bonus." Mari turned on her heel so she was facing Baldur. "I say we take the boat out, it'll be a great opper-TUNA-ty. To relax. Get to know each other a little Betta." Mari threw them right back at him, one after the other. Without missing a beat. She enjoyed it. This was nice. These lighthearted interactions, the kind smile of another. She wasn't used to these sort of things, and didn't realize how much she really missed them. Mari stepped forward to Baldur, reaching out to give him a light pat on his arm. "Thanks, for this. So- shell we go?" Baldur pun count :3 Mari Pun count: 5 @Baldur