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  1. Placeholder ID# 136416 results: Battle: 5, Missed! using Upper Swing! Gaius: 120/120 HP, 7/12 EN, DMG 7, Miti 9, Acc 2, H.M: 2, Prosperity 3 (1)Simmone: 120/120 HP, 11/12 EN, DMG 2, EVA 1, Acc 3, BLD 1 (12 Over 2/9-10), Keen 1, Recov 2 (2/CD 6+) Griswold: 120/120 HP, 5/12 EN, DMG 5, Miti 18, H.M: 2 Shiina: 80/80 HP, 8/8 EN, DMG 1 Mountain Elk: 58/60 HP, DMG 18
  2. A subtle nod to Simmone in acknowledgment before he splits off, keeping close but seeking some potential metals in the surrounding rough. Pushing his way past trees and brush with ease, stepping through and over each with his size making it trivial. A simple ring around the area Griswold keeps his eyes peeled for aught of use, but comes back empty-handed. In the travel, he manages upon a small stream of water littered with sediment and small creatures partaking of the source but beyond that, it was a fruitless scan of the location. Returning back to where Gaius remains sat, Griswold takes a stone and a load off as well letting his pools recover completely. A quick pop of the neck with a removed helmet to let the air in his armor Griswold breathes heavy to rejuvenate himself, before replacing the metal visor and stands looking to continue his journey with the others. ID# 136392 results: Loot: 8, Failure! Griswold: 120(+10)/120 HP, 6/12 EN, DMG 5, Miti 18, H.M: 2 [Concentration Available!]
  3. The beast was on its last legs, more then half of its HP read back missing on Griswolds HUD but it continued to attack aimlessly but kept an eye on Griswold. Knowing he had its attentions despite it flailing about toward his comrades, Griswold intended to press this further while still leaving the kill to Gaius to perform as the plan warranted. A quick hammer blow in a line, down at its back with an orange glare of energy yields no result, Griswold misses by a foot or two as the creature screams past in a path of kicked up dirt. Flailing backward with its rack of jagged protrusions Griswold is forced to raise his shield and stop the attempt at goring his face. Slamming hard against his steel shield in a miserable grinding and raking sound along its polished surface, Griswold successfully blocks it as the elk retract them as its gaze passes toward Shiina. ID# 136379 results: Battle: 2, Missed! [Heavy Momentum Maintained!] (1)Gaius: 120/120 HP, 8/12 EN, DMG 7, Miti 9, Acc 2, H.M: 2, Prosperity 3, LD +2 (1)Simmone: 120/120 HP, 11/12 EN, DMG 2, EVA 1, Acc 3, BLD 1 (12 Over 2/9-10), Keen 1, Recov 2 (2/CD 6+) (3)Griswold: 119/120 HP, 5/12 EN, DMG 5, Miti 18, H.M: 2 [Concentration 2/3] (2)Shiina: 80/80 HP, 8/8 EN, DMG 1 Mountain Elk: 24/60 HP, DMG 18
  4. A jaunt up behind Simmone in follow up as the creature turns to face her, she takes her exit in time for Griswold to close the gap. With glowing hammer in hand, Griswold tears the weapon across like a slamming door, aiming to impact the skull of the beast as its attentions shift to Griswold. The blow looks sound coming in fast, but the creature carefully drops its horns within the path. Stopping dead his momentum the attack is halted with ease given its natural protection, the elk pushes back against the strike as Griswold pulls his weapon free and shouts "Blasted thing, keep the pressure on!" while lifting his shield to put himself between the creature and any potential targets it may prey upon. With intent to protect his companions, Griswold stands with shield raised in response keeping eyes on the beast. A quick pitter-patter of feet from behind alerts Griswold. ID# 136373 results: Battle: 4, Missed! [Heavy Momentum Activated!] (1)Gaius: 120/120 HP, 9/12 EN, DMG 7, Miti 9, Acc 2, H.M: 2, Prosperity 3, LD +2 (1)Simmone: 120/120 HP, 11/12 EN, DMG 2, EVA 1, Acc 3, BLD 1 (12 Over 2/9-10), Keen 1, Recov 2 (2/CD 6+) (3)Griswold: 120/120 HP, 6/12 EN, DMG 5, Miti 18, H.M: 2 [Concentration 1/3] (2)Shiina: 80/80 HP, 7/8 EN, DMG 1 Mountain Elk: 24/60 HP, DMG 18
  5. Griswold hears the commotion, quickly drawing his shield and hammer. Gaius whiffs his attack and Simmone seems to do a tad bit, yelling switch to the bear of a man. A grin tears across his face, His shield and hammer glow a bright orange like fire. Griswold starts a sprint with the cardinal's assistance picking up speed, slamming his shield into the beast before ripping his hammer overhead and cleaving downward with hefty force. The impact knocks the creature to the ground hard, winding it and incapacitating it as the switch pulls the aggro from Simmone with ease. A soft chuckle from Griswold as he retracts from the tenderized meat laid prone, taking a glance toward Simmone with a remark "You rang?" The elk struggles to stand its legs quivering as its obviously having no clear vision having the sense knocked completely out of it, by a bulldozer in the plate metal. ID# 136356 results: Battle: 9+1 (Concentration Used) Hit using Power Strike dealing (6*2=12) and stunning the elk! Gaius: 120/120 HP, 10/12 EN, DMG 7, Miti 9, Acc 2, H.M: 2, Prosperity 3, LD +2 Simmone: 120/120 HP, 11/12 EN, DMG 2, EVA 1, Acc 3, BLD 1 (12 Over 2/9-10), Keen 1, Recov 2 (2/CD 6+) (3)Griswold: 120/120 HP, 7/12 EN, DMG 5, Miti 18, H.M: 2 [Concentration 0/3] Shiina: 80/80 HP, 8/8 EN, DMG 1 Mountain Elk: 47/60 HP, DMG 18 [Stunned]
  6. Not sure where they were headed, this was more then likely another plan he'd been dragged into. Griswold wasn't to keen on being left in the dark on these matters, but given past experience these plans tend to be pretty concise and well thought out. He'd play along, after all he didn't have much direction otherwise so it was nice to at least have purpose other then slamming steel. Following the woman with a tongue of silver, Griswold is led to some sort of dense forest. The tree's canopy thick with blueish tint leaves barely allowing sunlight to pour in from above. From past experience as well, Raidou would be smart to play on Gaius's hot headed nature and use that to motivate the lad given he knew this because he was once just like the boy was. A soft whiff of the area yields a pungent smell of a forest, just as expected still a bit damp from the night before as a few varmints skitter about as they approach.
  7. Heavy handed blows against solid stone, breaking up chunks revealing a familiar glimmer of metals veined within the rock. Leaning down and scooping the ore from the dust underfoot, Griswold turns it and takes note of the shine contained in the rough. "Needs refined, but it will do." The sun was high, and Griswold was sure that the party had found their way to the meeting point discussed prior. Moving while shoving the unrefined metal into a small rucksack of linen to work later, Griswold beats a path under heavy steps toward Tolbana, catching sights of Simmone and Gaius already present, between the packs of NPC's and players alike threading needles between vision obscuring them slightly as they pathed in front of him. "Wheres the other one?" Griswold remarks taking note that there was supposed to be four of them, as it appeared to him one had yet to show. ID# 136352 results: Loot: 18 1*T1 Materials Obtained! Total T1 Materials: 1
  8. Griswold

    Item Compiling for Firm Anima!

    Given to Simmone: 1000*Col 3*T1 Materials
  9. Quest Complete: 1*SP (Thread Completion) 3*SP (Gemini Completion) 1000*Col (400 Thread, 600 Gemini) [Concentration] Obtained (Gemini Spared)
  10. A few heavy footfalls as he escapes the labyrinth of trees surrounding this graveyard of memories with the final rain of the day taking a rest from the sky. Griswold pats the water from his shoulders as he removes the gauntlet and hands it back to Raidou. “And with that, we move on to the next phase. Well done Griswold lets go see the others.” Raidou remarks taking the plated glove from the giant of a man in front of him unphased by the height and stature differences. Griswold chuckles looking at the boy in red, remembering the usefulness of the items he had while facing himself “You are something boy, I’d like to see what else you have in store.” Griswold saw something, an opportunity to escape through adverse thinking laden in this young man. The party waits a few minutes as Raidou re-affixes his glove to his arm and Griswold takes a well-earned break after the whole ordeal. ID# 136030 results: Loot: 3
  11. "But my little Anna..." Griswold whispers as he regains his footing. "I need to get back to Anna." Headbutting the creature with a bash of skull on skull, Griswold uses the momentum and a subtle gambit to push it back before slamming the horadric malus against the creatures chest. It hisses and attempts to raise a shield, Griswold shifts and slams his foot against it knocking it away and slams the hammer in again. It strength waning as Griswold pushes it onto its back with one more blow. "Finish me..." Stepping down on the beasts chest, like looking into a pool of water. Griswold plants his foot square on the creatures body quickly ripping his hammer upward before he halts inches from its skull. "I could, but I understand your just an embodiment of all the things I hate about myself. Its not fair to you to judge you for my actions. No we are the same, learn I shall from your teaching." Dropping his shield and ripping his clone to its feet while it flashes into blue light dispersed. The strength of the heart required to face oneself has been made to manifest Griswold has faced his other self He has obtained the resolve to overcome life’s hardships ID# 136029 results: Battle: 5+3 Hit (Upper Swing 3*5=15-7=8) MOB: 4+3 Hit Griswold: HP: 75/80, EN: 5/8, Damage 5, Mitigation: 27, Accuracy: +3, Immolation: 10 Unmiti Gemini: HP: 1/40, Damage 20 [24-28(BD:9-10)], Mitigation: 7, Accuracy: +3, Paralyze 1 (9-10) [Spared!]
  12. Another blast of a hefty blow slams against Griswolds head, causing the heat to persist despite the chilling water that poured over the point of impact. "This is the end for you." A dark hiss of this monster beating its weapon into Griswold time and time again while he couldn't react. "Just die..." The shade remarks moving its large jaw and two toned hiss of his voice like an echo through Griswold's ears. Drawing up for a final blow it heaves the hammer down in a final attempt on Griswold's life. Shifting his head slightly of where the attack was aimed Griswold takes the blow on the plated shoulder of Raidou's armor. "I would..." Griswold says softly as the paralyze begins to wear away. ID# 136028 results: Battle: 3 Paralyzed! MOB: 4+3 Hit! Griswold: HP: 76/80, EN: 8/8, Damage 5, Mitigation: 27, Accuracy: +3, Immolation: 10 Unmiti [Paralyzed] Gemini: HP: 17/40, Damage 20 [24-28(BD:9-10)], Mitigation: 7, Accuracy: +3, Paralyze 1 (9-10)
  13. The creature slams the hammer squarely across Griswold's jaw, coupled with a sharp warmth becoming painfully present on his face from the impact. Griswold watches incapacitated as his HP bar ticks down just a tad, at the corner of his peripheral a subtle gleam bled from the plate on his arm. Gritting his teeth, Griswold takes the brunt of the blow pushing in fury against the status coursing through his large frame of muscle fiber and bones. As it winds back for another attack aimed for his skull. "Just give it up old man, you shouldn't have come in here." ID# 136027 results: Battle: 2 Paralyzed! MOB: 9 Minor Critical!, Paralyze Activated! Griswold: HP: 77/80, EN: 8/8, Damage 5, Mitigation: 27, Accuracy: +3, Immolation: 10 Unmiti [Paralyzed] Gemini: HP: 27/40, Damage 20 [24-28(BD:9-10)], Mitigation: 7, Accuracy: +3, Paralyze 1 (9-10)
  14. Continuing the onslaught of exchanging blows under the torrential rains beating down from above, Griswold and the creature slamming together in aggression. Each impact rung with the sounds of scraping metal and hefty thuds of flesh. Griswold gets a lucky shot across the Gemini's jaw as it winds back and connects its war hammer with Griswold's spine. Feeling his muscles lock up and cease to function Griswold drops to a knee, trying to recover from the sudden shock to his system. "Looks as though I've got you" the duplicate says with a twisted grin and a chuckle, tapping the head of its hammer in the palm of its hand a few times in a taunt. Griswold pushes his hand against his folded leg, trying to muster the strength to stand. Taking a couple steps through the soil under its feet, the yellowed copy moves closer lording over Griswold and winds back an arc while he lay on one knee. ID# 136026 results: Battle: 8+3 Hit! MOB: 10+3 Major Critical!, Paralyze Activated! Griswold: HP: 78/80, EN: 7/8, Damage 5, Mitigation: 27, Accuracy: +3, Immolation: 10 Unmiti [Paralyzed] Gemini: HP: 27/40, Damage 20 [24-28(BD:9-10)], Mitigation: 7, Accuracy: +3, Paralyze 1 (9-10)
  15. The charge together begins again to the sound of a clap of thunder, Griswold tears away at the beast with a hefty blow to its gut. Trying to follow suit it rips the hammer up in an arc of yellow light. Griswold catches the glimpse out of the corner of his eye and drops his shield between him and the strike. A ring of his shield as the shadow's hammer slams against the metal plate affixed to Griswold's arm attached just above the gauntlet locked onto it. The shining silver of the plate still visible in the darkened sky, a memorial of the believe of the guild members at his back. The sight pulls into forethought as it catches Griswolds eye "I guess I am doing this for you, in the same way your doing this for me." as he begins to interpret the action and unification Raidou aimed to achieve. ID# 136025 results: Battle: 6+3 Hit! MOB: 2+3 Missed Griswold: HP: 79/80, EN: 7/8, Damage 5, Mitigation: 27, Accuracy: +3, Immolation: 10 Unmiti Gemini: HP: 28/40, Damage 20 [24-28(BD:9-10)], Mitigation: 7, Accuracy: +3, Paralyze 1 (9-10)