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  1. Like a phantom, the familiar pass through the girl, producing blue swell of fire as it does that permeates out from its nexus as Raserei lands. With his hammer still ablaze, Griswold begins to grind away at the now cooling ingot as it gains heat from the mallet. It gains temperature after a couple of blows, causing it to light up white as the plate forged starts to bend and twist. "Nice, it acts as I would expect." Griswold remarks with a spin of it in his grasp tightening it straight, before more strikes begin to bend and twist the plate of quicksilver. Elda seemed worried without a reason to be such, given the shop itself was meant to deal in the fire. "Aye girl keep it up." Griswold would offer her daughter words of encouragement, trying to allow her the incentive to keep on going despite how shocking it could be.
  2. Griswold looks to the girl and offers a nod "Agreed, I'd much rather me than her. She's already riddled with a weak enough constitution, I'd rather have her be able to move around." As Elda would ask her familiar to try its action again, Griswold would do the same. An idea crossed his mind, the hammer in his hand was made of metals as was the ingots he kept tossing. "Catch." Griswold overhand tosses the hammer toward the shops threshold, and in response Vulcan leaps and rips it from the air. The flames within it stir hot and Griswold huffs with a grin "Now bring me it." to which Vulcan responds, coming as Griswold latches on to the handle. The head of the hammer was lit fully, a torch with the ability to impact. He'd take to his shield and lift it with his left, smacking it once with the flaming blunt weapon. The flame jumps to it as well, a pair of tools for fighting burning brightly. "Can't wait to test this out." he remarks to little Elda ID# 165187 results: Craft: 8, Success [3/3] Trained!
  3. Pulling the cooling metal from its cast as he upturns it on the anvil, still glowing hot but now solid. Griswold begins to hammer it into a plate. "Anna is a lot like Shiina is." Griswold comments in a way that the girl could easily understand "Happy all the time, although she's leagues less sporadic. She's your sister so I could hardly deny you an answer." The smith responds as he begins to bend the panel upon the edge of his tool working it into the shape it would take when completed. "Hair as blonde as yours, she always seems so chipper and full of life. But her immunity is not good enough for her to leave the house. Anything I bring home for her she more than enjoys until it falls apart." he comments at the number of books and other source of entertainment he'd brought, capable of somehow reading the same book over and over. "I think she wants to see the world."
  4. The elemental seemed to rather enjoy Raserei being present, a torrent of kindling paraded about as their shared heat swelled. "They look like puppies." Griswold barked with a chuckle, removing another ingot in brightened silver, being quicksilver he whistles and tosses the ingot to his familiar. At least to this the thing responds, for it was basically a meal. The liquid metal begins to pool at the corner of its mouth, drooling it into a mold as it becomes a bright white. "I was perfectly content with him being a furnace, but now that there seems to be something else there. I am curious to see what it is, it looks like some kind of fortification." Griswold explains looking to his hammer and shield, unsure how it would change things for him exclusively. How much of a punch would a superheated shield or hammer have was the question, and he aimed to figure it out.
  5. Griswold moved away from his anvil with a flash of purple light upon the piece showing its completion as a perfect. "Aye, but if I can find my place on the field." the forge master remarks lifting his shield up again. "Then perhaps we may at least be together more often." Griswold remarks in attempts to goad the creature to continue its form of practice. As if the beast understood, a bit of kindling upon the corners of its gullet took shape. The mallet in his grasp he would wave it near the elemental's maw, it latches on and spreads the flame to it and seems to stick like napalm. Ripping the weapon free it leaves a bit of a trail in its wake like a torch. "Now was that so hard." Griswold remarks before slamming the hammer into the shield as if it was an anvil, a solid thunk as the flames dance across it and it maintains the blaze for longer. ID# 165180 results: Craft: 11, Success [2/3]
  6. Griswold chuckles at the notion, about 90 percent or more of the shop was made of stone. This was due to the fact it was made on a floor filled with fire, the only wood was the bits used in construction and of some of his tools. The rest: metal and rock. The familiars reconvene and instantly Vulcan seems to become more lively. "You are going to have to get over it boy, the girl can hardly be here every day for you to play." Griswold shook his head as the handle of the polearm enters the trough of water to a sear of steam, rounded out and ready to be fitted to the head. A mixed feeling of being accepting of the elementals change in demeanor and the fact that it was not something that could happen on the regular, he'd start to affix rivets with a pair of pliers. The system assist could do this for him, if he could figure it out.
  7. The familiar seemed still ever sidetracked, clearly ignoring all of Griswold's attempts to coerce it to focus. This is the most he had ever seen it so latched and fixated on any one object, he'd move to the weapon he'd been forging and begin to hammer away. "Perhaps I'll give you a moment, and then we will continue." he commented, it was clear he'd need some sort of diversion to draw it away from its intense stare upon the entryway. He would like to see the gravity and full potential of the action the beast had just played out. But he could hardly attain such a thing without its attention, with a squint of his eyes he was in deep thought on how to do so. Sparks fly as Griswold began to draw out the hilt of the glaive, the metal being held with a pair of calipers as it's drawn longer and longer still.
  8. Holding the shield up with the familiar still stirring with flames, Griswold holds it close to the beast's mouth. "Again boy." attempting to draw the beast's attention from the threshold it was fixated on. To his voice the creature responds turning its maw to face the smith, a flicker of the fire from its mouth casts against the wall in the smith's hand, and again it bursts into flame as soon as it makes contact. "What exactly is it your doing?" Griswold asked almost rhetorically, for he had a theory. If he could get more of the kindling applied to the surface it may not fade so quickly, but he'd need to apply more for that to happen. The shield felt warm to the touch, and Griswold now knelt ushers closer to the walking kiln, tapping its side and trying to draw it from the door. "Again." he barks another command toward it. ID# 164933 results: Craft: 7, Success [1/3]
  9. With the steel beginning to take shape as it flattened out, Griswold grinds it on the edge of the anvil. "I'll be here girl, and if you have no idea where you'll head. Your rooms are just as you left them, although they won't quite reflect a girl of your age it is still yours." The girl recedes from the confines of the building with her familiar at her back, as Vulcan began to breathe heavily as his friend went for the exit. "S'matter boy?" Griswold asks the flame elemental, breathing heavily as flames pool the ridges of its mouth. A spark latches to his shield propped against the counter, and in an instant, it flares across its surface before disappearing. "Interesting..." Griswold comments and his hand slows, the head was forged and the handle could wait. This was more interesting and need his attention. Moving to pick up his shield, he rubs his hand upon it and it was still warm.
  10. His hands till in motion as the blonde tank elaborated on her choice in using a shield, as he would and it was a result of what Raidou had lead her too. It was as if the boy could see through people, understood more about those he looked upon then himself. "Aye, he has that way about him doesn't he. Its rather noble of you girl, that definitely is my blood in your veins" Griswold barks to a twist of the now cooling metal, despite the removal of their time together they still shared much more than should be possible. "Same to you little Elda, make me proud of the shield I have placed in your hands." He smiled toward the blonde girl as she would give him space, pulling away at the hot mineral and bending it out into a curved head. This one would be for that idiot Gaius. Griswold consumes Yui's Grace #2 Griswold | HP:500/500 | EN:50/50 | DMG:5 | MIT:47 | THRNS:18 | PARA:1
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    Tristram Steel shaping {Blacksmithing}

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  12. Griswold takes to his anvil, setting to work on a few more pieces that needed to be processed for the guilds usage. Lifting an ingot and offering a whistle he tosses it to Vulcan who glows brightly. "Aye, I've always worked metal but I'd struggle to call it blacksmithing outside of here." The forge master takes an empty mold as molten mineral begins to pour from the flame familiars gullet, catching it he would allow it cool to a state of solidarity before he'd get started. The slag boils to the surface, and he picks it out and tosses it to the elemental who happily eats it with a crunch. "I've missed you more than you know my little Elda, shield eh? just like your old man." he would smile as he started hammering away, his pride strikes his mouth to a bright grin that seemed stuck to his face. Little Elda latches to his back, causing his arm to cease pounding against the glowing sword and beginning to cool. He then places a rather large and calloused hand upon her blonde head, painting a bit of it black with the soot from them.
  13. A bit perplexed by her name amalgamation along with her twins, matched with the question that regarded his accent. "It's quite simple, I am not entirely surprised that your mother had not told you. I am german and so are your names. Although converted to a Japanese sounding name they were originally Elda and Freyja, you girls are half of my blood." he explains as she was deep in thought "That boy, I've seen how you gawk over him. I think you could do worse, I owe him a lot for the guidance he had given me purpose." as he would look down to the charcoal greyed wolf which twirled as he did, expectant it seemed to want the same with a shared heart with Elda. "Raserei." he offers a single word that came to mind, wolves tend to be quick and aggressive so it seemed fitting. As spoken the familiar glow bright for a moment, Vulcan clamping playfully on her butt seemingly claiming the heat from her. ID# 164830 results: Craft: 4, Failure!
  14. The pins were in place, Griswold set down the tool used to wedge them in. Lifting the heavy weapon up with one hand it was clearly designed for someone smaller than he, as he had no trouble lifting it. The weapon flares blue before transitioning to purple. "Another perfect craft." Griswold let the words from Eruda's life wash over him with no interference. "I am sure Anna would have loved you girls, I would love to introduce you." he remarks placing the axe upon the counter before he would slide another one of the produced silver horses over. "So where is Freyja?" rubbing his thumb over the polished statuette. After all, they were twins, and he'd like to see the other. At his side was Vulcan with a guttural bellow, like a deep howl as though it was tapping into Griswold's heartstrings and pulling out the emotion that lay underneath the roughened exterior.
  15. Keeping his hands in motion was the one thing Griswold knew, it provided an outlet for his thoughts to become more productive. As such he would take the handle of the axe and begin to bind them in place, pushing metal pins through the back of each with a pair of dark green pliers. "Anna was sick enough that she could not leave the house. Most of the time it was just me she got to visit with. That's no way for a little girl to grow, with an old codger like me. Even worse she was picking up the weirdest phrases from the internet, I had no idea how to understand what she was talking about." Griswold chuckled in his reflection, a fond memory of the strange phrases and things Anna would say. "I figured that something like this, when I heard about it would have been perfect, it was supposed to be a surprise. Now I am sure it was, I hope that apprentice of mine is taking good care of her in my absence." his face had become rather soured, the fact he had not seen her for two years was surely agony for her to see her father wilting away in a metal vise.