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    Many things, including video gaming, anime, martial arts, and the like. Currently I'm waiting for the fall season to get started for some shows I have been following: Owari no Seraph and a few others are on the list.

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    Floor Creation Team

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Hello, I see you've decided to check my profile page! Please make yourself at home!
*runs and lays out a kotatsu with some tea and snacks*
I'm usually on at least every day of the week for a few hours, save weekends (That's when I'm usually away from my computer). If you want to RP with me please feel free to send me a PM! If you're curious about my character please feel free to check out my journal (It's in my signature, just look below my HP bar to see it, or even click on the above picture).
Well thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop in again! :)