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  1. "I'm searching for clues about how to get into this damned church," she answered simply. Rotating the piece in her hand, she looked for any inscriptions. Turning up empty handed, she focused back on Snow. She did not want to bore her with the details unless she asked. As it was probably just a rumor for a reason. Curiosity took over the purple-haired girl as Snow mentioned she had figured out what she wanted to do. "I assume this is in regard to your build," she questioned. She looked over the skull piece quizzically before placing it back where it belonged. As she did, the skull glowed briefly. Glancing back towards the blonde, Galilea was surprised to hear she was undertaking the quest to obtain the familiar. Though, she had contemplated it herself, her skill set made searching for one harder at this level. But she commended Snow for it nonetheless. "What familiar did you have in mind? How's your searching going so far?" Roll: ID: 151187 LD: 17 (14 + 3) [Clue Found] 3/3 Clues Found [Clues Found on a LD of 12 or more] @Snow
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    [F1|PP]<<Earning a Living>>Perfumes!

    Galilea nodded at Shye. "No worries. Better to be safe than sorry." Advice that should live by but so often did the opposite. As the girl managed to collect yet another bushel of materials, Galilea all but decided to give up on her own search. Today just wasn't her day and she needed to accept that and move on. Sighing, she quickened her pace to follow Shye back to town. Her guildmate still needed to craft before the quest was officially over but the hardest part was complete. The town quickly bobbled into view. The well traversed path ingrained from months of exploring differed vastly from the lush greenery that surrounded it. Looking up, she remembered that she still needed to re-take this quest as well. Passing through the entrance, Galilea turned to Shye. "Hey is it possible you could help me with the Performer equivalent of this quest? You seem to have a real knack for gathering materials and I will need that knowledge for my quest if you're up for it? We can talk it over more once your done though," she stated gesturing to Evangeline's shop. Gathering: ID: 151186 LD: 7 (4+3) [No Materials Found] Materials: 1
  3. "Hmm" Rising to her full stature, Galilea peered towards the entrance of the church pathway. Emerging from the light, blonde curls bounced into view. "Snow?" Galilea was surprised to see the girl since they had not spoken since their last encounter. Pushing the feeling aside, she embraced her with a brief hug. "Seems you've decided to adventure past the first floor huh. What brings you to the Defiled Church?" She would let the question hang while continuing her search for clues. The riddle seemed more like sagely advice than a clue, but it had to allude to something relevant in the area, or so she hoped. Glancing around there only seemed to be the remains of statues scarred by the force of the forest surrounding the church. However, only one of the statues had a missing piece. "I wonder if this is what it meant by 'peace of mind'," she explained as she collected the fractured marble piece of missing skull form the ground around the statue. Roll: ID: 150644 LD: 20 (17 + 3) [Clue Found] 2/3 Clues Found [Clues Found on a LD of 12 or more]
  4. "What is it with locations being locked behind riddles?" Agitated as usual, Galilea continued to pace back and forth in front of the church. Though pristine in appearance, the overgrowth surrounding it had diminished its rather uniquely beautiful exterior. With each pass, her brain racked itself for answer. The statue remained un-wavered and un-bothered by her constant frustration. Taking a breath, she stopped. Allowing the fogged air to pass through her several times before she opened her eyes and focused on her surroundings. there had to be clues somewhere. If this was truly a riddle, maybe it had already started. She needed to offer it something. The outstretched palm was seemingly a deterrent, but Galilea was under the impression there was more to it than that. Inspecting the statue first, she scoured the Buddha for clues towards what it desired. And for once she was in luck. Inscribed on the backside of the outfacing palm, was a small description. There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind. "What does that mean?" she questioned. Roll: ID: 150201 LD: 22 (19 + 3) [Clue Found] 1/3 Clues Found [Clues Found on a LD of 12 or more]
  5. Galilea

    [F1|PP]<<Earning a Living>>Perfumes!

    "Hmm fair enough," grumbled the purple-haired woman as she continued to inspect the surround patches for materials. Perhaps she is right. Your path is what you make it. Don't let the steps of your predecessors ruin the stride you plan to take, she thought. Though like most things, they sound good in your head but usually are hard to manifest out loud. But Shye had a point. In the end, she should do whatever makes her happy. Whether that is video game design or something else, she was unsure. But there was no reason to sell herself short on her dreams before giving it a try. Shy continued to collect items by the bushel. At this point it was just plain pathetic to try and even remotely keep up. Whether luck was completely on her side, or the skills she invested in were carrying the load mattered not. What did matter was that she was well beyond the needed limit for the quest and maybe heading back would save Galilea some of her pride. "Perhaps she we should begin to head back. You still have to craft the item and that may take a while if you're unlucky." Gathering: ID: 149730 LD: 8 (5+3) [No Materials Found] Materials: 1 @Shye
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    The Second Lesson, Is Also Free "Protege II"

    She would have to let it go however and focus on the task at hand. The pup squirmed and scampered about the tiny clearing. Drawing in a deep breath, she held the air for a few moments. Focusing on the erratic movements of the pig, she lost her focus and expelled the breath in a large huff. She couldn't focus, not with Titan's sudden disappearance weighing on her mind. This loss in concentration left her wide open however as the boar pup slammed into her side. The damage was negligible but the principle still remained that she had let her guard down and allowed the up to land an attack. "Tch. Well that's bothersome," she muttered as the hit registered as a critical strike and thus not activating her Thorns. Glancing back to where Titan had disappeared to, she slapped her cheeks together and shook her head. She needed to focus on clearing the quest, then they could search for Titan.
  7. Galilea simply nodded. She needed no thanks because everyone deserved compassion and understandment. At least that's what she chose to believe. But with the matter of materials resolved, that only left the crafting. The town was moments away. The brisk walk back took little time as mobs continued to stay at bay and prying eyes kept their distance. Having already ran the trials of this quest, Galilea opted to wait outside for Snow as she completed the quest. From the sounds inside, she reasoned it went well because within minutes the Blonde stepped out holding the item she would need to deliver to Lyle; the chain quests NPC. Giving her a thumbs up, Galilea rapped her finger against the friend request menu and sent one to Snow. With a reassuring smile, she turned to leave. "Don't hesitate to contact me if you need someone to talk to or another questing partner. Until we raise our ranks we'll always be seen as target-able. But we're stronger than that and have much more to offer." Galilea began to stalk off before pausing once last time. "Also, Jacob's Ladder awaits you when you're ready. Bye for now!" And with that she headed home.
  8. Galilea

    [F1|PP]<<Earning a Living>>Perfumes!

    Galilea never meant to imply that the girl wasn't scared or aware of how dangerous this situation was. She merely noted that despite all of this, that she decided to let her outward appearance not be dictated by what she felt inside. But Shye had already hit her stride and rolled right into her next topic after collecting another grouping of materials. Galilea agreed with her sentiments however. With stronger players like those in Jacob's Ladder, they as a guild could collectively help the community and themselves to get everyone out. Something she was sure everyone wanted. Failing to gather a material for what felt like the eighth time, Galilea's brow rose as Shye mentioned her school plans once she got out. "Cosmetics isn't a bad profession and I would never look down on someone for following their passion," she admitted. "As for myself. I'm unsure. I wanted to be a video game designer or director. Create something as monumental as this," she stated while gesturing to the assets around them. "But after being stuck in here, I'm not sure I want this to be my path anymore. It's as you said, a life changer." Gathering: ID: 149527 LD: 10 (7+3) [No Materials Found] Materials: 1 @Shye
  9. Her answer was what Galilea expected. Especially from someone who held these hardships close to her heart. At the very least, she wanted to put the thought and option out there for her in case she ever changed her mind. Nodding, Galilea simply replied, "I understand." As with most things, the delayed response of the system caught them off-guard as Snow received the notification, she had completed the first of two objectives. With all the materials collected, all she had left to do was craft the potion with Zachariah. Though her tone changed, the feelings behind her words didn't. The twinge of sadness seeping through her hushed words. But Galilea would let it be for now. "I shall follow you," responded the girl as Snow began to head back towards the town. Her words once again catching Galilea by surprise as they traversed. "Take your time. You're comfort and feelings are what matter most. Don't pressure yourself if you don't need to. You're strong remember?" Grabbing one last material from the patch of plants she stood in, Galilea quickened her pace to catch up to Snow. Gathering:
  10. Galilea

    [F1|PP]<<Earning a Living>>Perfumes!

    "Easily said when you're finding them by the bushel," retorted the girl as she managed to find her first material since they had embarked on this quest. Listening to Shye, Galilea could only wonder if she regretted putting on the nerve gear. But rather than ask that, she posed a different question. "You're rather upbeat for someone who was put here by accident. That said, I can respect that you don't let it get you down." She twirled a lock of hair behind her ear. The idea of searching for more materials was becoming less lucrative the more she tried to do it. "What are your plans once we make it out of here? Do you still have goals and ambitions, or do you think you'll be a different person once you come out of this?" Galilea posed this question a lot to herself and she always found the answer hard to b certain. But she liked hearing other people's perspectives. Gathering: ID: 149465 LD: 23 (20+3) [Materials Found] Materials: 1
  11. Galilea

    [F1|PP]<<Earning a Living>>Perfumes!

    "Weak is subjective," she chimed in. "Everyone pulls weight in their own way and even though the guild is open, they still sought you out and asked you to join. That has to count for something right?" Galilea assumed that was all there was to it, until Shye mentioned having never played a video game before. "Uwah? You've never gamed before this?" The news was rather shocking to her, but not unheard of. That being said, it was the cruelest of pranks to be stuck in here because of one. "I'm not sure I should be scared for you or mad for you honestly. The prank while light-hearted one could assume, the results are anything but given our circumstances. Nonetheless, you seem to be doing well enough in here so jokes on them," she countered while staring at the lack of materials in her collection. "Is the <Gathering> skill really that beneficial, or is it more so the LD bonuses? Because this is pitiful," she voiced aloud. Gathering: ID: 149274 LD: 4 (1+3) [No Materials Found] Materials: 0
  12. A sense of loss filled the air around them. The somber look on Snow's eyes as she revealed her past ties, was enough for Galilea to to not pry further. That makes three times I've managed to to bring up a topic that stripped her of her cheery demeanor. My social awareness is extremely out of sync today. Berating herself internally, she let the comment melt away. But perhaps this is an opportunity... "You know Snow, you look like you could use a friend or two. You've gone through a lot in your time here and it wouldn't sit right with me knowing I didn't at least try to reach out. So here it is. Join Jacob's Ladder with me? The guild's members are headed by esteemed frontliners, although two are orange, their cursor is of no cause for alarm. You may have heard of or even met one of them. But Shield, Baldur, Mari and Oikawa are all good company from what I heard and the rest of the members are players like us. Mostly lower leveled or barely tier two." She didn't want to say more for fear of scaring her off, but hopefully the names mentioned would spark some interest at the very least. Gathering: @Snow