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  1. Hiya

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    2. Koumori
    3. Hirru


      We have much to tell you..

      ..Next Time on Sword Art Z

    4. Koumori


      A little birdie told me she assassinated two people

  2. So there's something I've desperately needed to do but have been continuing to put off. So, in light of that, I'll be absent until the New Year. Sorry to anyone who has a thread with me (especially you Manta). I know, I'm the worst :(

    See ya later!

  3. Sorry guys I'm pretty busy today :(

  4. Anyone RP? I'm many boreds

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    2. Koumori


      Wonderful. Could you start it though I'm at school now

    3. Lessa


      I'm at work. But I can put something together when I can.

    4. Ebony


      If you join ALO youll get plenty of awesome threads. And the more people join the sooner we can declare war!

      By which I mean do threads as you already have an approved journal. The Spriggans will rise!

  5. Reading Internet comment sections is fun

    1. Takneil


      depends on the site but I usually get a kick out of it XD

    2. Koumori


      yeah. They get so heated for no reason it's hilarious XD

  6. Yes! The couple has finally been formed :)

    1. Jomei


      What couple? o.o

    2. Koumori


      Koumori and Glory 

  7. My internet is sucking so hard right now! Let me play you, PS4!!

  8. Koumori

    SAO Podcast

    We have a podcast? Oh god these episodes are old. All those active people you listed are like gone haha
  9. Koumori

    [F03] «Worn out Welcome»

    Taking with Vayrin
  10. Koumori

    SAO Mascots Entries

    Well this is what I came up with based on my "make the nervegear/amusphere into a girl" idea. I went with the later so this is Amu-chan. This is just a first run at it so if there are any suggestions or ideas feel free to throw them out :) (originally she was wearing a baggy sweatshirt, don't know why I changed it)
  11. So what up with the hats?

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    2. Ebony


      :P Thank you. Manta would have a pic like that, but I couldn't find any with white hair.

    3. Zelrius


      Unfortunate, if you find one that you like and want the hair color to change, IM me it on Skype and I would be happy to see what I can do about it.

    4. Koumori


      Hmm, I'll have to think on it....

  12. Koumori

    SAO Mascots Entries

    I think I've got an idea in mind. Is it okay if I just post a sketch for consideration instead of jumping the gun and going all out with a colored piece?
  13. I'm sorry....


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    2. Koumori


      Not being around

    3. Glory
    4. Koumori


      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (^O^)

      Already offline no this world is cruel

  14. Sorry again guys. Really busy week :( I promise I'm not dissapearing 

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    2. Rag


      bet it's the back to the future plot.

    3. Koumori


      That's it! Doc that's it! Get the Delorean!

    4. Ace9


      Yay!!! I really thought you were....