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  1. I am rather curious about something pertaining to the sword arts. Since my base damage is 3 with the dagger I use having +1 Damage and my sword skill with the dagger, how much damage would my move, Round Accel do? I think it adds up to two but I just want to be sure

    1. Life


      Round accel multiplies your base damage by 2. If you have a base damage of 3(buffs and all) then you will do a total of 6 damage. 

  2. Question: Is it possible to help someone with the <<Secret Medicine of the Forest>> Quest? I don't wanna earn the reward, but I think helping a friend of mine would be fine right? As long as they receive the Anneal Blade?

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    2. Ryuma_


      thats fine :3 thanks 

    3. Teayre


      If you're completing a quest for the first time you are eligible for all the rewards within the confines set out within the quest.  If there is a drop that drop can only go to one person in the party.

      You always get 1 SP and 400 col per page completed (20 posts) in a thread regardless.

    4. Ryuma_
  3. Can you have more than one character? If so, do I have to create another character to make a new one ?

    1. Opal


      1 character per account. So you'll have to make a second account if you want to make another character. 

    2. Ryuma_
  4. Hi there. I was just wondering, how much would it cost to have a custom one handed dagger with +1 damage (Good Quality) made? Or better yet, how much would it cost for the thief's knife? I am just wondering for when I finish the threads I'm currently doing, so that I can try and purchase them afterwards. Also, I tried to pm you, but it says that you cannot receive messages.

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    2. Xion


      bloody macradon, dirty move. 

    3. Macradon
    4. Xion


      I mean seriously, that's the equivalent of trade sniping. 

  5. What exactly is reputation and how do you earn it?

    1. Kalesh


      That's a good question. I had +1 at one point but then it just disappeared.

      I can tell you how to LOSE reputation though! Murder :D The PKer status and -1 reputation is synonymous! -2 would make you an NPC monster :D Naturally you cannot be a monster.

    2. Ryuma_
  6. is there a reason that i cant access the search bar on the site..? i hope i didnt do anything wrong

    1. Shark


      You should be able to access it. reload the webpage and try again


    2. Kalesh


      What exactly are you searching? If you search certain things it will not let you, such as "Unique Skills" or "Life"

    3. Ryuma_


      all i did was type in my characters journal and then it began to say in a lll of my searches that i donthave permission to access the search bar

  7. what is a mat? 

    1. Zelrius


      A "Mat' is the short hand version of the world "Material". Referring to the Items obtained by killing monsters that meet certain criteria, or simply searching for one using the Loot Dice (D20, LD). This item is used in Crafting of any sort in any profession. To learn more, Either message a PST or GM.

    2. Ryuma_


      okay :) thank you *bows*

  8. Hi there. So my journal has just been approved and I know about the starting city post, but how should I go about it?

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    2. Ryuma_


      alrighty. just so that I know, what do SP, OP & PP stand for ? My apologies for not knowing ...

    3. Vayrin


      SP= Skill Points/Solo Party (Only the person who created the post can post on it)

      OP= Open Party (Anyone can post)

      PP= Private Party (Only a selected few may post)


    4. Ryuma_
  9. Headed off to sleep and can't wait to get back on and role-play with the amazing people on this chat! ^.^ Night all!