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  1. Dear lordy gosh darn holy moly heebee jeebees god in heaven 

    Its been two years. Or maybe three. What the diddly darn heck.

    First of all, I just want to apologize to everyone I was doing threads with and making weapons for in my smithy. It was totally and beyond rude of me to just drop all of that without saying a word to any of you. Secondly, if you want to catch up and know exactly why I left, just pm me.

    All I can say is - I don't know if I'll be able to rp. I'm going to be a senior in college next semester...and holay guacamolay I am terrified and terrifyingly caught up in my career plans. I missed this forum though, and for some reason that I can't explain, I've been thinking about it lately. So I'm kinda sorta back? I guess. I'll just play it by ear.

    Hello again SAO-RPG community! Please don't murder me for disappearing for so long (unless you're a pker I guess cuz that's just the kind of thug life you live lol).

    1. Hestia


      Welcome back to the community  Ayumu. Hope you enjoy your stay back, and i hope that you have the best of luck with the end of your college life soon coming up.

    2. Ayumu


      Thanks a bunches. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Happy New Yeeeeears! :3 Yaye Spring semest...wait...oh. :| Oh well, new years is happy anyways! XD

  3. So I just realized that I didn't give myself enough skill points from the quests I've done. Um....would it be bad to just go ahead and add those now? XD

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    2. Ayumu


      Okay, thanks. :3

    3. Zelrius


      Loser, Do more quests with me :P

    4. Ayumu


      *tapes paper L to forehead* okie. XD

  4. I still have one more free order left at my shop to someone who hasn't already ordered. :3

  5. To commemorate opening my blacksmith shop today, the first five to order get their weapon free! Come get free stuff here. Also, even when this is over, I have discount prices for a month. :)

    1. Teselmar


      Super generous of you. =)

    2. Ayumu


      Aww. :3 You're welcome! I'll attempt the craft tomorrow, since I already did my two for today.

  6. So uh...does it still count as a robin-hood when you split one of your arrow's nocks right down the middle with another arrow, but that arrow bounces out of said nock? O.o 

    Consistency on fleek today. First robin-hood ever. XD Would put a pic, but the file is too big.

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    2. Macradon


      I did that once as well, never did that again, ever.

    3. Zelrius


      Your turn in ALO fam

    4. Ayumu


      Ya @Zelrius, I just posted. :3 Some errands stole several hours of my time.

  7. I'm buried in so much Cwismas chocolate I can't even right now. Halp meh pls. XD

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    2. Ayumu


      Lol. Currently trying to eat a small hole in this pile of sugary amazingness in order to get free. XD

    3. Bright
    4. Helios


      Good luck Ayumu xD

  8. Much Cwismas, little post. :(

  9. After a long and perilous journey, I have finally reached the end of my tiring, semester-long quest. Brandishing my weapons Study Guide and Pre-Acquired Knowledge, I have fought my way to the very end, barely making it alive. I shall now tell you my tale of tragedy and tribulation, as I conquered the three great beasts: the Finals.

    I started my quest upon the worn out road, winding down through the land of College, down the hill of December, and leading the unavoidable darkness that laid ahead of me. At first my journey was peaceful enough, until I happened upon the overbearing beast that calls itself Procrastination. It possessed many powerful attacks, such as Youtube, Netflix, Social Media. Along with all of this, the monster constantly reminded me of all of you, my brethren, and how I was leaving you all temporarily behind for this perilous quest. There were many times that I was tempted to succumb to this beast's attacks, but after great effort, I eventually slayed Procrastination.

    I trudged on for many miles, eventually reaching the dark forest. It was here I met the deadly twins: Doubt and Stress. Their power was even stronger then Procrastination's, which worried me. How strong were the three Finals beasts going to be? These two made me quite sluggish in my attacks, and worse, damaged my determination. Right at the moment I thought I had finally conquered them, the twins unleashed their deadly pet - Brain Fart. Brain Fart was a huge, horrible canine like creature. While fighting it, my mind went blank, unable to think clearly. I had been saving a special potion for a last result, but now was the time to use it in order to defeat this thing. Uncapping my Coffee potion, I drank all of the liquid, and soon felt the fog lifting from my mind. Killing the twin's pet, I proceeded to finish them off as well.

    It was finally time. I had been honing my skills and weapons, and was now ready to take on the last challenges of my journey. Reaching the cave where these abominations dwelt, I faced them. The first Finals beats was known as Biology, the second History, and the third Math. These terrible and hated creatures were well known for terrozing students of College ruthlessly. They were too powerful to take on all at once, so I started with Biology. It's attacks were more complicated than strong. Hours passed until my weapon Pre-Acquired Knowledge drove through the Final's stomach. With an ear splitting howl, it perished, allowing me to move onto History. This Finals beast wasn't as strong as I thought it would be. While it did require me to have a good memory and remember all of my attack strategies I had gained in the past months, my weapon Study Guide proved to be a powerful force. It did not take me as long to finish off this monster, leaving me only with Math. This one was the leader of the group, being the largest and most poweful. As I swung at it with Study Guide, it knocked away this blade, sending it flying out of my hand. This only left me with Pre-Acquired Knowledge, which I intended to mercilessly use against this beast. Math's attacks were devastatingly strong, almost killing me. It was a struggle that left my life in the balance...but, at the very last moment...I found the weak spot of the beast. Loosing a mighty roar, it fell to the ground, causing the earth to shake. I stood there, breathless, finding it hard to believe that my journey was finally done....


    Soooo, in short, finals are done and I'm back to post. :)

  10. To everyone I'm doing threads with, or about to start a thread with:

    I most likely won't be able to post anything until Thursday-ish due to finals. I've got a lot of studying to do, and I'm doubtful that I'll be able to make time to get on here and post. Thanks for understanding mah homies. :3 See all of you during Christmas break!

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    2. Ayumu


      Lol I wouldn't go that far. Its just an Undertale reference - a video game with a rapidly growing fandom. XD

    3. Zelrius


      oh no, rapidly growing? That means it will be mainstream and therefore I has no interest, sorry.

    4. Ayumu


      Lol ikr. It's kind of sad really. :(

  11. Ayumu

    Skype Chatgroup

    kawaiitardis Finally got Skype working, I'm all in. :3
  12. *cough cough* Oh no...I'm feeling rather sick. Could it be...the dreaded plague?

    Why yes, yes of course.


    1. Hikoru



    2. Zelrius


      We must band together, my fellow infectees, And defeat this Santa Clothes Rebellion. UNITE!

    3. Ayumu


      *coughs snowflakes to spread cwismas germs*

  13. How much SP does one skill cost? I reviewed the tutorial again, and from what I understand its 10. I could be wrong though, so I thought I'd put this stupid question out here and ask. XD

    1. Opal


      The cost of moving up each Skill Ranks increases, with a lower initial cost to allow for easy investment but a higher cost to max out a skill.

      Form Rank 0 -> 1 = 5

      From Rank 1 -> 2 = 8

      From Rank 2 -> 3 = 10

      From Rank 3 -> 4 = 12

      From Rank 4 -> 5 = 15

      It takes a player a total of 50 skill points to go from rank 0 (unskilled) to rank 5 (Grandmaster).

    2. Ayumu


      Lol thanks. :3

  14. How do you know if you're bored? Well, if you're photo-shopping Donald Trump to look like a duck, then that might be a clue.


    Donald Duck

  15. The difference between me and normal people, part 1

    Listening to music:

    "Cuz I've got a blank space baaaaby, and I'll write your name! >:3"

    Normal people: Oh, I think I've heard this song before. Its that weird one by Taylor Swift. Huh.


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    2. Ace9


      I listen to all types of music. Rock, Screamo, Pop, Country, Anime, And almost any other genre you can name besides rap and jazz.

    3. Ayumu


      Yeah, I usually listen to electronic or something. I'm not big pop fan, but if I ever hear Blank Space playing somewhere I always think of Death Note. XD

    4. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      My very wide taste in music is best shown with my spotify favourites https://open.spotify.com/user/1124276933/playlist/1ziSkwTLn5P8B8uGFIXPHF