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  1. Whats going on with Gun Gale?

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    2. Shizua


      GGO isn't finished yet. All I can really say is 'eventually.'

    3. Baldur


      I believe at the bottom of the site there are links to all the other RP sites

    4. evac


      Never really has been shizua.XD And thanks Baldur!

  2. Ohhhh my has it been awhile sao.

    1. Hirru


      Indeed, it has.

  3. "Thank you maam!" I payed the 1,200 col. Dang, I thought, thats alot of money! But hey, its worth It. I unsheathed the blade and swung it around a little outside. "Beautifull. Lets go test it Liam. Cmon Nix." I walked off into the desert.
  4. As I walked into the smithery, I noticed a few other players, but that was it. I walkex up to the counter grabbed one of the order slips. I took me a little bit to determine exactly what I wanted. Nix jumped from my shoulder onto the counter, as only a red panda could. "Hi maam this is what id like to order!" I said with a smile. "I do hope its not too much trouble. When would you like me to pay?" Recipient: EvacItem: White fury (Katana) Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 damage Specifics: A white sheath covers the wonderfully crafted katana. Its blade could not get any more sharp. Its clothe wrapped handle is white with a gold underlayer. Its guard is gold and the sword itself gives off a good vibe of happiness.
  5. Good night, see you again at 5:00 sharp!

  6. evac

    [F04] «Avalanche»

    Nix and I shall cower behind Manta as she kills the beast with her stealy sword.
  7. I GOT A PANDA! I GOT A PANDA! Da da da daaaaada!

    Nix is its name, bitting ears is its game!

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    2. evac


      Sure thing! Anytime.

      And I had to find it in its habbitat.

    3. Rag


      See I told you. Your insssssaaaaane! :) congrats man Nix will make a great pet!

    4. evac


      Thanks! And remember, Evac is the crazy one.

  8. Me needs to level up...

  9. evac

    Tis poated. Title, how ro lose a hand.

  10. evac

    Real Life Picture Thread

    I was joking about the muscle part, and it wouldnt bend it due to the thickness of the bronze, maybe it will shave it.
  11. evac

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Your blunt steel sword. Also you have to take into account your muscle. How bout dem apples. Looking forward to rping with ya!
  12. evac

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Storm shadow has a grenade launcher, m16 modified. Some one made their armor out of pure bronze. They can take your little sword.
  13. evac

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Wellll.... thats another story.
  14. evac

    Real Life Picture Thread

    You call that larping?!!