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  1. Allania wandered through the forest, headed towards the artisans store. Walking through the door, a smile on her face she greeted Hydra "hey there," she called out, "I got the message that my order was done, sorry it's taken me so long to come and collect it" she apologised. "We never eally agreed on a price and I can't remember if I already paid you for these but here" she said, opening her menu, a pouch appearing in her hand shortly after which she tossed towards him. "It's not all that much but hopefully it'll help your store continue to run" a smile once again on her face, before she headed towards the door, waving to him as she went. -10 mats +1 Healer's amulet +1 Sun Amulet
  2. Allania wandered into the merchant shop and began to look about. She knew before hand what she had come for but it was always nice to browse the wares and see what else was on offer. As she milled about Allania came across what she was looking for, "Aha" she said quietly under her breath, picking up the items and walking on over to the shop counter. As she approached the counter Allania looked at the price on the item and took out a pouch of the appropriate amount of col. She placed the col on the counter and then wandered on off. +1 Dimensional Backpack +2 Field Rations -5600 col
  3. "Hey" Allania said as she walked into the store of her friend, "it's been a while, hasn't it?" she asked nonchalantly while looking through the wares on display. "Oh yeah" she said, walking over to the counter and filling out an order form "this was why I was here" she said handing it over. "If it's possible to have this made by the raid later today then that would be great, but it's understandable if not. So could I have this also?" she asked, picking up one of the items on display. + red dragon ring - 750 col
  4. Allania had got a pm earlier notifying her that the order had been completed so she headed back to the store. Walking through the door Allania announced her presence "Hey there" she called out "I'm here to collect my order, it was the pauldron and that dagger" she stated, hoping the smithy would know what she meant. Allania quickly located her items, stored off to one side of the room. Picking hem up she headed on out of the smithy once again. "Thank you!" she called out to the smithy before heading on. Once outsied she inspected the item, they were masterfully done, she'd have to come back whenever she needed another set of armour. + Dagger Tooth + Trimmed Pauldron
  5. Allania walked into the store. Time to get some gear, personalised gear. Allania quickly filled out two request forms, placing them along with a bag of 12 materials on the counter where the others requests were, "Can I put in a request these two items please?" she asked. Then Allania wandered back out of the store into the surrounding streets. Waiting to hear from the Blacksmith that her crafts had been completed. -12 mats
  6. It had not been all that long since Allania had visited the store last. Walking in, Allania wandered over to the wares on display. Picking up a few of the items, many similar to what she had picked up previously. Walking to the counter, Allania placed the items on the counter. "Would I be able to have these please?" she asked, placing beside them a bag of materials and some col "Sorry I can't quite pay what I did last time" she said with a smile. +1 Damage +2 (tier 1) +1 Damage mitigation -27 (tier 1) +2 HP recovery potion +10 (tier 1) -7 mats -1000 col
  7. Having received a message from Hydra notifying her that her item was made, Allania found herself once again outside the store. Staring in through the tinted windows. Walking into the store, she walked up to the counter, "Hey Hydra, I heard you managed to craft the item I requested. Well done", smiling as she spoke. "Yeah, as you've probably guessed I've come to pick it up", taking the item and putting it in her inventory. "See you around" she said with a wave, walking out of his store to continue on her way. + Bracelet of Setting Sun
  8. It seemed like there was some sort of sale going on, Allania noted as she walked in through the door. Everything was free!!! Though it may have been limited to 5 items per person per day, that is by no doubt still amazing. The shop owner was literally giving the stuff away. Walking up to the counter, Allania brought a few things with her, placing them on the desk. "Would it be possible to get these please? And I know the store says its free for 5 items, but I can't take all these for free, it may not be much but here" she said, with the last part placing a pouch of mats on the table with some col. +1 Damage +2 (tier 1) +1 Damage mitigation -27 (tier 1) +3 HP recovery potion +10 (tier 1) -10 mats -1000 col
  9. Taking the dagger with care, storing it in her inventory for the time being. "Thank you, I'll be sure to come back again sometime, you seem to have a nice set up here", Allania said, motioning with her hand around her. With that Allania headed towards the door, a smile now on her face. She could now fight more challenging mobs, ones that previously she could only run away from. Exiting the shop, Allania knew she'd be back one day, to get herself a custom weapon, but for now this dagger was perfect. + Rondel
  10. Walking up to the shop. This was the first time Allania had set foot in a blacksmith in this world, she had previously just been using her basic dagger, provided to her by Kayaba as part of this worlds starting equipment. Looking down at the dagger on her hip, she knew it was time to get a bit of an upgrade. Walking into the store, Allania started to peruse the wares on display. Noting in particular a dagger that read to have a +2 damage enhancement. Walking over to the man at the counter, "Can I have just that dagger please?", Allania asked, pointing at the rondel in the display, "Here's the col for it", she said smiling, placing 800 col on the counter and sliding it towards the person. -800 col
  11. Looking through the blue stained glass windows, looking at all the trinkets in the store. Opening the door and walking in, Allania recognized the face of the spearman behind the counter. A man that goes by the name Hydra. Someone who had almost got her killed by all those Boars. But that was in the past now, she thought they were on relatively good terms. "Hey Hydra," Allania said walking towards the counter, "I was wondering if I could put in a custom order for an item with this enhancement," as she said that, Allania opened her menu, scrolling down to the enhancements list, selecting one and showing it to Hydra. "Would this be enough mats to cover the cost?" Allania asked, placing 8 mats along with 150 col onto the counter. -150 col -8 mats
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    Allania's Journal

    Profile Username: AllaniaReal name: Katelyn ChallenAge: 23Gender: FemaleHeight: 1.64m About: History/Personality Katelyn's family never did have enough in life, they were never able to fully pay their bills, at any one time they had to either go without one of food, water or heating for a short duration. But this never deterred Katelyn from her inborn wanderlust, her desire to travel and see the world. Sadly Her family never had such funds, and so Katelyn, alongside school worked a job, much like many teenagers at the time, trying to get some extra money. Giving up almost all to her family to help them survive, and keeping a small amount each time, to try and save up. To save up for a trip of a lifetime. Katelyn has never been resentful of the upbringing she had, looking back at with an overwhelming sense of fondness, they may have struggled through life but they enjoyed it. It was through this, which was due to her father primarily, that she is so open and welcome to the world, he nurtured her desire to explore, taking her to do many things outdoors, learning survival. All the activities were run with just the two of us, going out hiking, stargazing. Very little was spent on these but so much fun was derived. All the while carrying and using her one prized possession with her, a knife that her father had bought for her, after months of saving up for it. To be used in their activities together, it was very similar to his but personalised in her own style. After a few years of saving up, Katelyn started to get a bit more into gaming, and eventually heard about the new the up and coming NerveGear, hearing that it could actually take you into a virtual world. So after a while of deliberating Katelyn decided to go and purchase one, taking the mentality that if she cannot explore and experience the actual world she'll just do it in a virtual one, one where there are no limits based on background in life, one where everyone has a true equal opportunity. Virtues: Welcoming → Allania is always open to meeting and greeting new people, loving the companionship and the opportunity to see and know more of Aincrad. Willing to give everyone she comes across a chance, wanting to know them for herself and not just what others may have said. Wanting to bring people together, working together as friends and family, to survive and strive as a community. Laid-back → Knowing that this world is not going to disappear any time soon, Allania has dedicated herself to taking the long route through life. Wanting to explore and see all the secrets of Aincrad, all the possibilities that are present. Allania will continue to work at her own pace, working through thick and thin, persevering to her last breath and finally - if it ever comes to it - dying with a smile on her face, reminiscing of all the joy she has had in this world. Resourceful → Not wanting to be a burden on those around her, Allania strives to have everything she needs with her. To be self-sufficient. Even so she does not hold the same ideology for others, carrying spares in case another person is ever in need. Regardless of the task to achieve, she will persevere, taking her own time to complete it. so that if it is something she needs she will have it eventually.Flaws Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html Weak-willed → With so much potential of things to see and do, Allania can rarely focus herself to one task. Hopping from one to another. Going wherever her intrigue lies, wishing to take the more interesting route as opposed to the safe and easy one. Thinking more of the consequences after the action instead of beforehand. Audacious → Never liking to stick to the set paths and rules, Allania loves to wander, unwilling to take commands from higher ups. Allania would rather not fight in a guild, preferring to go alone or in a group with all on equal footings. Allania will listen to her friends and those she trusts, putting those together to forge her own path, without considering much for those that she has little regard for. Nosey → Always wanting to know the relevant gossip and all that's going on. Oft times asking inappropriate and somewhat stupid questions when the moment is not always right. She does this not only to gather information, but as to gauge those around her, seeing how much they are willing to take/share. At times being uncertain about how far to take it, in fear of losing those close to her. Profession: Tailor (rank 6)Skills Total Skill Points: 63Unused points: 5Used points: 58 Non-combat:» Search and Detect (Rank 3)Passive:»Combat:»Weapon skills:» One Handed Dagger (Rank 4) Extra: » Concentration »Survival Inventory:» 167 col » 18 mats » Rondel (1H dagger, +2DMG) » First of Zandrar (dress, +2LD)Approved » Boarhide Bodice (light armour, 2 mit & 1 thorn)Approved » Silken Cloak (+3EVA) Approved » Encouraging Bracers (1 thorn & 2 savvy) » Dagger Tooth (+3DMG) Approved » Trimmed Pauldron (+3 MIT) Approved » The Rose (2 thorns) From here » Red Dragon ring (2 ACC) From here » Sun Amulet (3 ACC) From here » x5 +10 HP Potion from here & here » x1 Snowfrost » Hoya of Minos » Dimensional BackpackFrom here » x2 Field rations From here » x1 Major Damage Potion (+3DMG) From here » x1 Major Mitigation Potion (+27MIT) From here » x1 Scourge of Nerius (+2DMG vs Nerius only) From here » x1 Rum From here » x1 Teleportation Crystal From here » x3 Major Mitigation Potion (+27MIT) From here » x2 Greater Panacea Crystal (antidote, 2 slots) From here Threads: Complete: Relationships Hydra - Good friends Pharaoh - Friend (deceased, a sub-dungeon boss that Allania felt like she'd made a connection with, but they continued their fight to the death)Story Thus Far