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  1. Domarus listened as she swore never to speak a word of this discussion elsewhere. He noted her offer to have these discussions in the future if he were willing to, but he honestly wasn't sure that would happen. Seeing and hearing his mother had hit home in the right way that jarred loose feelings he buried deep deep within him. He intended to try going back to his mission, but taking some time to train in order to adjust to.. Well what he heard in this conversation. Once that happened, he doubted he would need another talk like this. "I will keep that in consideration Ember," he told her. "I would give you my real name, but I feel you would only seek to destroy my mission in the real world if I did so. Therefore I'll be keeping it to myself." When she told him that she saw him as a human, deserving patience and respect, yet she would not stop trying to defeat him, hoping to sway him to her side in the end.. He smiled under the helmet quietly, and turned to look at her. "...If my conquest would never have succeeded. If it was never my destiny to conquer the world. I think I would be content being destroyed by you Ember. You're the second person to see me as no warlord, righteous man, shining knight. You're the second person to see me as just human. If we continue this path we may very well end up facing off against each other. If we reach that point Ember. Just know that regardless of what I say or do. I hold nothing against you." And with that he made his way to the town. When he teleported onto the first floor and reached the shop. When he opened the door he saw Keres pacing back and forth. She saw him but before she could say anything he spoke quickly. "Message Raven and the others. We have work to do." @Hestia
  2. Domarus

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    The front lines went back and forth, and even spoke about the leadership position for a bit. Domarus himself would eagerly have that position but he would be patient. It would be greatly premature to reach for such a task just yet. Not until he had proven himself and gained all their trust. He also had to seize said position without 'wanting' too, or at least make it seem that way. The first step was remaining controlled during combat and following directions perfectly. When he showed he could be a good follower, once he figured out how they worked.. He needed to show them he could lead the front lines better than they could. The player known as Shield was hinting that they still needed a leader but so far no one was volunteering. Calrex made it clear that he wasn't suitable for the task which of course left it open for others. The position was so open for the taking and yet so far away. At any rate he knew his own skills.. "I'm a two handed ax user, so my best sword arts are AoE orientated. If you need me to attack more than one of the counsel at a time I can do so easily. As for party positions, not to sound selfish, but since I am a lower level than most of you and this is my first time, I would appreciate it if I had a good healer and tank on my team rather than being on a mostly dps party. I'll have a teleport crystal on me but I'd rather not die just yet," He said with a chuckle.
  3. Mobs Not long after the day he had taken the essence of steel quest with Raven at his side, he had a run in with her sister. At that point of time there was much hatred towards the woman due to the fact that she made his plans hell to work with. Raven was convinced that he cared about her to some level and they had a... Discussion about that for a while. The next day, against all odds, he and Hestia had a run in with each other. What helped the situation was that the Cardinal system had been using the ghosts in the forest to mess with his head, causing his frustrations to ignite with the ghosts rather than Hestia herself. They wandered into an area and ended up viewing their life as clips and images on the wall down the stairs. Domarus had nothing but the memories of his father and is conquest in the real world, but when they reached the bottom.. He saw his mother. He even heard her. It was too short and he forgot what she sounded like, but at least he could alter how he imagined it to have an Irish accent. And he had a photo of her as well. Domarus spotted two monsters, massive ants specifically. He drew his ax and launched at them, releasing Catapult explosion. He dealt two hundred and eighty damage to one of them, and two hundred ninety four to the second. One of them missed him but the other landed a hyper critical hit. ID# 101231 BD: 6 MD: 3 ID# 101232 BD: 9 MD: 10 Domarus: 737/800 - 62/80 Ant 1: 138/418 Ant 2: 124/418
  4. Domarus

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Domarus walked onto the floor when he had received the message from Hestia. He stared at the name, still unsure of how he felt about her. He waved the message aside and continued walking. He was in his casual clothing, not wanting to appear military like, but he wouldn't have a lax and care-free attitude. Beside him, as usual, was Keres. She had paper and pencil with her to write down notes. The excuse was that she would be writing notes for when she joined the frontlines one day, even though she wasn't going to. Those notes would in fact have hidden notes within them. Including the names of those on the frontlines. Hestia was unfamiliar with Ariel which meant the woman was no longer on the front lines. With that, the only dark players were more like possible dark. Zandra and Hikoru. He'd need to investigate them more. Soon enough he reached the guild hall and scoffed at it's simplicity. Looked like a tree house rather than a guild hall. He entered the building and scanned the people who were here: Shield, Hestia, Itzal, Morgenstern... Kasier which was a surprise, Hikoru, Calrex, Macradon and Stryder. Domarus stepped forward to the table and nodded to the other players. "Normally I participate to give my two cents on matters and gain a learning experience. This time it's my goal to fight alongside you all. I look forward to fighting beside every one of you."
  5. He just stared at her silently when she used his own analogy against him. He thought about what she was saying, how he was good in all but moral aspects... Then she contradicted that statement by saying he cared about others, which would actually be considered a moral standpoint. He didn't mention it however, remaining silent. She heavily emphasized that Domarus did care for this world, he was just going about it the wrong way, making a major mistake. He had been countering every point she made with the logic and truth he had encountered yet... Something was missing. He believed he had known back when he met Esther, but what it was he could not remember. He needed to take some time to ponder, but for now..... "My words are contradicting, but. One can only hope.. Do me a favor Ember. Don't tell anyone of this discussion. Not even Keres. This stays between us. Fair enough?" Once he had retrieved a solid yes from her he would nod. "I am unsure whether or not we'll have another discussion like this. If I'm honest I sort of doubt it. I won't let my guard down again, literally or figuratively. If you'll excuse me, I should be heading out now." With that Domarus turned to leave. @Hestia
  6. Domarus would never admit it, to anyone. But a part of him was begging her to give him one good trait about him. Of course when she came up empty.. There was nothing. He truly was a devil incarnate. When she finished he backed up. He refused to let his pain show, but he couldn't put up a facade. So his face was emotionless. "That's it then. You have officially confirmed my suspicions. There's nothing good about me. No intentions, no feelings, no skills. Nothing. I truly am lost to the darkness aren't I? Even now I can't see the goodness in you. All I see is you being selfish, only caring about your family's safety and happiness. I know you're a good person. I just can't see it. I wonder if this is what it feels like when someone born blind wishes to see the sky and the sun. But isn't able to. You say I can change Ember. You say I just have to choose. I ask you this: How do you expect someone to do that, when their entire life they see, hear, feel, taste and smell nothing but evil. Forced to absorb it. I know nothing else. I can see or hear nothing else. How can I make the choice when I can't see it?" He picked up the helmet and put it back on, the visor flashing red again. @Hestia
  7. "You're confusing peace with the calm before the storm. I've been keeping tabs on the dark guilds, and laughing coffin has been getting stronger. Biding their time. Mari killed in cold blood, she was no hero. She didn't care about who they were. And none of her victims were guilty. She was the one who invented the torture potion, as well as the one that made Esther a mindless slave. And I'm interested to see how you react when two players I know who are now working together, rip the Celestial Ascendants to shreds.. Or rather when the Celestial Ascendants rip each other apart." When she invited him to the meeting he was a little surprised but overcame that easy. He was going anyway. She described them as a family as well. Domarus didn't care. They would let him down like every other person in this world. Then she basically told him he wasn't worth saving because he had given in. "Give me three reasons. One thing about me that seems good to you. What could I possibly be other than the monster I am now? Don't bother telling me what I could become, I've heard that too many times to care. You think everyone is capable of being good? You think I can be good? How do you see me, as I am right now. As good?" @Hestia
  8. Domarus stepped forward himself, standing over her. "When you craft a sword for the first time, it needs to be sharpened. What is created must be forged from raw to pure. You know what I mean and you know what I am." When she mentioned being his father or his mother, his eyes filled with hatred. "I could never be good like my mother. Maybe if I was guided at a younger age, but there's no hope for me now. All I feel is seething rage. All I see and hear is the corruption in every inch of the world. I see your hypocritical acts. I see murderous thoughts in others. I see lust, greed, hatred, pride. Any good act I see is drowned in the corrupt world around them. You want to prove to me that the world can be saved through kindness? Take down the laughing coffin yourself and prove it. Or the guild ruled by psychotic assassin children. Or Mari. Or Teayre. Or Ariel. Better yet, make this world good as you want it to be, and unite the frontlines under your kindness! Stop wasting my time with discussions that don't prove s**t and show it!" @Hestia
  9. "There have been many underdog victories throughout history Ember, but name one time. One, time. There was global peace. You aren't talking about conquering or saving a country Ember. Let alone the whole world. You are talking about changing the mindset of everyone on the planet, or at least three fourths of it. It simply, cannot be done. There is no method we have right now that can do it. And what happens if your allies, the ones who back you up. What happens when they are killed and tortured because of what you've done. Will you smile through that as well?" When Hestia made it personal his eyes sparked up in flames again, that burning wrath she'd seen before the quest showing once more. "You don't think I know what I am? I'm a monster! I'm a corrupted individual. I was born this way! Made, carved and molded in this way! You can't just change a grown man Ember, so what will you do with me? Send me to some psychiatrist? Defeat me and watch me crumble under the hate and pain that consumes me every day? Die the slow, painful and meaningless death that I KNOW awaits me? You don't have to tell or remind me what kind of a monster I am Ember. I know, very vividly. You, the world, and my father have all very clearly reminded me time and time again." @Hestia
  10. "You die a martyr's death. Then someone else spreads lies that causes division. Division causes conflict. Conflict causes battle. And battle causes death. Then someone else stands up to bring the peace and the cycle continues. You stand up to a warlord and they torture you in front of everyone. Despite your smiles, the people are terrified of what will happen to them if they do not comply. If they stand up to the warlord, bloodshed once again. You see the pattern here yes? No matter what path or manner in which you attempt to handle things, it leads to lies and bloodshed. All it takes is one sentence to start a war Ember. In addition, there are a great many times where people can commit crimes, yet be within confines of the law and thus get away with it. Or better yet, those who enforce the law are corrupt. People stop trusting each other as brother betrays brother. More conflict. You just can't seem to grasp it can you? There is no way to end it! Where there is one person seeking to stop the evil, there are three others fighting for it to continue. You aren't just fighting powerful people Ember. You are outnumbered, outgunned." @Hestia
  11. "There's a flaw in that philosophy of yours. You can smile to a murderer and it won't stop him from shooting you. You can smile to a rapist but it doesn't stop him from seeking pleasure. You can smile to a terrorist but it doesn't stop him from bombing a block. You can smile to a warlord but it doesn't stop him from abusing his power. Do you see the problem? Do you see the pattern? The more good you are, the more well known and popular you become. The bigger of a target you are until one day. They make you an example and all your work has meant nothing. That goodness you've committed turned into nothing but fear, terror and anger. Kindness doesn't stop them Ember. It only fuels them. Like a raging fire, the world turns everything and everything into fuel. If water stands in it's way the world just floods it with oil." He looked back into the fire that continued to spread. "I know that you don't hate me. I know that you believe what you do is the right way to do things. However I've accepted this: There is no fixing the world. There's only containing it. You can't stop it. If you still think it's possible then go look talk with people about their issues. I know a street on floor one filled with players with stories from this world, and the real world. If you still insist I won't stop you. But you must understand, if you cannot find an actual method to fix the world. Then I'll continue with my own method." @Hestia
  12. "You at least have memories of you and your father. I was only weeks old when mind was torn from me. At least you had a mother who cared for you, despite not being there. It's easy to talk about matters like this when you were never born on the bottom. Pushed and forced into the battlefield at an age I was at. You have memories and people you can treasure. I have none. Nothing but a picture, the first picture I've ever had of her. And a voice all too soon forgotten and lost. I have no happy memories Embers." She then came over to him and talked to him about anger. How there was no adrenaline boost in this world, which he could prove her wrong on. And how all it provided was a lack of logical thinking. She tried to convince him with stories of how people saved others from suicide through kindness. She then placed her hand on his shoulder armor, harming her health in the process, and talked to him about how holding onto hate would only end him. Domarus sighed and took his helmet off, placing it to his side. "You sound like Esther... Tell me: What good will one good act do when the world commits ten evil acts every second? You think kindness is contagious, but it's nowhere near as powerful as cruelty, selfishness, pride, lust and greed. Not as potent by itself, but they spread quicker. A kind act to save one individual is nothing in the large scheme of things. Your way doesn't work, and neither does mine. Show me one that works, and I'll reconsider. As far as hatred.. I know it destroys me. At the same time however I've always been hatred. This isn't something you can just change about me Embers. Especially in this world." @Hestia
  13. Domarus grit his teeth and stood up, his visor lighting up bright yet dark, a menacing field of hatred suddenly shrouding him. "Is that so?! My mother DIED before I was old enough to remember her! Cardinal showed her for a few seconds. Long enough for me to register her voice but not long enough to memorize it!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW IT FEELS?! TO HAVE JUST HEARD A VOICE YOU'VE ONLY IMAGINED?! A VOICE YOU'VE LONGED FOR?! ONLY TO FORGET IT AGAINST YOUR WILL ONLY MINUTES AFTER HEARING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME?! KAYABA TAUNTED ME! AND HE WILL PAY FOR IT WITH HIS LIFE!!!" He breathed heavily for a moment or two before he had calmed down for his initial outbreak. "In my entire life. I've only ever known the worst of mankind. My father included. My only friend? Someone who is forever scarred by her own mental issues. I tried to make friends at a young age, before I accepted what I was. Needless to say it ended badly. The only person I could ever feel love for was my mother, and that was only after I had investigated her. My father would say nothing of her, even fight me when I brought it up. So. I only knew she was a kind woman. And now cardinal brings a memory I could never access, has me hear her, and then forget her voice only minutes afterward? Why shouldn't I hate Kayaba and his creation? Do you not feel hatred for him? For creating this world that forces players to face powerful demons who seek to slaughter everyone at every corner?" Domarus pulled the picture from his inventory again and sat down, staring at it. He was silent for the longest time as he stared at it. After a while he spoke up, at his most vulnerable. "I hate you all. I hate you because I envy you. The ignorance of the world and the bliss nature of it. The state of weakness and having others to carry you through it. The naive and innocent mindset, allowing you to just carry on no matter what. I never had that. Not even once. And I hate you all for it. Now I'm stuck here. Forced to accept the world as it is ever second. Forced to accept that kindness doesn't work. Forced to find some way to at least contain and control the evil of the world." @Hestia
  14. "Just shut up, I'm in no mood for another philosophical argument," he said suddenly. Then she continued on to describe the benefits of a prison and how she hoped to use it to make the world a better place. She wanted cooperation on the front lines. "There was a girl who knew who I was, truly was. She cared for me despite it. What ended up happening was she was taken by a group of players who made unique potions. One of them turned her mind into an empty, and compliant slave to their whims. They abused her in every way, and publicly as well. And so I made them suffer. This was before the abuse of potions and the ability to feel pain was removed entirely mind you. They were the first pk guild I had decimated. The first guild I slaughtered. It wasn't just me of course, but I dealt the biggest blow to them. I enjoyed seeing them writhe in pain. I enjoyed seeing them suffer. You can build your prison for all I care, and even get me to donate for the sake of reputation. But I don't care either way." She finished by acknowledging that they were similar, at long last. She finally admitted it. And she was correct in that there were differences in the way they were raised. He was silent until he realized she'd make no more words until he replied. "While you were playing games and watching movies with your family, I had the pleasure of sitting with my father at the age of seven, and watch a man be tortured in the middle of a street, very gruesomely. The military could do nothing as the men had hostages. I've grown up seeing the worst of mankind. I've seen stories and videos that would scar you for life girl. Supposed holy men who had done unthinkable things. I've seen just about every cop break the law or do something criminal, and get away with it every time. I see people who try to do good and just be 'kind, generous', trying to spread that kindness to others, get destroyed on their first step out into the real world. There is no right way Embers. Neither way works. But that will not stop me from taking control of the world. It won't stop me from attempting it my way. I won't forgive this world. I won't forgive those who fuel the chaos. The chaos that created me: A fire that will burn them all to nothing. I won't forgive Cardinal, or Kayaba, for what they've done to me... If there's a God out there, he'll acknowledge me as the king of hell. Because of what the world has done. Because of what I was forged into. I was made to conquer and destroy. There is nothing that will change that Embers." @Hestia