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  1. Domarus watched as Embers struck at the remaining monster but didn't destroy it completely. Domarus wondered if she didn't kill and finish it off on purpose, or if she just didn't have the higher sword arts to deal the appropriate damage. He felt like the latter wasn't true, and that she was leaving him the final one on purpose, but he had no way to prove it. Regardless he was going to destroy the monster anyways. He heard the red haired woman's comment and chuckled with a knowing nod. "This is indeed true. A pain that such a thing can drag us down so easily, but at least it's consistent. It also relates to the real world in the sense of survival of the fittest. Alright, while we may not be able to have a competition together, perhaps we can take down a few stronger, and more entertaining monsters. What do you say to that?" The fires rise
  2. Domarus watched as Macradon had given a completely different set of orders than Domarus had and effectively confused Teion for a short moment. At first he was annoyed and even angered but calmed himself, not letting his emotions get to him in the heat of the moment. Personally he felt he could lead them better than Macradon ever could. Especially since even the man had ended up agreeing with Domarus and reinforced the silver armored man's order. But for now he would allow him to do what he had been asked to do. He watched as Hestia continued to get angered by the woman, while the men lashed out angrily at Rori.... Save for Morgenstern who was helping it up. Befriending the enemy, also counted as treason. That idiot.. It was a good thing he wasn't under Domarus, or he would be severely punished for it. Domarus chuckled when Macradon told them to target Rori specifically. "I'll do my best, but my attack is an AOE, so it's an equal chance for them all." He spun his ax before rushing at his enemies again, going in order like he had to do when his targets were spread apart. His first target being Isaxi. Domarus leaped over Hestia, quite agile despite his heavy armor. "Pardon me ladies, don't mind if I cut in do you?" He said as he struck Isaxi from the head down, then three more strikes from the sides and shoulders. After his initial strike he shot off for his next target, nodding to Hestia knowing that despite her curiosity she was still on their side and fighting alongside them. His next target was Rori, but this time the dark elf seemed ready for him. Regardless of that, Domarus was able to land his hits against the fool. "I see you're confident after he spoke. Don't let that ego get to your head. Or did no one tell you that pride comes before destruction?" He moved onto his next target, the tank. He struck her multiple times with his ax but she seemed to be as agile as Domarus was, able to block or deflect his attacks with her shield. However he did manage to get past her defenses and land a few hits. "Impressive. It took a bit of effort to get past your defenses. If floor bosses could be recruited you'd be at the top of the list ma'am. Unfortunately we must push through and reach the next floor to escape this hellhole. Maybe one day though." He leaped up and jumped off of her shield, striking the final dark elf Durares overhead. Landing a solid hit with a chuckle. "I do apologize for ignoring you last round. Take this as compensation my friend." Isaxi ID# 103810 BD: 9 CD: 3 216 dmg Rori ID# 103811 BD: 3+5-2=6 252 dmg Evahira ID# 103812 BD: 2+5-1=6 252 dmg Durares ID# 103813 BD: 4+5-1=8 252 dmg 18+1x14-50=216 dmg 18x14=252 dmg
  3. Domarus watched as Embers rushed at the pathetic mobs, reducing two of them to nothing but crystals. It was to be expected of course, seeing as how he just dealt the incredible damage he did. Honestly this was not going to be any fun if they were just going to collapse like this. Pathetic really. It wasn't worth his time and really made this whole thing boring. That however was when Embers spoke up again, making a cocky and rather insulting remark. He wasn't insulted of course, but he figured that going along with it would provide them with some entertainment while they grinded monsters for a bit. Domarus chuckled. "You only cleaned those up easily because I brought their health so low for you.. How about we have a little competition then?" Domarus launched forward and dispatched the first bear with ease, the creature unable to dodge or land a hit quick enough against the surprisingly agile armored man. It shattered into a million pieces as Domarus moved to the next bear, slashing up at the beast right before receiving a hit of his own. It didn't bother him much, but he did spin the ax around to cause the bear to fall, then forced it's momentum in a certain direction with his hands, causing it to fall down. He tore his ax from the dirt with a single motion and let the blade rest on his shoulder plate. "Once this one is taken care of, and once our energy has been replenished. We both take on four mobs. You can decide on whether you want one that's as strong as you, or if you want to tackle a stronger one. See who can take on more than the other. Bonus if you fight something stronger than what's leveled to you." ID# 103625 BD: 8 MD: 7 ID# 103625 BD: 7 MD: 2 Loot ID# 103627 CD: 10 LD: 19 = 4 Crafting MATs, 960 col Domarus: 638/800 - 42/80 - 15-19 dmg - 54 mit - 2 recovery @Embers: 380/380 - 21/38 - 9 Dmg - 2 Acc - 39 Mit Bear 1: 110/320 - 120 Bear 2: 000/320 - 120 Bear 3: 000/320 - 120 Bear 4: 000/320 - 120
  4. Domarus nodded to Embers, noting the hesitance and, despite not wanting for it to show her concern. He looked at her carefully for a time. What was going on in that head of hers? Did she care about Eatos? If that were true... Domarus personally didn't care about those people, they were just a means to get the guild. If Embers cared about this individual however then he would need to be careful. He needed to find ways to create a stronger trust based relationship with his generals. He was only using them, but they needed to feel close, important and the like. "I'll look into the matter. If it's serious then I'll help her work through whatever she's got going on. I need allies and I need a good reputation. This will greatly help further both of those needs in the end. Come on, let's head on over to the twenty second floor. All those monsters are leveled to players, making it the perfect grinding spot." Time Shift The two were on the twenty second floor now, and Domarus was thinking over what Embers had told him. Since he was going to be investigating this he had to think over what he was actually investigating. And to be frank this was going to need some strategy. From the looks of things he'd be digging into her real life information. The first thing he had to do was find out if anyone actually knew what was going on with her, and if so he would then need to come up with a strategy on how to obtain said information. If he had potions like when he had started his campaign this would be easy, but cardinal wasn't going to let it be easy... Soon enough they came across a group of four monsters. All of them being large bears. Domarus scoffed. "This floor is perfect for grinding, but it's really boring at the same time. No style, just throw animals in as your enemy." Domarus activated charge and lashed out at the monsters, dropping almost every one of them down to zero with his first assault. "Perhaps there will be an area where the monsters are, more difficult and with higher rewards.. If I were to guess it would be in that haunted forest." ID# 103557 BD: 1 MD: 2 ID# 103558 BD: 9 MD: 6 ID# 103559 BD: 2+3+1=6 MD: 7 ID# 105360 BD: 2+3+1=6 MD: 1 19+1x14=280 dmg 19x14=266 dmg 120-54=66 dmg Domarus: 800/800 - 80/80 - 15-19 dmg - 54 mit - 2 recovery @Embers: 380/380 - 33/38 - 9 Dmg - 2 Acc - 39 Mit Bear 1: 320/320 - 120 Bear 2: 40/320 - 120 Bear 3: 54/320 - 120 Bear 4: 54/320 - 120
  5. Domarus heard the doors open up and inserted the picture of his mother into his inventory. He was enraged with Cardinal at first but the more he looked at the picture, the more soothing it became to him. Instead of craving the sound of his mother's voice, he simply felt the comfort of her presence. He followed Hestia into the boss room. As the events unfolded, Domarus observed the bosses. He analyzed what their skills were, what their faults and weaknesses were. From what he could tell, Ratar was the least important to worry about. What caught Domarus' attention in regards to Ratar was mainly his quickly diminishing health points. Domarus himself couldn't deal enough damage to end him... However. It was possible that Aereth could deal the final amount. If the other girl in the party attacked as well that is. Their turn was coming up, and he watched as the bosses interacted with the players, sometimes individually. When it was their turn Hestia rushed forward and attacked the monsters. He cursed silently as that would mean any one of them could be attacked by the bosses. Damn it he thought. If I'm targeted Hestia you will regret it dearly. He looked at Teion who seemed to be wielding a two handed ax like he was. "Alright Teion, we're the AoE dealers of the party. I trust your judgement when you select your targets but think carefully of who we should target. Try to make your first hit count." He then turned to Aereth, who he knew for certain would listen to his orders for multiple reasons. "Aereth, you target Ratar directly, see if you can clear him out so we can focus on four rather than five, though I'm not so sure we'll be able to manage it. Now Go!" He said as he activated charge, rushing forward with blinding speed towards his four targets. While you are spending your time asking questions instead of protecting your team Hestia, which is your job. So I'll take command since you won't. Domarus launched his assault and used concentration so he'd land a solid hit on every one of them. He said nothing to Isaxi as despite Hestia failing at her one and only job, he saw no reason to disrupt her conversation with the enemy leader. His movements rather agile despite wearing heavy armor, shooting swiftly from Isaxi to Rori, who was struck in the midriff by Domarus' ax as he chuckled. "Stop picking on the children yeah? Let them play what they like." When he rushed over to the next target: Evahira, Rhozarth (his red dragon who was covered in his black skeleton armor and bathed in flames), rushed in forward, releasing a jet of searing flames onto her before clawing at her armor's weak points. Domarus swung his blade for her shoulder blade, cutting between the plates of her armor. "Apologies for his behavior, he's rather aggressive" he said before charging at his last target: Ratar. He lunged at the man, leaping through the hair for an overcut. "Not you're lucky day my friend." He struck him from above, the blade cleaving through the man completely. When he did that Rhozarth flew up from below, striking the man from below the chin. Domarus finished the attack by swinging his blade horizontally, knocking the man back a bit. Actions: Charge (+5 DMG) Explode Catapult (x14, -14 +2 per hit) + Concentration (+1 ACC) Isaxi ID# 103351 BD: 3+3-1+1=6 18+5x14-50=272 dmg Rori ID# 103352 BD: 5+3-2+1=6 18+5x14-25=297 dmg Evahira ID# 103353 BD: 4+3-1+1=7 18+5x14-100=222 dmg Ratar ID# 103354 BD: 6+3-3+1=7 18+5x14-50=272 dmg Player Stats
  6. Domarus watched as Hestia approached him with an item in her hands. He did not sneer, smirk, laugh, joke, or look at her in any negative way. His eyes were calm as she approached him, and when she spoke to him he chuckled as if she had told him a joke. "I know you wouldn't poison me Hestia. Despite where we are right now, I look forward to fighting alongside you. And hopefully we can burn through these floors and get home. In the meantime I hope to lead a squadron of players into battle myself soon enough. I'll see you on the battle field Hestia," he said with a smile, accepting the potion from her and put his helmet back on. He walked over a ways to an isolated spot, with his back against the wall and pulled out an object. A photo essentially. Rhozarth looked at the photo and growled at Domarus but he shook his head. "Despite what you think, and what I originally thought Rhozarth it's no weakness. Now be silent, let me spend a minute in silence.." Domarus would remain there against the wall until his name was mentioned, players were forming the teams, or they were about to head in. He wouldn't say anything. He wouldn't do anything. And Rhozarth would not either. OOC: the photo Domarus is looking at is of his diseased mother
  7. Stats @Neopolitan requesting/claiming carrots & squash Item used: Sandstone Potion Armor: +30 MIT Tier 2 Resilience: +50 Maximum health +3 DMG potion from Hestia Skills Domarus was finally going to be fighting on the front lines. He had a teleport crystal in hand as he should have of course. Domarus equipped his silver armor, rather than his black and intimidating armor. He doubted the intimidation factor would even work on a boss at all so it didn't matter really. He looked at his consumables on hand and went ahead and used some, wanting as much he could get. The result was additional mitigation and health. Not bad, but he'd really want bonus damage, wanting to deal the most damage in his group as possible. Regardless, he took his armor, his regeneration ring, and his massive black ax and made his way to the front lines. When he arrived, he noticed a player giving items away to those who needed it. He walked over to her and asked politely if he could have the accuracy item. When she handed it over he would use it. Still, everything but damage. "Is there anyone who could lend me a damage potion? Preferably a perfect if possible?"
  8. Domarus noticed the hesitance and paid attention just a little bit more. Upon hearing her words he looked at her curiously. She had that look, the one people had when they were keeping something to themselves. Indicating that she wasn't telling him the whole truth. If she had chosen to practice keeping her emotions in check and hidden from the world she may have gotten away with it. But she even told him she would rather wear her feelings proudly than hide them, and that left her exposed. Even when she didn't want to. He'd have to lure the truth out. "What could possibly put you on that high of an alert? Let alone about her?" Finally, she told him. Something about seeing a hatred, self loathing in the girl's eyes one time. How she was carrying that around and how no one should do that to themselves. He thought about that for a moment. "Most of the time this is the case. There is a way of course to focus that anger in an effort to push yourself, to become stronger than you are before. It doesn't sound like she's this case from your perspective though.. I'll think about this, thank you for bringing it to my attention." He wondered if there was some way he could exploit this. If he wanted to make use of it then he would need even more details than before. He'd need personal information, like situations that happened between family or friends, etc. Anything he could use to his advantage. For now though, he'd focus on Embers. "Well since this boss wasn't enough, what do you say we head up a few floors and fight a real challenge?" he asked with a chuckle. @Embers
  9. @Steel @Sharr @Reinholt @Blood @Arabelle @Spangie @Woe I am so sorry for not getting your orders finished.. My life has been a bit hectic lately and I haven't been able to get to it x-x If any of you don't want your order please let me know. If you don't want the order anymore and already moved your col/mats over to me let me know and I'll return it.
  10. "I won't enter this pointless debate with you Ember, we both know we'll go on for eternity. We both are right and wrong, there is no getting any further than that." He heard Raven's voice and turned to her with a sigh. "Your sister went too far. Simply put she stooped to levels of manipulation, using my father to stir up emotions and making her usual threats of wanting to kill me, more than ever now that I have an orange cursor. At least if she does kill or imprison me, I'll know that she'll come to hell with me.. No offense Raven, and I hope you forgive me for my... State," he said. From being with him long enough, she'd see he was showing signs of self control by not lashing out at others right here and now. Domarus then turned to Itzal. "And then we have this young man.. I wondered if you would figure things out, but apparently you needed someone to tell you. I'm not surprised that you are quite calm after learning the truth, from what I've learned about you." He looked over the entire group for a second. "Let's have a little meeting to discuss how the four of us should continue shall we? Hestia if you're too emotional for this discussion then you can go home or go yell at someone else. Itzal, I mainly wish to explain to you the situation you are in, what options are closed to you, and what is going to happen to you from this point forward."
  11. Domarus

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Domarus listened to all the bickering and stayed silent for the most part. Eventually it came down to what he knew was the case: Selfishness. Every frontliner wanted a position that they wanted, and if they didn't get it they complained like whiny little brats. some of them like Zandra whined like brats while also using their own strength to give off a 'threatening aura' which didn't bother Domarus at all. When the argument continued he would speak up: "I think many of you have forgotten the real objective here: To get out of this game.. Alive. Glory, honor, last hit reward, col, property, fame, personal interests. None of this is worth s**t in the long game. The more you focus on those, the more you doom others to your personal wishes. We need damage, power yes, but from what I heard of the last fight, these bosses are getting more and more dangerous. Not just in stats but in unpredictability. You all should be focusing on keeping players alive more than knocking out bosses faster. They aren't pawns to toss out the window because you want to win that badly. And we can't afford to let them sit on the sidelines, we need more members more than anything. We don't always get what we want, and many times must focus on sacrificing what it is we want, for something that we all need. And right now, that is focus on having a strong support player on each party, who is focused on keeping everyone alive rather than one or two people they care for more than others. We don't have the time to be selfish, nor can we take that risk. I vote for Hestia's idea, and agree to it in full. If anyone has a problem with that speak up, and let this meeting last longer than it should." He remained calm and didn't have an accusing or aggressive tone in his voice. He knew Zandra would be angered, but that was somewhat of the point. He wanted the other frontliners to see what state each other were in, see how far they had fallen.
  12. Seeing Embers' response it would seem she understood the purpose behind absorbing the guild and the benefits this could have. At any rate Domarus would take their guild, and make them his property. When that happened he would simply make them stronger than they used to, showing every other player that if you joined Domarus, you would in fact be powerful and protected. Making it more appealing to join his guild. Suddenly Embers was shocked at something and when she spoke it would appear there was miscommunication. When he heard what she said he chuckled. "Apologies, it seems I misheard you. However you are wrong in thinking Stryder is the leader. He's only the leader in title, Eatos is the true leader. She's clever, an intelligent mind. You could say we were having a little battle as she set up verbal traps to discover my secret. I'd say it was close to fun for someone like me. The kid though? Stryder? His brain seems as big as a doornail, though he seems to have his moments. He's the guild's fighter. He leads the charge, she leads in direction, politics and the like. Though I wouldn't trust her due to her having alternative motives that are not yet revealed, what do you know of her? Why do you say she's crazy?" When Embers attacked she seemed to have missed. It was Domarus' turn next. Domarus activated charge and launched at the boss which struck at him as well with a roar. Domarus was hit, but the blow he delivered to the boss was far more devastating, shattering the beast in a single blast. When he landed he tsked. "Still not strong enough to be a challenge. Figures." ------------- ID# 101744 BD: 8 MD: 9 20x13=260 dmg @Domarus: 699/800 - 67/80 - 15-19 dmg - 54 mit - 2 recovery 160-59=101 dmg @Embers: 380/380 - 33/38 - 9 Dmg - 2 Acc - 39 Mit Boss: 0/250 HP - 160 dmg (deals minimum of 24 regardless of MIT)