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      Praise thee to @Teion, in which spent her time creating all these patches. <<May 2017 Patch Notes>> Hello players! The following are complete notes on the upcoming patch that will be released once Floor 21 has been unlocked. These rules are not yet in effect, but an announcement will be made once they are officially implemented.
      As always, any threads that are in-progress when the patch goes live will follow the same rules as when they were started. Skills, items, new threads and evaluations, etc., must adhere to all new rules once the patch has been released.
        General Rule Updates:
      First off, there are a few general rule changes and clarifications. These have been amended or added to the relevant guides until the 2.0 rewrite has been completed. Post Count Requirements: A completed page of roleplay is 20 in-character posts. Thread summaries are mandatory, but they may be posted either in a separate post or together with the last IC post. Rules on Vanity Potions: Cannot affect a player's psyche. Cannot manipulate a player's will. Cannot alter an avatar's appearance in drastic ways (missing limbs, transmogrification, etc.) Cannot affect any systems that would be directly controlled by Cardinal (pain dampeners, language or speech, players' senses, etc.) Alcohol in SAO: While alcoholic drinks exist in Sword Art Online and can be created by Cooks, players do not actually ingest any alcohol they may drink. It is not possible to become drunk, however some players could be prone to a placebo effect. Regardless, it is important to note that players cannot become intoxicated by drinking alcohol.
      Dice Roller Tutorial Update:
      The Dice Roller has been updated with some new rules regarding the "Roll Purpose" section: Rolls must clearly state the full action in the Roll Purpose field. When attacking: targets, sword arts, skills, etc., must be included. When crafting: tier and item type (not enhancements) must be included. Any loot, crafts, etc., that do not abide by the new rules must be submitted for evaluation before the end of the Floor 20 boss fight. Evaluations that do not meet the new criteria after the patch's release will not be able to be approved.
      Appraisal Rework and Loot Changes:
      The Merchant's Appraisal system has been reworked to Identify: The loot table and treasure chest guides have been rewritten. Permanent items obtained through chests or from killing mobs are now "Unidentified". Unidentified items are not submitted for evaluation by the person who looted the item. These items must be brought to a Merchant to be identified. Unidentified items cannot be used or equipped. Merchants will use their crafting rolls to identify items, similarly to the appraisal system. The Merchant who identifies the item is responsible for submitting the item for evaluation before it can be used.
        The Loot Guide has been rewritten: There is now a Floor minimum and maximum for standard parameters. Monsters may not be spawned below or above these stats. Players must use a post action out of combat to inspect unidentified weapons and armor to determine their type. Players may not search for materials in safe zones, shops, etc. Separate Loot Die rolls are required when facing multiple enemies.
        The Treasure Chest system has been revamped: Chests can be searched for every 20 posts. Sub-dungeons and chests cannot be searched for closely together. The Picking skill is no longer required to open chests. It is still the only modifier that affects rolls to open chests. Treasure chest rewards have been changed. Items found in chests are also unidentified. Check out the complete updates in the new Loot & Treasure Chest Guide and Merchant Guide sections.
      <<The Gemini>> Quest Rewrite:
      <<The Gemini>> quest and the skills it awards (Concentration and Disguise) have been rewritten: Players that have already completed <<The Gemini>> may re-take the quest in order to switch the skill they received in their initial completion. Players may not repeat the quest if they are not switching their current skill. Repeat completion will not award the col or additional SP from the quest rewards. Concentration (5 round cooldown): Gives +1 to the BD result for a single action. Can be applied after the roll. Can only be used against monsters. Disguise (5 round cooldown): Gives +1 to the BD result for a single action. Can be applied after the roll. Can only be used against players/NPCs.
        New Beginner Quest: <<The Venomous Warg>>:
      A new beginner quest has been released! With a level cap of 15 or below, this quest can be taken solo or with a party of 2.
        Skill & Mod Changes:
      Support players rejoice! First Aid has been reworked and given a few new mods. A new skill/mod focused around energy is being added. Focused Howl and the Dismantling mod have been adjusted. Fighting Spirit and Picking have been reworked. First Aid: No longer requires a roll to use. Healing amount has been reduced to 4% max HP per rank, down from 8%. Now has an energy cost based on the amount of healing done. Field Medic (Mod): No longer requires a roll to use. Energy cost now scales with user's total energy. New Mod - Sharpness: Increases your target's damage for a short time. Does not stack. New Mod - Barrier: Increases your target's mitigation for a short time. Does not stack. New Mod - Purify: Removes a status effect from your target
        New Skill - Energize: Spend energy to restore another target player's energy. New Mod - Hyperactive: Increase a target's passive energy regeneration for a short time.
        Focused Howl: Now generates 5 hate on a single target. Fighting Spirit: Increases Hate generated from attacks by 1. Missing an attack will generate 1 Hate, successful attacks will generate 2, and critical hits will generate 3 before other modifiers. Picking: No longer has ranks. Provides a flat LD bonus to opening chests. Dismantling (Mod): Reduced SP cost to 8 from 9.
        Enhancement List Update:
      The Enhancement List has been completely rewritten. We recommend checking out the link above and reviewing the full list. For some quick notes, the following has been significantly changed: Cook/Fisherman enhancement names have been normalized. Light Momentum: Gives temporary Accuracy instead of damage after an unsuccessful attack. Regen: Reworked. Now provides a healing over time effect after taking damage. No longer stacks with Battle Healing. Recovery: Now scales with Tier. Taunt: No longer unique. Can be applied to weapons, shields, and trinkets. Skill Rank: Renamed to "Expertise". Alcoholic: Renamed to "Protein". Reworked. Now reduces mitigation instead of evasion. Energize: Renamed to "Vitality". Now scales with Tier. Monster Call: Reworked. Monsters spawn at minimum loot requirement stats. LD bonus scales with slots but does not stack with other consumable LD bonsues. Misperception: Damage reduced from enemies changed to 10% (rounded down) from a flat 4. Fallen Damage: Now triggers on successful attack rolls of 6-8 (before modifiers) rather than any non-critical attack. Phase: Reduced the slot cap to 1 down from 2. Removed the second slot effect. Freeze: Attacks against frozen enemies now removes the effect and deals additional damage. Life Mending: Reworked. Now increases the user's healing done to other targets through the use of skills and consumable items. Absolute Accuracy: Reworked. Allows natural attack rolls of 1 to no longer automatically miss. Gives +1 to the BD when attacking (stacks with regular Accuracy). Caps at 1. Flame Aura: Reduced the mitigation received to (6 per slot * Tier) down from (9 per slot * Tier). Reduced the damage dealt to (5 per slot * Tier) down from (8 per slot * Tier). Combat Craft has been removed. Paralyze Water has been removed.


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  1. Raeze responded to his words by agreeing with him but after those words she became utterly silent. After waiting a while he realized he was going to get nothing more out of her from sound so he would observe her secretly. He heard her yelp and snapped his attention over to her. He was able to catch the movement of a branch moving back and forth as well as Raze holding her cheek and was able to figure the rest out himself. Seeing her shake her head and dive into the bushes again he assumed she now recalled the fact that pain is nothing in this game... At least anymore. He thought about Keres and her unique cravings, and how she was in an obnoxiously unusable state because her one addiction was stripped from her by the game itself. He heard her chuckle to herself but this time he couldn't determine what she was thinking as he didn't have too much context to link the thorn incident to whatever humor was in her head at the moment. "You said you wanted to be a dps right? How do you plan to go about it? Damage over time? Damage per second? And what weapon do you wish to use in that case?" Domarus scanned the area for materials after he said this but didn't spot anything. From the looks of it, Rhozarth couldn't either. ID# 86370 LD: 11+3=14 Domarus: 18 @Raeze: 12
  2. Name: LockhartProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 86341Roll: 12 -11+1=12-Item Type: Lucky CharmTier: T1Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 Keen Description: Several feathered pieces of fabric are stitched together to create a colorful trinket. Beads of different colors are offered on a small rope like string that has been braided with the decorative feathers adoring it. Usually worn on a belt as a decoration pattern, but has some interesting properties. Name: FocusProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 86340Roll: 11 -10+1=11-Item Type: Lucky CharmTier: 1Quality: Rare Enhancements: 2 Accuracy Description: A thin silver bracelet that enhances the wearer's focus during combat. Name: DeterminationProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 86343Roll: 12 -11+1=12-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +1 Craft CD Description: A small golden pyramid with what appears to be a light shooting upwards. Name: Reaper's HarvestProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 86344Roll: 12 -11+1=12-Item Type: Lucky CharmTier: 1Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +3 Prosperity Description: A crimson ring that pulses a dark red glow. Symbols, glyphs, and words that all mean death are occasionally seen on the surface of the ring.
  3. Keres was able to pull herself together long enough to work in the shop. When the player walked in she spoke with pleasantries but was still a little depressed. With all of her time with Domarus however, she was able to mask it to anyone but him. She listened to the woman's words and request, taking the order and bowing slightly. "Of course madam. It will only take a moment." Taking the materials and the order, she went to Domarus' crafting room and found him there. He had already crafted three good charms, a rare and a perfect. She caught him in the middle of a failure to which he silently cursed before noticing her presence. Nodding to the dreary girl he took the form and got to work immediately. Taking the appropriate materials, he took his tools and began to craft the item. Within a good amount of time he had successfully crafted the item and crafted a second item before bringing the order into the room. He spotted the customer and smiled. "I suppose you must be the one who made the order? Here it is!" He handed the charm to her. "I hope it's satisfactory. If there's anything wrong with it just let me know."
  4. Listening to Raeze's words, he couldn't help but think in response to her statement that Rhozarth was the very definition of pride. He believed more than Domarus did, that strength outweighed everything. If you weren't very strong he felt you beneath him. If you were stronger than he was he would bow to your superiority. As it was, he felt Raeze was below him, in physical strength and in spirit. "Well that's true enough. It's good to take pride in your work, as it aspires you to become better, but to let it be your whole world can be destructive." She returned to gathering materials and Domarus would do the same. As he searched he could feel her gaze remaining on him. She was still cautious and that, although it made things more difficult on his part, would make her a better follower than others would. He heard her trying to give a positive look to the situation but the nervous laughter threw him off guard. Why would she sound nervous? What on earth was she thinking right now? Regardless he'd work on it over time. He picked up a few more materials and handed some of them to Raeze. "Practice makes progress my dear. The more active you are at something, the more skilled you will become. The less active you are at something, the weaker you are in that area." ID# 85878 LD: 13+3=16 +4 MAT Domarus: 18 @Raeze: 12
  5. Domarus refused to look anywhere besides at the player lying on the ground. He walked over and placed a foot on him, causing him to cough in response, terror filling up his eyes. These players were excellent at disguising themselves in any way they pleased, and could probably convince most attackers that they were in fact the good guys, not the other way around. Domarus however was far different than most attackers. Even if he were willing to listen he would not be fooled by this man's words. The player Hidden was fighting saw the girl grab the other knife and grinned under his mask. She couldn't dual wield, there wasn't a skill like that. Although they did hear rumors of a player found with the skill, he very much doubted this player was the one to possess it. He charged forward, using the length and range of his katana, as well as his strength and speed to make precise and deadly blows. Even if she blocked or parried his blows, she would have no chance to fight back. At least, not until he ended up ending his assault to avoid an attack from a particularly aggressive flaming dragon. As he avoided the attack, he flipped his sword so the flat of the blade protected his arm, intending to use it as a shield if she attacked him during this distraction, although this 'distraction' was in fact hacking at the player's face with vicious talons. @Hidden
  6. Domarus watches as the two huge boars charged forward, a desperate attempt to break through his huge ax and defenses. Their huge tusks slammed into him but he was able to position himself so that their faces rammed into the large spikes on his armor, harming them back. They pushed him back but he used his feet to slow the momentum down until it finally stopped. His visor flashed. "My turn." He groaned slightly as he began to push on them and then roared as he flipped the two boar back, rolling them into the trees, breaking the trunks. He charged forward, grabbing his ax off the ground and flourished it through the air and cleaved through the two multiple times, ending his assault with Explode Catapult, dropping their health bars down to zero. Soon enough the monsters shattered and Domarus watched the loot menu pop up. He had received one thousand nine hundred and twenty col along with a bonus material, which Domarus very much needed for his shop. He glanced over to see how the other two were doing and noted that they were halfway done. Because Vigilon intervened, this monster would not be dropping any loot. That was fine by Domarus of course. It meant Wardege still needed aid which meant he could drag him further into his debt. @Wardege
  7. As the two gazed at each other one thing would be made apparent. Sakoda, at least for now, was ever changing and never the same, whereas Domarus was unmoving and unyielding. She might have softened but Domarus kept his posture and position the same. The girl began again by asking how they should go about her training. "Yes. Further training will begin once we've made you far more stable. So for now we'll work on your levels so you don't accidentally kill yourself somehow. I'll also need to teach you how to fight more properly rather than just swinging wildly in rage. Monsters are nothing to be trifled with. And emotion like that will get you killed. If you wish to do the beginner quests then you will do so alone. Rhozarth will keep an eye on you as well, and make no mistake he is very aggressive. As for your gear you can buy anything you'd like.. For now. Once I feel you've deserved it I'll get you something far more worthwhile." Finally she saluted and called him boss. Honestly it was beginning to make him sick to his stomach but all he would give was a blank stare, awaiting her response to his instructions. @Floofy
  8. Hearing the rustling as well, he waited another second before hearing Hidden snap her fingers. After she did the player in front of him was knocked over, seemingly more terrified than beforehand. The player Hidden had locked with a blade lay on the ground, his katana nearby. He was cloaked like Hidden was, except that he had a cloth over his lower features as well. He had a belt from shoulder to waist that held multiple potion bottles. The player Umbra knocked over seemed terrified and confused at the same time. "The hell's going on?!" The player looked at the two players as well as the cloaked figure, seeming to know none of them and seemed genuinely innocent. Domarus shot forward and hacked his ax down but the player rolled out of the way just in time. Which Domarus knew would happen. "Don't give me that s**t. We'll find your hideout soon. In the meantime we've got to ensure you won't be following behind us." The player seemed horrified and utterly confused, and the player Hidden had captured kept his hands in front of himself, seeming to try to keep things calm between everyone. When Hidden was most distracted, if ever, the player would make a movement with his right hand and a dagger would slip out of his sleeve. He stabbed Hidden's weapon hand and used his other to strike her throat, knocking her off of him. He left small dagger in her arm while vaulting to his feet and picking up his katana with one hand. The player near Domarus panicked, but didn't get up for apparent fear of his life. "He, he's up!" @Hidden
  9. Domarus listened to her and her mentioning identity as well as rumors that she was a beater. This girl really didn't understand the power and influence Domarus had in this world did she? Rather pathetic honestly. Such lack of trust and understanding. She tried to convince him that he needed to do so. It was a very weak and puny attempt to control his thinking but at least it was someplace to start. If Domarus wasn't a schemer, as well as extremely cautious, she might end up tricking him one day to do something that would not benefit him in the end. However he doubted she would ever fool him. "No need to worry about that. Already I have quite the influence among the lower players that dawdle in the protection of the towns, and I know a few players who believe I would never lie. They'll believe me when I tell them you're not a beta tester. And those who don't at first I can easily persuade and prove wrong. This Sakoda, is another example of power. Reputation and influence can be a powerful ally when one needs it." He didn't worry too much about that last smirk. Given her state she'd probably be doing it for a bit. If she became to consistent however, he'd remind her what her place was. @Floofy
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  12. Domarus listened as Wardege told their companion that he wished to see how far he could go without assistance. This of course was a good trait, so long as he didn't practice it while on his lonesome. There was a fine line between bravery and utter stupidity. Domarus had seen so many walk that line and fall off the edge of the earth. After that he was struck by a hyper critical hit, courtesy of the boar. Vigilon reacted to this but while he wore his armor his expression could not be seen. Not only this but whenever he spoke while wearing the helmet, his voice became deeper and had a metallic edge to it. He heard their reactions but didn't stop. He activated charge, shooting forward just as the two boar's did the same. However they were not intelligent. He released the sword art Explode Catapult on the two, cleaving through their skin with fierce strikes while Rhozarth erupted into flames and lashed out at their faces, causing them to roar in agony. Domarus only had to use a weaker sword art after his initial strike to finish the job. These monsters were so very pathetic after all. Their only hope to beat him was with insane amount of damage which of course would never happen. @Wardege
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