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  1. Domarus heard her approach and turned to look at her. His instincts screamed to defend himself but he forced himself to stay still, allowing the slap to happen, though it didn't even move him much. When he prepared for something, he could become a mountain side. Her first words pulled a quick laugh from him as he looked into the sky hopelessly. "Make amends? To the families of those I've killed? To the families of the people whom I've manipulated, twisted, and turned into brainwashed servants willing to slaughter at my behest? Make amends to all the lives I've ruined? That's a good one Mina." She continued anyway, stating how the first step was admitting he was wrong. That he was doing very well in that regard, or at least compared to prisoners she'd locked up. She told him that the pain never goes away, but that it's manageable enough to lead a normal life. "I don't even know what a normal life is, let alone how to live one..." Then she said something that caught his attention. She told him she made peace with what she did. Domarus' eyes snapped towards her own, a hint of hostility in them. However it vanished as soon as it came, as he tried calming down. "You say you've made peace? You didn't seem to have made peace with anything save for that you were guilty Mina. Your words and your eyes do not align. I'm a master of deception, don't think you can hide it from me." He wasn't sure if that title was a good thing, or not anymore. Despite him trying to turn a new leaf, there were still good uses for deception.. Right? "And besides. I never had a normal life. I don't think I could ever live one."
  2. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus nodded. "Well then. We should get started as soon as possible." Miraak nodded. "Before we go however, are you two sure you're fully prepped and ready to go?" Domarus nodded. "We were ready when we spoke with you." Miraak looked between the two with a gentle smile. "That wasn't what I had meant, but very well. I'll lead the way." Miraak walked over to the wall and picked up his staff. It seemed different than before. Purified and cleansed. He gestured for them to follow him outside the Cathedral. Domarus followed, though he left a bit of distance between the priest and him. While he promised Hestia he would try, he still felt a weight on his heart and shoulders, and it would show as he walked. He didn't say anything after they began to walk out of the Cathedral and towards their destination. Rhozarth continued to glare with hatred towards Kuro and Hestia, clearly wanting a rematch. One where he would permanently put down the other familiar for humiliating it during that battle.
  3. Domarus listened but said nothing. He sat there for a good while without a word. Then, his and tightened into a fist, twitching once or twice. They tightened more as he took a long, deep breath, and exhaled to calm himself down. "Mina... You, are a true moron." He turned to look into her eyes, his own full of anger and disappointment. "You think what you had done was horrible? Was that bad? You injured one person. You gave one person a quick death. Both of these times it was an accident, regardless of how others feel about it. And you think that's bad?" He turned his body to her as he stood up. His balled fist shaking, with regret and pain mixing in with the anger and disappointment. "I beat people down both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I manipulated and twisted people into a darker version of themselves. I killed people on purpose. Thinking only of my own goal of world domination. You made two accidents that you never intended to make." He shoved his finger into her right shoulder, not enough to knock her down but enough to make an impact. "If ANYONE has the right for redemption. To try again. To escape this world of depravity, guilt and pain it's you. So instead of sitting there sulking about it." He stopped talking and looked away gritting his teeth as his eyes watered. He was not in a position to lecture her. He was in the same boat really. Still... He walked over to a tree, placed his arm against it and leaned on it. "I'm not strong.. Not like I make myself seem. I've done things I can never take back Mina. I wouldn't be surprised if I was arrested for life in the real world, and even executed when I confess my crimes... But if possible I want to achieve redemption." He turned to her, the anger remaining, but dwarfed by fear and pain. "If you cannot reach a place of peace how can I?! Who will be there to show that there is such a thing as redemption?! Or will I find out that I was right? That redemption, salvation, purity, all of it an illusion?"
  4. He didn't move. He didn't turn to look at her. Not for a while at least. He turned to look at her. Dealing with something herself obviously. But the question is.... When did it happen? He sighed as he walked over to her. He hesitated as he stood by her side, but crouched down and sat beside her. He said nothing for a while. After all, he didn't know what he should be saying right now. Which still terrified him. Not knowing what to say. He had been hoping she would offer him forgiveness out of a good heart. One he was hoping more than anything would prove that there were in fact more people, with pure and honest hearts. That he was wrong. It was a hope, something he hated in the past. But now it was the only thing keeping him afloat. "I shared my sins. My guilt. Even if I did paraphrase. What is it that burdens you? What guilt do you hold onto?"
  5. Domarus watched as she seemed to have an inner war of her own. She didn't speak or react for a while. To the point where Domarus quietly gulped, his throat and chest tightening in worry and anticipation. He was hoping she could find it in herself to forgive him, and accept him for who he was trying to become. Eventually, after seeing her shudder, she spoke. She told him that she had no reason at all to hate him. Domarus didn't notice her shudder again. His head dropped downward, and his shoulders fell. Almost as if a literal weight had fallen off of him. And this was in fact very true. When it at least came to Mina, he didn't have to be afraid. There was hope after all. He had a chance for redemption.. He sat there breathing heavily for a moment before he looked up. Something just clicked in his mind, and it was reinforced when he saw her on the ground. He spotted Rhozarth glaring at her, his wings opening up. Domarus' eyes widened as he knew what he was about to do. The player launched himself forward, not at all trying to be subtle. He leaped forward and took the brunt of Rhozarth's attack. The familiar had leaped towards Mina from a high branch, bursting into flames and ended up clawing into Domarus instead of Mina. Domarus grabbed his familiar by it's tail and smashed it against a tree, creating a gash in it. The dragon hovered in the air after Domarus let him go and glared at the player before returning to the trees. Domarus panted some more before speaking. "While I.. Appreciate, your words.. I have to ask.. Do you say that because you choose to forgive me? Or do you say that out of guilt?"
  6. Domarus said nothing at first. He had managed to catch what she finished with however. He scoffed at that. She hated herself? Please, he thought. He looked at her. Took a deep breath. And then... "In the real world I practiced the art of manipulation and deception since a young age. After perfecting it I went to public school for the first time and managed to rally multiple people to not only befriend me, but to serve me. And I used them to destroy the bullies who ran the school. Not beat. Not drive off. But send them to the hospital for a month destroyed them. The teachers did nothing because I had their favor. Over time I had gained influence among business men. Both honest and shady. Eventually I gained dangerous allies, and gained control of their leader. I manipulated someone who was close to discovering my true personality into a situation where he couldn't take it anymore and committed suicide. All of this while I held a charade, fooling everyone into thinking I was their shining knight. I even built an immunity to alcohol so I could fool others into sharing vital information by getting them drunk. "Intro SAO. I forged a potion that forces someone to enter a depressive state and remember their worst memory, so that I could manipulate a woman named Mossino into becoming one of my four generals. I also used a potion that forced the pain receptors to shut off. And tortured him in ways that would kill ordinary people, but not in a video game. After finding out an organization kidnapped players, I set it up so that Aereth would be kidnapped to show him a lesson. When Hidden and I rescued him we discovered they turned those children into assassins. I had them slaughter all but three of them, keeping my hands clean. I found Hestia's sister by accident and turned her from an innocent and protected young girl into my own apprentice of darkness. I lied and tricked everyone in this world specifically to earn their favor and rise to the top. I protected players in the event because I had to build up my reputation. All of this because I sought world domination. To control and dominate over everyone, and everything. That's what my username was made from. Domarus, is an altered form of Domination, Mina. I've killed mercilessly by using my words and other people I've manipulated into becoming my slaves. I've fooled everyone into thinking I'm a hero. I've forced people to change into a worse version of themselves. So tell me: Do you still hate yourself, more than you hate a man like me?"
  7. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus listened and eventually, was able to nod. His breathing finally reaching a calm and steady pace. He let himself slip away from her and hesitantly nodded again. "I know, it's just.. I'm not used to... This... Any of this... Not having a plan for each scenario. Not having someone to shift the blame to.." He took a deep breath before speaking. "But... I'll do my best.." While all this was going on. Rhozarth lurked in the shadows. His eyes glaring with disapproval and disgust at it's master. If the lion spotted and stared at the red dragon, Rhozarth would glare right back with nothing but violence and wrath in it's own eyes. After waiting a little bit, Domarus turned to the priest. Miraak had waited patiently, and was standing their awkwardly. Most of the real life terminology flew past his head to the point where he gave up trying to interpret most of it. "...Miraak.. How, have you been?" Miraak hesitated before answering, as he was still adjusting to this new scenario. "The towns people were, distrustful at first. Some of them still are. However, I've taken strides to restore that trust... I do believe, that there was something else you wanted to know?" Domarus nodded. "Yeah. There's um.. Word that you were asking for aid, or something along those lines?" "Yes actually. Some time ago when I was under Artamiel's influence, I placed a powerful seal of corruption in what once was the largest city of this world. I understand now that it must be destroyed if we plan to put an end to the Corruption of this world. It seems that the Angel's power didn't lift it and we require to remove it directly. I would like your assistance in cleansing it."
  8. He fell silent as she spoke. Stating how he could only disappoint her, not infuriate her. How he impressed her and earned her respect after the event with Miraak. She didn't understand. How could she? He began to have an inner struggle, which would show on his face. He couldn't take this. She was so wrong about him that he had to tell him... But the fear of what she would think, say or do was immense. He fought between the two with cons and pros. He couldn't just let himself be fearful forever. He had to find out one way or another whether people would accept him. People other than Hestia. He needed to see if he just got lucky with her, or if everyone gave him the right to be redeemed. To be forgiven. Or if he would be hated by the majority. The danger here, was that if she reacted badly.... And especially if she told the public. Then that would be it for him. He'd be subject to their hatred, thier vengeance. But he couldn't live a life of fear.. Fear was something he'd never felt before now. And he hated the feeling. He looked her in the eyes. Serious now. "You'll only know how wrong your words are, if I tell you everything I've done Mina. And I can't run from this anymore. It will be found out eventually."
  9. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus didn't move for a while. Even after she spoke. Only after a good two minutes did he look up and see her extended hand. He steadied his breathing to the best of his abilities. He was somewhat ashamed of himself. Dropping from a strong individual to someone who broke down and cried in public so easily... Then again, he wondered if this were better than when he had pride. He took her hand and used her as a support to stand up again. He still disagreed with her when it came to Kayaba. As he believed the man may have had a horrid experience growing up as well. Which Hestia said was why she wasn't blaming him. Not only that but.. He just, didn't think he could continue the conversation. He embraced Hestia in a hug, holding her tightly but not enough to deal any damage. "I.. I'm terrified Hestia... I'm terrified and that scares me even more. For the first time in my life, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do with my life. I don't know what to do if people find out. I don't know what I'll do if... I just.." It was a new concept for him: Fear. All his life he bred fear in others to better control them. Whether they were ally or enemy. And now.. Now he was the scared one.
  10. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus said nothing. Too overwhelmed with the wave of emotion. He didn't comment on how Aereth had finally snapped. He didn't comment on her calling him an idiot. He didn't say anything about the fact that she openly admitted indirectly that morality was pointless as anyone had the right to judge and do as they would. However... For the final part. She talked about how if a child went through depression and committed suicide because of it. That the parent would be to blame according to the law. He said nothing at first. Simply kneeled there. "...Then I am guilty as well Hestia. You only know of what I have done in this world. But you don't know of the deaths I caused in the real worlds with only my voice." He looked up to her, the tears finally slipping through the helmet. Though his voice would have revealed his broken state as it was. Revealing how overwhelmed he was with the sheer guilt of everything he had done. Every person he manipulated into getting in trouble. Into committing a crime. Every person he lured into a trap. Every person whom he befriended, only to use them and trick them into being beat within an inch of their life to the point of suicide. Everyone in the game. The children he mercilessly had slaughtered at the hands of both Hidden and Aereth. The lives of people like Mossino, and Raven. Individuals who were so pure and innocent, before Domarus turned them into his own personal minions. So much death. So many lives ruined by his hands. His ruin count wasn't as high as Kayaba's... But it was still dauntingly high. "If you choose to live by such morals... By such decisions... Then I deserve the death penalty. Or life in prison. I DON'T deserve redemption. I DON'T deserve forgiveness. I deserve punishment..."
  11. He chuckled sadly at her words and shook her head. "If you were a former cop, you'd probably arrest my a** when you heard what I've planned and done. And hate me to my core all the same." Despite his chuckle, there would be a sign of fear and concern. Hoping he was in fact completely wrong about what he had just said. And that by some sheer miracle she could find it in her to not only forgive him but... No. He was not about to give himself a hope too high for a monster like him to get. She spoke again, stating how in her opinion and experience, meditation was bs. She talked in detail about how it did the opposite for herself. What's worse, his own experience amplified her words. He sighed. "Thank you, for those beautiful words of encouragement and support." he muttered. When she told him that she was sure he could get out of whatever depressive state he was in he only sighed, picked up the photo of his mother, and inserted it in his inventory too quickly for her to see. "No offense Mina. But you're making empty assumptions with no information of who I am, what my past is, and what has happened in the past month."
  12. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    He was beginning to come close to his wits end. She talked about the deaths, and blamed Kayaba for that. She talked about everyone becoming like the real world, and blamed Kayaba for that. She spoke of how she didn't have it in her to forgive Kayaba. She spoke of how she didn't know Kayaba but knew he wasn't as bad as Kayaba. She spoke of how everyone was their own judge. How she only offers a second chance if she thinks they deserve it. Finally he had enough. "Not every death is his fault and you know it! Each of us have choices to make! We can choose whether to kill another. We can choose whether to commit suicide or not! We can choose whether we want to save someone's life, sacrifice ourselves for others, or any other d**n decision in this game! The only reason people die is because he made this game real life! He's forced players to face reality! A cruel and unfair way but when you boil down to it THAT is what he did Hestia! After he made that announcement, players died of their own choices! All the players who died because they fought to escape this game? That's on him. Players who committed suicide chose to abandon all hope. Players who committed to murder chose to cut off their emotions. That was their choice. Whether you want to accept it or not, blaming Kayaba is simply another form of blinding yourself to that truth. "As for politics, Kayaba didn't make them that way. It's all these people have ever known. When the human mind is used to something to the point where it's natural, it seeks someone or something to replace it in order to make it familiar. The unknown and the strange we fear and hate. It was inevitable this happened. The only way it would not happen in the real world is if people don't care, or if they were blinded from the truth. "You say you don't have it in you. That's stating that he can be redeemable, you simply refuse to redeem him. You decided to pin all the blame, all your hate on him, and thus rather than seeing him as someone you can try and save, like you did with me. You want to see him put away or killed off, so that the man to blame. The man who made us all evil in your eyes will be gone for good. In the hopes things are better. When in reality he will only be replaced by someone else. "And you think we are all our own judge? You believe you get to decide what's right or wrong? Then EVERYONE is right! F**k the collective! F**k the majority! Because EVERYONE has a right to judge EVERYONE else however way they want! If we go by that logic, then I would have the right to massacre everyone I deemed corrupted! Cruel, evil. Which would effectively wipe out over half the global population!" Domarus took a step back. His breathing heavy at this point. "I know he needs to be punished for his crimes Hestia. But coming from someone who has been in a dark place because of their past. I know what it feels like. To want redemption upon realizing what you've done. You can say we're different all you like. Kayaba and I... We really aren't that different." He closed his eyes, tears continuing to slip down as he allowed himself to shift downward to his knees. "If you can't forgive a man like Kayaba, you can't forgive a man like me. The only reason you offer to redeem me is because you pity me. Everyone else be d**ned in your eyes. You judge them before you know them. And you could care less what others think..."
  13. There was a moment where nothing happened. No movement, no sound. Soon however, he heard movement in the trees before the figure walked out in the open. She pulled her hood back to reveal.. Mina? That made sense actually, now that he thought about the hair. She held a stern face, eyes filled with confidence as she looked into his own. In his own eyes however, she'd find nothing but a heavy weight. Burden. And just raw weariness. "Much has happened since the event. Given the fact that you don't hold any hatred in your eyes right now, I'm guessing that she hasn't told anyone yet," he said. The very last sentence spoken in a lower volume than he originally did. He glanced at the pool of water. "Also, this pool is meant for meditation. I've been trying.... And failing, to find some peace here.. Just another method that's failed thus far unfortunately." Domarus said nothing, but he did shift around so he could view her easier. As he did so, Rhozarth shifted from his position and glared at the both of them from it's perch. Domarus sent the familiar a glare right back, showing that he and his dragon were not on good terms right now.
  14. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    "You claim it fits his nature, but you know better than anyone that you don't know someone's nature until you GET TO KNOW THEM!! You're accusing him of things you don't know as hard fact. That's the first thing. The second is that. You think that makes him a monster?" He glared at her though his helmet. "It's child play from what I know. And thirdly. What if he isn't sane? Have you considered that he's had more pain and torment than you or I could ever imagine? That he's simply trying to escape it all by being in control for once? And that's just it. You want to hate someone for the pain you and others are going through, and thus you pin the blame on Kayaba. Refusing to give him a second chance. If I told everyone who I was and what I did to them, their friends, and children which some players will know. You and I both know the majority of them would refuse to forgive me. I'd have assassins after me day and night. Everyone would hate me till eternity. Yet you claim to see me as redeemable!" he said raising his voice. "If a monster like me can be allowed to be saved and become a good person, then why would you force someone who is asking for forgiveness for his sins to remain the villain?! Who are you to play judge and executioner?! You let your anger and stubbornness blind you just like I did!" At this point, though she couldn't see it, he was crying under his helmet, his eyes wide with anger, frustration, pain and despair. "IF YOU SEE THE WORLD THROUGH THAT LOGIC THEN THERE'S NO POINT IN REDEMPTION AND FORGIVENESS IF OTHERS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO FIND IT AS WELL!!!"
  15. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    He listened to what she said and was silent for a moment. He took a deep breath as he pushed his depression aside. He'd be more aggressive than usual, but that would be because it's all he knew. All he had from his past. "Hestia you are overanalyzing it. The chances that Kayaba is attempting to speak to the players through this quest is absurdly low. That you would even assume that makes me worry. Even I, who think of every possible outcome and possibility, don't think that's the likely result. More than anything he is simply another story of a mistake, redemption and forgiveness. I also believe the primary point of the event was to show how bosses will be stronger going forward. In addition to this, it also proved that events very well may give players the option to change entire floors with future events. All three of these are the far more likely reason for this event. "Furthermore, even if Kayaba wanted forgiveness. Will you not ask him for his backstory? His reason for doing this? You would be willing to give me the benefit of the doubt? I? A monster who cared nothing of others? Who used and abused, and wasn't afraid of letting anyone die? Or killing them myself? I who gave the order to slaughter children? Regardless of the fact that they could have been imprisoned like Adrian was?" He paused for a short moment. "Has it occurred to you that you may have an issue with holding onto anger? For the longest time you held onto hatred against me until you learned more about me. And now you're telling me you refuse to forgive Kayaba. No, you refuse to allow him to even ask for forgiveness? Is that where you cross the line? You don't think everyone is redeemable? You don't have to forgive him, but if what anything you told me was true, then you can prove it by giving him the chance to find redemption for what he's done." His voice was more aggressive, and he was at this point standing over her. The priest was looking concerned, and as the dialogue had not yet started, the quest menu had not yet been pulled up.