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        <<Summer Beach Party>>
          Location: Floor 16 - West of Oceanus
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      Setting: Daytime (July 1 - July 31) | Sunset (August 1 - August 31)   A small guild calling themselves the Gladiolus Alliance have suddenly started putting up posters and making announcements about a beach party they are hosting on the sixteenth floor. Players may wear any equipment they like, but casual clothing and swimwear are highly encouraged. Weapons are prohibited from being equipped while in the vicinity. Food, drink, beach towels/umbrellas, and a volleyball court have all been provided and set-up by the guild for everyone's enjoyment.   Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.
          <<Mid-Summer Fireworks Festival>>
      Location: Floor 1 - Town of Beginnings
      Event Begins: July 12 | Event Ends: August 31
      Fireworks display begins August 12
      Orange players may safely enter the Town of Beginnings to participate in the event. A fireworks festival has appeared in the main plaza of the Town of Beginnings. The festivities run all night long with a variety of games, prizes, and food for players to enjoy. Halfway through the festival, when darkness has fallen over the city, a fireworks show will begin to light up the night sky. General Rules: Orange players are permitted to attend, and will not be attacked by guards if they enter the city for the event. Normal safe zone rules still apply. When spending col to participate in games, buy items, or enter the lottery, be sure to keep track of the col you have available. Final spending/winning totals will be posted by a staff member in the closing post of the event, which can be used to link to your Col logs. If a player had spent more col than they had available, prizes won as a result may be voided. Traditional festival attire (yukata) or casual clothing is encouraged, but not required. Event Thread Rewards: Finished thread awards 1 SP per completed page. Participants receive 1 SP per (3) posts, up to the number of completed pages. Posts must meet the 150 minimum word count to be counted towards SP rewards.


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  1. Domarus watched as Birdie stepped forward, charging and releasing a sword art to finish off one of the enemies. Aereth came immediately afterward and was successful in destroying the last one. However before anything else could occur, another two monsters appeared, both with a form of armor and long two handed spears. It would appear that their armor was meant for intimidation. At the same time however, it did not seem as though any of the group would be intimidated by them, save for perhaps Birdie. He noted that Ariel was going to compliment them before the monsters had appeared. The fact that she was impressed with their work, or at the very least didn't see them as weaklings was decent at best. Domarus would be looking to becoming strong enough to the point where the front lines would need him, so much so that they would overlook any minor deeds that may not have been the best. As of yet there were none whatsoever. Which was why he needed to get strong fast enough and in time to keep such events from occurring. Domarus launched once again, using his charge skill, and released Catapult Explosion on the two, destroying one completely, and dealing two hundred and twenty four points of damage to the other. After his sword art was completed the monster tried to retaliate but Domarus, as usual, was too fast for the creature, despite having heavy armor. It thrust it's spear at him but he simply twisted his body out of it's way and grabbed the creature at the same time, swinging it overhead and slamming it into the ground before launching himself back in order to give Birdie room to fight. Keres waited nearby, smiling the entire time as if she was watching her master having a friendly conversation with friends and allies. She had chosen not to invest skill points in combat, however she had practiced evasive skills in this game, and had worked on her strength stats, so that she wasn't helpless. She couldn't deal damage, but neither could she be hit. It also went along with her desire to mess with other's emotions. If any more monsters appeared however, Domarus wouldn't have any more energy available to use a sword art. ID# 88003 BD: 5+3=8 Sword art: Explode Catapult -x2x7 -28 14+2x2x7=224 dmg [H:0] Aereth: 806/880 | 69 /88 | 48 Mit | 3 Evasion [H:2 #1] Ariel: 1,315 /1,315 | 95 /130 | 93 Mit | 1 Evasion [H:0] Domarus: 700/700 | 2/70 | 54 MIT | 0 Evasion [H:0] Birdie: 680/680 | 64/68 | 39 MIT | 3 Evasion @Domarus @Birdie @Aereth Elite Wraith #1: 0/500 | 150 DMG | 20 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA Elite Wraith #2: 276/500 | 150 DMG | 20 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA
  2. From what he could tell, Vigilon had decided to drop and avoid the subject rather than admitting and moving on. It was typical for Domarus to see. So many people wanted to avoid the truth, deny the truth, or just switch topics as swiftly as they could. It was a fundamental weakness in humans that were naturally weak. He could tell this player wouldn't make it very far, unless something broke him and changed the boy. At any case he requested that they change the subject, however he did notice that he asked Wardege in particular. He would act as if he hadn't noticed this blatant action of his. He turned to Wardege, changing his expression to a far more calm one. "Yes indeed. So what would you like to discuss Wardege?" With that he left the conversation in the hands of Wardege. Of the two players he definitely chose Wardege. It would only be a matter of time before he convinced the player to join him and his guild. Over time who knows? He may manipulate the player into becoming a complete follower. However he was uncertain at this current time how that would work out, nor if it would be worth it. Domarus watched as Rhozarth flew by with more materials, dropping them in Domarus' hands. He inserted them into his inventory as he had need of materials for his shop, once the time came. ID# 87976 LD: 16 Domarus: 12 MAT @Wardege
  3. Name: Silver sightProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87407Roll: 9 -8+1=9-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: 1 ACC Description: A pair of silver earrings, nothing to flashy Name: Brilliant sightProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87409Roll: 11 -10+1=11-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: Rare Enhancements: 2 ACC Description: A pair of silver earrings with emeralds in the centers Name: Blessing of the CookProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87412Roll: 12 -11+1=12-Item Type: TrinketTier: Tier 1Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 1x Crafting Die Description: A golden trinket with a red jewel within. It has been said that ancient cooks have passed it down to each other, each donating a bit of their expertise to boost the power of the trinket as the years go by. Name: Fluent SilverProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87542Roll: 9 -8+1=9-Item Type: UncommonTier: 1Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: 1 Evasion Description: A silver pin that can be placed anywhere Name: Silver momentumProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87543Roll: 9 -8+1=9-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: uncommon Enhancements: Keen Description: A weighted silver bracelet Name: Flowing SilverProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87544Roll: 10 -9+1=10-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: Rare Enhancements: 2 Evasion Description: A silver pin that can be placed anywhere. It has two emeralds in it. Name: Shining MomentumProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87546Roll: 10 -9+1=10-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: Rare Enhancements: 2 Keen Description: A weighted silver bracelet. It has four emeralds in it. Name: NightmareProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87659Roll: 8 -7+1=8-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: Taunt Description: An obsidian flower with an amethyst in the center that gives off frightening images that draws enemies towards wielder in hopes of ending the images. Name: Pleasant AromaProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87664Roll: 8 -7+1=8-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: Taunt Description: A golden flower with a silver jewel in the center that draws monsters to user. Name: Essence of HopeProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87948Roll: 8 -7+1=8-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: +1 LD Description: A tiny glass bottle with something glowing inside that increases luck Name: Ambition of the CookProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87946Roll: 12 -11+1-12Item Type: TrinketTier: Tier 1Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 1x Ambition Description: A blue trinket with stripped lines going across it and a cross-shaped figure in the middle of the trinket. Gives a magical power in which the cook becomes more efficient in his or her profession faster. Name: Endurance of the CookProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87947Roll: 12 -11+1=12-Item Type: TrinketTier: Tier 1Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 1x Crafting Attempt Description: A black trinket with a blue jewel within. Gives a mystical power in which the cook receives the power to carry on more than usual and craft more than he or she is supposed to. Name: Medallion of EvasionProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87949Roll: 12 -11+1=12-Item Type: TrinketTier: 1Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Evasion Description: Domarus' Emblem that keeps the armor's cape intact Name: Medallion of RegenerationProfession: ArtisanRank: 6ID: 87951Roll: 12Item Type: TrinketTier: 2Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3 Recovery Description: Domarus' Emblem that keeps the armor's cape intact
  4. Domarus had recently bought materials from Aereth. Very recently in fact. He brought them into his shop. Today he would craft Kasier's request if it killed him. In fact he went ahead and sent Kasier a message, telling her to come on by as her order was nearly done. After doing so he walked into his crafting station and got to work. While the first attempt was an utter failure, his determination and willpower was unchanged. Pretty soon he not only crafted Kasier's item, but an additional one to go along with his Sovereignty armor as well. He sighed as he at last crafted the equipment. He took the items and moved into the counter and waited for Kasier to appear. When she did he'd give her a weary smile and present the three items. "I apologize for the wait. I truly am sorry that it took so long. You can take this for your troubles," He said as he placed eight hundred col on the counter for her. He hated to part with even more col, but if it would keep his reputation afloat, then he would do it. -800 col
  5. Gives 2,400 col in return
  6. Domarus was in great need of materials, especially since he still had two more items to craft. However his last few days had been utter failures and he was now out of materials. Therefore he had placed a notice asking for materials for a fair price so that he could complete a customer's order. It frustrated him greatly to have to stoop so low, but he was out of options. He placed the notice and made his way out, hoping he would be contacted soon. @Aereth
  7. Domarus continued along the path, so far undisturbed by others. That was when it had occurred. Rhozarth's sharp eyes had noticed a player among the crowd and it's curiosity got the better of him. Rhozarth began to circle down, and flew towards a section of the city she had been walking towards. His flames were off and, despite him being a very proud and majestic creature who disliked having to hide, he saw stealth as priority and ensured she didn't see him. Rhozarth would interact with the world around, scaring npc's into her way, having crates fall down, anything that would cause Kooh to think twice about going in that direction. The more he did this, which was spaced between streets in order not to look suspicious, her path slowly made it's way to run into Domarus. After altering her path a little more, Kooh would soon walk by Domarus, or beside him. It all depended on where Domarus was heading. With his job done, he swiftly returned to the skies as fast as he could to ensure she didn't notice him, before once again resuming his 'pattern' of flying around aimlessly, scanning the ground and watching for a reaction. Domarus had heard sounds in the distance and he wondered what could have caused them. He looked up to Rhozarth so that he would give a signal telling him if it was something to worry about or not, but the familiar was missing from the sky. He grit his teeth before looking back in the direction of the sounds. What the hell was Rhozarth doing to abandon his post? When he looked back up the familiar had returned and he scanned the area quickly, noting a player with blonde hair and red eyes. Red eyes that held mischief in them. What on earth could Rhozarth could have found so important that he would abandon his post and lure this player to him? At any rate, he would act like any normal human being and take notice of her, smiling and nodding at her as he walked. How she reacted would most likely determine how the rest of his day would turn out. @Kooh
  8. Wardege seemed to have decided to silence himself for the time being. What the reason for it was beyond Domarus. The player's mind worked strangely. Keres had already begun processing many different manners she could screw with Wardege and his emotions. Doing lots of things for him that might disturb or bother him like give him a massage and deny a reward for it, or perhaps insisting a peck on her cheek. That is, if Domarus allowed it of course. And it seemed to her that Vigilon would be far too easy to mess with. His emotions were already all over the place it seemed. Still, even if he was easy, she could still have fun with him. Domarus was about to reply when Vigilon started going into some sort of tantrum. It seemed to Vigilon as if this was some sort of mischievous vendetta of Kayaba's, as if he were out to get Vigilon. The idiot fool continued ranting on until he finally caught himself and calmed down, immediately taking a 360 degree turn and began to have a pity party, beating himself up. Domarus stared at him for a moment before speaking. "Would you get the hell up already? Kayaba didn't select this method to come after you, this is typical for MMO's. There's always numbers behind the screen activating random numbers every millisecond. What this game, as well as other games help you out with, is giving you skills and gear that increase the percent chance of success. And if you plan on putting all of the faults you or your guild does then you need help. Stand on your own two feet and move forward, learn from your mistakes." Perhaps it seemed a bit harsh but it was true, and he really was getting tired of this oaf letting his emotions get the better of him, rather than thinking about everything like Domarus did. He often wondered what it was like in the minds of others. Carefree, not giving a *censored*, and completely empty headed. It must be so boring he thought. Rhozarth stared at Vigilon and his dragon, clearly way beyond unimpressed. The dragon had made it clear long ago that he respected strength above all else, but Domarus had just given a glimpse of where his tolerance level was. At least with Vigilon that is. "The longer you choose to give into your rage or sadness, the more time you waste in this game. It's not something where if you fall behind it's no big deal. It's life or death. You need to stay focused and not let your emotions control you. You need to control your emotions." The second part of Domarus' little lecture was more soft and gentle, like a father speaking to a son. The first was to basically get him to shut up and get over it. @Wardege
  9. Domarus watched as the woman approached him and introduced herself as Dazia. An interesting name he thought to himself. What intrigued him most was that she didn't seem to have any reaction, nor showed much emotion on her face. He couldn't help but wonder what the cause of this was, or if she was controlling herself. He knew others who could do the same, but Domarus was a step higher in skill, able to duplicate the emotions others tend to show on a daily basis when he feels quite the opposite on the inside. At any rate, so far as Domarus knew, this woman was like any other individual. "Pleased to meet you Dazia," He told her. Then Aereth began to speak, mentioning a hunt. Domarus looked back at Dazia for a moment before he pieced it together. What are you planning Aereth? Why use this individual? Domarus couldn't let information of this girl being used by Domarus leak out into the public on any level. Was Aereth that sure this player wouldn't crack and share? If Domarus even suspected that she would, he'd order Aereth to follow her and eliminate her. He couldn't afford anyone discovering his true nature, and thus needed to remove any and all evidence, no matter how small. In the meantime however there was the matter staring right in front of them. Aereth was speaking of course, of the little pker that had escaped from the caves he was imprisoned in for some time now. It wasn't even human anymore so Domarus wouldn't mind ending it, but it had to be Aereth since he had the orange cursor... Unless his intention was to give this player an orange cursor as well. There were multiple reasons why he would do that, but only a sliver of those would be worth it. "The, piglets are extremely cautious and very very agile. Not only that but their perception range is great as well. They tend to know what's going on around them. I doubt that a simple ambush would accomplish anything. We'll need to be more prepared than that. Dazia, I suggest that you chase these piglets toward these coordinates. While they're being chased they won't be able to process around them. I'll remain stationary in hiding while Aereth follows you in the shadows since he has light armor and far more stealthy." @Dazia
  10. Domarus watched with mild surprise as the blue haired girl, who seemed to be partially made of fear, had charged forward and assaulted the next monsters in the group. Keres' eyebrows rose a little but smiled directly afterwards. Domarus watched the girl for a little bit... She may had some talent in her after all. He needed to analyze her some more and watch her carefully, but it could be that this girl would prove useful for him and his organization. He needed to find out details, such as what her intentions and plans for Aincrad were. The strength of her resolve most definitely. And determine if she had a profession. He was intending to start up his guild soon, however he only had Aereth thus far. Hidden was a part of the inner circle of course, but she wasn't one to join guilds. And it wouldn't do to have an assassin be publicized like that. As a result he needed two additional members to even begin the process of starting his guild. All the details were ready but even then he would need more and more members as time moved on. He could not remain idle. He watched as Aereth and Ariel charged forward, Ariel failing to strike the enemies when she did. Domarus of course, knew that it was his turn. Domarus saw that the monsters were in a sort of ethereal or spiritual forms which he could understand, seeing as how they were phantom like monsters. Unfortunately for them, the games mechanics made their patterns easily recognizable. Domarus waited until Ariel had finished her attack before activating charge and launching at the monsters, releasing Explode Catapult. His blade although heavy, moved swiftly and mercilessly. He swung to end the monsters quickly and swiftly, uninterested in weaklings such as this. However, while his damage had nearly decimated them, it was not enough to fully reduce their health to zero. Once he finished his attack he moved away from their blades faster than they could react, launching backward and swinging his two handed ax blade into the ground, slowing his movement to a stop immediately and keeping him in the combat area, pulling out the ax just as quickly and ready to finish them off if the others failed to do so.
  11. Domarus stared at where the npc woman had stood. The game's system was pathetic. He had been alone this entire time and it couldn't give him a decent fight with that? Aincrad, Sword art online. It was a joke, a trash game. He'd played far greater ones than this. However since he had no choice but to play the game, he may as well learn to live with it. Still, this was a very large issue. The fact that the system lets players fight mobs this weak instead of keeping them at a player's level would make some cocky. Then again he thought, he didn't really care about the stupidity of others. The weak were culled with time and age, or their own idiocy. In the end the weak were there only to serve the strong. For the strong would crush the weak and take advantage of them. On the off chance someone good rose to the throne, it was nearly always short lived, only to be replaced by someone just as bad. Then he could practically feel Rhozarth warning him about someone approaching. He turned and saw with great surprise that someone had the exact same armor as he. The man's words made it clear that to him it seemed the girl was a player. He was very wrong in that aspect. He then gestured for him to talk with the man. Domarus waited until Rhozarth gave the signal that the man was alone before walking slowly to the man, sheathing his blade. Each step heavy against the ground as his visor flashed for a brief moment. He stopped about seven feet away from the man, remaining silent as he waited to see what this individual wanted. He hadn't been there long or else Rhozarth would have noticed. @Arc
  12. Domarus' sharp ears hear the rather loud and frustrated comment that echoed from outside the bar. For him it was only faint, so he could only catch the curse, something about quests, and levels. He put the pieces together and came with three possibilities. Either there was a player who was too low level for a quest. The player had just finished a quest and didn't believe it was worth the effort. Or they were frustrated with the rate their level was rising. At any rate it was none of his concern in the least. He began to take another drink when he heard the door open, and seeing as how the curse had come not too long beforehand, he made the assumption that the same player had walked into the bar just now. Domarus allowed a glance behind and saw the player: Long red hair with brown eyes, and extremely low grade clothes. It was definitely the first possibility. He was ninety eight percent certain. She was too low a level to handle quests that would give her decent experience and was impatient with that fact. He saw her take a seat beside the doorway and before she could notice him he'd turn back to his glass and analyze the situation. Besides the newcomer, Keres and himself, there were no other players besides the bartender. Either she'd sit there or seek assistance. Along with Domarus' presence, Rhozarth sat on a pole protruding from the wall. The dragon's scales were consistently ablaze as it's eyes watched the newcomer. Keres didn't notice as she continued to sit with Domarus, dressed in a maid's outfit as usual. Her choice, not his. He had chosen to analyze the situation and make a deduction. Now it was her move. @Embers
  13. Domarus had made a change of pattern today. Instead of grinding or making friendly actions with the players in the towns on the lower floors, he had chosen to take a look at the eleventh floor where the guild Knights of the Blood Oath resided. He was not going to be surpassing or challenging them anytime soon, however it was good to gather any intel on your enemies, whether distant or not, before they knew you two were enemies. He was intending to keep the fact that they were enemies a secret, even after rising in the ranks of guilds. He walked through the floor in his casual clothing: A black T-shirt and pants. He did his best to blend in, but players would be able to detect his cursor and identify that he was a player if they were paying attention. In any case, he asked Keres to wear something other than her typical maid's outfit in order to avoid attention. So instead she wore a red shirt and black skirt, following beside him as usual. Porvós was slithering in the shadows, keeping his flames down to avoid detection, and Rhozarth was flying high enough to make himself appear as if he were a bird in the sky rather than a flaming dragon. Hopefully he would be able to find the head quarters and get some useful information. Or at least run into one of their members. @Kooh
  14. Keres watched as Ariel seemed very confused as to what she was talking about when she had mentioned Claudia's name. She wondered if it was either because she didn't care at all about the maid, and deemed the girl too low for her to note. Or if she didn't really know her, which was extremely unlikely. At any rate, Keres was hoping she could use Claudia to either gain information on Ariel, or help Domarus gain information on her. She didn't know what Domarus' thoughts on Ariel was, but she felt that if Ariel proved trustworthy, she could be an excellent follower. If Domarus felt he could trust her completely, she could be a general. Keres felt that would be something Ariel would like more than the role of followers, but then again, most followers didn't even know they were such. And those who did were too loyal to care. Domarus was good at picking such targets out. When Ariel finally spoke she explained the situation to Keres and she nodded with a grin. She thought about whether or not she should ask Ariel the exact reason as to why this master sent the maid to her in the first place, but she realized she could get the information from the maid. She would probably be more open to that information than Ariel was. She bowed to Ariel with a smile. "I understand now mistress Ariel. Thank you for clearing that up." While he didn't appear to be the type, especially before he was wearing his armor, he observed every detail. He had watched Ariel's glare to his comment as well as the eye roll before she began to move forward. The cavern was dark as expected, but Ariel had provided enough light for them to see in. He did of course, need to adjust to see clearly but that would occur rather soon. As they walked he could hear their foes up ahead. Ariel moved forward first and tossed a glowing object towards Keres, who caught it without blinking or flinching, her reflexes faster than most would have expected from her. Ariel was taking the role of leader without request, and Domarus knew she had the right to do so... For now that is. He watched as she launched forward and nearly destroyed every single target. It was Domarus' turn now. Domarus activated charge, following right behind Ariel's assault. He had observed that her choice of weapon was the two handed spear. A weapon just as deadly as martial arts. Domarus wondered why the game master had decided to make the spear the most deadly weapon, rather than a two handed ax. However since wondering would get him nowhere in any manner he pushed the thought aside as he closed in on his targets. He wouldn't waste his energy as their health was nearly depleted already. He released his sword art and cut their health down to zero while Keres waited by the side holding the light, smiling as she watched Ariel and Domarus destroy them. Due to them not being loot requirement, there were no rewards.
  15. Domarus was once again out and clearing the forest of monsters. He needed to grind for levels and so far the only ways were quests, dungeons and mob grinding. So far, dungeons were not an option, and he would be returning to questing later on. For now he would focus on combat. He wanted to see how long he could keep his energy up after all. So far he'd been focussing on the larger monsters who were balanced with his level. Being a minotaur based forest, they had all been minotaur's, meaning he'd been focusing on ax to ax combat. The difference is that the minotaur had a one handed ax while he had a two handed one. The monster he was fighting currently seemed to have some level of intelligence, adapting to Domarus' strikes. At the same time there seemed to be an npc behind it that it was guarding. Perhaps it was a random quest? To be honest Domarus didn't really care. If it was he'd accept it, otherwise he'd keep slaying monsters. Domarus swung his ax from below with much force, but the minotaur managed to dodge it rather easily and struck from above. It was Domarus' turn to evade, both of them equally and exceptionally fast, in both physical prowess and combat based reaction rates. The battle continued, escalating quickly. To him it took a while. To an outside observer however, it may have seemed extremely fast, and over with quickly. After he had slain the monster he glanced at the woman. She began thanking him, urging him to come closer. He glanced at Rhozarth, commanding him to scout out for any additional monsters he could slay. As Rhozarth did so he walked to the woman to see if it was a quest. Suddenly the woman's eyes narrowed evilly and charged at him, her cursor turning orange. Domarus didn't hesitate to cleave her in half. To an outside observer, depending on how perceptive they were. It may have seemed that she was a normal player that he just killed, or they could have seen the red cursor above her head. Note: Domarus is in his Hopebreaker armor @Arc