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  1. Domarus felt the sting of scald strike him hard, but at least it kept him from being frozen solid. The heavy hitting ax wielder heard Ariel's order and nodded. "Understood!" As he charged forward he turned to look at @Sey. "...If worst comes to worst I'll give you mine. Holler when you can't wait any longer." He turned his attention back on his two targets as he ran. Yeah... If he gave his crystal to Sey, that would mean he'd be running the risk of dying. However he could accept that. He'd done many horrible things in his life and he needed to redeem himself. If it meant even saving one life he'd do it. He took a deep breath as he understood what he was thinking to himself. What he was preparing himself to do, and allowed his body to heat up. If he was going to die, he'd make sure he helped everyone get through this. Domarus reached the segment and slashed at it on his way to the Leviathan's head. He landed a powerful strike but didn't wait to see if he finished it off. Instead he landed his strike on the Leviathan, dealing five hundred points of damage. Alright, not bad. But not good enough he thought to himself. He leaped back, waiting for Zandra to attack next. ID# 118007 LD: 11+3=14 Failed Check [40 burn for 2 turns] ID# 118008 LD: 9+3=12 Scald Fail = Auto Succeed ID# 118009 BD: 8+2=10 18x14x2=504 damage against Leviathan ID# 118010 BD: 10 18+2x14-50=230 damage against Segment
  2. So much was happening but at the same time so little. This fight was dragging on longer than he believed it should too. Even worse, a water crystal had spawned and Zandra didn't strike it. Itzal failed to deal any damage to it. And he was... Well he was frozen. It sucked, he hated it, but he had to deal with it. Mentally sighing he wished he wasn't this useless. Even when he wasn't frozen he wasn't dealing the best damage. Sure he was still helping, but not by much. He snapped out of it, knowing he had to focus on his assignment and not his lack of aid. This was going to be a long fight and they were on it's last bar. He had to do his best. He needed to be ready for when he was free. ID# 117933 LD: 6+3=9 FROZEN +1 EN
  3. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Snapping out of the depressing state he was in upon hearing Hestia speak he blinked and nodded. "Uh, yeah. Right." He stood up and put the picture back into his inventory. He didn't realize it, but he tried to avoid eye contact for a little while after this. Keeping his eyes on the area around him and the ground itself rather than Hestia herself. Miraak said nothing as he observed this. He knew Hestia hated him and this, Kayaba person but he couldn't make her accept him. She seemed to have a habit of pinning her hatred on others. Domarus on the other hand seemed to be the exact opposite. He preferred to take the hatred of everyone around him and pin it on himself, including his own hatred. Both extremes were unhealthy. Miraak prayed that the two would be able to move past whatever was paining them. Domarus checked his armor really quick. "I'm um. I'm ready to go. Just tell me where to go."
  4. Domarus

    [PP - F2 - Quest] Quartz hunting! <<DHA Quest 2>>

    Domarus didn't say anything when she hit him. He closed his eyes, almost as an accepting manner. He deserved death itself, so regardless if her hitting him was simply a statement or an attempt to kill, he would let it happen. Making no movement to interrupt. When he felt no additional impact, he opened his eyes again. Watching her shove the weapon into his arms. He still didn't say anything as she spoke. After a good full minute of silence he accepted the trade system and sent it to his inventory. "As you command." She shook her head grumpily and spotted a chest and began running over to it with excitement. Domarus didn't follow. He didn't even turn his head to look. He thought Mina could be a friend, but. He didn't deserve anyone. And Mina was, so random so.. He didn't know the word for it. He wondered if she really could help him, or if. He just didn't know. All he knew was that his life was falling apart. And he couldn't take much more of it... Maybe the only way to seek redemption was...
  5. The tall red haired player watched events unfold as scald hit him. Things were going, fairly well actually. Once they hit the segment and took it down, they could deal more damage against the Leviathan. Assuming no one freezes the next round that is. That was one of the biggest issues. Players freezing solid when the Leviathan uses frostbite. With them being frozen they can't do much. Calrex seemed to be remaining frozen for far, far longer than he should. He wondered why... He heard Sey's words and believed them to be an understatement. But the way he said it... It's not how a leader should be acting. This entire fight was without true leadership because of what happened. The elven council, the fight at the meeting. The frontlines are nothing but chaos at this point. Still, he'd do whatever he can to help everyone escape. He charged at the Sahagin and activated Screw Dimension, running to where it leaped back in order to avoid Itzal and struck hard. ID# 117879 LD: 19+3 -1 damage ID# 117880 BD: 6+3-1=8 17+5x13-50=236 damage
  6. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus would sit silently for a good while. Having nothing to say and feeling too broken to have any normal discussion, the man would simply sit. There were a great many things that had been changing in his life. The lack of purpose in his life. Regret and guilt corroding his soul. His first and only real friend hating him for having changed. Fear that society would find out about his crimes and never forgive him. All of these could easily be summarized as depression. He knew what he was being told to do. He knew what he wished he could do. But he didn't know how to do it. He didn't even think he was even capable of doing it. He felt, so cold. So alone. So useless. He couldn't even help much at all stat wise, he was stuck as a tier two player. And with his lack of muse for things like grinding, he wasn't leveling up anytime soon. It was infuriating. But that fury was nothing more than sparks blowing through a frozen and lifeless field by this point. Even while looking at his mother, the warmth of the memory was far more insignificant than it used to have been...
  7. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    The heavily armored player nodded in response to her question and would place his massive ax down. He then took three strides over to a large boulder and sat down. He didn't say anything for a little while, didn't think about anything either. With the combat adrenaline gone, he was struck by the wave of emptiness he originally felt. Even with Hestia here with him, he felt like a shell. A lie, a mask. A hollow husk, pretending it was alive and living with another. He couldn't even put on a mask of happiness, or humor. He couldn't pretend. Partly because he didn't want to anymore, but also because, well. He just didn't have it in him anymore. He slowly opened up his inventory and pulled out the picture of his mother. His mother. The one good thing about his life he'd ever known. This game had finally given him the chance to see what she actually looked like.. It also let him hear her voice, just once. It had confirmed she was in fact Irish. But even still. He wondered if she'd be disappointed in him. Or even mad at him for what he'd done and become. Hestia and others might say she'd be proud for breaking out of the cycle, but.. A part of him doubted that. He just couldn't let that feeling go.
  8. Domarus

    [PP - F2 - Quest] Quartz hunting! <<DHA Quest 2>>

    Hearing movement from an inventory behind him he wondered what she was up to. Then of course he refocused his attention on the battle approaching. They'd be fighting the dragon hatchling soon enough after all. He tried to think carefully about what he remembered about the quest. It was one of the ones he sent his informants to gather data on for him, but. There was so much data that without the files he had burned not long ago, he couldn't remember the details. He knew one had allies, one had.. Paralyzing effects? He couldn't recall. He heard another sound behind him that he didn't recognize but he tried to ignore it. Then he heard Mina tell him to look at something. He hesitated in his response, wondering if he should igno- no. He needed to respect her and do as she said, regardless of how he felt. He wanted to be alone, but he would need to suck it up until later. He turned and saw the ax. A weapon she couldn't properly use, so he was assuming she was, offering it to him??? He hesitantly raised his hand and checked the stats of the weapon. When he saw the results his eyes widened with surprise that she had a weapon like this. Just as soon as that shock came in however he shook his head and withdrew his hand. "N-no, no. I can't accept this, please. Is it possible you could try giving it to another player who.. Deserves it? Like Itzal, or Hestia? Hell, even Zandra since she's an ax wielder."
  9. Domarus watched as the players in the group continued to fight. He watched Zandra rush forward and deal massive damage to the boss. Back before Hestia, Aereth, Itzal and Embers broke his dark path, he wanted that kind of power for corrupted reasons. He wanted power in general which was an issue. Now? He wished he could get that sort of power so that he could help the frontlines far easier. Itzal went next and, well he was both glad and saddened that he wasn't the only one dealing low damage in the frontlines. Domarus charged in after Itzal and used his sword art, focusing on the Leviathan rather than the Sahagin. As per instructions. He dealt his damage, only about thirty five points more than Itzal, but missed the Sahagin completely. That was ok, they could take him out in the next round. The point was dealing as much damage against the Leviathan as humanly possible. When he finished his attack he returned and nodded to Ariel. ID# 117707 LD: 12+3=15 ID# 117708 BD: 4+3+2=9 17x14x2=476 damage on Leviathan ID# 117709 BD: 4+3-3=4 Miss
  10. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    The six foot six dps nodded in agreement to her statement, and lifted his ax again as he prepared for his next attack. "That's a good point. Hopefully we can make this work then." As he was saying this, Miraak moved closer to Hestia and held his staff up, healing her for two hundred points again. With that matter settled, all that was left was finishing off the undead. Domarus rushed forward again and swung his massive ax down on it. The result, as he hoped, was it being shattered on impact. With the undead finished off he turned to Hestia. "Alright, they're all cleared. Got some col and a rare trinket. Beyond that, just some experience like usual." He sheathed his ax and walked over to Hestia, waiting for her to let them know what to do next. He was following her lead after all. ID# 117652 BD: 8 17x13=221 damage ID# 117653 CD: 8 +6 EN ID# 117654 CD: 3 +200 Health to Hestia ID# 117658 CD: 7 LD: 9 3,240 col, 1 rare trinket. [5] Hestia: HP: 1,710/1,710 Energy: 82/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [1] Domarus: 683/860 // 10/86 // 66 MIT // 2 ACC // 15 DMG // Recovery (+4 en on CD 6+) [0] Miraak 800/800 MIT: 50 EVA:2 [He has abilities roll them alongside monsters.] Enemies: 7/8 dead Diseased one 8: 0/810 243DMG
  11. Domarus

    [PP - F2 - Quest] Quartz hunting! <<DHA Quest 2>>

    There were no words that came from Domarus when she scowled coldly at him, repeating her phrase. He didn't look at her, and instead looked away. Hiding the pain he was feeling hearing that cold tone. That sense of apathy towards others trying to help when they were already dead... And he was. He was a rotting corpse trying to redeem himself by redeeming others. He had no right to even speak to her, let alone suggest she climb out. "...Very well..." he said simply, and quickened his pace. He wanted to get these quests over with. He wanted to divert his attention to something else. Something that would distract him from the pain that had reopened. He couldn't help her... He couldn't befriend her... He was only angering her... He didn't make things better, he made things worse. They were getting close to the dragon anyhow, so he went ahead and drew his ax, letting his arm fall to his side. Until he was using it, he would not talk. He focused on walking, and keeping himself as distracted as possible.
  12. Having his damage reduced was infuriating. It even managed to stir some of his old anger up, and could be seen in his eyes. He was a tier two fighter amongst tier three players. He already felt like he wasn't enough help because of that, but to have his damage reduced even further? It was humiliating and he hated feeling weak. But... Due to recent events, he also hated being unable to provide more support. He still wanted power, just for different reasons. He watched as Itzal charged the segment but was unable to get past its scales. So. It was his turn then. He rushed forward and leaped into the air, slamming his ax down. When he saw how much damage he dealt... He didn't even deal two hundred points. He grit his teeth, even bit his lip before leaping back before the Leviathan could deal a backlash or counter attack. He turned to Ariel. "Alright. Ariel, mind finishing that segment off for us?" ID# 117552 BD: 8+3-2=9 18-1x13-50=171 damage
  13. Domarus

    [PP - F2 - Quest] Quartz hunting! <<DHA Quest 2>>

    He listened to her get angry over the frontlines and Domarus shook his head. "It's easy for most people to get pissed and bitter over the simple matters. It clouds their judgement, keeps them from seeing the bigger picture. People act on emotion which is a blessing and a curse. In this case, that fiasco began because Hirru believed we were throwing away our humanity by trying to kill off the humanoid bosses, despite them being nothing but code that can be recovered. In some areas he had good points, but his good intentions were misguided. The fallen event settled the matter however, and we all knew from then on what our task had to be." When she replied to him mentioning bosses becoming stronger he continued. "It makes sense that Kayaba would do so. Thus far bosses haven't been too much of a threat at all. Because of this, he probably decided to fix it by making them.... Well, bosses. We just have to properly strategize, and we have teleport crystals for a reason. If we can't beat a floor boss, we clear out. Come up with a better strategy, and fight it again." Upon hearing Mina go into depression again he sighed. "Mina... I learned the hard way that when you give up hope, you become the worst of mankind. The only reason I'm choosing to live right now is because it's all I can do to hang onto the hope that we will make it through... Please, don't tread the same path I took."
  14. Domarus

    [PP - F2 - Quest] Quartz hunting! <<DHA Quest 2>>

    "Actually from what I can tell most players who vanished from the frontlines did so via retirement, or just.. Vanishing without a trace. The only players I can think of who died were when they were murdered, joined player killing guilds, or the rare occasion when the floor boss actually killed someone... They're getting stronger, so that might be a viable danger now soon." He glanced at her before looking forward again. "Cheer up though. Even if players hate each other's guts from time to time we always recover... At least that's what I'm telling myself. Frontlines seems to be semi organized again. We just need to establish a... More stable organization." He looked at the blade. He personally didn't notice nor care for aesthetics, which was ironic as he used to give people tattoos. However he'd smile and nod in response anyways. When she mentioned the weapon type he shrugged. "Beauty of having status effects as the enhancements is you don't need the straight sword skill to use it properly. Just strike someone with it and if it procs, then it's done it's job right?"
  15. Domarus

    [PP - F2 - Quest] Quartz hunting! <<DHA Quest 2>>

    When she mentioned how Zandra wasn't one of the best examples he could use he shrugged. "They weren't examples. Even if she's only half supporter, she and Kairi are all we have. I believe one party had to go without a healer... Though come to think of it, Hestia has the skill on her. She's not the best healer, but it's something. Point is, you picked a build that's rather short handed when it comes to the front lines." He didn't want to worry her, but he realized that he may have done exactly that. Hopefully he didn't. He listened to her as she explained Yakimba and how it was owned by Itzal, and by someone else before him who got it off of a boss somewhere. "Interesting... Well lore behind the name isn't so important as to track down the original player and nag them about it. Hell they probably didn't care about the name when they got it. Only it's stats and power. That's what matters in the end right? Not who owned it or what it represents. Just if it can get the job done, right?"