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  1. Domarus watched the events unfold. Half of their party had already failed to hit the boss while the other half succeeded. Ariel made a comment on how the players were missing and should stick to getting hit. He grit his teeth on hearing this, though she may have a point. If they continued to miss the boss or get their weapons past it's scaled armor, then it would perhaps be better to do so. Domarus heard Ariel and then Itzal and nodded to the two of them. His primary target would be the segment, and his second target would be the Leviathan. Domarus rushed at the creature's body and activated his strongest sword art, landing a critical hit against it in the process. The strike slashed through it's body all the way, but the resistance was more than he was anticipating. His blade's balance was thrown off, so when he reached the Leviathan, it merely scraped across it's armored hide, unable to penetrate. He leaped back. "Pretty sure that ended the segment, but I wasn't able to penetrate the boss's armor. Sorry." ID# 115172 BD: 9 - 18+1x14=266 damage against Segment 3 ID# 115173 BD: 1 - Miss
  2. Even when the man had an ulterior motive and he was overanalyzing everything and everyone. Even that man would never have seen what was to come... Though he might be prepared for it nonetheless. In the middle of his tears she mentioned something odd. Something about... Funny to cheer him up? His confusion wasn't strong though, too overcome by... Well everything else he was feeling. When she knocked him into the water however his eyes widened with shock before he fell in. Causing a massive wave to splash onto Mina. Being more muscle than fat, he slowly sank to the bottom. Eyes still wide as the water flowed into his lungs, his mind was still in shock trying to wrap around what just happened. In a full minute he had managed to process the information, even as his health was slowly beginning to climb down. She... Kicked him into the water? But why? She said something about funny. Did she just pull a prank on him? While he was breaking down? Why would she do that? Was this how normal people lived?? If that were so did that mean he had to keep his guard up all the time?! Or was that not the point? But if it wasn't then what if he was attacked by a player killer? He couldn't have his guard down the- oh sh*t his health. Remembering where he was he swam to the surface and gasped for air when he broke through. After one cough all the water burst from his lungs and his health started to climb back up. "I.. I can't.... Why did... I'm so confused..."
  3. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    His focus was once again temporarily broken when he felt Hestia touch his back. Or more specifically, the armor on his back. Still it surprised him and caused him to stiffen a bit. He watched as his energy restored. Not enough to hit all three of them, he was one point of energy short on that. However it was enough to hit two of them. Domarus gripped his ax tightly as Hestia spoke. He nodded and turned to see her smiling at him... It was comforting to see her smile towards him but, it was also painful. He knew he didn't deserve that kindness... So... He hoped one day... He would. The confliction Hestia would see in his eyes vanished as he turned back to the monsters and rushed forward. In one fell swoop he hacked two of the remaining undead in half, shattering them. There was only one last undead to go before they were finished here. ID# 114969 BD: 7 ID# 114970 BD: 8 ID# 114972 CD: 10 ID# 114973 CD: 12 LD: 5 - 4,050 col ID# 114974 CD: 10 LD: 20 - 8,910 col, 1 Perfect Weapon [0/1/0/1] @Hestia: HP: 1,099/1,710 Energy: 116/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [0/1/1/1 Domarus: 683/860 // 1/86 // 66 MIT // 2 ACC // 15 DMG // Recovery (+4 en on CD 6+) [0/0/0/0] Miraak 800/800 MIT: 50 EVA:2 [He has abilities roll them alongside monsters.] Enemies: 7/8 dead Diseased one 8: 756/810 243DMG Diseased one 7: 0/810 243DMG Diseased one 6: 0/810 243DMG
  4. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus rushed in after Hestia, swinging his massive ax at his foes. Unfortunately he wasn't clear in the head, unable to focus. Because of this his accuracy was a bit off, causing him to miss two out of four of them. Still, he did manage to finish one of them off, shattering it into a million digital shards. The rewards were sent to him but he didn't bother with those. He would probably just give them to Hestia. The only thing he needed to do right now was help others. In trying to change himself for the better, he was casting his own interests and needs to the woodshed. He needed to sacrifice his own needs for the benefit of others. Reverse the corrupted path he'd taken... Miraak watched as the players continued to fight and decided to give them another buff, keeping the damage increased for as long as he could. Meanwhile Domarus kept trying to continue his assault, trying desperately to end the battle as soon as he could. In the process, his energy was nearing depletion. #114954 BD: 3+2=5 #114955 BD: 5+2=6 #114956 BD: 6 #114957 BD: 1 #114958 CD: 9 +2 Damage for 2 Turns Loot: 114959 CD: 3 LD: 17 +1 Rare Consumable, +1 Rare Weapon, 2,430 col [0/1/0/1] @Hestia: HP: 1,110/1,710 Energy: 125/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [0/1/1/1 Domarus: 683/860 // 11/86 // 66 MIT // 2 ACC // 15 DMG // Recovery (+4 en on CD 6+) [0/0/0/0] Miraak 800/800 MIT: 50 EVA:2 [He has abilities roll them alongside monsters.] Enemies: 5/8 dead Diseased one 8: 756/810 243DMG Diseased one 5: 0/810 243DMG Diseased one 7: 194/810 243DMG Diseased one 6: 218/810 243DMG
  5. Domarus watched as the sea creature emerged from the water. Looking at his party and all of their stats, he was very glad he brought a teleporting crystal. He was most likely going to be needing it. Taking a deep breath, Domarus focused on the matter at hand: They each had a segment they needed to destroy before they could reach the boss. Once they made contact with it, they would be able to deal damage. He didn't know what to expect other than that. Watching the players charge forward, it would be clear that there were a few trouble makers. He heard Mars' voice but wasn't able to recognize in this instance. Neither with Pinball. What he did notice however, was how wild and reckless Ariel seemed to be. In fact she yelled for others to shut up. She was going to be a problem if she kept that up. Either way, Domarus took a deep silent breath before he charged at the segment. His ax began to charge up, but when he swung his blade to strike the creature shifted. It's weak point moving to another location. Thus instead of hitting it's weak spot, Domarus' blade struck an area where the scales were too thick to penetrate. Cursing his luck, the momentum of the hit pushed him back. Wasting his charge skill. ID# 114722 BD: 1 Rip -1 energy
  6. Stats Consumables used Teleport Crystal in Inventory Domarus made his way to the boss room of the twenty fifth floor. He was wearing his silver armor because he hadn't gotten around to replacing it yet. He left his helmet off as he didn't want to hide behind a mask anymore, though it did make him uncomfortable being exposed. Domarus reached the area where front liners were gathering and spotted a few players he knew. He went ahead and pulled out his consumables, gaining their buffs. He looked at his flaming dragon familiar who was glaring at the players. "Don't even think about it..." Domarus sighed. After this boss event he was probably going to have to put his familiar down and find a new one... Rhozarth was aggressive enough for his old self, but he needed a change. He sat down in an isolated position away from the other front liners. He fought because people needed to be free... But he didn't deserve to stand beside these men and women. Not by a long shot.
  7. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus watched as Hestia intercepted, breaking him from his destroyer state a little. He altered his course so that he ended up running in a circle around them while Hestia attacked them from behind. Two had taken place of the deceased and Miraak was looking at the field and deciding on what to do. When he saw Domarus taking position to strike from behind, he raised his staff and the damage of both players had risen by a small amount. Domarus was surprised the npc could do this, as so far it had been doing nothing but healing them. At any rate he could definitely utilize this. Activating both charge and concentration to ensure he hit them all, he lunged forward and dealt a powerful blow to each of them. While the first mob wasn't affected by charge, it was still finished off as it only had two points of health. After he did so he sped back to Hestia. "Miraak's been healing you, but he just gave us a damage boost. It's clear he's full on support by this point. I'd suggest we both utilize the damage boost he's given us before it runs out." Activating Charge and Concentration ID# 113967 BD: 6 MD: 4 ID# 113968 BD: 4+2=6 MD: 8 ID# 113969 BD: 4+2=6 MD: 10 ID# 113970 BD: 6 MD: 10 Miraak's Roll ID# 113971 CD: 9 +2 damage buff to party for 2 turns Loo Roll ID# 113972 CD: 10 LD: 4 = Nothing [6/1/0/1] @Hestia: HP: 1,155/1,710 Energy: 126/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [3/0/3/0 Domarus: 860/860 // 29/86 // 66 MIT // 2 ACC // 15 DMG // Recovery (+4 en on CD 6+) [0/0/0/0] Miraak 800/800 MIT: 50 EVA:2 [He has abilities roll them alongside monsters.] Enemies: 3/8 dead Diseased one 1: 0/810 243DMG Diseased one 5: 218/810 243DMG Diseased one 7: 448/810 243DMG Diseased one 6: 218/810 243DMG
  8. Domarus said nothing as she spoke. He felt her hand placed on his head, but was too tired to attempt to decipher the meaning behind the action. Defined by what he was now? What even was he? The only word he could say was aimless.. Or maybe broken. Perhaps both. He didn't know. Then she mussed up his hair, which he again would have been confused with were it not for the fact that he was too tired to even think. Eventually of course she reached his question. He took a moment to steady his breathing. He was so afraid, so weak and tired. So lost and confused. He wasn't concerned at all about how childish, weak or pathetic he looked. "Please... Don't leave me, for too long..." He slowly sank down to the ground, which would make any further interaction with his hair greatly easier now that he wasn't standing his full six foot six height. "I don't want to be alone anymore.. I, need some reason to live.. I... I'm hoping that... By spending more time with you, I'll find one.. I just..." He shut his eyes as the tears continued, tightening his grip. "I can't. I can't do it alone.. I'm too weak..." @tricolor_mina
  9. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus barely managed to hear her comment but his thoughts were drowned out by the focus of the fight. If he did reply he would have pointed out that Miraak was healing them the entire time, and would most likely do so once the fight had ended. The four zombies surged at Hestia again, and three of them had managed to reach her. Each of them biting and slashing their claws at her. Domarus however grabbed the second of the four mobs, and managed to throw him away, tearing it's arm off in the process. As it flew mid air, he struck it with his massive ax, beginning the sword art, and struck each of the four monsters. By the time he finished, two of them were slain. The rewards weren't half bad but Domarus wasn't focusing on that. Until every single enemy was defeated he wasn't going to stop. In fact. If Hestia looked carefully, she would see he was beginning to enter a sort of, robotic blood rage. Going on a killing streak until they were all dead. ID# 113929 BD: 4+2=6 MD: 9 ID# 113930 BD: 5+3=7 MD: 3+1=4 ID# 113931 BD: 6+3=8 MD: 6 ID# 113932 BD: 5+3=7 MD: 5+1=6 ID# 113935 CD: 2 - Heals 200 hp Loot Roll 1: 113936 CD: 1 LD: 20 Loot Roll 2: 113937 CD: 7 LD: 19 [6/6/6/6] @Hestia: HP: 1,633/1,710 Energy: 134/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [3/2/3/2 Domarus: 860/860 // 51/86 // 66 MIT // 2 ACC // 15 DMG // Recovery (+4 en on CD 6+) [0/0/0/0] Miraak 800/800 MIT: 50 EVA:2 [He has abilities roll them alongside monsters.] Enemies: Diseased one 1: 2/810 243DMG Diseased one 2: 0/810 243DMG Diseased one 3: 56/810 243DMG Diseased one 4: 0/810 243DMG Total Loot: 1 Perfect Consumable, 1 Rare Trinket, 1 Perfect Armor, 2 Perfect Consumables, 4,860 col.
  10. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus didn't reply to Hestia. He didn't look at her, didn't speak to her. He was focused on destroying these monsters and moving on. No more. No less. The monsters were receiving damage when they hit Hestia which meant she had thorns. good. made the fight faster. Domarus continued to lash mercilessly out at the four zombies, hacking at their legs from behind. Slashing at them from head to toe, or reverse. Spinning his ax so as to strike them multiple times in succession, etc. He rushed at one of his enemies and rammed it with his shoulder before slashing at it. While he fought, two of the zombies attacked Hestia and He reached out with his ax, hooking it onto them and swinging them onto the ground violently. While he did this Miraak healed hestia again and the fight continued. ID# 113523 BD: 4+2=6 15x14=210 MD: 7 - hit ID# 113525 BD: 4+2=6 15x14=210 MD: 8 - hit ID# 113527 BD: 5+2=7 15x14=210 MD: 3 ID# 113528 BD: 6 15x14=210 MD: 4 ID# 113529 CD: 1 [6/6/6/6] Hestia: HP: 1710/1710 Energy: 143/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [1/2/1/2] Domarus: 860/860 // 64/86 // 66 MIT // 2 ACC // 15 DMG // Recovery (+4 en on CD 6+) [0/0/0/0] Miraak 800/800 MIT: 50 EVA:2 [He has abilities roll them alongside monsters.] Enemies: Diseased one 1: 266/810 243DMG Diseased one 2: 184/810 243DMG Diseased one 3: 320/810 243DMG Diseased one 4: 238/810 243DMG
  11. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus said nothing as he listened to Hestia. The first goal he set upon was the worst he could possibly have chosen.. He didn't trust himself with a goal, and felt more comfortable with someone else giving him one instead... As for Keres, well. He wasn't sure what to do so he would follow Hestia's advice for the moment. After all, Keres enjoyed the feeling of pain and torment. She was denied that, and now she was denied Domarus' wrath. So, she was aimless. He was worried though, that she would attempt suicide before long. He needed to keep that from happening under any circumstances. And he needed to keep her away from the bad influence of others. "...I-" He didn't get a chance to reply as a horde of zombies emerged. Domarus drew his massive ax and immediately charged. Acting completely on instinct rather than strategy. Even if he gained these fighting skills through his dark past, he could still use them for the better... Right? He charged forward and released Explode Catapult ID# 113518 BD: 4+2=6 20x14=280 damage MD: 3 ID# 113519 BD: 10 20+2x14=308 damage MD: 6 243-151=92 ID# 113520 BD: 5+2=7 20x14=280 damage MD: 1 ID# 113521 BD: 10 20+2x14=308 damage 5+1=6 243-151=92 Miraak: ID# 113522 CD: 2 Heals Hestia for 200 health [3/3/3/3] Hestia: HP: 1710/1710 Energy: 152/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [1/2/1/2] Domarus: 860/860 // 64/86 // 66 MIT // 2 ACC // 15 DMG // Recovery (+4 en on CD 6+) [0/0/0/0] Miraak 800/800 MIT: 50 EVA:2 [He has abilities roll them alongside monsters.] Enemies: Diseased one 1: 530/810 243DMG Diseased one 2: 502/810 243DMG Diseased one 3: 530/810 243DMG Diseased one 4: 502/810 243DMG
  12. Domarus

    [F13-PP] <Domarus & Hestia>

    Domarus sighed as Hestia spoke up, asking him what his plans were for the day. "Nothing. Unless you count listening to Keres vent at me a plan for the day." He said nothing besides this. He had been having a rough week and he honestly didn't know what to talk about. Most of the time he had conversations for an ulterior motive. Or if the individual was a part of his inner circle he would simply ask for reports, discuss the plans, or something else of the sort. Most of his life was spend planning everything out that.. Well now that he was rejecting that life he had no idea what he was going to do. He was at a loss. Domarus had, well. Lost meaning in life. He accepted what he was doing before was evil and denied it, but now what? He wanted to seek redemption, but was that even possible for someone like him? Would he even be able to do anything of actual consequence? And even if he could, what would he do? He didn't feel comfortable just walking up and trying to be a shining knight like nothing happened. Sweep his past under the covers and hope no one revealed it...
  13. Hearing her ask him what he wanted to accomplish made him snap. She tried pushing him backward, but all she did was make him take a step back. "I DON'T KNOW!!!" he roared at her, his fists tightening. "I DON'T KNOW OK?! EVERYTHING I've ever known has been nothing but a lie! EVERY truth, EVERY friendship, EVERY hope, and EVERY goal! I've known nothing but hatred, loneliness and pain since I can remember! The only good memory I've ever had was when I wasn't even one year old!!" At this point tears were beginning to stream from his eyes. When she told him she could sleep at night knowing she at least tried something he roared and swung his fist at a nearby boulder, causing a small crack to form before it repaired itself, the immortal object sign popping up above it. In between pants he spoke. "You make it sound easy... But I.. I just.. My heart. My mind. My soul. They're all in conflict with themselves.. I feel what is right, I see what is wrong, and I.." He leaned against the rock as he shut his eyes closed. "I don't know how. How to just, let go... All my life, I've sought control. All my life, I've attempted to be my own master of the world.. Of my world I used to think... But. Having no control over anything.. The concept is so, alien.." He took in a sharp, deep breath, his voice shaking with emotion. "...Can you... Would you... Can I ask you, a favor?" @tricolor_mina
  14. Domarus was listening to the conversations, the debates, all of it. He was still very emotional from when Itzal directed everyone towards him about Adrian, but he was relieved when everyone redirected their attention from him. Domarus sighed in relief to this, but the debates only worsened. He was listening to both players speaking, and.. Hestia seemed to be different.. She wasn't the warm person who helped Domarus out of the shadows. Now she sounded like a dictator. He switched his attention from one person to the other. Hestia promised to help him.. But, could she? In this condition? If she was kind to him in isolation, but like this in public... No.. He had enough with hypocrisy. He recalled the conversation that Mina had with him. He heard the words Shield spoke about trust. Experience. Poor leadership. He thought about what Itzal was doing. Saying the truth even though it was hard and could spread fear. Domarus was silent as he thought. There was a divide being driven through the front liners... And he hated to acknowledge it, but he had to choose a side. The frontlines couldn't break down completely. So. Hands shaking, not knowing if this was truly the best thing for him to do. He spoke. "I......Side with @Shield." He looked towards the tank. "There's.... There's something I'll need to talk to you, and the other frontliners about... Something I can't keep hidden. I'd rather talk about it, in private though." He then spoke to the entire group. "I... I'm willing to do whatever I am asked in this fight. I just ask.. For the greatest chance to live... I can't do nothing to help the frontlines, but there is something I must do in my life as well. A goal to reach. That's my only request..." This would be the first time any of his fears showed on the surface in public.
  15. Adrian giggled when she mentioned how he didn't know her if he thought she was frustrated. That she didn't care if everyone was hunting her or not. How she had tricks up her sleeve. He rocked on the log as he smiled. "True, but tricks don't last forever~ Even if you get super powerful like me, you won't be invincible. Otherwise I could have just slaughtered those goody goodies." When she mentioned how she only made ties with things that benefitted her he flipped around so his head was hanging upside down. "Ah but at that point wouldn't it be something besides ties since that's a two way street?" When she asked what his story was he laughed and flipped through the air, landing on the ground. "You wanna know more about me? I'm flattered~ But if you want to learn more you gotta catch me!" He made a leap backwards and landed on a tree branch behind him, crouching on it. "Lay low for a bit. I'll see you later, have to meet up with my buddies and catch up with em." He smiled before leaping across the trees silently and swiftly. Domarus looked at Embers and sighed but nodded with a smile. "Very well Embers. Give me some time to recover, and I'll do my best to give you a challenge." He turned to Raven and sighed. "Raven. Hate me all you want, I'll accept that hatred. But don't direct hate towards your sister. Some battles should be lost." Domarus turned to Hestia. "Your war against the darkness will never end Hestia. Know that well. If you want to win, you have to shine brighter than the shadows. You've succeeded today... But I ask you: How long will your light shine brightly? I'll be watching with hope..."