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    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    The fight was very hard on a lot of players. Including him. He needed to head back to his place and rest, but there were a few things he needed to do first. He started, with walking out of the boss room. When he did he almost immediately spotted @Sunova and @tricolor_mina. His eyes widened. He didn't know how. And he didn't care about why. All he knew, was that the two players he had failed to save were alive. He made his way through the crowd, pushing players aside if need be. When he reached Mina he looked to @Shield. "Pardon me, but. May I speak with her for a moment?" He would wait patiently for Shield to oblige before taking her hand and leading her, as gently as he could despite his heart racing. Over to Sunova. If she was in a conversation he would do the same with that person as he did with Shield, and wait patiently. If she wasn't, he would pull both of them into an embrace, holding them tightly with his eyes closed. "I am so glad the two of you are alright. You don't realize just how much you two scared me.." His voice would betray the feelings he was stating. And the slight shaking of his limbs would also be an indication that he was impacted by this. Which was.... Half right. To be honest he didn't really care about them, but he had thought of them more than his reputation during this fight. He pulled away and looked at them both, worry and threat of tears in his eyes. "I, know this is a selfish request. But please try to be more careful, and listen to me when I tell you to leave. I don't want to lose anyone. Please don't scare me like that again.. I have to speak with Black real quick. If you two need anything, just send me a message ok?" Domarus stood up straight again, rising to full height. He still had a few things to say. He walked over to @Black as the man left the cathedral. "Black. I want to thank you for your assistance today. Thank you for keeping your group safe. Even if it didn't amount to anything in the literal sense," He said looking at the players who supposedly died. "I think this showed everyone a reminder. As to how vulnerable we are to death." With that. He would speak aloud to the tier two players. "Listen everyone. This fight was difficult for many reasons. We thought many of us had died, and it is an immense relief to see they are fine and well. I especially, as I had failed to keep them safe," he said, looking at Mina and Sunova. "I know many of you feel similar. As if you were unable to save them, and that it was your fault they died. This isn't true. We are only human and each have limits. Don't blame yourself. At the same time, we have to keep this in mind. I don't know if this is a permanent change or not, but there is a very strong chance bosses will be far stronger from now on. From this point forth you're lives will be truly be in danger if you participate on the front lines. However what you must ask is this: Would you rather risk your own life to save every human life trapped in this world? Everyone who cannot stand for themselves? Think of the children. Of people too scared to even step out of those safe zones. You must ask yourself: Should we not risk everything we have to save the people who can't do it themselves? If it isn't us, then who else will stand up? "The frontlines aren't immortal. Everyone will discover this soon. However that does not mean we should step down in fear or in selfishness. This was my first time leading a fight, and there was much I was unprepared for. However I choose to learn from those mistakes and become better. I'm going to continue to fight on the front lines. And I look forward to the day where each and every one of you stand there beside me as we fight for everyone's freedom!" Domarus would fall silent, and step down. He'd walk over to @Hestia. "I did what you ask. I'm heading home to rest... I leave the rest to you," he said before using a teleport crystal to vanish. @Hazado @Aereth @Dazia @Cosi @Krysta @Kyot0 @Vigilon @Dustin @Kairi @Hidden @Stryder @Neopolitan @Mars @Kimi Domarus has left the thread
  2. Domarus had failed to make a move for multiple reasons. The first and main one was that he was trying to get the other players to stop and get the hell out. Specifically Sunova and Mina. However Sunova didn't move and she was killed as a result. Domarus didn't see it as him failing. He saw it as someone had a life. They lost it. They had lost their life and every chance to grow stronger. To become better. Domarus saw the state Mina and Haz were in and he grabbed them both. He pulled them towards him and lifted them up to look them both in the eyes through his helmet. "Grab your teleport crystal and Get the HELL out of here! This is not a request, that is an order! I'm not going to let anyone else lose their lives again! You get to safety! This boss is almost dead but we can't finish it off ourselves. Therefore you're going to make the smart choice and leave! Killing one boss is not worth your own life!" THen he continued in a more mild tone. "And neither is sacrificing yourself for the sake of revenge. We'll kill the demon, but you two MUST LEAVE NOW" he called out. After that he pushed them as far as he could from the fight. Using all of his strength to do so against any protesting, sliding them across the room. With that he'd call to the other parties. "Anyone who may die within the next hit LEAVE NOW. I'm not losing ANYONE else today! Don't risk your lives for rewards or revenge! We'll finish it off with the health it has left." With that, Domarus rushed forward and used his sword art against Miraak. As he did so he slashed ruthlessly. Mercilessly. He was no longer fighting like a knight he typically pretended to be. He was channeling his hatred into his blade. Doing his best to gather it's hatred onto Domarus alone. ID# 110195 BD: 3+5=8 21x13-75=193 damage
  3. Adrian appeared on the other side of the corridor crystal with Hidden. He ended up taking them to a location that she never encountered before. Adrian patted her on the back. "I appreciate your thirst for a good fight, but Itzal is level seventy six, and Hestia is powerful. Even if she wasn't in top shape she was strong enough to be a problem by herself. And while we could have killed the others if we fought hard enough, we probably would either be killed or arrested and I'm not quite ready for that yet. Got too much to do." He gave her a knowing look. "And so do you if I recall." Adrian rushed up to a fallen log and sat down on it, like the child he was. Emphasis on was. "So Hidden~ You're a wanted woman now, we both probably are. That leaves you with a few choices~ You can either go you're own way and try to survive on your own. Try to find some friends of your own, good luck with that. You could turn yourself in and hope for the best. Or. You could try joining me and my guild." He gave an innocent smile as he said this and continued. "Even if you don't want to, at least accept my friend request. I wanna keep in touch in case you want my help with taking down Aereth and the laughing coffin." Domarus knew Keres was probably insanely confused at his actions. He was too. He didn't realize how much he cared about her. She felt like a daughter to him... He caught Hestia's smile however, and for the first time in his life. He had hope that things would turn out decently at best. He heard Embers' words but he did not reply. She wouldn't understand. Not even when she wasn't emotional. He doubted she was the type of person who would listen or care. As for Raven... He wondered what she would do..
  4. Adrian listened to Hestia speak and a small grin grew on his face. Despite the fact that he was in fact mentally unstable, and despite the situation he was in right now, he was extremely calm. This gave off the appearance of a childish appearance rather than that of a killer. Even though they all knew what he was. "Oooo~ You're cocky! I love it! Too bad you want to be a righteous knight though. I look forward to the day that comes crashing down on you! Hee hee!" When he heard her comment on how no one would love him he clutched at his heart, looking really hurt. "Mother dearest.. Why hast thou hurtest me so?" He chuckled, showing he didn't actually care. When she mentioned how he didn't stand a chance due to game logic, he laughed. Almost hysterically. "Oh you keep thinking you're invincible! It will make it so much more fun when I kill you~" Before he could step forward however, movement happened around him. Hidden rushed over to his side and covered his back. A smile would come to his face as she did so, though she woudn't be able to see it. "Gotta make an entrance~ Flare is what makes this half the fun! As for Aereth I, really am sorry. I had no idea he was going to just duck out. Don't worry though, I'll help you find him. I have friends after all~" He let Hidden speak to Domarus but now.. They were surrounded. Domarus was getting up and pulling out a spare ax he had, though it wasn't his tier two one. Itzal, Embers and Hestia all surrounded the two of them. Embers spoke up and Adrian chuckled. "Mister Kettle!" he called out to her. "Mister pot called! He says you're black!" Itzal however, did make a point. He enjoyed messing with minds, but in this instance. He looked between Itzal and Hestia. These two were the real dangers. They were on his level, and she did have a lot of defense. By herself he could probably kill her but with others nearby... Adrian grabbed Hidden's free hand. "Ain't this a fun family reunion! But, much to my dismay, it will have to be canceled early. Sorry mommy," he said in the most child and depressed tone he could muster. "We'll have to try again next time. Your friends won't let me have my fun." With that he held out a teleport crystal, smirked, and whispered something that not even Hidden could hear. With that, the two of them teleported out of the area. Domarus sighed. His tears were still fresh but, Hestia's words had given him some comfort. He let the ax slip from his hands, the blade sinking into the ground, the handle sticking out. He turned to the others to see if everyone was ok but before he could say anything he was struck so hard he fell to the ground. At first he thought he was being attacked when he noticed it was Keres. "I'm so glad you're ok!," she said as she cried. She anticipated to be hit but was severely shocked to feel him holding her close, placing a hand on her head to try and comfort her. "It's ok Keres.." He looked to the others as he got up, making sure Keres was ok. He was silent for a moment, and in the end looked away. He had so many emotions going on right now that he couldn't process them all.. In the end he was hoping Hestia could help keep everyone from choking him to death.
  5. Domarus heard her words between his tears. His armor was slowly falling apart. Piece after piece would slowly fall off and shatter upon hitting the ground. He was wearing his black T shirt and his black pants underneath but to be honest he didn't care. Hestia spoke about she defends her allies and friends no matter what for the simple reason of 'it's the right thing to do'. Regardless of what she looks like to other people. And yet she told him she also didn't let them do whatever it was they wanted, simply because she was pushing for a better world. He hadn't done anything horrid so far as she knew and thus she felt she could forgive him, give him a second chance. She told him that his past was not what defines him. That he didn't have to hold onto it. That every tragedy has something good that can come from it. He didn't move or speak for a while. "...I can't... I don't.. What do I..." He fell silent as she grabbed him and he looked up, pain of his past and present clear on his face. He saw her gentle smile, and heard her offering to help him up. Telling him that they didn't have to be enemies. That they could still be allies and help each other out. The decision was obvious of course. It was either join her or rot in prison forever. Alone with his pain. It's just, the choice was harder than he knew it should be. He was unmoving for a while before he finally stirred. He said nothing as he tried to get up, the rest of his armor falling off as he did so. He didn't look Hestia in the eyes, still in the process of stopping the tears. His entire life of pain had just burst through all at once, so he wasn't surprised that it was difficult to put it to a halt. "...I.. I don't know what to do.. I have to ask you to help me, while I work things out... I'm not use to being... Good... At doing things, your way.." He took a moment to even his breath and start composing himself... But crying would be the last of his worries in a second... A shadow shot like lightning across the fields, too quick and stealthy for anyone who was already preoccupied to notice approaching. Adrian leaped up, pushing Itzal into the ground, head first as he slashed his dagger at Hidden's hand cuffs, freeing her. He then raced towards Hestia and Domarus. As he did he threw a dagger at each of them, both coated in paralysis. The blades landed a crit with intense accuracy, paralyzing the both of them instantly. "HELLOOOOO WORLD!!! I'M BAAAAAAAAACK~" Adrian rushed at Hestia and tackled her, knocking her to the ground. As he did so the hood flew off, revealing his age. Despite his crazed state, his eyes were frightfully calm. "Daaaaamn. Mind being my mother? I'll probably just butcher my real one in the real world. She's sooooo boring and not at all pretty like you." The psychotic killer leaped off of her and grabbed her shield, throwing it to Hidden. "Ey! Merry Christmas!" He turned to Domarus with a chuckle. "Dommy! you disappoint me. How dare you break down under emotional pressure! I looked up to you!" he said holding a hand to his heart as if he were hurt. If Embers charged at him he'd simply dodge and cause her to trip, finding her easy to avoid when in a blood rage. If Itzal charged at him he'd simply leap behind Hestia and throw her up as a meat shield. Keres frowned, wishing she was the one Embers beat up. She leaped onto Embers back and wrapped her hands around the woman's eyes. She wouldn't remove them this time however. "Aww Ember, I thought I was you're favorite~ Don't you want to-" Her eyes widened with horror as she heard the voice of Adrian and watched as Domarus and Hestia fell from paralysis. "Domarus," she whispered. She let go of Embers and landed beside her, this time grabbing her arm and tugging as much as possible. "Please, please you have to stop him! Stop Adrian he'll kill them! Please please, don't let him die I'll do anything!"
  6. Domarus continued. He never stopped. He struck at her shield with the intensity of an earthquake. Hestia would notice that his energy has been fully depleted at this point, flashing red with every strike he made. But he wasn't nearly done. In fact it would appear as if he was twice as fast as before. If the rules of game mechanics, tiers, levels and stats had not existed, the shield would have surely broken in by now. The man continued to strike, always trying to get around the shield and get to her. Every strike he received the thorns damage, his health slowly depleting. At the same time however, his armor continued to suffer durability loss. Piece by piece, it slowly shattered. Torn and damaged. Pauldron, elbow piece, segments of undercoating. He heard her words and it only enraged him further. Instead of slamming into her he grabbed her shield and yanked it up. If she didn't let go of the shield she would be swung overhead and slammed into the ground. "WHY?! WHY ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME A TOOL FOR OTHERS?!" He continued to beat on her. If she was without a shield he would pin her down and start striking her without end, hitting her in the head, stomach, every weak point he could detect. Over and over again. If she had her shield still he'd simply repeat the process of swinging and slamming her into the ground until the sheer force knocked her off. "WHY WOULD YOU JUST LET THEM USE YOU?! AFTER EVERYTHING THIS WORLD HAS DONE! YOU WOULD JUST LET THEM DO WHATEVER THEY WISH?!" At this point a piece of his helmet cracked. "WHY WOULD YOU FORGIVE THEM?!?!" The crack began to spread. "WHY WOULD YOU FORGIVE ME?!?!" A piece of his helmet fell off. "HOW DO YOU HAVE NO RAGE?! HOW DO YOU STAND EACH DAY?! HOW CAN YOU STAND IT?! HOW ARE YOU NOT LIKE ME?!" He roared, a chunk of his helmet falling off, revealing his left eye. Tears streaming from it, pain equally mixing with the rage, each fighting for control. He continued to strike at her with all his power until. He raised his hands, cupping them together for one final, powerful strike. He held it in the air a moment, his hands shaking. And then. He collapsed. His hands fell to the sides, hitting the ground around Hestia rather than her. His eye closed as the tears won over the hate. "Damnit!" He said through the tears as he fell to his knees and just remained there. His helmet fell off entirely, shattering before it hit the ground, as he broke down. The pain of his past. An uncaring father who shoved his son into this life of cruelty. Who snuffed out any hope for a better future. Never knowing love, never knowing friendship. Only seeing the worst in others. He was jealous. Envious. Envious of those who had been hurt, and yet could somehow manage. Envious of the ignorant and naive. And through this, he despised them. He didn't truly hate them. What he really hated. Was himself. And the destruction he brought. Eventually he was able to gain some control of his breathing, and managed to inhale oxygen between his grief. Control was all he'd ever known to shoot for. And now, he couldn't even control himself...
  7. Domarus remained in the back. Waiting and watching the rest of the players act. Everything was finally organized, yet at the same time not. He could see Hirru, who had finally realized what he's been doing. Aereth helped Hidden, and now they only had one boss to worry about. He heard Hestia's words and tsked in annoyance. "If Beat does get the final hit then my point will only be made concrete when it comes to frontliners.." He turned to the boss. Well, she had a point. He was going to deal the final hit. He may as well launch an attack with what energy he had left. So he charged his ax with a sword art. He consumed all of his energy in one go and barely did anything to the boss. This was to be expected however, as he was only tier two using a times nine multiplier sword art on the tank boss. He saw Hestia running over to Itzal and speaking to him, his eyes narrowing. He then heard Macradon say something cheesy and rolled his eyes under the helmet. So help him he didn't meet half of these frontliners ever again... ID# 109181 BD: 9 18+1x9-100=71 damage.
  8. Domarus

    Domarus' Loot

    Name: Allsehend Profession: Artisan Rank: 7 ID: 108982 Roll: CD: 12 Item Type: trinket Tier: 1 Quality: perfect Enhancements: three slots of accuracy Description: a pendant clasp meant to hold the edges of a cloak or cape together. It is a triangular stone whose edges are etched with runic lines; there is a rough hewn diamond vaguely shaped like an open eye placed in the center.
  9. Domarus collected the last of his materials and sighed, knowing that this was probably going to be his last craft in a little while. He began to get to work, forging it one small piece at a time. It took a few attempts, but eventually he had managed to succeed in crafting the item Cosi had requested. He picked the item up and told Keres to inform Cosi that the item was ready. He walked over to the counter and placed it on there for him. Keres stared at him as he walked away. "Domarus," she said. Getting no response she frowned, her eyes narrowing and called again: "HARKEN!" This time, Domarus stopped. "What now? You aren't just going to give up are you? What happened to the man I knew?!" Domarus was silent for a moment. When he spoke he didn't turn around. "I'll tell you tomorrow. For now, I just need some time to process. Don't hate me Raven. Please.. Be patient with me. Be understanding." Keres fumed. This wasn't how it was supposed to be! She folded her arms and glared at him as he walked into his room. When Cosi approached she'd give him a hard look before gesturing to his item. "You're item is done, go have fun." And with that she'd storm away into the other room. ID# 108982 CD: 12
  10. Domarus felt a surge of power that filled his very essence. He heard the boss's words as he felt it too. He felt twice, no three.. Almost four times stronger than he normally was. He spun his ax in a circle and it was as if it weighed less than nothing. He looked at his hand as he clenched his fist and opened it again. This power was incredibly tempting. Especially for Domarus. However, there was something that held him back.. And it wasn't his reputation among the players this time. This time, it was what he was faced with. His memory of his mother.. His spies reporting that Aereth and Itzal were seen speaking to one another after all this time.. Hestia and what she had been saying to him as of late.. He held his ax in front of him and sighed. He couldn't keep this. Not only because siding with the event boss was not only going to hurt his reputation, and not just because he knew it was probably temporary at best, but because he knew that he was going to be crashing and burning soon. This power would only hurt those around him. Those he actually felt close to. He then saw the image the boss showed them, and watched frontliners falling. People breaking down. He turned as Mina reacted in raw hysteria. Domarus rushed towards her, ripped his helmet off, grabbed her shoulder, and pulled her back. He dropped his weapon and held her with both hands, and looked her in the eyes. "Mina! It's a lie! An illusion!" He was hoping to death that he could get through to her. He was no longer acting on his need for reputation after all, so who knows how this would turn out. "Itzal is not dead! We both know him, and he would never let himself die, let alone to an event boss. He would teleport away for certain. Stay calm. Miraak is dead, the demons took over completely. Worry about that later however," he said as he pointed to the other players. "Our priority is them. We have to slay this beast now or teleport out of here. Mina. If you feel like you are about to die, you use that teleport crystal. I will not lose someone on the battlefield. Understood?" Domarus turned to the rest of the players in his group, picking up his ax and equipping his helmet again. "Everyone! Ignore the demon! It's nothing more than an illusion! Focus on killing the creature and fast. Anyone who is afraid they may die, you use that teleport crystal IMMEDIATELY. Remember this is an event boss. Your life is more valuable than a reward!" He then activated screw dimension on the monster to gain some more hate and draw it's attention. Hopefully it would stop using AoE attacks so often... "Su-Nova! I leave who to heal up to you!" He called out, saying her name correctly and fluently this time. ID# 108902 BD: 7+5=12 198 damage
  11. The fires rise ID# 108822 ID# 108823 ID# 108824 ID# 108825 ID# 108826 ID# 108827 ID# 108829 ID# 108830 ID# 108831
  12. Domarus had in fact used sword arts originally. However his rage had become so great he switched to simply lashing out in whatever seemed natural and right in that moment. Sometimes it was a sword art, and sometimes it wasn't. And while Hestia had been right in that his energy was quickly running out, there was one factor that neither her nor cardinal had taken into account: The mind ran on adrenaline, and that adrenaline was translating into the game. While it didn't recharge his energy, it kept Domarus going and pushing as if his energy and strength had doubled. His sword arts would not function once he hit zero of course, but that would never stop the player from lashing out at Hestia. He felt her give way to his next blow which immediately triggered a reaction in him, causing him to push forward and keep attacking. Never backing up or letting up. His focus was not on his health, he didn't care about that right now. All of his hatred, his wrath, all of his pain he was pinning on one target. And that was Hestia. She told him to let loose his anger in this fight and he was doing just that. His father. His tortured childhood. Being motherless. Being isolated and alone. His only friend only there because she wanted the pain he unleashed. His goals so far out of reach. Hopes of having a family, even a broken one, vanishing before his eyes. All of the emotions buried deep within him exploding in this one fight. His entire life bursting out, not like a dam breaking, but like hell broke out from inside the earth, and was now laying waste to the surface world. Domarus heard her words. That she did in fact regret bringing them. That she had wanted it to be a one on one fight. Domarus responded not with words, but with a roar of rage, releasing a sword art on her. "THEN THEY WILL DIE ALONG WITH YOU!!!" This time when he attacked her, it was different. With each swing he made she used her sword, as well as her own sword art, to parry each swing he made onto her shield. This not only protected her, but also dealt damage against Domarus himself. Some of the blows she made and managed to strike his armor, and to his shock had managed to crack it. When he struck at her shield, her thorns had managed to shatter his left shoulder piece which sent him into another spiked rage. With this increased adrenaline his last strike from the sword art managed to hit her and her armor, which would have knocked her far away if it weren't for her mod. Even as the light from the sword art ended he continued to attack. He heard her next words, and what she wanted to do. His visor flashed yet again as he activated Screw Dimension, consuming the last of his energy as he bashed against her with all his strength. Not even trying to hit her at this point, only trying to bash her into the ground through sheer force. "THEY DON'T WANT OUR HELP!! THEY DON'T WANT TO BE SAVED! OR LED! OR FREED! THEY LET THEIR PRIDE RULE OVER THEM!! THEY'RE ALL MAGGOTS!!!! WORTHLESS IDIOTS WHO DON'T GIVE A D**N ABOUT THOSE AROUND THEM!!! ONLY ABOUT THEMSELVES!!" He slammed his ax down on her, and regardless of whether it was her sword or shield, his ax would snap in two. The blade shattering into shards and the handle falling apart in two split pieces before it crystallized and perished. However Domarus didn't stop. He reached over to grab her and attempted to tear past her shield in the attempts to knee her in the stomach and knock her into the ground with as much force as he could muster. Even if he couldn't he'd make every attempt to strike her, speaking in between strikes. If given the opportunity he'd use his legs as much as his arms. "Everyone USES you! No one CARES for you! All they WANT from you! Is what you can PROVIDE THEM! They ACT like they care! But in the end they only leave you HELPLESS! BROKEN! ALONE!" Keres chuckled at Raven's words before she dodged Ember's most recent attack and heard her threat. "Aww, come on auntie Embers~ After all we've been through?" When Rowan came charging at Keres, the bird would be intercepted by something: A flaming snake would shoot out from the shadows, suddenly for the first time in forever, in combat mode. The familiar ignited into flames, spikes coming out from it's spine as it bit into the bird and ripped at it's wings before letting go. The serpent would be in defensive mode, ready to dodge and counter the bird whenever it could. All the while covered tip to tail in active flames. Keres giggled. "I always did like your bird, it's so cute~" She rushed over to Embers again and gave her a kiss on the cheek before dodging her yet again. "Just like you when you're angry~"
  13. His teeth grit tightly as she told him she had more allies than these and only brought them because they ended up wrapped up in all of this. Her posture and expression oozing with nothing but arrogance, confidence and cockiness. He roared with pure hate as he swung his ax low, nearly touching the ground, to strike under her shield and at her legs. The result would be her falling on her back. If this worked he'd do everything in his power to tear her shield from her arms. If that failed he would simply press his foot against her shield, pushing it against her and thus keeping her from blocking her face, and would begin hacking at her open head. "You'll regret dragging them into this!" He wouldn't stop. He wouldn't stop even after Hestia managed to knock him off and get back up. He would simply continue to swing and find more creative ways to get around the shield of hers. His movements however, were shifting. They were faster than before, more reckless and random. Not only that but he was applying more force than before as well. His energy was quickly dropping but it was almost as if he was growing stronger and faster. Something that didn't compute with the cardinal system. Then again, emotion was hard for a computer to understand. He could feel himself being pierced by her thorns, as well as receiving blows from her parry skill and most likely the mod. This however only enraged him more and pushed harder than previous endeavors. He knew he couldn't beat her. He hated her for being so stubborn. He hated the system for not giving him the ability to kill her like he could in the real world. She was only strong because of numbers. That was all that protected her! He could kill her with ease in the real world! She spoke again, telling him to give up. He made a half growl half roar sound as he swung with all his might. With most people this would have knocked them off their feet and into a wall behind. He wasn't sure what it would do to Hestia however. "SHUT UP!!" He roared before charging at her again. Unleashing a ruthless barrage of strikes. "GIVE UP?! GIVE UP?! AFTER COMING THIS FAR, PRACTICING AND GROWING! AFTER I'VE WALKED THIS PATH DOWN TO IT'S CORE YOU THINK I'M ABOUT TO GIVE UP?! I AM NOT WEAK!" He locked blades with her, pressing his handle down on her as hard as he could. The heat of his breath felt through his helmet, and the glow of his visor so bright it looked like a living fire. "I'll NEVER bow to anyone. Let alone you." Keres giggled at Ember's words and dashed to her side, jabbing her dagger upward into Ember's arm pit. A weak point in her armor. It barely did anything, but this was to annoy Embers and remind the woman just how fast and agile Keres was. "Aww lighten up Auntie Embers~ Don't you want to have some fun?" she giggled again as she dodged Embers with ease, flipping backward before dashing forward and sliding under another swing. When Embers mentioned being queen of the jungle Keres popped out of nowhere and booped her on the nose before dodging another attack. "Queen? Of the jungle? That's cute~"
  14. Adrian watched from the trees, humming a fun tune to himself while he made himself a drink. He had ingredients in his inventory and was glad they didn't spoil. He continued to watch the fight the entire time of course, why would he not? He laughed to himself as the scout became very aggressive, attacking Aereth in an interesting manner. Adrian wished he could be up close so that he could see what the boy was doing that made Aereth back off. Then he watched as Aereth changed into someone else entirely, causing Adrian to blink. Now that was new. He turned into a woman. Was that the disguise skill? He'd have to go fight the gemini after seeing this. That would be a fun skill to have... Though he didn't see the woman in the group anywhere. He wasn't aware disguise turns you into any person, just the person you're fighting. Before anything else could happen however, Aereth pulled out another teleport crystal and vanished. "S**t.." He was hoping to have some fun with this, but it would seem they were not going to make this easy. He sighed and continued to wait, wanting to see how Hidden responded. Domarus heard Aereth and Itzal shouting and fighting, before he heard the sound of a teleport crystal activate. Itzal and Aereth dueled it out then? And from what he was hearing Aereth ditched out. So the arrogant little man finally learned his place then. "I'm sorry," he said as he swung his ax. The force she applied to the shield in addition to his extra force caused it to bounce off, but instead of stumbling he used it's momentum to swing around with twice the force. "What did you say about family? Friends? People who would stick by your side? It looks to me like all you have is a scout who's snapped and a wildfire you can only hope to control! Who else stands beside you Hestia?!" He waited until she swung her sword, or at least held it out from behind the shield, and swung his ax quickly. Hooking the curved part of the ax around the guard and blade of her sword, he pulled with all his might. This would result in either tearing the sword from her hand, or forcing her towards him. If the latter, he would swung the butt end of his weapon at her in the hopes of striking her or knocking her backwards into the ground. "Meanwhile I have them! Keres, Raven, the Triad! They did not abandon me. They kept their calm and their resolve. Raven isn't brainwashed Ember, she joined me by her own volition!!!" With that he began another assault. His rage fueling his body as he struck at her, making quick movements, side by side, to try and get around her shield. "I never planned for her to see you confront me Ember, but she did! She didn't run away now did she? Instead she stayed and listened to what my plans were! She heard the man I truly am! AND WHO DID SHE SIDE WITH?!" The hatred for Ember- no. The hatred of being hated. Of just trying to do the only thing he could do. The only skill he had, trying to make the world better with it. And being hated for it. Not even given a chance. The pain of being betrayed- no. The pain of being alone. Of having no one there for you when you need it most. Of having no one close to you. He wished he had more time to experience that with someone. And now he wouldn't. He would either die or be locked in a cell for the rest of his life. In here and in the real world, Ember would ensure it. And all of that pain and hatred flowed into his next attack. "WHO ARE YOU TO DAMN ME AS THE VILLAIN?!" he roared as he grabbed her shield with his left hand, shoving it to the side, and swung with all his strength at her with his right. Effectively shattering her shoulder piece and creating a long crack along her armor. The red visor in his helmet was flashing more brightly than ever before. The Triad had taken their distance, and rightfully so. If they intervened then they would surely be killed. The Triad would await orders from Hidden. If they received none, or if she told them to stay out of the way, Keres would speak up. "You three stay here. I'll go assist Raven." With that she'd dash out of the way and move with incredible speed and agility towards the two fighters. She'd leap over Embers, place her hand on the woman's armor and push herself off, and land beside Raven. She made a playful push against Raven with her shoulder as she giggled. "Hope you don't mind if I join in on the fun~ You two ladies seem to be having a very good time."