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  1. Domarus

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Domarus smiled as Black spoke up. He appreciated Mina's scolding against Mars, whom he hoped everyone would see cared about no one at this point. However Black was on the right track in regards as to their foolishness. He placed a hand on Black's shoulder and nodded his appreciation. "Bottom line people, is we can't help but wait. I have no control over the boss in that regard. We just have to be patient and wait until the fight actually starts. I'll let you know if I see a hint of aggression so no one will be caught off guard. As for everyone who has a problem with me or this strategy I've presented, make sure you keep that hate to yourself in this room. You can claw me out afterwards and I will hear what you have to say. But for now keep your focus on the boss and not each other. That goes for everyone here." He turned to look at Mina and nodded his thanks for backing him up in regards to Mars. However she was incorrect when it came to him stopping Mars, and he'd need to correct her at some point. After all, Mars caught him unawares the first time, and had used the charge skill. Even with Domarus' strength and reflexes he coudln't have stopped him the first time. When Cosi spoke up however he shook his head. "No it wasn't Cosi. There is no way to predict what a boss has up his sleeve. We must never face an enemy alone, so charging forward was dangerous if not suicidal. Not to mention doing so already broke our strategy, and while he may not have meant for this to be so it tells others that he isn't one to follow strategies or the leads of others. However this discussion is meant for another time." He then looked at Mars, whom he now pinned as the greatest trouble maker in this raid. "You hate me so much you can tell me after this raid is finished. And unlike the situation with Hirru, I'm not protecting the boss in any way. I'm recognizing that he refuses to attack and can't be attacked as of yet. Thus we organize ourselves and fight as a unit. Hirru rushed up, and protected the floor boss from the players. There is a great difference between the two Mars. Anyone can easily tell the difference between strategy and treason." After that he returned his attention to the false priest Miraak. "Pretty sure it was all according to your plan for everyone to turn on each other Miraak, but I trust these players to have the strength and focus to remember who the true enemy is. You on the other hand, are a man without faith. That much is obvious." @Mars @tricolor_mina @Cosi @Black
  2. Adrian could easily see he won the argument and was clearly reveling in that fact. When she said she always made the attempt to never underestimate an opponent, which he thought was poorly phrased, he simply chuckled. "So you say~ We'll see what happens." She began to take a while to think to herself, before speaking again. Mentioning how she would only beat Aereth as long as it took to put him into submission. To this, Adrian laughed. "Well dear Hidden, knowing that moron's ego you've got at least a months work in front of you. And I doubt you can make him submit to you by yourself. Of course you'll realize this soon enough." She took another moment to think to herself and he grinned. "Do I really make that much of an impact? Dear oh dear, I didn't realize words could be so powerful." He loved taunting and teasing people, but... Hidden was different. He had a different goal set for her than he did others. "Of course, the art of speechcraft is teachable." When she spoke up again, his grin slowly grew into a big smile. When she finished his eyes flashed with excitement and interest. "As it should be! I'm very proud of you Hidden dear~" She released his bonds and he stood up straight instantly, stretching his limbs. After some stretching he opened his menu and equipped his gear. Now, instead of looking like a small innocent child, he wore a black hood and cape, gray leather bracers, cloth shirt and pants, and black boots. He also wore a ring that had a symbol on it. A dagger appeared on his right hip and a rapier appeared on his left. "As for a plan of action? For maximum entertainment, I recommend you charge into the fight aiding Domarus. Act like you're on his side. I'll watch from afar for a bit while I enjoy Domarus crumbling in his emotional struggle against Hestia. When it reaches the breaking point then I'll jump in. When I do you turn 'traitor' and we take on the fools. How does that sound?" He walked past her but the stopped. "One thing I want to know however: Hidden. What is your goal?" Domarus turned to look at Embers as she ran her little speech. He scoffed at her through his helmet. "For someone who prefers combat over chatting, you sure do talk a lot Embers. And what happened to you? You once told me that nothing would ever stop you from getting what you want. Yet your going to let Hestia fight me instead? Over what, a promise? Honor? What honor does a warrior who takes what they desire no matter what even have? I saved her sister from death and trained her to be stronger, without knowing she was Hestia's sister. It was only after I made her my pupil when I discovered that fact-" His attention snapped to Hestia who activated charge and swung her blade at him. Due to him being off guard she landed a few swings on him, but he was able to intercept the last half of the activated sword art with his ax, spinning it so that it knocked her own blade, and herself back a moment. The instant she was knocked back, even if it was just a step, he would slam his weapon down on her, holding his long hilt against her own blade, pressing down on her as he spoke up. "Interrupting a conversation now?" His red visor flashed, revealing his wrath to her. "How low do you intend to stoop Ember?" And with that he used all his strength to launch her back, then activated charge as he rushed forward and activated the Screw Dimension sword art on her before shifting to his own fighting style. Rhozarth roared at Kuro and took flight. The red dragon, always bathing in flames wore a black iron armor that looked like a dragon's skeleton on the outside. Rhozarth wasn't as fast as Kuro, not by a long shot, but he was fast enough to evade attacks. In addition to this he was very strong and could withstand most attacks. The difference between Kuro and Rhozarth, was that one of them could use projectile attacks. While the other could not. Rhozarth launched waves of intense flames after Kuro, aiming them in a way that would lead Kuro in a certain area. Whether Kuro realized it or not, Rhozarth was leading the familiar into an enclosed area where the familiar would find itself hard pressed to run away from Rhozarth.
  3. Domarus

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Domarus grabbed Mars before he could charge past him a second time and held a tight grip so he couldn't run off again. "Everyone calm down!" he called out as players urged an attack. He glanced at Mars who had started all of this. The fool. He knew exactly what kind of person that Mars was now. The difference between him and Domarus was their motivations. "Now listen! Some of you have never been in a boss fight before and some of you have. In the end you must understand that rushing in blindly will get you killed. If we want to be effective we have to work together as a unit." He turned to look at everyone who called out. "Bosses have unique abilities that monsters and players can never mimic. We must work together and proceed with caution. What Mars did was a perfect example. Most bosses don't have high evasion, save for the strongest of floor bosses. My guess is that this program has a dialogue that must be completed before the fight commences. In other words: We can't land a finger on it until whatever it's objective is has been fulfilled. So in the meantime, stay behind me and form up parties accordingly. Be ready for when it does finally begin. I'll try to speed this process up as fast as I possibly can." He would let Mars go the moment he showed no signs of resistance, but until then he would be an unmovable fortress keeping him from getting out of line. "And you," he said to Mars. "Try to think strategically instead of impulsively. One wrong move from anyone and the rest of the people are in danger." Then he whispered to the player: "Of course, it's all part of your weak facade, correct?" "Now then.." He turned to the priest. If players were observant, they would notice that regardless of who he was talking two, he was watching the false priest the entire time, while his arm rested ready to draw his ax at any second. "Miraak. No one believes a word you say. No matter how noble you make yourself sound, your actions speak far more than your words do. So if you have anything you wish to say, then say it. Regardless of how you lived life before, right here and now you are corrupted and an enemy. None of us will be sitting down for you, and none of us want to hear your s**t. Tell us what it is you want to say so we can get on with this." @Mars @Black @Cosi @Kairi @Miraak the Accursed
  4. Domarus

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    "Stop that kind of talk!" Domarus called back to @Dustin, turning his head to look at him. The silver helmet flashing on the movement. "Event bosses don't control players like you think they do. The worst the system has done is forced players to attack the boss, nothing more. They don't control your minds Dustin. Even if that were the case, we are not going to kill you. No one will. We stand together and we fall together. If worst comes to worst we escape the fight together." He turned to look at the rest of the players. "I don't want to hear any despair understood? You aren't alone and you aren't helpless. You have an escape option so even if things become dangerous you don't need to worry. Remember, it's words can only affect you as much as you allow it. This boss is only programming, nothing more. Stand strong. Stand together. And face the enemy head on." He turned to look at the priest again. "You really are a piece of work aren't you? Rumors, aura, setting. You've got everything set up to put a scare to these players. More than likely you try and psych them out because you're not actually that strong. You were designed for their tier after all. At any rate, don't think your cheap deception will work when it counts. You're easily seen through as the villain in this story. It's obvious you are working with demons, but you didn't seem to have picked up on their knack for deception." @Miraak the Accursed
  5. Domarus

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Domarus walked into the chapel, standing in front leading the other players in. He was now wearing his cross necklace and his silver helmet, thus no part of his skin was seen. He was a full on silver knight. He would stand beside @Black as they walked in, and after he finished speaking would say softly to Black. "Leading these people will be different than what you are used to. They aren't hardened veterans. They are civilians who are desperate to survive. They need orders, yes, but they also need kindness, support and encouragement. There may be moments where fear will seize them. Such as Mina," he said, hoping Black would notice the nervous aura that was rather evident. "It's not just our duty to protect them and give them direction. But also to give moral support, hope, and comfort. These players will not fight their hardest if they feel they are under pressure. While nothing you do or say is wrong, fear can twist the mind. Try and do your best to speak gently and thoughtfully, even if you believe you already are." He placed a hand on Black's shoulder with a chuckle. "It takes a while to understand and execute, but once you get the hang of it it's worth it." After that he walked over to @tricolor_mina . He looked at the boss and wondered just what sort of personality the programmers had given him. At hearing Mina's words he chuckled and patted her back. "Perhaps that's because he's the boss? Remember Mina. At the end of the day he's just bits of coding. Nothing more. Ignore what he says, and remember that you have people here to fight by your side and support you. If you feel the need to stand beside anyone, I'm always here for you." He glanced at Rhozarth, who was as emotionless as he possibly could be, and refused to look at anyone. Which was a good thing. He looked out to the priest and began walking towards him calmly and slowly. "Don't really care too much what the priests have to say, you included. People are a bit uptight because of that creepy aura you give off. The dead look in your eyes." Domarus stopped a good distance from the Priest, still rather close to the players. "I've only taken a first glance at you and I already know you are a terrible priest. I wonder if you even believe in a God at all? Or at least, if you even want to side with him in the end. Still, no need to be rude on either end. Your name was Miraak was it? You may call me Domarus." @Miraak the Accursed
  6. Domarus

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Domarus watched as players approached him one after another, each of them telling him who they were, what their level was and what their general build was. He took notes using his menu system and would nod and greet each of them individually. He watched as Hidden walked over and joined him, and he would speak softly for her ears only: "I put my faith in you @Hidden. I know you won't risk yourself to protect others, but during this fight, no matter what happens. Do not attack any players. We need to keep everything as focused on the boss as possible to avoid another raid situation. At the same time try to work with the other players, regardless of how foolish their personalities. If players start fighting each other then the risks of death will only rise. If we're ever to get out of this game, cooperation is needed, at least on the front lines if not anywhere else." he said casting a glance towards Aereth. "A martial artist eh? I look forward to seeing your sheer damage in action. Glad to have you aboard @Mars. That name suits you well." I probably won't have him leading anyone. He doesn't seem like the individual to care much about others in the end. He turned to the next player approaching. This player had the appearance, bearing, movement and eyes of a soldier. When he began informing Domarus of all he was able to do and that he had no teleport crystal, Domarus was equally impressed. Then the player told him that he was in fact a marines infantryman in the real world. Domarus offered the man a handshake. " @Black right? A pleasure to meet you sir. Don't worry, I plan to do everything in my power to keep everyone in this raid alive. I'll be trusting you and another tank to keep the players safe in your squad," he said, trying to use terminology the player would understand better than a gaming term. "As for the teleport crystal I'll get you one momentarily." It was then a message appeared before him and he looked to the player who sent it. He assumed she simply wanted to stay with her temporary shop and focus on that rather than walk over to him and nodded to her with a smile, showing he was supporting her. He then shifted his attention to another player who walked up to him and gave his stats. He was mentally irritated that this many players didn't have teleport crystals, or were leeching off of someone else to do it for them. In reality he wanted to punch the player for his laziness, but outwardly just smiled and nodded, shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you @Cosi! If what you say is true, I'll most likely put you with another tank. Try and keep as much hate off of the rest of the players as you can ok? And if you have one, I'd suggest a weapon with bleed or paralysis enhancement on it if your damage is as low as you claim it is. As for the teleport crystal, I'll purchase it for you in a moment." Yet another player approached him, this player giving him very little info on his build and asking for a teleport crystal. This time Domarus' finger tapped in response to his anger. It was in no way a movement that screamed 'this player is angry', but he was getting irritated beyond measure. He shares that little detail and asks for something? "I'll be able to purchase a teleport crystal for you soon, thanks for approaching me @Dustin. And thank you for sharing your, stats. I'll work on finding your position." The next player to approach was a girl. This time she shared a decent amount of detail and he nodded with a smile. "It will be extremely helpful to have a healer on board @Sunova. It will make things far easier and less deadly." One last player approached him and gave his info. Thankfully, no one else needed a teleport crystal. Domarus nodded. "Alright, thank you @Hazado. I'll work on placement soon." Domarus took a mental sigh as the players left, then noted Cosi returning. He told Domarus that he and Mars worked well together and he took a moment to think about it. "...While I completely understand and respect that, Mars is actually one of the higher level players. The fact of the matter is that we only have two support players and enough players for three, and quite frankly almost four parties. So I intend for the third party to be made up of all the highest level players. Higher health and more skills and mods means less chance of death. Mars was in that group. Meanwhile I wanted all the players on the lower half level wise to be in parties with the most tanks and a supporter. If you really want to, I can move you to the third party, but that would be high risk with no healer. It will be your decision if that happens." He walked over to the priest and dumped six thousand col, still inwardly annoyed at how players were so lazy not to purchase their own essentials. He handed them out to the appropriate players and began setting up the system. When he finished he turned his menu around. "All tier one and two players! I have a party set up and would like you all to take a look! We have three parties and only two supporters so I sorted everyone out as such: The highest level players are in party three and have one tank but no supporters. These players have the highest chance of making it without a supporter! Parties one and two have tanks and supporters alike, and will be doing our best to protect the players in our parties, as the tank in party three should. If you want to be in the same party as another player for personal reasons, or because you work together let me and the other players know. Just note that if you switch into the third party group you're chances of being in more danger will rise. I'll also appoint players to act as the leaders of their parties. I'm trusting you to make good decisions, or to follow my lead if I call out an order. These players are Black, and Kairi. If you are close to dying you make sure to use that teleport crystal, no exceptions. Any questions?" When the players were finished he walked over to Black and @Kairi and gestured for them to walk to the side. When they were away from the others he would speak. "I don't know you two very well, and I wish I did. You both seem like great individuals. If we can find time to get to know each other in the future that would be perfect, but right now I don't have enough time. What I'll need you two to do is, with what is within your power, ability and skill, keep your groups calm, focused, and keep them from attacking each other. Besides that, I need additional things from you in this fight: Clear and quick thinking. If you have an idea that may work, or if you spot a weakness in the boss that you can exploit. If you have an idea that will help the raid inform your party and do so while telling the other two parties. If you aren't sure of something fall back to the default strategy provided by myself. And finally, if I call out an order you need to follow it, and convince those under your charge to do the same. It's not much, don't feel too much pressure. We don't need to win. If it becomes too dangerous and you fear for any player's lives, you get them to teleport out." After this he gestured to Hidden and Aereth to speak with him and walked over to them. When they were with him he would speak with them. "The reasons I have not chosen you two to be leaders is because you don't have the experience or qualities. Don't take offense to that it's simply facts. Hidden you are very strong, loyal, reliable and focused. However do you think you could lead a group of players, end a feud between them without adding to the anger and stress, and keep them focused? @Aereth your actions in the raid the last time prove you are not anywhere near ready to become a leader. All you did was stir up anger and hate and did nothing to help focus their attention on what they should have done. I expected better of you, and I do not want you to disappoint me a second time." A fire appeared in his eyes, one that threatened to consume Aereth if he wasn't careful. "Do, I make, myself, clear?" -6,000 col +1 Teleport crystal to Black, Cosi and Dustin
  7. Domarus

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Domarus heard Dazia call out to him asking for a teleport crystal. He nodded to her and made the purchase, sending two thousand more col to the npc. He then walked over to Dazia and nodded to her, handing the crystal to her. "Here we are Dazia. I hope you fair well in this fight. Prove how strong a fighter you can be." After that he turned to the Priests and accepted one of the items. He looked at the shape of it before rolling his eyes under the helmet, holding onto it and not wearing it until the fight actually started. Then Hestia mentioned and addressed Domarus he stepped up to stand next to her. He turned around and faced the crowd, still wearing his silver armor. Rhozarth sat in the back of the area so that he didn't unnerve anyone. His proud attitude and his judgemental glare was something Domarus was aware of. Domarus had been spreading his reputation across the floors a long time. Helping players in need, saving them from unexpected mobs or from danger they thought they could handle. He'd been spreading how good of a person he truly was. Now was the time to establish those rumors once and for all. "I'm not sure how many of you know me, but I'm hoping you all will choose to trust me. I need everyone who is tier one or two to tell me your build, whether it be dps, support or tank. From there I'll set up the best possible formation for us to use in the upcoming fight. I myself will be acting as a dps and tank hybrid. I don't have the howl skill, but I do have a taunt enhancement, so if we have enough tanks I'll take some of the heat off of the other dps players. If you don't have a teleport crystal please let me know and I'll fetch one for you. Be ready to use it at any time. Remember: We're fighting together to defeat an event boss. Whatever happens inside there, remember that it is in the end, a program designed to attack. Come to me if you are in fact participating in the fight against the priest inside." Domarus nodded to Hestia then stepped off, moving to the side so players could speak with him there and not interrupt. @Cosi @Black @Kairi @Hazado @Krysta @Sunova @Aereth @Hidden @Kimi @Neo @Vigilon @Dustin @tricolor_mina @Dazia @Mars @Kyot0 @Stryder
  8. Domarus remained silent as Hestia made her way over to Stryder. Domarus followed suit, not really caring at this point. Stryder was a fighter, that much was obvious given what Eatos told him. However from what he could tell, the man wasn't the smartest either. He was a warrior first. Domarus on the other hand, was a strategist. He planned it all out before entering and could adapt to any given situation. Even if it was an event like at the front lines. And from the looks of it, something had happened to him to remove his passion in general. Possibly similar to himself, possibly not. It all depended. Rhozarth gave a low growl when Stryder looked at them until Domarus held up a hand to silence him. This of course didn't stop the flaming dragon from glaring at Stryder at all. Domarus would not speak unless he was being spoken to directly. He was here to complete a quest, gain levels, and nothing more. Even if there wasn't any point to it, it was better than sitting around all day. His ax was sheathed in the meantime however. Hestia didn't trust or believe anything he said of course, so she could be taking his calmness as a facade. But he wondered how long it would take before she caught on to how dead inside he was. With the fury of flames gone, he was nothing but a hollow man with strength. @Stryder
  9. As Hidden's smirk faded, Adrian's only grew. At her words of being well informed he scoffed and acted offended in a sarcastic manner. "Why would I not be? Truly you do not underestimate me?" At her words stating he didn't know what she needed his grin returned, a shadow over his eyes. "Oh don't I?" At her smiling again he listened to her words. When she finished he burst into uncontrollable laughter, rolling on the floor and wall still chained. The red marks flashing as more damage was dealt, yet his health returned to normal quicker than it fell. "Oh that's precious! Really? You think you can fool me? Well let's test that shall we? You don't need me? Then scat! Please. Doing things the easy way. Where is the fun in that? Would you really find enjoyment, pleasure if it came that easily? Do you really think the sweet taste of revenge, in whatever form or shape you see it in, would be satisfied with an easy way out? No. It has to be done through planning, working. Why make this one encounter be the end of his punishment? Why not let it be the start? Oh the words you could say to him. The things that would make his eyes widen in horror and pain. If you want to kill him, or at the very least make him suffer. You can't just go rushing into it. So here's my counter deal: Admit to me that you cannot do this on your own, and that you do in the end need my help. I get to target who I want. I choose when i enter the fight. Though I will enter the fight. I won't kill Aereth, and I won't kill you. If you meet each and every one of those conditions then I'll join you. Cause the difference between us Hidden, is that I don't mind waiting one little bit~" Domarus walked across the fields towards the group. Keres and Raven by his side with the four following behind. Domarus soon stopped a decent ways away from the group, but close enough where they could easily hear each other. "So you did betray me after all Embers. After I learned that Aereth had turned his back on me, and judging by who you'd been spending your time with I figured you sided with her. How cute. Hestia, you have a man who cares about no one's goals but his own, a man who devotes himself to everyone else's goals and not his own. And a woman who flares at just about everyone. Truly, you have gathered the misfits of Aincrad." He drew his massive ax as the assassins and scout shifted to combat positions. Domarus began walking calmly over to Hestia, his red visor flashing. "Now then, who will challenge me first? Will it be my first, former and most disappointing general Aereth? Or perhaps the righteous scout who let's his morals bind him? Or will it be the woman who doesn't take no for an answer? Or perhaps Hestia herself. To be honest Embers, I'm quite surprised you haven't just charged right off the bat to kill me where I stand. What's the delay?"
  10. Adrian: The boy smiled when he heard steps towards his little prison. When the boulder was destroyed he chuckled silently to himself. When he heard the voice he looked up to who was talking, revealing the nine year old boy. "Oooooooh~ Hidden, the mighty assassin! I heard you tried to gut someone on the frontlines. Is that actually true? I'm impressed, not many people have the guts to do what's necessary," he said with a grin. When she told him to make a deal with her he threw his head back, slamming it the wall and laughed. "OH you MUST be desperate if you came here wanting help, and knowing who I am!" He curled his legs up like a giddy child while his red wrists hung from the chains. "Oh it's Christmas!~ What are you not strong enough to do what you need to do? I know you have the guts if rumors hold true. If it's power you need I could easily help you there~ Or even better... I can make you strong... But let us save that for later! What do you want? What is it you want from me?" Domarus: He nodded to them all and looked off towards the town where the teleport pad was kept. He had messaged Hidden to meet him on the way, but he had a feeling she was going to be late. He would go ahead and send her a message that he would only wait a little longer. If she still wished to come, to meet him on the seventeenth floor and to not enter the battle until the opportune moment arose. With that he began making his way with what little people he had left with him... @Hidden
  11. Domarus

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Listening to @Hestia's words he had confirmed that she was being serious. He also confirmed that she was choosing him out of logical reasons, and was probably shoving her emotions down. She cared too much about the players to take an unnecessary risk. It was true he had given advice that even Macradon took into account, changing his previous orders to what Domarus had said. The man was intelligent, but there were things to consider. Domarus nodded. "A dangerous move you're doing, putting me in position of power.. However I'll keep them safe to the best of my ability. I may need your help to get as many of them to listen and cooperate with me, or at least acknowledge me as the leader before we enter the boss fight.. I'll handle Aereth and Hidden." He turned to see Shield approaching and nodded to Hestia. "Hopefully the tier one and two players have a corrected moral compass." Domarus walked over to @Aereth, and tapped his shoulder, gesturing for him to meet with him over by Hidden. He then walked over to @Hidden, and spoke up. "Alright you two listen up. I'm leading the tier one and two players in the boss fight, and I'm going to do everything in my power to keep the players safe. By doing so my reputation will increase and my power will grow further. Hidden: Do not attack, any player. Aereth. Do not raise your voice against anyone. They are allies, and our focus must be on the bosses. You want to complain or rant, or attack or kill someone? Do it off the front lines. If something happens you let me handle it. Disobey me and my orders and you will regret it, understand?" His tone held every proof that they should not vex him, and do as he says. When they have confirmed they would obey him he would nod. "Good. I trust you will hold to your words. Both of you."
  12. Domarus

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Domarus sat in the work place of his shop, looking at the photo of his mother. His eyes were set on her, the one good thing that had ever happened to him, of which he had no memories of. His thoughts however, were on the previous boss raid. The raid where everyone turned on each other because one player thought the front lines were becoming corrupt or some bs like that, and decided to protect the floor bosses and help the bosses win instead. It was sickening to see that's how far down humanity has dropped. His hopebreaker armor sat unused in his inventory, but he wasn't using his Sovereign armor either. Instead he wore a simple black shirt and pants. Rhozarth sat on the wall staring into the photo of his mother with no emotions. When it came to Domarus and his aspects Rhozarth respected his strength, and thus was loyal to him. However that didn't mean he was emotionally connected to Domarus. It was then he received a message from Hestia and he opened the message. Domarus had seen the message from the priests, but he didn't think it very important. It was just another event boss, why should he care? Then he saw her mentioning how she wanted him to be the example and lead them down a path towards a correct frontline conduct. He raised an eyebrow at this. Hestia wanted him to lead players and show them how to act? It was a bold move on her part, but he knew her heart was in the right place. She wasn't focused on her hatred for Domarus, but on what the frontlines needed. Domarus sighed and stood up, gesturing for Rhozarth to follow. He arrived on the thirteenth floor in his silver armor which covered him head to toe. He scanned the players in the vicinity and saw multiple individuals, including Aereth. The player had been becoming more out of control as of late and needed to stop. He walked over to the priests and placed his order, purchasing the items he required. Then he walked over to Hestia, standing in front of her. "...You want me... To lead? Or are you just telling me to be an image for the other players?" If she would suggest him to be the commanding officer for this event boss then he would agree to joining. Perhaps this would show him if there were people who could be redeemable. In addition to this, Macradon actually listened to Domarus' words when they fought in the boss raid. He just needed the players to obey him. He then turned to the crowd. "If anyone doesn't have any teleport crystals let me know and I'll purchase some for you!" @Hestia Items Bought Equipment Stats after items
  13. Domarus stood in front of a mirror in his Hopebreaker armor. The black armor that never gleamed. The armor black as the void, forged out of his inner hate and rage. His helmet was wrapped under his arm as he stared into his reflection. Into his eyes. He rarely took the time to really focus, but today he looked deep into those eyes and into the maelstrom of fire and hatred. Hatred born and fueled by his past, and his present. Hatred that pointed it's flames towards the world and it's inhabitants. But not just the many corrupted individuals. That fire was pointed towards himself as well. He knew very well that this hatred would consume him along with everyone else. There was no avoiding that. It was fate. Born out of hate, it only made sense he would die by it. He took a deep breath before he placed his helmet on, the red glow flashing as he opened his eyes. Seeing through the helmet always helped him focus his hatred. The world was always darker, everything with a red tint to it. He looked into the mirror again, but this time only saw a champion of hate, destruction, and cruelty. A weapon he wanted to use against those who were corrupt. And would now be fighting the just. All of this because he could not see the light. He couldn't see the hope and goodness in others. Only her... The mirror reflection of himself. Domarus even went so far as to think of her as his other half. He clutched his hand into a tight fist before grabbing his ax and sheathing it on his back. He moved outside where Keres and Raven were waiting for him. Not just them however, but four others. These four being his last loyal men. He didn't message Aereth due to him being a traitor. And he didn't trust Embers at this point with everything happening. That left two assassins and a spy. Two of the three assassins were experienced with the third being a recruit of theirs. None of them killing out of enjoyment, but out of necessity. The spy was younger than the assassins, but his willpower was impressive. He was also overly loyal, which he demonstrated by kneeling in front of Domarus. He said nothing as he turned to Keres. "Is everyone ready?" Keres, who wore a black gray and green outfit styled after assassin's creed, but fancier, smiled in return. She chose this outfit for two reasons. It was specially designed to both protect her while keep her agility at maximum. The second was that they were all wearing something similar so that Keres could switch with the other men and no one would be able to tell the difference. Domarus did not want her getting hurt. "Yes master." Domarus nodded and turned to Raven. "Raven. Will you be ok with this? If you do not wish to fight I understand." When he turned to the other four they all nodded. "I shall fight to my last breath master Domarus." Domarus thought about it for a moment before adding to them all. "My name is Harken," he said, drawing a gasp from Keres. "Harken Luis. Call me Harken or Domarus, it does not matter. You five deserve to know my true name. I'm proud of you all, and I know you'll make me proud today." Reminder of what Domarus' Armor looks like
  14. Summary: Players get 1 sp and 200 col each
  15. Domarus was surprised to say the least that Ember decided to give him a hug and didn't know what to do at first. After hesitance however, his arm slowly returned the favor. It was a bit more awkward than usual though, as this wasn't a hug to get something out of another. It wasn't a disguise to fool someone. It was genuine. She was genuinely hugging him, knowing who he truly was. She spoke again, telling him it was always worth it to be open. That he shouldn't focus on the negatives and just think on the positives of what comes with it. She then told Domarus that she wanted him to release all his hatred on her at once the following day. To not hold back and to let his wrath loose. He broke the embrace and looked her in the eyes, seeing the truth in it. He hesitated before nodding his head. "Very well Ember. I won't ask you to prepare as I know you will. And I know you aren't the type to hate me after witnessing my hatred full force. But be careful. I don't want you to die if I lose myself in my rage." He turned to Kuro. "If I'm being honest I don't care much of bits of code that can just be brought back later on. But I do know you care for Kuro. He may have tricks up his sleeve, but I implore you to be additionally protective of him in the coming fight." He stood up and took Ember's hand, shaking it. A ghost of a smile on his face. "I guess the pact is sealed." @Hestia