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  1. Zulas visited once more the Blacksmith he had gone previously to have his sword made. As he entered another player was seen leaving the store, a big smile on his face. Once again, the store was adorned with different weapons and pieces of armor all around the walls and aisles. The window sill also showcased some of the blacksmith's work. The 'Blazing Tycoon' was one of the most talked about blacksmith shops in the forums and that's why he came the first time. Once he had received his weapon, Zulas was very happy with it and how it turned out. This time around, he needed an armor if he wanted to walk around the upper floors. Last time, he had taken one of the request forms as he knew that he would need it for a second visit. He had filled it out previously so he went directly to the Blacksmith that was standing at the counter. "Hello, sir. I would like to have a light armor made. Here are the specifications." - he said as he handed out the request form. "Thank you very much, sir @Macradon."
  2. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    The young swordsman heard the words spoken with such wisdom, one that has lived many tales in this world. He couldn't help but admire such a person, but of course he wasn't going to let her know that. The way she said it seemed like she was struggling with herself, that there was some things that she would have rather not experienced here. The same thing couldn't be said of Zulas, he hadn't experienced much this side of the world but, because of what had happened on the other side, is the main reason that he said such things. A half smile escaped him as he dug deep into his thoughts, the idea of not having to return seemed good to him, but not going back scared him. One thing he was good at was running from his problems, from people, but he liked this world because it made it easier to overcome that. After a quick moment of silence, as he picked through the ground for materials, he said - "It's like a fighting a battle on two fronts. I don't mind staying here but I feel like staying here would not be considered living. I don't think she would consider it living. It's true that I don't owe anyone here anything, but I do owe to her." He didn't know why he said that last sentence, but he said it softly. It felt like it had escaped his lips, like saying those words out loud made real the fact that she wasn't alive anymore. He realized what he had said, so he quickly continued on. "The fact that this world feels so real doesn't really help neither." - he chuckled softly. Although, he could not hide the blood rise to his cheeks thanks to the system's display of emotions.
  3. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    "Ah", was all Zulas could say. He felt a bit of weird feeling emanating from the young woman, but he paid no mind. It was an unwritten rule to ask about other's past lives, lives before this death game. Zulas turned to the ground and continued searching through the ground and after a while moved to another location. He kept thinking what to ask her, it had been so long since he talked like this with another person, so casually. It seemed so foreign to him, but at them same time he felt that he could tell her anything although he chose not to. It was true that everyone in this place had one thing common, and that was that they were prisoners inside of this place with the hope of one day returning. "You know..." - he started to say, struggling to find the right words. "I've been telling those that I've come across with that I want to be in the Frontlines... that I want to help everyone escape... but that's not true." - he finally admitted, more to himself than to the stranger that stood in front of him. "If it were up to me, I would just by a house and stay there. If I choose to live my life like that, would it be a bad thing?" - he asked, even though he already knew the answer to that question. He knew it at the bottom of his heart, but he did not want to accept it.
  4. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    Zulas noticed the woman looking at him and her eyes trailing something to the ground. She spoke, but her voice was soft and Zulas guessed that he was making her uncomfortable, so he responded, "Yes, I apologize. You just reminded me of someone. Someone I knew a long time ago." - he said truthfully. He hoped that with this, she wouldn't look at him like he was broken. In reality, he was broken, but not in ways that he could be fixed, at least not right now. The young man squeezed her hand and replied with a smile, "Nice to meet you, Lessa." The young man was very curious of his newfound acquaintance because he hadn't met a lot of people since being inside of this game. He knew that people had their stories and it was bad manners to ask somebody of their life before the game. So, he set out to have a casual conversation that didn't involve anything of that sort. He kept looking at her and took back his hand, "Lessa, you seem kind of strong. Do you battle on the Frontlines?" - he asked curiously.
  5. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    "Thank you." - he said to the young woman. He continued to search and after he was satisfied, stood up to face her. The young man extended his hand towards her after a few seconds. "Sorry not to have done this earlier... Name's Zulas. Nice to meet you." - he said with a smile. This time he looked in detail at the woman in front of him. She was certainly beautiful, and caring, because not any player would offer to help a stranger that they just met. Just like her, he thought instinctively. He shook his head slightly to get rid of those thoughts, he didn't want to think about her right now. It had been a long time ago, and she was already gone. Then as he stood with his hand out towards the young woman, he felt a tiny teardrop fall down his cheek, and he cursed the game for making his feelings show like that.
  6. Zulas

    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    I'm going ahead and trying this one alone. It should be a long and arduous journey.
  7. Any active tailor willing to craft a light armor?

  8. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    Zulas attention turned towards the woman when he heard mention of the 7th floor. He had dreamed of going to the upper floors for a long time now, but he knew that he wasn't strong enough to do it. He noticed how quickly he and intensely turned his gaze towards her, so his face turned red. Zulas, now embarrassed, knew that the woman had to have seen him turn his face red. The motion was followed by some digging on the ground to see if he was lucky enough to find some more materials. It would allow him time to calm down, and answer her question. "Yes, I do." - he managed to answer. "I...", was all he could manage to say. Zulas couldn't find the right words to say. For some reason, it mattered to him what she thought of him. He knew that she was way out of his league in terms of this game. "I haven't been above the 3rd floor." - he finally admitted. The words felt heavy in his mouth, it sounded a bit more depressing than he intended, and without knowing he added. "I don't think I'll survive by myself." Zulas continued to look at the woman as she used, what Zulas thought, was an unknown technique to gather her materials. Again, he saw the same flashes go through his mind; the long hair, the strong personality, but something aloof to her personality that made him smile.
  9. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    Zulas realized what he had done when he heard her question and stopped what he was doing. He quickly glanced at her as he felt that his face was flustered. He could feel his cheeks red so he didn't say anything at first. He moved a couple of paces away to search in a different direction before he replied, "Yes... yes, I'm ok." He then looked at the ground, giving time for his body to take control again. "I didn't mean to upset you earlier." - he said apologetically when he finally composed himself. Zulas noticed that there was something about this woman. There was a peculiar way about her, the way that she quickly changed responses. When he thought about it he gave out a low chuckle, and continued to search the path on the mountain. It had been a long time since he had talked to anybody else like this, face to face. I think the idea of not really being face to face was what let him feel a bit more comfortable. He finally managed to look at the girl this time and responded with a slight smile and continued his work. It was a bit of an awkward silence again but he decided to break it first this time. "So, do you come to this mountain often?" - was all he could think to ask. Yeah, that's not very interesting, he thought.
  10. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    "Oh", was all Zulas could say. "I didn't mean to." - he said apologetically. After a few moments of gathering more ore, he continued - "I didn't know you weren't talking to me.". Zulas thought for a second what to say, but nothing came to mind. He looked from where he was gathering his materials to look at the woman standing in front of him. There was something about her, a strange sensation that reminded him of something but he couldn't quite place where. He stopped what he was doing for a second and just looked at her smile. It made him half smile for a split second, but he looked down and continued to gather his materials. The feeling wouldn't go away and then a mid breeze hit him that made him put his arm up to cover from the dust. He looked over at the woman, the way her hair whipped around in the wind. Again, it reminded of something, something important that he had forgotten. That's when it hit him, flashes came to his mind like the rush of a river. One image after another without stopping, so many that it made him drop the stones he was carrying. He stood there as they hit the ground with a loud thud and his eyes opened wide once more. He quickly composed himself and dropped down to the ground to recover what had fallen on the ground. ID# 69604 results: Loot: 6
  11. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    The swordsman had spent some time at the mountain already. He doesn't know when he had first started, but he liked the quiet time it brought him. He had set out on this path because he needed a bit of materials for an item that he wanted crafted. The armor that he had on was not the best so he had opted to change it, but the problem was that he didn't have that many materials to trade. The shops ran by NPC's were not that creative or abundant in their wares and the players' shops were a bit pricey for him right now. The only way was to gather the necessary materials, which didn't require much effort... just a long time in this mountain where he was right now. Zulas searched around where he stood, it seemed to him that only minutes had passed but in reality it had been hours. The solitude gave him time to think, much he hadn't done since he began the game. He had only thought about the outside world and his life one time... that time which seems like ages ago but it had only be a few weeks back. While thinking about his life, the words of a woman suddenly made him turn around and caught him off guard. "Uh" - was the only thing he could say. He turned his attention at the girl and then searched around him to see if she had spoken to somebody else. When he realized that there wasn't anybody else he continued, "Yes... if you say so." Zulas then really looked at her for the first time and his eyes opened wide. He quickly turned around and continued his search.
  12. Zulas opened the door to the 'Blazin Typhoon' once more. The messaged he had received popped up in his window about 30 minutes before. The message said that it was ready for pick-up so he went to the store to do just that. The bell chimed again, but he continued on this time not bothering to look back at the bell. He had been waiting for his new weapon to be made and he knew that he wasn't going to be disappointed. He strode all the way to the store counter, eyeing all the pieces of armor and weapons stacked against the wall. After arriving at the counter he noticed that there wasn't anything there but could hear the hammering of steel coming from the back of the store. At least somebody is in, but I don't feel comfortable yelling. That's when Zulas noticed the bell on the counter a few feet away from where he was. He walked over to it and rang it, hoping that the player in the back would hear it. He did not feel at ease about having to walk all the way around and yell to the owner. He patiently waited for the store owner to come, but just to make sure he rang the bell one last time. That's when he noticed that the email he received had something attached to it. He facepalmed himself when he saw that his item was already in the email he had received. His eyes filled with when he read the description and knew that it was everything he had asked. Zulas's eyes filled with pride as he contemplated the idea of having his first non-starter weapon. He smiled after a while and decided to walk out of the store next. The chime of the bell left a resounding effect inside of him, he felt proud.
  13. One morning Zulas walked into the shop he had identified before a 'The Blazing Typhoon'. He had never walked into a store before, at least not one owned by another player. It was time to have his first weapon made. The he saw a white heard player leaving the store and waited to see if anybody else would come out of it, but was satisfied after waiting with no other activity being seen. He then stepped towards the store and walked in. The store was different than what he expected. The ring of a bell made sounded the alert that a new customer had walked in and Zulas got a bit startled by it. This time he got a chance to look at all the items that the store had, both the weapons and the armors. All of them were neatly cleaned as well as polished, which made them look all shiny. He walked up to the counter, but nobody was there. The only thing that was there were papers that said were named as "Fill out forms". Zulas quickly read through the papers and understood what he had to do. He filled it out and put it inside a bag that he had brought himself. The bag contained the material "Hollow Crystal" that he had obtained on his travels. He quickly filled out the form, and left the bag with his name on it on top of the counter. After that, he left the store so that he wouldn't run into anybody cause he knew it would be uncomfortable. Transactions: -750 Col
  14. Zulas

    [F03] «Worn out Welcome»

    Taking this quest with Raze.
  15. Zulas

    Journal of Zulas

    Profile Username: Zulas Real name: Aster Zuldigan Age: 28 Gender: Male Height: 5’10” About: History/Personality History: Aster Zuldigan was once a popular guy. He used to play sports, had many friends… oh who am I kidding? Aster’s life has always been inside a virtual screen. He’s always loved video games, specially RPG’s, which made having friends a little difficult. Growing up in a small town didn’t made it easier, everyone knew each other… and everyone knew him. He never was very popular so he went to school and kept his head down. As life went on, he grew up and went to college to experience life for the first time. College treated him well, a bit overwhelming at first but he dropped his barriers and decided to enjoy the time he had. More years passed, he graduated from college… and he even got himself a nice girlfriend named Kono! The work life beckoned him, to which he obliged but… one day it all stopped. One Saturday evening his life changed forever… The rain poured down incessantly as he had just left the restaurant, Kono’s arm locked inside of his. They had gone to their favorite restaurant as they always do on date night. They held each other, covering from the rain under a small umbrella they had bought earlier that same day. They had had a stupid fight over the color of the umbrella, but Aster conceded with Kono’s choice because it made her beautiful gray eyes stand out. He looked into her eyes as they walked and watched the rain drops reflect inside the pupil of her eyes. They looked like shooting stars to him so he couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t know that it would be the last time he would look into her eyes like that… All of a sudden, he heard a screech and looked up from Kono’s eyes. A white light engulfed his vision and he put up his arms to cover his eyes… and then everything went black went he felt something hit him in the stomach. Next time he woke up a hospital ceiling greeted him, with a sobbing woman at the side of his bed. Aster’s mother sat next to him and delivered to him the terrible news that Kono had passed away in the accident. It was a drunk driver that had lost control of his car and veered into their sidewalk. The doctors had done all they could, but ultimately she had lost too much blood too quickly. As time passed Aster became more of a recluse, more so than how he was in high school. He stopped going to work, stopped talking to his friends and family and only played video games. It was a distraction which into and obsession. It was through this that he found SAO, his first attempt at socializing. He thought that what better to do this than through a game where people didn’t need to go anywhere in order to interact. Personality: Aster has become a very silent person, although he’s trying his best to be social. He’s not a strong silent type of player, but he admires those that are. He prefers to be alone most of the time, but he knows that he can’t be like that forever. His girlfriend, Kono, helped come out of his shell and for her he became a better person. He’s caring, will fight for what’s right and most of all, he hates bullies. Virtues: Caring – Zulas knows that there’s people that have it worse than he does. He helps those that he can without expecting something in return. He learned as he grew up, that there’s a little bit of peace in giving. Outside-the-box – Zulas thinks outside the box when a problem presents itself. Knowing what to say is not his strong suit, but knowing what to do is. His quick thinking has gotten him out of sticky situations before… even some that his tongue has gotten him in in the first place. Determined/focused – He does not know when to quit. Whenever a problem presents itself, he doesn’t deter from it until it is completed or when he knows it can’t be completed. This was considered one of the aspects that his friends used to like, but he never understood why. To Zulas, it seemed like a natural way to be. Flaws: Naïve – Zulas has not experience much in the way of the world. Yes, he has experienced love and loss but not anything else. Still, the intricacies of the world and the ones that live in it elude him. He hopes that one he will understand them and be able to experience them. Withdrawn – After his girlfriend’s death he became a recluse. He began to stop having interactions with the outsider world more and more. He prefers to be by himself, and will be hard for him to initiate any type of conversation. Tact-less – Due to him not having a lot of social experience, his mannerism lacks a bit of polishing. He says whatever’s on his mind at the moment if chooses to. Doing so, sometimes has gotten him in trouble with those around him, friends or family. Profession: N/A Stats: Level 8 HP: 160/160 Energy: 16/16 Skills Total Skill Points: 17 Spent Skill Points: 10 Available Skill Points: 7 Skill Lot used/available: 2/3 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: Battle Healing R1 Weapon skills: 1H Straight Sword R1 Sword Arts: Rank 1: Vertical - 1x1 - (1 Energy) - A simple sword art slashing vertically. Rage Spike - 1x2 - AoE - (4 Energy) - A basic, weak skill that leaps at the enemy and follows with an upward strike. Snake Bite - 3x1 - (3 Energy) - A triad of brisk angular slashes chained in succession. Inventory Money: 1250Col Materials: 2 Weapons/Tools: • Eternal Penance • Cloth Armor • 9 bread • 15 water Roleplays Relationships (optional) Raze - Companion Story Thus Far (optional) Zulas, having been entered the world of SAO not knowing that he would be stuck inside the game for real. He took the death game rules for real, but did not enter a state of panic as others did. He instead began to explore the Town of Beginnings, its places and its people. Days had passed since he had already been inside of the game but he hadn't done anything yet, he hadn't even gone outside the gates of the city. He thought it over for days and finally made the decision to venture outside the city's safe zone. His ideas brought him face to face with his first monster, a dire wolf, which he had no problems dispatching. Zulas then, confident in his abilities decided to tackle on two monster beetles at the same time. (Need to add more)