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  1. The boar surprised Zulas when it managed to pin Row to the ground. They had exchanged a couple of blows back and forth but had surprised Zulas's companion when it came rushing towards her. Now, Zulas had to make a decision, would he help her out now that she was at a disadvantage or would he let her deal with it. He didn't want to make her upset by killing the monster for her, so he thought about the best way to do it. He approached the boar silently and directed a kick toward its body, not strong enough to kill it but enough to try and get its attention. ID: 71095 | BD: 4 (Miss) The boar reacted in the way that Zulas expected but his kick did not turn out what he wanted. The boar jumped back at the last second in its motion to charge again, but Zulas kept going with the momentum of his kick. It caught by surprise, so much so that he fell forward and landed on top of Row. "Sorry!" - he said hurriedly he got up quickly. He extended his hand towards her, his face red up to his ears with embarrassment. "Sorry." - he said more softly this time.
  2. Zulas visited once more the Blacksmith he had gone previously to have his sword made. As he entered another player was seen leaving the store, a big smile on his face. Once again, the store was adorned with different weapons and pieces of armor all around the walls and aisles. The window sill also showcased some of the blacksmith's work. The 'Blazing Tycoon' was one of the most talked about blacksmith shops in the forums and that's why he came the first time. Once he had received his weapon, Zulas was very happy with it and how it turned out. This time around, he needed an armor if he wanted to walk around the upper floors. Last time, he had taken one of the request forms as he knew that he would need it for a second visit. He had filled it out previously so he went directly to the Blacksmith that was standing at the counter. "Hello, sir. I would like to have a light armor made. Here are the specifications." - he said as he handed out the request form. "Thank you very much, sir @Macradon."
  3. Zulas saw the blow exchange with a intent gaze, analyzing both his companion's and the monster's movements. The aerial movements performed by Row were impressive, more proof to the point that she seemed like a natural player. The boar squealed in pain as her weapon was driven home, the bar of the boar slowly dropping to the red zone. He knew that it would only be a couple of more hits until the monster was dead. Zulas didn't know why Row wanted to deal with the creature herself, but he decided that it wasn't the time to ask any questions. It was best that he didn't distract her, but he was still very curious. When he first bumped into her in town he only saw this happy and carefree girl, but now, seeing her fight like she is, she seems like a different person. Zulas moved around a bit, scanning the surrounding area as he did so and thought that they have been out there a bit. He decided that when that monster is dead, that they would back to town, if Row wanted to that is.
  4. Zulas kept seeing the attacks and counterattacks that Row hit the boar with. One thing that he knew was that she possessed good reflexes, although not a lot of technique. The boar moved around her and when it attacked she managed to dodge at the last second. "Good dodge." - he muttered under his breath. The way she moved made it seem like she was a natural or at least someone with much experience in this world. He was sure the system helped most of the time, but there had to be a natural battle instinct within the player. The health bar over the boar was depleting at a slow rate, but he would respect his party member's decision. He would stay back unless he was needed, but he felt that it wouldn't be any time soon. He felt his hands relax on his sword but it never went back on it sheath, it stayed lowered at his side. "Don't be afraid to get hi, if that means that you might deal a good hit." - he called out to her.
  5. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    The young swordsman heard the words spoken with such wisdom, one that has lived many tales in this world. He couldn't help but admire such a person, but of course he wasn't going to let her know that. The way she said it seemed like she was struggling with herself, that there was some things that she would have rather not experienced here. The same thing couldn't be said of Zulas, he hadn't experienced much this side of the world but, because of what had happened on the other side, is the main reason that he said such things. A half smile escaped him as he dug deep into his thoughts, the idea of not having to return seemed good to him, but not going back scared him. One thing he was good at was running from his problems, from people, but he liked this world because it made it easier to overcome that. After a quick moment of silence, as he picked through the ground for materials, he said - "It's like a fighting a battle on two fronts. I don't mind staying here but I feel like staying here would not be considered living. I don't think she would consider it living. It's true that I don't owe anyone here anything, but I do owe to her." He didn't know why he said that last sentence, but he said it softly. It felt like it had escaped his lips, like saying those words out loud made real the fact that she wasn't alive anymore. He realized what he had said, so he quickly continued on. "The fact that this world feels so real doesn't really help neither." - he chuckled softly. Although, he could not hide the blood rise to his cheeks thanks to the system's display of emotions.
  6. Zulas listened to her companion's words and they drove home for some reason. He had expected her to be this small girl that would most likely need saving from this death world, but it turned out to be the other way around. He saw as she evaded the boar with not so much grace, but with quick reflexes all the same. The boar charged towards her, and he saw how she danced around him while striking back at the animal. Zulas didn't know what to do now, he really wanted to help her but at the same time he felt the need to respect her wishes. Why do I hesitate so much, was the thought that ran through his mind. It would be easy to get rid of the monster once and for all but he didn't want to make her upset with him. Ultimately, Zulas decided to stand back, but keep his sword at the ready just in case he needed to jump at any moment. "Alright." - was all he said in agreement. His worried gaze changed between both the girl and the creature, but accepting that it was her fight and not his.
  7. Zulas heard Row's comment and understood her feelings, she wanted to proof herself; not to him but to herself. She wanted to prove that she could survive in this world, something that he had also done in the past. One thing that she would find out is that in this game you won't survive by yourself. Zulas found out the hard way that he wouldn't possible survive if he was always doing things by himself. Zulas could see that Row was struggling with herself, she knew that she needed the help but didn't want to depend on it. She will forgive me eventually, but I'm not going to let her die. I let Her die... but I won't make the same mistake, he thought to himself. Those were the thoughts that clouded his mind as Row tried to thrust the boar, which evaded the attack with ease. He could see that she was struggling against this more powerful opponent. Before the boar could attack again, he stepped in between both the monster and its prey. ID: 70530 | BD: 2 (Miss) | MD: 3 (Miss) Zulas stepped in between the both of them surprising the boar in the process, making it miss the attack that came towards Row. "Ok, this is your chance now, Row. Hit it while it's distracted." - he said with a bit of authority. He didn't know where the voice came from but he hoped that it would give his party member the inspiration she needed.
  8. A flash of his past life crossed Zulas mind. The beach laid out in front of him, the sea slowly going in and out towards the sea. The sea breeze hitting his face, the laughter of people around and the sound of seagulls covered his senses. He closed his eyes and laid back down on the towel they had brought. 'They', he thought and that's when he saw her. Her skin seemed to radiate when the sun hit it. The hat she wore seemed a bit too big for her, but she handled it beautifully. She was lying down next to him, getting the tan color that she so desperately wanted. She had joked to Zulas that she was starting to look like a ghost, and he laughed at the thought. "What are you laughing at?" - she said smiling at him. ID: 70424 | BD: 4 (Miss) | LD: 2 | MOB: 8 (DMG 10) His memory got interrupted by the toad's jumping movement towards him. The creature jumped towards him looking to slam down on top of him. Zulas was very distracted by the memory, almost lost in it when he finally snapped out of it. It was too little too late as the toad landed on top him. It made a huge splash as water went in all directions and Zulas went face first into the stream. He was kept like that until the monster suddenly exploded into a million pieces on top of him, defeated by the Bleed effect from his weapon.
  9. Zulas slowly got up with his sword pointed at the foe in front of him, his clothes dripping wet from his fall. The toad stood just outside the stream wagging its tongue from side to side, taunting the swordsman. Not even a second after, the toad jumped towards Zulas and he jumped at the enemy at the same time. It will not happen again, he thought to himself. He didn't want to feel as powerless as he did that first time when he first started venturing outside the city. He knew that he had changed, he was not that same guy. He had met people, he had ventured by himself this deadly world. These thoughts ran through his mind as both him and the monster went for the attack at the same time. ID: 70409 | BD: 10 | MD: 8 (DMG 10) Sword Art: Rage Spike | -4 EN | (2 Base + 2 Crit) x 2 Sword Art = 8 Damage (Bleed effect) Zulas's weapon, Eternal Penance, did its automated movement and hit the toad. At the same time, the movement made the water around Zulas explode in different directions and sent the toad flying backwards outside of his range, but not before slapping Zulas with its tongue across the head. He stumbled backwards and the toad jumped back to its feet in return, but Zulas could see that its health was almost at the red zone, and the toad was bleeding from different places.
  10. Zulas saw Row head towards the boar and attack it with her spear. He had a bit of a newfound respect for the girl and her bravery. Well, he didn't know if it was bravery or foolishness but he didn't question it. The boar was becoming a bit erratic right now, something that hadn't happened before. Zulas could see that the wound he inflicted upon it was still having the desired effect. The HP of the monster was almost at the halfway mark and soon would drop into the yellow zone. It would only take a couple of more hits, with the added Bleed effect, for it to be killed. ID: 70406 | BD: 6+1=7 (Keen) | MD: 6 (10 DMG) Sword Art: Snake Bite | -3 EN | 2 Base x 3 Sword Art = 6 Damage to Boar "It's my turn now." - he told Row as he sped past her towards the enemy. The sword in his hand doing the necessary preparation for his attack, swiping rapidly in three consecutive motions. The attacks didn't have the desired effect but they still hit the boar for a decent amount of damage. The idea was to try and get the boars attention towards him and take it off Row. Unfortunately, that didn't happen but Zulas knew that he would have to try. He had decided that he wouldn't let her die, no matter what.
  11. Zulas

    [PP-F2] Climb Ev'ry Mountain

    "Ah", was all Zulas could say. He felt a bit of weird feeling emanating from the young woman, but he paid no mind. It was an unwritten rule to ask about other's past lives, lives before this death game. Zulas turned to the ground and continued searching through the ground and after a while moved to another location. He kept thinking what to ask her, it had been so long since he talked like this with another person, so casually. It seemed so foreign to him, but at them same time he felt that he could tell her anything although he chose not to. It was true that everyone in this place had one thing common, and that was that they were prisoners inside of this place with the hope of one day returning. "You know..." - he started to say, struggling to find the right words. "I've been telling those that I've come across with that I want to be in the Frontlines... that I want to help everyone escape... but that's not true." - he finally admitted, more to himself than to the stranger that stood in front of him. "If it were up to me, I would just by a house and stay there. If I choose to live my life like that, would it be a bad thing?" - he asked, even though he already knew the answer to that question. He knew it at the bottom of his heart, but he did not want to accept it.
  12. Zulas knew that he had to end the battle quickly, for Row's sake. He knew that the boar had already noticed Row's presence, so he had to act quickly and draw the boar's attention himself. It wasn't a very difficult monster, but he was having a hard time concentrating due to keeping an eye on Row. He glanced in her direction as he got from the ground, he could see a fierce determination in her expression. This made him smile as he composed himself, panting a bit trying to calm his nerves and focusing on the enemy in front of him. His little time spent with Row let him know that she wasn't going to stop attacking the boar, so he needed to help her in defeating it quickly. Prolonging it meant that one of them could die at any moment. He raised his weapon and jumped forward at the creature with his weapon guided by the automated system. ID: 70253 | BD: 8+1=9 (Keen) | MD: 1 Sword Art: Snake Bite | -3 EN | 2 Base x 3 Sword Art = 6 Damage to Boar (Bleed effect) Zulas weapon moved by itself, a blue light traced around each of the swings it took to perform his Sword Art. Every movement struck true in the body of the boar but the last one was the deepest one. It cut across his face, creating a deep gash under the monster's eye. Zulas sword dripped blood all the way down to the ground, but it disappeared before it hit the ground. His eyes narrowed and he stared at the monster's eye, "Row, you ok?" - he asked without looking in the direction of his party member. He said it out loud but he could see her HP bar still completely filled. The boar tried to attack but when it got caught, it became erratic and thrashed wildly. It settled after a while, but the wound under its eye did not go away, evidence of the Bleed effect on Zulas's weapon. Treasure' Boar: HP 30/50 (-12 Bleed) Zulas: HP 90/100; Energy 4/10 hate 1 (Battlehealing) Row: HP 20/20 Energy 0/1 hate 2
  13. Zulas stood upright and readied his combat stance. He groaned as his body complained to his movements, but he still gripped his sword and focused on the boar. "If you do insist, just let it focus on me and then attack from behind." - he instructed her. Zulas knew that he wouldn't be able to protect her and fight the monster at the same time. He could only keep the boars attention focused on him while she attacked from behind. The boar sped up and headed towards Zulas with its tusk first, its nostrils flared up with each step. Zulas also stepped in for the attack with his sword ready to let the automated system do its work. ID# 70179 results: Battle: 1 (miss) MOB: 7 (DMG 10) Zulas stepped for the attack, but his movement felt erratic. He kept glancing towards Row, making sure that she kept a safe distance from the boar. That's all the time the boar needed to connect again with Zulas's chest. This time, the boar hit him with all its might and send the swordsman tumbling backwards. Zulas managed to stand up, but he was panting a bit waiting for the pain subside and go in the attack again. "This boar is starting to piss me off." - he whispered to himself. Zulas: HP 80/100; Energy 6/10 'Treasure' Boar: HP 50/50 DMG 10
  14. Zulas looked at Row for a moment, deep in thought. He was debating what to answer to her, but nothing came to mind. He knew that he had promised, but he knew that she wasn't ready yet for a monster that dropped the kind of loot that she wanted. He gave a heavy sigh of defeat, "Yeah, I will.". All of a sudden, Zulas sprung into action and shoved Row out of the way. The boar that he had been keeping an eye, caught him by surprise while he was helping her up. It charged towards them, likely his attention drawn because of the fight. He let the boar come towards him as he moved to stand where Row previously stood. ID# 70165 results: Battle: 1 (Miss) MOB: 8 (DMG 10) Zulas caught the brunt of the boars attack and got pushed backwards. He only took a few steps back and quickly glanced in the direction of Row, making sure that she had landed a safe distance away. He knew that he had pushed her hard, but it was worth it if it meant to get her out of harm's way. "Row, stay back!" - Zulas warned to the girl as the boar circled around to lead another attack. Zulas: HP 90/100; Energy 10/10 'Treasure' Boar: HP 50/50 DMG 10 (Loot Parameter Mob)
  15. Zulas knew the question that Row was going to ask, but never finished. Both the boar and the girl hit each other at the same time, but he saw the health bar of the monster drop to zero. Even though the boar exploded into a million pixels, the girl didn't get up from the ground. Zulas walked up to the girl and put his hand towards her to help her up, "Hey, that was a bit reckless." - he chuckled. "It was a good fight though." - he added. He hoped the girl was alright, as she didn't seem to be moving. He managed to look at her for the first time and blushed when the sunlight hit the young girl's face. She looked at peace lying there on the ground but he knew that she would soon get up. "I think we should call this a day, don't you?" - he asked the girl who had kept her eyes closed the whole time.