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    Housing Evaluation

    <<Housing Evaluation>> Refer to the Guilds & Housing System rules and the Housing Reference for more information on buying a house or hall. Guild Hall Purchase Template: Player Housing Purchase Template: Add-On/Re-Assign Template: Players may add or upgrade rooms to their house/hall at any time (only if the plot size allows for player homes). Rooms in player homes may also be re-assigned to different players once every 30 days. Do any of the above by posting another application with the relevant pieces of the following template in this thread:
  2. Cardinal

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    <<Skill Refunding>> Welcome to the Skill Refunding section of your menu. In this topic you can remove unwanted skills from your character for a one time Col cost. All the Skill Points you invested into your skill will be refunded to your character, and can be reallocated freely. The prices for removing skills, as well as the template are listed below. In order to do this, players must post in this topic using the template provided below. When the transaction has been confirmed by a Player Support Team member, they will quote and approve the refund, and your points will be free to be redistributed. Abuse or exploitation of the system in ways it was not intended to be used will not be tolerated, and may result in both the Col and skill points being permanently deducted from your account. Rules on Skill/Mod Refunding: Players may only apply to refund a total of 50 SP once every 30 days (This can be split between multiple skills/mods). A skill can only be dropped as a whole. Example: Player A has Rank 5 Katana. Using the Skill Refunding System, they must drop the skill completely from R5 -> Unskilled. If Player X still wants to use a lower Rank of the skill, they must re-invest SP into the Katana skill afterwards. To remove a skill in which you have invested in any mods, these mods must also be removed. Example: Player A has Rank 5 Katana with the Katana Ferocity and Katana Finesse mods. If Player A wants to drop the Katana Skill, both the Ferocity and Finesse mods must also be removed. Col spent on Skill Refunding must be transferred from the player's Spending Account to the Banker. Unique Skills CANNOT be refunded. SP refunded with this method may not be re-invested into a Unique Skill. Refund Costs: There is a fixed Col/SP cost and the complete sum has to be calculated by the player. The actual Col that you need to pay can easily be calculated by multiplying the fixed Col/SP cost with the amount of SP that can get refunded Col/SP ratio = 1000 Col/SP Template: Skill(s) Being Dropped: <any skills being dropped here (include ranks)> Mod(s) Being Dropped: <any mods being dropped here (include ranks)> SP Refunded: <total SP being refunded> Cost: <total cost for SP refunded>
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    Easter Event!

    Easter Trio Bosses This Event is from April 21st to May 21st. http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17706-event-quest-f011121-easter-boss-trio/ As the time for Easter arrives, so do three bosses that are prepared to fight players. Note: Players may only engage any boss once, and may only engage in the boss that is dedicated to their Tier. Furry, Fluffy Avenger A small and fluffy boss that has been spotted in the field of the First Floor. After playing her game of Hide and Seek, low leveled players may fight her for the rewards that lay in wait. Curry, Stuffed Revenger A goofy looking boss wielding a carrot that appears to be... a drill? Providing a challenge for the second tier of players, a challenge and rare rewards await. Burry, Easter Mayhem A large dark black rabbit boss that no longer appears to be playing around. Despite its carrot shaped weapon, Burry is more than a challenge to even the best of players.
  4. Cardinal

    [2.6.3] Patch Notes

    Mechanic Changes: Stealth: Players must roll to maintain Stealth at the beginning of their turn. If a player wishes to attack out of stealth they must roll to maintain stealth and attack in the same roll (declaring both in the purpose). If they failed to maintain stealth, they are considered detected and would lose any appropriate bonuses before their action is processed. Simplified Passive Stealth Detection rules (whenever the stealth roll falls below the passive stealth detection rating, stealth is considered broken and detected). Systems & Development Comments: We wanted to discourage Stealth from possibly being constantly re-rolled before combat in order to bypass Passive Stealth Detection. These changes should put more pressure on people who decide to use Stealth for their combat bonuses and should hopefully increase the first turn diversity. Skill Changes: Charge: Charge no longer caps Accuracy at 2 during Charge Attacks. Charge Attacks now have a -1 Accuracy debuff (e.g. someone with 5 Accuracy normally would have 4 Accuracy while using a Charge Attack). Hiding: Mod: Untraceable: New description: You've learned how to reduce evidence to your existence giving you the option to hide your names within a party and allowing you to pass without a trace. Systems & Development Comments: We're currently planning on giving skill description's a bit more love and a bit more weight when it comes to narrative and roleplaying. Certain players may want to try to disguise their identity whilst in a party and, with this mod, they'll now be able to. Mod: Surprise Attack (Assassin): Reduced damage bonus when attacking out of stealth from (3 * Tier) to (1 * Tier). Mod: Surprise Attack (Trickster): Removed additional turn when attacking out of stealth for DoT status effects. Shadowed Path: Option for base damage bonus when attacking out of stealth reduced from (10 * Rank)% to (4 * Rank)%. Effect (Listed here as Unique Skills are not in the Resource List). Systems & Development Comments: We decided to decrease damage of Shadowed Path in order to closer match a traditional DPS in order to compensate for its survivability as opponents are either forced to possibly waste their post action to try to find the wielder (which they may fail in the first place) or let the wielder stay in stealth.
  5. Cardinal

    [2.6.2] Patch Notes

    Mechanic Changes: New mechanic: Passive Stealth Detection: Follows the general rules of stealth detection except it is performed at the start of combat, the turn a player enters stealth, and on the opposition's turns. The passive stealth detection rating is (10 + stealth detection bonuses) and is performed against the enemy's stealth rolls. In the case of a tie, the stealthed player wins. Does not count as an action. Unless declared otherwise, all mobs have a passive stealth detection rating of 9. Note: It is still possible for an entity to actively detect stealth, but this takes up the post action and follows the general rules of stealth detection. Running Away: If a player leaves both the combat and the thread, they are unable to participate in the same combat (i.e. fight) even if they rejoined the thread. Charge Clarification: Under the current wording, Charge can be used outside of the first turn of combat since, depending on the players' narratives, using the Charge skill is still possible. This is because the only restrictions on the skills are that Charge can only be used once per opponent per combat and that it must be possible via roleplay. Enhancement Changes: Blight: Removed proc from natural, successful attack rolls of 8-10 from two slots of the enhancement. Skill Changes: Charge: Negates any auto-hit effects from other skills and mods (e.g. Suprise Attack mods from Hiding, Tracking mod from Searching). A Charge attack's Accuracy is capped at 2. Hiding: Removed rank 4 (+1 turn of DoT) and rank 5 upgrades (+1 DMG). Mod: Vanish Moved to Rank 4 from Rank 5. Rank 5 Mod: Surprise Attack (Assassin) Damage bonus by attacking from stealth changed from +2 Damage to (+3 * Tier) Damage. Rank 5 Mod: Surprise Attack (Trickster) Now gives +1 turn to DoT status effects. Shadowed Path (Unique Skills): Does not stack with the Hiding skill. Adds +1 Stealth Rating per rank. Allows the user to buy and use Hiding mods. Cannot be detected with Passive Stealth Detection. User can choose from one of the two bonuses when attacking out of stealth and using the Shadowed Path sword arts: User's attack has (3 * Rank)% more damage to (10 * Rank)% more base damage. User's DoT status effects deals (5 * Rank)% more damage for the first two turns of the effect. Effect (Listed here since Unique Skills are not in the Resource List): Achilles (Unique Skills): Damage reduction from (8 * Rank)% to (10 * Rank)%. Counter damage from abilities is now exempt from the damage reduction and is doubled. Status effects which removes the user's post action (e.g. paralyze, stun, freeze) last twice as long, Effect (Listed here since Unique Skills are not in the Resource List): Quest Changes: Quest Revamp: «The Hidden Village» Cave Bats HP reduced from 1250 HP to 1000 HP. Cave Bats Evasion reduced from 3 Evasion to 2 Evasion. Clarification: Under the current wording, the quest spawns Cave Bats in groups of two with a number of groups equal to the number of players. This means that you are able to fight the bats in groups of two (i.e. the minimum number of Cave Bats you can fight per combat is two). As such, it is not necessary fight the maximum number (i.e. four) of Cave Bats each combat, but you do need to fight a number of Cave Bat groups equivalent to the players in the thread. New Quest: «Incognito Analysis» A continuation of the «Incognito Antics» questline. (find it on page 3 of the quests section) New Quest: «Incognito Assassination» A continuation of the «Incognito Analysis» questline. (find it on page 3 of the quests section)
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    «Feeding your Enemy»

    Any Floor <<Feeding your Enemy>> Recommended Level: Any Repeatable if you no longer have a familiar | Party Limit: 2 Rewards: A familiar of your choice (within guidelines) 1 Skill Point (first completion only) Requirements: RP meeting the gypsy and obtaining the food from her Obtain a familiar At least 1 page (20 posts) Summary: An old gypsy NPC approaches you, telling tales of how she tamed monsters. Giving you some food, she tells you how to tame your own familiar. Outline: Once every 15 posts, the party leader may roll to search for a familiar. On a roll of 15+ LD (normal LD enhancements apply), you successfully find a potential familiar. Once a potential familiar is found, that party leader has 4 attempts to tame it. Taming is a post action that is successful on a CD roll of 9+. If the party leader fails all 4 attempts, the potential familiar becomes untamable and a new one may be searched for in 15 posts. If the roll to tame is met, you have successfully attained a familiar. Return the <<Familiar Food>> to the Gypsy NPC to complete the quest. Only one familiar may be found per thread.
  7. Cardinal

    [F01/11/21] «Nature's Treasure»

    Floor 1, 11, or 21 <<Nature's Treasure>> Recommended Level: Any | Party Limit: None Repeatable: Yes Credit: @Itzal Rewards: The Materials Gathered Summary: Marking the beginning of each tier (Floors 1, 11, 21, etc.), these levels of Aincrad in particular each seem to have various locations among the floors that are bursting at the seams with crafting materials. They are easier to find than other hunting grounds on comparable floors, with short respawn rates to make them the best locations to hunt for materials. If the floor is vegetated, players can find a <<Garden>>. If there are a lot of buildings on the floor, players can find a <<Courtyard>>. If the floor is underground, players can find a <<Cavern>>. Many NPCs give away these farming locations, telling players about this amazing opportunity of extra materials, whether it be from plentiful monster drops or from the safer areas outside of town that make for easy, peaceful fishing and gathering. Searching: LD rolls of 11-14 give 1 material. LD rolls of 15+ give 2 materials. Gatherer skill is added to this roll as well. Fishing: Monsters and bosses never spawn. Fishing receives no bonus materials. CD 12s require a LD of 15+ (modifiers allowed) to fish up a treasure chest. If 1-14, players receive 4 materials. Treasure Chests: LD of 1-3 does not result in a mimic, but drops (Floor * 25) col and one material. Looting Mobs: Loot required mobs always drop (HP * 4) col and 1 material as default drops. Requirements: At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts) Mobs MUST meet or exceed the loot minimum parameter.
  8. Cardinal

    [F??] <<Saying Vows>>

    <<Saying Vows>> Recommended Level: Any Restrictions | At least the two marrying players Quest Credit Goes To @Itzal "Love. Unwavering love is what brings us together today. These two intend to join together as one in Holy Matrimony. If any object to this joining please speak now or forever hold your peace." Rewards: The Married Couple Receives: 1 Additional SP each 1 Wedding Ring each (created/purchased rings from <<Making Vows>>) Any gifts or presents received from other players Requirements: At least one [1] page (20 posts or more) Roleplay the Wedding Ceremony Outline: The floor, location, and amount of players allowed in the thread depend on how large a wedding players bought during the <<Making Vows>> quest. Players are urged to role play the wedding out and strongly urged to read out their characters' vows. Upon receiving the rings, the officiator will activate their abilities, and they will be active from that point onward. Wedding rings do not take up an equipment slot. Married players share an inventory space so it is suggested that players work out how they wish to keep track of said inventory.
  9. Cardinal

    «Training your Friend»

    Any Floor <<Training your Friend>> Recommended Level: Any Repeatable, must have a familiar to attempt | Solo Rewards: Familiar mastery skill (may only have one unlocked at a time) 1 SP (First completion only) Requirements: Role-play training your familiar in its task (relate it to the familiar mastery you plan to take) At least one page (20 posts) of RP Summary: You have a new friend! Now to train it to help you out. Outline: Once every 5 posts, attempt to train your familiar (CD 7+). After three successful attempts, you have successfully trained your familiar.
  10. Cardinal

    [F01] <<Broken Vows>>

    <<Broken Vows>> Recommended Level: Any Restrictions | Both Married Players Only Quest Credit goes to @Itzal "You've chosen to separate then? I am sorry to hear that." James Aria, the NPC who had helped the two players make their wedding plans, is very clearly saddened to see them leaving each other in the end. "If that is the case then come along with me to finalize it. You'll need to decide which items go to whom, however. Once that's done we can pull out the papers." Rewards: Each player's Wedding Ring is lost Each player receives 3,000 col as consolation Requirements: Sign the divorce papers Outline: Players approach James Aria on the Floor One and talk with him about going through with a divorce. In order to do so, however, the priest must walk the two players through their stored items. Each item must be discussed as to whose inventory it will be stored in after the divorce.
  11. Cardinal

    [F01] «Earning a Living»

    Floor 1 <<Earning a Living: Blacksmith>> Recommended Level: Any | Party Limit: 4 Repeatable Only to Change Professions Credit: @Itzal / @Spencer Cerdic Leighton (Master Blacksmith NPC) "A blacksmith, eh? Well, you've come to the right place!" A man standing over an anvil and wielding an impressive smithing hammer greets you with a hearty guffaw. "May not be the easiest or prettiest lifestyle, but the ole' anvil won't let you down when you need some sturdy weapons and armors." A few loud clangs ring out through the smithy as Cerdic drives the flat of his hammer into the red-hot metal of a straight-sword in progress, "Tell you what. Go scrounge up five pieces of ore and I'll show you how to use 'em along with a hammer of your own. There should be plenty in the caves past the southern forest--heck, you may even find some layin' around half-buried in the dirt! Just bring 'em here and we'll make you into a proper blacksmith." Cerdic nods with another boisterous laugh. Rewards: 1 Additional SP (First EaL Completion Only) <<Blacksmith>> Profession Successfully Crafted Item Standard <<Blacksmith>> Shop (Able to have a Blacksmith thread in the Merchants & Shops section) (5) Tier 1 crafting materials Objectives: Gather (5) materials and bring them to Cerdic's smithy. Go into the wild and gain materials through any standard means (gathering, fishing, combat). Non-combat gathering is recommended for this task. Craft an item in Cerdic's smithy. Make a standard Crafting Roll (Dice Roller Tutorial). Specify the item type in the Roll Purpose (must be a Tier 1 item). Use the Crafting Die Chart for a Rank 1 Blacksmith: [1] = Critical Fail (Lose materials) [2-5] = Fail (Lose materials) [6-9] = Salvage (Keep materials on LD 11+) [10] = Uncommon item (1 slot) [11] = Rare item (2 slots) [12] = Perfect item (3 slots) Submit the successfully crafted item for Evaluation. NOTE: You keep the item you craft as a reward for completing the quest, as well as any leftover materials. For example, your first crafting attempt has an 11 CD result. You submit a rare item for Evaluation and keep that item and the remaining four crafting materials. This is in addition to the 5 crafting materials listed in the quest rewards. Requirements: At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts) Players must RP searching for materials and crafting their item. If a party of players undertakes this quest together (as in, each player wishes to become a blacksmith), each must succeed on their own objectives (e.g. each must gather 5 materials and successfully craft 1 item). Accompanying players who are not undertaking the quest do not have to gather their own materials and are ineligible for quest rewards.
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    [F01] <<Making Vows>>

    <<Making Vows>> Recommended Level: Any Restrictions | At least the two marrying players Quest Credit Goes To @Itzal James Aria Upon approach, the priest greets you as normal. When he hears that you wish to be married he smiles warmly. "So you two wish to be married? That is wonderful to hear! We will need to discuss the details of your wedding such as location, the size of the wedding, food, as well as the wedding rings. I can also help you find someone to wed you, or I could do it myself if you'd like." Rewards: 1 Additional SP Access to <<Saying Vows>> Requirements: At least one [1] page (20 or more posts) Required wedding details must be declared and taxes paid Ring details must be declared Outline: Players who wish to marry must first speak with the priest James Aria, who resides in the central cathedral of Floor One. James guides the players through the different topics that must be decided on before they can finalize, pay the taxes, and move on to prepare the wedding. It is encouraged that players RP writing their vows for one another in private, however, this is not a requirement. Wedding Plans The Thread Summary must include the following parameters for the couples' wedding: Location, PK access, number of guests, the option of providing stat-boosting food, wedding ring abilities, and the combined cost of all taxes. The total col owed must be paid to the @Banker account before the thread can be completed. Private Wedding (no guests) 0 col Small Wedding (Few invited guests, 1-5 additional players PP) 1,000 col Medium Wedding (Invited guests, 1-10 additional players PP) 2,000 col Large Wedding (Invite only/any number guests, PP/OP, player's decision) 3,000 col PK Access: 1,500 col Snack Table* (+1 food buff, Uncommon) 1,000 col Feast Table* (+2 food buffs, Uncommon) 1,500 col Banquet Table* (+3 food buffs, Uncommon) 2,250 col *Players may select any Cook enhancements to apply, which must be declared in the Thread Summary. Any players who eats from an enhanced table receive the listed buff(s) for a single thread they participate in afterwards within 30 days of the wedding's closure. Threads that benefit from this buff must have been started after the wedding's thread begins, and players claiming a buff must declare these buffs with a link to the wedding thread in their first post. Wedding food buffs do not stack with other food buffs. The Rings Players can either purchase a basic gold band (1,500 col each) or a custom ring with any appearance they desire (2,000 col each). Ring choices (appearance and ability) do not have to be identical between the two players. Each ring has one ability which must be declared in the Thread Summary. The abilities will not be active until the couple completes the <<Saying Vows>> Quest. Wedding Rings do not take up an equipment slot. Ring abilities are only active when a player is in the same thread with their spouse. Resolve: +(20*Tier) base health Driven: +(5*Tier) base energy Strong Will: +1 base damage Resilient: +(4*Tier) base mitigation Purity: (1) Safeguard Active at beginning of the thread (Cannot stack with Safeguard potion) Affectionate: Transfer 5% of your max health to your spouse (1 post cooldown)
  13. Cardinal

    [F01] <<Redemption>>

    Floor 1 << Redemption >> Recommended Level: 11+ (Parties Recommended) Repeatable Only to Help Other Players | Solo/Party Limit: 4 Rewards: Last Hit Drop: 15000 Col + 30 Materials of the Player's Tier (If a player has already defeated Repentance and received this drop, they cannot receive it again) Orange Cursor transformation back to Green. (Party Leader only.) Requirements: Must be one full Page of RP content (20+ Posts). Must defeat Repentance. Summary: The word from an information broker says there is a boss with the power to change an orange cursor back to green after its defeat. Rumor has it that the boss can be found in a secluded cemetery on the first floor, in a place where the sun's rays never seem to break through the murky clouds looming overhead. Piecing together the stories from different players, there exists a massive statue in the shape of an angel that only awakens when at least two players are near, and only if one possesses an orange cursor. 'Repentance', as it's said to be called, has health and power higher than anything else found on the first floor and has killed many who have simply tried to redeem themselves. <<Repentance>>: Stats: HP: (Highest Player's Level) x 50 DMG: (Highest Player's Level) x 5 MIT: (Highest Player's Level) x 2.25 (Rounded down) ACC: (Highest Player’s Tier) x 1 [max 3] EVA: (Highest Player’s Tier) x 1 [max 3] Abilities: << Judgement > >: On critical hits of 9 and 10, this boss gains full phase on its attack. << Holy Blood > >: This boss is immune to all status effects, including Unique ones.
  14. Cardinal

    [F02] The Venomous Warg

    Credit goes to @Morgenstern. Floor 2 <<The Venomous Warg>> Party Limit: 2 | 20+ Posts Recommended Level: 10 Players over level 15 are ineligible for SP rewards.This quest is non-repeatable, however any player may participate in a thread to accompany the quest-taker. Rewards: <<Venom Snapper>> last-hit item drop Each player receives: 1 Additional SP 500 Col (4) T1 Crafting Materials Objectives: Defeat 3 <<Wolves>> Defeat <<Venom Snapper>> Return to Gatsly the merchant to receive reward. Summary: You spot a merchant sitting in the corner of a pub in the heart of Urbus. As you approach, he coughs and gives you a pleading look. "You come for the bill I posted? I am Gatsly. I work as a merchant, making just enough to support me and my family, but lately all of my supply caravans have been destroyed or chased away by a ferocious beast." He looks down at the floor, "I don't have much, but if you could slay the beast, I would pay you." Should you accept, Gatsly marks the coordinates on your map and tells you that the beast is a mutated, venomous wolf, deadlier than any other in the forest. He hands you a vial of green liquid and instructs you to drink it if you find yourself poisoned. Outline: Before embarking on the quest, each player receives one <<Antidote>> from Gatsly: Players must explore the forest outside of Urbus for the <<Venom Snapper>> and its wolf pack. Parties of two players will fight all 3 <<Wolves>> and the <<Venom Snapper>> simultaneously. Solo players may choose to spawn each monster separately. When the <<Venom Snapper>> and <<Wolves>> attack, each use the MD result of separate rolls. <<Venom Snapper>> Stats HP: 150 DMG: 35 Critical DMG (MD 9-10): 50 EVA: 1 Venomous Bite: Natural MD of 9-10 poisons the target, dealing 10 unmitigatable damage at the start of their turn for 3 turns. Feral Strike: Every time a <<Wolf>> is slain, <<Venom Snapper>>’s next attack becomes AoE. This ability can stack (if 2 wolves die at the same time, <<Venom Snapper>>’s next 2 attacks become AoE). “Venomous Bite” can still trigger on AoE attacks. Player who deals the killing blow receives (1) <<Venom Vial>>: <<Wolf>> Stats HP: 40 DMG: 25 Once the beasts have been slain, return to Gatsly in Urbus and show him the <<Venom Vial>> to claim your rewards.
  15. Cardinal

    [F06] The Gemini

    Floor 6 <<The Gemini>> Recommended Level: Any Non-Repeatable | Solo Rewards: 3 Additional SP 600 Col Extra Skill: <<Concentration>> if The Gemini is spared. Extra Skill: <<Disguise>> if The Gemini is killed. ►Concentration Active: Free action Cooldown: 3 Turns Effect: Gain +1 ACC until the start of your next turn (must delcare use in roll purpose). Description: After having fought yourself, and spared the summoned incarnation, you have learnt to focus in times of need, improving accuracy for a brief moment. Possible to obtain after completing the quest <<The Gemini>> ►Disguise Active: Free action Cooldown: 3 Turns Effect: Gain +1 EVA until the start of your next turn Description: After having fought and killed your duplicate, you have learnt how to use its trick of becoming another, visually becoming another target. Possible to obtain after completing the quest <<The Gemini>> Objectives: Defeat <<The Gemini>> Summary: "You look pretty strong." A hooded figure approaches you and offers a simple challenge. "I'm looking to test my skills. If you beat me, I'll teach you a hidden skill. What do you say?" You travel to a suitable location outside of the city's safe zone in silence. When the hooded figure turns to face you, they reveal themselves. They have copied your appearance--everything from your facial features to equipment is completely identical. This challenge suddenly became a lot more sinister... Outline: Players must meet <<The Gemini>> and accept their challenge. <<The Gemini>>'s stats are determined at the start of combat. <<The Gemini>>'s Stats: HP: (Player's Level) x 10 DMG: (Player's Level) x 5 MIT: (Player's Level) x 1.75 (Rounded down) ACC: (Player's ACC) EVA: (Player's EVA) Critical Hits: DMG + (Player's Level) on a natural MD 9, DMG + (Player's Level x 2) on a natural MD 10. <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack. For each consumable/temporary buff a player has when facing <<The Gemini>>, it will gain additional effects. For example, if a player has 3 temporary buffs, <<The Gemini>> will have Paralyze, Bleed, and bonus DMG. 1: Gain Paralyze: Removes player action for one turn on natural MD rolls of 9-10. 2: Gain Bleed: Deals (12 * Player's Tier) unmitigatable damage every turn for two rounds on natural MD rolls of 9-10. 3: Increases DMG by (Player's Level) 4: Increases MIT by (Player's Level) 5+: Increases HP by (Player's Level x 5) for each additional temporary buff on the player. Once combat begins, there is no running away from the battle. <<The Gemini>> will attack first, before the player, meaning the Charge skill cannot be used against it. <<The Gemini>> does not have any items, skills, or equipment besides the appearance of the gear the player is wearing when combat begins. Players can choose to end the fight in one of two ways, which alters the skill they receive from completing the quest: On the killing blow, <<The Gemini>> is destroyed. Player gains the <<Disguise>> skill. On the killing blow, <<The Gemini>> is instead reduced to one health and is spared. Player gains the <<Concentration>> skill. If <<The Gemini>> would deal the killing blow to a player, they are instead reduced to one health. <<The Gemini>> will end the combat and the player will have failed the quest (no quest rewards are earned). If they wish to try <<The Gemini>>'s challenge again, they must attempt the quest again in a new thread.
  16. Cardinal

    [F09] «Burning Phoenix Feathers»

    Floor 9 <<Burning Phoenix Feathers>> Recommended Level: 15 Repeatable only for the drop "Name Tag" | Party Limit: 4 Credit Goes to: @Hikoru Rewards: 1025 Col 1 SP Nametag [Special Consumable] - On use of a Weapon or Piece of Armor, it can change the name or description of the item. Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must find at least 5 Basic materials by normal means [No fighting mobs, have to search the area. These Materials are used to make the Nametag] Must fight 1 Phoenix for a Phoenix feather. The Phoenix has to meet the loot minimum for players, not the floor itself. A Phoenix Feather can only drop once per thread. Summary: You heard that both a Blacksmith and a Tailor have found a way to change the name or look of a weapon or an armor that you may have. This interested you, and you go to one of them. Both of them tell you that they can help you change the look of your weapon/armor, but they need specific materials dropped, along with basic materials as well. They give you the location of where the special material is dropped, a Phoenix Feather, and ask that you go and retrieve it. They warn you that the Phoenix is powerful, and could be a challenge, so be prepared to fight. Outline: << Phoenix >>Statistics:HP: Highest Level Players Loot MinimumDMG: Highest Level Players Loot MinimumMIT: Highest Players Tier * 25ACC: 2EVA: 2Abilities:<< Hellstorm >> : On attack rolls of 9-10, the Phoenix raises to the skies and with a flap of its wings shoots feathers upon the player with the most hate, dealing 50 more damage to its base, additionally the player suffers Burn damage at 24 damage per turn for two turns.
  17. Cardinal

    [F13] <<Cleansing the Corruption>>

    Floor 13 <<Cleansing the Corruption>> Credit goes to @Morgenstern Recommended Level: 35+ Repeatable | 4 players max Rewards: 3 SP -First time Only- 8,000 col each -2000 Col for repeats- Rune of Cain - A smooth stone rune inscribed with the Mark of Cain. Must be T2+ to use. Deals 50 Thorns DMG to anything that deals a critical hit against the user. Lasts for one thread. Ignores passive abilities that would otherwise negate this effect. Last Hit Reward from Boss. May obtain drops multiple times from each boss. 3,000 Extra Col + extra possible rewards if Long Route is Taken Requirements: Must Roleplay speaking a receiving the request from Miraak the Priest. Must Roleplay and fight through the desolate wastelands of F13. Fight 4 Loot Minimum "Diseased Ones" per player Roleplay entering Demon's End. Complete either option Route. Short or Long Route Roll the dice to find which Boss to fight (Unaffected by LD bonuses) LD:1-5 - Famine LD:6-10 - War LD:11-15 - Death LD:16-20 - Pestilence Defeat Boss and Roleplay the ending. Don't Let Miraak's HP reach 1 or Quest is failed. Summary: After the Fallen Event, Miraak is found outside the inaccessible chapel if this specific quest is taken. After being confronted, he explains to the players, "I require your assistance. Some time ago when I was under Artamiel's influence, I placed a powerful seal of corruption in what once was the largest city of this world. I understand now that it must be destroyed if we plan to put an end to the Corruption of this world. It seems that the Angel's power didn't lift it and we require to remove it directly" Once the player accepts, another Health Bar will appear under the party leader's with the username Miraak. He will give the player time to prepare before setting out into the desolate floor. After the players and Miraak make their way through the wasteland and arrive at Demon's End he will explain to them that they have two options. They could either charge straight ahead to the problem at hand, or make their way around, searching for anything not destroyed by the corruption. Once the players reach the center of town, they will find their way to the largest building in the city. He will lead them to a side entrance where he will use his magic to temporarily lift the rubble blocking the door. Once inside, players will find themselves in a very large open room where everything has been thrashed. A malevolent aura rests within the room, even though none of the diseased are inside. Miraak, who is shaking, tells you to stay put as he moves to the center of the room. He kneels to the floor to examine a large red glowing seal that covers the center of the floor, a circle with a 10 meter diameter. As soon as he goes to use an incantation to remove it, it explodes, throwing Miraak back to your side. While Miraak appears okay, a shadowy figure now stands in the center of the room. Miraak will gasp as he says the name of the being, sounding frightened. Ending: After the boss has been defeated, instead of shattering, it will crumble to dust and float away in the air, any remaining Diseased will flee. Miraak will take one last look at the seal before turning to the players. "I am afraid there is nothing to be done. I set this powerful seal, but it has been festering here ever since, growing in strength. While I believe it is at its limit and will progress no further, there is nothing we can do with it. It would be best to leave and never return. While we may have defeated it, it will simply return. Famine, War, Death, and Pestilence will always remain. I am afraid to say there is nothing we can do, it would be best to return. Come, place your hand upon me and I will return us to Angel's Point" Miraak will wait until each player places a hand on him, and once done so shall teleport all of them to Angel's Point. Failed Ending As Miraak's HP would normally fall to zero, a white light flashes and it remains with a sliver of health. He looks to the players that fight with him, worry in his eyes. He looks to them and says, "Sorry, but we must retreat." He raises his staff and slams it into the ground, each of the players being engulfed in a blue light. When the light fades, they are in front of the chapel in angel's point. "I am afraid each of us were unprepared. Now that we know what we are up against, we should take time and prepare for another excursion some other time" With that, Miraak would turn and leave, entering the inaccessible chapel. Routes: After reaching Demon's End, a player may decide from one of two routes. Short, and Long Route. Short Long Route <<Miraak>> A support to the players within the quest aiding them. His purpose is to help cleanse the corruption of the world to atone for the Sins he had previously made. He is found to be wielding a staff with a golden cross at the top of it. He is kind and patient, but quite cocky when it comes to a normal battle. Dialogue If a player mentions the Fallen Event or attacking players, he will bow his head and apologize. Afterwards, he will say he has learned an grown from those past mistakes. If a player mentions doing the quest previously with him on repeat runs, he will have no memory of doing so and frown at the player. For RP purposes, Miraak will have no reaction to anything given to him in terms of information about the quest. If a player were to attack him, he would say that he forgives them and teleport out. He can dodge any attack at him by a player. Stats 800 HP 50 MIT 2 EVA Actions CD:1-3, Heals the player (Or himself) with the lowest HP% for 200 HP. CD:4-6, Heals all players in party, including himself for 100 HP. CD:7-9, Increases all players in party's DMG by 2 for 2 Turns. CD:10-11, Removes all status effects from players in the party and himself. CD:12, Uses Lord's Light - An AOE attack that hits all enemies with a wave of light, dealing 300 unmitigatable DMG. Passive Abilities Lord's Protection - HP can not drop below 1 ~ Will Teleport out and quest will fail if this happens. Holy Breath - On a BD:9-10, whatever action used, it doubles its effect. CD:1-3 will heal player for 400 HP instead of 200. Etc, etc. Silent Night - If all players in party are in stealth, Miraak will shroud himself in magic, making him unable to be seen until a player comes out of hiding. Boss Fights <<Famine>> One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living incarnation of starvation and scarcity. Its only purpose is to spread famine and starve out humanity. Its very aura seems to drain players of all additional help. It fights players with a spear as dark as night. Receives its own Roll HP: 1500 MIT:50 DMG:200 ACC:2 EVA:2 Famine (Passive) - Buffs are made Ineffective for this battle, this includes Sharpness and Barrier but doesn't include buffs granted by Miraak. Debuffs still work. Corruption (Passive) Will always deal at least 100 DMG after MIT Devil's Pierce: On a MD:9-10, deals double damage. Hell Blast: On a CD:10-12, Blasts a black wave of energy, hitting all players in the room. Deals 300 DMG to all players and Miraak. 2 Turn Cooldown. Last Hit Reward: Song of Famine - T2 Debuff Song. Decreases a single targets ACC and EVA by 2 for Four turns. <<War>> One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living carnation of war and bloodshed. Its only purpose is to spread its violence on humanity. Its violent tendencies sometimes allow it to make multiple actions. It fights players with a Two-Handed sword as cold as night. Receives its own Roll HP: 2000 MIT: 75 DMG:300 ACC:3 EVA:1 War (Passive) - On a CD:10-12, Receives another Attack. Can only activate once per turn. This CD is determined on his first attack's roll. Corruption (Passive) - Will always deal at least 100 DMG after MIT. Cleave(Passive) - Hits main target for normal damage and every other player and Miraak for half of that damage. Attacks not against main target don't receive additional ACC. Each part of Cleave uses the same MD determined from main attack. Devils Smite - Will deal an extra 100 DMG on MD:9-10. Last Hit Reward: T2 Crystal - Bloodcrystal of War: +4 DMG, -20* Player's Tier Mitigation <<Death>> One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living carnation of Death. Its only purpose is wipe out humanity as it is own. Its very presence prevents the creation of life and healing. It fights players with a scythe as eerie as a crow. Receives its own Roll HP:1500 DMG: 175 Unmitigatable DMG MIT: 25 ACC:3 EVA:2 Death (Passive) - After hitting an opponent, the opponents current HP becomes its Temporary Max HP until the battle is over. Battle Killing (Passive) - Players don't receive Battle Healing and take half of their Battle healing as DMG every turn. Emergency Recovery is ineffective. Devil's Sweep - Attacks with an AOE on a MD:9-10. Does not have to roll again for attacking other party members or Miraak. Last Hit Reward: Death's Song ~ T2 Debuff Song - Target is unable to heal for the next two turns. Includes, Battle Healing. Can be removed by Purify. Doesn't affect Floor/Event Bosses. <<Pestilence>> One of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. It is the living carnation of plague. Its only purpose is to spread disease and the corruption. It constantly lands status effects to all. It fights players with diseased arrows that it repeatedly uses to sprout arrows into its opponents chest. Receives its own Roll HP: 1,750 MIT: 50 DMG: 200 ACC:3 EVA:1 Pestilence (Passive) - On any landed hit, add a Blight effect dealing 24 DMG for the next three turns. These effects don't refresh but stack up to 3 effects in total. After reaching 3, it will refresh the oldest effect. Corruption (Passive) - Will always deal at least 50 DMG after mitigation Cleave (Passive) - Hits main target for normal damage and every other player and Miraak for half of that damage. Attacks not against main target don't receive additional ACC. Each part of Cleave uses the same MD determined from main attack. Call of Corruption : On CD:11-12, Will summon forth 2 Diseased Ones with the same stats as previously. Will attack afterward using the same roll. Disease: On MD:9-10, Deal 100 Extra DMG, and apply two Blight effects instead of one. Last Hit Reward: Essence of Corruption - Adds a Blight effect to a weapon for one thread. (36 DMG for 2 turn on a BD:9-10)
  18. Cardinal

    [F15] «Bane of Blood»

    Floor 15 <<Bane of Blood>> Recommended Level: 35 Repeatable only for "Bane of Blood" | Party Limit: 4 Credit Goes to: @Morgenstern Rewards: 3 SP 5000 Col 15 T3 Materials Last Hit Drop: Bane Of Blood - Vial of blood received from <"Blood Bane". Upon Consumption, the Player will regenerate 15 HP per turn for the rest of the thread. Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must defeat 2 "Warg Wolves" per player before challenging "Blood Bane" Must defeat "Blood Bane" and 3 "Warg Wolves" in the same fight. Summary: Word has been received that upon the fifteenth floor, a new more vicious wolf alpha has been terrorizing travelers and merchants. Bulletins of the beast are posted on exits to the city. Many merchants are fearful to travel around, and the city is becoming more afraid of not being able to get the supplies they need. Towns have gathered col and a few other rewards for the person or party who hunts down these powerful beasts and returns for the reward alive. Outline: << Warg Wolves >>Statistics:HP: 500DMG: 175MIT: 20ACC: 2EVA: 1Abilities:<< Sonic Fangs >> : Many Rapid Bites inflicted on the Player with the most hate. Deals 225 DMG on CD:10+ << Protect the Alpha! >> : Warg Wolves place themselves in a position to protect their leader. <<BloodBane>> [if present] may not be targeted or hit while at least 1 <<Warg Wolf>> still lives. << Blood Bane >> [Note: Blood Bane receives his own dice roll]Statistics:HP: 1250DMG: 225MIT: 50ACC: 3EVA: 0Abilities:<< Fenrir Fang >> : Blood Bane bites the player with the highest hate with magnificent force. Deals 200 Mitigatable DMG and Leaves a 2 Turn Bleed of 36 DMG on a attack roll of 9-10. << Call to Hunt >> : Blood Bane creates a howl that rips through the battlefield and invigorates itself and its allies. Raises all enemies DMG and MIT by 25 for 2 turns on a CD rolls of 10-12. Has a cool down of 2 turns, does not stack. << Feast of Blood >> : Blood Bane consumes enemy blood, healing itself. Blood Bane heals itself by 25% of the Damage it deals to its foes after mitigation. If Blood Bane attacks someone under the effects of Bleed, then it heals itself for an extra 200 HP.
  19. Cardinal

    [F16] «The Swashbuckling Buccaneer»

    Floor 16<< The Swashbuckling Buccaneer >>Recommended Level: 35Repeatable only for "Pirate's Treasure" | Party Limit: 4 Credit Goes to: @Birdie Rewards: 2 Additional SP 10,500 Col Pirate's Treasure (Unique Consumable): A lucky coin that will give the user +2 Prosperity, for the duration of a thread. One time use! Objectives: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Defeat all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>> Defeat <<Boatswain Amir>> and <<Boatswain Jessamine>> Defeat <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>> Summary: A <<Frantic-looking Sailor>> sits hunched atop a wooden crate, his feet dangling idly over the pier’s edge. He turns as you approach, a look of hopelessness in his eyes. "Y-you there! Have you the heart to aid a foolish sailor? You see, this shipment is due for departure come morn… and my ship’s been thieved! It’s those purloinin’ pirates, Greybeard’s lot or something-or-other. I would lead an effort to retrieve it but folks round ‘ere pay no mind to the business of others. Don’t suppose you could lend a hand?” Should you choose to accept, the sailor turns Eastward and points across the water. He tells you the ship was last spotted near <<Ill Man’s Cove>>, a pier with two run-down shacks built into the adjoining cliff face, reputable for its shady dealings. He also shares details of the crew who stole his ship, including that of a burly man wearing a Captain’s hat. He marks the coordinates on your map and tells you to meet him where you stand by nightfall, making brief mention of his uncle’s rowboat. Outline: Participants may choose to roleplay meeting the <<Frantic-looking Sailor>> and his uncle at the docks, but must roleplay arriving at <<Ill Man’s Cove>> on the uncle’s rowboat. The sailor’s uncle will leave after dropping off the participants and the sailor. Participants may choose where and how to combat the pirates; however, 2 Deckhands will always try to fight alongside each Boatswain. Boatswains receive individual BD rolls, Deckhands may share (though they still require a separate roll from the player). Once all Deckhands and Boatswains have been defeated, <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>> bursts out from below deck of the stolen ship and howls “Arrggh! Who dares provoke the ire of Greybeard’s Quartermaster?!” Upon defeating <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>>, the sailor climbs aboard his reclaimed ship and imparts a word of thanks, and offers the participants transport back to port. All mobs below receive separate dice rolls each! <<Pirate Deckhand>> HP: 250 DMG: 85 MIT: 40 Hornswaggle: On a nat. CD of 11-12, stuns the player for one turn and the pirate's attack bypasses 1/2(rounded up) of the target's mitigation. <<Boatswain Amir>> HP: 400 DMG: 125 MIT: 60 EVA: 2 Chain of Command: When first engaged upon by a player, two <<Pirate Deckhands>> will instantly spawn and attack the player once regardless of Hate. If all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>> have already been previously spawned (and/or defeated), none will spawn upon engaging the <<Boatswain>>. Freebooter: On nat. BD rolls of 9-10, <<Boatswain Amir>> raises his boot. If the CD is 1-6, he kicks high and hits with 150 AoE damage. If the CD is 7-12, he sweeps low and knocks the target's party off their feet, lowering their Evasion by 2 for their next turn. <<Boatswain Jessamine>> HP: 350 DMG: 175 MIT: 50 ACC: 2 Chain of Command: When first engaged upon by a player, two <<Pirate Deckhands>> will instantly spawn and attack the player once regardless of Hate. If all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>> have already been previously spawned (and/or defeated), none will spawn upon engaging the <<Boatswain>>. Crow’s Nest: On nat. BD rolls of 9-10, <<Boatswain Jessamine>> rears her boot. If the CD is 1-6, she sweeps low and knocks the target over, lowering their Accuracy by 3 for one turn. If the CD is 7-12, she aims high and launches an attack that bypasses 2/3(rounded up) of the target's mitigation. <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>>'s Stats HP: 600 DMG: 165 MIT: 80 EVA: 2 ACC: 2 All Hands On Deck!: Immune to Paralysis/Stun. Black Spot: Burlock’s cutlass is coated with a thin poison. On a successful hit, with a nat. CD rolls of 10-12, the target suffers 30 Poison Damage for their next two turns. Davy’ Jones Locker: On nat. BD rolls of 9, Burlock deals 50 additional damage. On nat. BD rolls of 10, Burlock deals 100 additional damage.
  20. Cardinal

    [F17] «Challenge of Olympus»

    Floor 17 <<Challenge Of Olympus: Blacksmith>> Recommended Level: Any | Party Limit: 1 (Solo Only) Must be Rank 2+ Blacksmith | Non-Repeatable Credit: @Hestia / @Itzal Rewards: 1 Additional SP (+1) CD Tool, Hephaestus's Hammer Objectives: Roleplay The Challenge: Meet with the satyr on Floor 17. Meet with Hephaestus outside of Mt. Olympia and accept his challenge. Describe the details of the challenge, face-off with Hephaestus and roleplay out how you best the God of the Forge. Summary: Disclaimer: The God(s) in this quest are NPCs for RP flavor only and cannot engage in combat nor affect the world in any way other than what’s described. Blacksmiths who have reached rank 2 in their profession receive a notification stating that a rare quest is available to them on floor seventeen. Upon arriving to the floor, a satyr's sudden appearance will easily startle nearby NPCs, and he promptly inform you that you have been invited to the gates of Mt. Olympia. It seems that Hephaestus himself would like to challenge you to a Battle of Crafts. Players must RP meeting with Hephaestus, and they are free to describe the details of the challenge that is issued however they like as long as it pertains to blacksmithing. They must RP the challenge out appropriately, encouraged to make the crafting battle very difficult, though not impossible. Requirements: At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts) All crafting done in this quest is RP only--no rolls required, and items cannot be given stats or submitted for evaluation.
  21. Cardinal

    [F19] «Keep Calm and Ki'Raion»

    Floor 19 <<Keep Calm and Ki'Raion>> Recommended Level: 40 Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 4 Credit Goes to: @Birdie Rewards: 2 SP if it's Daytime / 1 SP if it's Nighttime 8000 Col 15 T3 Materials Daytime Last Hit Reward: Ki'Raion's Tail [Perfect T2 or T3 Weapon of Choice] - Enhancements: Accuracy/Accuracy/Paralyze Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Defeat "Ki'Raion" Summary: Rumour spreads of an exceedingly powerful monster, hidden deep in the far Eastern reaches of the 19th floor. Locals say that the beast roams high hills and barren plains, laying waste to entire settlements and demolishing every cursed fauna that stands in its path. The scouting party who encountered <<Ki'Raion>> have reported escaping with their health points in tatters and the beast’s untouched, dubbing it extremely aggressive, territorial and dangerous. For fear of the <<Ki'Raion>>'s true strength, it's suggested no lone player trek within a thousand yards of the floral lion’s territory and that parties remain vigilant in an encounter. Outline: << Ki'Raion >> [Note: Ki'Raion uses his own dice roller for this fight] Statistics:HP: 850DMG: 175MIT: 100ACC: 3EVA: 2Abilities:<< Tail Swipe >> : If BD 9-10 and MD 1-5 is rolled simultaneously, "Ki’Raion" unleashes a powerful tail swipe that can strike a whole party. Deals 150 AoE damage to all party members as well as normal damage to the player with the most hate.<< Venus Fly Trap >> : If BD of 9-10 and MD of 6-10 is rolled simultaneously, "Ki’Raion" lunges at the player with the most hate and encases them in its floral mane. They experience 150 additional damage and will take 100 additional damage for each following turn that they're trapped. They are freed when at least 200 HP damage has been dealt to "Ki’Raion" or another player achieves greater hate. A trapped player may still attack.<< Photosynthesize >> : Absorbing the Sun’s energy, every second attack "Ki’Raion" makes will be damage boosted by 150. << Moonlight Aversion >> : During nighttime, the boss does not use Photosynthesize and its damage-boosting conditions deal half as much damage. However, the quest rewards are significantly poorer.
  22. Cardinal

    [F21] «Betrayal of the King»

    Floor 21 <<Betrayal of the King>> Recommended Level: 50 Repeatable for LD Rewards Only | Solo/Party Limit: 4 Credit Belongs to: @Ryo Rewards: 2 SP 10000 Col (Party Leader Only) Roll LD at the end: 1-8: No additional rewards 9-15: 1 Additional Equipment Reward 16-18: 2 Additional Equipment Rewards 19: All 3 Additional Equipment Rewards 20: Gain "Forgotten King's Spite" Additional Equipment Rewards: Items to gain from rolls on 9-19: [T3 - Perfect Weapon of Choice] The King's Betrayal - Enhancements: 1 Damage / 2 Paralyze OR 2 Damage / 1 Accuracy [T3 - Perfect Heavy Armor] Envious Betrayal - Enhancements: 2 Mitigation / 1 Thorns [T3 - Perfect Light Armor] Light Betrayal - Enhancements: 2 Evasion / 1 Recovery On rolls of 20: [T3 - Demonic Weapon of Choice] Forgotten King's Spite - Enhancements: 1 Fallen Damage / 1 Paralyze / 2 Damage Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must defeat the "Time Forgotten King" Summary: Back in a world of flame, humanity fought against the dragons in a great war. And in that time the humans had a great, and powerful king. The king was a great and powerful warrior, a brilliant and daring tactician, and in the eyes of many a savior. The war raged onward for many a year until the king was lost in battle his corpse never found. Humanity fought on without their brave leader, only to find that he had betrayed them. Fighting against them now, humanity never stood a chance. But that battle was over a millennia ago, and the king's name was lost to time. But rumors and rumors of rumors have hinted at his return. Outline: << The Forgotten Time King >>Statistics:HP: 3750DMG: 300 (on a critical Paralyze, Removes all Hate on that Player.)MIT: 150ACC: 3EVA: 0Abilities:<< Forgotten in Time >> The Forgotten Time King is immune to all status conditions, including Unique ones.
  23. Cardinal

    [F21] «The Hidden Village»

    Floor 21 <<The Hidden Village>> Recommended Level: 50+ | Repeatable Credit Belongs to: @Hikoru Rewards: Standard Loot: 10,000 Col 1 SP (rewarded only once per player) Choice-based Loot: Reveal the settlement location: (T3 Weapon of Choice) <Dragon's Tooth> [+2 Accuracy, +1 Keen] Keep the settlement location secret: (T3 Heavy Armor) <Dragon's Skin> [+2 Mitigation,+1 Thorns] OR (T3 Light Armor) <Dragon's Skin> : [+3 Evasion] Requirements: Fight OR Bypass the Cave Bats (Spawns in groups of 2 with a group per player participating in the thread): By Fighting: You save a person who was being held captive by the bats and they lead you to the village. After Bypassing: You must roll a 15+ on the LD three times after Bypassing the bats. One for finding footprints, one for finding a hidden sign, and one for finding the village itself. Find the Hidden Village. Summary: Rumors have been spread about a lost village that had been abandoned decades ago after the great dragon war. Now, no one knows its location anymore, but for some reason the people of Tomoika really want to find its whereabouts. The townspeople will reward you greatly if you find the location for them. After fighting or bypassing the bats, you see some structures in the distance... Once you get to the hidden village of Charko, its people beg you to keep their village secret, still in belief that Tesseleth is still alive, and that if their whereabouts where learned, the Tyrant would rain hell down upon them. It is your choice: to return to Tomoika and reveal their location OR keep the city of Charko secret. Outline: Players are presented with two options for dealing with the Cave Bats, they can either defeat them in combat or bypass them using stealth. <<Cave Bat>>'s Stats HP: 1000 MIT: 75 EVA: 2 ACC: 1 Claws: On every successful hit ignores half of the target’s mitigation (rounded down). Base Damage: 175 (BD: 9) [225] Mitigable + Paralyze. (BD: 10) [275] Mitigable + Paralyze. Echolocation: +2 LD when looking for players trying to Bypass them. Notes regarding Bypass: 1: In a PP/OP, a player may attempt to skip fighting mobs if they have invested at least 1 rank in the 'Hiding' skill; by applying the stealth mechanics. A player will still need to roll X number of times, one for each mob he/she tries to bypass. A player may try to act as bait for a group, if the mob's LD is higher than the player's 'Stealth Rating', the mob will attack the player (using that same roll dices) without alerting the other mobs, making it possible to kill the mobs one by one. If a player bypasses any number of the required mobs, he/she can still go back and help the rest of the team; or try to bypass all, then leave the thread and finish the quest. 2: If a player gets attacked by a mob while the rest of the team(s) fight, the player needs to fight the mob alone until the rest finish their own fights. If a player has succeeded in getting past all the mobs, he/she will receive the rewards upon completing the quest, even if the rest of the team fails/dies. In this situation if the player is the only one to live, he/she is allowed to double post until completing the quest.
  24. Cardinal

    [F21] «Trouble in the Mines»

    Floor 21 <<Trouble in the Mines>> Recommended Level: 35 Repeatable for Col Rewards Only | Party Limit: 4 Credit Belongs to: @Ryo Rewards: 2 SP (+1 more for every 10 Drakeling Skins you bring back [Max 2.]) 2000 Col (+500 more for every additional Drakeling Skin you bring [Max 4000.] ) Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts) Must defeat 10 "Drakelings" Summary: Mining is the life and blood of Tomoika, and should it cease, the town would surely perish. The settlement is now in danger of that happening. The dark mines have become much more treacherous to travel. Rumors of dragons invading the caverns had brought mining down to a halt. You've been hired to enter the mines to confirm these rumors and clear out anything that isn't human. You've been told that for each skin you bring, you'll be paid handsomely. Outline: << Drakeling >> Statistics: HP: 350 DMG: 200 MIT: 15 ACC: 2 EVA: 1 Abilities: << Breath of Fire >> : Each Drakeling will attack with an AoE dealing 100 unmitigatable damage. After a 4 turn cooldown, the Drakeling will use Breath of Fire again. Additional Information: 1. Drakelings always spawn in groups of matching the size of the party (ex. Party of 2 vs. 2 Drakelings) 2. 10 Drakelings must be defeated, however players can continue to battle as many Drakelings as they wish. 3. After defeating a Drakeling, roll CD for each. If the CD result is +8 you gain a Drakeling Skin 4. You cannot roll for loot from the Loot Table after defeating Drakelings.