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    Housing Evaluation

    <<Housing Evaluation>> Refer to the Guilds & Housing System rules and the Housing Reference for more information on buying a house or hall. Guild Hall Purchase Template: Player Housing Purchase Template: Add-On/Re-Assign Template: Players may add or upgrade rooms to their house/hall at any time (only if the plot size allows for player homes). Rooms in player homes may also be re-assigned to different players once every 30 days. Do any of the above by posting another application with the relevant pieces of the following template in this thread:
  2. Cardinal

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    <<Skill Refunding>> Welcome to the Skill Refunding section of your menu. In this topic you can remove unwanted skills from your character for a one time Col cost. All the Skill Points you invested into your skill will be refunded to your character, and can be reallocated freely. The prices for removing skills, as well as the template are listed below. In order to do this, players must post in this topic using the template provided below. When the transaction has been confirmed by a Player Support Team member, they will quote and approve the refund, and your points will be free to be redistributed. Abuse or exploitation of the system in ways it was not intended to be used will not be tolerated, and may result in both the Col and skill points being permanently deducted from your account. Rules on Skill/Mod Refunding: Players may only apply to refund a total of 50 SP once every 30 days (This can be split between multiple skills/mods). A skill can only be dropped as a whole. Example: Player A has Rank 5 Katana. Using the Skill Refunding System, they must drop the skill completely from R5 -> Unskilled. If Player X still wants to use a lower Rank of the skill, they must re-invest SP into the Katana skill afterwards. To remove a skill in which you have invested in any mods, these mods must also be removed. Example: Player A has Rank 5 Katana with the Katana Ferocity and Katana Finesse mods. If Player A wants to drop the Katana Skill, both the Ferocity and Finesse mods must also be removed. Col spent on Skill Refunding must be transferred from the player's Spending Account to the Banker. Unique Skills CANNOT be refunded. SP refunded with this method may not be re-invested into a Unique Skill. Refund Costs: There is a fixed Col/SP cost and the complete sum has to be calculated by the player. The actual Col that you need to pay can easily be calculated by multiplying the fixed Col/SP cost with the amount of SP that can get refunded Col/SP ratio = 1000 Col/SP Template: Skill(s) Being Dropped: <any skills being dropped here (include ranks)> Mod(s) Being Dropped: <any mods being dropped here (include ranks)> SP Refunded: <total SP being refunded> Cost: <total cost for SP refunded>
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    [F09] «The Gatekeeper of Fire»

    Floor 9 «The Gatekeeper of Fire» Recommended Level: 50 Repeatable for Cerberus Etching | Party Limit: 4 The Guardian of Fire Quest Credit Goes to: @Mari The Gatekeeper of Fire Quest Credit Goes to: @Gladiator Rewards: 7,500 Col 4 SP Cerberus Etching (Unique Material) - Effect: Removes one enhancement on a weapon and replaces it with "Burn". (This effect cannot override its maximum cap. Consumed on use.) Requirements: At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts) Defeat 3 «Infernal Hell Hounds». Defeat «Cerberus, Inferno's Rage». Summary: Over time, as respawning bosses have been defeated... many have been reborn. First the Wasp Queen, then Avalache, then the Sand Shark. And now, many Information Brokers have been alerting players of the Cerberus' rebirth on the ninth floor in its original location, however the new Cerberus has been said to be extremely aggressive. The rewards are reported to be unknown, however it is agreed upon that the rewards like the other rebirthed bosses should be pretty sweet. Will you accept the fight against the Cerberus one more time? Outline: Volcano's Effect: Each rotation, due to the extreme heat players will suffer 30 unmitigatable damage. This effect can be ignored if the player has the skill "Survival" active. «Infernal Hell Hounds» Statistics: HP: 350 | DMG: 125 | Flame Aura: 45 MIT/25 Thorns | ACC: 2 | EVA: 2 Abilities: << Burning Bite >> : On successful attacks, the player is inflicted with "Burn" at Tier 3 maximum cap. [36 Unmitigatable Damage for 2 turns.] << Infernal Soul >> : On a critical attacks, this monster gains additional damage. [ 9 = 25 | 10 = 50 ] «Cerberus, Inferno's Rage» Statistics: Heads 1-3: HP: 500 | DMG: 175 | Flame Aura: 75 MIT/30 Thorns | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 Abilities: << Bringing Hell >> : "Cerberus, Inferno's Rage" gains 1 attack for each head alive. << One at a Time >> : Players can only target one Head at a time before hitting another. AoE's do not work on this boss. << Burning Bite >> : On successful attacks, the player is inflicted with "Burn" dealing 36 unmitigatable damage for 2 turns. << Infernal Punishment >> : On a critical attacks, this boss gains additional damage and will phase through 50% of the target's mitigation on all attacks this turn. [ 9 = 25 | 10 = 75 ] << Bloodless >> : This boss is immune to all status effects.
  4. Cardinal

    «Scents of the Wild»

    Statue Rules and Usage: The Statues' stat effects cannot be used until a player has PERSONALLY gathered all 6 trophies. You cannot gather three and another player get three and put them together. Statues are non-tradeable, they are bound to your own player. You can only have one statue effect activated at a time in a thread (I.E. You can't have +1 Damage and +50 Overhealth, you can only have one or the other in a thread). Statues cosmetic effects can be used anywhere, but only one can be used in a certain area at a time
  5. Cardinal

    «Scents of the Wild»

    Floor 22 «Shocking Stallion» Recommended Level: 50 Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 2 Credit Goes to: @Hikoru Rewards: 6,000 Col 4 SP Bialas Statue: A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Shocking Taneuma. When used, it gives +1 Taunt buff for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the forests surrounding the area. The sweet smell of fresh sap coming from maple trees is strong and gives a fragrant aroma. The sound of a nearby lake can be heard, a fish can also be heard jumping to the surface and landing back down into the water with a small splash every few moments, and the distant sounds of birds can be heard as well. It can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere. Requirements: Must have defeated the previous 5 bosses and received their Statues Must travel to the lake (3+ Posts) Defeat «Taneuma» At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts). Summary: Deep within the woods of the 22nd Floor, a stallion, a horse made of pure thunder and lightning has been spotted galloping and completely destroying trees, leaving a devastating trail of ash and destruction in its wake. The creature keeps destroying crops and trails, making it hard to eat and traverse between towns without the fear of being attacked. Players have been asked to defeat the creature to make it safe for other players and NPC's, and see that the creature wouldn't be anywhere near water Outline: [Note: «Taneuma» receives his own separate roll from the player] «Taneuma» Statistics: HP: 1,500 DMG: 275 MIT: 75 ACC: 2 EVA: 2 Abilities: Grounded: Stuns and Paralysis cannot effect «Taneuma» Lightning Strike: When a player rolls a natural attack roll of 9-10, «Taneuma» will send out an electric shock, causing paralysis to the player Conductive: If «Taneuma» rolls a natural attack roll of 9-10 and rolls a 6+ on the CD, «Taneuma» will knock the player with the highest hate into water, then cause a shock to go throughout the water, dealing 300 Unmitigatable damage.
  6. Cardinal

    «Scents of the Wild»

    Floor 20 «Pouncing Puma» Recommended Level: 45 Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 2 Credit Goes to: @Hikoru Rewards: 5,500 Col 3 SP Mothra Statue: A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Stealthy Suterusu. When used, it gives +1 Energy recovery for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the old and abandoned ruins found throughout the floor. The sweet plants that grow within the overgrown areas combine to make a pure, sweet scent that can almost be seen as romantic. A slow, steady rhythm can be heard, echoing over mountains from hidden tribes. Can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere. Requirements: Must explore an abandoned temple (3+ Posts) Defeat «Suterusu» At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts). Summary: Rumours of some sort of leopard are floating around, saying that the creature is hiding within a large, abandoned temple on the twentieth floor. Players have been tasked with going to find it's location, go through the temple, and defeat the stealthy puma. PLayers are warned that the creature seemingly appears and disappears from the shadows, and is sure to be a menacing foe. Outline: [Note: «Suterusu» receives his own separate roll from the player] «Suterusu» Statistics: HP: 1,000 DMG: 250 MIT: 25 ACC: 1 EVA: 3 Abilities: Stealth: Every three rounds, «Suterusu» will enter stealth. An LD rating is not needed to be rolled for this, and it has a base stealth of 18. If the player is unable to find «Suterusu», «Suterusu» will leap from stealth and attack, gaining a +50 damage for the attack. Also, if a 9-10 is rolled, it gains a Partial Phase, ignoring 25% of Mitigation. This will happen every 4 turns. Cunning Dodge: On a player's natural attack roll of 9, it is not guaranteed as a hit, and is still affected by Evasion and Accuracy. Unsteady Ground: This fight takes place in a rocky terrain with many broken stones and statues scattered, giving a -1 Accuracy to every player due to the area where they are fighting.
  7. Cardinal

    «Scents of the Wild»

    Floor 19 «The Colossal Shadow» Recommended Level: 45 Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 2 Credit Goes to: @Hikoru Rewards: 5,000 Col 3 SP Tanos Statue: A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Colossal Titan. When used, it gives +15 Mitigation for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the 19th floor's plains, the vastness that comes with them and the smell of winds carried miles from all around, and from the nearby mountains. The low winds come and go throughout a person's ears can be heard, but not felt. It can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere. Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts). Must find «Colossus» with an LD of 15+. Must climb to weak points to attack (2 posts each). Must defeat «Colossus». Summary: Rumor has it that another giant beast-like Tanos has come alive on the 19th floor. He his twice the size of the floor boss, and is wandering the floor quietly towards each settlement, looking for someone to challenge him. Players have to find him wandering the plains, as although he is easy to find, the land is vast and treacherous, and the landscape seems to go for miles. Once he's found, you have to climb his body to the weak points on his hands and head to defeat the vast creature. Once defeated, he turns into a large pile of stone, forming a mountain of rock, as the sound of something large being shattered can be heard from a distance. Outline: [Note: «Colossus» receives his own separate roll from the player] « Colossus » Statistics: HP: 1,000 DMG: N/A MIT: 50 ACC: 0 EVA: -2 Abilities: Weak Points: Weak points can be found on both hands, chest, and head. These can only be attacked up to three times before the weak point is gone, and you have to move onto the next one. If you miss attacking it, it will not count as using one of the three chances. [Note: To climb to a weak point, you must spend 2 Posts climbing to it, and this goes for every weak point] Oblivious: Since the boss is so large and you have to hold on and climb, players have no way to get space to «Charge» for extra damage, nor can they try to Stealth or Track the creature, as it does not care. Shake: Every three posts after the boss is found, «Colossus» will "shake" trying to get the player off of its body. Players have to grip onto the creature, rolling an LD to see how strong their grip is on the creature. The next post, «Colossus» will roll his own LD. If his LD is greater than the player, the player is thrown off, dealing 250 Unmitigatable damage to the player, and they have to restart their climb to the next Weak Point. [Note: LD items can come into effect when rolling, but no skills or mods that give an LD bonus can help]
  8. Cardinal

    «Scents of the Wild»

    Floor 16 «Fighting Fish» Recommended Level: 35 Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 2 Credit Goes to: @Hikoru Rewards: 3,000 Col 2 SP Mōretsuna Statue: A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Mighty Mōretsuna. When used, it gives +50 base health for one thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the ocean from the beaches surrounding the islands. The sound of waves crashing along the shore and the scent of the sea air carried from far off lands, and the warm feeling of the sun against a person's skin. Can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere. Requirements: Must fish up «Mōretsuna» (Roll a CD of 9+; players with the Fishing Skill gain a +2 Bonus). Defeat «Mōretsuna». At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts). Summary: There are rumors of a giant fish off the coast of one of the islands. The players have been tasked to go to the area, fish for the giant creature, and defeat it. Players have been warned that the creature doesn't go without a fight, and will try to bring the creature down into the depths of the sea to drown. They have been warned and cautioned to keep steady and keep their feet firmly on the ground they stand on. Outline: [Note: «Mōretsuna» receives his own separate roll from the player] «Mōretsuna» Statistics: HP: 500 DMG: 100 MIT: 25 ACC: 2 EVA: 1 Abilities: Drown: On a CD of 10+, «Mōretsuna» will drag down the player instead of attack, unless they roll a 10+ on the LD their turn. If the player fails, they will be brought into the water, where they will take 50 unmitigatable damage every turn until they return to the dock or boat, which takes a turn to do. Splash: On an attack roll of a natural 9-10, along with their basic attack, «Mōretsuna» will splash water onto the player, bringing them to their knees and paralyzing them their next turn. Struggle: On an attack roll of natural 1, the creature will flail and hit each player for 50 unmitigable damage, but also deal 50 unmitigatable damage to himself.
  9. Cardinal

    «Scents of the Wild»

    Floor 10 «Leeching Nightmare» Recommended Level: 25 Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 2 Credit Goes to: @Hikoru Rewards: 2,500 Col 2 SP Yamata no Orochi Statue: A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated «The Leech Lich». When used, it gives +1 LD for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the musty, re-used air, the heaviness of the floor's feeling of being trapped with no escape. It also gives off the feeling of dread, being watched from every angle, and unseen creatures waiting in the shadows. It can also be taken to group gatherings to give an atmosphere. Requirements: At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts). Must travel to the Stygian River (3 Posts). Must Defeat 4 «Stygian Warriors». Must Defeat «The Leech Lich». Summary: Out of the Stygian River, there are many creatures that come back reincarnated, a bit decayed but still easily fightable. However, there have been rumors going around that there is a new creature, eating the souls of other creatures that come across, and it grows stronger with each passing moment. Players need to travel to the Stygian River and defeat the creature before it becomes too powerful, even for the players themselves. Outline: [Note: «The Leech Lich» receives his own separate roll from the player] «The Leech Lich» Statistics: HP: 250 DMG: 50 MIT: 25 ACC: 2 EVA: 0 «Stygian Warriors»: Statistics HP: 100 DMG: 25 MIT: 5 ACC: 1 EVA: 0 Abilities: Leech: Four «Stygian Warriors» spawn with the boss when the River is found. «The Leech Lich» will consume up to two creatures per turn and will do so whenever it can. If it consumes the a creature, he restores +100 Health and gains +5 Mitigation, +50 Base Health, and +10 Damage. If it lands a hit on the player, «The Leech Lich» will heal a third of however much damage it dealt to the player. Every other turn two more «Stygian Warriors» will spawn, but there will always be a maximum of four «Stygian Warriors» at any given time. Protected: «The Leech Lich» cannot be attacked until the other creatures are defeated or devoured by «The Leech Lich». After the original 4 die, «The Leech Lich» is no longer protected. Undead: Fallen damage has no effect on «The Leech Lich», but Holy damage deals +25 Damage when the enchantment procs.
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    «Scents of the Wild»

    Floor 8 «Ferocious Foe» Recommended Level: 25 Non-Repeatable | Party Limit: 2 Credit Goes to: @Hikoru Rewards: 2,000 Col. 2 SP. Kumatetsu Statue: A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Ferocious Kumatetsu. If used within a thread, it gives +1 Base Damage for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the deep forest, the moss-covered logs and the smell of the morning rain. The distant sound of the three rivers can be heard, giving a soothing and seemingly peaceful area where one can rest. It can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere. Requirements: Find «Kumatetsu» with an LD roll of 15+. Defeat «Kumatetsu». At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts). Summary: Deep within the woods of Floor 8 lies a large creature in the form of a bear, who has secluded himself while he trains train and becomes stronger. Lately, the bear has become angered, attacking traveling players on roads and killing NPC's livestock. It is up to players to find the beast's den deep in the woods and defeat the large foe. While it seems easy, the bear is smart enough to stand on hind legs and fight like a man would, but unable to speak any words or communicate. Outline: [Note: «Kumatetsu» receives his own separate roll from the player] Statistics: HP: 300 DMG: 75 MIT: 50 ACC: 1 EVA: 2 Abilities: Dodge and Parry: On a player's natural attack roll of 10, the attack will miss «Kumatetsu». Instead «Kumatetsu» will gain a +2 Accuracy and +15 Damage for his next attack. Beast Form: When «Kumatetsu» is reduced to 150 (or lower) health, he will transform and turn into a bulked-up creature, increasing his damage to 100, but losing his Accuracy and half of his mitigation Ferocious Roar: When «Kumatetsu» rolls a CD of 10+, he lets out a mighty roar instead of his attack, paralyzing the party.
  11. Cardinal

    Floor Descriptions

    <<Floor 25>> Floor 25 is one of the most dangerous floor to be seen, the floor itself is one gigantic Labyrinth that goes out farther than what the eye can see. However the walls look old, a lot of them are cracked and appear to be made out of solid stone. NPC's in the Main Settlement of the floor warns players and hands pieces of chalk to players before heading out as it is said to get extremely lost in the labyrinths of the floor, and they had out chalk to give players so they have something to mark where they had gone and know how to get back to the main settlement. The lines players make through the chalk can only be seen by the user and players that are in the users party. NPC Inhabitants of this floor are mainly miners and blacksmiths, usually shown by the styles of their clothes. Miners are usually in protective clothes covered in a black soot, while blacksmiths are in hard-working clothes with heavy leather gloves and aprons to protect them from the heat of their hearths. Other people that live there wear common garbs, as this is no floor made for royals. Most women and children wear basic green clothing, while other people with jobs wear others to signify who they are. They are all friendly and helpful to those who dare venture out into the Labyrinth.  Unique Floor Rules: Main Settlement: <<Settlement of the Iron Fist>> Settlement of the Iron Fist is in the center of the floor and is one huge mountain civilization, and is run mostly by miners and blacksmiths. There are no other forms of civilization on this floor as the Labyrinths are build over any land that could possibly be used. And its said the only reason that there's civilization in this floor is because of the giant mountain in the center. The towns people are very bitter and straight to the point, they are very rude towards others and honestly really worry about themselves. However none of them dare step outside from the Main Settlement and into the giant Labyrinth. In the center of the Main Settlement a statue of a strong Minotaur can be found, however not many of the NPC's really know its purpose is as all the Monsters that roam the Labyrinth are Minotaur's and even Orc's so having a statue in the center of the floor seemed rather odd. However older NPC's say that the Minotaur statue is a entity named "Orgoth" and they had said that the entire Main Settlement of this floor was carved and crafted by him. However, mysteriously after he had successfully crafted a settlement, he had disappeared without a trace. Common Mobs Unique Locations « The Endless Maze » The rest of the main settlement, is one giant maze that stretches far than the eye can see and appears that there is no end to the maze itself. Not many actually know what is out there... if there actually is anything out there to begin with. Many parts of the Labyrinth are found to be layered with a heavy fog, making it hard to see anything that could be lurking within them. The Maze itself seems to shift every few minutes, always changing and never the same, making it hard for players to remember any certain ways the Labyrinth may be. Even though the Labyrinth constantly changes, many Minotaurs, Giants, and Dragons scout the maze and defend their territory. Before heading out into the "Endless Maze" a old man will hand the player some chalk so that way they can easily navigate back to the main settlement with no problems, but warns the player that they could potentially get lost out there if they don't purchase it. When out in "The Endless Maze" players must every post roll CD, if the roll die is 1-3 a player level minimum monster will come around a maze corner and engage the player(s). « Hearts of the Elder Dragons » Heart of Rhaegal, Zylara, Ghidorah, Icefyre, Tabaluga, Enywas, Draigoch, Dagahra, Smaug To find one of the "Hearts of the Elder Dragons" the player must roll LD 17+ to find one. (They may choose which pond they find.) There are 9 lakes total scattered throughout the maze. These area is a safe haven from the mobs that scout the maze outside, plants and even grass will grow in this area and in the pond in the center can even be fished to find fish or... chests that somehow end up there. Most of these places are good for rest stops for players who have been trekking in the maze and need time to recuperate their health and their energy levels to continue forward towards their adventure ahead of them. [Note, Players may only fish in ONE lake per thread] While traversing these nine lakes it is possible to spot a Prodigious Chest. These chests cannot be found anywhere else and are far more grand and decorated than other chests. When looting these chests you add X*Floor Col to your reward, 10 tier 3 materials, and increase the quality of all gear you find by one (cannot exceed perfect quality). [Chests can only be found by Fishing] Finding the Labyrinth: Finding the Labyrinth on Floor 25 requires a scouting party to reach a total of 150 LD in a scouting thread"
  12. Cardinal

    [2.6.3] Patch Notes

    Mechanic Changes: Stealth: Players must roll to maintain Stealth at the beginning of their turn. If a player wishes to attack out of stealth they must roll to maintain stealth and attack in the same roll (declaring both in the purpose). If they failed to maintain stealth, they are considered detected and would lose any appropriate bonuses before their action is processed. Simplified Passive Stealth Detection rules (whenever the stealth roll falls below the passive stealth detection rating, stealth is considered broken and detected). Systems & Development Comments: We wanted to discourage Stealth from possibly being constantly re-rolled before combat in order to bypass Passive Stealth Detection. These changes should put more pressure on people who decide to use Stealth for their combat bonuses and should hopefully increase the first turn diversity. Skill Changes: Charge: Charge no longer caps Accuracy at 2 during Charge Attacks. Charge Attacks now have a -1 Accuracy debuff (e.g. someone with 5 Accuracy normally would have 4 Accuracy while using a Charge Attack). Hiding: Mod: Untraceable: New description: You've learned how to reduce evidence to your existence giving you the option to hide your names within a party and allowing you to pass without a trace. Systems & Development Comments: We're currently planning on giving skill description's a bit more love and a bit more weight when it comes to narrative and roleplaying. Certain players may want to try to disguise their identity whilst in a party and, with this mod, they'll now be able to. Mod: Surprise Attack (Assassin): Reduced damage bonus when attacking out of stealth from (3 * Tier) to (1 * Tier). Mod: Surprise Attack (Trickster): Removed additional turn when attacking out of stealth for DoT status effects. Shadowed Path: Option for base damage bonus when attacking out of stealth reduced from (10 * Rank)% to (4 * Rank)%. Effect (Listed here as Unique Skills are not in the Resource List). Systems & Development Comments: We decided to decrease damage of Shadowed Path in order to closer match a traditional DPS in order to compensate for its survivability as opponents are either forced to possibly waste their post action to try to find the wielder (which they may fail in the first place) or let the wielder stay in stealth.
  13. Cardinal

    [2.6.2] Patch Notes

    Mechanic Changes: New mechanic: Passive Stealth Detection: Follows the general rules of stealth detection except it is performed at the start of combat, the turn a player enters stealth, and on the opposition's turns. The passive stealth detection rating is (10 + stealth detection bonuses) and is performed against the enemy's stealth rolls. In the case of a tie, the stealthed player wins. Does not count as an action. Unless declared otherwise, all mobs have a passive stealth detection rating of 9. Note: It is still possible for an entity to actively detect stealth, but this takes up the post action and follows the general rules of stealth detection. Running Away: If a player leaves both the combat and the thread, they are unable to participate in the same combat (i.e. fight) even if they rejoined the thread. Charge Clarification: Under the current wording, Charge can be used outside of the first turn of combat since, depending on the players' narratives, using the Charge skill is still possible. This is because the only restrictions on the skills are that Charge can only be used once per opponent per combat and that it must be possible via roleplay. Enhancement Changes: Blight: Removed proc from natural, successful attack rolls of 8-10 from two slots of the enhancement. Skill Changes: Charge: Negates any auto-hit effects from other skills and mods (e.g. Suprise Attack mods from Hiding, Tracking mod from Searching). A Charge attack's Accuracy is capped at 2. Hiding: Removed rank 4 (+1 turn of DoT) and rank 5 upgrades (+1 DMG). Mod: Vanish Moved to Rank 4 from Rank 5. Rank 5 Mod: Surprise Attack (Assassin) Damage bonus by attacking from stealth changed from +2 Damage to (+3 * Tier) Damage. Rank 5 Mod: Surprise Attack (Trickster) Now gives +1 turn to DoT status effects. Shadowed Path (Unique Skills): Does not stack with the Hiding skill. Adds +1 Stealth Rating per rank. Allows the user to buy and use Hiding mods. Cannot be detected with Passive Stealth Detection. User can choose from one of the two bonuses when attacking out of stealth and using the Shadowed Path sword arts: User's attack has (3 * Rank)% more damage to (10 * Rank)% more base damage. User's DoT status effects deals (5 * Rank)% more damage for the first two turns of the effect. Effect (Listed here since Unique Skills are not in the Resource List): Achilles (Unique Skills): Damage reduction from (8 * Rank)% to (10 * Rank)%. Counter damage from abilities is now exempt from the damage reduction and is doubled. Status effects which removes the user's post action (e.g. paralyze, stun, freeze) last twice as long, Effect (Listed here since Unique Skills are not in the Resource List): Quest Changes: Quest Revamp: «The Hidden Village» Cave Bats HP reduced from 1250 HP to 1000 HP. Cave Bats Evasion reduced from 3 Evasion to 2 Evasion. Clarification: Under the current wording, the quest spawns Cave Bats in groups of two with a number of groups equal to the number of players. This means that you are able to fight the bats in groups of two (i.e. the minimum number of Cave Bats you can fight per combat is two). As such, it is not necessary fight the maximum number (i.e. four) of Cave Bats each combat, but you do need to fight a number of Cave Bat groups equivalent to the players in the thread. New Quest: «Incognito Analysis» A continuation of the «Incognito Antics» questline. (find it on page 3 of the quests section) New Quest: «Incognito Assassination» A continuation of the «Incognito Analysis» questline. (find it on page 3 of the quests section)
  14. Cardinal

    «Feeding your Enemy»

    Any Floor <<Feeding your Enemy>> Recommended Level: Any Repeatable if you no longer have a familiar | Party Limit: 2 Rewards: A familiar of your choice (within guidelines). 1 Skill Point (first completion only). Requirements: RP meeting the gypsy and obtaining the food from her. Obtain a familiar. At least 1 page (20 posts). Summary: An old gypsy NPC approaches you, telling tales of how she tamed monsters. Giving you some food, she tells you how to tame your own familiar. Outline: Once every 15th post, the party leader may roll to search for a familiar. On a roll of 15+ LD (normal LD enhancements apply), you successfully find a potential familiar. Once a potential familiar is found, that party leader has 4 attempts to tame it. Taming is a post action that is successful on a CD roll of 9+. If the party leader fails all 4 attempts, the potential familiar becomes untamable and a new one may be searched for in 15 posts. If the roll to tame is met, you have successfully attained a familiar. Return the <<Familiar Food>> to the Gypsy NPC to complete the quest. Only one familiar may be found per thread.
  15. Cardinal

    [F01/11/21] «Nature's Treasure»

    Floor 1, 11, or 21 <<Nature's Treasure>> Recommended Level: Any | Party Limit: None Repeatable: Yes Credit: @Itzal Rewards: The Materials and loot gathered. Summary: Marking the beginning of each tier (Floors 1, 11, 21, etc.), these levels of Aincrad in particular each seem to have various locations among the floors that are bursting at the seams with crafting materials. They are easier to find than other hunting grounds on comparable floors, with short respawn rates to make them the best locations to hunt for materials. If the floor is vegetated, players can find a <<Garden>>. If there are a lot of buildings on the floor, players can find a <<Courtyard>>. If the floor is underground, players can find a <<Cavern>>. Many NPCs give away these farming locations, telling players about this amazing opportunity of extra materials, whether it be from plentiful monster drops or from the safer areas outside of town that make for easy, peaceful fishing and gathering. Searching: LD rolls of 11-14 give 1 material. LD rolls of 15+ give 2 materials. Gatherer skill is added to this roll as well. Fishing: Monsters and bosses never spawn. Fishing receives no bonus materials. CD 12s require a LD of 15+ (modifiers allowed) to fish up a treasure chest. If LD is 1-14, players receive 4 materials. Treasure Chests: LD of 1-3 does not result in a mimic, but drops (Floor * 25) col and one material. Looting Mobs: Mobs that satisfy the loot minimum always drop (HP * 4) col and 1 material as default drops, before other upgrades and aspects of the loot table are taken into account. Requirements: At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts) Mobs MUST meet or exceed the loot minimum parameter to be looted, and must still adhere to floor minimum/maximum rules.
  16. Cardinal

    [F??] <<Saying Vows>>

    <<Saying Vows>> Recommended Level: Any Restrictions | At least the two marrying players Quest Credit Goes To @Itzal "Love. Unwavering love is what brings us together today. These two intend to join together as one in Holy Matrimony. If any object to this joining please speak now or forever hold your peace." Rewards: The Married Couple Receives: 1 Additional SP each 1 Wedding Ring each (created/purchased rings from <<Making Vows>>) Any gifts or presents received from other players Requirements: At least one [1] page (20 posts or more). The couple getting married must have completed the <<Making Vows>> quest prior to taking this one. Roleplay the Wedding Ceremony. Outline: The floor, location, and amount of players allowed in the thread depend on how large a wedding players bought during the <<Making Vows>> quest. Players are urged to role play the wedding out and strongly urged to read out their characters' vows. Upon receiving the rings, the officiator will activate their abilities, and they will be active from that point onward. Wedding rings do not take up an equipment slot. Married players share an inventory space so it is suggested that players work out how they wish to keep track of said inventory.
  17. Cardinal

    «Training your Friend»

    Any Floor <<Training your Friend>> Recommended Level: Any Repeatable, must have a familiar to attempt | Solo or in a party of two Rewards: Familiar mastery skill. (May only have one unlocked at a time. Only unlocks first level of the mastery skill free of SP charge.) 1 SP (First completion only). Requirements: Role-play training your familiar in its task (relate it to the familiar mastery you plan to take). At least one page (20 posts) of RP. Summary: You have a new friend! Now to train it to help you out. Outline: Once every 5 posts, attempt to train your familiar (CD 7+). After three successful attempts, you have successfully trained your familiar. Rolling to train your familiar is a post action.
  18. Cardinal

    [F01] <<Broken Vows>>

    <<Broken Vows>> Recommended Level: Any Restrictions | Both Married Players Only Quest Credit goes to @Itzal. "You've chosen to separate then? I am sorry to hear that." James Aria, the NPC who had helped the two players make their wedding plans, is very clearly saddened to see them leaving each other in the end. "If that is the case then come along with me to finalize it. You'll need to decide which items go to whom, however. Once that's done we can pull out the papers." Rewards: Each player's Wedding Ring is lost. Each player receives 3,000 col as consolation. Requirements: Sign the divorce papers. Players involved must have completed the Saying Vows quest in order to be eligible to undertake this one. Outline: Players approach James Aria on the Floor One and talk with him about going through with a divorce. In order to do so, however, the priest must walk the two players through their stored items. Each item must be discussed as to whose inventory it will be stored in after the divorce.
  19. Cardinal

    [F01] «Earning a Living»

    Floor 1 <<Earning a Living: Blacksmith>> Recommended Level: Any | Party Limit: 4 Repeatable Only to Change Professions Credit: @Itzal / @Spencer Cerdic Leighton (Master Blacksmith NPC) "A blacksmith, eh? Well, you've come to the right place!" A man standing over an anvil and wielding an impressive smithing hammer greets you with a hearty guffaw. "May not be the easiest or prettiest lifestyle, but the ole' anvil won't let you down when you need some sturdy weapons and armors." A few loud clangs ring out through the smithy as Cerdic drives the flat of his hammer into the red-hot metal of a straight-sword in progress, "Tell you what. Go scrounge up five pieces of ore and I'll show you how to use 'em along with a hammer of your own. There should be plenty in the caves past the southern forest--heck, you may even find some layin' around half-buried in the dirt! Just bring 'em here and we'll make you into a proper blacksmith." Cerdic nods with another boisterous laugh. Rewards: 1 Additional SP (First EaL Completion Only) <<Blacksmith>> Profession Successfully Crafted Item Standard <<Blacksmith>> Shop (Able to have a Blacksmith thread in the Merchants & Shops section) (5) Tier 1 crafting materials Objectives: Gather (5) materials and bring them to Cerdic's smithy. Go into the wild and gain materials through any standard means (gathering, fishing, combat). Non-combat gathering is recommended for this task. Craft an item in Cerdic's smithy. Make a standard Crafting Roll (Dice Roller Tutorial). Specify the item type in the Roll Purpose (must be a Tier 1 item). Use the Crafting Die Chart for a Rank 1 Blacksmith: [1] = Critical Fail (Lose materials) [2-5] = Fail (Lose materials) [6-9] = Salvage (Keep materials on LD 11+) [10] = Uncommon item (1 slot) [11] = Rare item (2 slots) [12] = Perfect item (3 slots) Submit the successfully crafted item for Evaluation. NOTE: You keep the item you craft as a reward for completing the quest, as well as any leftover materials. For example, your first crafting attempt has an 11 CD result. You submit a rare item for Evaluation and keep that item and the remaining four crafting materials. This is in addition to the 5 crafting materials listed in the quest rewards. You are permitted to roll as many times within a single post as it takes to make a successful craft. Requirements: At least one [1] Page (20 or more posts) Players must RP searching for materials and crafting their item. If a party of players undertakes this quest together (as in, each player wishes to become a blacksmith), each must succeed on their own objectives (e.g. each must gather 5 materials and successfully craft 1 item). Accompanying players who are not undertaking the quest do not have to gather their own materials and are ineligible for quest rewards.
  20. Cardinal

    [F01] <<Making Vows>>

    <<Making Vows>> Recommended Level: Any Restrictions | At least the two marrying players Quest Credit Goes To @Itzal James Aria Upon approach, the priest greets you as normal. When he hears that you wish to be married he smiles warmly. "So you two wish to be married? That is wonderful to hear! We will need to discuss the details of your wedding such as location, the size of the wedding, food, as well as the wedding rings. I can also help you find someone to wed you, or I could do it myself if you'd like." Rewards: 1 Additional SP. Access to the <<Saying Vows>> quest. Requirements: At least one [1] page (20 or more posts). Required wedding details must be declared and taxes paid. (Expenses paid to the Banker account. This must be completed before quest completion can be issued and the thread is considered closed.) Ring details must be declared. Outline: Players who wish to marry must first speak with the priest James Aria, who resides in the central cathedral of Floor One. James guides the players through the different topics that must be decided on before they can finalize, pay the taxes, and move on to prepare the wedding. It is encouraged that players RP writing their vows for one another in private, however, this is not a requirement. Wedding Plans The Thread Summary must include the following parameters for the couples' wedding: Location, PK access, number of guests, the option of providing stat-boosting food, wedding ring abilities, and the combined cost of all taxes. The total col owed must be paid to the @Banker account before the thread can be completed. Private Wedding (no guests): 0 col Small Wedding (Few invited guests, 1-5 additional players PP): 1,000 col Medium Wedding (Invited guests, 1-10 additional players PP): 2,000 col Large Wedding (Invite only/any number guests, PP/OP, player's decision): 3,000 col PK Access: 1,500 col Snack Table* (+1 food buff): 1,000 col Feast Table* (+2 food buffs): 1,500 col Banquet Table* (+3 food buffs): 2,250 col *Players may select any Cook enhancements to apply, which must be declared in the Thread Summary. Any players who eats from an enhanced table receive the listed buff(s) for a single thread they participate in afterwards within 30 days of the wedding's closure. Threads that benefit from this buff must have been started after the wedding's thread begins, and players claiming a buff must declare these buffs with a link to the wedding thread in their first post. Wedding food buffs do not stack with other food buffs. The Rings Players can either purchase a basic gold band (1,500 col each) or a custom ring with any appearance they desire (2,000 col each). Ring choices (appearance and ability) do not have to be identical between the two players. Each ring has one ability which must be declared in the Thread Summary. The abilities will not be active until the couple completes the <<Saying Vows>> Quest. Wedding Rings do not take up an equipment slot. Ring abilities are only active when a player is in the same thread with their spouse. Resolve: +(20*Tier) base health Driven: +(5*Tier) base energy Strong Will: +1 base damage Resilient: +(4*Tier) base mitigation Purity: (1) Safeguard Active at beginning of the thread (Cannot stack with Safeguard potion) | Safeguard blocks damage from the first successful attack that hits the player. Affectionate: Transfer 5% of your max health to your spouse (1 post cooldown)
  21. Cardinal

    [F01] <<Redemption>>

    Floor 1 << Redemption >> Recommended Level: 11+ (Parties Recommended) Repeatable Only to Help Other Players | Solo/Party Limit: 4 Rewards: Last Hit Drop: 15000 Col + 30 Materials of the Player's Tier (If a player has already defeated Repentance and received this drop, they cannot receive it again). Orange Cursor transformation back to Green. (Party Leader only.) Requirements: Must be one full Page of RP content (20+ Posts). Must defeat Repentance. Summary: The word from an information broker says there is a boss with the power to change an orange cursor back to green after its defeat. Rumor has it that the boss can be found in a secluded cemetery on the first floor, in a place where the sun's rays never seem to break through the murky clouds looming overhead. Piecing together the stories from different players, there exists a massive statue in the shape of an angel that only awakens when at least two players are near, and only if one possesses an orange cursor. 'Repentance', as it's said to be called, has health and power higher than anything else found on the first floor and has killed many who have simply tried to redeem themselves. <<Repentance>>: Stats: HP: (Highest Player's Level) x 50 DMG: (Highest Player's Level) x 5 MIT: (Highest Player's Level) x 2.25 (Rounded down) ACC: (Highest Player’s Tier) x 1 [max 3] EVA: (Highest Player’s Tier) x 1 [max 3] Abilities: << Judgement > >: On critical hits of 9 and 10, this boss gains full phase on its attack. << Holy Blood > >: This boss is immune to all status effects, including Unique ones.
  22. Cardinal

    [F02] The Venomous Warg

    Credit goes to @Morgenstern. Floor 2 <<The Venomous Warg>> Party Limit: 2 | 20+ Posts Recommended Level: 10 Players level 16 or higher are ineligible for SP rewards. This quest is non-repeatable, however any player may participate in a thread to accompany the quest-taker. Rewards: <<Venom Snapper>> last-hit item drop Each player receives: 1 Additional SP. 500 Col. (4) T1 Crafting Materials. Note: Players over the level threshold may still participate and complete the quest, but will be denied SP rewards. (Other rewards will still be earned.) Objectives: At least one [1] Pages (20 or more posts). Defeat 3 <<Wolves>>. Defeat <<Venom Snapper>>. Return to Gatsly the merchant to receive reward. Summary: You spot a merchant sitting in the corner of a pub in the heart of Urbus. As you approach, he coughs and gives you a pleading look. "You come for the bill I posted? I am Gatsly. I work as a merchant, making just enough to support me and my family, but lately all of my supply caravans have been destroyed or chased away by a ferocious beast." He looks down at the floor, "I don't have much, but if you could slay the beast, I would pay you." Should you accept, Gatsly marks the coordinates on your map and tells you that the beast is a mutated, venomous wolf, deadlier than any other in the forest. He hands you a vial of green liquid and instructs you to drink it if you find yourself poisoned. Outline: Before embarking on the quest, each player receives one <<Antidote>> from Gatsly: Players must explore the forest outside of Urbus for the <<Venom Snapper>> and its wolf pack. Parties of two players will fight all 3 <<Wolves>> and the <<Venom Snapper>> simultaneously. Solo players may choose to spawn each monster separately. When the <<Venom Snapper>> and <<Wolves>> attack, each use the MD result of separate rolls. <<Venom Snapper>> Stats HP: 150 DMG: 35 Critical DMG (MD 9-10): 50 EVA: 1 Venomous Bite: Natural MD of 9-10 poisons the target, dealing 10 unmitigatable damage at the start of their turn for 3 turns. Feral Strike: Every time a <<Wolf>> is slain, <<Venom Snapper>>’s next attack becomes AoE. This ability can stack (if 2 wolves die at the same time, <<Venom Snapper>>’s next 2 attacks become AoE). “Venomous Bite” can still trigger on AoE attacks. Player who deals the killing blow receives (1) <<Venom Vial>>: <<Wolf>> Stats HP: 40 DMG: 25 Once the beasts have been slain, return to Gatsly in Urbus and show him the <<Venom Vial>> to claim your rewards.
  23. Cardinal

    [F06] The Gemini

    Floor 6 <<The Gemini>> Recommended Level: Any Non-Repeatable | Solo | 20 post minimum Rewards: 3 Additional SP 600 Col Extra Skill: <<Concentration>> if The Gemini is spared. Extra Skill: <<Disguise>> if The Gemini is killed. ►Concentration Active: Free action Cooldown: 3 Turns Effect: Gain +1 ACC until the start of your next turn (must delcare use in roll purpose). Description: After having fought yourself, and spared the summoned incarnation, you have learnt to focus in times of need, improving accuracy for a brief moment. Possible to obtain after completing the quest <<The Gemini>> ►Disguise Active: Free action Cooldown: 3 Turns Effect: Gain +1 EVA until the start of your next turn Description: After having fought and killed your duplicate, you have learnt how to use its trick of becoming another, visually becoming another target. Possible to obtain after completing the quest <<The Gemini>> Objectives: Defeat <<The Gemini>> Summary: "You look pretty strong." A hooded figure approaches you and offers a simple challenge. "I'm looking to test my skills. If you beat me, I'll teach you a hidden skill. What do you say?" You travel to a suitable location outside of the city's safe zone in silence. When the hooded figure turns to face you, they reveal themselves. They have copied your appearance--everything from your facial features to equipment is completely identical. This challenge suddenly became a lot more sinister... Outline: Players must meet <<The Gemini>> and accept their challenge. <<The Gemini>>'s stats are determined at the start of combat. <<The Gemini>>'s Stats: HP: (Player's Level) x 10 DMG: (Player's Level) x 5 MIT: (Player's Level) x 1.75 (Rounded down) ACC: (Player's ACC) EVA: (Player's EVA) Critical Hits: DMG + (Player's Level) on a natural MD 9, DMG + (Player's Level x 2) on a natural MD 10. <<Disguise>>: +1 ACC to <<The Gemini>>'s first attack. For each consumable/temporary buff a player has when facing <<The Gemini>>, it will gain additional effects. For example, if a player has 3 temporary buffs, <<The Gemini>> will have Paralyze, Bleed, and bonus DMG. 1: Gain Paralyze: Removes player action for one turn on natural MD rolls of 9-10. 2: Gain Bleed: Deals (12 * Player's Tier) unmitigatable damage every turn for two rounds on natural MD rolls of 9-10. 3: Increases DMG by (Player's Level) 4: Increases MIT by (Player's Level) 5+: Increases HP by (Player's Level x 5) for each additional temporary buff on the player. Once combat begins, there is no running away from the battle. <<The Gemini>> will attack first, before the player, meaning the Charge skill cannot be used against it. <<The Gemini>> does not have any items, skills, or equipment besides the appearance of the gear the player is wearing when combat begins. Players can choose to end the fight in one of two ways, which alters the skill they receive from completing the quest: On the killing blow, <<The Gemini>> is destroyed. Player gains the <<Disguise>> skill. On the killing blow, <<The Gemini>> is instead reduced to one health and is spared. Player gains the <<Concentration>> skill. If <<The Gemini>> would deal the killing blow to a player, they are instead reduced to one health. <<The Gemini>> will end the combat and the player will have failed the quest (no quest rewards are earned). If they wish to try <<The Gemini>>'s challenge again, they must attempt the quest again in a new thread.