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  1. Elucia with cloak The silence of the girl was starting to unnerve her. The woman's appearance was far too outgoing for her to be so silent. Normally, girls that looked like this at school would start by making sure that they were placed on a higher pedestal than her. This one didn't seem to be the case however. A party invite would appear in front of her and she would grimace. 'I have to make up something...' she would think to herself. She would press decline on the message, it fading into disappearance. "I don't exactly like partying up. It was used as an exploit to track me once..." She tried to quickly move away from the conversation by turning her attention towards the sands ahead. "I wonder if this boss will be a challenge. Most of the quest I have been doing lately have been far too easy" she would state plainly before bringing her cloaks white hood above her head. The only embarrassing thing was the ears. When she bought the item, she figured the ears would make her seem as harmless as possible. @Neopolitan
  2. As he spoke she would quickly recorrect herself. "Hate might be the wrong word... for you. I'll be seeing him eventually, I am sure of that" She noticed a slight release of tension in the man's body, making it seem to her that she had managed to break through the shell of unfamiliarity. He would look at her again and question her words. As he began to finish, he would walk past her, continuing the journey. "You might be able to shape your own destiny here, but you are never in control. The bastard who trapped us here has us tied to strings that he pulls the way he wants. If he wanted to, he could wipe out Aincrad easily, killing every player here" She failed to mention to him that she was afraid her father would decide that she wasn't worth the hospital expenses and tell them to pull the plug. His argument was flawed, they had every worry of those outside along with new ones from the inside. "If you think we're in control here, you are wrong. We're just a mouse waiting for the trap to finish us off" with that, she would hush, following the man towards the castle. @Mars
  3. The girl wouldn't speak to her, instead sending a message to all her nearby players. Her. Frowning, the girl would look into her inbox, finding the message and reading it. It said that she was looking for some help taking on the evolved Land Shark. She would close the message and smile. "What a coincidence, that is exactly what I am looking to do!" she would say with a smile. She was unsure exactly why the girl hadn't spoke yet, but it wasn't important. What was more important was the fact that she was almost certain she had seen this girl before. A flash of memory would strike her, her memory sparking the idea of a girl with a rapier, dealing quite a bit of damage to Miraak. 'I keep on running into everyone that was in my boss group for Miraak. These players must really be moving on up. There is a movement of the lower tiered players to the frontlines. I wonder what caused it' She would smile again before readdressing the girl. "The name is Elucia, nice to meet you!" her cheery voice bugged even herself, but it was supposed to be who Elucia was. So far, the act had done a wonderful job of allowing her to move around and let none know that she was there. Only downside, she couldn't party with someone as Elucia. With Sey being the only one who knew.... She would bring her white hood over her head and turn to the other girl. The girl's face was wary, but that made sense due to the fact that she was an orange player. Many players were and the potions effect wouldn't hide a green crystal. She would quickly look at her HUD and find that she still had four hours and fifty-three minutes remaining for the snowfrost potion. 'That should be plenty of time to finish a simple quest' she thought to herself. "Alright, if you are set we can go" She knew the other girl would follow with her weapon at the ready, but so far she had no means to attack this girl. She was quiet. Personally, she kind of liked that. @Neopolitan
  4. Hidden

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    The fight would continue, the cloaked girl frowning when an entire rotation had gone but he still remained with quite a bit of health in this second bar. Whether the first form was supposed to run through fast or he became much stronger she didn't know. He was still trying to get players on his side, and his power grant was rather large incentive. Her body felt great, her power seemed to have increased exponentially. She shook her head. She wouldn't turn sides now. She actually liked some of these players beside her, more than the frontliners for sure. She didn't need everyone in Aincrad to hate her. Her true surprise would begin when he broke open the wall. The east wall of the building would burst into pieces, revealing the frontliner's status to them. It was utter chaos. More than half of the players had gone missing, and the other half of them were distraught. She turned towards the demonic presence in the room. 'No way that's real. It can't be. Can it?' She would fly forward. So far up in this battle she had been the bystander, having dealt no damage. She was one of the top damages here, and she was NOT going to keep on missing. Nato's Might would gleam with an orange glow. 'Let' do this' she would follow behind Stryder who smashed him in the jaw. As Miraak would come back up, she would thrust her weapon into his chest, orange tendrils of energy would blast as she came into contact with his body. "Now you're going to taste pain" She would shove off of the guy, leaping backwards before he could touch her. 108775 BD:4+5=9(hit) 18*13=234-75=159 DMG
  5. She moved through the outskirts of the town to head in the direction of the boss. She dropped the glass vial from the potion to the ground, it shattered on impact with the sand below her feet. She wasn't a fan of the heat and the sand, but if she wanted to get some level gain that she would most certainly need to take on the quest. As she finished heading towards the correct town gate, she would get a view of what seemed like another player just standing outside the gate. This intrigued her. Why would a player just stand outside of the town, especially one as hot as this. She would move towards this player, a smile playing on her own lips. She stopped a few feet away from the player with the parasol. 'Wow, she's actually really pretty,' she thought to herself before saying anything. She liked the way the girl styled her hair a lot. "Hello, why might you be standing out here?" She would flash a smile towards the other girl. 'She was a parasol, I hope she's not like those stuck up girl's at school. She even tries acting like them and I might just stab her here' she would think to herself while waiting for an answer. @Neopolitan
  6. She took the time o listen to what the boy had to say. He was amusing to say in the least. There was fire in his eyes that were ready to set the very ground beneath their feet ablaze. As he finished by talking about Domarus, she would smile. "He jsut lost my loyalty not too long ago. I guess he hates both of us now, but I believe he might actually want to kill me" She would shrug. "As for Miraak talking, I would be a bit dissapointed if he never too the time to make some real story" As she mentioned Night's King, the man would chuckle and claim he was going on the same quest. Raising an eyebrow, she would shift her weight to her left hip. "Oh?" She giggled herself. "Fate has got nothing for you, it trapped you in this hell" She would begin walking, past the boy. "Alright then, I guess we can get this show on the road". She needed to get to a higher level if she was going to train with Adrian or ever have a chance of touching Itzal. He had made her look like a joke. That was something that couldn't stand. Players in this world had to fear her and understand the potential of death just like Mars had when he seen her. As the shadow fox edged closer to the larger fire familiar to check it out but the liger seemed equally curious. It would ignite its flame brighter, the fox leaping back into Hidden's shadow and vanishing from sight. @Mars
  7. Elucia Persona Stats The girl teleported into the fifth floor, immediately causing a ruckus of NPC's. As a guard spotted her he would draw his weapon telling her to scram. Raising her hands inn the air, she would walk out of the town, entering the area outside of it. When it came to having an orange crystal, if you had the sneak skill you could still enter towns and use the teleport gates but you were never sure were the guards were when you arrived. Today, she had been rather smart when deciding whether she would walk around as Elucia or Hidden. Her cloak would have not been good for the desert sun, but the white attire for when she acted like Elucia was good. Today she was hunting the recreation of the Sand Shark which was apparently immune to both freeze and paralyze which limited her options. In her white sleeve of Elucia's cloak was Nato's Might, a holy dagger that would do just fine against the boss she was going to hunt. While now she lacked in damage over time effects she made up for it in pure damage. She moved to her inventory and took out a few consumables. She needed to be cautious if she was going to go take on a dangerous quest by herself. She brought the damage potion to her lips, drinking its contents. Then she ate an accuracy food bar and called it good to go. She heard the boss was fast, and with her holy weapon she lacked her third accuracy enhancement that she had to make up for. The damage was to actually deal damage. @Neopolitan Quest Details
  8. The man stood in a battle ready stance, his familiar engulfed in flames in front of her. The next words to come out his mouth made her giggle. "Murder? Yes, I am a player killer. However, I don't kill people for no reason. Only those that stand in my way. The only difference between me and a green player is I am not afraid to deal the last blow" She walked a little closer until she was about twenty feet from the man. A distance where they could just talk. "Wait a minute. I remember you, you're that guy that attacked Miraak first. I praise you for that, it would have better to stop trying after it didn't work the first time". she would plainly tell him. "Merely curiosity is why I confronted you. I could have jut kept on my way towards the Night's King" She pointed towards the direction of the icy fortress. Umbra, her fox made mostly of pure shadow, would walk forward to see the other familiar, but remain a short distance away. Fire made light, light wasn't good for her. The liger was quite a bit larger than herself, and while the shadow fox could cause itself to increase in size by spreading out her shadows more it was much easier to remain in the compacted state.
  9. The player would stop in his tracks, his familiar shooting a jet of flame to melt the snow in front of them. She would step forward into the now snow-melted area that was about ten feet in front of her. She would hear the player shout, a voice all too familiar but a finger couldn't be put on it. The shout asked for her name and reason why she was out here. A smug smile would come to her lips. This player was quite cocky to be just demanding information. She seen no visible weapons on the man, indicating A: He wasn't prepared for combat. B: He had a small hidden weapon such as herself. C: He was a martial artist. If he was demanding info from her, he was either stupid or armed so that knocked off answer A. He was prepared. Preferring not to shout at the top of her lungs, she would slowly and cautiously walk within a 50 meter range to just be able to call to him. "Hidden" she would state plainly for the man. If she had made progress when it came to having her name feared, than the boy wouldn't need a reason after that and would change his attitude. 'Well, if he's an old enemy that I don't remember than we might have a problem' She would stand there, her lips curved into a smile as she waited for the boy to do something. @Mars
  10. She moved out of the town, trudging through snow. Most of it was compacted down as part of the game for easier traveling, but there was parts that had thick snow that was hard to transverse. The clouds blocked most of the sun out, but it was still quite easy to see everything on the floor. The neutral setting allowed for Umbra to naturally be out but have no advantages. The fox had been a bit more sporadic since its battle with Itzal's dragon, seeming dissapointed at its failure. Since then, it seemed distracted and constantly moved from shadow to shadow, sometimes uncontrollably. Now, the fox walked at her side even though it usually remained quietly resting in her own shadow. As she walked, her eyes surveyed the land when they caught on something moving. Human shaped. Activating her search and detect, she would gain a slight vision boost. She would find that the player looked familiar, but his name and details were rather fuzzy. 'Perhaps I'll find out who it is if I get a closer look'. Changing directions, she would move to intercept the player, knowing the player would see her fully well before she arrived. A hundred meters away she would stop, giving the boy a better look. She had most definitely seen him before. Was it at the event? She would stand quietly to see if the player would approach or speak. @Mars
  11. Statistics The dark cloaked female would materialize within the fourth floor. She would gaze around, immediately hesitant of her surroundings. She had been on high alert after the battle between Hestia and Domarus. This had been the first time she had been targeted for her own doings. Having decided to side with Adrian over Domarus had made her a few enemies, not including fighting against both Aereth and Itzal. She was thankful that the Ascendants had split from eachother or she would have an entire guild at her heels. Domarus was impactful, but it would take quite a bit for him to try to catch her. Hestia she wasn't worried about. She was mostly focused on the others, and while she was a direct connection to Adrian, it was hard to believe Adrian would risk himself for her sake. Finally there was Aereth, she wanted to see him. Itzal intervened at the battle, allowing him to escape. Now it was her job to get higher leveled and manage to find him while fighting off those who would hunt her. She took a step into the frozen floor, the snow beginning to catch on her cloak. It wouldn't be long before her cloak looked like the snow around it. Her dagger remained unseen in the sleeve of her cloak, prepared to swipe into action. According to Adrian her focus was to gain levels and get to Tier 3. Once she had that kind of power they could focus more towards the non-mechanized part of fighting. There was one objective for the fourth floor, find the Night's King and kill him. She didn't plan on inviting anyone to join her, she was more than able to do it herself. She kept her head down as she moved towards the gate towards the outside of the floor. Quest Details @Mars
  12. Her dagger would cut through the man's hand as he tried to grab it. Her eyes would catch his, feeling the massive amount of rage coming from them. Had she not been angry herself she might've been a bit fearful of the look. He would then speak, telling her that she was out of his league. He would then shove on her arm, pushing her back before beginning an assault. The weapon would cut through her body over and over. Gashes would appear over her body, her health dropping quickly. He moved constantly, disallowing a counter attack. The attacks would continue and she would reach the yellow zone of her health. 'How long can he keep this up?' Gritting her teeth, she decided she had one option for escape from the attack and put herself back towards the offensive. Activating the <<Disguise>> skill, her body would become covered in the body of the man in front of her. Her dagger became longer until she held a long sword. With a longer weapon, she would manage to block one of Itzal's oncoming attacks, giving her the slight moment that he was thrown off of rhythm. Leaping back, she would shed off her disguise, leaving the mere shadow of Itzal behind to be utterly destroyed by the next few of Itzal's attacks. 'My advantage in this is he isn't going to kill me, so I can go all out. He is limiting himself... to an extent' Darting towards the man, she would begin several fast thrusts towards the man, hopefully bringing him back to the defensive. "I don't need to be in your league to beat the crap out of you. Whether or not you beat me, you won't win here today. I will" Throwing all of her energy into final attacks, she would throw herself away from him before darting forward for a charge. When he would expect her to attack straight on, she dart underneath any oncoming counter and move to his backside before focusing everything there. She would get several strikes in before he would be able to do anything to stop her, bringing his health to about 75% with the help of Aereth earlier. Exhausted of energy now, she would attempt to move into a defensive and evasive position. The fox would take quick attack after quick attack, the dragon keeping her on the run. Taking another bolt tackle, she would vanish in the dragon's shadow as it moved way, and reappeared in Hidden's. It sat for a short second, but the fighters moved too fast for her to get a constant regeneration from the darkness. She would move out, taking another blast of lightning from Velnia. This time however, the fox managed to get a lucky shot as the dragon tackled, its claws cutting through the dragon leaving some gashes, but still being taken by the full smash of Velnia and hit the ground. She would sit there after then, crouching. The dragon had obviously outmatched her. @Itzal
  13. Falling back, she would resheathe her dagger. No more skeletal warriors fell down to attack her, meaning that she may have managed to pass some form of test. Or maybe they were just waiting for her to reenergize to endure more struggle. She moved into the corner of the ring to sit down, attempting to slow down her breathing. She would then activate her hiding skill, her ability making her slightly transparent and harder to see. Of course, any player could easily spot her, but the monsters had low AI. Well, the normal monsters. A skeletal warrior might not notice her, but the boss surely would. She would have to have a much higher sneaking skill for that, and currently she didn't have that. All she had to show was valuable items and high damage output. She herself dreamed of the day when she hit Tier three and dealt even more damage. She currently already matched several of the lower damaged frontliners without having as near amount of base damage. If she brought in surprise attack and charge with that, she would be something of a scare. Sadly, she was focusing on survivalibility at this point. She would focus on Light Armor instead. 1/3
  14. Holding her weapon at the ready, she would step backwards from her opponent. This opponent was in her way. She needed to find the actual boss before she ran out of energy. She was running through her energy quite fast. She figured another attack and she would have completely gone through all of her energy. The skeleton would charge her again. 'Oh dear, here we go. The last of my energy' she would think to herself as she dashed to meet the opponent in the middle. Her weaponw ould come into contact with the skeleton's sword, knocking it aside with ease. The, she would focus on precise stabs. She would thrust her weapon into the skeleton's arm join, effective knocking the bone from its body. Then, she would move into her wirlwind knocking down its health to a mere point before finishing with a thrust to knock off the head. The monster would disemberse in front of her, becoming shards of data. With a heavy sigh, she would fall back, out of energy. A notification would open, showing her the rewards from the creature. 108554 BD:7 DMG:169 108555 LD:12 CD:12 +Rare Armor/Shield +2 T2 Materials +1500 Col
  15. Becoming bored, Hidden would once again become a flash as she darted towards her opponent. The skeletal warrior would swing his weapon to intercept her, but she would dodge by leaping to sail over the enemy's head. Landing on the ground with both feet, she would turn and begin her attack again. Spinning into a whirlwind, she would dig her weapon into her opponents back. The skeletons health would drop, forcing it farther into the yellow zone. It would fall to the ground, dropping its sword. 'You're just so brittle. How did you ever plan on" The skeleton would quickly turn, slashing at her with its sword. The sword would be blocked with her dagger, a tempest being created by the immediate stop of the weapon. "Tell me. How did you figure that would work? Where's your boss, I want a real challenge" She would push off the skeleton's weapon, surveying the area again for the boss. 108553 BD:6 MD:5 DMG:169 Hidden 700/700 <> 16/68 13 DMG, 12 Mit, 3 EVA, 3 ACC Skeletal Warrior 162/500 <> 102 DMG