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  1. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    It appeared that Sey's low amount of fighting had done him no good. It had been forever since he had engaged in combat and he was using a new weapon, his fists. His blow would miss almost entirely, but he didn't seem bothered by it. 'He's definitely out of practice. If she wants to 'protect' me from the APD, he's gonna have to put in some work. I need to put in some work myself' Her level wasn't nearly high enough to be in the amount of trouble she was in. It also held her back dramatically. The APD's goal was to capture her before she became Tier three, where she would be a whole new level of threat. Darting forward, Hidden would target her opponent Her eyes would narrow as she focused. The dragon's sands were surely buffeting, but they couldn't stop her head on attacks. Her dagger would strike the dragon repeatedly, giving it no room to make an attack. After she finished, she would leap away, making an opening for Sey to finish the little health it had left. 112077 BD:8 MD:2 DMG:13*13=169-55=114 DMG Hidden: 780/780 HP / 58/78 EN / 13 DMG / 54 MIT / 2 ACC / 0 EVA / 8-10 Bleed(24) / Paralytic Venom (8-10) / Phase (9-10) @Sey: 1205/1205 HP I DMG: 19 I ACC: 3 I EVA: 3 I MIT: 99 I BH: 50 I LD: 2 I EN: 115 Tabaluga - the Topaz Hatchling: HP: 186/300 / MIT: 55 / ACC: 2 / EVA: 1 / DMG: 85 <<Summon Tiny Sandstorm>> : When you approach this dragon, he will summon up a sandstorm strong enough to give you a -1 to accuracy and evasion
  2. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    Stats She didn't like disagreeing with Sey, but she had herself under control. As he mentioned that if he heard she died.... She would glare at him with daggers. "If I die and you kill yourself over it... I will drag your soul down to hell with me and burn you every moment" Too many people had already died because of her. In fact, three people had died because of her. Three. One of those was someone she cared about, her mother. If she were to lose Sey as well.... "Also, one final question. You put a ring on it, when are you going to wed it?" She had worn an engagement ring for far too long. Once she had gotten her answer, she would begin walking off into the sands. After walking in silence on the way up, she spotted her opponent. Looking back to Sey she told him, "You can follow up from my attack. Our two attacks should wipe it clean before it every really gets the chance to attack" Normally Sey had to carry her through quests, but she was safe to say that now she didn't need him. Charging forward with her dagger it became engulfed in an orange light. As the dragon seen her coming, it would cry out, the winds suddenly picking up and buffering her. However, she would charge through and cut trhough the dragon. Mercilessly, her dagger would hit the opponent at all angles. As she finished, she would move before she became an easy target. ID:111XXX BD:8+2-1 DMG:13*13=169-55=114 DMG MD:3 Hidden 780/780 HP / 68/78 EN / 13 DMG / 54 MIT / 2 ACC / 0 EVA / 8-10 Bleed(24) / Paralytic Venom (8-10) / Phase (9-10) @Sey Tabaluga - the Topaz Hatchling: HP: 186/300 / MIT: 55 / ACC: 2 / EVA: 1 / DMG: 85 <<Summon Tiny Sandstorm>> : When you approach this dragon, he will summon up a sandstorm strong enough to give you a -1 to accuracy and evasion
  3. Even though he wouldn't be able to see it, she gave Adrian a blank look. "Frustrated? I don't think you are quite yet understanding me. I don't care if every player in this god damn world is hunting me. Let them come, I am not without tricks up my sleeve." Adrian was a bit annoying the way he pried into her business. That was something she liked about Domarus. Her business was her own. As he mentioned that she shattered ties to anything, she smiled. That right there told her that he truly knew nothing much of her. He didn't know about Sey. "I make ties to things that benefit me. As soon as they stop benefiting me they are useless. Why would you keep ties with a parasite?" She looked at Adrian. If he was going to pry into her, she was going to pry into him. "Now tell me Adrian. Who are you? What made you the way you are? Who were you before you were tortured?" There was a story behind this boy, and that story could be another something she could hold to him. Another vantage point.
  4. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    Sey was getting on her nerves slowly, but she seemed to be getting on his. In his eyes, she must have seemed rash and unable to make the correct decision. In hers, she was just trying to go about with her plans. Sey being involved wasn't a factor. He would then go on to say that If Adrian wasn't turned in she would be on that wanted list until she died or was captured. Closing her eyes a breathing a sigh she looked towards Sey. "Also in that flier, it mentions I am extremely dangerous. That keeps most players out of trying. I appreciate you being there for me, but I can handle it. I have moved on my entire life, sustaining my own" It seems her next words would hurt Sey as he stated that he was going forget that she had ever said that. She looked down to the ground. She was ashamed in hurting him like this. She just wanted him to be happy. After his next sentence she would raise her eyebrows in question. "I appreciate the help from the inside. However, what do you mean my revenge? Against Laughing Coffin? I am doing a favor for more than myself with my actions. I am also way too far in to call it off. The APD isn't one of my worries. Soon they will come to realize that I am not the enemy of the story" She sighed and turned her head towards the sandy floor. "I think we're done talking about this for now. We just need to move on and see how it plays out a bit more"
  5. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    This was becoming a mess more than quickly. Sey just didn't seem to understand her point of view. Would this end up being their first fight? Would their relationship make it through? She sure hoped so, something like this almost didn't even bother her. "The only reason I care is because he is in debt to me" she would tell him. However, he would keep going on about the APD. Rolling her eyes, she would step closer and bring her arms out in a questioning stance. "What about the APD? They are literally nothing. The APD is two frontliners and a bunch of low levels grasping for some form of goal to strive for. Frontliners aren't even scary anymore, each of them is unable to work together because their own beliefs cloud their main objective. If a boss fight comes where strategy is involved, its a complete wipe" Her voice was slowly getting louder. "Also, Adrian isn't one person. Adrian somehow has an entire guild. Now, I haven't met them, but I know they exist" Things were getting intense, but Sey would take a moment to ask what she meant about being wanted before Adrian. "This all moves back to one day. An old accomplice of mine was in trouble. He was being targeted by Hestia, Itzal, Aereth, Embers, and a few others. The only reason I got involved was because Aereth leaked my name that I was associated with Domarus and probably should be captured as well. Due to that, I went out against Hestia's team and went to recruit someone to give us a fighting chance. However, when I freed him, he offered me more than Domarus would have ever gave me. Adrian offered me training and teaching of the loopholes in mechanics in fighting along with helping me get back at Aereth and destroying Laughing Coffin" She would sigh. "I know its hard to understand, but after you left me to fight on my own... I got bored. As I said before, I only care about us anyway, and I became bored and uncaring of consequences. That is what has brought me to this point" "Adrian and I's plan was for me to go straight for Aereth and make him understand that I was not to be double crossed while he waited for the correct opportunity to strike. However, Itzal betrayed Aereth and attacked him instead and Aereth teleported out. Afterwards, Itzal fought me, stopped and captured me, and then told me that because I had went down the wrong path I was going to spend the rest of Aincrad in prison. It was Adrian who freed me" @Sey
  6. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    Before he said anything, she already knew that she was right. He would explain to her that things could still have a happy ending, but for them basically. She would raise her eyebrow, waiting for him to continue for her to understand further. She was interested, but knew it wouldn't be able to work whatever plan he came up with. As he mentioned Adrian, her eyebrow would fall and her head shift to look down at the ground. "Your plan... is lovely. But it can not be done I am afraid. Adrian isn't like an item that I can just hand over. Also, what would the APD do with him? Nothing. They have no form of institute for criminals. He is crafty and intelligent and would break any form of temporary confinement. Hestia probably didn't mention that his level is also near Calrex's so force is out of the bag. If you want to capture him, he has to want to be captured. There is no getting around that. Also, I'm not sure I want him to go to jail. Look, he might be dangerous, but I am also the only one with any form of control. If I turn my back on him, there goes any chance of reasoning with him say something go wrong. Secondly, we aren't in the wrong. Our plans are to stop Laughing Coffin dead in their tracks and it will done before the APD can even think of focusing on more than one 'enemy' at a time" She would look away. Adrian is out of the question. There is nothing to be done. If it makes you feel better, the APD can't execute me without violating their own codes. "Finally, you are wrong. Hestia won't be taking my name off that list. Ever. She probably didn't mention this, but they were framing me as a criminal before they knew I had released Adrian. They were going to prison me because they thought I was in the wrong. The APD is flawed and thinking that they can control Aincrad" She would laugh before looking at Sey right in the eyes. "You know anything about the day I was sentenced?" @Sey
  7. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    Sey seemed filled with disbelief of what he said, explaining to her that he was afraid that he was never going to get to see her again. "I didn't come see you because well... I didn't want them to figure things out and then use you to get to me. When people are scared, they do drastic things" she would say quietly. She took a step closer to him. She had missed him over the time she had been gone, but believed it was necessary for both of them. He would explain to her that he shouldn't have left and ignored the problems of the world. He was making it up by trying to get her off the list. "What did you promise her. I know you better than anyone. You're are a business man, you make deals. What did you promise her? That you would stop me?" Her voice was desperate now. She knew Sey was determined, but sometimes determination wasn't enough. She had an opinion about that damned list. She was seen as an enemy of Aincrad, although she was merely trying to help it. She was an enemy because one person was afraid of her actions, afraid of the power that she wielded. She had the ability to change the very fate of Aincrad and the direction it was going. @Sey
  8. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    Before meeting with Sey, she scouted the area for Hestia or Itzal and found neither. It wasn't a popular floor due to the sand and heat, so she wasn't worried much. Finding Sey waiting outside the safe zone, she would creep closer, waiting until about ten meters away before removing the hide skill. Appearing before Sey, she would stand their quietly. It would be a few seconds before she spoke. She had seen him for the event, but had to leave afterward to speak with Kalice. "Why aren't you mad and angry? After I vanished, I figured you would hate me. You still treat me the same as the day I disappeared" She had been scared to lose him, but was certain she was going to. It wasn't what she wanted, but it was what she asked for. The white haired player hadn't been out in quite some time which also led her to questioning. "What made you decide to come back? Was it to find out what happened to me?" An orange player that had let out a high leveled sociopath.
  9. Hidden

    Hidden's <Shadowed Wares>

    Requesting Change from <<Disguise>> to <<Concentration>>
  10. Hidden

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    He would tell her that it was all right and that they should enjoy themselves. She would nod to him. She had to tell him one more thing though. She could speak it aloud as it did happen to Elucia. "If you seen a cloaked man pulling out another orange player on your way in, that guy wants to talk to me. The APD I believe is trying to keep a record of all orange players and then taking them to lock them up" Smiling, she would shake her head. "It doesn't matter much" Pointing over to Benny she would ask, "Did you talk to Benny and join the raffle? He had some pretty good stuff" She wasn't really interested in much, but understood she could sell an item for a pretty penny if she received it. She looked back up to Sey. She wanted to know what was going on up in his head. There was no way he wasn't mad, confused, or disappointed. She glanced over to Hestia. She had been looking non-stop for several days, and so had so many other players. It was funny almost for them to not know that what they were looking for laid right in front of them. They expected her to stay away? They would have to try a little harder. @Sey
  11. Hidden

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    She waited for anger, for the resentment but it never came. Before he would even look, he would know it was her. He whispered back Lucie, which confused her at first but she understood that it was a play off of her pseudonym. Lucia would have been better in her opinion but.... He would wrap his arms around her, embracing her with the same warmth that she was familiar with. Her eyes would close and head would rest on his chest. It was all she could do to prevent tears to come to her eyes. While she was normally strong and as cold as steel, when she was with Sey that facade almost melted away. Reality hit her. It had been hard the last few weeks. After releasing Adrian, the entire world had been directed against her. She had been framed a monster and nobody would take her word. There were few that ignored Hestia's words of warning, but many others took them as a call to action. There was a wolf among the sheep, and that wolf had to be hunted. She had kept herself away from people... the only person she talked to was a murderous child that seen the light of day different than the rest of them. "I'm sorry... I didn't want you getting hurt..." Still whispering she would quietly tell him. "We can't talk about it here... they are still hunting me." she would tell him. To prevent herself form silling everything, she would loosen the hug until it was broken and then flash a smile up to him. She knew she was in danger from being out here, but now that she was with Sey it didn't matter. As long as Domarus or Aereth didn't spill on her facade, than she would be fine. @Sey
  12. Hidden

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    As she talked with Mina, her eyes glanced over at the cloaked man reading her note and then taking Pinball and leaving. Her hand would run through her own hair as she internally sighed a breath of relief. It wouldn't be long until she would be found out. Elucia was merely a facade, and a flawed one at that. Several people already knew the name, and knew her true identity. Also, the fact that she wasn't able to receive messages, or be tracked. It didn't make any sense. Her eyes cast about the area until they met one person. Her eyes opened wide as she caught sight of her love. She hadn't seen him in many days in fear that they would capture him with the hopes of catching her. With no word or warning, she had vanished from him. It was odd to see him out of the house. He stopped playing quite some time ago, but here he was. She smiled to @tricolor_mina and said, "I am sorry, but I too must leave you. Someone arrived that I must go see" She left the girl there, understanding that the girl's feelings would be hurt. She didn't care though, the only two people that mattered to her were Sey and herself. She walked up to him, her hand would gingerly touch his arm as she whispered her next words. "Hey... Casper" Her voice would quaver. She was afraid that he would be angry. If he had been out, he must have seen that she was Aincrad's most wanted criminal. If he wanted, her could expose her for who she really was. Hestia was still here, and while they wouldn't be able to catch her... they could break her. If Sey turned on her, she wouldn't know what to do. Her heart wouldn't be able to take it... Sey was the only person that had ever loved her. @Sey
  13. Hidden

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    The saddened girl seemed to perk up at the sign of someone actually beginning to speak with them. Her face was sad, and her eyes looked like they had witnessed several horrors. Her mind casted off to the thoughts of everything she had encountered. Been caught and tortured by Laughing Coffin, killed someone in the real world after being pressured up to the point. She knew pain all to well. Now, she couldn't walk in broad daylight without a potion to conceal who she really was. Several players in Aincrad wanted her dead, several others wanted her captured. Instead of hunting the 'psychopath' she had let loose, they hunted her instead. Adrian had done nothing wrong since she had freed him. The difference between her and the 'good guys' was that if she wanted something, she was going to take it. The girl would introduce herself as Mina, a name that was fresh in her mind. She thought of the Miraak boss fight, she was the player that fought until the bitter end. Whether fighting with only a few points of health left was brave or stupid, she could not be the judge. "In this world, I go by Elucia. Pleasure to meet you!" She opened her mouth to say something to the girl, but commotion would start up. She would turn as the cloaked player held a handcuffed Pinball, giving him to Hestia. Pinball had been captured. That caused some commotion, and a fight seemed about to break loose. As Pinball was given a successful exchange a dragon would fly over to her. The dragon would drop a note in her hand which she would calmly read. After reading, she would glance over towards the cloaked figure. She would put on a saddened expression, flip over to the back of the card and write something on the back in a return note. As she would finish, she would crumple the paper into a small ball and turn towards Itzal. Using game mechanics, she would chuck it, throwing it directly towards Itzal where he would catch it, or let it hit him. Turning back to Mina she would smile. "Well, I haven't seen my friends yet. Well, one of them looks busy. Hestia is busy with some handcuffed boy. Haven't seen Neo around either..." @Itzal @Mina
  14. Hidden

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    The man would simply tell her that there were those that wished to disturb the peace, and he was there to protect it. She stifled a laugh. "Anybody trying to take on people here would just be stupid. The amount of players are far to big for any one player to take on." Her eyes would move to another player,a younger player that seemed to want to play. With little words, the girl would move on. The unnamed man would point her towards another girl. This girl seemed rather redepressed, heartbroken. The man told her that if she planned on doing anything good during the event, it would be to talk to that girl. Before giving her a chance to speak, he would leave. "He had an American accent" she would say quietly to herself. Moving over to the girl that the man had pointed out she would come from behind and poke her on the shoulder, just as she did the other boy. When she would turn around, she would smile and wave. "Hi, my name is Elucia? Whats someone like you doing over here all alone?" While an orange cursor rested on top of her head, her smile was inviting and sincere. @tricolor_mina
  15. Hidden

    [F04 Event] Christmas Extravaganza 2018

    Elucia Persona Outfit A white haired girl would enter the area, a smile to her face. Of course, while this girl was just Hidden under the effects of a potion, it would be too hard to distinguish her. Currently, she adorned an entire Christmas get up, Santa hat and everything. She looked around, seeing that there was much to do. She could sign up for a raffle, which she would of course, and she could by one of a large number of items. While there was not much that seemed to be able to help her, a set of rings seemed just fine. She stepped up to the merchant. "Hey, I'll take a set of Platinum Keys and join the raffle." She would lean over to the merchant and whisper something softly into his ear. Only he would be able to hear. "Write me down as Elucia please if you can. Thank you!" She moved away from the booth, finding herself behind a dark hooded man. Unknowing of who it was, she did the most Elucia thing possible. Charge straight in! She would poke the man's shoulder, smiling up to him. "Excuse me, you are looking pretty sullen for someone who should be in the holiday cheer!" She waited for him to turn around. It was probably one of the lower levels thinking that they looked soooo intimidating wearing a hood and all black.... Oh wait... Internally, Hidden would cry. 'I just berated myself' she would think to herself. 'Although, I do actually mean business, so I guess it doesn't count'. ( @Itzal ) - +5 Platinum Rings -7,500 Col