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  1. Hidden

    [PP-F2] Leaves on the same Tree

    OOC: Two posts was all it took to make a Hidden Joke huh lol She would smile as the girl would relinquish her joke and play along with it. However, afterward she said she hoped they didn't. Hidden didn't know if she was talking about hoping they didn't get more watchful guards or hoped the orange players didn't get in. She noticed that the girls eyes weren't removed from her at any second. It was good to be cautious, this player was most likely worth her salt. If she was scared of er because she was an orange player than she did not show any sign of it. "I do rather like the towns, and there is something in Urbus that I quite like." Her eyes would scan the player finding no overly large weapons, meaning she had a smaller weapon or had it unequipped. Her eyes shifted up to the girl's face. The girl would speak again, continuing conversation. This was a question. Her name. Interesting. Most people offered up their names first but not this girl. She had to admit, she liked that quite a bit. A person only willing to give up the information asked of them. Smiling, she would pull back her hood, completely revealing her long silvery white hair. "In here, I go by Elucia." Having respect for the player, she wasn't going to lie to them. When she meant 'in here' she meant her current attire. "You probably wouldn't see me around much. I'll let you in on a secret. Most players don't want me around. Haven't figured out why" she said that last part with a sarcastic tone. "So what do you go by? Bet its something pretty" She couldn't help but notice that for some reason she had slipped out of a full Elucia and had mixed her normal feelings in with her normal Elucia dialogue. The sarcasm and jokes really weren't a part of Elucia. It was fine, its not like she really cared about it at this point. Elucia was nothing more than a mask. A mask that let her hide away in plain sight. Four alone in this world knew of her true identity when she was Elucia.
  2. Wanting to buy a Leviathan Scale from any frontliner

    1. Neopolitan


      *scratches chin in deep thought*

  3. Hidden

    [PP-F2] Leaves on the same Tree

    Slowly, she made her way towards the exit to the town. As she reached the middle of the open, she found a few of the players in town gawking and pointing at her. There was just so many players who didn't realize exactly how easy it was to get into their towns. Of course, they were safe from harm here and she was not. There was no place safe in this world, especially for her. Picking up her stride she would near the gates to the city. She smiled and waved to the guards looking outside the city, earning herself shouts form the guards. However, as she stepped outside of the town, they were unable to follow. Laughing to herself, her eyes trailed to that of a blonde player who stood outside of the town, staring at her. Offering the girl a smile, she would offer the words, "You know, they should get more watchful guards. I think the Orange Players are getting in somehow" Despite having to act like Elucia, Hidden herself actually was in a better mood. Despite Rex or the info brokers not being able to give her any information about Risque, she still had managed to complete two quests and level up. She looked at the blonde, waiting for an answer. She hadn't seen her before so the chances of her being on the frontlines were slim. If the woman were to attack her she should be able to survive it and she had a teleport crystal if all else failed. Of course; however, this girl wouldn't be able to know exactly who she was. @Kityuisa
  4. NOTE: Hidden is currently using her Elucia Persona. She has consumed a vanity potion to turn her hair white. Also instead of the dark cloak that completely covers her features she looks like the spoiler found below this message. She handed a bit of col to Rex as she made her way out of the Rusty Dagger Tavern. Of course, she couldn't just waltz in a tavern for info brokers being the most wanted player in all of Aincrad. Earlier after defeating <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>>, she had consumed her potion that made a slight change to her aesthetics and changed her cloak to <<Snow's Grace>>. Sticking to the back alleys of Urbus so the guards wouldn't begin to attack her for traveling in a safe zone. She was currently armed with a dagger, but nobody looking at her would be able to find it as it was hidden within her sleeve in a secret sheathe. It was her signature way to hide a weapon. Turning on a path that would start to lead her towards the main gate of town, she would look around for any guards before continuing forward. If all went well, she should be able to leave the town rather easily. The setting was rather nice though, with ti being evening the sun was approaching where it would set and the temperature had cooled off. The sky was clear and within a couple of hours the stars would be able to be seen. She liked to sit out and look at them sometimes like she used to in the real world. Despite everyone wanting her jailed and dead, Aincrad was an improvement from her life. Her potions affect would last for another three hours and some change. @Kityuisa
  5. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    Moving under the cover of Elucia, Hidden moved towards Snowfrost town. A lot of players liked to gather there occasionally, there were many people that liked this floor. she hated the fourth floor with a passion. It was cold, everything was white and without color. It was harder than hell to hide from all the bright snow reflecting from the sun. She liked the eleventh floor because it reminded her of Sey. She liked the 10th floor, and she also liked the 23rd. They were all warm, but not the desert of the 5th or the hell hole of 9th. There were several floors she had only visited temporarily, but that was normally just so that she could stay moving and out of the hands of the APD or Laughing Coffin. She was hated by a LOT of people in this game. Both the bad and the "good" guys had been hunting her. The Laughing Coffin wanted information to Aereth's whereabouts and The Aincrad Police Department wanted t know where Adrian was. However, if she hadn't freed Adrian, she would be locked in a jail, rotting.
  6. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    A smile came to her lips as victory had come to her. That was a hard fought battle. Even Lapis hadn't given her that much of a fight. His health had been lower and his damage much lower. Then, the floor dropped from underneath her. She had forgotten she was standing on her opponent. That she killed. Landing in the snow, Umbra would bound towards her, sitting and staring at her sitting in the snow. "Thanks Umbra. Thats twice you have won a battle for us today. Though thats twice today. You won't be able to do a shadow form for a bit now. I'll try to lay low so I don't need your help again." The shadow fox made a sneeze and reentered her shadow, vanishing from the physical world. She laid back in the cold snow, spreading out. She was in her Elucia form, so she could go into town without the players knowing who she was. However, having the orange crystal would still anger the guards. She would have to sneak in to get to the teleport gate.
  7. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    Avalanche shook violently, attempting to throw her off before ti was too late. After a couple of seconds of it, she began to slide off. 'Is this it then?' she asked herself. She fell off the opponent, falling towards the blankets of snow below. The giant was bringing both of his arms to clap her in between and finish her off. After all she had been through, it appeared that this was it. Closing her eyes, she awaited death. In the darkness of her closed eyes, she saw and image of Sey smiling at her. Her eyes snapped open. This wasn't over. "UMBRA" she shouted. The shadow fox came from its hiding place in her shadow and awaited an order. "Shadow Form: Propel" Umbra took a human shape and grabbed her arm. Then, Umbra would use her strength to spin Hidden, using a small bit of centrifugal force to throw her back upwards. The fox would then transform back into its normal form, sitting on the snow. Hidden shot upward, thrusting her dagger into the chest of avalanche. From there, she would pull herself up by her dagger until she reached the neck after about ten seconds. As she reached there, she slashed Avalanche's neck before it could make a move. The giant's head would come off, effectively killing her opponent. Roller:123519 BD:2+4+2 DMG: 15*13-75=120 DMG Hidden 148/840 <> 22/82 <> 15 DMG <> 79 MIT <> 4 ACC <> -1 EVA <> 8 Holy <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>> 0/850 <> 200 DMG <> 75 MIT <> 3 ACC <> -2 EVA <> Freeze (8-10) or CD:12
  8. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    Two hits. That was all she needed to finish this battle. Glancing at her health bar she sucked in some air through teeth. As long as she didn't get frozen again, she wouldn't need to use another of her healing items. She was down to two left, and that was all she had in her inventory period. She needed to go to an alchemists shop, but she didn't really want to talk with any players. Also sometimes sneaking into town was a pain. As a large fist came down, she dodged to the side, but the shock from the attack still hit her, making her life lower even farther. She would die after another two attacks as well. She quickly changed direction and leapt onto the arm that attempted to strike her, darting up the arm. She had gotten to the ice and hadn't slipped yet. Her mods probably helped with that. Ater she unlocked the Light Armor Mod she would move even better. Reaching the neck once more, she would strike it. Examining it afterwards, only one more strike and it would be clean off! Roller:123519 BD:7 DMG: 15*13-75=120 DMG Roller:123520 MD:4 DMG Taken: 200-79=121 DMG Hidden 148/840 <> 32/82 <> 15 DMG <> 79 MIT <> 4 ACC <> -1 EVA <> 8 Holy <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>> 120/850 <> 200 DMG <> 75 MIT <> 3 ACC <> -2 EVA <> Freeze (8-10) or CD:12
  9. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    Hoping for the familiar white blaze on her weapon, she stepped forward, pulling another healing crystal from her belt. "Heal" she told it, the crystal like the last cracked and crumbled, healing a bit of her wounds. She could only take about two more hits and survive. Her opponent would survive for at least another three. If she could get a critical and another hit, she could easily finish this. The chances of her getting that lucky were slim. Darting towards her opponent, she began to climb the arm once more. The head was getting close to coming clean off. Just a few more attacks. that was all she needed. If the game could grant her that, she would be able to live. Kayaba had been cruel to her in the past, but if he could just let her do this.... Seh reached the top of the giant and made her attack. This time instead of jumping off, she began to slide down its arm, only leaping off when the giant made his attack. Once again, the battle was even. Healing Crystal Used (+80 HP) Roller:123517 BD:3+4+2 DMG: 15*13-75=120 DMG Roller:123518 MD:1 Hidden 269/840 <> 62/82 <> 15 DMG <> 79 MIT <> 4 ACC <> -1 EVA <> 8 Holy <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>> 240/850 <> 200 DMG <> 75 MIT <> 3 ACC <> -2 EVA <> Freeze (8-10) or CD:12
  10. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    Her health had already fallen to the half mark and she was frozen yet again. This had to have been her closest fight in quite some time. In fact, she hadn't been this far down since the Bialas fight. Her Tier two level wasn't nearly high enough for her to take on these bosses alone. Both of her mitigation and damage were an entire league below the frontliners. Se didn't have battle healing yet like every single front liner, so her health wasn't regenerating. If she had that constant regeneration she wouldn't be in the troube that she currently was in. Avalanche seemed to recover from her last attack and was bringing his fist down at her again. As long as he didn't hit another critical she should be quite fine. The boss's attack met its mark and her health dropped considerably more. As she broke from her frozen state, she moved to her feet. She needed to activate another healing item and strike another good hit. IF she could remain unfrozen for the remainder of the battle she should be fine. Roller:123516 MD:7 DMG Taken :200+24-79=145 DMG Hidden 189/840 <> 62/82 <> 15 DMG <> 79 MIT <> 4 ACC <> -1 EVA <> 8 Holy <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>> 360/850 <> 200 DMG <> 75 MIT <> 3 ACC <> -2 EVA <> Freeze (8-10) or CD:12
  11. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    (Just realized I needed to roll for the boss separately. Sorry.) Taking a breath, she would think out an attack plan. Her opponent was slow but powerful and had the ability to freeze her. She needed to take a heal while she was able to. Pulling a healing crystal from her belt hidden underneath her cloak, she would mutter one word. "Heal" the crystal would crack and crumble and her health would rise a short amount. Charging forward, she would her weapon emit a bright white light. The light was actually a flame, a pure-white flame that alighted her weapon. Charging her opponent, she would leap onto its arm once more, darting up it. Within ten seconds she had made it to the top and unleashed her power on the neck, dealing a powerful strike to it. Avalanche would stumble, her falling off. As she fell, another breath attack hit her, seizing up her body. "NO!" she would scream. One time of being frozen was bad enough, but two almost in a row? Her health was already suffering. Used HP Crystal ~ +80 HP Roller:123509 BD:10 DMG: 15+10=25*13=325-75=250 DMG Roller:123510 MD:10 DMG Taken :300-79=221 DMG Hidden 334/840 <> 62/82 <> 15 DMG <> 79 MIT <> 4 ACC <> -1 EVA <> 8 Holy <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>> 360/850 <> 200 DMG <> 75 MIT <> 3 ACC <> -2 EVA <> Freeze (8-10) or CD:12
  12. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    Unable to move, Hidden's eyes opened wide. She needed every turn that she could get. This was going to be insanely bad for her. If she let the boss whittle her down too much than she would be unable to win. In fact, she could die. She watched as the giant slowly came closer to her, its blue lights for eyes pointed straight at her. Perhaps soloing difficult quests was not her best idea. She watched as the giant slowly reared its arm back, preparing to strike her. As it came towards her at barreling speeds, she winced and braced for the impact of the blow. The attack was powerful, breaking through her ice and sending her through the air. As she hit the ground, she found herself able to move again. Well damaged, she looked up at the giant. She had to do something to even out the battle. She had a few healing items, but if she kept getting frozen all the time than she would never get the chance to use them. Roller: 123506 BD: Frozen MD:7 DMG Taken: 200+24-61=128 DMG Hidden 475/840 <> 62/82 <> 15 DMG <> 79 MIT <> 4 ACC <> -1 EVA <> 8 Holy <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>> 610/850 <> 200 DMG <> 75 MIT <> 3 ACC <> -2 EVA <> Freeze (8-10) or CD:12
  13. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    With her buffs, she was able to deal more and take less then the boss. However, if it got lucky it could quickly put her in a bad position. There was a good chance it could freeze her solid and then get an entire turn without her being able to move. It was also almost sure to hit. Risque had been right. She was known for fighting battles above her limit, but since she was used to fighting being the weaker one was what made her strong. She picked her self from the snow that the boss had knocked her into and leapt upward at its arm, kicking upward off of it when she hit it. Flying through the air, she would land on the other arm, but it moved. She stuck her dagger into its arm to keep her on. As she regained control, she moved back upwards to the other side of the neck. Reaching her target, she attacked, breaking more of her opponents neck. Leaping off again to escape a hand, she was hit with a freezing breath from Avalanche. Feeling her body seize up, she landed on the ground unable to move. "This could get bad. Really bad" she said. Roller: 123506 BD:5 MD:8 Freeze DMG: 15*13=169-75=120 DMG DMG Taken: 200-81=119 Hidden 603/840 <> 62/82 <> 15 DMG <> 79 MIT <> 4 ACC <> -1 EVA <> 8 Holy <FROZEN 1/1> <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>> 610/850 <> 200 DMG <> 75 MIT <> 3 ACC <> -2 EVA <> Freeze (8-10) or CD:12
  14. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    Giving her opponent little time to prepare itself, she charged forward a silvery white dagger gleaming in her hand. As <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>> seen her coming, it began to move, bringing its fist down at her. She leapt upwards, the ist sailing underneath her. Landing on its icy arm, she kept her assault moving. Keeping a careful footing on ice was a challenge, but if she wanted to become strong enough to defeat those stronger than her than she would have to surpass that difficulty. As she finally made it to the glacial giants shoulder blade she began her attack. Her blade gleamed a bright blue as she struck at Avalanche's neck. Her attack as normal was powerful and broke a large portion of the giants neck. If she kept attacking, she could eventually break off its entire neck. She pushed off of her opponent, falling the three-story height. As she came close to the ground she would twist to right herself and then bend her knees to absorb the fall. The giant however slapped with its other hand, hitting her and smacking her aside. This could get bad. Roller:123503 BD:3+4+2 MD:2+3+1 DMG: 15*13=169-75=120 DMG DMG Taken: 200-81=119 Hidden 721/840 <> 72/82 <> 15 DMG <> 79 MIT <> 4 ACC <> -1 EVA <> 8 Holy <<Avalanche the Absolute Zero>> 730/850 <> 200 DMG <> 75 MIT <> 3 ACC <> -2 EVA <> Freeze (8-10) or CD:12
  15. Hidden

    [SP-F4] Frozen Fight <<Absolute Zero>>

    Within time, she stood over the boss area. She stood on a hill, overlooking a lake frozen over. The flurry had calmed a bit, the white flakes having coated her dark cloak. She opened her inventory, switching her cloak to Snow's Grace. The white cloak fell over her shoulders, the only difference in this cloak other than the cloak were two cat-like ears that were on the top and the cloak revealed her face a bit more. In case she had any other visitors, she grasped a potion and took a swig of it, watching the strand of hair she could see become temporarily white. The potion's effects would last for 6 hours. Stepping down the hill through the snow, she would inch closer to the lake. Suddenly, the air was still. A cracking noise was heard as lines split into the lake in front of her. The ground began to rumble and something tore through the surface of the lake. A cold front hit her before she managed to cover her face. When she removed her hand, climbing out of the water was a great figure of ice heading straight for her.