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  1. The battle was becoming more tense, each of the players making their own choices. 'No matter how much they plan ahead and set leaders, each of us follow the desire that drives us'. The ehat of the battle stopped when Aereth pointed his blade at the annoying tank that had been trying to be friends with the bosses. Aereth screamed across the battlefield, his voice driven with more than hate. It was also filled with a sense of disappointment. After that, all hell seemed to break loose for the players. She watched as the head elf grinned at the players as they began to fight. She watched again as another foolish player sided with the bosses, not only handing him a teleport crystal, but just as well defending the boss. A spike of rage ran through her chest. The grip on her dagger became much tighter. The green-haired frontliner claimed that they fought for humanity and killing children was not the answer. Most players werent in agreeance, but refused to attack a frontliner to get to the boss. 'Who the hell does this guy think he is, he's lost a sense of reality'. She kicked off the ground, not aimed at the boy but instead at his defender. Her weapon would change from an orange aura to a black one. Her last foot fell a few inches from the hunter's body, her arm and body producing a full powered blow to the man's chest. Her dagger and had slammed into his chest. Her energy would be converted into a mini-explosion of electricity and darkness, rupturing on the man's body. The force was powerful enough to knock the player back some. Stepping towards him as the paralysis kicked in, she would speak. Her words were seething, and only those close enough would have been able to hear. "You speak of humanity, but here you are with your sword pointed at your comarades, defending the cruel guardians created by our captor. If this is humanity, I want no part of it, you worthless traitor" She would turn her back to the player, leaving him to his paralysis. She smirked, knowing that she had many enemies from that assault. She turned to the tank of the other group, almost tauntingly. Hidden Attacked <>Hirru>> - Player Cursor: <Already Orange> Eternal Cyclone (x13) - 18*13=234 - (107/2=54) = 180 DMG to Hirru Active Effects - Phase, Paralytic Venom, Bleed(24)
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    <<PP-F2>> To Pick a Pocket to Pickpocket

    Her words seemed to almost hit a nerve with Pick. He said that there was those out there, who would rather be in the shadows of others. She understood the feeling. She personally would not like to be in the spotlight, but she wished to be respected and feared. When someone would mention her name, she would not be laughed at. She was about to return a question, but Pick shrugged away the conversation before bringing up another. He seemed dissatisfied with her answer about the night, chugging his beer and slamming it on the table. He let out a sigh of satisfaction. "More things happen within the night sure, but half the time the 'bad guys' are just wannabees. Laughing Coffin and a few others are the only legitimate ones out there currently". It pained her to talk about Laughing Coffin so soon after the incident, but Elucia wouldn't have had any run-ins with the Laughing Coffin. He would ask his next question, her brain firing many answers. She would sip her champagne while thinking of a good answer. She was actually looking for Gray, but that was a secret mission she couldn't reveal that to a random guy on the street, especially one that would seem to be unafraid to sell information or blackmail someone. She had nothing on the man, but he seemed more aware than anyone in the bar, maybe even her. "I don't really see the difference, but it was a girl" she would state plainly. @Pick
  3. OOC: Sorry, forgot to add what I was doing before hitting Roll.... I didn't hit either way. I was attempting an Eternal Cyclone again on Duarares She watched as the boss she hit was immediately flocked by the other players. Everyone seeming to follow their groups lead on which boss to kill. She would back away, moving far enough back to be able to see what was happening. It appeared the tank was becoming a bit uneasy that some of the players were fighting for a reason like she was She was letting emotions come into affecting her battle. Emotions and battle were best kept apart, or alternatively used against the opponent. Using words as weapons sometimes were just as good as any sword. Her attention was caught as a blonde tank that she was vaguely familiar with reached down and helped a boss to its feet. Her eyes shot the man a cold look that he wouldn't see. Who's side was he on here? This was the battlefield, an an action like that could be pointed out as treason. She would make sure to keep that in mind for any time she would see him again. He might be dangerous to trust if he was going to help non-living entities. Being a player-killer, she was half encouraged to attack him instead. Her anger would peak as the Ascendant with the spear would once again drive his weapon into Rori, effectively ending his life. The hateless cutlass user would turn to his commander and make a remark before shattering. She would squeeze the hilt of her dagger until her knuckles turn white. "Alright, so we point out obviously who the kill-stealer is" she would mutter under her breath. One would have had to been right next to her to hear her. He seemed to just be waiting for the perfec tmoment to attack. She would focus back to the three remaining enemies. It appeared the next group would already be moving in, she had just lost her chance. 105131 BD:1
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    <<PP-F2>> To Pick a Pocket to Pickpocket

    The man would shrug off her lie, telling her that she had an aura of someone stronger with her. It was true. Stronger players often didn't live with the same sense of fear that the lower players did, especially on the lower floors. Her being cocky and confident, carried this trait more than others. That flaw had even carried over to her Elucia persona. Luckily, he was against her being on the frontlines. The boy would pour her drink, the beverage slowly pouring down into the glass. She would gingerly bring it forward closer to her by her fingertips. "You and I have different definitions of weak it would suppose. Weak to me are those lesser than the best. The weak are the ones living in the shadows of their betters" What she said, she full-heartedly believed. He would offer a quest and she would shrug to him, taking a drink. The alcohol poured into her mouth, the beverage tasting sweet. "I wouldn't mind a quest" she would state simply. She would lean into the back of her chair, clutching her drink with both of her hands. 'This man knows I am stronger ,but inviting me to a quest like this is rather strange. This guy doesn't possibly think he could rob or attack me does he?' She would think to herself. Next odd question the man would deliver. Or perhaps she was just being oversuspicious about him. "The night is hardly anymore dangerous than the day. Either way, I was supposed to meet someone here. But as long as it has been, I doubt that they will be coming. They are boldheaded and forgetful. Probably forgot to message me that they weren't going to come" @Pick
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    <<PP-F2>> To Pick a Pocket to Pickpocket

    The man seemed to catch interest in her saying that she didn't fall in to the first few floors category. While of course, anybody could stay anywhere, most people didn't just "hang around" near the frontliners. They felt guilted that they weren't helping them. 'How do I get out of this one? He's a sharp bugger.... Could he possibly be just like Domarus? Seemingly kind, but yet jsut influencing you into his reign of power? I can see that this man is slowly making the first floors his,' She would think to herself. She would watch as a random buddy of his and him made eye contact. A silent conversation. If you knew a person well enough or knew what to look for, you could almost speak with her eyes. She did it with Se occasionally, usually only when she was mad. She loved him, but oh did he test her. She would begin to give a giggle after he finished speaking. "Strong? Frontlines? You would never see my face poking around the frontlines. Mid to Low-Tier I would consider myself. I don't want to sit here and rot on the first few floors and be so weak that I can't take care of myself" As the waitress came over, she would finish herself saying, "I don't wanna be the girl who needs to be rescued. I will save my self" She would then be allowed to order, only three types of Champagnes available to her. She ordered 'Blanc de Blancs' as it was the only one familiar to her. The man would then tell her that the guys around him were aquantices. She wouldcock her head slightly and reply, "Oh" while on the inside she was smiling. This man was quite smooth. His tongue as sharp as the tip of her own dagger. She might be prone to conspiracies, or this man just might be slowly weaving his own web of connections. He wanted something, she just had no idea what it was. There was a reason they weren't friends. They were cannon fodder... @Pick
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    <<PP-F2>> To Pick a Pocket to Pickpocket

    As she sat down, she would find that he would be watching her, his eyes smooth and relaxed. It reminded her of the guys at school that were able to pick up girls with ease. This made the more confident and smooth in their own capabilities. He would compliment her name and introduce himself as Pick before proceeding to say that she might have heard the name before. Shaking her head, she would calmly reply, "I don't spend much time on the first few floors. Floor Two is the only I even occasionally visit. I've never really visited the third floor, the fourth floor is too cold and the fifth is just the opposite" She figured that he would fill in why she didn't like the first floor. She actually didn't mind it, but it would made sense with the character she was laying out for him. She was surprised he hadn't taken notice or to account her cursor. Perhaps he already had, but either just didn't care or was used to hanging out with Orange-cursored players? She took a look at the other players at the tables, many of them chugging beer and laughing loudly. None of them looked threatening, and most of them probably hung out most of the time with no real desire to become stronger. He would then begin to offer her a drink. Normally, she would respond by getting up and leaving but this was Elucia, not Hidden. She figured it wouldn't cloud her thoughts if she would have it here. He would mention wine and shake her head. "I really prefer champagne if anything. I'm not really a heavy drinker and haven't ever been" That wasn't entirely a lie. She had never been into drinking and large social events. 'Something is just too smooth about this guy. Unlike most random guys, he seems to have a motive without showing it. Just who is he? He said he had a lot of friends on the first floor. Could he be trying to earn popularity and gain a bunch of friends for personal reasons? If so, he's doing it right' she would think to herself. "You know these people, or is it just a social gathering" she would say, bluntly talking about the people while sitting right in front of them. @Pick
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    <<PP-F2>> To Pick a Pocket to Pickpocket

    (sorry for the wait, been a bit busy) As she stood, looking through the room with a smile on her face, she would immidiately gain attention from the fullest table in the room. She would scan it closer to find that it was mostly full with six men and one woman currently at the table.The girl screamed internally, but found that if she wanted to keep the persona up and be able to stick around and see if the target came in the bar, she would have to accept. She would flash a smile at the boy who invited her and nod with acceptance. She would sit down at the seat, smiling everyone that was seated at the table. Most of them had a smile on their face, enjoying the social occasion. She wondered how many of them actually really knew each other. Most of them had a mug of beer in front of them. She never really had liked alcohol. She especially didn't like the crummy feeling afterward when she had it in the real world. The girl liked Champagne, but that wouldn't be appropriate in a bar setting. Not sure how exactly to introduce herself, she would turn back to the boy who invited her over. "Heeey" She would say to him. She had heard many other girls from her school start talking to guys with the same length of 'hey' to start conversations and it usually worked. "My name is Elucia, who might you be?" She would nervously trace her finger in a circle on the table as a shy girl would. Shy wasn't a term she would call herself, but something told her it would be easier to make conversation and waste a bit of time if she played as the usually shy and quiet girl. She thought for a second to herself about Sey. 'I'm only doing this to get some information on Gray. Just talking to people he would understand. I would never do anything else with a person. I kinda miss having Kasier and Sunova around to do this part of the operation' @Pick
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    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    Group Four She would watch as her two friends would move in, allowing the man to approach them. She would then begin to watch the girls work. Sunova was crying,forcing Kasier to have to bring up the talking. They were doing their job perfectly, setting the stage. While she could have as easily done it herself, the other two women in her group actually impressed her a bit. Although it had been clear that Kasier didn't like the plan as much, she hadn't berated them for it and actually went along. Perhaps there were kind people out there, unblinded by their own desires. The man would come up to them and she would strain herself to hear what he had to say. As he said, "White-haired friend" She would ump a bit, but found that he was talking about Sunova and her crying. This was the perfect oppurtunity to play their fallen friend card. So far,, the man had taken the bait and all was looking good with no reason for any intervention from her. She would just have to wait to see what her allies would do and say next. @Kasier @Sunova
  9. -Elucia Persona- Floor two was not a place that she would find herself in often. It had been rumored that a certain enemy of her's ad been sighted here after managing to escape her. He was a danger to her as while he personally wasn't that high of skill, he was sharped tongued and deceptive, able to easily find himself surrounded by the weak minded. After his plan with Laughing Coffin had failed miserably, he escaped from the murder guild to avoid judgement. He also seemed to take about half of the group he led with him. Meaning, he already had about four players working for him. She hoped Laughing Coffin would help her end up taking care of Gray, but for now she would hide in plain sight and wait til she found him. She would enter a tavern dubbed <<The Pawn's Pub>> and would push open the door. Quickly scanning the area and not finding who she came for, she would place on a fake adorable smile that would basically give her a large control over the male players in the room. For the time being, she had her engagement ring unequipped. For some reason it helped in getting with more information while trying to not go with a fear method. @Pick
  10. As she moved away from Ratar the other parties would move in, attacking mercilessly. She shook her head as The spear of one of the frontliners punched enough holes in the boss to have him shatter from losing all of his health. 'He was for my group to kill... They basically just went on and stole the last hit...' She never understood the thought process of as long as the boss is dead it didn't matter who got the last hit. After her target was killed, Hikoru went back into the shadows, using his Vanish mod to begin his next assault. The blue haired tank of their group then recommended going after the cutlass or rapier user next. Rori was the name of the cutlass user. Out of each of them, he seemed to be the one with the most bloodthirst. It was as if he killed for a living. Out of each of them, he seemed to be having fun. Evahira was mad that everything she knew was under attack, Isaxi seemed furious that pests were invading her glorious reign over the floor. Durares seemed to have little to no emotion. He had yet to say anything. He was just picking card after card to buff them and debuff the enemy. Brandishing her double-bladed dagger, she darted forward at the cutlass wielder. As she neared her opponent, she took a breath before moving at her highest speed toward him. Her dagger's normal orange glow would become a solid black, shadows enveloping her blade. As she moved in, she would thrust her dagger at her opponent, any blocking attempt would be passed through before she spun spun, becoming a tornado of whirling blades and destruction. Hitting her target another twelve times, she would stop before watching him be taken under the Paralytic Venom effect. she would speak in a hushed voice, only so that her and Rori would be able to hear her. "Remember the feel of my dagger... I plan for it to be one of the last feelings you ever have" She would smile and turn her back to the opponent, leaving him to his wounds. 103561 BD:10 -> Phase, Bleed, Paralytic Venom Activated! 13+2=15*13=195 -12 = 183 DMG to Ratar. Ratar is Paralyzed and Bleeding(24 for 2 turns)
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    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    Group Four She normally worked alone on projects such as this. Requiring help like this was unlike her, but as Elucia she had to play a bit... nicer. Normally, she would have waited for the perfect time to strike, and interrogated the information out of him. She listened to both Sunova and Kasier's points and both her and Kasier were in agreeance that they would not be going to extreme's for the information. "Alright, I think I've got a plan. If all three of us confront him, it might overwhelm him. Also, with my orange cursor, it might intimidate him a bit. You two alone will confront him and extract the information. Say that one of you friends was killed by Wyson and you both want revenge. Ask him if he will help you find and capture him and if he agrees ask questions as to what Wyson was like. We need as much information before he starts talking money. Being women, you should be able to keep him giving info before that happens since he's already expecting a certain reward from at least one of you after all is said and done" "We need to know where and how he killed the victim. Why we would be good if we can get it. Then we need to no where he went and what he did next. So four main questions will be needed. Once you have them answered, raise your hand above your head and snap twice. Afterwards begin moving away from him and I will make sure he doesn't try to follow or stop you. He's not going to be happy when he realizes he won't be rewarded for his time. I might need to freeze him to make sure he doesn't get in range to hear what floor we are going to. Once you are out of earshot, teleport back to our first position and we can wait up for Aereth. I'll be right behind you" "If however, the plan goes wrong, I will initiate plan B. If you can't get any information or he attempts to do anything, sprint away quickly and shout my name. I will come take care of it and use fear to get the information out. I would rather not do that, so let's hope to stick to plan one for as long as possible" After ensuring that her group understood, she would turn. 'I need to find him... Safari hunter, orange cursor. That should stick out like a sore thumb...' "You two remain here, I will be bakc in a minute or so" She would move up the nearest beginning, scaling it to stand on the roof. Activating her hide skill and her search skill, he would look though the town. about a minute later, she would find an orange cursor floating over a tall man walking down a deserted road. Smiling, she would move back down to her comarads and say, "C'mon, only a couple blocks away form here. I think he'l be a pretty easy target" As they reached the road, they would see him walking down the street while peering around the corner of a building. "There he is. Don't move at him two quickly... being a little flirtatious will help but don't go overboard. I'll be nearby in stealth, if you keep him distracted enough, he should never even get the chance to look around and see me" @Kasier @Sunova <<Using Stealth>> (Would rather not actually have to use mechanics as this is just a RP setting. If needed, ill edit to add mechanics)
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    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    Group Four Sunova introduced herself, she noticed she had a rather long introduction. She stated some kind of weapon, whether it was an actual demonic or a normal weapon, she didn't know."It's a pleasure to meet you Sunova" As their assignments were read to them, she grinned. They were going to be working on the 8th floor, interrogating a mercernary. She gave one final glance to the rest of the teams, before turning. It was both unlike Hikoru and her to lead a team, what were they doing? The first day they had met, he told her that people like them stuck to the Shadows, here they both were both wide in the open. She was in disguise acting like someone she wasn't, but it still was out of her comfort zone. Shaking her head, she turned back to her own team. "Let's move out to the eighth floor, once we are there we can begin developing our plan" She turned and began to head towards the teleport pad. She never imagined her becoming an interrogator, instead just a ruthless assassin cutting down those she suspected. 'I've been interrogated before, I think I know how this works. If we aren't going to capture him first however, we are going to need to have him give the information, not force it out of him. Aereth said that he was weak willed when it came to women. We can use that as an advantage. Both other women in my group are decently looking, and Sunova has an innocent nature to herself. I'm thinking she could be more useful than I originally thought' [Time Skip to on the Eighth Floor] Elucia would turn to her team, smiling reassuringly. "I haven't quite devised how to pull this off, so we need to make some sort of plan. Firstly, we need to know what we are going to ask him. Than we can work on the how. We need to ask him questions to what happened. He's not a friend of Wyson's he was just in the right place at the right time. We should ask him questions as to what he looked like, how he killed the players, was Wyson alone, what kind of weapon did he use, What did he do after the killing? It's the how that I haven't quite figured out. Should we all confront him? Aereth said that the guy didn't like to talk non-business, but at the same time he was weak to women. Any ideas on how we should about this?" @Kasier@Sunova
  13. Her and her opponent, now locked in a death match, faced eachother with pure seriousness. "Realizing how outclassed you are? should've stayed out after seeing what happened to your friend" She smirked and kneeled down to pick up a rock. She smiled to her opponent before tossing it ten feet up into the air. While her opponent was distracted with the item that she threw, she kicked off the ground and dust flew into the air as she began a quick stride to her enemy. Her weapon took on a reddish hue as a quick quarrel began. She thrust her weapon forward, puncturing its bone. Its weapon sailed towards her face before it abrubtly stopped going wretched. "Only Paralyzed. You got rather lucky i'd say" She stepped away from her opponent and its limp form on the ground. After a minute passed she smirked and said, "Done yet? I think you've spent enough time down there, don't you think?" 103283 BD:8 MD:Paralyzed DMG: 169 Hidden 700/700 <> 27/68 13 DMG, 12 Mit, 3 EVA, 3 ACC Skeletal Warrior 331/500 <> 102 DMG
  14. The boss doors opened, the second time she was a witness to a raid. A coldness crept over her and she crept forward into the boss room. The first group moved in, beginning their assaults on the bosses. Last boss raid, she had been greeted with an electrifying battle with a large unicorn. Here, five bosses stood before them, each representing a build. While the first group slammed into the opponents with much force, it was obvious to her that with so many effects going on at once, their damage hardly amounted to anything. One player with a two-handed spear attacked the elf introduced as Ratar, the enemy with her build. A smile was hidden by her hood as she felt a twinge of pride to show that she was better than the boss. "Hikoru... Let's get that one" As she finished her sentence, she charged forward, coming in range just as Ratar called the raid group barbaric cretins. Smirking, she plunged her dagger forward, her orange aura flame gleaming brightly as she struck. Her opponent was fast and light on his feet, but with every single accuracy buff she had, she just managed to strike his rib area, leaving a long red mark. "Don't be so quick on the name calling, we are about to show you just how truly outclassed you really are" She leapt away, moving out of the bosses range. Her speed outmatched the majority of players, she would be surprised if he would be able to follow up and catch her. -Attack- 158 DMG to Radar Player Stats
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    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    Group 4 Getting her own group was an easy success. Her straightforwardness gave her command over group four which involved someone she didn't know and a healer capable of the frontlines. As Kasier mentioned she didn't realize she was well known and Elucia shook her head. "I promise you, we haven't met yet. I know who you are because you are in the same guild as my fiancee. Sey has talked about you before in the past... so I know quite a bit about you" The white haired woman would curtsy and say, "You may call me Elucia" She would smile and look up to where Aereth was standing. He would be joining Hikoru's group, making most of the group involve stealthy. "We are waiting on Aereth's instruction of who we are going to go and interrogate. We are trying to figure out a little more about Wyson and his whereabouts" She looked over to the player in her group that she didn't know. "Sorry if I stole your spotlight, I hope you won't be mad. What is your name might I ask?" She smiled. Their team was a girls only one, funny how it worked out that way. @Kasier @Sunova