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  1. The war had begun, a battle of both will and testament. Two people, defending their ideals of which was most important to them. Revenge and Family. She watched in interest as a corridor crystal brought three more of their players to the fray. A corridor crystal was the only one that she herself didn't carry. On her side underneath her cloak was a teleport crystal, Antidote crystal, Healing crystal, and finally a custom made shadow crystal which billowed a dark smoke from the crystal when used that would cover a large area. All four of them were great additions to her battle-ready inventory. That makes about eight or nine enemies in total? With about thirty total people within Faceless, they would eventually become overrun. While she would experience some losses, there was the absolute promise that they would be wiped out in the end. 'That means she is going to try to get me to submit before they get to that point. I don't want to sit out of the fight though.... My forces won't back down, most of them all they have left in this world is to follow my commands.' She turned to Rosa, who was egging her on to attack. She was actually interested, was she just the woman in charge? Or did she actually fight too? She doubted the girl matched her skill level or in-game level, but she would attempt to make up for it with her quick thinking. The last time she had fought a player in an actual battle like this was Itzal, a person who far outmatched her. "Umbra" she simply said, a shadow creeping out of the one she had made. Unlike last time, there wasn't much light on the battlefield so her familiar's strength was stronger. She was in far better standing, but would Rosa fight alone? Was there some form of plan to distract her and have someone else land the finishing blow? "I suppose we can have a dance." She crouched down, activating her hide skill, forcing the woman to have to look for her once more. While she didn't have the Shadowed Path unique skill, she had watched it used enough to know how it worked. A almost constant dance of throwing yourself into passive hiding and back out to confuse the opponent. Darting forward, she wouldn't head straight at Rosa. Instead, she leapt upwards and kicked off the body of one of the newcomers to vault herself into the air. Then, whilst in the air, she began to rapidly spin, making herself into a cyclone of destruction. This cyclone came down on the woman who would be forced to either block her attack or dodge out of the way. Ain watched as the player moved forward towards him, snickering and hissing his threats. A smile appeared on Ain's face. "Are you saying you can give me the challenge I've been looking for?" He pointed his sword at his opponent. That was the only thing he had looked for, the reason he joined Faceless. To find someone who could match him in ability. His favorite thing in this world was to fight. He leapt forward, his sword striking simultaneously. His attacks were fast and vicious, giving the poor player in front of him little time to be able to react to them. A dark purple aura periodically outdoing the normal blue aura as the Fallen effect activated. The rest of Faceless would quickly begin to team up on each of their opponents, surrounding them with at least three members on each of their opponents with a small force trying to push through to the center where Heart, Mina, and Mujo were teamed up. Their goal was to push each of the Arbiters apart, secluding them before going for the final blow. This is what they were taught to do to fight Laughing Coffin, making this essentially a scrimmage for the end game. Mujo, standing beside Mina and Heart would most likely be unrecognizable to her former allies and would pitch in by picking up the iron picks and throwing them in the direction of her foes with very precise motions. While the damage was unbelievably high, it would serve as a distraction to the group that was pushing its way through the center of their small force. 'All is lost' she thought. 'There isn't any way that we can take all of them on. They're trained to take out players, they've been working on killing players for about a month now.'
  2. Ain look on in confusion at his superior on the ground. He wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but Rosa seemed to be filled in delight. He remained silent despite her promises that her team was on the way to rescue them. His mind was running far too fast, he hadn't been forced to make a decision in a while. He was the one to go out and fight who he was told to. A glorified bounty hunter. He heard faint shouting outside, his eyes drifting to the large doors of the warehouse waiting for them to open. With a flash of green, he was knocked to the ground as a player tackled him away from the prisoners. Mujo's face was in relief as Heart began to undo her shackles. As he was successful she rubbed her wrists which were glowing red from her pulling them to try and break free. Hidden's eyes slowly drifted open, tears still welling in them. She was calmer than before and she knew from the surrounding voices that in the time she had remained unconscious that her enemies had arrived. 'Where are the Faceless? Have they already been dispatched? Is it just me?' Springing to life, she would roll backwards away from her opponents and would then leap backwards, drawing her dagger which began to gleam a malicious black, indicating her next hit would be Phase and Paralyze inducing. "Look what we've got here. Some uninvited guests, uninvited but expected." She would watch as Ain twisted, throwing his attacker off and returning to her side. "Sorry Rosa, but I doubt you're gonna keep quiet about me and my operation and as soon as you leave you will move to stop my revenge. I can't just let you leave." As if on cue, masked players began swarming into the warehouse. About twenty players now surrounded Rosa's group. Hidden lifted her hand and would close it in a fist, the Faceless quickly bearing down on the six players in front of her. She expected some of them to teleport out and save themselves, and the rest would be massacred. Despite how well they would work with eachother, her group was hardly lower in overall strength and there was far more of them. She knew herself that her and Ain could each take on one of them alone, the enemy was outmatched. "Let's see how they're cunning will get them out of this scrap." She would standby unless engaged just to wait and see what would happen. Unless more reinforcements were coming from her enemies, the order to retreat was more than doubtful. Her eyes also glanced to the red cloaked one, assuming she was the girl that was Rosa's close friend according to Mujo's statement earlier. If anything, she could at least get back by hurting that one.
  3. Rosa clearly shown her distaste to Hidden's display, her anger blatantly thrown at Hidden. The hooded figure turned to her for a moment. "She wasn't a member of Faceless the second she collaborated with you." She would watch as Ain would do her bidding unquestionably, binding Mujo the floor that they stood on with chains. The slash across her face had yet to fade and wouldn't until the girl healed, but as far as she knew the girl didn't have any battle healing so it wouldn't fade by the time she died. "Look here. That girl there is just as guilty as me. She has robbed several male players blind with her pretty face and led many players to their deaths. Don't feel left out, I am not leaving you alive either. To hell with your guild. I can see on that menu that you have that five players are on their way here right now. Ain just summoned about thirty to our location. You really think you stand any hell in chance?" Her voice was harsh, but behind it remained a hint of desperation. She didn't think she was going to lose, but anybody that was good at reading emotions could tell that she had a desperation to make her goal happen. "I thought you'd be a tad more reasonable than that guild you're after, ne?" Hidden's eyes opened. She froze for a moment, her anger rising, her blood boiling. Her breathing quickened. "No. JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! Where do you get off coming into my life and just ruining everything? I hate you. I hate this game. I hate every world I ahve ever existed in! None of them have ever been fair!" A warning flashed in front of her, warning her of her elevated heart rate. In a normal game it would eject her from the game, but she was stuck here just as much as she was in the real world. Her knees began to buckle up, her falling to the ground. The world slowly faded away from her. Mujo's eyes widened after watching Hidden crumple and she thought of trying to make an escape but Ain was still watching. A few players from the Faceless were beginning to show up as well, it was all over for her and Rosa.
  4. APPEARANCES Mujo without Mask: Hidden stood outside, taking deep breaths. "I really need to do some calming down. I'm letting her get to me easily. I knew she wasn't going to cooperate, so why even bother at this point. Also probably shouldn't leave her to Mujo, that insane girl has probably annoyed her to the point of committing suicide." She would begin to make her way back inside of the warehouse, attempting to have a better attitude. When she peaked in, she expected them to be talking knowing Mujo, but what didn't understand at first was how friendly they were being with eachother. 'What happened?' she would ask herself, crouching to activate her stealth. Mujo had a great Search skill, but if she was distracted it wouldn't do her any good. She sat for a second, watching and listening. "As if. I told you I don't believe for a second that the message had anything to do with you being safe and them worrying. I really am not that stupid. As for your thank you and apology I am going to have to decline. I really don't like drinking, I just like causing mayhem and your reaction was next to priceless." Mujo took another bite of the sandwich she had made. "Maybe if things had been different, we could have been friends but the friend I got wouldn't like that. She technically saved my life I guess so I owe her. Somewhere under all of that violence and thirst for revenge, I think she really-" She paused as her detect skill caught something, something very close. Her eyes widened, but she wasn't able to react to what happened next. A foot slammed into her face, sending her flying quite a distance before rolling to a stop and catching herself. She reached to the back of her waist, to her dagger. She managed to pull it out in time, the long sliver of a blade, coated with status effect enhancements. A flash of orange light would knock her back into the wall, her dagger flying from her fingertips. Hidden stood above her, her walk forward making it clear how furious she was. "WHY DO YOU THINK THAT YOU GET TO JUST COLLABORATE WITH THE ENEMY? WHY ARE YOU SENDING MESSAGES FOR THEM?" Her voice terrified Mujo. "I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to do anything harmful! I would never try to do anything that would hurt you or Faceless!" Hidden walked closer, standing before Mujo with her dagger extended. "Faceless isn't something you are a part of anymore. All you are is an example of why we don't toy with my plans. I thought you knew that I didn't tolerate anything being in my way of my goals." Hidden made one clean slash at Mujo's face, cutting her mask clean in two and creating a large red gash in the girls face. She grabbed the girl by her green hair and dragged her to where Rosa was seated and threw her down, placing a foot on the girls chest to prevent her from moving. "Ain!" she called. The boy would move over to her quickly. "Yes?" Hidden looked down at Mujo. "Chain her to the ground and call over the guild. I am sick of everything and I'm going to make an example out of this unwanted piece of [censored]. We're gonna kill them and be done with it all. I was trying to be nice, but I'm done. Anything that gets in front of me and Laughing Coffin is going to get mowed over." Mujo's face was filled with horror. "NO! PLEASE NO!" she begged. She quickly moved over and retied Rosa's hand bonds. "What philosophical bullshit does our Mafia Member have to say for this?"
  5. Rosa shown no sign of taking her sandwich so Mujo would sigh, taking a bite out of it. Even though she was their prisoner, it annoyed her that she wouldn't eat it when she made it in front of her. Se did seem to relate to her loneliness a bit which confused her. She had an entire group of friends and people who waited on her hand and foot. She frowned inside of her mask when the girl mentioned keeping her group prepared for the worst, prepared for death. "That doesn't make any sense. Instead of preparing for the worst and constantly be serious, why don't ou try to enjoy the time that you have here. You all have the clown get up, why aren't you all more... funny!" Rosa seemed far more interested in the fact that she had said Heart had messaged her. "Yeah? What about it?" Rosa's mind seemed to contain gears that were constantly grinding. Than the woman asked her to send him a specific message. "Ohhhh, now you want me to do something for you huh? I don't know, you've called me a brat and a kid, threw a dagger at me, got wine on my suit, and you didn't accept my sandwich! Honestly, that story doesn't make any sense either! A Wild Card is in Play? That seems to be related to a specific person by the word 'A'. If you wanted to know why he was okay... well honestly you're okay because they know exactly what is happening. They were given an order, and now they're waiting on the next. What if the Wild Card is an order? What if it means that Hidden is away and it is time to strike? And you didn't accept my sandwich!" A brief moment of silence would ensue before she would stand up and announce... "Okay, you've convinced me, I'll do it!" Opening a message box, she would send Heart a quick message before closing it and looking back at her. "You're all about cards and still no bladed throwing cards! Seriously? You all are just such a disappointment! Give me a second..." She scrolled through her inventory. "Nope no cards, I would have to paint my own to demonstrate it to you..."
  6. So you're pissed because my group retaliated against some idiots that thought it was a good idea to attack a pair of people from a guild that's well known for killing in retribution?" Hidden shook her head. "What I'm saying is that they unsuccessfully stole or haggled from your player, most likely got in a fight and causalities were held. They didn't know who the hell you were nor did they care." She sighed, rather annoyed with the entire situation. "Mafia family? What do you think me as?" she hated to admit she wasn't a leader at all. She was just the head of some group, trying to correlate their suicidal behinds to the cause she fought for. "They actually knocked themselves out? You're crazy. That was beyond foolish! I could have killed every single one of you and the girl you hid away. Anybody going to be left to care that I killed you lot?" The girl pulled a card seemingly from nowhere, speaking prophetically about never to assume things will go according to plan. "And now you're giving me advice? Well isn't that fantastic! You really know how to make things hard here. My life has been hard enough you know without you getting in the way." Her emotions slowly crept upward, letting loose a little bit. "I just wanted a nice quiet life with my Fiance but no! Laughing Coffin thinks they need to freaking kidnap me to get information out of me that I didn't have and then my guild literally betrays me, So I get some other help and then I'm now the most wanted person alive in Aincrad and you are all getting in my way of my revenge of Laughing Coffin!" Her voice had slowly become a yell. Letting out a breath. "RAVEN!" she called. The girl would saunter in from the outside. "Watch this girl for a bit, I'm going to get some fresh air. Don't do anything stupid like free or some crap like that." With that Hidden would leave the room and Rosa to Mujo. She would read Heart's Message but not send him a reply as she was interupted by a call from Hidden. She would move back into the hideout and listen to her new orders. She would nod her head and watch as the cloaked girl left. Sitting in front of Rosa, she would pull ingredients out of her inventory. Bread, peanut butter, and jelly. "Heart doesn't think you will eat. I don't think you can turn down a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich." Despite anything Rosa would say, she would continue to make the sandwich. "Why are you so uptight? What happened that made you so angry all the time? Gotta lighten up from all the seriousness sometime. Its the only way to keep friends in this world. If you don't have anybody in this world who wants you around, there isn't any point in being in it. That's why I'm here I guess!" The girl giggled. She would hold out the completed sandwich to Rosa. "Sorry I drank your drink. Stealing is all I'm good for here... other than making a mean sandwich I suppose"
  7. Hidden was at the least to say, quite a bit annoyed. Pissed even. This Rosa character had thrown more than just a wrench into her plans. Her entire goal seemed to just be to ruin her as much as absolutely possible and be annoying as much as she could. "Hmm, don't get too curious. Wouldn't want your little friends barging in here. While I am pretty sure we can handle you all, I've made it clear that I can't afford any casualties." She stepped forward towards Rosa, bringing forth a key to unlock the restraints on the girl's hands, but left those that were on her legs. "I trust you won't try to escape because of your 'curiosity' as you call it." She paced forward, away from Rosa, deciding what exactly to do next. She was in a predicament. "Well if the idea is just not to hurt you so that your guild will stay away... I could just keep you here for awhile so that they leave us alone until I get what I need to do done." She stepped back up to the woman, pulling off her mask (her face still hidden by her cloak), and looking at the woman dead in the eye. "If you would have just cooperated and left us the hell alone we would be far better off. I don't care if you guys think that we are the ones who caused it, there are only a select few in the group that would go and just murder for fun, and they are only allowed to do so with my permission. The rest of them are all petty thieves and criminals. We don't just murder people unless they stand in our way, that's the only way to keep ourselves a secret from Laughing Coffin. If they come onto us before we are ready, we won't stand a hell in chance." In the back after receiving a message from 'Glenn', she would open the message, reading through it carefully. It was interesting to see the 180 on the boy. The carefree guy to the overprotective man that didn't want her tracking Shireen. She liked something about it, it was different than the friend that she had recently made. Even if her friend bossed her around all the time. 'Better than dying alone I suppose.' She quickly sent a response, leaving the large room to go to the outside. They were on the seventh floor, the sun slowly beginning its descent to the horizon below it. A cool breeze drifted by as she gazed off onto the mountain range. They rested near the top of a single large hill, a large single room building resting near the top. Hidden had said it was a great place as most players wouldn't travel this high to find the mountain and in case of they were attacked by the Laughing Coffin they would have the high ground. She secretly wondered if Hidden was some sort of Star Wars nerd out in the real world. That would have been funny to know. She wouldn't dare ask, the woman seemed to have a short temper. She hoped she wasn't the way with the person who gave her the ring that rested on her finger.
  8. She was in displeased when he mentioned that while he had thought about it, it had no place within their operation. "Oh come on, you guys are way too serious for people who claim to just be out to protect eachother." It was quite suspicious actually. If they had nothing to hide, why were they? After her accusation, Heart immediately told Shireen to go into the room and scolded her for tracking the player. She rolled her eyes within her mask. "You're telling me you don't track the names that kill your peers? How else was I suppose to find out who did it? How else was I supposed to get that initial Intel? Here in Aincrad, we do what we need to stay al-" They all dropped to the ground instantaneously around her, appearing as if they were knocked out. After a few seconds of silent shock, Mujo would exclaim her disbelief. "WAIT WHAT!" she would almost scream. "They all just- I didn't- what happened?" Ain would walk towards her, his hand on the hilt of his own sword. "It would appear that they're pretending to be asleep, or more likely knocked out. Sit here quietly. Something is happening." Mujo would stand there in shock. Inside the room Hidden sat quietly as Rosa took lead of the conversation, seeming to play her entire hand. She immediately gave the fact that she knew about her, and her original plan in all of this. Her tone confused Hidden a little, especially when she just talked about walking amply with her. "I don't walk people in to my main base. Especially enemies." She watched as the girl pulled out a vial with a smirk. A buff? Was she preparing to fight? "What are you doing?" Rosa downed the vial, and fell back, unconscious. Startled, Hidden would stand from her chair. "What the hell kind of plan is that? Isn't it your job to prevent yourself from being captured?" She stood there for a moment. 'What is she playing at? What is her goal, for her people to follow us back to our base and raid it? It's just too convenient. I an't take her back tot he main base, well take her to the Warehouse.' She grabbed the woman by the hand, hoisting her up onto her back. "Dragon! Come carry this lady!" Ain opened the door, doing as she asked by taking the woman. "The crazy woman drank a vial that knocked her out. I don't know what is going on at this point. If her plan was to screw up mine, she certainly did it. I was expecting her to be scared into compliance or fight back with brute strength. She can't be that smart to trust her safety to us, she has faith in something." If this was a card game, the woman had just played a wild card. No one knew if it was the random failure, or her ace. However, it was Hidden's turn to play and she just hoped she wasn't going to be playing right into the woman's hands. She didn't plan on losing. She walked out of the room towards the front door in which they had come, pausing to look at the fallen players. "I feel obligated to say don't follow us or your leader will pay the price, yada yada. I really don't know at this point." She pushed open the door, holding it for Ain. "Raven, lets get moving." The masked girl would nod, but returned with, "Can I do something real quick?" Hidden frowned within her mask. "There's nothing in this joint worth stealing, but go ahead just make it snappy." Hidden and Ain would move out the door and the girl would quickly pull a piece of paper and scribble something on it. She tossed the paper into the air, using a throwing pick to pin it to the floorboard next to the Fallen Heart. She would then begin to follow her boss and comarad. When Rosa would awake next, she would found herself securely bound to a metal chair that was fastened to the floor, unable to move anything but her neck. Hidden would be standing in front of her. Note to Heart:
  9. Mujo wasn't happy to hear Spade's response, and immediately decided she didn't like the girl. "Patience really? Come on, must you be so uptight. No wonder you guys are high-strung, you never have any fun!" As she bounded over to Heart, she was ecstatic that she got a reaction out of someone. She also managed to wring a bit of information from him of who the girl behind the protected door was and decided not to push any further with it. She was happy to talk more about weapons though. She now knew of everyone's weapon in the room, which gave her an idea of their synergy. Her back slouched when he finished speaking, indicating her sadness. "Seriously that it? With the get ups and everything? What you need my good sir, is bladed throwing cards! It would really bring the look all to a close! Look!" From beneath the cloth that covered the back of her hips, she produced a long, thin dagger, with the idea of cutting in mind. "This is my weapon, however!" Her left hand quick darted down to her side, grasping one of the metal picks that rested there. "I still have these throwing weapons! They don't do much in terms of damage, but if your imagination runs wild, the possibilities are endless!" She replaced the pick as she noticed Ain was staring at her, his body language revealing he was rather displeased. Though, she knew that he was enjoying the information that was being leaked. Ain always enjoyed his fight, especially with a stronger opponent. She hopped onto a table, letting her legs swing as she sat down. "How long is this gonna take?" She sighed and pointed at Shireen, who's outline was glowing due to the Tracking Mod. "You're fault in the first place I have to be here!" A loud sigh would be heard from Ain. "Raven. Shut. The. Hell. Up." Inside the room Hidden watched as a flash of blue light indicated the girl changed her clothes, her appearance becoming masked and hooded. The girl set up drink and a table, for them to sit and meet at. She took the seat when asked, but didn't touch the drink at all. That would be more than foolish. "Be seated, and tell me. What is it you want from myself and my guild?" She chuckled. "Seen through my 'just here' excuse? Good, you're as smart as the other brokers told me you were." Her finger traced the table in a circular motion. "Let's cut to the chase then. Not gonna be long before Raven gets out of hand. What I want from you and your guild is to stop being a thorn in my side. I'm trying to run an operation here and my followers are crucial pieces in the final puzzle. So having a good chunk of them randomly dying isn't exactly... what I'm looking to allow happen."
  10. ~Reverting to normal text because Comic Sans is hell to Read~ It was apparent to her that their actions were actually beginning to get to the enemy leader rather quickly. Her temper was short, and Mujo taking the bottle seemed to cause the fuse to reach its end. "Tch! I'm guessing you can't read then?" A laugh would be heard from Mujo. "Read? Follow the rules? What do we look like to you?" Hidden would roll her eyes. "Raven, shut it." she would warn her, the girl shutting her mouth immediately. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know you kept such a tight operation." As Mujo grabbed the bottle from the girl, everything remained still for a few moments, before a dagger was thrown busting the bottle. The movement was quick, and hard to follow even for Hidden. There wasn't a way that she would have stopped it. However, she then caught the girl grabbing bottles of liquor being grabbed. However, before she could do something about it, Ain had streaked across the room from the door, his blade cleanly cutting through the bottles, the liquids spraying into the area around the as their containers were destroyed. "Calm yourself." the man would state rather plainly. He would then sheathe his weapon, standing quietly in a protective manner. ."I request that you refrain from stealing from other patrons, including myself. Next time you do so, that will be your hand instead, got it?" Mujo opened her mouth in protest, but Hidden waved her off. "Do as she asks. Touch any pockets and you'll be answering to me as well." "There's a room in the back that I want you to wait for me in, and I request that your little leader go in there without you three, as I would prefer some privacy. I assure her safety while we are gone, so there is that. If you refuse, then I'll just call a pair of my friends over here, and we can come to an agreement, ne?" Ain stepped forward, his visible mouth showing distaste to the idea. "What?" She asked him. "Doubting that I can handle myself. Both of you are forgetting the reason we came. They are giving us what we want..." She looked towards Rosa. "An Agreement." The leader would make a motion and a black haired girl would move to a random room, shutting and locking it behind her. 'Hmmm. If anything, she could show to be of some importance.' Hidden thought to herself. Afterwards, two masked players that she hadn't paid any attention to yet moved in to stand at either side of a door, Rosa moving in between them to enter the room. "The lady will hear you out at the very least, but if she disagrees, you'd best never show your faces around this bar, or even around our guild ever again." She rolled her eyes, an unseen notion of her annoyance. It was interesting that these people thought they could tell her what to do. Even if they were currently outmatched in number, she doubted that their entire guild could match the power of her entire group. They would have to bring some pretty powerful backup to be able to fight her. However, she was interested in their capabilities. "She won't have issue should you bring your guards, but as a precaution we shall enter with you if you choose to do so. Please understand that this is for our beloved Shuryō-Sama." For a second, Mujo's back seemed to perk up at the idea of her coming in too, but Hidden quickly dismissed it. "I will go alone. Nice meeting you, you may address me as Demon as I go by the Faceless Demon." A pretty cringy name, but it was what it was. Mujo was the one who came up with it. "Dragon, keep Raven out of trouble." Ain would nod. "Of course" he would reply. She would walk in between the two players, closing the door behind her as she faced Rosa. As she did so, Mujo would quickly bounce over to the pair of players guarding the door. "You said your name was Spade? I get it, like the Joker get up! I'm liking it! Are you hot underneath that mask? Please tell me you are!" She would say, laughing giddily. "Please stop, Raven. " Ain would plead to her. She did not heed his words, instead she bound over to the man, Heart. "I am gonna say right now, that mask is hardcore. I'm liking it! Hey Dragon, why don't you have a cool mask like his? You just cover up your eyes and forehead, its really boring! Who's that girl in that room? Why is she hiding? Is it cause she's important? What kind of weapons do you guys use? Why is a bar your base? Is it because you guys like to party?" Ain shifted uncomfortably. "Raven. Shut up. I will throw you out." He stated plainly. He then silently moved back towards the main door where they had entered. He would lean against the wall remaining quiet.
  11. Appearances <<Hidden>> Orange Cursor, Female <<Ain>> Orange Cursor, Male <<Mujo>> Green Cursor, Female The masked woman stood outside of the Floor 19's main settlement, Ralberg. In front of her sat Ain and Mujo, the two most promising members of <<Faceless>> and those who served her directly. Ain was the only one who was visibly armed, a white cross-like sword that remained in a sheath of red. Both herself and Mujo wielded daggers, which were out of sight. They were about to enter an operation to get at a guild that had decided was going to be a thorn in her side and kill some of her members. Faceless members were absolutely useless if they weren't alive, as they wouldn't be any help in the final battle. "Remember", Hidden would tell her subordinates. "Do not engage, unless engaged. Our hope is to defuse the situation, not spark it more. If we can convince them to back down, then there isn't any reason to fight." She shot an unseen look at Mujo through her mask, knowing that the girl was more than likely to instigate things. "Stick to Code names, and follow my lead. Any questions?" A giggle would be heard from Mujo, also known as Raven in her mask. "This should be more than fun! I've been waiting to get to do something like this!" Hidden shook her head. "No question." Ain would assure her. While on duty, he was known as Dragon. She herself was known as Demon. "Let's move in". Within mere minutes they were at the door. Hidden would lead in, pushing the door. As the bar was revealed to her eyes, she would find many players, finding several players sitting and drinking. It was a short moment before they seemed to notice them. The one to address them, the leader of the Arbiter's Hand she assumed, took an aggressive stance. "What the hell do you lot want from me and my guild?." She had to contain herself from laughing. "Oh dear, I assumed this was a bar open to the general public. If that happens to not be the case, we can take out leave." However, she still moved forward, Mujo following her in and Ain remaining by the door. A tsk noise would be heard from Mujo. "Oh dear, someone's a little feisty today! Maybe she needs a nap?" Hidden was unphased by the icyness of the woman's words. She sat down at the bar, right in the middle of the mass of players. "I believe my lot and I would like a drink." Mujo of course, would not take the same steps to prevent fights and moved straight on to the black haired girl that had been drinking straight from one of the wine bottles. "I think I'll just have what she's having!" With speeds almost unable to be followed, the girl swiped the bottle straight from Mina's hands. The girl would then quickly backstep, lifting her mask slightly to drink from the bottle. If anyone was paying attention, they would see a lock of green of hair drifting down the side of her face. Mujo would hold the bottle, showing no sign of returning it to Mina. Of course, if Hidden decided to tell her to cool it, she would come sit down and behave herself, but deep down Hidden was in the mood for a fight as well.
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    [ET-F1] A Midsummer Bite's Dream... TIER 2 BOSS

    The Damage they were dealing to the Countess was quite a bit, the Tier Two players almost seemed to be giving the Tier three a run for their money in the damage department. She darted forward, following the other players in. This last rush would end their opponent who had given them so much trouble. Bringing up the rear, her dagger would take on an orange glow. Her attack was straight on, but the speed made it unavoidable. Her attack struck straight into her opponents heart and she held it there, unmoving. "I will now bid you adieu." She smiled, the face feature barely visible under her cloak. Another of her obstacles would now fall, her power rising even further. Her goal, one step closer. If the enemy would die, she would step away, secluding herself from the group to celebrate in solitary. She didn't care to hang out with players, most of them just seen her as an enemy anyway. She didn't care. 130018 BD:6 DMG: 16*13=208-50=158 DMG Waiting to insert Stats... Need other players to insert theirs :/
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    [ET-F1] A Midsummer Bite's Dream... TIER 2 BOSS

    Despite pissing off her own "teammate", she dealt significant damage, setting her a bit apart from some of those in the battle. Her attack even seemed to piss off the boss, taking it from the green and into the yellow zone. As she was a safe distance, she was smiling at the boss. Within a few more turns it was done for. Quick simple and easy, this boss fight was hardly worth her time. However, a smile came to the countess' lips as the red shards seemed to be sucked towards the countess, her health increasing. 'I totally knew she would have some sort of life stealing ability. However, I was expecting my holy enhancement to have extra effect on her because she is an undead.' She darted forward, cutting several of the Countess's joints with accurate precision "No matter how much you heal, it will never be enough to prevent what is going to happen to you. You, the scarecrow, and the stupid gourd will all fall, even if I must do it myself." She would taunt the boss. 129789 BD:3+5=8-2=6 DMG: 16*13=208-50=158 DMG
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    [ET-F1] A Midsummer Bite's Dream... TIER 2 BOSS

    She shrugged off the Countess's previous attack. She wasn't going to let something like that happen again. 'Time for me to show them exactly where the line ends." She dashed forward, her eyes set on her target. She was quick, catching her off guard would take something drastic.... Her eyes set on a tall white-haired man. "Perfect" she would mutter to herself. He was charging forward, but his effort seemed slow and sloppy. 'Their big weapons must be compensating for something.' She leapt upward, kicking off of his back with her right foot and then his head with her left. She pushed down, vaulting to herself into the air while slamming the man down into the ground. "Main character coming through" she would say just to be a prick. 'I don't even need these adds'. She spun through the air, activating her <<Eternal Cyclone>> sword art. Her weapon became a hue of white flames, her aura switching from its normal orange to a bright white, even her cloak temporarily turned white. She landed on the ground, lashing through the Vampire with her blade, the holy light hopefully would turn her to dust. "Burn, Bloodsucker" she would state plainly. She smiled and leapt backwards, behind her meatshields. ID:129184 BD:9 ~ +1 DMG, +8 Holy DMG 16+1+8=25*13=325-50=275 DMG