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  1. Hidden

    [PP-F4] Frostbite <<Essence of Steel>>

    The white haired girl listened to Hestia as she spoke, telling her that she would wait until she got into hiding. Hestia figured since Elucia used a dagger that she would have a rogue build such as Hikoru and Hidden. She smiled shaking her head. "I don't hide and stuff like that, anyway my build allows me to have top hate since I have almost as much mitigation and Evasion a Tier Two Light Armor user has. I made my build in a way that I could take care of myself!" With those words, she would watch as a beast of snow roared as it readied itself to attack the two players that awakened it from its slumber. She had once done this quest before with the Domarus. She had completed the quest thanks to him and his large damage, but she was of much higher level and strength. At tier two, she matched the damage properties of many Tier three frontliners. "Unless things get bad for some reason, you can just sit back" With that, she burst forward, her cloak making her hard to keep track of with all of the snow. She could finish this enemy within two solid hits. Her accuracy was a bit short for now, but it shouldn't matter as much. The beast brought down its claw at her figure and she easily leapt into the air, dodging the blow. When she landed, she shot off the snow. When she neared her opponent she spun like a tornado, striking her enemy several times before leaping off of it, performing a back flip before landing on the ground. 'I can completely handle this on my own' 101791 BD:5+1=6 13*13=169 MD:4-3=1 Elucia 700/700 58/68 Snow Beast 81/250 @Hestia
  2. Hidden

    [PP-F7] No Laughing Matter (Aereth)

    The girl sat in silence, eyes watering from the gag covering her mouth. Even though she had prevented bringing in Sey, she could have brought one of her allies to his unneeded death. From what she could see, nobody stood around anymore. They were all in hiding, the rafters above were filled with about ten players. Two players were near the lever, prepared to trap Aereth. Her post was at the far end of the warehouse, in sight of the door, but her position was able to be glanced over easily if one wasn't looking thoroughly. When the time came, she seen a figure dressed in a dark cloak step into the doorway. His form was rather relaed and as he entered he laughed as he told her it was rude to hide when meeting somebody. His body tightened as he seemed to realize what was happening. Within the next second, a metal gate came crashing down, preventing any exit available to Aereth. Players dive bombed down to the floor, landing before attacking. The rookies in the Laughing Coffin squad landed wobbly and were the first to attack Aereth. Their attacks were rather slow and their cursors usually green. From what she had heard of the plan, Laughing Coffin believed that Aereth had two major weaknesses that could be exploited by throwing weaker men at him first. He got ahead of himself when not given a challenge. Secondly, he easily became flustered when focusing on too many things at once. The martial artist users that had taken her down were in wait for the right time. They planned to take Aereth out without losing any of the elites in their squad. (You may RP fighting weaker men. Yes, they should fight like trash compared to your character, providing very little challenge) @Aereth
  3. As soon as the last enemy fell, another took its place, dropping into the arena. If the point was to wear down her energy, it was working. She might be able to take one more enemy before finally she would have to take a breather. As her next enemy stood, she gave it no more chance to be able to successfully fight her. She dashed forward at it, aiming to break its arm that it used to swing its sword. As she got near she plunged her dagger where the arm connected to the body, with an attempt to break it. Despite her speed, the sketon managed to grab her arm, pushing it away from his body. He would then attempt to strike her with his sword but she managed to shift directions quickly. She retreated a bit, understanding that her greatest attempt at finishing the battle instantly had just diminished. . A full out battle would have to ensure. She took a second to wonder where the boss was. She would have expected it to be him and only him to drop down. She didn't expect a bunch of fodder to get in her way. 101540 BD:2 MD:7-3 Hidden 700/700 <> 37/68 13 DMG, 12 Mit, 3 EVA, 3 ACC Skeletal Warrior 500/500 <> 102 DMG
  4. Hidden

    [PP-F4] Frostbite <<Essence of Steel>>

    Although it was something stupid for her to say, Hestia seemed to encourage "Team Elucia". Although it was just a facade, it was strange to be accepted. It was a pleasure that she never got to experience in the real world. She was always the one left out. She began to walk up the mountain moving just faster than leisure pace. She heard heavy and fast footsteps coming toward her. She spun around quickly, eyes wide. Her face was completely serious as her body prepared itself to go through the fighting motions. Instead of the vision of Hestia turning on her, she found her instead chasing after a familiar. Hestia sprinted after the winged lion, passing her at a good speed. Elucia shook her head with a smile. 'I am one of the fastest in Aincrad aren't I?' She thought to herself. Even while having the Elucia Facade, her pride took place. Not that she knew she was prideful. She charged up after Hestia, quickly catching back up to speed as they ran. Feeling exhilirated, she ended catching back up to Hestia and matched her pace going up. Not long after she had caught up, they had reached the small mountains summit. Stopping at the top she began to catch her breath. She was supposed to find a bone and hammer it on a skull. "Wow, we sure got up here faster than I thought we would!" she said happily. The quest was almost complete. She moved over to the center of the clearing and picked up the long bone. AS she did, she brought it down upon the skull to awaken the beast. They were rewarded with the sound of a long and loud bellow of anger. @Hestia
  5. Hidden

    [PP-F7] No Laughing Matter (Aereth)

    Within five minutes, the plan had been explained partly to her. Her instructions were to send a message to Aereth to lure him to her exact location. If she made any hints or notes that she needed help or to warn him away, they would kill Sey. "What are you going to do to Aereth?" Gray looked at her, a shadow in his eyes. "That's really none of your concern. He is not the one you're worried about in this situation right?" The man chuckled before snapping his fingers. Motioning for her to begin her job and a man to watch behind her. She typed the message through tears. She didn't want to bring Aereth into any trouble, but she didn't want to lead to Sey's demise. Gray's plan was practically flawless. Aereth would be drawn here without a clue of what was going on, and they would jump him. He would instantly be trapped inside as only someone with the Acrobatics mod could scale up to the windows. He wouldn't have the chance to even look for the lever that raised and lowered the doors. Instantly about ten people would be on him. Two of them were actually around his level if not higher than his. she finished her message allowed the man behind her to review it before sending it. "I've sent it, now will you let me go?" The man chuckled. He retied the rope around her freed message hand and replied, "For me to earn the spot I want, I'm going to destroy the biggest problem this guild has yet to see. Aereth. Letting you go or live would be problematic. Your execution will take place just before Aereth's. I want to watch the fear in his eyes when he realizes that he is going to die. We gave him his chance, and second chances aren't given" The man turned and chuckled, snapping his fingers once more. A man behind her then shoved a gag in her mouth, tying it tightly to the pull. Her head was completely constrained along with the rest of her body. @Aereth
  6. She stood at the ready, though her stance was rather relaxed. 'My enemy is one hit from death. I can finish it off here without a scratch. Talk about having no competition'. The skeletal warrior, despite nearing death, charged her once again. Hidden knew this was its last chance at an attack. If it had read her previous two attacks at all, it would have noticed she dodged by going underneath. She would dodge and attack from overhead now to throw it off to give her an opening for an attack. She readied herself, bounding at her opponent as he charged her. As he came in range, she leapt straight upwards, spinning her body through the air. She completed a front flip before landing onto the ground. She would spin on her heel and then thrust her dagger at where she perceived the skeleton to be standing. Her dagger met its mark, stabbing the back of its head. The dagger moved through the skull splintering it as it passed through. The skeleton would then proceed to disperse into shards, leaving Hidden to herself in the arena. 101500 BD:7 - 169 DMG Hidden 700/700 <> 38/68 13 DMG, 12 Mit, 3 EVA, 3 ACC Skeletal Warrior 0/500 <> 102 DMG +1500 Col +2 T2 Mats +2 Uncommon Consumables
  7. Hidden

    [PP-F4] Frostbite <<Essence of Steel>>

    The outside was definitely much colder than inside the shop. Within seconds, her body teperature began to drop, but luckily due to survival, her body temperature did not drop below a certain point. She was about to begin to head out, figuring the conversation between her and Hestia was over, but then the door opened up behind her. The purple eyed girl looked back to see Hestia had followed with her familiar in tow. She asked if she would need help or perhaps some company. Elucia shrugged and replied, "Well the company wouldn't be that bad I guess. I don't plan to party up though. I want to get alll the rewards from the quest and not worry about the items going to you" The real reason is the name Elucia wouldn't appear. She couldn't party up as Elucia unless it was with Sey and Sey alone. She would smile to Hestia and say, "Welcome to team Elucia!" The real her would have stabbed herself for saying such a thing. While she could completely assume the act of Elucia, Hidden was annoyed by the things she said occasionally. She didn't let it show though. "Well, we have a mountain to climb!" Sshe sheathed her dagger within her sleeve and began to walk up the snowy incline. She looked back at Hestia and her familiar. Hidden's familiar was completely in hiding due to the fact that she would give away who Elucia truly was. The fox familiar had blended into her shadow, completely invisible to all. @Hestia
  8. The skeleton began his attack again, moving at her. Its bones made a crunching noise as it moved, letting her know of movements. She managed to make note of the differenct in sound between the arms and legs. Her next target was for a head shot for an attempt to crush its skull. It would probably be an instant death if its head was crushed. Perhaps it could function without, she didn't know. The enemy swung its sword, her eyes quickly noticing an exposure to its body if she could get past the sword, the chances were iffy. she tried to throw herself downward to avoid the incoming blade. She slid under the enemy's weapon, and pushed herself back up, using the momentum to upperslash her opponent. Her blow broke apart of a few bones, mainly ribs. It felll back, clutching the broken areas but quickly recovering and moving back to a fighting position. It was another successful change over. 101497 BD+3 MD:3-3 Hidden 700/700 <> 48/68 13 DMG, 12 Mit, 3 EVA, 3 ACC Skeletal Warrior 162/500 <> 102 DMG
  9. It had been two days since her capture, and she was beginning to lose her wit. Many times a day, seemingly hundreds, men questioned, attacked, and berated the uncloaked girl. Her shirt and pants were torn to shreds, held only together by the filters of the game. While parts of her undergarments were visible, they wouldn't push any farther. so far though, she had yet to give any help or information in the search for Aereth. Her face now showed her exhaustion, her eyes having lost the fire she had in the beginning. They knew they were beginning to break her, they knew they jsut had to push her over the edge now. She had yet to pick up any information of her actual whereabouts, all she knew she was in a lowlighted warehouse, the only light coming from windows high up in the building. She was bound to a cross, unarmed and unable to move. The ground was a hard concrete and the atmosphere was cold and damp. The previous day it had stormed a bunch, letting her know that they were not in a floor such as Four, Five, Ten or Twenty-one. for the first time in a while, her original captor stepped up to her. Her seemed to be an older man, about the age of forty. He chuckled as he stepped forward, seeming way to happy for her not giving him what he wanted. "You know where we first met, Shadow Walker?" Hidden glared at the man. "We have never met, i assure you" He leaned his head back and let out a great laugh. "Forgotten already? It was early on, I was in a guild dubbed the Poison Arrow. You dispatched one of my men and saved a woman that I was beginning to execute. Later the next day, i was removed from my guild for my cruel ways" Hidden's eyes widened. What he spoke was true. "And that mean's you're..." The man nodded his head. "That I'm Gray. Glad you remember. Now, Shadow Walker, I've done a lot of research just for you. I bet you feel loads of special. I understand you have a connection to a White-Haired chef. Im not sure of the extent yet, but I can assure you he will be put to rest if you don't cooperate" Her heart skipped a beat. He knew about Sey. It was over. She let out a sob, tears flooding into her eyes. Her one weak point had been reached. Her achilles heel. The love of her life was now in danger because of her. "PLEASE" she begged. "I'll help you, just leave him out of this!" The man chuckled, reaching his hand forward to wipe a tear from her cheek with his thumb. Normally she would spit in his face for this, but she was afraid. Sey was strong, but with his lax nature lately, he could be outpowered by these guys easily. "Let's get to work then, Shadow Walker. Try anything, and he dies" He thrust the spike of his hammer into the rope holding down her left hand. "It's time to send a message to our friend, the Demon King" @Aereth
  10. It wasn't long before the skeleton began its advance, moving in on the cloaked girl. Though, with her Mist cloak she moved much faster and her target couldn't easily tell exactly where she was. She was actually a foot to the left from what her enemy saw. Her cloak distorted her image and quickened her won speed. She charged forward, her dagger gleaming orange as she prepared to start low and spiral up her opponent with her own dagger. Her enemy swung his weapon, her easily manuevering around it. She slashed her dagger, working her way around her enemy before leaping up, dragging her weapon upwards. AS she landed back onto the ground she kicked backwards, distancing herself from the enemy. She stood back up from her crouch, loosening her body. Her stance was flimsy and predictable. Her prideful nature made her believe that even unprepared, her enemy would not hit her. She was better than it. She would eventually be the strongest in Aincrad, wiping out frontliners if she willed it. Everyone would understand her strength. 101478 BD:4+3 MD:-3 Hidden 700/700 <> 58/68 13 DMG, 12 Mit, 3 EVA, 3 ACC Skeletal Warrior 331/500 <> 102 DMG
  11. <<Equipped Hidden Attire with Shadow's Mist attached She exited the area, immidiately scrolling through her inventory. She understood know that being evasive was the best thing she could be. She clicked on her first ever cloak, Shadow's Mist and equipped it. Satisfied with her equips, she moved forward, heading toward the dark looming castle that wasn't too far away. Within ten minutes, she stood at its edge, prepared for a fight. This quest would not be easy by any means. She would have to work with what she could. there was an arena like area that stood before her in front of the castle. She took a breath, moving into the arena. She passed under an arch of rusted metal as she moved to the center. As she stood there, no monsters greeted her. The silence of the floor was eerie. "This is where I am supposed to be" she said reassuringly to herself. As soon as the words escaped her lips, metal gates dropped closed, preventing an exit. An unarmored Skeleton dropped over the side of the walls, landing on the ground with a thud. It stood straight, showing that it wielded a straight sword. "A test of strength I presume?" Hidden 700/700 <> 68/68 13 DMG, 12 Mit, 3 EVA, 3 ACC Skeletal Warrior 500/500 <> 102 DMG
  12. Hidden

    [PP-F4] Frostbite <<Essence of Steel>>

    She listened to the response of Hestia, finding herself a bit offended when she talked of the shame, but did not let it show. The woman took another drink of her hot chocolate, noticing that when she drank she seemed to be the most open to an attack. She had no reason to attack her, but it was always good to analyze the weakest points of a player. It had gotten her through a few scratches in the past. As she finished her drink, Hestia asked what she was doing in a floor where it was below freezing. Elucia shook her head and replied, "I am actually here to take a quest to get my weapon upgraded. It is currently only uncommon and I plan to change that" Elucia stood and flicked her wrist, a silvery white dagger appearing with her hand. It had fallen from a sheath within her sleeve. It seemed that it was snowing from the dagger. She flipped it in her hand, showing the weapon to the girl. As she did so, many players and NPC's stood, weapon's drawn. "I'm not attacking her, I am showing her my weapon" A man from the counter looked at her and replied, "Not in my store you're not! OUT!" She shook her head, sheathing the weapon, smiling to Hestia before exiting the store and entering the cold outdoors. @Hestia
  13. Hidden

    [PP-F4] Frostbite <<Essence of Steel>>

    After hearing her words, it seemed that Hestia was suggesting the Calming the Soul quest. The purple eyed girl smiled and replied, "I'll have to look into that" Afterwards, she watched as a waiter brought a drink for the other woman. The cup was steaming, leading her to believe it was either hot chocolate or coffee. Hestia seemed curious of Sey and asked Elucia what he had been doing as of lately. Hidden rolled her eyes before smiling. "Well, I guess you could say he's been rather lazy. Lately, his main focus has been taking care of himself and I instead of furthering the progress of Aincrad. His will to get better and stronger has become dampened lately and he hasn't done a lot of fighting recently. I'm afraid I might be to blame for that, me putting out the raging fire that strove him to be the best" She had seen him in his original Prime and knew how much had changed. If he got in a fight for his life right now, him being lax might just have dulled his fighting wits and abilities. "As for now, for all but me he is out of the picture. My apologies" She watched the woman take a sip of her drink. She had hindered her day by speaking with this woman, but it told her about how much information was out there about herself and Aereth. @Hestia
  14. Hidden

    [PP-F4] Frostbite <<Essence of Steel>>

    Elucia sat, glad that the woman accepted her even though she had fallen to Sin. She met the woman's eyes with her own and replied, "It was Arabian Nights. I killed Cassin for a worthless piece of data" The woman then asked why she didn't take redemption. Another answer she would give to the woman truthfully. "The reason I don't take Redemption is the fact that I don't believe I am quite deserving. Even though I won't be taking the path of Aereth, I know that nothing comes without price. This is the price I have paid and I will have to make amends with myself before taking it on" She gave the woman a warm smile before drinking the last of her hot chocolate. "Aereth's job sounds far too dangerous. Playing with fire has never been my preferred way of things. While I can fight quite well, I don't want my purpose to be a fighter or a killer. That's also why I don't want to join the frontlines, the only reason I get stronger is to get stronger to keep myself safe. Also, if he ever stops being lazy, My Fiancee is one of the Frontliners. You may or may not have heard of him. His name is Sey, one of the Celestial Ascendants. Someone needs to be around to keep him out of trouble" She giggled, her finger tracing the rim of her empty mug. She was actually allowed to talk about Sey openly as Elucia. They had agreed that it would be better for both of them if they played it out like this. @Hestia
  15. Hidden

    [PP-F4] Frostbite <<Essence of Steel>>

    It appeared Hestia didn't mind her presence, and in fact it only brought out the spark of curiosity that lied within her. She immidiately began to speak of Player Killers and how she understood they weren't all bad. The silver haired woman began to immidiately feel guilt, shame that she wasn't one of those incidences. The woman then explained that she in a spot like this as it was quite out of the way, and she understood she could speak to a few new people. It was true, everyone out in a spot like this was either a killer or had something to hide. Most players didn't venture out to the fourth floor for fear of the freezing frigid weather. What peaked her interest was the word 'Aereth'. She mentioned that the man had kept the guild from personally argeting the public. Elucia opened her mouth to speak to correct her statement, but stopped immidiately as Elucia should have no idea who Aereth is essentially. She had been captured as bait to lure in Aereth but they managed to both escape before the were executed. Things had not been peaceful with Laughing Coffin what so ever. They had been plotting in the darkness and their first part of their plan was to kill Aereth. It became more serious when the woman caught her off guard and asked why she beared the mark of a killer. "It may be true that there are players who gain the cursor from self defense. I am not one of those players" She looked at the woman to detect any possible unnerving, but made it as discreet as possible. After a pause, she continued speaking. "Greed, self-reasurrance, and Pride are what brought me to my circumstances. Though I only killed a quest NPC, it was for inhuman reasons that I did it. The lesson learned was that all actions have consequence. Could you trust someone that killed not of defense, but instead of pure greed?"