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  1. As she informed him of Elucia's back story, Sey seemed to commend the idea but complimenting her username once more. Saying nothing more, she watched as he would open his inventory, pulling out two pieces of paper. Taking one, she would listen as he mentioned all that was left to do was to write the vows. "Alright, I'll get started on that and go get a tailor to make my dress. Invite whomever you wish" With that, she would add the paper to her inventory and move over to the door. "I'll see you in a bit" Pushing open the door of the shop, she would quickly enter the alley nearby, avoiding detection form the local guards. She wondered if Hestia had ever talked to guards to see if they could tell them anything about her own whereabouts. Most likely, she would pay an NPC tailor to make the dress as she would be less likely to be sold out to a player. 'Well I guess if I play as Elucia again I guess I shouldn't have a problem' she told herself. "If I am suspected, this could get very bad. A quick message to Hikoru, Domarus, or Aereth and I am back on the run and Sey will be used as the bait" @Sey -Hidden leaves thread-
  2. Hidden would watch as Casper would point above her head and he suggested they do something about it. Instantly, she understood he was talking about her cursor and its color. The mark of a killer, although she still had yet to take a human life. Sadly, she still believed that might happen in the future. Whether it be self-protection or having to complete a mission of hers. "No... I have not done redemption before" He spoke of Itzal and Hestia would definitely frown upon her orange crystal. "No. Hestia and Itzal have framed me as a monster because I have a different vision than they. I told you before, their plan was to imprison me for working for Domarus, although they let him go. Their goal is to simply lock up Hidden." The sad truth of corruption that lied with the "good guys" was plain and simple. "However, we are in luck. As Elucia, I met Hestia before and got along fine, and that was before Adrian. I have had no talk with Itzal although he told me he wanted to. The story that I made up for Elucia is that she killed a player in her own self defense after being tricked by a green player killer. After giving that information, say that Elucia doesn't really like talking about it" She was sure that things would run over smoothly with Hestia and Itzal. They weren't in charge of this world. She would make sure to cut them down after she was able to be strong enough. The High needed to fall down some and worship the ground the Low walked up every single day. @Sey
  3. The hooded figure slipped through the door quietly as the guards were left to be confused. The guards AI was rather low and were easy to confuse. Taking off the cat-earred hood of her Elucia cloak, <<Snow's Grace>>, she watched as Sey would leave the church with a smile on his face. Sometimes, she hated being an orange player. The perks were that she was left alone by most people, and the downside was the idea that she also had to deal with NPC guards within the safezone. Also, she wasn't protected by a safezone. She was protected no where. She would move forward, slipping into a nearby alley. From there, she would pull out her dagger once more and slam it at the wall. Of course, it was an immortal object. Resheathing the dagger, she would hop upwards, scaling the wall and leaping towards the other building as she began to fall. After about five seconds, she remained at the top of the building. Crouched down on the top of the building, she would change her items and remove the effect of the Snow White potion. Pulling back on her black hood, she would move to the edge of the building to overlook the street. Sitting there for a few seconds, a player spotted her and pointed to show his friend. As he did, Hidden moved away, towards the teleport gate. Reentering the shop, she would look to Sey plainly, move into the kitchen and pull back her hood to reveal her face. "Okay.... So what now?" @Sey
  4. She would listen as Sey told the Priest that he was going to have the same ring as her. A sweet idea, but she was beginning to feel as if this wedding was both an advantage and a disadvantage. The buffs and union were nice, but the chances of being caught were quite high. Forgetting the risk, she would step to Sey's side, pressing her hand onto his right arm, her free arm wrapping around it. James Aria, the NPC, would tell that that all was underway and after a few extra preparations they would be ready for the wedding. That most likely meant within the next week they would be married and headed off into their future. However dark and brutal that future may be. As Sey mentioned to her that they were about to be wed excitedly, the doors to the church would open once more. Letting go of Sey and spinning on her heel to find the source, she would find NPC guards crowding into the church. "Looks like the welcoming party finally arrived" She looked to Sey once more and said, "I'll meet you back at the shop." Sey didn't need to trouble himself with the NPC's. Bringing out her Ice Dagger, Frostbite, she would plunge it into the ground, a wall of ice surrounding her. The guards would quickly move forward, hacking at the wall, but when it was destroyed Elucia was nowhere to be found. A white-cloaked girl figure slipped quietly out of the Church, snickering. @Sey
  5. It was all of her will power to not bust out laughing when she heard, "Best of everything". She turned, taking in Sey's expression. Absolute seriousness. She listened in quietly on the rest of the conversation, even as Sey told the NPC she was to be known as Elucia. The Priest seemed more excited than either of them about the wedding. Of course, ti was just a modeled emotion given to the NPC. It would then ask her how she would want her ring. Taking the one off of her finger, she would hand it over to the NPC. "Exactly like this one. No different." The NPC would take the ring, examining it before handing it back to her. She would slide it back onto her finger. "That will be just a perfect design for this occasion" The NPC would turn back to Sey and she would take this opportunity to step back from the main action. "How might you like your ring sir? Just the same?" The priest would ask Sey. It was at that moment that Hidden began to think of a dress for herself. She would most likely have to visit a tailor to get it done. It wouldn't be right to wear the same clothes that they wore to the Valentine's Day Event, and that was the only dress that she owned. @Sey
  6. He would mention being one of the tanks for the frontlining parties. That piece of information worried her. A tank? His build was more focused on damage instead of mitigation. As far as she knew, he had no tanking skills either. He had never used one in front of her. Also, the frontlines had gotten significantly harder as of lately, where she had almost died the last time from a passive effect. Before she could protest the idea, the white-haired man would step forward to greet the NPC. Forced by his dialogue, the NPC made no motion towards her but instead to Sey. As the men conversed with eachother, she looked around the church. While there were no players in the area, there were a few NPC's that were found to be looking at her. They made no objection to her presence however. As Sey mentioned 'lovely lady', she turned having missed the context. "Umm... do whatever you think is best" she would say before returning her attention to the church. The last one she had been in was with the Miraak boss fight. An event boss that "Killed" two players. If she would not have missed her target every time, she would have managed to deal the most damage. If she wanted to rejoin the frontlines, she would have to become T3, especially with Floor 25 coming up. She had heard rumors that it was supposed to be harder than any of the normal floors. @Sey
  7. She felt bad from preventing a few of their friends form attending, but Hikoru was far too much of a risk. He knew about her and Sey from so time ago, he would grow suspicious if someone else was marrying him. "Yes. Everyone else is okay in my books. I just don't want any people to ruin our one chance of happiness." She remembered a time when she was just a shady character, not a wanted and framed murderer. She had gotten her orange crystal through a different method. "This is almost foreign to me. Not having to worry for a moment. For the last while, I have known that in the next second I might be fighting for my own life. I think I understand why you took that break" Stepping up to the church she would stand, waiting by the door. "You can do the talking to the priest. NPC's act fishy around orange players. Im glad we got into the city without a problem" Luck seemed to be on their side, for now. Next, they would enter the church, the place where they could find James Aria, the priest that would guide them through the quest. @Sey
  8. As they walked, he began to express her same concerns. However, with her limiting his options, she immediately began to feel like a burden. "It is no worry. If you are confident in your deal, than I am confident with my acting ability" She would tell him. Elucia was basically a complete mask of her annoyance towards people and amplifying her own excitability a thousand times over. "We can invite them, though I wouldn't call your other friends, 'Celestials' anymore" She wasn't sure if her Groom to be was aware of the Celestials predicament a month or so back. Everything in the game seem to go through a wack at the same time. Everyone was unsure and fighting for a grasp of control over the world of Aincrad. She served as the common enemy of many players and such a point of clarity. Hidden is the enemy. Hidden must be stopped. It was simple goal that many players could get behind, that was the reason for its popularity. With her choice of wear, it made sense for her to be the bad guy. That was why everyone believed everything Hestia said. "Hikoru..." she would mouth. "Domarus, Aereth, and Hikoru are all no goes. Hikoru would know within a second" She truly wanted the man to be there, but she was unsure of who he allied himself with. She stepped onto the Teleport Pad with Sey and quietly muttered, "Teleport Starting City" and in a flash they were whisked away in a blue pillar of light. @Sey
  9. Candied apples were now the only thing in her way to getting married. Sadly, they were her number one weakness. She had no chance of victory. He confidently handed her an apple, telling her that just one more before they were married would be nice. Her eyes squinted towards the apple. Sighing with defeat, she grabbed the stick of the apple and took a bite out of it. A flashback moved through her mid, reminding her of the first time she had eaten one. This flashback; however, was pleasant and did not result in passing out. The flashacks were getting better, but the more stressed she was the more often they occurred. As Sey mentioned they should head out, she would nod to him, moving out of the shop. As her eyes took the eleventh floor in, she would turn around. "Who are we going to invite to the wedding? I don't exactly... have any friends" She had the few she had made as Elucia like Neopolitan, Sunova, and Kasier. That was it. "We will have to be careful about this. We risk detection at every step. I don't think both you and I could handle both Hestia and Itzal at the same time. Even with Adrian I was outmatched and had to flee" As much as she hated to admit her weakness, they were stronger. @Sey
  10. Sitting on the counter of Sey's shop on the eleventh floor, she would sit quietly but eagerly. They were finally going to be married, a day she had waited quite some time for. She could still remember sitting on that bench, an absolute stranger handing her a candied apple. The first and only time a complete stranger had offered her something out of the kindness of their heart. Everyone else hoped to get something out of her. The world works in strange ways. Those who want the least get the most. She sat on this corner, however it wasn't the typical looking Hidden. Instead, it was her Elucia persona, that way she could go out with Sey and not have the entire APD on her back. The idea of hiding in plain sight worked well, and it didn't seem as if the APD had caught wind of it yet. Looking to Sey, she would push out her lip and make a pouty face. "Can we go yet? The wait is killing me!" Her patience, normally quite good, was thrown out of wack. She twisted the ring on her finger, the Ring of Black Ice. She planned on making the new one exactly like it. She had become fond of the one she had and wanted something just like it. "Hurry uuuuupppp!" she would call to him. She swung her legs off of the counter, landing on the floor. She had learned to respect the counter. It was not a fun thing to fall off of. @Sey
  11. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    As he held out his hand to her shoulder, she would pause her circling. He would tell her that they would figure things out. "They'll understand what I am doing soon enough. I just need one more thing and then Laughing Coffin will be brought to its knees" She would tell him. "No worries, I'll just wear my Elucia disguise. There we won't be disturbed. The 'Good Guys' would capture me even if I tried to lend them a helping hand, so i'll be gone from the frontlines for a while" she would tell him. He told her he was unworthy of the Hero title, but he would settle for something better. Her husband. "That was sweet. If I was the cook in this relationship you would be eating like a King" With a smile she would look back towards the town. Adrian had told her to lay low, so she was. She was going to marry Sey, and then continue her search for the Demon King. Once she did, she would force the location of Laughing Coffin's base out of him. 'After Laughing Coffin is defeated, what should I do with it? Should I kill them? Lock them away in a jail for the rest of eternity? Or should I take up the guild, offering them their freedom in exchange for their servitude? I can take a lethal force of killers and turn them into a weapon with a more focused goal, whatever that may be. RP Completed @Sey receives 3 SP, 200 Col, Topaz Gem Hidden Receives 3 SP, 200 col, Topaz Gem
  12. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    She would watch with a passive glance as Sey's fist rained hell upon the dragon, the swift blow turning it into pixels. As he would head towards her, she would offer a smile, unseen due to her hood. She would move to him, picking up the glistening object that lay on the ground. They were halfway done with the questline. They had started it when she was in the single-digit levels. Look how far she had come in such a short time. As she picked up the object, he thanked her for the help and told it would have been hard without her. "Rest easy, you'll be back into fighting shape soon. Where you're weak, I'll be strong" She told him with a smile. She moved a short distance away, absentmindedly twisting the ring on her finger. While most wouldn't see it, Sey must know it was there. His voice spoke up to her, questioning the marriage quest. "Yep, it was changed recently. There are buffs added now to being married." She began to walk in a curve around him, her voice teasing. "So... our great hero can't wait to be wed off to Aincrad's most wanted huh?" She giggled to herself, happy to be around him. @Sey -Received Topaz Gem
  13. Hidden

    [PP-F5] <<DHA>> Desert Planet

    OOC: Accidentally RPed the Dragon attacking but it was paralyzed. Oops As she retreated, Sey moved in with his fists, attempting to deliver thundering blows to the dragon, but instead was once again missing. He must have been used to the range of his weapon, but getting close with fists alone with no additional reach.... It was going to be quite a bit of a challenge for him. Returning her gaze to the target, she dashed towards it and it caught sight of her as she did. It snapped forward, its teeth sinking into her arm and drawing out red shards. She threw her free arm outward, throwing the dragon off of her. In its time within the air, she made three thrusts of her dagger, each hitting the dragon's chest. Tabaluga fell back into the sand, its health on red. However, when it attempted to stand and fight, it found that it could not stand at all. A static electricity ran through it now, her venom taking effect. She flipped her dagger, sheathing it into her sleeve. "Finish that up for me, will you dear?" She looked to her arm, and wiped it, the shards discontinuing from coming out. 114218 BD:8(Para. Venom) MD: Paralyzed DMG:13*13=169-55=114 DMG @Hidden: 780/780 HP / 58/78 EN / 13 DMG / 54 MIT / 2 ACC / 0 EVA / 8-10 Bleed(24) / Paralytic Venom (8-10) / Phase (9-10) @Sey: 1205/1205 HP I DMG: 19 I ACC: 3 I EVA: 3 I MIT: 99 I BH: 50 I LD: 2 I EN: 115 Tabaluga - the Topaz Hatchling: HP: 72/300 / MIT: 55 / ACC: 2 / EVA: 1 / DMG: 85 (Paralyzed)
  14. Hidden

    [PP-F11] Petals of Twilight

    She offered the man a smile as he told her that he was there and no more reason to be alone. It felt good to know someone out in the world cared for her, either of the worlds. Life had been so hard ever since mom passed away, and she felt like she could escape that through Sey. He told her that he loved her, and that she wasn't a business partner. "That was sweet" She would tell him. Hidden would watch as Sey came closer, leaning into her which she would stand on her tip toe to reach him. After a soft embrace, they would part, the dark haired girl pulling up the hood to her cloak, obscuring her face and her blush. "Well, I won't hold you here if you have something better to do, but I'll be here if you need me, love~." She would nod to him and move towards the door. "I will be back quick, promise" She pushed open the door, darting to the left into the alley as soon as she exited. 'First I have to find out who that man is, and where he went. I don't believe for a second that he would no keep trying to come after me.' RP Completed! Sey receives: 1 SP, 200 Col Hidden Receives: 1 SP, 200 Col, Black Ice Ring(Vanity)
  15. Hidden

    [PP-F11] Petals of Twilight

    It was great that Sey also agreed that it was best to stay out of Aereth's business. She wanted to remain in her and Sey's business alone. They had their own futures to worry about. "I really don't have any friends in this game. I tend to stay by myself all the time. Though when it comes to hunting, I got everything covered. I am able to take care of myself" She looked to meet his eyes. She was certain now that there was a small buff to married players, not that it really mattered to her. She was strong enough without it. She just needed to be able to gain a few more levels, and she would become one of the strongest frontliners. "Maybe I need to start getting a few more friends. I have allies, but they are almost like a lot of your friends. They are just... business partners" Domarus would help her if she needed it, but she understood with him came a cost. Often, even his small deals had larger gears working unseen in the background. She didn't like to be in debt to the man, it was more dangerous than it seemed. @Sey.... Sorry lol. I am still around