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  1. Dazia

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    The battle's standstill continued, save for Dazia's recent attack. She would hear some rumbling and turn to see...a tidal wave!? Dazia scowled. "Kayaba, you son of a-" Before she could finish, the wave took the players under. Dazia struggled to try and surface, but the water was receding anyway, so it wasn't exactly necessary. She quickly grabbed her rapier with her left hand, and looked to her energy, seeing that it was restored. She looked to see a player from the other party finishing off that party's last remaining foe, leaving only one...and she could deal enough damage to finish it off. "Last hit is mine!" She called out as she got up quickly and rushed past the players of her party, to activate her sword art, Crucifixion, against the last enemy. With an attack as strong as what she managed, surely this would end the battle, and should there be any rewards for a final blow, it would be hers. ID# 128202 BD: 10(Critical, +2 Base DMG) Crucifixion: 8x6-10=38 Damage to Rain Minion 25 Party 2:
  2. Dazia

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    Dazia saw how the battle was at a complete stall. Princess blamed her for Kirbs's sudden disappearance. "Your words are biased by your hatred towards me, Princess, therefore they mean nothing. If Kirbs wants to leave the fight, so be it. That's more for the rest of us." She would tell her. She did not really care about "for the rest of us", though. This was a lie to assure her that they would keep fighting as normal, so that she could deal the final blow against this last Rain Minion. She had made a few kills during this battle, but she wanted to kill as many as possible, and the only way to do that was through a final blow. However, Kityuisa was attacked, and Krysta still did nothing, needing to recover her energy. "Fine then," she began. "I'll make the first strike." She attacked the Rain Minion with Crucifixion, dropping its HP a bit. ID# 124357 BD: 6+1-1=6(hit) Crucifixion: 6x6-10=26 damage to Rain Minion 25 Party 2:
  3. Dazia watched the competition unfold, but it wasn't as climatic as expected. maybe it will be in a bit. She finished her drink, and received a message from Valna. Dazia's reaction to it, wasn't the best, to say the least. "Good lord, Hiraani! I can't believe that you-! AARRRGGH! Why did I think that of you?? I thought you were sensible...guess I was wrong... at least her new lover boy is able to swear to secrecy about the most confidential of information...so he knows...as long as he doesn't use it against me, I should be fine..." Whatever did Valna see in that guy? She didn't know...and based on what Valna did, she wasn't exactly interested in knowing, either. She would leave the refreshments area, and see that there was a girl standing over at the waves, all alone. Dazia guessed that she had her reasons for being there, or maybe she was just waiting for someone to come to her. She seemed to be wearing a jacket, so she might have not wanted to be here either. Dazia saw beach parties like this as a trap, designed either for or by those seeking out "eye candy", so she could understand. Hell, that was why she put on a pair of shorts over her swimsuit for until she ever went into the water. "Not one for a beach event? Whether it be everyone wanting to talk to you, or stare at you in a way that you're not comfortable with, I can relate." She would say to the girl who was staring out into the distance. @WingedAngel
  4. Dazia had been in this game for a long time now, and yet, she had never heard of this part of the Town of Beginnings? So it was true, there is always something new, waiting to be discovered by the players. She would make her way to this part of town, where she had heard of two player-ran shops. She needed consumables, so she would be on the lookout for...what was she looking for? She would have look closely at the buildings around in order to find what she was looking for. After some time, she would see two buildings that didn't exactly look like they were in the best shape. One of them had a sign that read, "Oscar's Hot Dog Stand". She would enter the building to find that the interior was the exact opposite of the exterior in its upkeep and appearance. "Unless it's to keep up with the ragged and filthy aesthetic for this part of town, keeping the exterior clean might help to grab players' attention." She remarked as she headed over to the counter. "That aside, I'm here to place an order. I will be searching for something in particular, so I'll need a creation of yours that can help me find things." She stated. @Oscar Ordered item: Name: [your choice] Your Profession: Cook Item Type: [Whatever it will need to be] Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 3 LD Description: [your choice]
  5. Dazia

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    The tank, mace, had disappeared. "Well, there goes one way for me to deal the final blow..." She looked over to see that Kirbs had done nothing for the past few minutes. "Kirbs, get the hell over here and help us kill this thing! Princess and Kityuisa can hardly do anything at this moment, and our tank is gone! Get your ass over here now!" Dazia needed to recharge her energy so that she could make use of her strongest sword art. She looked over to the two blondes. "I don't have enough energy for my strongest sword art... Kirbs is doing jack s*** over there so we're sitting ducks for the time being. We'll just have to deflect this thing's attacks until we can actually take it down. Kit, when Krysta has enough energy, she can weaken it, and we can finish it off. What do you say?" She hoped that Kit would agree. There wasn't much that the players could do at the moment, so perhaps spurring this player on with the illusion of actually being able to get the last hit might get her going. [Dazia takes no action] Party 2:
  6. Dazia could have easily gotten bored, but since she managed to get Yinangi over to the dragon, things were getting interesting. The white frost dragon would get in front of Yinangi, as if to challenge her. Dazia smirked. If Yinangi made the correct response, this is where things would get fun to watch. Players simply passed by Dazia, so this would definitely get things going. Yinangi would look the familiar white frost dragon directly in the eyes. "Challenge accepted. You can't eat more cookies than me!" And so it began. The impromptu eating contest. This was what Dazia had been waiting for, simply because there was nothing else to do at the moment, other than sip her drink. "I can't wait to see where this goes..." She mused. Yinangi began to scarf down cookies in hopes of potentially setting a record that the little white frost dragon couldn't beat. Valna would hear Shuliik's reply. She had him right where she wanted him. Well, not where she wanted him...but the point remained the same. She would gesture him to follow with her index finger, a smirk on her face. She knew what she would tell him. "Then follow me, I'll tell you everything..." [Valna temporarily disappears from the thread] @Vigilon
  7. Dazia

    [F1 OP] "A Coward's Choice"

    The girl would introduce herself as Ralacrest, and say that there was no need to apologize for interruption. The man who Dazia had made a point to would have an intimidating demeanor about him as he jammed a finger at her, saying she had a lot to learn about manners. Dazia would simply roll her eyes. The man would continue, stating that if Dazia ever drew out her weapon on him again, that he would kill her. "But that wouldn't matter if it was still within a safe zone, would it?" She would respond to the man. The man would leave in a bad mood. Yinangi tugged on Dazia's light armor. "Um, Dazia...I was hoping you were going to be making friends and finding allies...but so far, what you just did was the opposite." A blonde would enter the scene, asking if the players had something to do with the man's mood. "He spoke words that weren't entirely true, so I made a point to him, a point that he apparently couldn't handle. He even threatened to kill me. From my perspective, I'd say he's a stubborn hothead who won't accept being wrong." Dazia would say to the blonde. Yet another player would approach, taking off her helmet and addressing the players in the vicinity. "This is a safe zone. No matter how badly the situation escalates, no one can die here." Dazia would respond. @Ralacrest @Cordelia @Joanne
  8. Dazia

    Requesting Signature

  9. Dazia simply sipped her drink as the frost dragon noticed her. The white familiar would then look at the blonde who arrived at the refreshments table, and then grab a few of the snacks before growling at her. Dazia was starting to get bored, so she decided to send a message to Yinangi. Things would get interesting soon, they definitely would. Yinangi would nod her head. "Yep, and it's nice to know you've got some friends, too. Like Vigilon!" Yinangi would receive Dazia's message, then rush over to the refreshments table, saying "Gotta go, see you later!" She would soon arrive at the refreshments table, where indeed, there was a small dragon familiar holding two cupcakes. Yinangi would go for the cookies, and if the frost dragon reacted, things would get interesting... Valna chuckled as Yinangi left. "Heh heh, kids." She listened to Shuliik's compliment... she began to wonder about a few things. "Oh, that's very nice of you to compliment me, Might I add that you also look good in your getup? I bet you're willing to flex in that, aren't you?" Valna said as she smiled. "So, I've got some information that's a bit...confidential. I'd prefer that no one see or hear us speak of it...if you're willing to hear, that is." Valna would look him up and down as she smirked. "Wanna hear? Some of it has to do with your friend, Vigilon." She wondered how he would respond. @Vigilon
  10. Dazia

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    [placeholder for when I have the muse to describe the room and pendant]
  11. Dazia

    [F1 OP] "A Coward's Choice"

    Another large man would arrive, saying that this was a safe zone, that the attacker would be marked with an orange cursor. Dazia laughed at that. Although the guards would throw out any orange player they found, that wouldn't be something to worry about, since damage can only be dealt either outside the safe zone, or in a duel. Cursor infractions can only be received in a safe zone if one was to commit physical harassment, or be caught stealing. "Please, orange cursors don't work that way." She would draw out her weapon, and point it to the man, the tip just a few inches away from his head. "I could strike you right now, but since we're in a safe zone, no damage would be dealt. You would simply feel some unpleasant feedback, as well as the force of my attack. Plenty of players have fought within the safe zone, it all ends the same way. No damage is dealt, no cursors change color, and the battle ends when one loses the will to fight and flees." Dazia would then sheathe her blade, and turn towards the other players. She looked over to the first large man. "Oh, so you're a soldier, then? Or, rather, you used to be?" She would then take off her cowl, and look over to the girl. "Excuse me for the earlier interruption. My name is Dazia, and my only goal is to survive, by any means necessary." She would say. Yinangi would wave to the girl. "Hiya, I'm Yinangi!" @Commando @Alec @Ralacrest
  12. I'm hoping there is someone around who can make me a signature. The info is in the spoiler below, should you be willing to do so.
  13. Dazia

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    Dazia stood there and watched as Princess's intended target shattered, and the last two minions would cower in fear. Dazia smirked under her cowl. She was starting to like seeing these creatures without their courage. However, Kityuisa could hardly lay a scratch, Krysta always finished off her targets whenever she managed to strike them, and the other players were...doing nothing?? "Damn, it's like they have the same idea! I may have to go without an extra kill this time around, but if no one else will actually fight them..." Krysta would admit that she felt pity for the remaining two minions, but she would continue fighting anyway, believing they would not surrender, even though common sense would dictate it. Dazia would rush in to attack, just for Princess's attack to get in the way as she struck down the other minion. Dazia tried to stop herself, causing her to slip in the mud. "What the hell, Princess!? You could have positioned yourself to damage my cursor, dammit!" ID# 123353 BD: 1(Critical Miss) Party 2:
  14. Dazia

    [F1 OP] "A Coward's Choice"

    Dazia was about to wonder why she was wasting her time around the first floor again, but then she remembered, her young friend, Yinangi, had dragged her down here. "I know you probably have reasons for dragging me down here, but don't we have better things to do?" She asked her friend. "Of course I have my reasons for bringing you here! There's always some low level player starting to gather courage, and if you help them out, they can become our allies, better yet, our friends!" Dazia stopped, and turned to look at Yinangi. "You brought me down here...for what? I thought you were going to point me to a quest or something. What makes you think I have time to babysit other people? We need to train ourselves so that we can survive!" Yinangi huffed mildly, and put her hands on her hips. "I'm doing this to help you, Dazia. I'm doing what a friend would do. You need more people in your life, you need more allies in your struggle, so why don't you get some while you're here?" Dazia was surprised that Yinangi was acting like this. She didn't show it in her expressions, but she was definitely surprised. "Don't give me that. You have no authority in this. Hell, you're seven years younger than me, you're a child!" Yinangi would just stare at Dazia, her stance unchanging. Dazia sighed and said, "Alright, fine, I'll take your thoughts into consideration." The two players would walk for a short amount of time, and then there were two players in sight. One was a female, leaning up against a wall, and the other was a tall male, who seemed to be towering over her, speaking to her as if schooling her. "Or, you could let her make her own decisions." Dazia interjected. @Ralacrest @Commando
  15. Dazia

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    Both Dazia and Benjamin had seen where they came from, thanks to Yinangi. Now Dazia only had to take the lead again, and begin traversing the maze once more. Dazia now hoped that there would be a way for the party to find their way back once they found the pendant. Even if they were to succeed in finding the pendant, it wouldn't be possible for there to be an exit there, if Minos had actually thought about more than just the minotaurs to guard his pendant, that the maze, there and back, would be a tricky situation in itself. "We will need to remember as much of the way we came from as we can. Most likely, there won't be an exit in the same room as the pendant." Yinangi would nod her head in agreement. "I'll do my best to keep that in mind." Dazia would look back to the party every once in a while to make sure no minotaurs were sneaking up on them from behind, and so far, there weren't. @Benjamin Bookworm