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  1. Dazia

    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    Group 3 Dazia listened carefully to what Aereth said. She and the members of her group were assigned to question a female green player with long red curly hair who runs a bar within Serpent's Pitch in floor 18, and was rumored to have been captured by a small PK Guild that she wiped out. Green player, forced to kill. Dazia knew the feeling. She herself had to kill, about two so far. She may have done so within duels, but her hand had been forced nonetheless. She was actually going to accept the invite, when Macradon beat her to it. At least they still had a way to communicate with Aereth. Macradon asked Dazia about what her plan was, so she turned to the members of her group. "Alright then...Right now, I would make sure we have all the necessities. Potions, Teleport Crystals, if they can get us out of a tight situation, we may need them." She explained, handing an extra Teleport Crystal to Yinangi. "For now, I would also suggest, like Aereth said, to be considerate, and not annoy who we are questioning. Thus, while we still have time, we can come up with some good questions along the way to our destination." She waited for the others' responses, and once that was taken care of, she would say, "Then I think it's time we get moving. We can still brainstorm some good questions and choices of action along the way, it may just make our lives easier." However, Dazia was surprised to notice that Yinangi was quiet this time, and she just nodded her head to signal that she was fine in response to what Dazia said. @Macradon @Pinball
  2. Dazia

    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    Dazia looked around, noticing that some players who had volunteered to be leaders were already inviting and accepting allies into their respective groups. Yinangi tugged on the sleeve of Dazia's light armor. "Hey, Dazia, since nobody's asked to join you yet, I'll just tell you this as a friend. I'll be blunt and straight to the point, too. Get a move on or all the good ones will be taken." Yinangi didn't exactly have to say it that way, but she did have a point. Dazia looked around, and then she walked over to @Macradon and @Pinball. "I'm not sure if you'd be willing to do so, but if neither of you are interested in leading groups, maybe you could join mine. It will be a bit of a first experience for me, I've never lead a group for a task like this yet. However, I'm certain I might be able to either get used to the role, or master it, in due time."
  3. Dazia

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    Dazia listened carefully to Benjamin's suggestion. "Alright then. I'm sure we can continue on. If we do encounter the other Minotaur, at least I will know what we're up against. However, I wouldn't mind a dumber opponent, despite that I wasn't harmed too badly in this fight...but you did heal me. Thanks." Yinangi looked over to an indent in the wall. "Hey, what could that be?" Dazia looked over. There was a shape over there, but the only thing Dazia could tell was that it seemed to be an inanimate object. She walked over slowly, hoping that it was an inanimate object, and nothing else. It was a little rough to make out certain things in the mist, but at least it wasn't too thick. Dazia saw nothing dangerous, so her nerves relaxed. It was nothing special, just a stone brazier, probably meant for lighting the maze, and possibly keeping it warm, but it was unlit. "It's just a stone brazier, Yinangi." Yinangi then asked, "Is there anything in it?" Dazia shook her head. "Nope, just some ashes." She looked to her HP and Energy meters. They were pretty fine, so it was safe to keep going. "Guess we'll have to keep going." @Benjamin Bookworm ID# 102578 LD: 11(No chest found)
  4. Dazia

    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    When Aereth mentioned splitting into groups, Dazia looked around, seeing not only the players who stepped up to lead, but those who chose not to, or were avoiding it. She also took note of the amount of players around. There were more than twelve, but only two had stepped up to be leaders. Dazia wasn't the strongest, but one didn't always have to be the strongest in order to lead. Most qualities she had noticed in leaders was one of several things. Often, it was strength or power. Sometimes, it was certain charismatic traits that would compel the followers. Sometimes it would even be the stubbornness to protect others, or push forward, no matter how close to death's door one was. What was seldom? Strategy. Some strategic people were clearly capable of leadership, they just had to do it right, and plan their moves carefully. Dazia considered herself clever, so there was no way she was going to stand idly by, Tier one or not. "So only two are willing to step up? If that is the case, I'm willing to lead a group. I often strategize and play out various scenarios in my spare time, you're going to need someone with a plan, so if anyone is willing to stand by me, just let me know. I might not be the strongest player around, but I can offer some good choices of action." Yinangi looked at Dazia and said, "Wow Dazia, I'm actually quite surprised you would step up! I mean, I'm clearly not the leader type, especially for a situation like this one...but seeing that plenty of strong-looking players haven't offered yet, I'm wondering why they didn't volunteer to lead!" Dazia wondered, would the strategizing she had done pay off here, or would she end up getting schooled by other players? She might learn something, but she considered that it would be better if her ideas could work, rather than failing at what she claimed she was able to do. [Dazia volunteers to lead]
  5. The player noticed Vigilon, and called him by another name, one that caused Dazia to chuckle as she attempted to suppress a smile. "Pfft, 'Boar Bait'?" Yinangi completely burst out laughing. " 'Boar Bait'? AAHHHH ha ha ha ha ha!!!" The player offered to join in, asking if Dazia would like some extra company. "Well, I don't exactly mind, so...sure." Yinangi went right to the greeting. "Nice to know you'll be tagging along! My name is Yinangi, what's yours?" Dazia didn't recognize Stryder only because he had a different appearance during the event she'd encountered him at. If she had recognized him, she would have been wary, or even refused his company. But she didn't recognize him, so there was definitely a chance for things to go smoothly and peacefully. Dazia did have a question for Vigilon, however. "Vigilon...how exactly did you get yourself called Boar Bait?" Perhaps some conversation might actually make the trip faster. @Vigilon
  6. Dazia

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Yinangi actually believed she shouldn't be singing. Well, at least, not tonight. She would probably have to increase her bribe to press Dazia to go alone. "Hey, I'll double the col you'll get if you go alone in this." "What!?!?!" "Would you rather get less?" "...I can't believe this...alright, fine, you've twisted my arm once again, but don't expect me to let you off the hook next time." Nova then announced that the karaoke contest would now be under way. And first up was...wait, Princess was here? The way she had sang, and the song she had sung...well, to be blunt, Dazia had never heard Krysta sing, and she was now genuinely worried. She had to admit, Krysta had a good voice. She muttered, "Just like a princess...of course." under her breath, but the thoughts in her head that followed were, "This is just GREAT. How the hell am I going to win against THAT? Well, Violet, you're in trouble now..." ...and would you look at that, Dazia was up next. She really was in trouble. She had honestly hoped she would have enough time to find something quick, but her time to think, plan and process had been cut short. Well, she'd have to mentally take a quick look through the songs she'd heard and liked, and pick one. FAST. When the moment came, she was nervous. However, this wasn't the sort of nervousness that you would often see...it was the kind of nervousness where one seems calm, cool and collected on the outside...while COMPLETELY freaking out on the inside, with all the internal screaming... She silently took a deep breath. "Here goes everything...or nothing." She thought. She had a song in mind, so she would have to focus in order to sing properly. Thankfully, she did, but the only problem now would be the list of potential end results. The song she sung? Demons by Imagine Dragons. (OOC: This was the best lyric vid of this song that I could find.) @Benjamin Bookworm @Arabelle @Epsilon @Froppy @Spangie @Novafire @Krysta @Grimm @Asakku @Vigilon @Sharr @Pinball
  7. Dazia

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    The Minotaur had it's gaze on Benjamin, and Dazia had noticed this. She wasn't going to just let this slide. She was going to finish this fight before it had a chance to strike. "I won't allow you to do that." The Minotaur raised it's weapon to strike Benjamin, but it stopped suddenly, it's legs grew weak, and collapsed under the monster's weight, then it fell to the ground the rest of the way as it's HP depleted to zero. Dazia was behind the monster, and from what Yinangi could tell, she had just finished an attack. Dazia sheathed her rapier, now that the battle was over. Yinangi had one last thing to say on this matter. "Olé!" The bullfighting joke still stuck around to the end, it seemed. Dazia looked to Benjamin. "So...what do you suggest we do now?" The problem was that during the fight, Dazia had forgotten all knowledge of their current position within the maze. Maybe Benjamin still knew something. She would have actually gotten lost on her own, now that she had thought about it. @Benjamin Bookworm 10 Light Points have been added to Dazia's Journal ID# 101973 BD: 8+1=9(Hit), MD: 2-3=1(Miss) Quadruple Pain: 5x4=20 Benjamin: HP 360/360, EN 29/36 | 3 DMG | 3 EVA | 1 ACC Dazia: HP 202/220, EN 11/22 | 5 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC Enemies: Hoya Minotaur: HP 0/45, 30 DMG
  8. Dazia

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    A white haired male player came and introduced himself to Aereth as Sharr. He then looked to the players on the team, mentioning them with names he'd probably decided to call them. Yinangi had a few words to say on the first name that was said. "Ahaha, I'm not sure she would be Kermit, even if she had a banjo. In fact, I'd say she's more of a frog princess in dire need of a prince." Upon what Dazia was called, Dazia said, "I'm sorry...what?" with an intimidating tone as she glared at him. The naming stopped when he realized Yinangi was but a young girl. Aereth commented on the statement Sharr made, and Yinangi would add to that with, "Yup, and pulverizing a boulder with my bare hands was but the first step! I may be three levels under my friend Dazia here, but I'm definitely getting stronger!" Yinangi brought her fists together. Her black handwraps, Fists of Yin, were already equipped. Dazia then said to Yinangi, "Which reminds me, once this is all over, we should find a time to add sparring to our routine. It'll help us grow stronger, and keep our skills sharp." A player with quite a few allies then came and spoke to Aereth. From what it seemed like, that was quite a few more players for the group Dazia would be working with. Then a female player with white hair came to the group, introducing herself as Sunova. "Hello Sunova, I am Dazia. My only goal is to survive, by any means necessary. Clearly, if this player isn't brought to justice there are chances I might be a potential victim if I'm not careful, so...better safe than sorry, I guess." Yinangi walked up to Sunova. "Nice to meet you Sunova! I'm Yinangi! I'm a Martial Arts user, and I can't wait to stop a killer from tipping the scales!" Soon, a violet-haired player asked to join the team. It wasn't long before a brown-haired player arrived, asking to join as well, followed by a black haired boy, also asking to join. There may have been one more...my, how large this group was becoming. @Aereth @Froppy @Sharr @Hikoru @Sunova @Teion @Jevi @Pinball @Oxand
  9. Dazia

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    Dazia, at first, had no idea why she was being asked to come to a virtual graveyard with a single mass tombstone in the middle of a black iron building. She would only get the knowledge of it all once the players spoke of the matter at hand. A player known as Wyson, believed to possibly be a member of the Laughing Coffin, was on a killing spree, and had murdered twenty-seven players so far. The two players spoke of bringing this player to justice. "So they couldn't just rely on the frontliners to handle this?" Of course, the task was said to be lucrative, and that got Dazia to consider changing her mind on that. "Oh? Well, in that case, I hope they're telling the truth here. I'd rather not risk my life if it's for nothing. There better be a d*** good reward for this." Dazia walked up to the two players until she could see the groups forming. Players were amassing towards Lessa, but Aereth seemed to not have so many volunteers. Not only that, but she saw that Princess had rushed to join Lessa's group. She knew who she would be working with. She pulled the hood of her light armor, Ombra del Corvo, over her head, so that if Princess was to spot Dazia, there would be hardly any recognition...hopefully. She walked up to Aereth. "I'll be working with your group...for several reasons, one of them personal." She said, glancing over to where Krysta was for a second. She soon heard a familiar voice, one that was getting a bit louder as Dazia heard it. "Hey! Dazia! Dazia!" Dazia sighed. "Here comes the noise again..." She thought, almost muttered, as Yinangi made her way towards Dazia. "There you are! I've been looking for you in the crowd! Doesn't matter to me what team you're on, I'm coming with you!" She and Yinangi may be friends, but she didn't always appreciate her company. It did help sometimes, however, whether she admitted it or not. -Signing up for @Aereth's team Current Stats:
  10. Dazia spotted the normal Raven waiting for her to follow. "Time to get moving." After about a few minutes, the raven began making it's calls, out towards a certain direction. From a patch of dark that was thought to be a shadow cast by an object possibly blocking moonlight, a Shadow Raven came up, flying to a tree branch close to the normal raven. It stared at the normal raven, as if it's presence wasn't appreciated. The normal raven gestured to the players, and the Shadow Raven looked towards them. It ruffled it's feathers, then shook it's head while looking towards the normal raven. From the looks of things, it didn't like guests in it's territory. It looked towards the direction the normal raven had called out towards, then back to the players. Dazia drew close to that area, and the cursor above the Shadow Raven turned red before Dazia had a chance to pull out something for it. She looked over to the area, wondering why it's cursor would only turn red if someone got too close to that spot? It was covered up with...wait a second, it was just leaves and tall grass. Could it be something hidden? Either way, Dazia had failed at another chance to tame a Shadow Raven. This would be harder than it seemed. "It looks like we're going to have to fight aga- Wait, where's Lee??" @Vigilon @Benjamin Bookworm ID# 101842 LD: 8+2-1=9(Failure, Hostile Mob Spawned) Dazia: HP 160/160, EN 16/16 | 14 MIT | 5 Base DMG | 2 ACC Vigilon: HP 400/400, EN 45/45 | 9 MIT | 7 Base DMG | 1 EVA | 1 Bleed | 2 Recovery Benjamin Bookworm: HP 240/240, EN 24/24 | 3 Base DMG | 1 ACC | 3 EVA  Enemies: Shadow Raven: HP 80/80, 24 DMG
  11. Dazia

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    Benjamin chose to retaliate, saying to the Minotaur was going to pay for what it did. He made a cut in the monster's HP and stunned it to boot. Now was the time. Just another hit should do it! The fact that she was slammed into the floor once, and the wall twice, might have made all the difference here, for she somehow missed by about an inch. There was nothing good about that. She really needed to step up her game, and learn as much as she could when it came to determining distance and timing...or not be dazed and weary from being slammed into stone three times in a row. "Hmph...that worked." Yinangi was hoping for the final blow. "Come on, come on...argh, so close!" Honestly, this could have been over already. A while ago, even. Dazia placed a hand on her tingling forehead. Maybe she actually was weary from being slammed into stone. @Benjamin Bookworm ID# 101841 BD: 3+1=4(Miss) (OOC: I really need to get some Accuracy equipment for my character. It's not like her to miss this often, especially with a stunned or immobilized target...and yet those dice beg to differ.) [Stun refrains Hoya Minotaur from taking action] [1] Benjamin: HP 360/360, EN 30/36 | 3 DMG | 3 EVA | 1 ACC [1] Dazia: HP 202/220, EN 14/22 | 5 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC Enemies: Hoya Minotaur: HP 19/45, 30 DMG [Stun immunity: 2 turns]
  12. Dazia

    (OP-F2) New Experiences

    "The high fields of crossing? I've heard rumors it was a place full of flowers, and not a monster in sight!" Dazia's introduction appeared to cause unease within the player. "We're not going to die. Some players prefer to survive by staying in the safe zone either for as long as possible, or forever. Others can't stand the thought of being idle and stuck in the first settlement forever, but not all of them have the front lines in mind. I currently see no reason for me to try and get to that position, so I won't bother with that." "Yeah, once you've gotten strong enough, it's only the front lines that have any real danger. Thus, Dazia and I leave the floor bosses to those guys, and we don't have to worry! If you want to sightsee around Aincrad, you might want to make sure you can defend yourself. Not every place that's worth going is a monster-free zone, you know!" "Well, we'd have to speak for ourselves in that case, Yinangi. We're already far behind many others who had started later than we did." The player introduced herself as Epsilon, and offered her hand to shake. Yinangi did so. "Yeah, nice to meet you, Epsilon!" @Epsilon
  13. Dazia

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    Dazia had already guessed that this monster had been in plenty of battles. It had predicted her actions in a streak of attempts. Dazia had to figure something else out. Benjamin came asking if she was alright. "I'm fine...I'm just sick of this prediction streak the Minotaur has." Benjamin offered his suggestion on how they could proceed from here, and placed his hand on her back. Benjamin told Dazia to just keep her wits with her, and they would take the monster down. Then he healed her again. She tried to recall different times where there was an opponent that kept predicting her moves, then she remembered that time from years back. While she was young, she wanted to keep herself toughened up, so she took two slim PVC pipes she had found, and walked up to her older brother, Evan, the eldest one, and asked to spar with him. During that spar, Violet had found herself getting knocked back over and over again. Evan shook his head and sighed. "Honestly, Violet, you're too predictable. You'll never win in a fight like this. You need to learn to fight in a manner which it will either be hard or impossible for your opponent to guess your next move." He began walking back to the door until he was suddenly struck from behind. "Agh! What the- Oh, I see, well then, let's see what you've REALLY got!" This memory from her past just might apply here... "I've got an idea. I once sparred with my older brother when I was young. I know of a tactic that got me the upper hand, and it might work here. I'll need a boost when the timing is right." The Minotaur began heading towards her. "Steady...easy does it...aaaaand...." The window of opportunity came. She moved towards the monster, and she jumped back to Benjamin when it swung it's blade. "Now!" That push was all that was needed to propel her enough to do this. She advanced towards the monster, then slid under it, proceeding to jump with a 180 and strike the Minotaur from behind using Quadruple Pain. The Minotaur had realized what had happened, then it suddenly turned around faster than Dazia could anticipate, slamming her to the wall yet again. The prediction streak had ended, but the slamming seemed to persist...how annoying. @Benjamin Bookworm ID# 101742 BD: 5+1=6(Hit), MD: 10(Critical, +2 DMG) Quadruple Pain: 5x4=20 Benjamin: HP 360/360, EN 34/36 | 3 DMG | 3 EVA | 1 ACC [1] Dazia: HP 202/220, EN 15/22 | 5 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC Enemies: Hoya Minotaur: HP 25/45, 30 DMG
  14. Dazia

    (OP-F2) New Experiences

    The two players had clearly crossed the border of the safe zone. Dazia tried to pull on Yinangi's arm to at least slow her down, but that didn't seem to work. "Yinangi! We-we've left the safe zone! Shouldn't you make sure you're prepared before running out like that?" Yinagi stopped at that, while not noticing that the running player had just tripped. Yinangi opened up her inventory, and equipped her light armor, which appeared over her clothing. The light armor was black and white in color, the two colors clashing(but not mixing or anything) diagonally, from the right shoulder to the left of the hip left side black, the right side white. On the back of this light armor(that was basically a leather overcoat), one could see the Yin Yang symbol there. Yinangi then continued towards the player that tripped, suddenly pulling Dazia along with her once again. Reaching the player took only a few seconds. "Hiya!" The player asked, "Can I help you?" "You seemed to be running, so I just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. Even if everything was fine, it still wouldn't hurt to make a new friend! I'm Yinangi, nice to meetcha!" Dazia was, honestly, tired of being dragged all over Aincrad's lower floors, but there were those moments where it was worth the trouble. Most of the time, however... She pulled the cowl of her light armor, Ombra del Corvo, over her head, slightly embarrassed, but refusing to show it. "My name is Dazia...my only goal is to survive, by any means necessary." @Epsilon
  15. Dazia

    (PP-F3) Maze of the Minos <<Search for the Hoya>>

    That last attack could have gone far better, had Dazia anticipated what kind of attack the Minotaur was going to use. Benjamin asked if Dazia was hurt. She looked to her HP. The damage wasn't as bad as she thought. "I'm fine...I can still take this creep." Benjamin came over to help her up and heal her. Honestly, she wasn't expecting to be healed so fast. The last time someone healed her was when Dazia's HP was getting close to low. This...got Dazia to dwell on it. She wasn't going to get the full understanding on her own, but this meant something. It most definitely did. "This Minotaur doesn't stand a single chance. I just have to be able to strike it." She held her weapon firmly in her left hand, and she thought of a way to try and attack the monster without the same thing as last time happening. She rushed for the monster to execute her plan, but the Minotaur slammed her to the wall with the flat of it's blade. Clearly, she'd timed it wrong. "This is straight up humiliating...so don't think for a second that I'll go easy on you!" Yinangi continued to watch the fight. It was clear that Dazia was upset, and things wouldn't be going well for the Minotaur any longer...that is, if it could stop predicting her moves. @Benjamin Bookworm 35 Light Points have been added to Dazia's Journal Dazia's Alignment has been affected! ID# 101721 BD: 1(Critical Miss), MD: 7(Hit) (OOC: Again, BD? Really?? I don't need another one of these!!) Benjamin: HP 360/360, EN 34/36 | 3 DMG | 3 EVA | 1 ACC Dazia: HP 204/220, EN 18/22 | 5 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC Enemies: Hoya Minotaur: HP 45/45, 30 DMG