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  1. Kyei'ri couldn't help but try to comfort Yinangi, crying as she did so, from both recalling the memory, and seeing this young girl's reaction to it. Dazia wasn't comfortable with the situation. "Yeah, sure, go ahead, we can all cuddle up and cry a new river for this floor, right beside the starter city." She thought. Aloud, she would say, "Well then, maybe we should turn in for the night, then we can start a search for Valan'Dûn tomorrow, ok? I can always set up shop another day." She was willing to put aside the shop priority because she didn't want to see her young friend crying like this. Yinangi nodded, tears still in her eyes, and Kyei'ri and Valna also looked to be on board with the idea. "This is bound to be one hell of a monkey wrench to my plans, but it gives me more time to stock up on materials, so it can't be all that bad..." ID# 122364 LD: 11+2=13(nothing found) Summary: Dazia receives 4 SP(3 from 3 pages completed, 1 from quest), Corvid's Eye(crafted in thread), 9 T1 Mats(4 from mats gathered, 5 from quest), 2240 col(3 pages completed, loot from mimic), and 1 <<Unidentified T1 Rare Trinket>>. Dazia is now an Artisan. An Orange NPC Player named <<Aldinago>> has been player-killed by Dazia
  2. Dazia looked over to Yinangi, who had tears in her eyes, about to cry. "Th-...that's..." The story must have triggered the moment when orange players had orphaned her by killing her mother. "I can't believe you both had to go through that... I... *sniff* Waaaaaaaahh!!!" Valna came over to Yinangi, hoping to comfort her. "U-u-um, there, there, I uh...It'll all be better soon..." Dazia completely abandoned finding materials as she tried to connect this to Valan'Dûn and her recent encounters with him. He'd try and steer clear of her, as well as Valna, apparently... Dazia would connect the dots, and come to a ridiculous conclusion. "Traumatic experience...steering clear of girls, used to be in an...all-girls-guild. Oh, good lord, you turned him into a Gynophobe!" Kyei'ri almost didn't hear Dazia's words, for she almost forgot that such stories weren't best heard by children...and was looking remorseful over Yinangi's crying, with tears starting to form in her eyes herself. ID# 122363 LD: 9+2=11(nothing found)
  3. Kyei'ri's story still continued. This was a longer backstory than Dazia had anticipated. "I realized he was doing what was necessary for him to protect us...and he only realized it upon the first casualty, my sister...his sudden rage was justified, and we berated him for it. I wanted to find him, to tell him I was sorry...but he practically disappeared, despite his name not being crossed off of the monument of life." Dazia looked around her, and saw the sparkle of a gemstone. She continued to listen carefully as Kyei'ri's story continued while collecting the material. "Last I heard, he quickly made his way to the second tier, but rumors say he always tried to steer clear of every trace of what might remind him of what happened, according to one informant..." Valna blinked several times. "Um...ok, that was way more than I anticipated. All I know is that I got him out of a tight spot, and he owed me a favor." ID# 122362 LD: 13+2=15(success, found 1 T1 material)
  4. Kyei'ri's story continued. "He proceeded to kill the healer, an action that was against the guild's rules. We don't kill green players. The battle continued, and in the end, all but one of the orange players, and the rest of us, were alive. Alna and Xaela had managed to subdue him. They then proceeded to try having Valan'Dûn captured as well, and reported to our leader, Akknai. They had him dismissed from the guild, and I'll admit, I kind of yelled at him for his actions, too. I was also mad because he couldn't save my sister. We took the captured orange player away, and left him there in the forest, looking like he'd regretted everything. After about a week, though, I realized that if Valan'Dûn hadn't killed the healer, we would have lost the battle, and we would all have either been dead or captured..." The story continued, and Dazia kept glancing around as she listened, hoping to find more materials. Nothing around. Dazia continued to listen. ID# 122361 LD: 10+2=12(nothing found)
  5. Kyei'ri would explain the answer to Yinangi. "He's...um... So, in short, he is someone I knew. We used to be friends, but then there was that day... He was on very good terms with my sister, and we'd accepted him into our guild, which had previously been made up of only five girls before he joined. Then one day, we were traveling on the eighth floor while our leader was out on important business. We were set upon by orange players, about three of them, accompanied by one green player. The green player was their healer, and as we fought them, their healer kept them in the fight...they managed to kill my sister, and then one of the orange players tried to kidnap Alna. Valan'Dûn reacted, striking the almost kidnapper with considerable force, then he attacked their healer, placing an infraction on his cursor." As Kyei'ri told this tale, Dazia would listen, as well as keep her eyes open for any materials. Nothing in sight, so Dazia continued to listen instead. ID# 122360 LD: 4+2=6(nothing found)
  6. "Ah, well, nice to meet you, Kyei'ri. Whenever I'm not fighting, I'm an informant and scout. Anything you need intel on? I can gather that for you." The player's eyes lit up slightly. "Do...do you...know anything about, um...a player named Valan'Dûn?" Both Dazia and Valna had widened eyes. "What?" Both asked in unison. "Oh, ah...Valan'Dûn. W-wait...have you...have you both...?" "Yes. We've had encounters with him." Dazia answered. She would look down and notice another gemstone. She picked it up and placed it into her inventory. "How the hell do these gemstones happen to be found everywhere? How would they even spawn around?" She thought. Valna would speak to Kyei'ri, looking concerned. "So, am I right to assume you've met him?" Kyei'ri nodded. "I've been looking for him for quite some time now." She admitted. Yinangi, being the only one to have not encountered this player, asked, "Um...who is this Valan'Dûn?" ID# 122359 LD: 20+2=22(Success, found one T1 material)
  7. "Hiraani's right, Yinangi. Monsters can have mitigation on any floor. The amounts of mitigation seem to differ, though." Dazia spotted a single gemstone, and she added it to her inventory. The rapier user walked up to Dazia. "Hey, um, thanks for handling the mimic back there. I'm only level nine, so I had to trap that thing when it proved to be too strong. I didn't know what you could do, so...sorry how I freaked out earlier." It wasn't like Dazia cared that she freaked out at all. "No worries, besides, you kind of got the other weaker players attention, allowing them to see the dire boars coming." The player appeared to look reassured by Dazia's words. Valna returned her weapon to her inventory, and looked over to the player. "Either way, you fought well on your part. Didn't exactly catch your name. Mine's Valna, by the way." The player looked over to Valna. "Kyei'ri. My name is Kyei'ri." ID# 122344 LD: 20+2=22(Found 1 T1 Material)
  8. Valna chuckled. "They rarely do. Keeps things simple, and these Dire Boars can't actually do as much as one would think they could. My theory is that they began showing up when the stronger players began sticking around the lower floors from time to time. Therefore, I'd say the Cardinal is to blame for these things spawning, and heading over to where the players gather." Valna had a point, but who was to say it was actually true? Dazia would keep her eyes open for any materials that an artisan could use as the conversation continued, but it currently seemed that there was nothing in sight. Yinangi had a question for Valna. "Why would Cardinal do that? Aren't monsters supposed to have boundaries most of the time? I've never seen a monster as strong as one on floor 8 during any walk along this floor." Valna would give but a simple answer. "Mimics, mitigation, events and bosses. those are the kinds of things that tend to ignore the common boundaries. The dire boars were within such boundaries, they were simply tougher to kill because of mitigation." ID# 122343 LD: 5+2=7(nothing found)
  9. Dazia

    [Event-F22] Star Crossed Lovers [Tier 1]

    Dazia liked the fact that she managed to kill the Rain Minion, but when the others didn't do much, it left Dazia with no creature weak enough to finish off. For now, she wouldn't waste her energy. She took a defensive stance, ready to deflect any attack the monsters would try. She noticed that Krysta had missed her target for the sixth time in a row. "Hey, Princess, why don't you focus on another one, so that the others can get it, because it clearly looks like that one's too smart for you!" She called out. Sure, Dazia's choice of words could most likely anger Krysta, but there was a bit of a point in her words. "Honestly, it's like she's too stubborn for her own good. If she wants to be the type of person who doesn't take others' opinions and suggestions, I won't stop her...but that may prove to be more than a nuisance if all she does is miss her targets..." She thought. [Dazia takes no action in order to recover energy] Party 2:
  10. Tier: 1 Build: Discord: N/A
  11. The mimic snarled again, and rushed for Dazia. She simply sidestepped and swung her blade, slashing the inside of the mimic, and the mimic would crash into the ground and shatter. The loot menu would appear, showing Dazia what she received from the mimic. Dazia looked at it, actually disappointed in what she received. She was hoping to find some materials within the loot. Apparently not. She was going to need plenty of materials in order to keep crafting on a basis. She didn't consider it a good idea to always rely on a merchant or scout for the materials, as there was often a heavy price to pay...maybe she would exchange the col from the mimic for materials of equal value in terms of quantity. She looked over to the side, where the other players had finished their fight. "Well, that's all taken care of, now. The mimic is dead, and so are the Dire boars that showed up. I honestly haven't seen them come up to the gate like this..." ID# 121751 BD: 9+1=10(Critical, +1 DMG), MD: 3-1=2(miss) ID# 121752 CD: 6, LD: 8+2=10(Looted 1040 col and <<Unidentified Rare T1 Trinket>>) (...Mats, I needed MATS.) Dazia: HP 228/260, EN 10/26, | 6 DMG | 23 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 LD Enemies: Mimic: HP 0/130, 39 DMG
  12. The mimic snarled with rage, having fallen for one of Dazia's tricks yet again. Dazia smirked, knowing her current strategy was working. She would now keep herself in constant movement, jumping from side to side, forward and backward, all to keep the mimic guessing as to where to try striking. The mimic would simply snarl at this point, unwilling to attack until Dazia had attempted so. Dazia shrugged, and attacked it with all due haste, proceeding to sidestep immediately after, causing the mimic to miss yet again. The mimic jumped up and down as it snarled with fury. It had obviously been royally pissed off. Dazia chuckled, knowing that it's HP was now in the red, and victory was assured. Even a simple attack could finish it off by now. "I saw this victory coming. You never stood a chance! You can't get through my defenses well enough to defeat me, and I have proven myself to outsmart you, even though you had learned some on how to fight rapier wielders like myself!" ID# 121750 BD: 6+1=7(Hit), MD: 3-1=2(Miss) Crucifixion: 6x6=36 Dazia: HP 228/260, EN 10/26, | 6 DMG | 23 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 LD Enemies: Mimic: HP 4/130, 39 DMG
  13. Dazia would keep her eyes on the mimic as she thought carefully on what to do next. "I'll need to try something it won't expect. If I switch my combative approach again, it won't be able to predict the attacks that I attempt, which should be able to give me an advantage. Even if it is the same sword art over and over, the approach can make a difference." Dazia rushed for the mimic, then jumped to the side, knowing the mimic might lunge when Dazia got close enough. The mimic fell for it. The mimic would lunge, but strike nothing, and Dazia would attack from behind, using the Sword Art known as Crucifixion. The player who was fighting alongside Yinangi and Valna saw how Dazia was handling the situation, then turned back to the Dire Boars that remained, feeling a sense of reassurance over the fact that Dazia had the damage and defenses to handle the creature. ID# 121749 BD: 10(Critical, +2 base DMG), MD: 2-1=1(Miss) Crucifixion: 8x6=48 Dazia: HP 228/260, EN 10/26, | 6 DMG | 23 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 LD Enemies: Mimic: HP 40/130, 39 DMG
  14. Dazia waited for the right opportunity to strike. The mimic would lunge at her, and she would sidestep to dodge, proceeding to attack the mimic from behind afterward. She smirked, knowing her plan worked. The mimic turned around and snarled, aggravated that Dazia managed to pull a fast one on it. "You didn't think I would do the same thing over and over, did you? I'll use every last trick in the book to deal with you." Based on the damage she had dealt, she was definitely capable of taking this mimic down. Yinangi looked to Valna and asked, "Hey, how can we tell which ones have more mitigation?" That was actually a good question for Yinangi to ask. "I'd say the ones with the scars, they seem more battle-ridden." Valna would strike at one of the scarred Dire Boars, and she would be proven to be correct, for her attack dealt less damage to it than the other dire boars. ID# 121748 BD: 9+1=10(Critical, +1 base DMG), MD: 4-1=3(miss) Crucifixion: 7x6=42 Damage to mimic Dazia: HP 228/260, EN 16/26, | 6 DMG | 23 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 LD Enemies: Mimic: HP 88/130, 39 DMG
  15. This mimic would prove to be more troublesome than expected, for once again, Dazia prepared her attack, and the mimic would dodge it, as if it had seen this before. Dazia would prepare herself to dodge and deflect the mimic's attacks, and she successfully did so, the mimic couldn't leave a scratch on her this time around. While the fight between Dazia and the mimic was going on, Yinangi, Valna, and that one other player fought against the dire boars that had arrived. Valna was cutting through them easily, while Yinangi and the other had fairly normal difficulties battling them. "Some of these have some mitigation, I'll have to handle those, being the strongest. I can deal enough damage to cut them down." Yinangi and the other player nodded in agreement, then returned to the boars they were fighting. Dazia saw this as she was blocking the mimic's attack. She turned her head back to the fight, a new combat approach in mind. ID# 121746 BD: 3+1=4(Miss), MD: 6-1=5(Miss) Dazia: HP 228/260, EN 22/26, | 6 DMG | 23 MIT | 1 ACC | 1 EVA | 2 LD Enemies: Mimic: HP 130/130, 39 DMG