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  1. Pinball

    Eirwen's Journal

  2. For some reason, Pinball never would have guessed Shield was fast enough to grab him by the back of his collar. Evidently, though, he should have, because that's what happened - yanked back, Pinball's expression was one of bewilderment, his eyes not quite seeing the tank responsible for cutting off his escape. The words hit too close to home. It felt like Shield was trying to pull and rip him apart at the seams. And it did. His face quickly warping from one of confusement to a look of anger, Pinball would shrug and push him off just as Shield had decided to let him go. He wanted to say something. Such a blatant denial of everything he'd said surely warranted a rebuttal, didn't it? But nothing came to mind. And maybe that was how it was supposed to be. With a flippant and aggressive shake of his head, Pinball waved the man off before storming into the city, careful to keep the guards in his peripheral, not too keen on the idea of having to walk all the way up to the next floor. At least, as long as he could avoid it.
  3. SUMMARY Pinball Receives: 4 SP, 550 Col, Icefyre's Diamond Yuki Receives: 4 SP, 550 Col, Icefyre's Diamond
  4. It didn't matter. Pinball sheathed his Hellfire and walked past her, even as she hurled insults and accusations at his back as he made his exit. He heard every biting word, every justification and judgement as if it were his own again, and he was curled up beneath the roots of that twisted tree, cursing himself. But it didn't matter. She could villainize him all she wanted, because she was probaby right. There was no changing his mind on this. And if someone wanted to go about trying, anyway, brute force was definitely not the way to do it. Even still. The cursor were his sins given physical form. People who took Redemption to try and cover that up were the worst of the worst. There was no erasing the things that you'd done, even if you were convinced that you could. You still did it. And you'd still be able to do it, just as easily, if you so much as changed your mind. And you had to live with that. You had to accept that as who you were. Because everyone who had their names carved under another's on that monument - every single one of them, without exception - were uniquely irredeemable.
  5. Quest experience? Truth be told, he didn't care. But he'd stick around for it before he disappeared. "Sure." On the walk back to the underdark, Pinball would be quiet. The drow would move nimbly through the ruins, though there must have been something in her programming that kept her close to them. If they stopped, she would, too, but otherwise they'd move at a brisk pace. Silently. His hands in his pockets and his sword returned to its scabbard, Pinball's face was downcast and as gloomy as always. There were other things on his mind, now. Like whether or not coming here had been a waste of time. Why had he even thought meeting up with Shield would have been a good idea, again? But as the underground city opened up in front of them, Pinball would finally lift his chin. He'd get the experience as long as he was within a certain radius, he knew. He started to get antsy as Fonsa led them to what he could only assume would be where her husband was staying. But Pinball wouldn't be sticking around to find out. Not really. "See ya, Shield," he'd murmur, before darting off into cover, away from the guards he noticed meandering towards them in the distance.
  6. Pinball

    Shay's Songs(Eval)

  7. Pinball

    Zajcica's Meals(Eval Thread)

  8. Hidden? Mari? Names he couldn't attach a face, but a reputation to. And they weren't good. Killers, the both of them. He'd interacted with Hidden in that one boss fight. She'd torn into Hirru without warning, stoking Pinball's latent anger, and he'd stunned her in that rage. He remembered Aereth had gotten angry with him. Another killer people were okay with. Mari, on the other hand, he'd never met before. But he'd seen the names on the monument, with her being the cause of death. Pinball's form flickered into existence, and he stepped out of his shadowy invisibility with a much more pronounced look of annoyance. "You're being stupid." He adjusted his grip on Jack's Hellfire. The idea of putting her down so he could be done with this whole interaction was looking more and more favorable with each passing moment. He moved closer. If she wanted to hit him, she could most certainly try again. But he wasn't trying to dodge anymore. Not in earnest. "I don't want to hear anymore of it. They're not redeemable. Not like you think. They've killed before. They can easily do it again, and there's nothing that can change that. They did it because they liked it, or they knew they could. An epiphany isn't going to change that reality, no matter how buddy-buddy people get with them. They stole those people's lives, and that's not something you can fix or restore once it's gone." Pinball stopped dead in his tracks. He wanted to scare her. His words fell heavy into the snow, dripping with a venom. "Matter of fact -- I can prove it to you, if you'd like." But he whirled around, angrily shaking his head. Anyone with an orange cursor was uniquely irredeemable. That was the truth of it, wasn't it? "Get out of here. Leave me alone. Go back to your murderer friends you insist aren't what they really are. And if I were you, I'd start praying you don't end up being their next little 'mistake'."
  9. More unjustified sympathy, pouring from her mouth and drowning him in promises and assurances that wouldn't turn out to be true. That couldn't be. He'd had the same argument with himself time and time again. But in the end, he'd just been trying to justify the things he'd done. But that was in the past. He'd been in denial. And now, with Yuki, it was almost like he was back to square one, and his rampant thoughts were given human form. "Past mistakes," he murmured, swiftly sidestepping the lance swung in his direction. It was all but confirmed that she was supposed to be a Tank. With the clunky armor and the unwieldy way she used her lance, the truth was as clear as day. This was someone who took hits, not dished them out. "What do you know about past mistakes?" Pinball walked a few steps around and to the side of her. "Zomekko." Shadow poured from the jar on his waist, this time not to coil itself around his weapon, but to envelop his form in a wreath of black flames. It ate away at the mesh of his avatar, and his figure blurred, distorted, flickering in and out of stealth. He would all but vanish, but his Stealth Rating was abysmal due to the tiny bit of effort he'd put into it. Anyone with a good eye would be able to find him. But there was really only one way to drive his point home, wasn't there? If what she wanted was a fight, than Pinball would accentuate the disparity between them. Because Pinball wasn't made to swiftly take out mobs with huge bursts of damage like a traditional DPS would. He was built to be slippery and evasive, wittling away at an opponent's HP over time. His voice carried away by the wind, Pinball would sulk just a few feet away from the girl. "I really hope I'm the first Player Killer you pursued like this." Action Taken: [Vanish] [-5 EN] {Well Rested} Vanish: ID#149488 LD: 5+7= 12 Stealth Rating Pinball: 1260/1260 HP | 121/126 EN | 15 DMG | 3 EVA | 3 ACC | 63 BH | 9-10/36 BRN | 9-10/36 BLD | 9-10/36 BLT {Vanish: 0/3}
  10. The rapidly approaching crunch of footfalls in the snow gave Pinball the oppurtunity to whirl out of the way of the attack. Easily sliding to the side as the lance stabbed at the air he'd just been standing in a moment before, his sword was drawn in an instant. Shadows leapt from the jar he wore tied to his waist, crawling up his torso and enveloping his weapon in a dark, swirling black aura. He watched as she stumbled over a rock and scrambling to get up, gliding across the snow with a darkened expression. The look in her eyes made it clear she wanted to fight him. Why? His form flickered, digital errors on his person. He'd activated Disguise, and launched himself forward towards her. She'd be seeing double, and then he'd be on her, as he froze in place with Jack's Hellfire planted delicately across the side of her throat. But he didn't move after that. She hadn't done anything that warranted being killed. He knew he could do it. It'd be so easy -- a Sneak Attack, and a Quick Changed Dimension Stampede would be enough to do it, he figured. Pinball grit his teeth. But her only crime was being annoying. And that wasn't really a crime at all, was it? He wasn't going to make that mistake again. Sighing, he righted himself and sheathed his weapon... only to deliver a swift, sweeping kick across the back of her legs, hopefully dropping her to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Hit or miss, he'd casually slide over to the base of a nearby tree, leaning his back against it and folding his arms. "You're really stubborn, you know that-?"
  11. Pinball

    [NYL-PP-F11] Of Snowflakes and Mistletoe

    Pinball couldn't help but crack a nervous half-smile as she drew near. "Wh- no, no," he croaked, looking away and running a hand through the sides of his hair. But she looked interested, starting intently at the plushes pinned and hung up around the back of the stand. Because of this, Pinball resisted the urge to start walking away again. Did she want to try it, maybe-? He stumbled over himself for a moment, and then straightened, throwing his thumb to the side towards the river of people walking down the road beside them. There really were a lot of them, and most if not all were heading in the same direction. The event was ending, it seemed, and NPCs and Players alike were filing out of the colorful plaza to get where they needed to be before everything closed up. "I just don't wanna have to wade through that, yet," he mumbled. Weakly, he added, "It looks sorta interesting though, I guess-?" In truth, Pinball was steadily falling back into a sense of normalcy without quite realizing it. He was different around her, like his old self, flip-flopping rapidly between nervousness, anxiety, guilt, and confidence. It was strange. It was uniquely Pinball, at least moreso than the cold and stoic dismissal he gave to anyone else that approached him. And the funniest part was that he didn't even realize he was doing it. And it was at this point that the cheap cosmetics he'd disguised himself with started to fade, not all at once but very, very slowly. The consumables he'd used had a time limit, an unfortunate side effect of cheaping out on items, exchanging their permanence for affordability. Black streaks of hair crawled up to consume the shock white, flecks of blue emerging in the pools of dull grey. Pinball didn't notice it, and gave no indication that he would unless it was pointed out to him. He was completely focused on Mishiro and the ringtoss she seemed engrossed in, and so he took a couple steps forward, expecting her to follow suit. "It is a bit pricey..."
  12. "Yeah," he mumbled in reply, not too sure why he was being thanked. For killing the mobs, maybe-? But that was just why he was here, anyway, wasn't it? Shield had moved towards the NPC, his aim to try and dig her out of the rubble, but for as much as he heaved and panted, he had no such luck. Shield called out to him that it might just be a two player job, inviting him to come and help with the extraction of the drow. "Sure," he said, begrudgingly moving to stand beside Shield. The lady trapped under the slabs of stone was strangely still -- less of a person, and more of reflection of her status as a quest goal. A marker, and not anything like the Dark Elf Council. If this NPC possessed hyper-intelligence, she certainly didn't show that in the way she presented herself. There wasn't even complaining, and it made him wonder if she was actually unconscious. "One, two, three," he murmured, and at that third count he'd pull the bricks off with Shield's help. With any luck, they wouldn't have trouble removing the worst of it, and Pinball would take a few steps back to let Shield handle the rest of it. He generally gave off the impression that he knew what to expect with this quest, and it wasn't Pinball's job to intrude. As far as he knew, his job was over here. Now he'd just wait for that confirmation.
  13. Words of sympathy, now? It took all he had to not outwardly cringe as she spoke to him, her voice carrying the slightest tones of empathy. She really thought she was being honest, didn't she? Helpful? Pinball rolled his eyes, looking back down towards her with that same frigid expression. Find someone to talk to? Someone to listen to him? Fat chance. He wasn't going to get to rest until he finished doing what he had to do, and even then, he'd make sure he didn't relax long. There was too much out to kill him, too many things he'd done that'd marked him irredeemable. Any killer who thought they could 'get better' were fooling themselves. Take the quest, justify the act with excuses, hate what you did and never do it again -- it didn't matter. It didn't change the fact that you stole a life and had absolutely no right to. It was a hole you dug for yourself, one you couldn't climb back out of. Ever. No matter how far you ran, how hard you tried to hide within the depths of your own crumbling and pathetic mind. That crime would always be there. And there was no changing that. "No. I'm not suffering from anything, thanks, and I don't need anyone to listen to me complain about anything." Then, as sarcastically as he could muster, he added, "But I appreciate the concern."
  14. Pinball

    [PP-F9] Through Fire

    Annoying. Annoying, annoying, annoying. The words were on a constant loop in Pinball's head as he was shaked around by Cerberus like a ragdoll, fiery maw threatening to swallow him whole if it'd just reer its head back. But that window of oppurtunity would close as Pinball smacked the hellhound on the nose, once, twice, three times, wrenching himself free and saving himself from the future where he'd ended up a midday snack for the hellish dog. He fell to the ground nimbly, he still had that much practice left in him, and dashed to the side as another one of the heads took a snap at him. Pinball just barely had the chance to unleash a barrage of spear strikes, shattering the first head, before jumping back twice to dodge the follow up attacks of Inferno's Rage. Hissing quietly through grit teeth, Pinball's hand found another one of the healing crystals Arabelle had given him. Loathe to use things the retreating girl had given him but even more unprepared to die to this quest boss, Pinball crushed the gem in his palms and savored the relief that came with a rapidly replenishing healthbar. Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-13 EN/+1 EN] {Well Rested} // [+62 HP] [Fur Elise: Masterpiece - Instant ((+120 HP))] Head 1: ID#147685 BD: 5+3= 8 (Hit!) ~ 23*15= 345-75= 270 DMG // 30 THORNS Head 2: ID#147686 MD: 3-3= 0 (Miss) Head 3: ID#147687 MD: 8-3= 5 (Miss) [H: 0] Arabelle: 475/560 HP | 40/56 EN | 14 DMG | 46 MIT | 3 Probiotics | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | Fallen | 2 Recovery | Regen [H: 2] Pinball: 999/1240 HP | 100/124 EN | 23 DMG | 5 ACC | 6 EVA | 62 BH | 8-10/36 FRZ | Phase | 3 Probiotics [BURN: 2/2] «Cerberus, Inferno's Rage» Head 1: 0/500 HP | 175 DMG | 75 MIT | 1 ACC | 30 Thorns Head 2: 500/500 HP | 175 DMG | 75 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 30 Thorns Head 3: 500/500 HP | 175 DMG | 75 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 30 Thorns Abilities: << Bringing Hell >> : "Cerberus, Inferno's Rage" gains 1 attack for each head alive. << One at a Time >> : Players can only target one Head at a time before hitting another. AoE's do not work on this boss. << Burning Bite >> : On successful attacks, the player is inflicted with "Burn" dealing 36 unmitigatable damage for 2 turns. << Infernal Punishment >> : On a critical attacks, this boss gains additional damage and will phase through 50% of the target's mitigation on all attacks this turn. [9 = 25 | 10 = 75]  << Bloodless >> : This boss is immune to all status effects.
  15. She was following him. Again. He'd half-expected it to happen, honestly, but living that moment was more annoying than just being prepared for the possibility. What could he even do? Attack her and try to drive her off? No, probably not. That wouldn't sit well on his conscience right now, though he'd absolutely done worse before. Yell at her? Pinball didn't really think he had the energy in him. The way she'd thrown herself in front of the dragon told him that she was either not the brightest player he'd come across, or a tank, and someone who didn't know who he was at that. For someone with a name as notorious as his, he almost had a penchant for attracting the easily killable. "You could get a friend to go along with you," he dryly mumbled, "but I'm not sure how long you'd last at the end of the quest line. Make sure to bring potions to help." And he kept walking. Trying to shut her out was probably the best course of action here, considering.