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  1. Rolling ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-14 EN/+1 EN] Bat 2: ID#113755 BD: 9 (Crit.+1) MD: 4-4= 1 (Miss!) ~ 18+1= 19*15= 285-37= 248 DMG + FREEZE [H:3/0] Mars: HP: 880/880 ENG: 54/88 DMG: 19 ACC: 6 EVA: 5 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds [H:0/5] Pin: 980/980 HP | 60/98 EN | 18 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 8-10/24 FRZ | Phase Bat 1: 370/1000 MIT:75 EVA: 2 ACC: 1 175 DMG 225(9)+paralyze 275(10)+paralyze Bat 2: 287/1000 MIT:75 EVA: 2 ACC: 1 175 DMG 225(9)+paralyze 275(10)+paralyze {FREEZE}
  2. There was a brief pause in-between ferocious exchanges as the Bats, snarling and frothing at the mouths, took a moment to analyze their pray. They were only two, and their armor was light (or kind of nonexistant, really). And yet, they were having so much trouble taking down these particular humans. Where did their hidden strength come from? What did they hope to find down the path this path they were traveling? What was the point- Pinball rushed forward, using his spear as a pole-vault. The tired, scruffy looking teen soared through the air with a mischievious grin splayed across his face. He brought his spear up, giving the weapon a quick overhead twirl, and then spun once, flipping around to face the Bat on land. Pinball erupted in a flurry of spear strikes too quick for the eye to truly follow. With each hit the Bat reeled back, dark red gashes coating its torso as it was forced further and further back down the path... and Pinball landed flat on his back. With a snort, he hopped to his feet, placing a hand on his knee and grinning at the monster. The Bat hissed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-13 EN/+1 EN] {Well Rested} Bat 2: ID#113713 BD: 5+3= 8 (Hit!) MD: 3-4= 1 (Miss!) ~ 18*15= 270-75= 195 DMG Bat 1: ID#113714 MD: 4-4= 1 (Miss!) [H:2/0] Mars: HP: 880/880 ENG: 65/88 DMG: 19 ACC: 6 EVA: 5 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds [H:0/2] Pin: 980/980 HP | 73/98 EN | 18 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 8-10/24 FRZ | Phase Bat 1: 580/1000 MIT:75 EVA: 2 ACC: 1 175 DMG 225(9)+paralyze 275(10)+paralyze Bat 2: 535/1000 MIT:75 EVA: 2 ACC: 1 175 DMG 225(9)+paralyze 275(10)+paralyze
  3. "I'm not going back into the safe zone," he responded dully. He glanced over his shoulder, then pointed at the grey pillar in the distance that seemed to rise infinitely through the sky. "I'm walking to the second floor." He started to walk forward with a dismissive wave of his hand, ignoring her request and her pleading. "Good luck with the quest." Pinball somehow managed to resist the urge to say goodbye or even stick around with her for just a bit longer; this felt more final, and it painted a much ruder picture of the teenager. That was good. He was done here. And although it ripped his heart to shreds, turning his back on this friendly woman and her genuine concern, he knew it was for the better. Pinball didn't want her to get in trouble for being spotted with him, and he didn't want to get caught if that one edgy mask guy just happened to be patrolling the area. Hestia, he could run away from, but... anyway. He rested the palm of his hand on Tyrfring's pommel as he walked through grassy plains, taking a deep, greedy breath of the crisp evening air. Lingering would just hurt him more. So Pinball plucked his heart from his chest and shoved it in a bottle with all other things. <<PINBALL LEAVES THE THREAD>>
  4. Pinball heard Mars loud and clear, but the monsters they were fighting seemed a bit smarter than the other ones. Kind of. Pinball's Bat didn't attack him from the air like Mars'; his attacked from land. The Bat got low on all fours, its claws digging into the stone and dirt. It hissed, bright red eyes flaring in the gloom, and then it charged, rushing forward at Pinball with an enraged, murderous intent. Pinball sidestepped, claws raking empty air where he once stood. As it passed, he unleashed Dimension Stampede against its exposed form - but this time, unlike his previous fight, he didn't freeze the monster. It was a bit disappointing, and his initial attack didn't deal the same massive damage he had done in the last match with the bats. With his buffs, Pinball figured Mars would finish fighting first. He glanced over to his companion to see how he was holding up, but wouldn't let his gaze linger too long. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-13 EN] {Well Rested} / Charge! +5 DMG and Bull Rush! Bat 1: ID#113559 BD: 6+2= 8 (Hit!) MD: 3-4= 1 (Miss!) ~ 23*15= 345-75= 270 DMG + STUN Bat 2: ID#113560 MD: 5-4= 1 (Miss!) [H:1/0] Mars: HP: 880/880 ENG: 76/88 DMG: 19 ACC: 6 EVA: 5 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds [H:0/1] Pin: 980/980 HP | 85/98 EN | 18 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 8-10/24 FRZ | Phase Bat 1: 790/1000 MIT:75 EVA: 2 ACC: 1 175 DMG 225(9)+paralyze 275(10)+paralyze Bat 2: 730/1000 MIT:75 EVA: 2 ACC: 1 175 DMG 225(9)+paralyze 275(10)+paralyze
  5. Pinball whirled around as soon as he heard her scream. His blade drawn in a second, Pinball found himself charging back to Symphony, retracing his steps. He was a bit upset she was this scared over a single Frenzy Boar, but he knew for beginners, fighting was usually frightening. He slid to a stop in front of her, sword drawn. He faced down the lowly creature with a blank, apathetic stare, and swung his sword in the air. Bright crimson light materialized in the air in front of him, and it rushed forward in a second, a slash of raw energy cutting the creature in half. Pinball sheathed his weapon, and turned back to Symphony. "You alright?" And then, "Sure. Go ahead." Pinball rolled his head around his shoulders, and took a step away from the tree. He paused for a second, retrieved the book he had left on the ground, and offered it to Symphony. He took a step backwards as he held the item out, ready to leave. He'd paid her back, now, and the safety of the city was just a few yards away. "I'm out."
  6. "Yeah," he agreed dumbly, incapable of any sort of intense, prolongued thought, "sounds like a plan." He held his spear behind his back and across his shoulders with both hands; it was like that one scene from Mulan with the buckets and stuff. Pinball snorted quietly to himself, and then let the walk fall back into a period of silence. It wasn't long before the path opened up. The walls stretched out and widely around a huge portion of cut out cave. There was still only a single path, but from here on out it was more like a bridge that connected the tunnel to the settlement in the distance. Looking down, the floor fell into inky darkness, but the points of jagged rock could be made out if one stared hard enough. The bridge to the town was wide enough for four people to stand side-by-side on, but there was no sort of guard rail. And blocking the duo's path, staring straight ahead at them, were two of the bats like the ones they had fought earlier. Pinball tossed his spear into his hand and glanced at Mars. "Should we AoE this time, or stick with what we were doing?" He gestured a hand at the shrieking creatures that were now charging at them. "After you, m'love."
  7. "Nothin'," he retorted, shoving his hands in his pocket. Being called a "grumpy butt" made him grumpy. And that made him feel like he was acting like a child... and that made him angrier. He started tearing up the grass, having picked clean the weeds that littered his immediate area. From the corner of his eye he watched her puck a flower off the ground and place it in her pouch. Pinball kept brooding, his lack of sleep obviously, at this point, souring his mood and making him irritable. Pinball almost snapped at her when she called him out for not speaking his mind. But then her eyes went wide and she leaned in close. Pinball flinched inwardly, feeling a bit of heat in his ears as she flicked his shoulder and moved his shirt to the side, telling him softly to stay still for a second; and surprisingly, he didn't shove her off or shout or scream or do anything the teenager might have given the impression he would. He wanted to, but he largely lacked the energy, and he was practically limp in her arms as she moved him around. He was confused. He hadn't actually realized that it was a bug she had flicked from his shoulder (thank God, or there would have been kicking and screaming), and he was left wondering and a bit embarrassed by the older woman's peculiar actions. "Nothing's got me bothered," he said maybe a bit too quickly, a little red in the face. "I'm gonna- I'm gonna go make sure there's nothing getting too close or anything." He stood up then, and started to walk a little stiffly into the plains, carefully keeping his temporary companion within eyesight.
  8. Sellswords? Pinball considered the idea, mentally running through a list of players he thought would be strong enough to take on a boss fight. He also took into consideration him and his companion's... peculiar situations. Needless to say, the list was short and practically non-existant - unless they, of course, forced someone into their group. He almost laughed thinking about the face of some poor, T2 player they beat the hell out of to make them come. And then he realized what Mars meant. "Well..." Pinball let out a pent up breath, starting to feel suffocated and claustrophobic as they traveled through winding tunnels and "open" caves. Everything looked the same, even though he knew he hadn't been this way before, and it was starting to freak him out. Maybe it was the sleep talking. "Yeah, no, I got you," he said finally. "How about you go to the next boss meeting and find out? Like, ask around, and find out when they're holdin' it." "Just speak like there's gonna be two of you. Don't tell 'em I'm an orange player, though. And if Hest or this edgy, shadowy dude asks... you've never met 'Pinball'."
  9. Pinball

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Charge Mod(s) Being Dropped: Bull Rush SP Refunded: 58 Cost: 58,000 Col
  10. Were they actually going to do that? Pinball wasn't sure how comfortable he was showing his face to the people he had previously been arrested by. He thought on it for a moment, and wasn't surprised that he couldn't really think right now, per se. He was way too tired, and it was almost as if he could feel that lack of sleep dumbing him down. He wasn't nearly as sharp as he normally was, huh? And even then, actually, was he even that sharp to begin with-? Either way, his mood was violently changing. Volatile and unpredictable, Pinball jumped between happy and sad and angry like it was nothing. Pinball slipped his spear across the back of his neck and held it up with both arms as he walked. "Hrng," was all he grunted in response. If they wanted to do something like that, they needed to get buffs - and for that, during raid season, they would probably need to be accepted by the other frontliners, what with every shop being flooded with orders. Pinball twitched, shrugged, and twitched again, nearly dropping his spear (not that such a thing was very possible).
  11. Her words set him off. Pinball's gaze lingered on the book's worn pages for a second longer, and when Symphony turned around to continue her gathering, he set it aside. I'm not interested in the damn book, he thought grumpily. Whatever. Pinball went back to picking weeds and staring off into the distance. He was frustrated now, and felt like he couldn't open the book anymore. But he was stubborn, and he refused to give into temptation after that. He pushed it a bit further away from him as Symphony found another material. More experience than him by a mile? At first he didn't believe that. There were only a handful of people more powerful than he was, but then he let his tired brain get to work and thought about it. There were some people who had been out in the field way longer than he had, it's true. They could have died or went into hiding like so many others, though. The people on the frontlines he knew - none of them were writers. Except maybe Neo, but that was out of necessity. He harrumphed, and went back to running his fingers through the dirt.
  12. "You get used to it after a while." Pinball plopped back down in the grass, settling in his spot. Night was coming soon, but for Pinball, it was almost like the beginning of the day. It was weird; his sleeping schedule was messed up to the point where he only slept when he was tired - and even then, the times he slept varied considerably. His mood got better and worse at the drop of a pin, and he passed out whenever he lies down. Sometimes he thought he saw things that weren't there. Sometimes he closed his eyes and woke up four hours later. Sometimes he thought, if he could somehow make everyone disappear, he could be at peace. Pinball lifted his head and answered her question, as curt as ever. "Not much." There was a hint of emotion in his voice, under the monotonous tone that suggested something more sinister - or was he just being brief, and trying to avoid conversation? It was probably quite hard to tell. Pinball reopened the book he had borrowed and quickly flipped back to the page he had left off on.
  13. Pinball

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    Pinball's attention eventually drifted back to the group. He saw Neopolitan off to the side, fighting a ghoul by herself, and he saw Hazado standing with his back turned to Mars. How about you quit staring off into nothing and go help your girlfriend, he snorted. Pinball pushed himself to his feet. He was feeling better now. Now, "better" was a subjective thing, but- He shook himself out of it. But Pinball didn't want to hear it from anyone right now, so he instead took his spear and pointed it at Neopolitan, who was a good distance away. She didn't talk, at least. She could think all she wanted. He thought better of it, though, glancing at Haz. He wouldn't want him over there, near his... person. Pinball rolled his eyes and rested his spear across his shoulders, resigning himself to just standing here. He kept an eye out for any other ghouls, but said nothing and did nothing else.
  14. Pinball watched, uninterested as the Frenzy Boar's body dissipitated into a cloud of pale blue, transluscent polygonals. He watched the small crystals drift away and disappear before turning his attention to Symphony. "Harvest?" He nodded, and then shrugged. "Well, I can't get any rewards from these mobs. Too weak. But sometimes they can drop meat." He shook his head though, turning around to gather the books. She wanted to make camp so soon? They weren't even that far from the town. If worse came to worst, and she couldn't afford renting a room, he could pay for one. "Boar meat isn't that tasty, though. You want..." He picked put his new book on his waist. "...bear meat. Or deer, if you want something less - uh. Gamey. Or bite-y." "You wanna camp right outside the city?" Were they hobos? "Should finish your quest first. I'm leaving after."
  15. And just like that, the fight was over just as quickly as it had started. As Pinball's Bat, too, burst into a cloud of bits of blue, he was left with an unsatisfied feeling in his stomach. That wasn't fun at all! Pinball cocked his head to the side, watching the crystals that were once a monster float away into nothingness. He looked over to Mars and noticed his rival staring at him, a similar cloud dissipating in front of him. Pinball shrugged, and looked down the path they had been walking down. "Pretty lame," was all he offered before starting to walk down the path again. "Is it an actual Hidden Village? I wasn't paying attention." Pinball rested his spear across his shoulder, looking behind him to make sure they weren't being followed - by monster and human alike. Once he was confident they were in the clear, he turned his attention back up ahead. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-14 EN/+1 EN] Bat 2: ID#113490 BD: 7+3= 10 (Hit!) ~ 18*15= 270-75= 195 DMG [H:0] Mars: HP: 880/880 ENG: 32/88 DMG: 19 ACC: 6 EVA: 5 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds [H:5] Pinball: 980/980 HP | 34/98 EN | 18 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 8-10/24 FRZ | Phase Bat 2: 0/1000 MIT:75 EVA: 2 ACC: 1 175 DMG 225(9)+paralyze 275(10)+paralyze