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  1. Pinball

    [PP-09] <<The Iron Guardian>> w/ Pinball

    Away they went, and soon the Iron Guardian came lumbering into view. It was big - taller than the both of them, but a lot shorter than he expected. Pinball kept up a painfully neutral face as he drew Tyrfing once more, and his familiar leapt forth from the jar on his waist and surrounded the blade in a whirlpool of black flame. "..." As the behemoth stepped forward, Pinball brought his sword back onto his shoulder. It glowed a deep red, and then he swung the weapon in an arc, sending forth a blast of crackling crimson energy. But the Iron Guardian lifted its sword in retaliation. Its weapon and the energy collided, but the Guardian prevailed, forcing his blade to cut through and destroy the energy in a contest of strength. Pinball frowned. But that wasn't all. He lifted his head up. There, to the left, watching them from a hill - was the hooded form of the broker they'd received the quest from. Pinball immediately understood why it was even here in the first place - it was going to try to jump them when the fight ended for whatever sort of item it dropped. He'd heard stories about it that went like that - so it must have been one of the possible endings to the quest. So why the hell should he just sit around and wait for more combat? Without missing a beat, Pinball sent another blast of red upwards, towards the hill, aimed directly at the Mysterious Broker. Upon realizing what was happening, the Quest NPC stood, trying to retreat - but it was too late. The Sword Art's energy cut him clean in two, destroying it. One problem out of the way. It's just an NPC. Action Taken: Sword Art - [Shadow Explosion] [-11 EN/+1 EN] Iron Guardian: ID#124184 BD: 1+4= 5 (Miss!) MD: 4-3= 1 (Miss!) Mysterious Broker: ID#124185 BD: 8 (Hit!) MD: Dead ~ 15*9= 162 DMG [0] Kobold: 1120/1120 HP | 99/112 EN | 15 DMG | 3 EVA | 4 ACC [0] Cordelia: HP: 440/440 | EN: 37/44 | 9 DMG | 3 EVA | 1 SAVVY | 2 KEEN Iron Guardian: 225/225 HP | 200 DMG | 12 Thorns | 9-10/12 Bleed Mysterious Broker: 150/150 HP | 200 DMG | 9-10/Paralyze | CD-10//50 BH
  2. Pinball

    [F19-PP] Resurrection of The forgotten

    "Any plans?" Pinball wanted to busy himself, so he actually went around and closed the chest he'd kicked across the clearing, fixing it and setting it upright. And then he sat down, settling with a soft sigh. "Uh, maybe the next boss fight. I'm kind of worried. Kind of excited. It sounds fun, you know?" He shrugged, thinking. There was a place he wanted to see. Suddenly he felt a lot more sad, but he tried his best not to let that show. It wouldn't do to show one of the top up-and-coming tanks in Aincrad that you're getting sad in the middle of a dungeon. What if she thought he was unreliable or something? "Then maybe I'm going to visit the Fourth Floor," he mumbled, averting his eyes. Admittedly, he wasn't a very good liar. The truth was the best option for him, really. "There's something I wanna try and see up on one of the mountains.' EN Recovery: 3/3
  3. Pinball

    [PP-09] <<The Iron Guardian>> w/ Pinball

    Pinball shook his head. Shrugged. He watched Cordelia obliterate the Iron Knight in a single strike - which was a pleasant surprise. In his past, he felt like he'd only ever carried weaker, more inexperienced players through quests. Not that he'd be surprised if she was a lower level than him; but, it was strangely nostalgic. Bittersweet, even. But that bittersweet taste of nostalgia on his tongue wasn't something he believed he deserved. He stood his ground on that. Pinball let his sword point to his side. Shadow began to swirl around the length of it, and a sparkling yellow energy radiated around its point as it doubled in length. As the Iron Knight charged him, Pinball simply took a step back, and then thrust Tyrfing into its chest. It exploded into a million tiny crystals, dissipitating and scattered on the wind. The energy faded, Zomekko's fog returned itself to the jar on his waist, and Pinball sheathed his weapon. "The Guardian should have spawned over there." Action Taken: Sword Art - [Vorpal Lance] [-4 EN/+1 EN] {Well Rested} Iron Knight 2: ID#124172 BD: 9 (Crit!) MD: 4-3= 1 (Miss!) ~ 15+1= 16*5= 80 DMG [2] Kobold: 1120/1120 HP | 112/112 EN | 15 DMG | 3 EVA | 4 ACC [0] Cordelia: HP: 440/440 | EN: 36/44 | 9 DMG | 3 EVA | 1 SAVVY | 2 KEEN Iron Knight 2: 0/72 HP | 120 DMG | 12 Thorns | 9-10/12 Bleed
  4. {1/8} T1 Dessert: ID# {2/8} T1 Dessert: ID# {3/8} T1 Dessert: ID# {4/8} T1 Dessert: ID# {5/8} T1 Dessert: ID# {6/8} T1 Dessert: ID# {7/8} T1 Dessert: ID# {8/8} T1 Dessert: ID#
  5. Pinball

    [F19-PP] Resurrection of The forgotten

    Before coming to a stop and setting the chest down, he tried lifting it. Sadly, it wasn't as heavy as he'd hoped it would be - but that was probably for the best. In his experience, Mimics tended to be on the heftier side, and the last thing they needed right now was an animate demon chest. He'd rather not be swallowed whole in a dungeon that was already chewing them up and spitting them back out. Pinball frowned. That fight would have been a lot easier with Stryder and Neo, but they were so far away now, Pinball figured, that they'd search for the exit instead of trying to rejoin him and Hestia. Without further adieu, Pinball flipped the hatch and opened up the chest. What he was met with was... almost as disappointing as his friends' disappearance. Well, whatever. "Not much," Pinball mumbled, gathering the materials and slamming the lid shut, "not much at all." He shrugged, standing up and kicking the empty box to the side. "Whatever. We'll split it down the middle." Action Taken: Opening Chest Chest: ID#124092 LD: 7 (Bleh) Received: 950 Col, 2 T3 Materials, 2 T3 Unidentified Uncommon Consumables
  6. Pinball

    [PP-09] <<The Iron Guardian>> w/ Pinball

    "Well," he said, looking off down the path, "I think we're about to find out." Pinball drew his sword. The golden-hilted weapon's silver blade shimmered in the sun, refracting light like water. The effect made it beautiful, if not strange to look at. The words and action of the teenager could have been taken as hostility - a threat, even - but he made no move to attack her. Pinball stared silently down the ashen path ahead of them, and eventually... ...thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. The sound of shifting metal and heavy footfalls could be heard rounding the bend. Looking around, the path was bordered by dead, blackened trees; Pinball reasoned that due to the terrain, the shine of metal would both be difficult to maneuver and stick out like a sore thumb in the primarily red and black landscape. And he didn't see them coming through the trees or from over the rocks. So that left the path. One second. Two seconds. Three. And then two Iron Knights came into sight, deep red cursors hovering over their heads. Pinball's stance remained lax. And then he looked to Cordelia, wanting to see how she was going to react. Action Taken: None im just listing the stats rn Pinball: 1120/1120 HP | 112/112 EN | 15 DMG | 3 EVA | 4 ACC Cordelia: Uhhhhh Iron Knight 1: 72/72 HP | 120 DMG | 12 Thorns | 9-10/12 Bleed Iron Knight 2: 72/72 HP | 120 DMG | 12 Thorns | 9-10/12 Bleed
  7. Pinball

    [F19-PP] Resurrection of The forgotten

    Pinball paused, taking a deep breath. Ahead of them was the path to what was either a tunnel or the next room, but all he could think about was sitting down for a while and recovering his energy. If whatever was in there was stronger than The Gatekeeper, he was going to need it. So he shook his head, and replied to Hestia. "No, let's heal up and stuff. I'm gonna, um, sit over there for a moment. And make sure I've got, uh. My stuff." So go over there and make sure he had is, uh, stuff for a moment he did. Walking off to the side, leaving Hestia alone in the center of the clearing, Pinball sat on what looked like a rounded boulder placed up against the wall. What a coincidence! But as he took his seat, Pinball became increasingly aware of how wobbly it really was. Curious to see whether or not it moved, he stood, placing the bottom of his boot against it and pushing it off to the side. To his surprise, it rolled away easily, revealing an indentation in the stone - and in that little hole there was a chest. "Woah! Hey!" His eyes lighting up, Pinball put his hands into the hollowed out rock and dragged it out. Action Taken: Searching for Treasure Chest Treasure Chest: ID#124901 LD: 20 (Success!) OOC EN Regen: 1/3
  8. ~ SUMMARY ~ Pinball receives: 5 SP (Mega Slime Farm) 8,400 Col
  9. "Eh? So it's all just a rumour made up by the thieves?" Ali asked, a partially surprised expression on his face. Maybe he'd sort of wanted there to be a manticore... which there was. He didn't understand why the NPC chose to ignore what he'd just said, but he continued. "I can't really believe it without some proof, my friend, my apologies," the man sighed, digging in his coat pocket. "Either way, a deal's a deal, eh? I can't very well have you running up mountains for me all willy nilly. Here, for your troubles..." With a flick of the wrist, Ali flung a pouch of coins towards him. Pinball caught it lazily. If he didn't want to listen to him, that was his fault. But what this did mean was that there were alternate endings. What did that mean for the next quest-? "Goodbye, Ali," Pinball grumbled, spinning off his chair. Ali didn't respond anymore; instead, he opted to stare into an empty glass of booze. He should have expected that kind of reaction. It wasn't a real person, after all. Pinball felt weirdly disappointed.
  10. As Pinball pulled out his chair, Ali barked a laugh and gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder. "Bah, not likely, eh? You're an artist, friend," Ali praised, "and you paint with your sword." The man looked down at Tyrfing, sheathed and securely strapped to the back of his waist. "I recall you using a different weapon last we met, though, hm?" Pinball flinched. Ali was quick to dismiss the subject. "Ah, but tougher times calls for tougher equipment. That old thing you used to use looked wimpy anyway, friend." Pinball shook his head, but, again, he said nothing. There was a brief moment of silence. The bartender, as if stuck in a trance, rubbed one of his glasses with a towel to no real end. "Well? How'd it go? You find this lion-beaver-dragon thing?" Ali winked, smiling disbelievingly. "I can pay you well if you brought back some sort of proof." Pinball shook his head. "It's real. They keep it in the back of their hideout."
  11. After a bit of travel, Pinball finally made it back to the town and proceeded to sneak his way in. Which, again, wasn't hard. Seriously, where were all the guards? Were they that bad at their jobs? Was this particular settlement not a safe zone? Or was Pinball just that good at Stealth? It could have been anything. Maybe they'd all been killed in a PKer raid. He stifled a sigh. Yeah, right. He'd tried to fight a guard once. Not likely. Treading up the steps to the Drunken Cane and pushing open the door, Pinball was delighted to find that it was still pretty much empty. As if on cue, Ali and the bartender both turned their heads in his direction. Pinball shut the door behind him as Ali looked on expectantly. "Welcome back, friend," he hummed, gesturing for Pinball to take a seat beside him. "Any luck on this mystery creature? I hope those bandits didn't give you too much of a hassle."
  12. Eventually, he stopped. Not for a while, but he did come to a stop. Standing up and brushing the dirt off, Pinball looked around. He couldn't see the town anywhere, but he recognized his surroundings. He was in a relatively empty field, filled with small hills and boulders. Most of the time, there were deep recession; and since you couldn't see over most of these hills, they made for the perfect spots to hide and set up camp. Unless you set up a fire. That's not very sneaky. He'd made that mistake before. It'd take him about twenty minutes to get where he needed to go. Pinball frowned. Maybe quests were tedious. And maybe that's why he used to prefer to do them with other people. Well, that wasn't exactly an option now. He started to walk. It wasn't pleasant, but he had to do it, and that was that.
  13. With the fight over and finished, it was time to return to Ali with word of the manticore's existence. For a moment, all was silent save for the peaceful lull of the forest's ambience. Fireflies floating lazily through the air, weaving golden threads of light in-between the trees, giving the forest a faint glow. In that instant, Pinball was overcome with a profound feeling of tranquility. Maybe everything would turn out alright in the end, after all. He let himself get lost in his thoughts - silent musings and conversations he held with no one other than himself. Reminiscing on the past and bracing himself for the future, Pinball became more and more aware of the long, painful path ahead of him. And then, because he wasn't paying attention, Pinball's boot hit something rock solid. He looked down, trying to plant his other foot firmly in the dirt on the path. But it was the same surface his other boot had touched. Thunk. This huge boulder dislodged - with Pinball on top of it. With no way of saving himself, Pinball fell... ...and fell. All the way down the mountain, kicking up dirt and grass and rocks as he descended at a painfully steep decline, and hoping beyone hope that the boulder was stopped by trees before it flattened him as they plummetted.
  14. For a moment, they were confused. Where'd he go? But Pinball saw them both all too clearly - and their Detection rates, he'd found, were really, really bad. Almost as bad as Neopolitan's consumables. He'd get a head start, and then he'd come up behind them, cutting against their backs so there wasn't a chance of him missing. Crackling crimson energy ripped through their avatars, effectively bifurcating them both without fail. Pinball reappeared, dropping stealth with the Sneak Attack, exhaling deeply. Sheathing his sword, Pinball gave the clearing he'd been fighting in one last thoughtful look before turning around and beginning to head back to Ali. Back to the town - back to the Drunken Cane with the information he'd now procured. Two thieves sure as hell beat fighting a manticore - but maybe it would have been more enjoyable to go up against the latter. It was kind of sad, knowing he'd never be able to get whatever drop it was he would have been given for killing the thing. Maybe if he'd gotten it, he would have kept it for himself instead of giving it to Ali. Or maybe he wouldn't have. He'll never know. (OOC: Accidentally linked the two Sneak Attack rolls to the above post/whoops im dumb/won't happen again don't nuke my thread pls thank) Action Taken: Sword Art - [Shadow Explosion] [-13 EN/+1 EN] {Sneak Attack} Senior Thief 1: ID#124041 BD: 2 LD: 11+7= 18 Stealth Rating ~ 15+3= 18*9= 162-43= 119 DMG Senior Thief 2: ID#124042 BD: 1 ~ 15+3= 18*9= 162-43= 119 DMG Pinball: 910/1120 HP | 75/112 EN | 15 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA {2/3 Vanish} Senior Thief 1: 0/186 HP / 9 DMG / 43 MIT / 2 ACC / 2 Savvy / 8-10/24 Bleed Senior Thief 2: 0/186 HP / 9 DMG / 43 MIT / 2 ACC / 2 Savvy / 8-10/24 Bleed
  15. Pinball's white-knuckled grip on his sword was more than obvious, but to an NPC that wouldn't matter. On the other hand, he wasn't sure why he was getting so into the fight. Maybe it was a pleasant distraction. Maybe it was comforting, in a way, being able to kill these things and knowing that they weren't real humans. But, again - thinking about it like that didn't help. It was fun to lose yourself in something small and trivial; to give something your all, just because. It takes your mind off of things. Like a hobby, really. As long as you had something to do - something healthy, that is - then you could stay... human. Pinball ran forward, in a flash. Zomekko's fog enveloped him. He shot the thief closest to him one last icy glare until his body, too, blurred and then blinked out of existence. He'd vanished. Action Taken: {Vanish} [-6 EN/+1 EN] // [-24 HP from Bleed] Vanish: ID#124033 LD: 3+7= 10 Stealth Rating Pinball: 910/1120 HP | 87/112 EN | 15 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA [2/2 Bleed] {1/3 Vanish} Senior Thief 1: 85/186 HP / 9 DMG / 43 MIT / 2 ACC / 2 Savvy / 8-10/24 Bleed Senior Thief 2: 94/186 HP / 9 DMG / 43 MIT / 2 ACC / 2 Savvy / 8-10/24 Bleed