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  1. Pinball dismissed the rewards with a practiced swipe of his finger and opened his Inventory. In a flash, his spear dematerialized, and in another a sword sprung to life in his hand, a scabbard now at his waist. He sheathed the gold and silver weapon and followed along quietly beside Kityuisa. He spared her a quick glance and couldn't help but notice how nervous she looked. He turned away, then, stifling another sigh. She wasn't scared of him - that much was obvious. Stupidly obvious. So what was on her mind? "A choice," Pinball said. That was it. "Mars?" For once, there was a slight spark of interest in Pinball's cold, dead eyes. "He mentioned me?" Then it really hit him. "You fought him. And you're still alive?" Pinball snorted. "I don't think he was trying very hard to kill you." He remembered once, a long time ago, they had been rivals; a bittersweet memory that Pinball pushed to the edge of his mind. A memory he hoped he would one day forget. Once they were outside and past the raging sandstorm, Pinball would stop walking and instead take a seat in the sand. It was implied that Kit should do the same, but she'd find Pinball didn't care either way. Something strange happened then. Pinball's face softened - but only just a bit. Some of the tension in his eyebrows lifted, though his eyes remained as empty and emotionless as they had always been. He didn't say anything else - but he waited for her to talk. And he was listening.
  2. Pinball

    Housing Evaluation

    SELLING House Name: The Exclusion Rooms: 4 Refund: 7,500 per room + 12,000 (Apartment) = 42k Col to Pinball
  3. Pinball

    Housing Evaluation

    House Name: Green Garden Location: <<Floor 8>> Description: Hidden away in the deep forests and dug into one of the many hills of the 8th Floor is Green Garden: an ancient, ruined castle largely reclaimed by nature. A wooden staircase carries players down alongside the walls of the hollow hill and into the center of the estate where the sun and moon are free to shine their light. Vines and wild flowers run rampant along the dejected architecture, untamed and colorful; in the central courtyard, the perpetual rain of leaves and flower petals litter the mossy cobblestone and fresh dirt. A cool stream runs through the middle of the yard. The inside of the castle is dark and desolate, almost devoid of furniture. More often than not, the lanters that would light the long, empty halls are turned off - the only natural light came from the windows lining the immediate perimeter of the building. Despite how it looks on the surface, however, the mansion sports a plentiful variety of facilities... including a library filled to the brim with dusty leather tomes, loose paper, ink, and quills. Green Garden was strangely hospitable for such a lonely piece of land. Plot Size: Estate {PK Accessible} Rooms: [6/15] - (Master Bedroom) | (Master Bathroom) | (Basic Kitchen) | (Living Room) | (Storage Closet) | (Mega Slime Farm) | All Assigned to Pinball Room Upgrades: (Master Bedroom) | (Master Bathroom) | (Mega Slime Farm) ~ 45,000 Col Total Cost: Free (Donor 25+) // 45k Upgrades (Sent to Banker)
  4. Finally, Sando Setsu seemed like it was starting to break free of the ice. First its head and its torso, then its arms and a leg; but Pinball was going to take advantage of its icy stasis. As Kityuisa moved forward, Pinball ran to the side to flank it, the tip of his spear held low to the ground and just barely scraping against the sand. Where Kit felt threatened and made a retreat, Pinball leapt into the air, bringing Cold Fervor down furiously in judgement of the alledgedly berserk Field Boss. With each stab and slash of his spear, the monster's health dropped lower and lower, until finally it hit zero and Pinball swiped his weapon through a cloud of pixels. He pulled his arms back and looked over to Kityuisa. The rewards screen would blaze to life in front of them, and behind the two players the gates of the Arena slowly swung open once more. Party Passive Effects: N/A Enemy Passive Effects: N/A Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-14 EN/+1 EN] {Well Rested} Sando Setsu: ID#119739 BD: 4+3= 7 (Hit!) LD: 11 (Kit) MD: 1 (Miss!) [FROZEN] ~ 18*15= 270-30= 240 DMG Party ♥ Kityuisa | 260/200 HP | 17/26 EN | 6 DMG | 23 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA ♥ Pinball | 1060/1060 HP | 79/106 EN | 18 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA Enemy ♥ Sando Setsu | 0/350 HP | 30 MIT | 150 DMG
  5. Pinball

    [PP-F1] Flights of Fancy

    Even from inside his own room, he heard their voices traveling down the hall. The door shutting behind them. Their footsteps, marching in unison, carrying them out of the inn and farther out into the wilderness of the floor than Pinball would ever really want to be. He was alone. Pale light streamed through the single, poorly shuttered window in his room; and while it wasn't enough to properly illuminate his surroundings, it must have been deliberately angled to wake him up in the morning. Which, for lack of better words, sucked. Pinball groaned and brought his arm up to his eyes, reaching around the bed for his sheets but finding nothing. He must have kicked them off the side of the cot when he was asleep - and when he leaned over to try and feel for it on the floor, he fell over. The room was minimalistic in design and in furnishing - but not by choice. There was a small bed, a window, a desk, a chair, and a basin situated in the corner with a mirror affixed to the wall above it. Pinball sighed and pushed himself to his feet. His dagger was laid across the desk, along with a pouch of col carrying the meager sum of money he had made yesterday picking herbs and the sort. Maybe it was just a force of habit, but he felt gross without washing up in the morning. There were no baths in the inn, but he figured a quick splash of water should wash more than suffice in washing away what he was feeling. So he took a seat in front of the sink, brought the water up to his face and washed away. He wiped his eyes and met his own gaze in his reflection, water dripping from his chin and the ends of his hair. He didn't feel any different. It took him all of ten seconds to get dressed and about five minutes to teleport to the First Floor. He pulled his jacket tight around his shoulders as he walked down the frosty, cobbled streets. There was no snow, but there was a moody grey overcast and a not-so-pleasant chill to boot. That didn't stop the couples. Everywhere around him, people were kissing and hugging and holding hands. Street vendors sold boquets of flowers, flower crowns, and corsages that all somehow managed to stay alive in spite of the weather. Any other day, it'd make him sort of happy - these people and these flowers, no matter how emotionally and physically challenged they were, found light even in the darkest of places. Kind of sweet. Kind of gross. Pinball didn't even get love. What was the point of all that? It seemed like a hassle, more than anything. He didn't even understand what she saw in that guy. With a huff, an indignant Pinball turned his head away from a particularly chatty group of players ahead of him. He told himself he didn't want to keep walking, but he was really only trying to avoid walking down the same street as other people. It made him nervous. So he put his shoulder up to a door and pushed inside of the first building he saw.
  6. A sharp roar emanated from the center of the Arena of Spears. Shrouded in a storm of sand, there was a silhouette that urged them closer with a massive sword gripped in two reptilian claw-hand-things. "Then you've got a while to think about it," he said coolly, hefting his spear in both hands. To be truthful, he thought he understood how she felt. Every time he tried to sit down and think about things, he just couldn't summon the words. There were only feelings: anger, sadness, indifference. But Pinball didn't waste a second more. The teenager leapt forth, leaving a trail of snowflakes and globules of shadow behind him. Sando Setsu's name was revealed, and it charged for them, spinning its buster sword around in circles, trying to swipe at them all. It was quick - but so was Pinball. Before it really got a chance to pick up speed, Pinball caught it with his spear; and froze it solid. There were quick flashes of deep purple, evanescent balls of shadow originating from the black flame surrounding his weapon, and a flury of snowflakes as he cut the Field Boss to ribbons. With each struck, frost coated its body, forcing it to slow down - and, well, freeze. But even as his attack died down, the monster was already forcing its way out. It wouldn't be long before the ice shattered and the whirling dervish was free to try and attack them again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-14 EN] {Well Rested} Sando Setsu: ID#119606 BD: 10 (Crit+2) LD: 20 (Kit) MD: 4-1= 3 (Miss!) ~ 18+2= 20*15= 300-10= 290 DMG + Freeze + Phase [LD: 1-10] Pinball: 1060/1060 HP | 92/106 EN | 18 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA [LD: 11-20] Kityuisa: 260/260 HP | 26/26 EN | 6 DMG | 3 ACC | 23 MIT | 1 EVA Sando Setsu: 60/350 HP | 20 MIT 30 MIT | 100 DMG 150 DMG [FROZEN] Sando Satsu ignores Block, Evasion, and Mitigation. But does not do bonus damage on a 9-10 -Cull of the Meek: On a natural roll of 10 he will spin with his weapon at maximum reach hitting everyone in the fight. He will gain 10 hp per person hit. -Dominus: When he reaches 175 hp, he grows massive in size upping his damage to 150 and mitigation to 30 for the rest of the fight.
  7. That question caught him off guard. For a moment he found himself staring at the girl beside him, surprised; but soon his face relaxed and he turned away, returning his attention to the task at hand. But he shoved his hands in his coat pockets and set his jaw. How was he supposed to respond to that? Did he even know the answer? Finally, as inner turmoil plagued his psyche, he found an answer. "Killing people is never worth it," he spat, ignoring the question about reasoning. If she was asking him if his reason for killing was worth it, she wasn't going to get an answer - because that's something he didn't want to think about himself. Then, lower, he added, "But I'm not done yet." He craned his head to the side, looking her up and down. He frowned - and then he turned away. Pinball didn't say anything else.
  8. Then there was a storm. In an instant, dust and sand picked up by a violent wind swirled around them, beating them back with semi-annoying lashes of wind and dirt. It was a sudden and dramatic shift that could only truly mean one thing: they were getting closer to the boss. "Looking for me," Pinball echoed, unamused. His voice was tired and low and rough, and sometimes it seemed like he stared at one thing for just a second too long or spaced out only to snap back to reality sporadically. Talking to him as he was now was strange, and normally it was easy to tell that there was something horribly off about the teenager. "I'm not worried," the murderer continued, "I'm just making sure you know what's up." And then he fell silent again as they inched closer and closer to the arena in the not-so-distant distance. Pinball had never been a conversation starter. Instead, he focused on trying his best not to dwell on the questionable intricacies of his forced stoicism.
  9. If she had messaged him at any other time, in any other place, she wouldn't have gotten a response. If he had been asleep, not only would the soft chime of a new notification do nothing to rouse him, but upon waking he'd find himself devoid of the will to even spare her a reply. The fact of the matter was that Pinball liked to come off as horribly apathetic. But, in a twisted turn of events, his thoughts eventually led him to the decision to meet up with her despite the waves of remorse and unwillingness to help her that crashed down on him like so many waves on the shoreline. He found her quick. He knew the location of the quest and he knew the floor like the back of his hand - he'd practically explored every nook and cranny of them in the years he'd been trapped here, and this quest's notoriety had not been lost on him when he'd made his choice. "You realize these quests are going to be the thing that gets you killed," he spat. But he needed this quest as much as she did - and in spite of his hatred of the leveling mechanics, he knew he was powerful enough to carry her through it. He wouldn't say that, though. Pinball made his way towards the quest location. Player Stats:
  10. Pinball

    [F1-PP] Dragon Hunter Anthology Hunt Numba 1

    "Mmm." Pinball winced. Why had he decided to do this again, exactly? He felt a wave of regret crashing down on him. Rolling his eyes and looking away, Pinball spun on his heel and started to walk away. With nothing more than a dismissive wave, Pinball was ready to be on his own again. The party, though, seemed like they had other plans. And her. God, he hated her. Kind of. Not really. But still - no. For a second he paused, his eyes met with a miniature message screen that burned holes in his head. After that brief moment of hesitation, he brought a finger up and clicked Deny. If they thought he was going to help them through an entire quest line, they had another thing coming. Pinball shook his head as he started on the long walk back to a particularly comfy patch of grass. Their eagerness to level up was unsightly, and he didn't want to be stuck dealing with that. Not for now, at least.
  11. Pinball

    [F1-PP] Dragon Hunter Anthology Hunt Numba 1

    And to be perfectly honest, he wasn't really sure why the hell he followed them. It felt like very single time he was around Kirbs, something bad happened. Maybe they just didn't have chemistry. Either way, he wasn't too keen on sticking his nose out and doing something stupid or abhorrent or stupidly abhorrent. Not again. Probably. Hidden from sight, Pinball tailed close behind the group, his head down and his hands in his pockets. He listened to their conversation without much remorse, pleased to realize that they had some sort of common sense. They didn't plan on attacking the Emerald Hatchling - only scouting it out for now, but there was, of course, a problem with that. If they had the quest logged, Rhaegal would automatically be hostile. That much was evident when they pulled close, and almost immediately it let out a tiny "Scree," spreading its dark green wings and stamping its claws in the dirt. Without warning it charged forward, and without warning Pinball released a deep crimson blast of energy from his sword. The swordsman took a single step forward, materializing in the midst of the group in a burst of black flame, and with a single swipe of his sword a bloody red arc of energy shot through the air and bifurcated what seemed like a helpless dragon hatchling. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Action Taken: Sword Art - Shadow Explosion [-6 EN] {Well Rested} / Sneak Attack! +3 DMG Stealth: ID#119165 LD: 7+5= 12 (Stealth Maintained) Rhaegal: ID#119165 BD: 10 (Crit+2) MD: {Dead} ~ 15+2+3= 20*9= 180-25= 155 DMG Pinball: 1040/1040 HP | 98/104 EN | 15 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA Kityuisa: ?? Bahr: ?? Kirbs: ?? Rhaegal: 0/125 HP | 25 MIT | 50 DMG
  12. Pinball

    [F1-PP] Dragon Hunter Anthology Hunt Numba 1

    And unlike some of the people he had come across recently, this group - and also her - didn't seem to have a problem with leaving him alone. Maybe the problem wasn't that people had trouble with leaving him alone; maybe it was just that the vast majority of players just weren't scared by the sight of an orange cursor. For some reason, that made him upset and angry. The day they came across the rare powerful orange player, they'd have to learn the hard way. And Pinball felt bad for them. There were some bad people out there. His eyes flickered to the side, down the path they were walking. Were they actually going to try to fight the Dragon Hatchlings? Pinball scowled. God damn it. Without a word, the insomniac pushed himself to his feet and brushed away the few blades of grass that clung to his clothes. A deep foggy shadow stirred from within the jar hanging at his belt, and then it burst free, surrounding him in black flame. Slowly it ate away at the teenager's avatar until he had disappeared completely, blinking out of existence. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stealth: ID#119163 LD: 12+5= 17 Stealth Rating: 17
  13. Pinball

    [F1-PP] Dragon Hunter Anthology Hunt Numba 1

    And then they left, leaving Pinball to wrestle with his thoughts. On one hand, he didn't want them to die. They shouldn't be fighting monsters like the Hatchlings so early. But on the other, more morbid side of things-? He was glad that the Corrupted were doing the work for him. Pinball nearly nodded off again, but... something was blocking his light. He opened his eyes, cold and blue and tired. Cardinal had a way of exaggerating the players' emotions - so looking at Pinball, it brought into question just how long you had to go without ample sleep to look like he did. His eyes never seemed to quite open up all the way - and there had to be about fifty shades of dark circles under them. "You from the frontlines?" He blinked slowly. "Tell me something. Is it as bad there as it is here?" Something came over the teenager's expression then as he considered the man's questions. "I used to be," came his gruff reply. He spoke with a relatively measured tone, punctuated by occasional lapses in his sentences. If there was one thing that Bahr would take from talking with him, it was that he was unimaginably tired. So very tired. "But I try t' stay away from that sort of thing, now." Pinball sat up and ran his hands across his face. "They're barely human."
  14. Pinball

    [PP-F13] The Weight of our Sins <<CTC>>

    Pinball watched the rest of the fight unfold from a relatively safe distance. It was funny, wasn't it, how fights seemed to drag on forever while only really lasting minutes, at most? Of course, that was with the exception of boss fights, but still... He lost himself in that train of thought. Miraak mopped up the last monster with a flash of golden light. That grabbed his attention. How much damage could Miraak put out, if he felt threatened-? For a hot seond, Pinball seriously considered attacking him, just to see what happened - but that was stupid. And he wouldn't do that. Pinball spared a glance at Morgenstern. Especially not with the way he kept eyeing him. The longer they stayed quiet, the more Pinball felt convinced this alliance would end on unfriendly terms. Well. He hefted his spear across his shoulders, the comforting chill of the frosty weapon coating his hands in a thin layer of ice. He'd deal with that when he had to. Pinball would follow along silenty.
  15. Pinball

    [F1-PP] Dragon Hunter Anthology Hunt Numba 1

    Talking, talking, talking. Nonstop talking. Pinball stifled a frustrated groan when he was approached by the group of players he had seen in the distance. And as soon as the loud one opened her mouth, any and all potential interest he may have had went out the window. He let her rant though, but he stubbornly kept his eyes shut as all three of them rambled away. Three of them-? Wasn't that Kirbs? Pinball suddenly felt real antsy. What was that emotion? Guilt? Annoyance? Hatred? Pinball was having trouble keeping himself from nodding off as it was, so clear thoughts didn't really come easy. But they seemed like they were finished and wanted to leave, so he acknowledged them with a passive, tired blink. Pinball's thoughts were his, and he kept them to himself. What was he going to do? He knew for a fact that, unless strong, tall, and brooding was a relatively high level, they were going to have trouble staying alive in a fight like that. Especially if they were considering trying to complete the entire questline. Pinball frowned, his tightly knit eyebrows the only sign he was even mulling it over. Were they really already so corrupted that impatience pushed them towards such a stupid, out-of-reach goal? He felt sick. Wasn't that disgusting?