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  1. Pinball let his hands run along the length of his spear. "Y-yeah," he forced a laugh, "I guess that's true." And then he fell silent again, and they marched on. Despite the occasions where he's off the walls, Pinball is a pretty patient guy. So he thought it would be rude if he asked where they were going - or if Shield even knew where they were going. Did they know where they would find this dungeon? Are they just wandering until they stumbled upon one? Have they been looking while they walked? Did they need to stop and search soon? When? Pinball let his mind wander a bit, filling in the blanks for himself though managing to keep himself from bombarding the quieter tank with questions. He shifted his spear into his offhand, the tip almost touching the ground as he walked, and let his fingers brush along some of the rocks.
  2. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Pinball groaned, rolling onto his stomach and then pushing himself to his feet. "Can afford this stuff, rewards, yes, yes." Truth be told, Pinball actually agreed with Mars' logic - hell, it was probably why they spent so much time fighting together. They were the type to risk it for the biscuit, and it showed; both in the way they behaved and the way they fought. Pinball took a staggered step back, then quickly straightened himself. His head had been fuzzy for a second, for whatever reason, but it was clearing now, and the normality of his behavior was returning. "Alright," he nodded with a smile, "let's go do that." Pinball stowed his spear in his inventory - he wouldn't be needing it. "Ah, hell," Pinball groaned, patting his chest. His jacket was gone! "It must have broke in the fight." Pinball frowned. He hadn't had it very long, but he had really liked it. "I'll have to buy a new one," he complained. Then, seemingly over it as soon as quickly as he had started to complain about it, he started to walk. "Anyway! Let's go eat." ~Summary~ Pinball Receives: 2 SP 5000 Col 25 T2 Mats <<Nemean Fur>> [Light Armor, Tier 2, Uncommon Item]: 'Bloodclot' Mars Receives: 5 SP 5000 Col 25 T2 Mats
  3. Pinball sat flat on his back, staring up at the trees. The sun was getting lower and lower with every second, and all Pinball could do was stare at the dappled sunlight that leaked through the thick branches. Then, he started to laugh, still bleeding as he did. He knew at this rate, though, that he would be fine. He kept laughing as Mars spoke. "Dude," he said finally, through wet eyes, "that was the dumbest thing I've done with another person so far." Pinball took a deep breath, covering his face with his hands. "Mars," he whined, rolling onto his side, "why are you like this..?" Pinball eventually managed to push himself to his feet. He had, for the moment, forgotten about the LA bonus he had earned. That did not matter right now - not after a close call like that. "Let's just... let's just go. And get something to eat. Please. And never do anything like this again." They would probably do something like this again.
  4. The Switch was successful, and Mars was safe - Pinball himself, however, was not so lucky. The Nemean Lion pounced, and time seemed to slow as its claws dug into his chest. "Ack!" Pinball grit his teeth, stumbling backward as he tried to avoid getting pushed to the ground by the proud beast. His health dropped substantially, and bloody red gash of pixels covered his chest. He was hurt, but nowhere near as much as Mars. Pinball threw himself to his feet like a surprisingly dexterous drunkard, and launched forward. His spear ripped through the Lion like butter, sending up tufts of fur and making the mob wheel backwards in pain. And then, it was over as soon as it had started - and the creature burst into a cloud of pixels, defeated. Pinball stumbled backward, and then fell on his back. Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-14 EN / +1 EN] Nemean Lion: ID# 109122 BD: 5+6= 11 (Hit!) ~ 20*15= 300-82= 218 DMG [H: 7] Pinball: 508/880 HP | 45/88 EN | 5 EVA | 5 ACC | 20 DMG | 8-10/24 FRZ | [55 Bleed: 1/5] [H: 1] Mars: 317/780 HP | 0/72 EN | 17 DMG | 27 MIT | 3 ACC | 4 EVA | Savvy 1 | 10/3 Regen | [55 Bleed: 2/5] Nemean Lion: 0/838 HP | 82 MIT | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 145 DMG |
  5. Pinball rushed over to Mars, his heart beating fast in his chest. The Nemean Lion flexed its claws, looking at the martial artist as one looks at a tasty dessert. Pinball threw himself forward as Mars punched the creature in the face, stunning it as it tried to attack him. "Hey, hey, hey!" Pinball cried, as he ran past. "Stay the hell back now, okay?! Please!" Pinball winced, then biting his lip, yelled out "Switch!" Pinball's spear strikes bore into the creature's incapacitated side in a frenzy. He couldn't lose another person he cared about. Not like this. Pinball grit his teeth as its health dropped, but didn't let up his attack. Please be enough, please be enough. His heart beat quicker and quicker as the Nemean Lion's dropped into the red... and stayed there. Pinball cursed, leaping back. "Mars! Quick, dude, quick!" Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-14 EN / +1 EN] / SWITCH! [1/2] Nemean Lion: ID# 109111 BD: 2+5+1= 8 (Hit!) ~ 20*15= 300-82= 218 DMG [H: 1] Pinball: 708/880 HP | 45/88 EN | 5 EVA | 5 ACC | 20 DMG | 8-10/24 FRZ | [H: 5] Mars: 372/780 HP | 0/72 EN | 17 DMG | 27 MIT | 3 ACC | 4 EVA | Savvy 1 | 10/3 Regen | [55 Bleed: 2/5] Nemean Lion: 38/838 HP | 82 MIT | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 145 DMG |
  6. "Mars! Mars, Mars, Mars!" Pinball saw him get hit again, and started to panic. "H-hey, dude, get back!" Mars was like him in that sense - he wasn't supposed to take hits like that. Pinball grimaced, hesitated, and hefted his spear... but the Nemean Lionesses growled, pushing him back with their threatening presence. They weren't as hardy as the big lion, but from what he saw between the two of them they dealt more damage than the boss. And, from the way they were flexing their claws, they were invigorated by the Lion's howl... Pinball shook his head. "I'll be there in a second! Hold on! Try to run away maybe?!" Pinball threw himself into another AoE, attacking the two Lionesses in range. "One second, one second, one second!" Pinball leapt from lion to lion, his spear flashing out with a vengeance. The two mosnters' healthbars dropped, and they shattered in an instant. Pinball ran over to Mars. "Hey!" Action Taken: Sword Art - [Weeping Moon] [-10 EN / +1 EN] Lioness 2: ID# 109058 BD: 10 (Crit+2) [FREEZE] [PHASE]~ 20+2= 22*9= 198-23= 175 DMG + FREEZE Lioness 3: ID# 109059 BD: 10 (Crit+2) [FREEZE] [PHASE]~ 20+2= 22*9= 198-23= 175 DMG + FREEZE [H: 0/4/3] Pinball: 708/880 HP | 58/88 EN | 5 EVA | 5 ACC | 20 DMG | 8-10/24 FRZ | [Bleed: 0/3] [H: 3/0/0] Mars: 427/780 HP | 7/72 EN | 17 DMG | 27 MIT | 3 ACC | 4 EVA | Savvy 1 | 10/3 Regen | [5 turns of 55 0/5] Nemean Lion: 264/838 HP | 82 MIT | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 145 DMG | Nemean Lioness 2: 0/512 HP | 47 MIT | 180 DMG | 2 EVA | 1 ACC | Nemean Lioness 3: 0/512 HP | 47 MIT | 180 DMG | 2 EVA | 1 ACC | 
  7. "Not yet," he called back, giving his spear one final twirl. "Let me finish these off first." Then, he feigned an annoyingly relaxed tone. "Relax, we've got this covered, Mars. They're on their last legs. Just don't run away yet, yeah?" Pinball glanced over his shoulder, a bit worried more would stumble up for some reason, but shook himself out of it. He wanted that Last Attack Bonus, even if it was a bit dangerous. He had been watching the Nemean Lion's health drop as the fight wore on - Mars was dealing decent damage, but he wouldn't kill it in another hit. Pinball wanted him to hit it one more time, and then he'd throw himself in. Or, if he missed, and the Nemean Lion somehow landed another blow on the dodgy martial artist, Pinball would help Mars kill it, LA bonus or not. He hoped that wouldn't happen, but his friend's life was more important than an item. Pinball attacked once more, teeth grinding together out of stress. Action Taken: Sword Art - [Weeping Moon] [-10 EN / +1 EN] Lioness 2: ID# 108989 BD: 7+5-2= 10 (Hit!) ~ 20*9= 180-47= 133 DMG Lioness 3: ID# 108990 BD: 1 (Crit. Miss!) [H: 0/4/3] Pinball: 738/880 HP | 58/88 EN | 5 EVA | 5 ACC | 20 DMG | 8-10/24 FRZ | [Bleed: 1/3] [H: 2/0/0] Mars: 617/780 HP | 23/72 EN | 17 DMG | 27 MIT | 3 ACC | 4 EVA | Savvy 1 | 10/3 Regen | [5 turns of 55 1/5] Nemean Lion: 417/838 HP | 82 MIT | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 145 DMG | Nemean Lioness 2: 2/512 HP | 47 MIT | 180 DMG | 2 EVA | 1 ACC | Nemean Lioness 3: 35/512 HP | 47 MIT | 180 DMG | 2 EVA | 1 ACC |
  8. Pinball watched, shocked, as one of the lionesses somehow managed to get the jump on him. He watched, surprised as its fangs closed down on his torso - only to stop, pushed back as the air around him shimmered a bright blue. Pinball took that brief moment to leap forward, breathing heavily. He was saved! Mostly. He had still started bleeding, but there had been no real punch behind the attack, and Pinball had slipped away mostly unscathed. He grinned to himself. How useful! He'd need to drop more money on potions like that with some of the col he earned from this quest. Because he was getting away safely, and he was going to get that Last Attack Bonus. Pinball, still grinning, though now with a deadlier disposition, let loose another one of his AoE sword arts. The monsters were on their last legs. Pinball wheeled back, a bit disappointed he hadn't managed to pick off the last two, but happpy nonetheless that one was now coated in ice. Action: Sword Art - [Weeping Moon] [-10 EN / +1 EN] Lioness 2: ID#108885 BD: 1 (Crit.Miss!) Lioness 3: ID#108886 BD: 8+5-2= 11 (Hit!) ~ 20*9= 180-47= 133 DMG + FREEZE H: 0/3/3] Pinball: 768/880 HP | 67/88 EN | 5 EVA | 5 ACC | 20 DMG | 8-10/24 FRZ | [Bleed: 2/3] [H: 1/0/0] Mars: 662/780 HP | 39/72 EN | 17 DMG | 27 MIT | 3 ACC | 4 EVA | Savvy 1 | 10/3 Regen | [5 turns of 55 0/5] Nemean Lion: 590/838 HP | 82 MIT | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 145 DMG | Nemean Lioness 2: 135/512 HP | 47 MIT | 180 DMG | 2 EVA | 1 ACC | Nemean Lioness 3: 35/512 HP | 47 MIT | 180 DMG | 2 EVA | 1 ACC | [Frozen]
  9. And after he spun out, Mars also threw himself forward, and socked a monster right in the face, killing it. One of the Lionesses. Not the Nemean Lion, like he said he'd target. So when the Nemean Lion himself charged Pinball with reckless abandon, trying to rip his head from his torso, Pinball was less than pleased. "Mars! I've got the three of them! Focus on the big guy like you said you would!" Pinball just managed to slip away from the Nemean Lion's attack, leaving him to shake himself off out of frustration. Too close for comfort. Pinball pulled his spear back, and, though he didn't want to, threw himself into another AoE - but this time, he explicitly left out the Nemean Lion. He didn't want to get hit by that thing! He had the uneasy feeling that Mars was using him as a meatshield, and Pinball was going to hold his rival to the plan he made himself. Another lion frozen. Action Taken: Sword Art- [Weeping Moon] Hit! [-10 EN / +1 EN] Lioness 2: ID#108743 BD: 9 (Crit+1) [Phase] [Freeze] ~ 20+1= 21*9= 189-23= 166 DMG + FREEZE Lioness 3: ID#108744 BD: 3+5-2= 6 (Hit!) ~ 20*9= 180-47= 133 DMG [H: 0/3/2] Pinball: 798/880 HP | 67/88 EN | 5 EVA | 5 ACC | 20 DMG | 8-10/24 FRZ | [Safeguarded] | [H: 0/0/0] Mars: 780/780 HP | 55/72 EN | 17 DMG | 27 MIT | 3 ACC | 4 EVA | Savvy 1 | 10/3 Regen | Nemean Lion: 838/838 HP | 82 MIT | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 145 DMG | Nemean Lioness 1: 0/512 HP | 47 MIT | 170 DMG | Eva: 2 ACC: 1 [Stunned] [Frozen] Nemean Lioness 2: 135/512 HP | 47 MIT | 180 DMG | 2 EVA | 1 ACC | [Frozen] Nemean Lioness 3: 168/512 HP | 47 MIT | 180 DMG | 2 EVA | 1 ACC |
  10. Pinball groaned. "Don't get on my back about that," he complained, "we're doing just fine as it is. And crafting is so boring!' Mars busied himself with searching the area, leaving Pinball to contemplate what he should do while he waited. That answer came to him, for a change, via the roaring challenge of Nemean lions. The Nemean Lion himself stood in the middle of his pride of three, its glistening mane glowing in the dappled sunlight. "He- hey, Mars," he choked, then threw himself forward. "Come on!" Remembering the plan, Pinball threw himself into his AoE, his spear flashing out in a sweeping circle. He leapt from mob to mob, letting his Sword Art carry him across the dirt. He struck and froze three, but the Nemean Lion managed to reel back and avoid his spear strike. As the Nemean Lionesses struggled to move as ice crept up their legs and a violent shaking took them, Pinball spun out, glaring at the Nemean Lion. "Tsk." Action Taken: Sword Art - [Weeping Moon] Hit! [-12 EN] / Charge! +5 DMG and Bull Rush! Nemean Lion: ID#108734 BD: 1 (Crit. Miss!) Nemean 1: ID#108735 BD: 9 (Crit+1) [Freeze] [Phase] ~ 20+5+1= 26*9= 234-23= 211 DMG + FREEZE + STUN Nemean 2: ID#108736 BD: 9 (Crit+1) [Freeze] [Phase] ~ 20+5+1= 26*9= 234-23= 211 DMG + FREEZE + STUN Nemean 3: ID#108737 BD: 9 (Crit+1) [Freeze] [Phase] ~ 20+5+1= 26*9= 234-23= 211 DMG + FREEZE + STUN [H: 0/1/1/1] Pinball: 798/880 HP | 76/88 EN | 5 EVA | 5 ACC | 20 DMG | 8-10/24 FRZ | [Safeguarded] | [H: 0/0/0/0] @Mars: 780/780 HP | 72/72 EN | 17 DMG | 27 MIT | 3 ACC | 4 EVA | Savvy 1 | 10/3 Regen | Nemean Lion: 838/838 HP | 82 MIT | -1 EVA | 3 ACC | 135 DMG | Nemean Lioness 1: 301/512 HP | 47 MIT | 170 DMG | [Stunned] [Frozen] Nemean Lioness 2: 301/512 HP | 47 MIT | 170 DMG | [Stunned] [Frozen] Nemean Lioness 3: 301/512 HP | 47 MIT | 170 DMG | [Stunned] [Frozen] Abilities:
  11. Pinball

    {PP-F1} Five Feet Apart

    For a moment, unbeknownst to Pinball, his face went red. Then, he started laughing. Reeally hard. Like, snorting laughter - but after a few seconds he managed to compose himself again, covering his mouth and grinning widely. "How I... handle a spear," he repeated, still giggling. "Nah, man." Usually, he wouldn't hang around very long is someone tried to talk to him. He'd find an excuse to leave, more often than not - for some reason, though, this time was different? Maybe it was just because he was lonely, maybe not, but there was something about the guy's approach that put him at ease, and made him feel relaxed despite his straight straightforwardness... and his unusual request. Plus, he hadn't had the oppurtunity to show off in a long time. Why not take advantage of this one and make him seem cooler than he actually was? As long as they stayed on the First Floor, it should be pretty safe, too. After another pause, he nodded, stilll smiling to himself, though he lowered his hand from his face. "Y'know what, though... yeah, sure. Why not." He leaned into his spear, planting the butt of the weapon firmly into the ground. "Lead the way." He snorted again. "Just keep your sword in your sheath."
  12. "Nah," Pinball shook his head, "I don't have competition. I don't craft anymore, so I really don't care as much." Pinball materialized a jar of Apple Cider with a flick of his wrist, shaking the jar and swirling the contents of the glass in front of Mars. "Just means that my remaining products are limited time only," he grinned, still making a show of the drink that he'd had Neo craft for him, "and that makes it worth all the more." Pinball feigned a gasp. "Nonexistent love life?! How dare you!" Pinball stowed his Apple Cider, this time instead materializing a bright potion that seemed to grow a neon blue. "I heard," he grumbled, struggling to pull the cork out of the glass. "No Safeguard for you." Pinball finally pulled the stopper free with a pop! And, taking a large swig, Pinball downed the potion. There was a flicker of blue energy around him; like the effect of extreme heat shaking the air. But it was gone as quick as it had come, and Pinball threw the vial to the side without a second thought. Wiping his mouth, he gestured with his down to the path in front of them. "Monsters are ahead. We should really get going." EN Recovery: 3/3 (Recovered!) Gained 20 Health Out of Combat Pinball's Smexy Life Points: 778/880 -> 798/880 Consumed: T1 Perfect Potion - Magic Armor: Safeguard [#99042-2] Pinball: [Safeguarded]
  13. "Yeah, well," he went on grumpily, "I'm gonna stick to that price. And if you want to feel a bit stronger you'll pay it." Pinball cackled, then wheezed as a wave of pain washed over him and Bleed's effect was renewed. After that, though, his health stopped dipping. Pinball flicked the bottom of his flask, popped the cork off, and greedily downed the potion. He sighed, satisfied as his health shot back up a good amount. "That's better," he nodded, tossing the glass away. He was running out of potions, but this time the use was worth it. Pinball tilted his head, starting to smile. "A what?" He couldn't help but chuckle at the thought, because it was kinda true. Pinball shrugged. "Hey man, I don't know. Maybe I'm just a monster magnet." Then, with a small, self-deprecating smirk, added, "Would explain my love life. Ha. Ha. Get it." He had never told Mars anything about the things he had done. Pinball pushed himself to his feet. "King shouldn't be far," he explained, "and it's way tougher than the ones we just fought. They get stronger because of the King, too. What's the plan?" Consumed: T2 Perfect Potion - Greater Curative Potion: +120 HP EN Recovery: 2/3 Bleed: 0/3 (30 DMG Dealt) Gained 20 Health Out of Combat Pinball's Smexy Life Points: 668/800 -> 658/800 -> 778/880
  14. Pinball jabbed a finger in Mars' direction, as if he had something important to say, then flinched heavily as Bleed took its toll. But then he continued. "Gave me potions? You know how much I spent for those! And then you toss this junk my way!" He laughed in an exaggerated angrily fassion, and materialized the three items he had offered at the start of their lion hunt. "Here! Take 'em back! I don't need 'em!" Pinball whirled around with a humph, still smiling to himself because of his ridiculous behavior. He spun back around, throwing his arms out. "You want a drink of this tasty Apple Cider, baby?! You'd best be ready to pay for it! And I want 10k, right here, or you ain't gettin' jack from this throbbing hunk of a man!" He leaned against a tree, then, and slid down its trunk to sit in the dirt, lowering himself deep into the gnarled roots of the mighty plant. Pinball watched his health bar fade slowly as bleed took its hold on his precious life. How long is this gonna last? He pulled a vial from his belt, and held it loose in his hands, waiting for the bleeding to stop before he'd drink. EN Recovery: 1/3 Bleed: 1/3 (30 DMG Dealt) Gained 20 Health Out of Combat Pinball's Smexy Life Points: 678/800 -> 668/800