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  1. And Pinball was steadfast in his silence. He regarded the masked man and then Hestia with the same cold, dull stare, listening to their words but saying nothing himself. The guy was right; the guards normally just tossed them out of settlements. When they tried to resist an escort is when they got particularly hostile. Still, they weren't all that difficult to sneak around if you were careful. In turn, Hestia asked the man to find a place people couldn't TP out of. Like a dungeon? He knew there were trap rooms that nullified crystals, but they were filled with mimics and other monsters. Wouldn't they respawn? He wasn't really sure there was a safe place that imposed that same effect on players. He resisted the urge to shake his head, and instead let his gaze fall to the floor. It didn't really matter. He wasn't in the mood to try and escape - he had never been one to try and shirk the blame of his own actions. Again he was reminded that he deserved far, far worse. ((sorry about the wait, wasn't in a good place and then school finally caught up to me. will post more often now, promise))
  2. ((forgot to put my stats in at the start of the thread so im just gonna use my current ones. whoopsieee)) Pinball nodded, and together the party made their way into the cave. It was dark, and the path forward was dark and twisted. To the sides the cave branched out into some kind of system just as dark as the rest of the place. He jogged forward, motioning his party straight ahead. He didn't want to lead them into some kind of trap, even if there was a chance to find a bit of loot. No, their destination was straight ahead. He turned around, walking slowly backwards - he had been walking too quickly - trying to make sure they didn't get lost in the gloom. While he tried to rope the others in, Arabelle darted forward, equipping her axe. For a moment, he found himself lost in the showy equipping of the giant scythe. A scythe? That was a first for him. But directly ahead of her - "Woah! Watch out!" Pinball was immediately stressed out. He whirled around, and the others weren't there. Had they gotten lost in the tunnels? He didn't know, and he didn't have time to try and piece it together. With only the two of them left, Pinball wasn't nearly as confident that they'd blow through it. He had been counting on Reinholt... Pinball whipped through his inventory, equipping the first thing he found that resembled a spear - his practice bo staff. "Hey, hey, hey, get back over here!" The bats' heads swiveled in the direction of the voice. With a hiss they took flight, charging straight over Arabelle's head to try and bore into him. Pinball ducked and they both swooped harmlessly overhead - and let him jump back a bit in front of Arabelle. Action Taken: Equipping Item <<Vanity THAS>> Giant Bat 1: ID#111758 MD: 3-3= 0 (Miss!) Giant Bat 2: ID#111759 MD: 2-3= -1 (Miss!) [H:0/0] Pinball: 980/980 HP | 98/98 EN | 15 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA [H:0/0] Arabelle: 60/60 HP | 6/6 EN | 4 DMG | 1 ACC | 8-10 PARA Giant Bat 1: 50/50 HP | 20 DMG Giant Bat 2: 50/50 HP | 20 DMG
  3. Pinball

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    They got moving quickly. That was good. Pinball wasn't comfortable lingering so close to a settlement. Well, he wasn't really comfortable at all in this situation, but- hey, Mars was here..? He snorted. Ah, whatever. Maybe he'd be paid for his help. He glanced at Mars. No, that wasn't really Mars' style either. What the hell was he here for again? What would Mars invite him here for? Surely not for his company, no. That's stupid to even consider. Pinball was extra muscle, here to make sure that whatever they were going to be fighting was dead before it could deal any lasting damage on the party. So now that he knew why he was here, why was he here? Pinball opened his inventory one more time, scrolling down his items list and stopping when he saw his old weapon. He didn't even breath as he quickly equipped it, wanting to get it over with as soon as possible. In a flash of blue light Tyrfing was gone, the sword blinking out of existence. Pinball took a step back away from the group, holding an arm outstretched. The air around his hand shimmered. Blue pixels accumulated in his palm, a bright orb that began to slim and extend from each end, and Pinball felt his fingers - against his will - slowly wrap around this newly formed staff. And in his hand, his spear flickered into being. He felt cold, black wood under the red leather grip that coiled around the entire length of the polearm. Pinball stared for a moment at the spearhead: a jagged, bright blue, almost translucent chunk of sharp ice. His voice caught in his throat, and he had to look away. Equipped: [T2 THAS] Cold Fervor: +2 Freeze, Phase, Cursed Unequipped: [T1 OHSS] Tyrfing: Absolute Accuracy {After Buffs) Player Stats: House Buffs:
  4. Pinball

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    He had barely ever talked to Hazado. But he had always found him annoying - he remembered meeting him at the beach. He just... talked too much. Thought too much of himself? Pinball couldn't really decide, but there was something about the guy that he hated. But then again, maybe hate was too strong of a word. Maybe he just found him obnoxious. Either way, when the armored man turned to address Pinball's passing comment, the teenager ignored him. Pinball and Mars shared a look, and he sighed, trying not to swallow as audibly as he did when he drank water. He knew it was coming. Pinball nodded twice, looking away from the leather-clad... swordsman, now. Formal martial artist? Pinball unsheathed the pale sword hanging from his belt. He flipped the blade in his hands, quietly looking between Neo and Haz. The sword's golden hilt and silver edges shimmered when the light touched it - and there was a fluid, almost water-like quality to the sword's blade when it moved. Then he sheathed his weapon and opened his inventory, scrolling down to the very last thing Pinball wanted to touch... he felt his heart start to race in his chest. His hands almost trembled as they hovered over the button that would equip Cold's Fervor... and then he scrolled past it, instead picking out a few items instead. He started to stuff himself, letting the others decide where they would go, and making sure to avoid eye contact with Mars. At least for the time being. Consumed: T2 Perfect Meal - Enhanced Apple Cider: +2 DMG (-20 MIT), +10 MIT [#110437] Consumed: T1 Perfect Potion - Greater Burning Edge: +3 DMG [#106102] Consumed: T2 Perfect Dessert - Enhanced Eye-Spy Cake: +2 ACC, +10 MIT [#106988] Consumed: T2 Rare Dessert - Jailbreak Cake: +2 EVA [#106624]
  5. ~Summary~ Pinball receives: 1 SP 41,510 Col Neopolitan receives: 1 SP 17,790 Col 36 T3 Materials [x2] Perfect Trinket [#110543a] [#110544a] Rare Trinket [#110546] [x4] Rare Consumable [#110543b] [#110544b] [#110781a] [#110781b] Perfect T3 Heavy Armor [#110780] Uncommon T3 Consumable [#110779] [#111514a] [#111514b] [#111514c] [#111514d] [x1] Rare T3 Shield [#111515]
  6. Pinball took his time killing these four. It was almost enjoyable, really, seeing the look in their eyes as they, surprised, were stomped to death by the boy and his weapon. One by one they fell, their pixels turning into bits of money and items for later. Once they were all dead, he looked out at nothing. Somewhere the girl was lurking, and somewhere he was sure that she was watching. He planted his staff in the dirt, then let it fall as he stepped forward. Something about that small rush of enjoyment had disturbed him. "Hey," he called out to the cavern. "I think I'm done. I'll split this crap with you. You can take your pick of whatever. But, uhh, I'm done for now." With that he began counting up the rewards, preparing to divvy them up however the girl fancied. He had made quite a lot - if it had been by himself. With the girl here, and his offer to let her take whatever she wanted... he shrugged. He just kind of wanted to get out of here right now. Action Taken: Sword Art - [Weeping Moon] [-14 EN / +1 EN] (Base dmg is 180, hit is death, not gonna calc cause im in a rush lmao) Cave Goblin 1: ID#111505 BD: 7 (Hit!) MD: DEAD - It's Dead Cave Goblin 2: ID#111506 BD: 9 (Crit+2) MD: DEAD - It's Dead Cave Goblin 3: ID#111508 BD: 8 (Hit!) MD: DEAD - It's Dead Cave Goblin 4: ID#111509 BD: 3+5= 8 (Hit!) MD: DEAD - It's Dead Pinball: 585/960 HP | 69/96 EN | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 20 DMG Neopolitan: 680/680 HP | 68/68 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 4 FLN | 8-10 PLZ [Stealth: 20] Cave Goblin 1: 0/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 2: 0/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 3: 0/585 HP | 144 DMG  Cave Goblin 4: 0/585 HP | 144 DMG Looting Mobs: Loot Pool: 59,300 Col 36 T3 Materials [x2] Perfect Trinket [#110543a] [#110544a] Rare Trinket [#110546] [x4] Rare Consumable [#110543b] [#110544b] [#110781a] [#110781b] Perfect T3 Heavy Armor [#110780] Uncommon T3 Consumable [#110779] [#111514a] [#111514b] [#111514c] [#111514d] [x1] Rare T3 Shield [#111515]
  7. Pinball threw himself into a sloppy defensive stance. He lashed out at the Cave Goblins for a second time, his staff (or spear, technically speaking) smacking each of the humanoid figures true in quick succession. It was in that small frame of time after a Sword Art is finished, and an avatar is momentarily frozen in place, that the Cave Goblins pounced. Though Pinball managed to reel back and dodge two of them, the others jumped, their rusty, jagged daggers boring into his back and chest respectively. Pinball, after some angry grunts and wild grabbing, managed to hurl the pasty grey figures off of him. "God," he grumbled. He glanced behind him, trying to see if the girl had revealed herself. But he didn't let his gaze linger long before returning his attention to the monsters in front of him. He retrieved the bo staff that had he had had to drop when grappling the monsters. "Alright, you little..." Action Taken: Sword Art - [Weeping Moon] [-14 EN / +1 EN] Cave Goblin 1: ID#111479 BD: 8 (Hit!) MD: 9 (Crit+1) ~ 20*9= 180 DMG // 145 DMG Cave Goblin 2: ID#111480 BD: 9 (Crit+1) MD: 4 (Miss!) ~ 20*9= 180 DMG Cave Goblin 3: ID#111482 BD: 10 (Crit+2) MD: 8-3= 5 (Miss!) 22*9= 198 DMG Cave Goblin 4: ID#111483 BD: 4+5= 9 (Hit!) MD: 10 (Crit+2) = 20*9= 180 DMG // 146 DMG Pinball: 585/960 HP | 69/96 EN | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 20 DMG Neopolitan: 680/680 HP | 68/68 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 4 FLN | 8-10 PLZ [Stealth: 20] Cave Goblin 1: 162/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 2: 180/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 3: 162/585 HP | 144 DMG Cave Goblin 4: 171/585 HP | 144 DMG
  8. Placeholder Action Taken: Sword Art - [Vent Forth] [-7 EN / +1 EN] Glow Frog 4: ID#111454 BD: 2+5= 7 (Hit!) ~ 20*10= 200 DMG Pinball: 814/960 HP | 10/96 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 3 EVA Glow Frog 4: 0/585 HP | 144 DMG Looting Glow Frog 4: ID#111455 LD: 11+1= 12 CD: 4 +5265 Col +4 T3 Mats +Rare T3 Shield +1170 Col Loot Pool: 60,225 Col +15 T3 Mat Perfect T3 Heavy Armor [#110816] Perfect T3 Shield [#110890] [#111455] [x2] Rare T3 Trinket [#110814] [#110819a] Uncommon T3 Consumable [#110815] Perfect T3 Consumable [#110819b]
  9. Well, it didn't take long for Pinball to throw himself back into combat. After the brief rest, serving as a nice little respite in-between battles was over, and with his energy and health both to their fullest capacities, he was ready, too. Pinball closed the distance in an instant, his Charge skill amplifying his speed for a moment to an unholy peak, his staff colliding with the cave goblins' small forms with a sound akin to a thunderclap. Each one of them hit the ground with each successful hit, stunned and immobile. Pinball took a step back, admiring his handiwork- two more hits for each of them and they'd be dead. But they were already shaking off the paralysis now, and he knew they weren't going to make it that easy. He glanced to Neo, but she was nowhere to be seen. That familiar discomfort with her vanishing had already begun to subside, and now it was kind of reaching an all time low. Pinball suppressed the urge to shrug, and turned back to his enemies. Action Taken: Sword Art - [Weeping Moon] [-14 EN] / Charge! +5 DMG and Bull Rush! Cave Goblin 1: ID#111439 BD: 10 (Crit+2) MD: {Stunned} ~ 27*9= 243 DMG + STUN Cave Goblin 2: ID#111440 BD: 6 (Hit!) MD: {Stunned} ~ 25*9= 225 DMG + STUN Cave Goblin 3: ID#111441 BD: 2+5= 7 (Hit!) MD: {Stunned} ~ 25*9= 225 DMG + STUN Cave Goblin 4: ID#111442 BD: 9 (Crit+1) MD: {Stunned} ~ 26*9= 234 DMG + STUN Pinball: 875/960 HP | 82/96 EN | 5 ACC | 3 EVA | 20 DMG Neopolitan: 680/680 HP | 68/68 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA | 4 FLN | 8-10 PLZ [Stealth: 20] Cave Goblin 1: 342/585 HP | 144 DMG {Stunned} Cave Goblin 2: 360/585 HP | 144 DMG {Stunned} Cave Goblin 3: 360/585 HP | 144 DMG {Stunned} Cave Goblin 4: 351/585 HP | 144 DMG {Stunned}
  10. "Just be careful with it," he replied, glancing at the red-faced Etherial as she fell in step with Pinball. "Oh," he said to the girl, "we're just hunting bats and returning the mother's daughter. She got lost in this cave or something." With Reinholt falling silent, he was quickly and steadily losing confidence, and that was beginning to show in his expression. And with that fading came a face as red as the girl who walked beside him when Arabelle dropped her little comment. Why did that sound so... weird? He shoved his hands in his pockets (much to the shadowy cat's protest). "Well, uhh," he stammered, "I guess that's just 'cause I... dwarf... the competition." His eyes narrowed and he shook his head, a confused look on his face. Pinball kept walking, speeding up a little. Why was he getting so embarrassed over something so simple? And why the hell wasn't Reinholt helping him? Through trees and other shrubbery, the group made their way across the second floor, heading to the cave that was home to the bats they were hunting.
  11. Pinball

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    Pinball stepped out from 'round a building, his hand on his sword. His face was blank but stern, staring straight ahead at Mars. He walked forward, listening but not speaking to an indignant Hazado before he approached. He was pretty grumpy. Why the hell would Mars take these two out of all people? He felt a brief spark in his chest as he aimed those next words at Haz. "I don't need your protection, ass." He stepped past him as Hazado donned his helmet once more, and walked over to stand beside Mars. He flashed him a look. We're gonna need to talk about this soon. I thought I was supposed to be keeping a low profile..? But he shook it off, and looked ahead. If this was as dangerous as Mars' tone had been implying, he was going to have to use... that. He glanced at the sword on his belt. It wouldn't suffice.
  12. Pinball looked to shadow boy first, and then back to Hestia. "Pin. When you say you would do so again. Do you mean to that person, or just anybody in general." He didn't answer. He let his gaze fall from Hestia to the ground. That's that, then. He was going to be taken away now. Good. Finally. Now he wouldn't be able to hurt anybody, right? Rotting in some dingy dungeon - not quite death, but close enough to the point where he didn't really care at the moment. Chained up to a wall, sitting on cold, hard stone for god knows how long. He felt his heart start to beat a little faster in his chest. Was that really going to be his future? Was he really going to have to live like that? Yes. And, again, kid, you deserve it.~ Pinball's fists flexed in their shackles. Cold. He was so cold. Ah, but there was something warm in that sweet chill.
  13. Pinball

    {PP-F2} Businessman <<The Venemous Warg>>

    Me mom ali- no, nevermind. Not even gonna try. It took him a while, but over the course of the next few minutes, Pinball managed to pack up his stuff and gather the random materials scattered around the Safe Zone. He placed them all back in his inventory. At this point, he had more camping supplies than weapons or armor, and more consumables than all of them still. He was running low on basic food though - but it's not like he ate much anyway. As if on cue, he felt a sharp twang of hunger in his stomach, but he ignored it, his eye twitching. It was uncomfortable, sure, but it wouldn't kill him. Pinball deserved worse. He made his way over to the businessman, hand on his sword as he walked. This guy knew a lot about him, and he still wasn't sure what he wanted to do. He hadn't been able to think clearly while he worked. He nodded. "Alright, I'm ready," he mumbled.
  14. Pinball

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    A message? Usually he would ignore it. Swiping a lazy hand through the air, Pinball skimmed through the letter's contents in the fluffy grass he was snoozing on. A quest? He didn't want to do that. He closed his interface and rolled onto his side, letting his eyes slowly close again... But he couldn't ignore it like that! Not when it was from Mars! He sat up. He was worried about guards, or other players, but if it was just the two of them, and he guaranteed he'd take care of trouble if they were presented with it... well, Mars had never been too wrong about something before. Usually. He sat up, wiping the dirt off his pants, and strapped his sword to his belt. "Alright," he murmured to himself, nodding. "I'll come and see what this is all about..." He snuck his way towards the gathering place. Halfway through his approach, he realized he shouldn't be so blatantly walking up to people, and he crouched in the middle of his walk, sticking low to the ground and halfheartedly ducking behind low obstacles as he made his way forward. In the distance he made out three figures, and as he inched closer and closer he recognized their faces. Two of them, at least - Mars, Neopolitan, and then some guy he didn't recognize in armor. He winced. This might not end too well for him. What the hell is Mars thinking? Stealth: ID#111248 LD: 8 Stealth Rating: 8
  15. It wasn't the first time he had been in Hikoru's estate, and now it didn't seem like it was going to be the last. He hadn't taken advantage of the stealthy fighter's offer quite yet, but Pinball was warming up to the idea of it, especially with his intentions of joining the frontlines soon. It would be good to have somebody watching his back. "Ah, tea!" Pinball exclaimed excitably, almost forgetting his manners. He really liked tea. And small snacks. Good God, he was such a fatass. "Oh, right," he said. He motioned towards Cosi. "So I, um. Spear..?" He shook his head, turning back to Hikoru, though finding he wasn't able to make eye contact with the guy now. "Uhh, so you said to come back when this spear... like went a tier up. Since you wanted to study the Cursed enhancement. So.. I'm back now." He lazily pointed to Cosi again. "And uhh, I just... thought it'd be good for him to. Like. Know people."