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    Aquan's Evaluation Thread

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    Katoka's Evaluations

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    All Valentine Evaluations

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    NIGHT's Appraisals

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    [PP-F9] Through Fire

    Was she really just going to leave him? As easily as that? Frustrating. But Pinball didn't really have the time or energy to seethe over Arabelle any more than he already had. With a forceful push in the direction of the hellhound, Pinball thrust himself forward, his spear lashing out in what would almost look like multiple directions at once. His spear tore and ripped through the digital flesh of the creature, and with one last ear-splitting howl, Pinball was forced back as Cerberus, Inferno's Rage, fell. Sweat dripped down his forehead, and he took hot, labored breaths as the polygonal fractals spiraled outwards in every direction. It was finally over. It definitely hadn't been an easy fight. To be honest, he probably wouldn't have been able to done it if Arabelle hadn't been there to assist him - but it wasn't like he was going to acknowledge that. Like, ever. Pinball shook it off. Every exchange with her was just so pleasant. But he could be alone now. He made his way down the tunnel ahead, following Arabelle's example, trusting that she wouldn't have lead him astray, but leaving himself prepared for an unpleasant surprise nonetheless. Whatever happened, he was just grateful he didn't have to deal with her for a good long while. So why didn't he feel satisfied? Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-14 EN/+1 EN] // {+62 HP} Cerberus Head 3: ID#178157 BD: 2+5= 7 (Hit!) ~ 23*15= 345-75= 270 DMG [H: 1] Arabelle: 365/560 HP | 27/56 EN | 14 DMG | 46 MIT | 3 Probiotics | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | Fallen | 2 Recovery | Regen [H: 7] Pinball: 1125/1240 HP | 48/124 EN | 23 DMG | 5 ACC | 6 EVA | 62 BH | 8-10/36 FRZ | Phase | 3 Probiotics «Cerberus, Inferno's Rage» Head 3: 0/500 HP | 175 DMG | 75 MIT | 2 ACC | 30 Thorns
  6. Pinball

    [NYL-PP-F11] Of Snowflakes and Mistletoe

    He tilted his head to the sky, and he knew that no amount of hopeful wishing could ever stop time... much less reverse it. Because the sun was setting, and soon the day would be over. "Yeah. It is, isn't it?" Her words grounded him. Brought him back to reality. Suddenly and abruptly he was again aware of his past floating above his head for the world to see, and he flinched inwardly, his eyes glancing around the courtyard with a ravenous hunger. Luckily for him, though, security was much easier to slip past on the lower floors; and it was honestly nothing short of a miracle. There was no way he would have had enough time to be with her properly otherwise. Mishiro went on to say some things that Pinball wanted to disagree with but couldn't. Yes, it was obvious, and yes it did tend to attract disdain - but wasn't that how it should be? Somehow, hearing the opposite from her made him doubt everything he'd tried to stand for, and so he was silent, at least for the moment. Softly, he barely managed to reply as she led him down the road. "Alright. Um... thank you." It was as though he were entranced. Pinball walked behind her, but he couldn't stop his heart from fluttering in his chest every time she moved her head even the slightest bit. He'd follow her gaze and look above the rooftops, through the pale and gray clouds, and see the color hidden underneath. Hadn't there been a time where he'd loved watching the sunset over Aincrad? Hadn't he watched them with someone? But Mishiro's level cadence once again pierced through his murky thoughts. "Y-yeah, I'm still here. Sorry." And his blood ran cold. Mishiro turned the corner, but Pinball felt himself slow down. It was certainly a rude awakening, to have such a warm feeling turning to ice, and so quickly. He probably wouldn't have been able to name the look on his face had a mirror been put in front of it. His fingers felt tense as he clenched and released. Why was he shaking? There was no way she knew. Right? "That is strange," he murmured. He cleared his throat, but the trembling could still be felt under his voice, and there was nothing he could do to get rid of it. "I... haven't been myself recently. It's why I've been acting so weird lately-? And I'm sorry for that. I--" -- But try as he might, he just couldn't find the words.
  7. And so the fight begun. Like every other fight he'd participated in, Pinball watched as the front two parties - the vanguard - of the frontlines attacked first. The idea that this raid was much more organized than those that had led to this one once again solidified in Pinball's mind watching the fighters, newcomers and veterans alike, take practiced strike after strike at the boss. Pinball wasn't really sure what the lore was behind the fight, but it looked as though there was some sort of possession going on due to the abnormal way the minotaur jerked around. Macradon would lead his party forward with a rallying speech, raising his sword and encouraging its members of the importance and honor to be had participating in the boss fight. There was a lot of self-centered talk in it, too, but Pinball was really only listening with one ear. It sounded like a lot of roleplay bullshit to him. What a loser. Pinball would call Zomekko to his side, and he'd be surrounded by that shadow, even deeper than the darkness that surrounded them already. In a puff of smoke, he was gone, but still he watched, waiting for his opportunity. Action Taken: Vanish [-5 EN] {Well Rested} Stealth: ID#177503 LD: 18+7= 25 Stealth Rating [H:5] Macradon | HP: 1985/1985 | EN: 186/191 | DMG: 23 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 194 | HLY: 12 | VO: 198 | PHASE | REC: 6 | FRTHRNS: 21, 6 DOT | SAFEGUARD | RESTED: 2/2 | PARRY | FIGHTING SPIRIT | LD: 5 | EN REGEN: 3 | FRAURA: 15 [H:2] ChaseR | HP: 1690/1690 | EN: 139/148 | DMG: 23 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 5 | MIT: 106 | HLY: 12 | BRN: 12 | TXV: 24 | PRLYZ: 8+ | VD: 84 | HBS: 16 | LD: 8 | Dote: 3 | DoT -27 | RESTED: 1/2 | BH: 84 | EN REGEN: 3 | FIGHTING SPIRIT [H:2] Mari | HP: 1910/1910 | EN: 153/170 | DMG: 23 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 88 | FLN: 6 | VO: 191 | FLAURA: 15 | KEEN: 1 | Dote: 3 | Dot: -27 | Oxidant | BH: 95 | EN REGEN: 3 [H:1] Hidden | HP: 1510/1510 | EN: 119/130 | DMG: 23 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 5 | MIT: 79 | HLY: 8 | VO: 226 | LD: 3 | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | Oxidant | RESTED: 2/2 | PHASE: 40%, 1 HIT | BH: 75 | EN REGEN: 3 {STEALTH: 25} [H:0] Pinball | HP: 1500/1500 | EN: 127/132 | DMG: 20 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 15 | BH: 90 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 36 | BLD: 36 | TXV: 24 | SAFEGUARD | Dote: 3 | DoT: -27 | Oxidant | RESTED: 3/3 | EN REGEN: 3 [H:1] Jomei | HP: 1705/1705 | EN: 160/169 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 88 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 36 | HB: 16 | BH: 85 | EN REGEN: 3Consumed:
  8. He hadn't expected or intended to take part in any activity on the frontlines since the last fight. That ridiculous room effect had effectively forced him out of it, for starters, and he'd had the distinct feeling that there were those among the top players that would breathe a bit easier without his eyes on their backs. But things were different now. Maybe not personally, but as a whole, he'd noticed that the people who ran things up there were a whole lot more forgiving of killers, with how many they seemed keen on adding to their ranks. And while that thought alone was enough to make Pinball's nose wrinkle in disgust, it meant that they would probably let him join the fight if he could dish out a fair amount of damage. And luckily for him, he probably dealt just the bare minimum to be considered. There were feasts set out for them and people already gathered, and Pinball made his way among them without sparing a glance at any others. He'd been at the meeting -- they knew to expect him here. Whether or not they wanted him was a different story entirely. Somehow, amongst the mass murderers and edgy, two-dimensional "psychopaths," Pinball's murders were still considered to be some of the most abhorrent. As they should be. His problem with the front was their willingness to write off these crimes - to allow people to come back easily from snuffing out a person's life. The only reason they hated him more than those present who had killed more than him was because the people he had killed had been known by them; on the flip, it was easy to forgive and forget when you aren't able to attach a face to a name. To Pinball, a life was a life. It seemed these days people were keen to forget that. While the root of his frustration had shown little to no development, the level of preparedness the players brought to the fight had seemed to increase exponentially. There were feasts and consumables being handed out and traded for those who needed - due no doubt in part to the new blood among the fighters. Were these powerful rookies showing up the old timers? Or were their presence encouraging the latter to pick up the slack? They were amusing thoughts. He looked forward to seeing this through. This, and everything after. Consumed: Stats and Battle Ready (Longhand, after Buffs): House Buffs: Stats (Shorthand):
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    [ATP] at your service

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    Skill Refund Evaluation

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    [F11 - R5 Performer] Magnolia

    There was a part of him that didn't like being around the woman, sure. Alright, no. Maybe he just didn't like being around her at all. It had something to do with their past - er, well, his past, involving her friend. There was something about her that unnerved him. Some voice in his mind screaming at him to stay away, that she was somehow more dangerous than her stats would otherwise dictate. And what made him most uncomfortable was that it almost felt like she knew that. That she was somehow abusing that knowledge - and that maybe Pinball was just making it easy for her. But she needed her help. Her supplies, rather, and it was always something she was willing - almost eager - to supply, for reasons that usually escaped him. Today's order was one such occasion. He'd come to get healing crystals for the fight, though was surprised to find she'd already had the items in stock. Squinting, Pinball opted it was best not to question it, or worse, risk starting a conversation about it. He accepted them hesitantly but reluctantly, and then went on his way. / FOR PINBALL. [x6] Lacrimosa T3 Perfect Support Song -- HP RECOVERY III (INSTANT) [reference] "Qua resurget ex favilla / Judicandus homo reus / Huic ergo parce, Deus." Hymn from Mozart's Requiem. The day of judgment is inevitable, yet mercy is all that shall descend for this hour. | [151257] [151420] [151421] [151529] [152214] [157863] ^^taking these tysm arabelle ily never change ill pay you back sometime soon thANKS BYYEE E E E
  12. Pinball

    [NYL-PP-F11] Of Snowflakes and Mistletoe

    "Uh. Yeah. That's how it's done." Totally intentional. "Just like in a bowling alley," he echoed, as if he knew exactly what trick she was referencing. Of course, the truth was likely still written all over his face. Again. Totally intentional. Totally. "Uh, but really. It was no problem." Because seeing her clutch that plush close to her chest, a sweetness that had long escaped him - that was reward enough, as embarrassing as it was to admit it. It was hard to look at her. Like staring into the sun, he'd found over the course of their time spent together that he couldn't maintain eye contact for longer than a few seconds at a time. Why was that? Because he felt like he didn't deserve to, still? Or something else? "The fat cat-?" Despite himself, he couldn't help but look and see. There was one, sitting in the corner admidst the other prizes, and for a brief moment Pinball considered playing just one more game while he had the chance. But that brief moment was all the time needed for him to shake away the silly desire. He didn't need it. No, he didn't want it, even if Mishiro's suggestion had been a joke in the first place. And maybe if he kept telling himself that, kept disregarding the fleeting images that passed through his mind when she smiled at him, when he took her hand in his, maybe if he stopped dwelling on the "but what if's" and stopped wondering what would have happened if he'd done things differently -- maybe then he'd start to believe it, too. He nodded. "Yeah. I think things are starting to close up now, anyway. We should go."
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    [PP-F9] Through Fire

    Embers rose and fell with the ringing tune, each note brimming with its own sense of impending finality. Pinball's feet would glide across cracked and scorched earth, the blistering hot nature of the cavern gradually fading with the destruction of the hellhounds. The creature radiated heat, hot blasts of air damaging him unless he landed careful blows, liquid fire dribbling from the corners of its jagged and twisted maws. But the fight was finally coming to a close, and Pinball couldn't help but sweat despite the skill that protected him from just that. A cyclone of ice and color swirled around the end of his spear as Pinball thrust it forward, absolutely shredding through the base of the final head's throat, nearly separating its neck from its torso in a cataclysmic impact. Pinball's form flickered as he hit the ground, whirled around to face him, reeling backwards and preparing for what would more than likely be the final blow. Action Taken: Sword Art - [Dimension Stampede] [-14 EN/+1 EN] // {+62 HP} Cerberus Head 3: ID#168549 BD: 9 (Crit+1) MD: 3 (Miss) ~ 23+1= 24*15= 360-36= 324 DMG [H: 0] Arabelle: 425/560 HP | 43/56 EN | 14 DMG | 46 MIT | 3 Probiotics | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | Fallen | 2 Recovery | Regen [H: 6] Pinball: 1125/1240 HP | 61/124 EN | 23 DMG | 5 ACC | 6 EVA | 62 BH | 8-10/36 FRZ | Phase | 3 Probiotics «Cerberus, Inferno's Rage» Head 3: 176/500 HP | 175 DMG | 75 MIT | 2 ACC | 30 Thorns Abilities: << Bringing Hell >> : "Cerberus, Inferno's Rage" gains 1 attack for each head alive. << One at a Time >> : Players can only target one Head at a time before hitting another. AoE's do not work on this boss. << Burning Bite >> : On successful attacks, the player is inflicted with "Burn" dealing 36 unmitigatable damage for 2 turns. << Infernal Punishment >> : On a critical attacks, this boss gains additional damage and will phase through 50% of the target's mitigation on all attacks this turn. [9 = 25 | 10 = 75] << Bloodless >> : This boss is immune to all status effects.