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  1. Taking a break from posting. I'll still craft (until I finish my orders at least), and I'll still take part in the boss fight should it begin before my break ends, though I can't say the same for my other threads.

    My apologies ahead of time to all the people I won't be able to respond to during this time. :^C

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      Apology accepted lol. Gl with real life!

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      Have fun and go play some pinball

  2. Pinball

    [F8] <<The Arcade>> {R6-Cook} ~ OPEN!

    crafting placeholder Crafting T3 Dessert: ID#101280 CD: 4 LD: 15 ~ Salvage Successs / No Mats Lost / +3 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID#101281 CD: 5 LD: 9 ~ Salvage Fail / -1 T3 Material / +3 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID# 101282 CD: 9 LD: 1 ~ Rare / -1 T3 Material / +6 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID# 101283 CD: 3 LD: 15 ~ Salvage Success / No Mats Lost / +3 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID# 101284 CD: 6 LD: 3 ~ Uncommon / -1 T3 Material / +4 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID# 101285 CD: 4 LD: 16 ~ Salvage Success / No Mats Lost / +3 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID# 101286 CD: 5 LD: 7 ~ Salvage Fail / -1 T3 Material / +3 EXP Total: Crafted Uncommon T3 Dessert Crafted Rare T3 Dessert +25 EXP
  3. Gathering: ID# 101278 LD: 20 (Gathered 2 T2 Materials) Pinball noticed that most players were looking for items on the ground or hidden in the rough grass, not fishing. Not wanting to disrupt the trend and be the odd one out, Pinball cast a quick glance around his immediate vicinity, nearly immediately noticing a cluster of small mushrooms right next to him. Oh, he thought, surprised, crouching to collect the materials, I wonder if these are any good for cooking? It was then that a girl approached him. He didn't recognize her for a moment. Just as he was about to say no, something clicked in his memory. "Oh, yeah," he said, standing up and brushing off his pants, "there was like a bar, that one time. I think? You and someone else?" He paused, straining his memory to try and recall the specific details. "Your name was...?"
  4. Pinball had just finished adding the rest of the ingredients to the pot, stifling a yawn as he worked. "No, it's fine, Fae," he said, putting the lid onto the top of the pot. The flames licked at the bottom of the metal, and the blackened wood supports groaned in protest at the weight of the thing. He sat back, tapped a few buttons on the pot's interface, and finally let out his yawn. "And now we wait," he said. His sentence was promply ended with a ding! "And now we're done." Pinball sat back up on his knees, lifting the lid. The smell of it hit him first. Surprisingly enough, it didn't smell bad at all. In fact, it almost made his mouth water. He took a soup spoon, and tried the meal. Passable, Pinball thought grumpily. It truth, it tasted quite good, it was just that the young man's standards were really high when it came to his profession; probably the only thing he held real standards for. Pinball put the spoon aside, lifted the pot with his mitts, and looked to the others. "We eating in here or in the tent?"
  5. As he pushed himself onto his knees, clutching his stomach, the dark purple <<Immortal Object>> pop-up disappeared in an instant. He rubbed his stomach, sitting on his heels as Arabelle offered a hand. "Actually," he admitted, taking Arabelle's hand, "not nearly as much as you would think." Pinball looked at the players going about their business around him, noticing a few of the strange looks shot in his direction. He grinned, turning away from the street and shuffling over to the bench. His face bright red, he sat down, rubbing his knees. "Oh, hello there," he said suddenly, as if they had just met up for the first time. "How have you been?" Pinball rubbed his neck, leaning into the bench, relaxing. "Anything interesting happen? New weapon? Armor? Levels?" Pinball stifled a yawn. He was trying to be friendly, as being social wasn't his strong suit. He was of a mind to try and practice, but he couldn't help but feel like what he was saying sounded weird.
  6. Pinball

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Even if he had the courage to speak up, Pinball still wouldn't have much to say. It was his first time being around so many frontliners at once, let alone to plan out a boss raid. He couldn't help but be nervous. As the other, obviously more experienced players conversed and debated on what type of boss it could be, Pinball stared at Stryder, scanning the man's face for any signs of anxiety, fear, or just plain worry. He wouldn't be discouraged if Stryder didn't come - he'd be at the boss fight no matter what people told him. He had told himself as much, at least. But when Stryder turned to him, along with his other guildmember, Pinball felt his heart drop. If this is going to be such a hard boss, he reasoned, maybe I should just sit out..? Pinball shook his head, swallowing his own anxiousness. No, I don't think I will. Pinball shrugged. "@Stryder," he murmured with a grin, "we can sit out if you think it's too dangerous." Then, even softer, "Chicken."
  7. Pinball

    [F8] <<The Arcade>> {R6-Cook} ~ OPEN!

    rolling for crafting/placeholder Crafting T3 Dessert: ID#101257 CD: 2 LD: 18 ~ Fail / -1 T3 Material / +2 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID#101258 CD: 4 LD: 5 ~ Salvage Fail / -1 T3 Material / +3 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID#101259 CD: 6 LD: 20 ~ [x3] Uncommon / -1 T3 Material / +4 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID#101260 CD: 7 LD: 3 ~ Uncommon / -1 T3 Material / +4 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID#101261 CD: 3 LD: 8 ~ Salvage Fail / -1 T3 Material / +3 EXP Crafting T3 Dessert: ID#101262 CD: 12 LD: 19 ~ [x3] Perfect / -1 T3 Material / +9 EXP Total: Crafted [x4] Uncommon T3 Dessert Crafted [x3] Perfect T3 Dessert +25 EXP
  8. Pinball strolled lazily through the Courtyard, his hands, though hidden by his dark cloak, wrapped around his stomach. He had taken this quest a few times before, with different people each time. He had been to the Tier 3 floors with Shield, and to the Tier 1 floors by himself; though, despite being a Tier 2 player himself, he had never visited the intermediate levels of Aincrad to undertake Nature's Treasure. It was a nice enough day, and Pinball was personally a fan of the Eleventh Floor's many buildings. It gave him a certain type of feeling - one he couldn't quite pin a name to, though a feeling nonetheless. There were plenty of players going about their business, more likely than not on the very same quest Pinball was on. With a sigh, Pinball pulled back the hood of his cloak, rolling his head around his shoulders. You've walked enough for now. Time to get to work.
  9. Pinball crept up the rooftops, pressing his stomach low against the angled plane. He had seen the girl just moments before she had messaged him, and Pinball had already been climbing the house when he received her Private Message. Pinball stared at the violette with wide eyes, peeking over the roof before ducking back down into hiding. When he first started to climb, he had been of a mind to try and scare the girl as she had done to him. Now, though, he just wanted to make an entrance. Pinball pushed himself up, still crouching low. Then, silently, he ran, and as his boot hit the highest point of the slanted rooftop, he jumped. Pinball soared through the air, over the bench... before gravity took over, and he was plummeting towards the ground. There was a brief moment before he bellyflopped onto the pavement where bystanders could hear his loud, almost maniacal giggling. Pinball hit the ground in front of @Arabelle's bench with a smack, landing flat on his stomach.
  10. Pinball stood there for a brief moment as the girl sat herself back down. Once again, he wasn't quite sure what to do. Would the normal thing to do be push a conversation? She might think you're coming onto her, he worried. Being lost in thought, Pinball wasn't taking care of hiding his emotions, so his thoughts were easily betrayed by his facial expressions. "Welp," Pinball said suddenly, looking down the room. In an instant, Zomekko landed silently on the ground, leaving a faint trail of shadow in her wake. He grinned, and let out a long, drawn out sigh, "I'll just be going, then." Pinball kept walking backwards, leaning into the doorway. He rested a warm hand on the cold doorknob. "Into the cold. By myself. To fight the monster. By myself." Pinball opened the door, casting puppy eyes over his shoulder as he took a single step out. "To fight that big, bad monster. By myself. I might even die." He shrugged again, letting out another big sigh, a smile still tugging at the corners of his mouth. Then, he fidgeted. He had known what he was trying to do, and he knew that it was a comedic thing; and yet, in that instant, he shut down. Everything he had said and done suddenly felt immensely more awkward. Pinball's face grew bright red, and he panicked, spinning around on his heel. He frantically shot finger guns at the girl on the counter. "See you later, baby hater..?" Pinball grit his teeth. "You have broccoli in your teeth, hottie." Pinball freaked out even more, his hands shaking as he gripped his head. "Oh, God." Pinball pushed out into the cold, slamming the door behind him. Pinball, immensely embarrased, could swore there was steam rising from his cheeks. What. The. Hell.
  11. Pinball rubbed his free hand across his face, using the other to lazily cast the line into the small pool of water in front of him. It was then that Shield seemingly took notice of the boy, and Pinball snapped to attention. "Oh, hey," he replied, stumbling as he felt a jerk on his line. Pinball quickly pulled up a fish and stored it in his inventory. "Sorry. Uhh, your order?" Pinball's nervous hands fidgeted at his sides as he tried to remember. Granted, it wasn't a particularly hard thing to recall, but he felt oddly uneasy around the tank. Maybe because I don't know how he'll react? Pinball didn't think that that was the right reason, but he couldn't be sure. "I've finished, uh, all of your searching stuff. The five slabs of meat, I think it was?" He shook his head dismissively, "The stuff that helps you search. You ordered five of those, and then five mitigation things? I haven't been able to start those. That's part of the reason I'm here, actually." He started to prep himself to recast his line. "How... how have you been?" Fishing: ID# 101241 CD: 1 (1 T3 Material) Loot Pool: [x2] T3 Material
  12. Pinball

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Pinball sprinted across the floor, spear in hand, a long, drawn out whine as he pushed past bushes and trees alike. Jesus Christ, I'm so late, he despaired, tripping over an especially gnarly tree root. Pinball slowed to a jog, and then a walk, as he noticed what he believed to be the meeting place. He cautiously made his way up to the door, swiping open his menu and double-checking the message Hestia had sent to him. They're meeting today, right? And this is the place? Pinball's worst fear was that he'd either be greeted by a locked door, walk into an empty room, or, worse yet; that he'd walk into a room of people not filled with frontliners. Pinball grit his teeth, looking side to side to try and see if he'd notice anybody making their way in this direction, but saw nobody. He paced back and forth for a moment, before finally he gathered up enough courage to grip the doorhandle. He could hear his pounding heartbeat as he forced himself to open the door. Pinball peeked inside first, his eyes darting from corner to corner, searching restlessly for a familiar face. He spotted a couple, and was immediately relieved. He stepped inside, glancing over to count up the people he recognized. Hikoru, Shield, Hestia, Stryder, Baldur... Pinball pulled his spear close to his chest so he wouldn't knock anything over, hugging the walls of the room. "Hello," he said softly, gravitating to the side of the room his guildmates occupied.
  13. Pinball

    [F8] <<The Arcade>> {R6-Cook} ~ OPEN!

    Pinball leaned against his counter, just now finishing his last few LD buffs for Shield. With a tap, they were stored in his inventory, and Pinball let out a small sigh. Shield's order was a big one, and he was halfway finished with it. It was then that the door opened, and he just realized the meaning behind Shield's warning. A man ordered two items for the boss fight, and Pinball nodded. He glanced over the order forms, yawned, and tapped the counters. "Alright, I can handle that. Yeah." He thought for a moment, hesitated, then added, "we can talk payment when you're back. Don't worry about it right now." Another pause. "Actually," he said, pointing to the Evasion item order. "Could I just sell you this?" He pulled out the chunks of chicken, wrapped in paper. "Runaway Rotisserie. Just 400 Col." @Hydra Runaway Rotisserie: Shortly after, another player entered, just as the first exited. "Oh, Baldur," he said, his voice coming out quiter than he had wanted it to. He cleared his throat as the man looked over the measly items he had out for sale. Baldur bought one of his crappy "healthy" cookies, and Pinball shrugged. "Yeah, you can buy it," he nodded, and was about to say he could craft something better for him when he received the order. It was mostly just Accuracy and Evasion items; and Pinball had the materials for those. "No problem," he said, memorizing the order form. "We can talk payment when I have them for you, yeah?" ------------------------------------------------------------ Crafting T2 Dessert: ID#101215 CD: 5 LD: 5 ~ Salvage Fail / -1 T2 Material / +3 EXP Crafting T2 Dessert: ID#101216 CD: 7 LD: 5 ~ Uncommon / -1 T2 Material / +4 EXP Crafting T2 Dessert: ID#101217 CD: 7 LD: 7 ~ Uncommon / -1 T2 Material / +4 EXP Crafting T2 Dessert: ID#101218 CD: 2 LD: 14 ~ Fail / -1 T2 Material / +2 EXP Crafting T2 Dessert: ID#101219 CD: 6 LD: 13 ~ [x2] Uncommon / -1 T2 Material / +4 EXP Crafting T2 Dessert: ID#101220 CD: 10 LD: 6 ~ Rare / -1 T2 Material / +6 EXP Total: Crafted [4x] Uncommon T2 Dessert Crafted Rare T2 Dessert +23 EXP
  14. With the sun starting to set, Pinball pulled out the jug of water he carried with him, and poured it into the pot. He sat on his cloak for a minute, rearranging his utensils. He then scooted over to the fire carefully, knowing how hot such things could be. "Thank you, Hestia," he smiled, "but I'm going to need to uhh..." He jabbed his hand into the fire, retreiving one of the longer logs. He flicked his hand up and down. "Yeesh," he mumbled, then repeated the process until he had two long pieces of fire wood laying in the sand. "I need these to keep the pot above the fire," he explained, "I don't have any of those fancy metal things to keep it hanging above the fire." Pinball pulled a cutting board from his inventory again, and motioned for Fae to come over. "Cooking was simplified in SAO," he began to explain, pulling out his knife. "All you really need to do for soup is chop up the materials, put 'em in the pot, and wait a few moments. Your Cooking skill does the rest." In Fae's case, her skill probably wasn't very high. Still, Pinball figured his would balance it out. He pulled out a carrot, and handed it, his cutting board, and his knife to Fae. "Chop this up for me, then add it to the pot." Pinball motioned to the setting sun. "We don't really have much time for anything fancy, and I don't know what you guys like, so we're just going to make Chicken Noodle Soup. A simple classic." While Fae worked on the carrot, Pinball busied himself with the other preperations, trying to ignore the sand that kept getting in his eyes while simultaneously shielding the food from it. As he worked, a thick black fog seeped out from under the tent, condensing into a swirling cloud, until it condensed even further into the form of his ghostly cat, Zomekko. The creature padded over to Fae, leaving splashes of evanescent shadow where its feet touched. @Hestia Sand Damage: ID# 101213 CD: 8 (No Damage)
  15. "Oh, so you can start a fire! Awesome!" Pinball seemed genuinely pleased with this realization. "Yeah, yeah, quickly, let's set it up. Before it gets cold out." He wrapped his pots and pans in his cloak, carrying it folded up in his arms as he pushed outside. The sun was low, now, casting deep red rays of light across the desert sands. Already, the temperature was dropping. It was nowhere near as blisteringly hot as it was earlier in the day, when they had first started their walk. "Oh, man," he mumbled, "we need to hurry. You start the fire, yeah? I'll be right back." Pinball set his bundle of tools to the side, and went back inside the tent. He grinned. "Fae, are you hungry? You can help me cook if you want. It's going to be getting cold, so we're going to be eating something hot." Pinball scooted over to the edge of the tent, unhooking Zomekko's glass jar from his belt. Pinball took the jar and set it to the side, Zomekko still swirling around inside, seemingly content with staying in there. "She likes the cold," he explained, "and the dark, too, so she might be coming to hang out soon." Sand Damage: ID# 101123 CD: 1 (Pinball takes 10 DMG) OOC Healing: Pinball recovers 10 Health