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  1. H3LL0

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Ell received a message and opened it. 'A light armor? What Light armor?' Ell then looked at the name of the sender and then remembered what it was about. "The Eclipse Robe!" He exclaimed out loud. He then ran to the The Hanger as soon as he got the chance. "Thanks, it did take a while but at least you got it done, this is gonna be my last visit for a while." 'What a drag, I can't believe I forgot about something I paid lots of Col for, this is gonna make me eat the dirt in the future.' He thought as he equipped his robe on. "Thanks again! See ya around Aincrad!" Ell said, trying to muster the friendliest expression he could make as he walked out. +Eclipse Robe
  2. H3LL0

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Ell entered the building wearing a suit and tie, the same clothes he wore in a certain event in the past. Wow this is big, I wonder how much Col she paid with just to use this place... No, she might have even bought this place already. Am I even welcome here? Ell made his way to the table where the food was, looking down as he did. He took a glass of water and took a sip. I wonder, do I even fit in here? I might as well get out... But when he started to make his way out, someone standing on top of table caught his attention. Oh? I almost forgot that Novafire was the one hosting this party. Ell approached her as soon as she made her way downthe table. “H-hey, uuhh Novafire right? Uuhh we met at another event you hosted, remember? No, she doesn’t Ell let out a sigh, shook off the thought, and continued. “W-well anyways... Nice party!” @Novafire
  3. H3LL0

    [OP-F1] Life in Another World

    ( @Hei still need mats? this can help -.-) Ell was sleeping somewhere in the fields of Aincrad's first floor when he was woken up by a howl. 'You have got to be kidding me, can I please just get one peaceful nap.' Ell got up and went to the area where he assumed the howl came from. He followed the sound of fighting that became louder and louder the closer he got. 'What a drag' He watched as several wolves headed for the direction of a group of players fighting more wolves. 'Guess that howl was call for help' Ell slowly walked to the group as the wolves approached them. In the midst of battle, he could recognize some familiar faces from the Treasure Hunt, the two lovers, Vigilon and Krysta, and the Frog's boyfriend. 'Is this going to be one of those again?' Ell equipped his boots and ran into the middle of the battle to attack. 'This might be the best place to test it. His fists glowed as he punched his way into the pack of wolves. Two of them managed to dodge but he luckily killed the rest in one hit. "That's for interrupting my sleep." 'Oh no, did I just sound weird around all these people?'
  4. Ell finally manages to get back to the Town of Beginnings, he walked back to the place where he was eating stale bread and retraced his path back to Billy’s shop. ‘Wait, shop? Since when the hell did it get called shop? I mean there were no customers nor were there equipments in proper display. Now I am having doubts of this new skill Gaaaahh!’ Ell’s head ached with the thoughts running around his mind. Soon enough, he recognized that he has finally reached the store. He took one deep breath and made his way inside the store. Ell walked through the shop. Nothing much changed, the same old items were still littered everywhere he looked. ‘Hope I don’t end up like this guy.’ He thought. He was still thinking about what kind of skill Billy would teach him when he heard his voice. “Oh? You are back! Thought you hit your head or something, I mean seriously, what took you so long?”
  5. H3LL0

    [PP-F02] <Let There Be Light> More monsters in caves

    Ell had a dream as he slept. He was back at the real world, in his classroom, beside his friends, listening to another lecture on History. Then he was back at his room playing video games in his laptop, dominating his opponents in the MMORPG. “Yeah that is right! Kneel before me like the stupid dogs you are! Stop trying to be me you wanna be’s!” Ell screamed at the screen of his laptop at it showed a victory screen. Then he was back in Aincrad, having a PVP match against a player whose face and name he had forgotten, all that he could remember, was that he was a beta tester. Ell took one strike from the sword skill that his opponent performed on him and then he was defeated. Ell woke up at the sound of his UI sending a notification of a message from Ben. Ell read the message and stood up from the bench he was sitting on and started walking. Ell was still sleepy as he accidentally bumped into someone. “Sorry sir! My bad, I was just looking for...” Ell recognized that the player he bumped into was Ben. “...you. Hey there! So where is the girl? And Simba?” @Benjamin Bookworm @Simba
  6. H3LL0

    [PP-F02] <Let There Be Light> More monsters in caves

    "Alright guess we will have to split to cover more ground." Ell replied at Ben's plan. "Be sure to message me when you find her!" He said as the group parted ways to search in different directions. "Because with my luck I won't be the one to get to her first." Ell searched in the part of the town where vendors, shops, and the like are. He found an empty bench, and sat on it. He then adjusted his position to lie down, the bench was too small for him so his legs dangled on one side of the bench. 'Well here is to hoping they do not forget me when they turn the quest in.' Ell's eyes started to go heavy. 'I wonder how much better I will get after turning in this quest...' Ell's eyes fell shut and was quickly asleep as the NPC mother passed by the bench Ell was lying on. @Benjamin Bookworm @Simba
  7. Ell was back inside the dark cave, he remembered the human skeleton he tripped on a while ago so he was extra careful this time. ‘Yup nice and easy, I don’t want to be fighting undead in this dark place.’ Ell thought. He went over the same skeleton and tried to observe it for a while. He looked for something like a new dagger or maybe another shield, but he had no luck doing so. Instead he found a black bag near the skeleton, almost camouflaged in the darkness of the cave. Ell looked inside the bag and found a “Rare Consumable” added to his inventory. ‘Well guess that is enough, I should get back before Billy finds a new player to give the skills to.’ He thought as he exited the cave. 'A new skill, a new skill, a new skill...' This thought ran across Ell's mind as he walked back to town.
  8. H3LL0

    [PP-F02] <Let There Be Light> More monsters in caves

    Ell listened as Ben said some stuff about guilds. ‘Buffs huh? I wonder what other buffs there are except the crafting buffs and what they do.’ He thought as he looked ahead and noticed that they were nearing the town. Then Ben asked Simba and him if they could help with the search for the girl’s mother. ‘Wait how hard could this be? Shouldn’t Quest NPCs just stay where they are?’ Ell thought before finally speaking up. “Sure thing, if that is only what it takes to get me my rewards, and of course, to take that kid back home, I am in. I will try to search the spot where we left the girl’s mom before we took the quest, she should be there right?” He said as he entered the town. The town eased his mind a little, away from Giant Bats and dark places, making him want to finally take a rest. “You in Simba?” @Benjamin Bookworm @Simba
  9. H3LL0

    [PP-F02] <Let There Be Light> More monsters in caves

    The three finally started to walk back to the child’s mother. Although she was an NPC, and he was very aware of that fact since the beginning, Ell saw the child the same way he sees Yinangi, an innocent soul trapped in this world full of trouble. Ell watched Simba walked ahead, he said that he wanted to get to town before dark because he had enough of the dark. “I agree, fighting in the darkness was such a drag.” He replied. Then Ben spoke up, he asked whether his others party members had plans for the near future. “Well, I would probably be grinding when I fell like it, if not I would just... lay around. Also, I am thinking of joining a guild, heard Tsu joined one, and that Vigilion guy, and Krysta are planning to start one. I have no idea what the pros of being in a guild in this game is, but hey! Everyone is doing it so I might as well join the trend!”
  10. H3LL0

    [PP-F02] <Let There Be Light> More monsters in caves

    Ell was waiting outside when he received a notification on his HUD. 'So it is finally dead huh? I got 150 Col? From the looks of it they just left it to bleed, oh the cruelty.' He thought as he looked at his dagger. 'I am still not strong enough, everyone saw that I just got lucky.' Ell gripped his dagger tighter. He knew that if he was at least a high leveled player, he did not have to be dependent of his party members. After a while, Ben and Simba emerged from the cave with the child. "Alright then, let's get back you home kid. I am sure your mom is worried sick about you, so make sure you give her your warmest hug okay?" Ell told the child as he tried to poke her cheek. 'Home... I wonder if I would be able to see it again.' He thought. @Benjamin Bookworm @Simba
  11. H3LL0

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    ‘And I said that I knew a lot things about the game, but here I am making quite the mistake again.’ Ell thought as he listened to Hei who was enumerating the errors he made in his order. Ell tried to remember the possible enchancements for a Light Armor and finally remembered that hus order indeed had some mistakes. “Of course I would want to make changes in my order.” He said as he took the paper back. Ell striked and replaced some of the words in his order and gave the paper back to Hei. “There fixed it.”
  12. H3LL0

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Ell was walking around the Town of Beginnings when he saw a girl with her pale yellow cloak, walking from the direction of the shop he once went to, the Hanger. 'Oh right, I still need to get better and stronger, judging from my last battle, guess I still lack a lot of stuff..' He thought as he made his way inside the store. He walked inside, the shop was still the same as he remembered when he last visited. Ell made his way to the counter. "I am back. Only this time, I know better. Here." He said as he gave Hei a piece of paper that contained the item he wanted.
  13. H3LL0

    [PP-F02] <Let There Be Light> More monsters in caves

    "Got it!" Ell said as he charged at the point in the cave where his party members attacked. 'The best damage I could make would only be 4, compared to its 18 HP, I am nothing" He thought as he continued to run at the bat. 'Unless of course...' Ell charged his sword art, Round Accel, he slashed the stunned bat diagonally, from the bottom and back. His dagger glowing golden as it did. "That sh*t happens!' His attack wilted the bat's health points down and made it red. Luckily, he also inflicted the bleed status on the still stunned bat. "That bat is dead meat, it is going to die from the bleed sooner or later, do what you wanna do with it. Also the kid, I leave her to you guys, I'm gonna go take a breather" He said as he made his way outside the cave. When he was finally outside, he stretched his body, as he sighed, shielding his eyes from the light of the sun. 'God it is good to have the light back, that dark cave was such a drag.' @Simba @Benjamin Bookworm
  14. "Alright whatever" Ell then faced the stone, probably for the last time and thought: 'Alright, I am getting the hang of the punches and kicks, so now would probably be the best time to...' Ell made a combo attack of different punches and different kicks on the rock, chipping some parts of the stone. Its Health bar went down to zero. The boulder's crack continued its way down finally dividing the rock into two, before shattering like glass into a lot of polygons and disappearing from its position. "Finally! Hey Hermit!" He called, "The boulder's gone!" Yonaga approached Ell as he made the combo attacks against the rock, finally breaking it. He called to her, and she replied: "Well, well, I didn't believe it at first that a scarecrow like you would actually accomplish it. You did well, against an opponent that doesn't move." She said mockingly. "Come here and let me re-" She was interrupted by Ell who charged at her saying: "HEY! BREAKING SOMETHING THAT IS LIKE AN IMMORTAL OBJECT WAS A REAL DRAG YOU KNOW! TRY ME AND I'LL SHOW YOU HOW WELL I"LL DO AGAINST ANYBODY!" And so Ell got his a** kicked by Yonaga over and over again, as Hei sat on a nice place under the sun watching them. Summary: [PP-F1, F2]<<Breaking the Unbreakable>> Tough Rocks are Tough Quest Rewards: Party Leader will be gifted the Extra Skill, <<Martial Arts>> 1 Skill Point Page Rewards: 1 SP 400 Col Misc: None Total: H3LL0 -2 SP -<<Martial Arts>> -400 Col Hei -1 SP -400 Col
  15. Ell watched as Hei kicked the rock, it was a pretty high and strong kick and it may have knock somebody out cold if the target was a real person. 'Kicking huh, I should probably try that too.' Ell thought as he listened to Hei's encouragement of him landing a powerful strike in his next attack. "Right!" Ell said as he nodded at Hei. He looked at the red health bar of the rock they were breaking for the past minutes. 'Alright I have come this far, I am going to show them that I am capable of acquiring and using the martial arts skill.' Ell steadied himself before making a front flip, then kicking the rock with a hammer kick. He did quite the damage, the rock's crack widened as if it was already separated in half but the lowest part of the boulder was still whole. Ell sadly looked at the stone's 1 HP left. "Well, that's a drag, wanna do the honors Hei?"