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  1. "Y-yes please!" Ell replied. He was ready to play with Col, but with this kind of offer, he knew he had to take it. "3 tier 1 materials, right, on it." Ell went to his menu and sent Macradon his payment. A few minutes later, it was done. Ell got his Golden Sun Dagger and tested it out. He slashed with it, thrust, and made some few attempts trying to switch the dagger to and from reverse-grip. He walked towards the exit. Something like this in a few minutes? This guy really is a pro. He was already at the door when he ran back to Macradon. "Thanks a lot sir. I'd probably be back here for some time in the future, so see you then." Ell bowed and headed for the exit.
  2. [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    "There goes that Lil p***y." Ell said looking at the spot where the dark knight was last spotted. "Please, call me Ell." He said as he approached @Outlander, extended his fist, and tried to make a fist bump. "Good job standing up against that guy, I mean, with that all black emo armor, and that creepy stupid way he talks. I guess newbs will always be newbs no matter the looks huh?" He said, smiling, remembering the days when he used to put newbs where they belong. "Well, it was such a drag when you guys stopped. There I was at the corner, waiting to get entertained, then poof! That creep backs out. Some guy to be feared he is. Anyways, what is your relationship with the Dark Knight?" Ell looked back at the spot where he disappeared then back at Outlander. He then realised that he may have been asking too much. "W-well you don't have to answer it. I- I mean a stranger like me, prying in to your life definitely sounds weird. Please forgive me."
  3. <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>: Gathering Herbs 3/5 "I knew I would be lucky today!" Evan said looking at awe in at the herb he just picked up. "Alright, now for the herboar, where could you have gone my dear little thing?" Evan continued on the tracks of the boar. He even started to jog happily as he looked for his last two quest requirements. "Oh wait, there's still the part where we craft a healing potion. I hope it is not as hard as this one because that would be a drag." Evan then finally reached the end of the path. It ended at a bush, a dead end. He went to the bush, and through it then he found the herboar itself. He reached for its hide in an attempt to get some herbs. ID: 94132 Result: LD =20 -Success <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>: Gathering Herbs 4/5 "And now we are down to the last one. Perfect."
  4. Evan followed the prints the best he can. He kind of had a feeling that this would not be complete by the end of the day because of the rotten luck he has. "Skill. Skill always counts. It is the only thing that counts. I would rather be testing myself against boss monsters than waste my time, trying to gamble my way for Herbs." He took a rest for a minute and had a snack under a tree. It was the same old stale bread he had been eating for days. It was the cheapest around. Of course being the cheapest, it did not mean that it was the best. "What a drag, this sucks. I'd better get myself a cook one of these days. Never thought that taste would such have a large effect within the Nerve Gear.” Just as he stood up, Evan found another herb and took it. It did not wither this time. ID: 94127 Result: LD =19 -Success.
  5. [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    "I'm certain about one thing. My group won't win this contest. They have me, after all. How does yours fare? Oh, and..." He watched the fighters again. "Have you popcorn?" The guy who introduced himself as Gwydion said as he showed Ell the vine that he had gathered. "Hey, did you know that talking normally would be less of a drag for you and me? Like, come on man, I have to install a translator just for the sake of both of us. By the way I have no idea what you're talkin about, groups, gathering, I just got here." Ell said turning back to the fight. Oh no. This guy tried his best to approach me, assuming I'd do nothing to him, and I just got to be this much of an a**hole to discriminate this guy. I'm not going to lose this chance, I need people by my side when the time comes. He thought. Ell was going to start apologizing when another stranger joined the conversation. "So, what's that about?" He asked the Ell "I'm Ryo by the way. Future Hero of Aincrad. And you all are?" "I guess I haven't made my introduction yet. Sorry about a while ago man, you can go speak how ever you want, this is just a game after all." He said facing Gwydion. He then turned to Ryo. "Name's Ell, this guy here is Gwydion." He said pointing a finger at himself then Gwydion as he introduced them both. "Gwydion is a... He's uuhh... Well he's my... He's well..." Ell said trying to say friend, but failed to. They have just recently met after all. Ell unconciously put his hand in the bush, trying to find berries at it's own as Ell looked at the ground, thinking what social status he had with Gwydion. ID: 94060 Result: LD =1 -Fail
  6. (The next day) "Alright you little herboar, you'd better show yourself because I've got a lot of stuff to show you!" Evan was back in the forest once again. This time, he came preapared as he has just received his new robe from "The Hanger." He started to climb trees to look for it even easier, but the herboar was nowhere to be found. So, he went back to the ground to conserve more energy and because it wasn't a drag just to walk slowly and relax. He continued walking until he stopped for he saw hoof prints on the ground. Herboar! Evan started to run, following the tracks. At the middle of the track, he found an herb, identical to the one he had failed to gather yesterday. He tried to pick it up. ID: 94042 Result: LD =7 -Fail. "Looks like I just have to get them off of you myself." Evan stood back up and resumed his walking following the path.
  7. [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    Fight! FIght! Fight! Fight! Fight! This thought echoed in Ell's mind. He was so excited just how cool PVP would be in the Nerve Gear. His thoughts were interrupted by a hand on the shoulder. He was already going to jump away and draw his dagger when the owner of the hand whispered to his ear. "Calm! It's okay. I'm Gwydion, a friend. What's going on here?" Well that was reassuring. Ell calmed down and started to try to explain the situation. "Uh... you see sir I uhh... just got here and uhh... the guy on black was like, saying something about the other guy paying for his sins blah blah blah, and he also called the other guy a "Careless Mercenary"." Ell paused then continued. "Yeah... so that's all I know sir." Ell then continued to watch the other two players who were about to fight. "My bet is on the guy with the black armor, he is so going to crush the other guy. I'm so lucky that the player Novafire invited me here, it may not be she that I found, but boy am I lucky to have found this instead."
  8. [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    "Novafire, Novafire, Novafire, what a drag,it would have been easier if she replied to me and told me a precise location. It'd be easier to find her that way." Ell thought for a moment, then he came to a conclusion. "I guess she didn't need me anymore and left. Such a drag, well, I can't let this walk go to waste. I'd better get some stuff." He sighed as he went to a brush and looked for some berries. ID:94027 Result: LD = 11 -Fail "Well that's normal, I never was meant for this job." He sighed. Then at the distance, he noticed to other players, both with their weapons drawn. He kept his place behind the bush as he watched the other two fight. "A PVP eh? The first time I'll be seeing one in this game. So, which of you are getting schooled?" He looked to and from the two. Both of them looked scary enough for Ell to brand them as powerful so he had doubts. "Looks like we'll see." He watched them have their talk, but the hatred on each other's eyes were clear. They were not one to back down that easily. "What a drag, I wish I was the one out there, having a fight. I wonder how my first PVP would go." Ell continued to watch.
  9. Ell was looking around the shops of the first floor, finding someone who could fulfill his request. He stumbled upon a shop named "The Blazing Typhoon." He got the jitters just from the name because he heard that the guy who runs the store was one of the most powerful players of Aincrad, Macradon of KoB, someone who commands at the front lines. "Let's go meet a pro." Ell said as he opened the door, and went inside the shop. There were other players in the store. Ell tried to avoid them, trying to make the least possible interaction with them as he can. Oh no, I feel so OP. He thought But instead of the meaning being Over Powered like back in the days of my PC games, It means Out of Place. He thought as he examined the players in the room. He then realised that he was the only newb inside so he tried to get this over with as fast as he could. He finally made it to the counter. "H-hello sir, I am Ell, and... Uuhhh... is it possible for you to like, craft this? Ell said handing Macradon, with shaky hands, a paper that contains Ell's order. Name: Golden Sun Dagger Your Profession: Blacksmith Your Rank: 9 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Dagger [Weapon] Tier: [1] Quality: [Perfect] Enhancements: [Keen +1 | Bleed +2] Description: A golden dagger with a carved sun at its hilt. Sometimes it would glow when you slash with it giving a severe bleeding effect on the target. Post Link: [Leave Blank]
  10. "I guess that's enough. I'm going to call it a day." Evan sighed as he breathed in deeply to calm himself. He started to stand up when he heard something, a snort. "Alright, something that's worth doing today." He looked for the source of the noise then he came across a boar. But this was no ordinary boar, it had herbs growing out of its back, the same kind of herbs that he could find around the forest but with a different color which is red rather than green. Then, one of the herbs on its back fell off. As it touched the ground, its color changed to green. "Alright, here I go!" Evan was ready to pounce when a message interrupted him. It was from someone named Novafire. "Okay boar you wait, I'm going to get you tomorrow. As for this guy, I'm going to get myself somewhere safe before I read it." Before he left, Evan waited for the herboard to head somewhere which did not take long, and tried to gather the kind of herb that fell from it. ID: 94041 Result: LD =13 -Success But just as he picked it up. A quest bubble popped up. <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>: Gathering Herbs 3/5 "There you go, a sign that all my luck is saved for tomorrow."
  11. [OP-F1] Tresure Hunting

    Ell never was an early riser. His nap may have took too long for he had read the message a while ago yet he had decided to ignore it. “Receiving a message from a random player, but having bad luck in all my attempts to gather stuff, what a drag.” He sighed ”Would you look at that, all my luck is thrown to social interactions instead of the things that could make me succeed an make me better, some game this is. But anyways,” Ell stood up and mumbled: ”I’ll take advantage of this luck given to me because that’s all I have and I have absolutely nothing to lose.” He started to walk towards the forest as he replied to @Novafire‘s message -I’ll be there soon assuming you still need me.
  12. [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Ell leapt to action at the sight of the message Hei sent. On my way - Ell replied to Hei's meesage. He was taking a break at this time so he had free time to go back at Hei's place. He quickly ran to the shop, excited to get his new rare robe. "I'm back!" Evan said as he opened the door. He then started to look for a white robe around the shop and he finally found it. Ell's Robe, it said. "And it even has my name on it, cool. I'm actually surprised that you made this quickly, was it that easy?" Evan said hoping Hei would hear him from somewhere around the shop. "Oh and that reminds me, I'll message you about the martial arts quest when I'm ready for it. I still don't have enough SP to take it to Rank 1 and it'd be a drag if I get it and not get. Know what I mean?
  13. [PP-F1]Outlander's Night on the Town

    Coming home from his unsuccessful attempt to gather materials for <<The First Few Lessons are Free>>, Evan was looking tired and weary ready to rest. It was by the time that he passed through the Town of Beginning's fountain that he read the message. "Looks like someone else sent a message to the wrong person. I just had a bad day and it'd be such a drag to go back to the fountain. Outlander huh? Not someone familiar, or maybe I just read over it again, but hey what's there to lose." Ell sighed and went back to the fountain. As he walked, he looked for someone with the username Outlander, looking at their health bars. "What a drag." He eventually found him with two others, a Benjamin Bookworm, and a Novafire. He went behind the two, keeping silent, trying to grasp the situation first. @Outlander @Benjamin Bookworm @Novafire
  14. Evan was looking tired and uninterested. The game that got him hyped once made him feel bad. "It's probably because I'm just stressed and tired. I mean, this is the stage that we once called "The struggle of beginners." He said, remembering the days when he would play video games with this brother. "Okay, one more failed gather and I'll call it a day. Doing too much of this only hoping to succeed but fail so badly is only gonna be much of a drag. Alright, next attempt to get a success, here we go." Evan searched and searched for herbs. He did it with the most effort he could muster, he was going to get a rest after getting nothing from this anyway. ID: 93853 Result: 10 -Failed Evan then stood up with the slightest look of happiness in his face. "This is too much! Too much of a drag! How the hell do people complete this with a drop rate like that?!"