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  1. "What level do you think would be good for us? We should look into some more quests too, find out more about the world. Eventually I'll need to find higher tier items for my potions. I'm not sure how to do that yet. It might be because I'm not high enough level as an alchemist or player so far." She kept following him. "Us get our own house. That sounds amazing!" she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "But, if you build a guild wouldn't we have housing there? Though, a cottage someplace else would be a good idea, just to get away from things and enjoy life." she thought it was romantic in a way. "Steel, what kind of house would we get? I like a lot of styles." She never had her own home she was so use to living in hotels because of work, a place that was actually home sounded amazing. "I i don't have any saved up myself, I've been too busy buying my armor and items for my shop that I forgot to consider a house. I guess I've been spoiled a little now that I stay with you."
  2. "Yeah, but I'm sure there has to be a library or something that gives lore. Like item descriptions. Maybe quests if you push the npcs for more information? Well they talk in loops sometimes." she shrugged unsure of how to find more information. "I guess I really like stories, it'd be nice to find a tome or something. Maybe learn how this place came to be. Why there's a floating castle if that's what that is in the sky. There just seems like there's more to it you know?" she smiled listening him talk about his mitigation and everything. "Nice, that'd be great, giving out hits when you're not hitting hehe, that's my samurai." "Of course I cried for you. I can't bare losing someone as chiverous and kind as you. I'm not sure if anyone would have teamed up with someone like me. I'm usually so distracted, and during combat I'd likely have been to afraid to do anything. You taught me to be better, and you smiled so you show emotion you can't lie to me about that." she smiled happily and stayed close to him. "Don't worry about your luck, I'll command it again if it doesn't behave." she chuckled.
  3. "Ah it's Reinka." she said when she noticed her looking through her menu. She waited a moment and smiled at Steel. "Why hello there first mate." she laughed happily. Once in the party she saw everyone's usernames and nodded. "Nice to meet you all as well. I'm opening a potions shop, do pay it a visit when you can, or join the event that's being run in a day or so please.I like grand openings." She smiled happily. "While we're looking for this poor kid I hope we can get our treasure hunting on as well. I'm rooting for everyone, and I'll do my best in combat for you all as well. I have a healing art in case we run into some trouble along the way. Just call out that you need healing and I'll do my best to oblige, though with this team it looks like I won't have to worry too much about that." she explained happily. She wanted to let them know her abilities before getting into the heat of battle. It was better for tactics in her mind. She stretched her arms upwards then had them behind her head as she waited for their next instructions. She figured Daz was the leader and that she'd tell them when to roll out, and Reinka was ready to rock and roll at this point. She then looked over at the Blonde in the group. She was curious what he could do in battle, and what Daz could do in battle. She got a little excited to see them all fight together. Though the child was top priority.
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    http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16051-floor-1-raink-1-kraken-potions-closed-for-event/?do=findComment&comment=545844 Rank: 2ID: 99085 Roll: Craft die 9, loot die 10Item Type: Salve Page's Winter Restoration Salve Scent : Raspberry Lemonade Tier: 1Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: ► (1) HP Recovery Effect: Heals a single target for (20 per slot * Tier) HP. Lore: Aincrad had a war millennia ago with the Elves from the wood against the gods. They persisted to persecute the gods that ruled over them, and for it the gods banished magic from the lands. The elves lost the one thing they relied on most. During this was the page's of knights would use this elven paste on their wounds to treat them. The human's of Aincrad were happy for the elven medical advancements, and kept those that did not use magic.
  5. 99085 9 LT 10 + 3 from necklace no additional item 99086 5 99087 2 exp 3 + 1 + 1 + 30 = 35/37 Rank: 2ID: 99085 Roll: Craft die 9, loot die 10Item Type: Salve She was busy making more salves again. She was looking forward to the moment in which she could make potions. Luckily on her first attempt there was a past and she made another normal salve meant for healing. She sighed. "This is far better used for outside combat I would think. It was in it's usual bottle and she went back to work on the rest of the potions only to come out so no lucky. She rubbed the back of her head. "Am I really only good at making destructive salves then?" She sighed a bit annoyed, she wanted to heal people not hurt them. Reinka thought about her store. She put out flyers for a grand opening but hadn't had any luck with anyone contacting her. That was a bit troublesome as well. She was hoping to get to know people in general and see what the populous wanted. She saw a few people asking for teir 2 damage potions and healing potions. She have to think about it. Those were very useful after all she couldn't see herself not using them after she read about them in her library of books. "Maybe that's why I created one so quickly. I find it very useful and I have a mess of healing potions already." She walked on and thought about it. She shrugged and went back to her normal life.
  6. "That's true, here's hoping the reward will be worth the hassle. We might even get our own decent treasures along the way." She said happily. They always had some sort of luck on their adventures. "Yeah, I agree, and there's also more magic in role playing games. Though I guess this game has sword arts so I guess that counts? Maybe. I'll have to read up more on the lore of the world." she explained. "Oh so you'll get mitigation maybe? That'd be good if you want to get hit on purpose right?" she asked him curiously. "Huh? Well yes, your personality drew me but, you're really handsome too, it's just you look really cool, and confident. Had you had that type of personality to match it it'd be hard to be around you. I mean, you're confident in your skills, but instead of being too cool, you're actually a warm person who worries. So I got a good man who treats me right and is attractive. Talk about a lucky catch for me. I'm not the kind of person who would go super psyco. I might just talk to you in private about it to let you know I'm jealous around that person and you can reassure me. You're really good at doing that." She stepped outside with him. "Hey, first mate, keep your eyes sharp. I'm not going to be happy if we get ambushed." she said and looked around as they left the safe zone.
  7. "You'd train with me?" She smiled happily and squeezed his hand. "That sounds amazing. I'd really like that actually. I want to get better as fast as I can you know." She admitted. "I'm not sure why though. You think I'd be afraid of frontlinning." she looked up at him. "Hey Steel, what's your goal? Are you going to reach the top? If you don't feel like doing that I won't either." She figured all the best items might come from floor boss drops but she also worried that it would be the death of her if she tried to do it, and yet that was part of the game. Maybe they had to risk it, so many other people were. "Hm, how is our funds? I have cash, I could pick up a few keys for chests to make it easier if we find them, or maybe we should invest in buying some blank maps to find hidden dungeons on some of the higher floors. What do you think darling?" She asked curiously.
  8. «Kraken Potions Grand Opening Event» Description: In the spirit of opening, there will be an OP thread to collect materials for the shop in a race to collect materials for the shop. This is for gathering on the first floor outside the town of beginnings. This is for using the gather loot system, but not from mobs There may be an increase to how many items players can receive if the goal is surpassed. The winner will be awarded first and this will be updated with a link for everyone who participates. Fulfillment requirements: Rules: Do not use the gatherer skill so it's fair You MAY use LD improvement equipment The person with the most materials will win a free perfect SALVE of their choice Players who participate will get to keep half of the materials while the other half will go to the shop to help it along All Participants will be gifted a RARE SALVE of their choice Aid Allowed: Yes Rewards: Rewards: Please allow for the shop to create the salve you choose as it is impossible to be created until after the event. This is meant to help the shop, create ad revenue, and get some SP to participants. Requirements: 2 Pages, shop earning 10mats, the creator of the forum CAN NOT WIN but can join in and add to the pot of materials gained. There are some perfect items in the shop already please look there if you would rather have a perfect from that section. Repeatable: not right now Sign up sheet first come first serve! Event starts April 2nd! Open Slots 1 Reinka 2 3 4 5 6
  9. 99051 1, 1exp 99052 8, 1exp 99053 4, 1exp = 3xp + 27 = 30/39 Reinka was reading up on various lore books that were in her shop. She was curious about the world she was in and tried to apply what she read in the books only for her shop to explode three times. She coughed loudly and sat down a bit sad. She started cleaning up and looked at her stock of everything. She sighed. and held her head. This was okay though. "It's progress." She felt she needed something to let everyone know that there was a new shop. Then again maybe it was easy to get crystals from monsters too." she scratched her head thinking about it. Then she looked at her stock again. "I could put those as a prize maybe. She thought about it and nodded to herself. That's what she'd do for sure.
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    Reinka's Evaluations

    I'll be making two of the same item thanks to the loot roll if that's okay. Made here Rank: 2ID: 98934, 98934 Roll: Craft die 9, loot die 20Item Type: Salve Scent : Raspberry Lemonade Tier: 1Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: ► (1) HP Recovery Effect: Heals a single target for (20 per slot * Tier) HP. Lore: Aincrad had a war millennia ago with the Elves from the wood against the gods. They persisted to persecute the gods that ruled over them, and for it the gods banished magic from the lands. The elves lost the one thing they relied on most. During this was the page's of knights would use this elven paste on their wounds to treat them. The human's of Aincrad were happy for the elven medical advancements, and kept those that did not use magic.
  11. 99021 - 2, 99022 6, 99023 9 Exp 22 + 1 + 1 + 3 = 27/39 Page's Winter Restoration Salve Reinka saw her works go downwards and sighed falling to her knees. She couldn't believe two of her attempts failed again today. She pulled at her hair annoyed and then got up trying to do it one more time. "Elves of the wood hear my plee. Comfort the down trot and those in solitude free. May your herbal magic heal those in battle. For we must no longer live as cattle. Let us raise our power, and with your guidance in medical practice rise up like a tower. Show me what thou can create, with these smooth hands show me through fate." she said as she used her cauldron. She then looked down as she heard something rattle and then another something rattled. "I made....Two items?" she asked surprised as she stared at them. She picked them both up and smiled. They were weak healing items but healing items none the less. "Maybe they will one day help someone. This will be great for lower level players." She felt proud that she managed to do something right.
  12. "Hm, so it's a personal stat training. That's still really good. I hope we get some decent experience for turning this in then. Though I'm not sure we well, but maybe." she shrugged unsure. "Hm a shield. I'd almost say get some accuracy to though. I don't know. There's only three equiment slots right? Weapon, Armor, and either a shield or accessory slot right? So maybe invest in that, you already have thorns don't you?" she wasn't sure what his specs were she thought she did but she was unsure. "Either way I'm sure it'll be fun whatever you get." "Haha, yeah sure." She agreed to being the cat. "I suppose a rumor of a lovely witch would be interesting too, I'm not sure who would start that though. Then again wouldn't you be upset if my shop was flooded with suiters?" she asked him curiously. "I certainly would be a bit jealous if your shop was flooded with maidens who watch to catch your eye you know." She said too boldly then placed a hand in front of her mouth realizing what she said the moment in which she said it. "Um....I mean I wouldn't worry over it because we're a couple and I trust you but I, I guess it's a natural response maybe?" she hoped it was and she didn't realize she could be jealous until she admitted to it. "Ahem." She tried to run away from that conversation. She laughed happily hearing him go all out with it. "Oh I suppose you could just be yourself too, and be my samurai warrior. I wouldn't mind that at all really. But yes we will destroy the devils of hell and throw them to davey jone's locker while sailing off yonder to star bound!" She said happily pointed to the sky where she would think the north star would be then smiled at him.
  13. 99017 2 = 19 + 1 exp + 20/39 exp LEVEL UP! 99018 6 20 + 1 exp = 21/39 99019 4 22/39 No salvage on anything She was mixing various things together trying to find a good scent. Eventually the store reeked of garbage and ash. Reinka gagged and fell over trying not to be sick, and then it happened. Everything spontaneously combusted. The inside of her shop was covered in soot. Reinka sat up wide eyed as she was completely singed. She sighed and started to go through her menu cleaning up her shop and placing all the items back down so it looked normal again. She dusted herself off until she was also fine. "There, that's much better." She smiled to herself. She then went back to the counter. "Hm, I have another craft to do today? I did my two. "Oh! I must have leveled up. So quickly." She smiled happily and gave the next potion a try only for it to explode in her face. "Well son of a witch." she sighed annoyed. "I guess that's how it goes, maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow."
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    Reinka's Evaluations

    crafted here Rank: 1ID: 98934Roll: 12Item Type: SalveTier: 1Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 2 HP Recovery, Antidote
  15. 98933 6 - Fail - 1exp 98934 12 - Perfect - 8 exp Exp = 19/20 As she mixed things there was a strange noise. She looked into her cauldren. "Oh no." She gasped and quickly moved the whole room was filled with water. She was swimming in it unsure how this would work in SAO. She mentally begged for someone, anyone to open the door. It was at that moment the water turned to a strange foam and then slowly died down to nothing. Reinka gasped as she was soaking wet. "Never again." She huffed and rolled on her back trying to catch her breath. "Okay maybe one more." She got up and started to try again. She shut her eyes just hoping for something this time, preferably not an explosion. There was a rattling sound inside the cauldron. She looked down and saw another bottle that contained a paste. "Hm I wonder what this could be." She picked it up and looked it over. "Oh nice this one is a healing salve!" Rank: 1ID: 98934Roll: 12Item Type: SalveTier: 1Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 2 HP Recovery, Antidote