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  1. Anyone looking for a bad guy in there RP's? If so message me.

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      Ima bed the bad guy and correct *their* lol. 

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      Nevermore IV

      Pff... Grammar Nazi. 

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      Heh heh. Nazi's are indeed the bad guys!

  2. Profile Username: Nevermore IV Real name: Razgad Barrett Age: 24 Gender: Male Nationality: German American Height: 6' 1" About: Nevermore is a mysterious and frightening character, from his naturally dark and rough voice, to the plauge doctor uniform he wears everywear, its no wonder people are afriad of him. He has a tendency to kidnap and torture many people. He is a well known and feared person. For certain reasons, for example, many people are naturally afriad of the unknown, and not much is know about him. Not even his name is known. He uses daggers as lethal weapons, sneaking up on unsuspecting people and ruthlessly killing them... It began on the night of his first kill. After that... he became a monster. Some survivors say they hear something before being attacked, four words... "Quoth the Raven... Nevermore." He tends to track his targets down and never leaves them alone. He will constantly ambush them untill they are finally dead. To him, it does matter where and when, broad daylight in a safezone, no, dark night in a forest, yes. Broad daylight in a forest, Maybe, dark night outside safezone. Yes. History: Very few people have called out to him, one of the few that have is a shifty character known as Outlander, he promises great fortune to Nevermore, and in return has decided to help him found "The Outcasts Pact." Nevermore doesn't backstab others. For he trusts Outlander to follow through with his promise. They say there was a point in time where he wasn't a monster. But something went wrong, terribly wrong, he no longer feels sorrow, empathy, love, or happiness. All he can feel now is, hate, rage, anger, and vengeance. He wanted to become all that was left. By ending everyone and everything else. Funny, how a coping mechanism gone wrong creates a serial killer. "They're all dead! All of them! I wasn't there to help! I can't do this anymore! I can't!" -Nevermore IV's Message to a close friend at the time. After sending this message, unfriended everyone on his friends list, then disappeared for three weeks. Thats when "he" started popping up. Reported cases of a madman in a plauge doctor uniform jumping at people, injuring them or killing them. The lucky ones died first, the ones that lived had their life turned onto a living hell (Hell as in place). As Nevermore attempted assassinating them over and over. Untill finally success. Eventually, his friends started dying off, they assumed they died of suicide or killed by Pkers or monsters. Nevermore had something to do with their deaths. Virtues: 1) Fortitude - He has a high Fortitude. Which the definition for Fortitude is "courage in pain or adversity." Most of the time, he goes through emotionalpain, or adversity, but he is so good at keeping this courage. It tends to rub off on his allies. Most people don't see his fortitude, but he truely has it. 2) Smart - Nevermore is a smart pychopath, don't expect him to fall for something so easily, he usually finds the quickest solution out of it, then you end up on his hit list for trying to pull the wool over his eyes. He uses this to his advantage and turns the tables when least expected. Promising his name is still dominant over the others. 3) Perspective - Nevermore notices things out of the ordinary physically, for example, traps and ambushes. He can also set traps and ambushes up in the perfect positions. Surrounding the enemy and defeating them. He is able to see through a persons disguise quite easily and find out what they really want. Flaws: 1) Intimidating - "He who shall not be named" is intimidating. He stands a little over six feet, has a dark tone to his voice, has daggers and knives hidden all over his body and in his armor, and he moves suprizingly fast. Which scares people into doing what he says, this is bad if he is against your side. 2) Mysterious - Your probably wondering, How is this a flaw? Well, that because the actual definition of mysterious is "difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify." Almost everyone has trouble understanding Nevermore's motives, movements, and location in general. It is extremely hard to contact this him, and those who manage to are bounty hunters whom are killed on the spot. 3) Stalker - Nevermore tends to watch his target a while before killing them, but when his position is discovered, and the target is alone, he casually comes out from where he is hiding and faces his targrt. If the target is not alone, he runs away, recovers, and tracks down the target again. Making sure not to make the same mistake as before. Professions: Skills: Inventory : Weapons/Tools: (Basic Starting Pack Chosen) Roleplay: STRIKE = ENDED Storage and Money: Col: 2500 (Set A: Basic Starter) Other: 10 T1 Mats 5 Starter Health Potions