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  1. “No, no you don’t,” she continued to shake her head, “dang it, I wish I had a giant flys watter Wouldn’t that be something?” she imagined a giant pink netted fly swatter. “It would make his quest a lot easier,” she narrowed her eyes at her familiar who she realized was silent this whole time. Aye aye aye, I don’t expect much but this is unbearable. She held up her dagger, “Tis the baker’s first right!” She giggled, “no one can get past my excellent baking skills. Chop, chop,” she made imaginary knives with her hands and poked each of them, “Boooom, you’re dead!” the blonde grinned, feeling satisfied. The enthusiastic player’s eyes grew wide, tilting her head she asked, “Weird?” She erupted in fits of laughter, “Dude..” she said after a few seconds pure laughter. “You think you’re weird? Haha! Look at me! You’re perfectly normal, I mean. I smile like the Cheshire Cat all day! Do you think that’s weird?” She looked back and forth from @Hazado to @Arabelle, a large grin on her face. “You young people, tsk tsk.” She shook her head and shrugged, “No, no, no. You are not weird,” she chuckled softly. “Shall thee be given life and immortality!” She declared, “Tis there no stamina in this game, but I am the furmost lazy!” She said in an even higher voice. “So thi shall be given a piggy back ride!” She giggled, jumping onto his back, pointing forward, “Onwards my loyal subjects! To victory!” [ OOC : Phone wouldn’t let me bold the last paragraph. ;-; ]
  2. The blonde made a small shushing noise and narrowed her eyes. "I am secretly a secret agent form the America's.." she looked left and right suspiciously. "I had to learn the ways of the western language, never speak of this!" she reached her hand up and threw something imaginary at the ground. "Smoke bomb!" she hollered, using her hands to cover her face. "If I can't see you.. you can't see me!" she giggled, wiping away stray tears of laughter. "Well then my children, I hope my grandchildren will be very beautiful and as hyper as I am. Oh wait, I think they'll blow up the world at that rate.." she mumbled, scratching her chin. "Suggestions?! Oh boy, I love those," she grinned, "Uh.. look.. for.. a guy..who.. loves cake?" she shrugged, "Thats all I have." "Yeah," she nodded, "I don't want to get anywhere near.. a bug," she shuddered at the thought. "I hate bugs.. they're always everywhere.. and you never know when they're gonna pop out in front of you!" she made a sour face and shook her head. "They were everywhere where I lived, eugh," the thought of encountering an even larger version of a wasp annoyed her. "So if this.. wasp thing stings you. Would the lump be like 100 times bigger than ones in real life? Can that even happen in here?" she shrugged it off and pointed forward. "To dinner!" @Hazado @Arabelle
  3. As the day led one, Spangie could only make literally one rare item. Ughhhhhh. Well, I still have plenty of materials left.. I can finish on time, hopefully. She sighed, wiping her forehead. This is a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be.. I shouldn't do big orders like this anymore, she sweat dropped and sighed, plopping herself on the bay window. "I'm bored," she groaned, staring up at the blank ceiling. Ahhhh, all I can think about are cupcakes now! she shouted, her mouth watering, one thing is gonna lead to this and then that and.. ugh! ID : 101195 CD : 2, Fail ID : 101196 CD : 11, Rare ID : 101197 CD : 5, Salvage ID : 101198 CD : 9, Uncommon
  4. Spangie gave a thankful sigh as she held up decent item. 3 done, 10 to go! she huffed, placing it in her inventory. After a few more tries, she came out with an uncommon item. It looks great, but I can't give it to him. Ugh! So many uncommon lately! She hissed in her mind silently. Putting away multiple pots and pans, "Cooking is surprisingly hard, I honestly find it easier in real life," she mumbled tiredly, slouching down on a nearby chair. Stupid cooking, she groaned, rubbing her eyes. "But cooking is relatively easy.. But its hard at the same time." ID : 101169 CD : 12, Perfect [ +1 Perfect Item | 8 EXP | -1 Material ] ID : 101169 CD : 4, Fail [ +1 EXP | - 1 Material ] ID :101170 CD : 10, Uncommon [ +1 Uncommon Item | -1 Material | 3 EXP ] ID : 101171 CD : 4, Fail [ -1 Material | +2 EXP ]
  5. The blonde cheered, "That coin goes to.. uh," she stopped mid sentence. She blinked blankly. What would it go to? Ma and Pa of course.. who else? she puffed, "Ah whatever, it goes to all of y'all!" She giggled, ruffling the hair of each of them, "Y'all are so adowable!~" she cooed, laughing straight after. "Darn you children, you guys grow up so fast," she sobbed dramatically, wiping away a fake tear off her face. "One day, you'll get yourselves a man, and you'll forget me!" she ( faked ) sobbed even harder. "Name you kids after me!" she broke into hysterical laughter. "Eheh.. I'm the mom of this ya hear me?!" she pointed to herself with a serious frown. Eheh.. soccer mom! Spangie nodded her head and crossed her arms, "Yeah, it's relatively weak for a high ranking mob I have to admit," she shrugged, grinning, "But thats never gonna happen! I can't land my hits for crap!" she giggled, "But now I got these handy glasses, I have no worry," the blonde player smiled brightly, pulling down her glasses and switching multiple lens on. "Oh wow, when did you guys get so tiny?" her fingers formed into a small 'o' shape as she wobbly stood there. "But this will definitely be useful in battle, I bet it makes me look whacky form the outside right?" she did have to admit, she had looked at the glasses in a mirror before, it enlarged her eyes and made her look like a Jr. Willy Wonka. @Arabelle @Hazado
  6. She giggled as she watched him sneeze and freak out over a leaf. "Heh, don't let it get to you, it's just a leaf," she grinned playfully and shrugged. A bright smiled edged her face as she watched the scene in front of her, "Jeez, that was funny," she chuckled, her chest heaving with laughter. He's hilarious, why haven't I met him before? She giggled and patted her stomach. "Well, good job at getting that lead off your face, hehe.." she smiled and when back to looking out at the endless sky. "Kawaii huh? Don't tell me you're some kind of fanboy," she snickered, waving her hand at him. "But yes!" she held up a finger, "I am kawaii!" she winked at him. "Uh huh," she muttered, "I have my eye on you!" she giggled, poking his chest, "But thats kinda cool, you must have experience in relationships then," she chuckled, crossing her arms. "I see we have a go getter here," she snickered devilishly. "Hm, I haven't had a decent convo in a while either, it's nice," she grinned at him. "It's been nice so far, I really hope life goes smooth here though."
  7. She nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah yeah, go on," she grinned happily. She always loved doing the things, wether it be games like 21 Questions or just simply talking about it, she loved talking about peoples interests. She chuckled and nodded her head, "Yup, video games are fun I guess.. haha," she smiled brightly, still listening intently. Once he was finished she took in a breath and exhaled, "Thats a big mouthful huh?" she grinned, rubbing her hands together. "My turn!" she inhaled sharply. "So I really, really, really, reallllllyyy..." she exhaled and inhaled another cloud of air, "like art. Heck i got into a darn art college, but uh.. I like sweets," her mouth watered from even thinking about them. "Uhh.. I like swimming too! At the beach party, it was way fun. Uh, I like making new friends and stuff like that." She bit her lip. "Things i don't like..?" she concentrated on her hands for a moment, " have a fear of tight spaces," she admitted, "I need to jump around and be free y'know?" she looked at him, "You can't do much in a small space," she giggled, "I don't like bullies either," she felt her face heat up, "I-I just find it really stupid that people bully other people right?" she laughed nervously and pushed on. "I was born in Japan, but I went to England! Surprised I've never seen you around there, I lived there for bout' a year," she chuckled. "Again, you're not lonely, you're perfectly fine.." she grinned, giving him a thumbs up. "But I'm an only child too!"
  8. "Oh, lucky," she pouted, rubbing her eyes. "I would love to dye my hair," she sighed, putting her hands behind her head. She pulled up a strand of hair. "I wanted a color like.. a teal, somewhere around that. But my parents wouldn't let me.." she felt her lip quiver at the sentence. Have they forgotten about me? "Anyway!," she sniffed, putting on a grin. "Yeah, it looks cool. It suits your hair really well," she smiled brightly. "Yeah he was, but he doesn't really like the whole socializing shtick," she sighed, rubbing her forehead. "I think part of why he's so awkward is he broke up with Froppy, she was at the party too," she gulped, remembering the awkward moments. "S-so yeah, but I think he's funny that way," she giggled. "When I first met him, we were fighting a giant beast and I didn't even know what to do!" she laughed, covering her eyes. "He basically taught me how to fight.. I guess, he's cool. I don't know if I'll ever be as strong as him though. It would be a miracle," she sighed. Listening to him, she nodded. "Sweet, you're the same level as me now!" she grinned, "I haven't been doing much so I haven't leveled up in a while.." she forced a huff. "Aw, you're not that lonely," she giggled, patting him on the back. She smiled brightly as he gave her the flower, "Awe, thanks!" she sheepishly took the flower and grinned. @Hazado
  9. Spangie grinned as she saw @Hazado and hugged him tightly before quickly letting go. "Aghh, it's so good to see you again!" she giggled, clapping her hands together. Agni came trotting up to the brunette, sniffing him a few times before walking off. She turned her attention back to him and gave a reassuring smile, "That means he likes you.. I think," she muttered the last part before she put back a grin. "Yeah, it's been a while I guess," she chuckled, rubbing the back of her head. She jumped happily and nodded, "Yeah sure, looks comfy," she laughed and sat happily on the grass under the tree. It's warm today. As the breeze strolled in, her hair waved in front of her face, a few getting stuck in her mouth. "Ew, ew," she spit out her hair with a disgusted look and groaned, "I should've cut my hair before I came home," she huffed, looking over to her friend. "Oh cool, is your hair dyed?" she sat up straighter, flicking Hazado's forehead. "I always wanted to dye my hair but Ma and Pa never allowed me," she giggled, hugging herself. Wonder what they're doing right now. "Oh, it's been nice. I met a few people and went on this pirate trip with my friend Pinball! He was at the beach party, I think you remember him," she giggled, remembering the times ( that have yet happened ). "Me and him stole a pirate ship and sailed the blue oceans on the higher floors!" she rolled back laughing at the memory. "Hehe.. he's such a crackhead," she giggled, sprawling her arms out. "But nothing eventful after that. What about you?"
  10. Spangie jumped as a loud beep echoed around her. "H-huh?" she looked left and right only to realize it was coming from herself. "Oh," she sighed and opened the message, reading it carefully. "Oh yay! I could finally do something!" she grinned and quickly typed a reply back. She quickly adjusted her glasses and dashed over to the portal. "Ya hear that Agni? We can finally hang out and relax," she said happily, adding a skip to her step. Her familiar snorted and gave her a blank stare. Pouting, she puffed, "Oh c'mon, aren't you the least bit excited?" she groaned, face palming herself. "Anyways, we get to see Hazado again!" she brightened up, only for her familiar to give a tilt of his head. "Hazado, y'know, the guy at the beach party?" her familiar tilted his head even further. "The guy with the brown hair?" she tried again, only to receive a stare back. "Yeah whatever, we're going to see him."
  11. She grinned at @Arabelle, “Yeah, I know you can have paper but I haven’t found something to replace my sketchbook,” she sighed depressingly. I want to find one soon.. “But I’m sure I’ll find something, it can’t be that hard right?” She shrugged and ruffed the violet haired players hair. “And I’m think you think of me as an artist~” she giggled with delight. She turned to @Reinholt and patted him on the back, “Yeah, it’s good to see you too! Been a while eh?” She smiled brightly and clapped her hands together. “Agh, I liked this quest, it was tough but fun!” She pointed toward, “And off we gooooo!” she squealed with delight and dashed to who knows where. Finally, I was dying from boredom! @Krysta @Fetu Lagi
  12. Spangie sighed as she slumped in another bench, Where did that darn fox run off to now? Eh, he’ll show up eventually. She shrugged just as a motivation appeared in her face. “Yay, a message,” she said in a sarcastically. As her eyes skimmed the message she felt it hard to suppress her growing grin. “Yay! Finally, something to do!” She squealed excitedly and quickly replied, making it as short as possible so she could leave as fast as possible. She quickly shouted for her familiar who popped up behind a nearby bush and trotted up to her. Dashing off soon after, she quickly arrived to wherever Arabelle and @Hazado were. “I’m..” she said in between breaths. “Here..!” She grinned and looked st the fountain behind them, “Ooo, are you making wishes? Lemme make one!” She fisher out a few Col coins and threw it into the fountain, “Whoop!”