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  1. Tetsuko appeared to be thrilled once Spangie and Paglikha accepted his invitation. He spoke with the friendliest smile you'd ever see. You wouldn't know for a second... that it was fake. As Tetsuko began to start marching off, he stopped and turned around. His gaze immediately turned to Paglikha. Should I ask him...? ..... Nah.. I will wait until we get there.. Tetsuko smiled. Uh.. Spangie? You wouldn't happen to know your way around this floor, would you?" Tetsuko scratched his face as he let out a nervous laugh. Something bothers me about this guy... And it is not just what he said. He's still hiding something. It is not like me though. It's like he wants me to figure it out. Even as Tetsuko spoke to Spangie, his gaze didn't leave Paglikha eyes. He knew Paglikha was hiding something... and he plans on finding out what exactly it is. {OOC: I AM SO SORRY THIS POST IS SO SHORT.... I HAVE A PLAN FOR MY NEXT POST! <3} @Spangie @Paglikha
  2. {OOC: This was a very short post and I apologize. I have been reading over the rules and the resource guide ever since I made this account. I have been trying to understand more. The next post will be much longer and with more detail.} Tetsuko waited patiently outside of the inn for Denki to come outside. After about 10 minutes of silently waiting, Denki came outside. "Took you long enough!" Tetsuko shouted with a smile. "Aw... look at the little baby.. Did you miss mommy..? Denki smiled as she asked this question. Tetsuko blushed, obviously embarrassed. "Tsk.. N- No! I am.. I didn't..." Denki cut him off with a chuckle. "Calm down, Tetsuko. I was just messing with you." Denki smiled and turned away, ready to leave. Her hair moved with the breeze. And her eyes were... She's... Beautiful. Tetsuko smiled as they began walking towards what lied ahead. Little did both of them know... what awaited them... was something that will change both of their lives... forever
  3. Tetsuko raised at Paglikha. The tone of voice he spoke with as he greeted Tetsuko, gave him a familiar feeling he knew too well. Now I get it.. Tetsuko thought to himself. As Paglikha spoke upon his emotions, Tetsuko became more and more sure of his assumption. They were practically alone in the center of the town. A small group of players walked out of the structure behind Spangie and headed in the opposite direction from us. Tetsuko became annoyed by Paglikha's last few words. He spoke to them... as if they were children. "Tsk. Before you throw me in with that crowd.. let me tell you a little something." Tetsuko paused for a moment, while he maintained one of the most serious stares you would ever see. As Tetsuko spoke his next words, a strong gust of wind picked up. "You don't know what I've done... You don't know what I've been through... And you sure as hell don't know what I am willing to do to survive." Tetsuko clenched fists began to turn a purplish color. "So... don't compare me to those cowards." I may not get myself involved with much. But, it's an entirely different story when someone gets involved with me. I don't care who they are, who they're with... or what they're capable of doing. Heh.. That will more than likely, one day... be my downfall. As Tetsuko gave himself a reality check, he realized he was mumbling. I wonder how much of that I got in there... Oh well. Tetsuko decided to invite them to a meal. He still wanted to learn more of Paglikha and his secrets. He would invite Spangie along too. She seems like a nice girl, but... she reminds Tetsuko all to well of a certain someone. She would mostly be there to ensure Paglikha doesn't suspect anything of him. Tetsuko took a deep breath. "Would you two care to join me for a meal? It's all on me so you can eat as much as you want." Tetsuko put up his fake, warmhearted smile yet again... hoping to get have his invitation accepted. @Spangie @Paglikha
  4. Tetsuko decided to introduce himself as well. It was something you would never catch him doing... socializing. It's the least I can do... to show my gratitude. I might offer them a meal.. Tetsuko laughed at himself. It was completely out of the ordinary for Tetsuko to do that. I have a good feeling... about these too. Especially this male player. He seems strong... stronger than most at least. Tetsuko approached them both. With his left arm to his side, Tetsuko extended his right arm out as a greeting to the blonde one. "Spangie, wasn't it? I'm Tetsuko. Kurogaki, Tetsuko.... pleasure." Tetsuko maintained a smile that looked real.. but deep down, Tetsuko knew it was a front. After everything that has gone on in this death game... there is no happiness. If there is... there sure isn't enough to go around. If Tetsuko knew how to do one thing, it was observe. Observing people... leads to reading people... which is one of Tetsuko's talents. I can tell.. This guy.. He doesn't give a damn about this Pker. He just wants to spread word of his guild. He wants to expand. Hm... but still. He's very intelligent from what I can tell. His gear doesn't look too special.. so, why was he so confident when up against that PKer?? ..... What's he hiding..? Tetsuko awaited patiently for his greeting to accepted. @Spangie @Paglikha
  5. As the blonde spoke his little speech, Tetsuko ignored him. He just tried to keep a serious face until he finally walked off. And as he did, the other player from a guild shouted proudly in his direction. Stop PKing, you say? Heh. Not a chance... Tetsuko listened intently as the confident player spoke about his guild. Then, the crowd dispersed just as quickly as it had formed. I wonder... Could a guild really make someone stronger... Tetsuko was about to walk away when the player he aided, approached him. "Hm..?" Tetsuko moved his gaze from the ground to the other player. Tetsuko noticed from the way this guy walked.. he was experienced. Tetsuko couldn't really explain how he knows. It just has something to do with how people carry themselves in-game. Do they walk, ready to grab their weapon at any time. When they talk, do they keep their sword hand to their side? Tetsuko laughed on the inside. He's strong... Tetsuko was shocked at his gratitude. Tetsuko normally doesn't talk much. Out of all the words he just spoke, that was more than what he would say in a week. Tetsuko tried his best to smile. "No... don't thank me. I did nothing but negotiate with him. I couldn't have intimidated him, even if I wanted to. I am just thankful you were here. To have someone from a guild, made it a whole lot easier." Tetsuko didn't want to think about a guild right now. Not this early. I have to keep going by myself... for just a little longer... There is something I have to do. Tetsuko watched as the male player tried to comfort the girl. It must have been her first time.. seeing a death. As the player thanked her for helping, he also gave her a piece of advice to watch out for PKers. "You have to be careful of those who stay hidden in plain sight." Tetsuko laughed a little bit. "Heheh. I don't know if I should take that as a insult or just let it slide." What... What am I doing? {OOC: I am getting tired of not knowing your names xD} @Spangie @Paglikha
  6. One Week Ago... Tetsuko slowly opened his eyes, only to be welcomed by a warm smile standing above him. "Good morning, Tetsuko!" Denki pulled on his arm until Tetsuko decided to get up... considering he had no other choice. "Come on Tetsuko! We have got a big day ahead of us!" Tetsuko was sitting up in the bed when Denki walked out of the room. He was tempted to lay back down and sleep for just a little longer. Not that it mattered... sleep is nowhere near a necessity here in this world. Ugh... what time is it? Tetsuko rubbed his eyes and slid his hand down out in front of him, opening the menu of the game. The time read, 10:37. Well... I guess I should be getting ready. He clicked on the settings icon at the very bottom of the menu. Just checking.. You never know. Tetsuko closed his menu and jumped out of bed, already in his clothes. "Tetsuko??" Denki called as she came walking through the door. "Oh, that's weird. For a second I thought you weren't gonna get up." Denki said with a friendly laugh. "Well, if that's the case... maybe I should go back to sleep??" Tetsuko smiled. "No! No! I was just kidding!" Denki shouted with her hands flailing about. "Well then, let's get going." Denki nodded with a smile. "Alright. Before we leave though, I am gonna go to the NPC owner and pay for another week. I'll meet you outside." Tetsuko nodded and headed for the door.
  7. Tetsuko sat alone in the corner of the inn room. This Game of Death started less than a month ago and almost a full 25 percent of the starting players had been killed off. Whether it be by monster or as what Tetsuko has witnessed... by player... neither are pretty. Tetsuko wasn't always alone. In the real world, he has gone through many things. Much more than a child should have to deal with. Tetsuko came to this game to learn to forget. Tetsuko wanted to lock himself away in a world where he controlled his destiny. A world where there was no limits. But, as you can see, it didn't turn out the way he intended it to. Tetsuko's closest friend in real life and in-game, (last) Chūsei (first) Denki... entered the world of Sword Art Online with Tetsuko. After the incident, Denki moved to Tetsuko's small town with her Father. Months and months of Denki pushing Tetsuko to trust her, finally paid off. Tetsuko finally learned to accept Denki as a friend. No matter what the trouble may have been, they were always there for each other. Their bond grew stronger than some siblings. Meeting Denki... was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to Tetsuko. But, it was also the worst...
  8. Tetsuko was planning on walking away, but this situation is escalating. As Tetsuko was trying to decide what to do, the mysterious man decided not to comply with the guild member''s orders. Figures.. Why would he listen to someone who is currently incapable of hurting him. I mean, we are in a safe zone... Tetsuko watches the man walk up to the young girl and just laugh as he flicks her forehead. Tetsuko then suddenly stops.. His whole body begins to shake and his fists clench up into balls of hate. What... What am I doing? Tetsuko slowly starts to walk up to the crowd of three and stops dead in between of the blonde player and the man. Why am I... helping her? Tetsuko looks up with his gaze dead set on the mystery man. "You think you're pretty cool, don't you? Why is that?" Tetsuko smiled with a grin of what looked like amusement. You know nothing... "Because you killed someone??" Tetsuko chuckles at the words he stated. Then after a few seconds, the grin disappears and his face becomes serious. "I don't care who that guy was. I don't care what your relation was to him. I don't care about any of that. But I hope you learn to live with yourself.... knowing you killed someone.." He pauses. "Now, I hope there won't be any more trouble? If you leave now, I can assure you that this gentleman from the guild will not report any of this. Do we have a deal?" Tetsuko waits patiently for a response. Well... This is just great. @Paglikha @Spangie
  9. Tetsuko slowly followed along the dirt pathways throughout the village. Without them, newcomers would more than likely get lost. Its been over a year since Tetsuko left the town of beginnings. After the incident with his party occurred, Tetsuko took refuge in the Town of Beginnings and made it clear that he decided to never leave. What am I doing...? The more Tetsuko walked, the more he questioned his judgement. Why did I leave...? Ever since the start of the game, Tetsuko was determined. When he finally met somebody... somebody who understood him. Tetsuko was becoming more like himself with each passing day. Then, everything went downhill. As Tetsuko's mind started to drift off, he eventually reached the center of the town. It didn't take long for the sound of clashing blade to sink into his head. Tetsuko's head turned sharply as soon as he realized what was going on. Tetsuko didn't want to get involved. He didn't plan on it either. He approached the crowd but stayed back just enough to where he could see. By the time a good view was maintained, it was already over. The blonde player struck down a devastating blow onto the brunette. The brunette fell down... wide eyes with a sparkle of tears... disappearing into nothing but blue dust. It's the same thing.. Tetsuko thought to himself. Why...? What did this player... no. What did this human being do... What did he do that he deserved to die? Tetsuko clenched his fists, about to step up. Another player who looked no older than Tetsuko came forward, approaching the victor of the battle. His words were firm and his gaze was hell set on the victor. No.. he's not a winner... he's.. he's a murderer! Tetsuko noticed a short blonde player that looked familiar off to the left, close to the front of the crowd. Her eyes were wide with concern. Well, there is enough people here. Not that it matters.... (I will be making a SoloThread that will go into my characters backstory of what happened and why he stayed in The Town of Beginnings. That Solo Thread will take place before this.) @Spangie @Paglikha
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    Tetsuko - {Journal Entry}

    Profile Username: Tetsuko Real name: Kurogaki, Tetsuko Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5' 10 1/2'' About: History/personality See that guy right up there... in the picture? That's me... Kurogaki, Tetsuko. Just from my picture, you don't know much about me... at least not yet. I grew up in a small town in Japan. probably no larger than 2 miles. The community probably had no more than 40 people in it. Everybody knew each other. It was so small, you could consider the farthest house to be your neighbor. I was one of those kids that didn't get involved with others. I mostly just sat back and observed.. asking my self the same question over and over. Why? Why do people do the things they do? What's the point? Where does their will to live... come from? If I am being honest though, I wasn't always like that. I used to be a happy kid. Ever since I was born, I didn't care what anybody said or thought about me. I was the happy go lucky kid. That was... until the incident. Ever since I could remember, a festival was held every year in our town. So, people from miles and miles away would come attend the event. Some would even come days before to help prepare for the festival. It just so happened... that the festival fell on the same day as my birthday. On the day before my eleventh birthday, something tragic happened. Since the town was so small, there was no need for a school bus. Everybody just walked home from school with their families. But, as I came out of the school, I couldn't help but immediately notice that my Mother wasn't standing under "our" tree. I didn't think much of it though. I just assumed she got caught up with something at home. I began my walk to my residence. After about 15 minutes of walking, I arrived. Immediately, my stomach dropped... The door was wide open and the house was completely lit up. I threw my bag down and carelessly ran inside, shouting for my mother. I thought to myself wondering what was stolen... only to realize, it was much more. A large pool of blood was left in front of the door. It left a trail that led into the kitchen. I followed it with a gaze of horror. Once I reached the kitchen, I tried to scream, but... nothing came to noise. My mother... lied in a pool of her own blood with nothing but the pure expression of fear and pain written all over her face. It was that day, that my life changed. After that incident, everybody looked at me differently. Not just for what had happened... but I had become a whole new person. Once I turned 13 I found away to temporarily subdue my pain of loss. I started playing online games. In the gaming world, I could put myself in a whole new place. I could actually... forget. In the real world, I can only think back to that day. All I see... is what happened. I can only imagine what the killer did to her. The more I think about it, the worse it becomes. I felt as if I was going insane. But... gaming fueled me. It pushed me to live again. Even if it isn't real... I feel alive. When word of the world's first Virtual Reality MMORPG arose. Sword Art Online... I made sure I bought the required equipment. I was one of the first people to get a copy of the game and its needed materials. Out of ten thousand people, I was number 7. If anything could push me to forget... it was Sword Art Online. There, I could become something new. Someone new. Somewhere where nobody knows my past. Nobody knows my present. And I choose my future... But little did I know... this game would be far from that. Virtues: Intelligent - Tetsuko is one of the most intelligent individuals you will ever meet. Whether it is academics or strategical thinking, he is guaranteed to be one of the best choices. He may come off as a bit over confident in his brain but he's seldom known to be wrong. Strong Willed - With everything Tetsuko has been through, you would think his spirit to be pummeled into the ground. His past experiences are the things that push him to do great. No matter who's favor the situation in, Tetsuko will always attempt to find and a way to succeed and will never give up! Self Reliant - In any situation, Tetsuko would never rely on anybody but himself for help. If he can't do it alone, then what's the point? He feels he can accomplish more on his own. Flaws: Doubt - Tetsuko does not have doubt issues with himself. It is associated with others. Tetsuko has very bad trust issues when it comes to anyone. Authority figures, classmates, and even religious figures. It could take years before he could trust someone. Insensitive - Tetsuko comes off as a pushover to others. He has no sympathy for others. Nobody was there for him through his loss... so why should he be there for others? Why should he care? Hostile - When encountering anyone, Tetsuko is known to appear hostile. It is mostly just a front to protect himself, but if tested... he wouldn't hesitate to prove himself. He doesn't get along with people very well due to this. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » {Rank 1 - 5 SP} One Handed Straight Sword {+1 DMG} Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Weapon: Name: Blade of the Beloved Type: One Handed Straight Sword Tier: 1 Rarity: Rare Enhancements: 2 DMG (+2 Base DMG) Description: A custom made blade. It may be colorless, (white) but not a soul could turn their eye away to ignore its beauty. » Armor: Name: Toto's Cloak Rarity: Vanity Description: A midnight dark cloak sewn by a mysterious journeyman. It hangs down to the knees of any person wearing it. » Potions: (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) » Col: 2,500 » Mats: (10) T1 Roleplays (Goes in order of occurrence, most are planned atm) Anything with a "??" in the place of thread type, means that I currently don't know what I will do for this planned thread. If you want to do that specific thread with me, send me a message. >> {SP} Tetsuko: Day 1 RP(Day 1 RP) (in-progress) >> {SP} Surprisingly, The First Few Lessons Are Free.(not started) >> {??} The Second Lesson, Is Also Free. (not started) >> {PP} Hey There, Delilah. (in-progress)
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    Hi....How are ya?

    Well, I joined this site about an hour ago. I remember I looked on this site when I was younger. I didn't really understand it much but now I am like... I was so stupid xD. Well, I don't know if I can say my ACTUAL name on here but, Hi. Nice to meet you. I will be posting my journal for my character here shortly. I just have to finish it up! I hope I meet some new friends on here and I hope the experiences will be as much as I think they will be and more!