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  1. It seemed most who were invited got here sadly only one person was not and he was quite a good friend of Haz himself, He turned to the people still around him and looked at the time. "Why don't you all take a seat and we can start this off," He said to them pointing to the seat standing ready. there were quite a few seats ready and everyone was given a chance to take place. Once all the people had taken place Haz walked up to the front with the priest as well at that moment Music started to play, quite nice and calm music. Hazado looks around waiting for everyone to take a seat and he walks up to @Cosi Tapping him on the shoulder, "Yo, Mate, your ready. It is time now so how about we get going and let them not wait any longer, Neo must be getting nervous." He said waiting for Cosi to follow him to the front as Cosi was his best mate in this all. Once getting back to the front Cosi was given a spot next to Hazado and the priest smiled and he stood next to Cosi, "After the Bride gets here you can give us a nice speech if you want," He said to him before holding the book he had close to his chest and smile. It was now the time for things to really start off waiting for Sunova to come as well and Neo to come at last from outside of the house, it was all just waiting on those two now as they started to play music in the background. (Waiting For Cosi to respond and Sunova to get out So It can start and All can be happening) @Sunova @Neopolitan @Ruby @Hydravion
  2. (I feel terrible sorry Kirbs for not posting, Also Why don't you roll to look for a chest, YOu prob going to find one,) Sure it was nice to hear that he was just normal, Kirbs then started to speak about the Familiar she wanted, a buddy that could also fight quite well, but there were a lot of creatures around on this floor. From Item Mimics to Sand Wurms. "Well, sometimes it is good to have a tank or support behind you, well a tank in front of you and the support behind you. But you get the idea, just sometimes you need to fight together with someone else to get what you want, I also found this out quite a bit later on a later level. I may do Damage to a lot of things But I never been more venerable then this." He said looking at his armor he was wearing at the moment. "You may don't join a guild or make one as I did as a leader of the garnet ranger, but I still like to help people like you who don't have a guild, and that is what you call a Party circle, People you party with a lot but you are not in a guild together." He said before looking into the distance a bit thinking about what the hell he was needing to do. @Kirbs
  3. Hazado walks into a shop on floor 21, He looked around and saw that is was a blacksmith, Just what he needed for sure. once getting in he looked at the owner of the store and his orange cursor, But Haz did not care at the moment as a shop owner would not want to lose his customers at all. Haz greeted the owner of the store and gave him a smile, "Hello there Blacksmith, I would like to place an order for a Weapon and Armor I would like to have," He said in a friendly tone not to piss off the shop owner at all and be just a friendly guy about to order from a murderer. Sure it may be a daring move from Haz himself but He needed the armor and weapons that he could get and this guy seemed to be the only blacksmith around for now. -12 T2 Mats
  4. He looks at Ruby as they ask them a question about how he did marry to Neo, "Well, Um... Long story short, we went gathering one day, and it was there that both of us did something, after that, I and Neo went for a field boss, beforehand I gave her the hoya item and well during the quest I got quite beaten up and even got near death yet again, it was there what Neo saved my life twice. And she simply answered in a message saying I do. So yeah If she speaks she only speaks with Messages, well quick messages, quite handy If I say," He said to Ruby as the looked as things started to look like almost everyone was there. @Ruby Hazado looked on as Hydra and Ruby went to help Neo, the fact that Hazado got a bit jealous a bit did bother him a bit but soon that was gone, as a few more friendly faces turned up to greet him, It was Vigilon and Krysta. They both greeted him Happy, both of them were in an outfit and they looked good together. He Smiled listening to the two, "well I'm Happy you both came here, we may not have talked much but you two are wonderful people to talk to. Next time if we fight together let's not get near any churches of beaches for a good while," He said jokingly to the two times they fought side by side. He smiled as he talked to them, "Why don't you two get some food, I think the ceremony will start soon I believe, Hope All goes well, but I do believe so," He said to them pointing to the tent with food made by Neo. @Vigilon @Krysta He then looked up and saw Missed Tiny herself Arabelle, It has been some time that they last spoke. She sounded happy as she walked up to him and also saw that she was not alone and someone was with her. She was happy to see him for sure they have been friends quite long or did she do as always being quite sarcastic. As she said about the things that happened Haz smiled as then she got nudge by the other player. Once she was done introducing her friend Hazado let out a hand to greet Mishiro with a friendly tone, "Well nice to meet you Mishiro, And Thank you," He moved a bit closer to Mishiro making sure Arabelle did not hear it, "How do you keep up with her?" He asked her before going back and starting the pat Arabelle's Head, "Now, Now, Miss Tiny Arabelle, I love to catch up and all but you know what I said, Find yourself someone else to tease, I WILL give you another Noogie," He said with A grin on his face as he said this. @Arabelle @Mishiro
  5. Hazado

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Haz follows everyone out of the room, from the looks of it, you clearly could see that he was mad and both sad and the same time, His friend the one he made come into this world is dead now. Because Of what happened Haz did not feel right until looking up and his jaw dropped. Seeing both @Sunova And @tricolor_mina he slowly walks up rubbing into his eyes a few times. He was not the first to greet them but Domarus did, well he looked like he did. Once Sunova was done being hugged a bit Haz walked up to her hand did not hold back, "Bloody God Darn it, Su, You are here with us," He said before giving the girl a hug and that hug moved on to him carrying her on his shoulder, "Darn it, Su, I'm Happy truly happy to see your face again, I'm Ugh Forget it you are here now and I will make sure you never are without a Tank in this world." He said with a smile as then Domarus started to talk to everyone. Sure Haz felt a bit guilty for failing his job to protect her and Mina but he was happy to see both were still alright. He walked over to @Neopolitan with Sunova still on his shoulders before planting her down next to them "Look what I found, A stray Fox," He said looking again. But then the energy kicks in and he loses everything sitting on the ground and they lay down, "Someone... Bring me to an Inn... Please," He said as he got off his helmet. You could see he was tired and for sure out of energy after this battle, Not only that His HP bar was still flashing Red as it slowly was going up.
  6. Not a lot later a few other people came walking up one of them was his guild friend Hydravion, she greeted him kindly and calm like always. she spoke something different a bit as it sounded France, First Haz did not know what she was saying but she was kind enough to repeat herself, "Thank you Hydravion, Neo is inside I think And you can wait here for a bit for sure I think I have no problem there at all," He said to Hydravion as she told him about a plus one she got herself with her. But not later after that a blond woman moved up she seemed to know Hydravion and on a second Look Hazado also knew her only by looks and name but nothing more, It was Ruby a frontliner, Was she Hydravion's plus one? "Hello as well Miss Ruby, Nice to see that you came with Hydravion here, I hope you will enjoy your stay as long as things go right," He said to her looking at them too as they really seemed to know each other quite well. @Ruby @Hydravion Near moments later someone very familiar walked up to Hazado and the rest greeting Ruby with a smile, Haz walked up to them and have them a weak bump, "Hey... I'm here too you know Hestia, Don't leave me out of this it is my wedding you know," He said looking at what Hestia was wearing, true she was never one of wearing a dress if you knew her so he did not really bother to ask why, "Well I'm glad you could make it Hestia for sure," He said to her. as the someone else walked up, A girl with purple long hair, She seemed to know Hazado Hestia and Ruby all at the same time, But then it came to him once she said waterboy to him and he knew right away who it was, "Hello Ennakai, Seems you got somehow a hold off the location here, how may I ask," He said but Enna already answered that question by asking if they seen Dustin, Knowing Him he would be at the food but Enna was way to fast to even get a hold of, "Well there she goes again," He said as Enna walked off. @Hestia @Ennakai Hazado turned to the rest of the guests next to him with a smile, "So It seems you all are here now, I'm happy to see you all, nice to know you all get along here, Hydravion why don't you go and look for Neo, she would be happy to see you, maybe you can even help her," he said to Hydravion before turning to Hestia, "Nice to see that at least someone people off the frontlines have time for Me and Neo, I really happy you came Hestia, I really happy to see you and also Cosi where ever he may be testing his speech." He said jokingly as he smiled happily.
  7. Hazado looked behind him as he got patted on the shoulder turning to face a well-known man, Cosi one of his Tank Buddies. "Good day, Cosi friend, Yeah no matter what Neo is a quite a good looking woman as well, But not only that we kind of get a boost out of it as well, the rings are enchanted and don't take up an equipment slot," Haz said with a grin on his safe. After that, he got out a laugh about that he said, "I'm not much younger than you Cosi, maybe three years. Come one I don't peak, she is in the house right there," He said pointing at the house. He then looks back at Cosi as he says he needs to prepare, but before he could walk off Haz said something to him, "Thanks Man, I will make sure once we get out of here, you can do a redo for real. I will get to call you once we out of here, And you know what once out of here just call me Ruben, Simple for a guy from Europa," He says with a grin on his face before letting him off. @Cosi He looks back only to see someone skipping along the path, white hair and small body build gave it right away Sunova was the next person to show up, he sighed as she looked happy again after the things that happened. She greeted him with happiness and a joyful sound in her voice, and sees to be happy and joyful, "Hello small girl, Thank you Sunova, I will, and you are the small little sister that is just crazy, I know! But get going now you, get to your big sister then MOVE it, Be a good friend," Haz said with a laughing joke in his voice. Once Sunova was inside Hazado sighed and it was quite weird a bit how Sunova always could be happy and all, "Lovely Friends you got there so far, I hope to see more like them to show up," The priest said to Hazado and smiled to him, "Ooh you will see more for sure," Hazado said to the priest. @Sunova Hazado smiled a bit before seeing someone he did not suspect getting to join them into this great party it was Kirbs herself the want to stay a loner girl. he got out a laugh as she showed up talking to him she did not look really comfortable at all in the dress but still, she was quite young and all, "Hey thanks Kirbs and you never asked to talk about that stuff, We talked a bit about my history and yours and what you want from the familiar," He said grinning before she leaned in too and say something, But Haz heard it and he swung his arm around her shoulders and gave her a light Noogie, "Come On Kirbs, Does the small girl not want to be my little child or your just to scared to bind you to someone. There are a lot of Fine gentleman out here, Even a few on this same day. I know you can get them your a perfect girl for some, Small, cute looking, a fighter and nice, SO get out there and get yourself a man," He said jokingly as he stopped giving her a noogie @Kirbs
  8. Haz looked at Kirbs asking why he got bullied and about what and he lets out a sigh not really wanting to tell about it and all. "Well just because I did not speak a word Japanese, not only that I was also quite tall as you can see, It's not like I could do something about it, I was kind of a nerd and a well easy target for them, But after a few years I just started training and swimming, so Yeah I think they stopped later on," He said to her less smiling now. As then Kirbs cries out she wanted a familiar really bad and was hoping it was going to like her, He could not help but get a small laugh out of it, "Ha... Sorry, Sorry, I just loved how you did there, You are really still young so understandable, But I do believe that there is at least one monster out there that would like to meet the Kirbs, also If you don't mind me asking What kind of Familiar would you love because I'm quite interested in what you want." He said with a smile stopping laughing at Kirbs @Kirbs
  9. @Neopolitan Haz walks up to the priest who was already there, He seemed to be happy and was ready to do this part in this special moment. A small breeze was moving past and at the place where the wedding was, there have been set up some tents where the food of Neo was placed and a red walker was laid down on the ground ending at a small podium looking out over the sea a bit, It was lucky for them the found a place with no sand and just grass near the sea. Apart from some white tents decorated with Pink and some blue things, there was also a house, It was the house off Haz that he has been working on, It was not done yet but it seemed to be having quite a good looking so far, It was not filled with anything but it was there. Neo has been given a room so she could look out to the wedding place itself and Haz was standing to greet the guest as the priest was standing next to him. A few people were going to show up early Like @Cosi, Hazado's best mate, and @Sunova, Neo's bridesmaid. The seats were already placed and the food was also ready a few NPC were around a few other Bridesmaids and some waiters for the food, some was all looking so good and even Haz was getting a bit nervous as today it was going to happen for real. Haz turned to the Priest "Are you sure this will go like planned, Not like something is going to happen right before we have to give the yes word, as you see in this.... what I said," He said fast. The priest smiled a bit, "No worry Mister Hazado, I'm sure both of you are a bit nervous, you two look lovely for sure trust me, I can tell from far away, Love does not need to speak at all so I believe you can do it. You have the ring yes, and your vow, So nothing is going to be down him, Trust me," He priest patting Hazado on his back a bit. Haz grinned before letting out a smile, "Yeah I have everything ready now, I know I can do it, And I also Know thing is going to work out, I trust in that," He said to the priest with a smile. The priest turned to the house and then back to Hazado, "So you have not seen her yet in the dress she is going to wear, that is very romantic you know, I love things like that, You two need no word to share the love you two have," He said to Haz smiling waiting to see who would arrive first. Haz grinned again, "I just can't wait to see how beautiful Neo is going to be, She already is quite cute looking and beautiful from the start but I trust she is even more now." He said looking at the path that went up the small hill the wedding was at. Haz took a look at his inventory and took out an invitation and he smiled at what it was saying, everyone, they invited got one of those things, It was not too big or not to small quite handly looking if you had one. Haz puts away the card again and pat his suit a bit, His blue suit was quite nice to look at even if Haz had quite a bit of muscle it did not show as all at this moment. He looked back at the house hoping to see Neo for a bit, But he knew it brought bad luck for the wedding started so he turned back fast looking at the path before him again waiting for the first people to show up. Haz's His suit Wedding Invitation @Hydravion @Hestia @Morgenstern @Dustin @Vigilon @Krysta @Ruby @Black @Grimm @Arabelle @Kirbs
  10. "Correction It is a sand Shark, at least that is what it was called then I fought it," He said with a grin on his face looking at the girl as she kicks some sand on the ground, as she then started talking about something like how she wanted to travel, Haz quite understood that quite a bit and that was what he wants to do as well. Sure Aincrad is a big place for people and many more floors were getting out there ready to explore and find out more and more thing to discover, But one day Haz would love to see all the things that were out there. Then the question came to him asking how life in Japan was, "Well it was quite an experience first being a bit bullied because I came out of another country, and well being pushed away is not always good, but the people are more respect full for sure, more then the kids that are for sure," Haz said and followed Kirbs waiting too see what kind of Familiar was she going to get. @Kirbs
  11. Haz looks at Kirbs and smiles, "No No, when I was here for a small quest, Hunting down a Shark, Yes a Shark to be sure a sand shark. But on my way back I got to see a ruin and I got interested in those so I was trying to see if one of those ruins had a dungeon inside them," Haz said grinning a bit to Kirbs. It was truly something this floor as it was hot here but yet still quite good to walk around at least it was not floor 9 with its lava and so. "But I can wait for that another time, Now I'm here to help you so why not try and do our best," Haz said following the girl again staring a bit into the distance before looking at Kirbs again, "You know, I never knew that things like this were going to be in the game, I have seen much more things than I did before in my whole life, From a jungle floor on floor 8 to a tropical Island floor on floor 16. It may not be our world we grew up in but it could be if we worked to it one day, Maybe we get out of here and all will be for nothing as we are nowhere near the people we started caring about in this game, Who knows what we are going now, are we in hospitals just laying there," He said starting to think about it, as it felt like 4 years now being in this game, But it truly was just 2 years. @Kirbs
  12. Haz looks as Domarus basically ordered him to get out But Haz was not having it, he wanted to stay and make sure everyone was going to be okay, plus he could not leave this thing alive because It killed his best friend. "Sorry Domarus, I'm staying as Long as I can, I will heal but not run NOT after what he has done," He says sounding mad in his voice, he noticed that Mina just went mad and she was way too low HP to even survive one hit from this thing. Haz knew if he attacked he would be getting the highest hate again and that would mean his death was going to be there soon. so He needed to heal no matter what, He could survive a hit from his AoE attack just barely so he needed to heal fast. He took a few steps back from the fight and opened a healing pod, One that was from the old times he had, It was not much but he still had it at this moment so a better time to use it was now. Taking the healing pod got Haz up a bit of HP and he smiled under his helmet, "See I'm Fine, I can take a hit," He said grinning under his helmet. Taking Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) * | 34 HP + 40 HP = 74 HP |
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  14. Haz smiled a bit happy to hear some people wanted pets to have go around and be with that pet for a long time. As the then asked him about why he knew quite a bit off this place, very simple to put it," I don't have any place here, nor do I own a shop. Just a Tank with big damage. But the reason I know so much is because I help a info broker called The Snake, she asked me to info of this floor," she said looking at her before taking out a pin with a snake moving around a snake, and he shows it to her "This is her logo, she is quite um... how you say that... very teasing and um ... touching around people," he said to her putting away the pin again before following Kirbs again just quite curious about what kind of Pet the girl was going to get. @Kirbs
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    Oikawa's Chest