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  1. Getting the plates as they were ready he moved them away and they disappeared like it was nothing, Handy, wish I had that a home, He thought before making it up and getting ready. He was not planning to get his heavy armor as both Warmth and Cold were a bad factor with steel armor. Grabbing armor for soon on floor 4 into his inventory he got a thick dark blue jacket with a fur hood and it seemed to have some steel plating on the chest, shoulders, and knees. Getting his Shield and placing it on his back plus his new weapon on his hip. Grabbing a scarf as well. Walking back He threw the scarf at Neo, "We may not be there yet but still get something to keep yourself warm and stuff." He said as he was still wearing his hoodie from this morning but with some plating on his pants. Opening the door he took the lead taking Neo by the hand, "Well This would be something for sure," He said looking at Neo giving her a kiss on the forehead.
  2. As Neo gave him a thumb up to him he nodded and started to eat as well, It was a bit weirder taste then Normal but that maybe was because He really did not cook in a long time, Still, it was eatable at least. Still, It was really better if he could have a real feeling to it, "Next time If I cook It will be in the real world with good food for sure." Haz said with a smile eating from the food a bit. Thinking what to do Haz looked up to Neo, "Hey I wanted to Ask you If you want to come with me to floor 4 and get myself a familiar, So I can be a bit more useful In combat, Don't want to keep missing my shots," He said with a joking voice trying to get a bit more in "Maybe get a friend for Roman as well, What you say Dear, After we are done here we could go there?" He said to Neo with a smile.
  3. Haz was almost done with the food as Neo came down to the kitchen, "well Um... I can Explain. I thought to make you um some breakfast, You were sleeping so nice still. It is done soon No worry, Also It's not burned yet," He said with a smile and placed the Bacon next to the eggs and added some toasted bread and jam to at some nice flavor. Taking the two plates over to Neo placing one in front of her and the other for him, Before sitting down He kissed her on the forehead "Well, Egg alla Haz I would say, I really never had to Cook for someone else expect myself so I hope you like it." He said sounding a bit nervous about neo's judgment as she was the most skilled Cook he knew around here. He was kind of waiting for Neo to get her first piece of taste in on them as closed made Breakfast Haz knew to be almost as a typical English Breakfast minus the Beans in tomato sauce. @Neopolitan
  4. Hazado

    [F07-PP] two cultures in one (Kirbs)

    Haz laughs a bit as Kirbs mentions she would be lonely for quite a long time "You get someone if not, I will make sure you won't be lonely. Better watch for some captains around who looking for a ship, You can be shipped very easy with people," He said with a smile a bit joking. As then saying about the Familiar of Kirbs he tilts his head a bit, "Sure a Familiar can't do that Tho I can say he just needs some food as Familiar food is a thing you know, Maybe it just wants attention from you and some food," He said with a joking tone still in his voice. "Well, most parts of all I think I need to get some leveling as for myself and it would never hurt you right. Becoming stronger is surely something nice to keep in mind when going out, But it seems lately I have been getting attention from some lower level players none stop, Even seemed to jump into a fight and saving some. Can't blame them I'm maybe one of the only tanks that go around with shush a high level as I carry a shield with me now," He said getting his shield out showing it off to Kirbs. It was a Green kite shield with gold markings and some sort of horn in the middle of the shield. @Kirbs
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    Zeke The Default

    Approved, Welcome... back I think, to this world of death and despair, please make sure to keep hands and feet inside the ride at all times.
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    Hei's Items

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    Zandras Loots and crafts

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    Reflections; Peaches' Journal

    Approved, Welcome to the game where you will probably find it hard to believe, but your life in on the line. Have a great time!!!
  9. Hazado

    [F1-PP] A Welcome Surprise

    Looking over to The female as she introduced herself as well as her companion who seemed to drift off a bit. walking over to the guy who Symphony called Ryu placing his hand on the shoulder of Ryu, "See here mate, You killed it, Even If I did not show up it still would have been you going the saving, Only thing I did was, moving into the frame to be your shield. You both are safe and both of you are better off now for sure, Look on the better side you got yourself some items." Hazado says with a smile as he eyes sparkle with optimism. It was clear someone was mostly looking at the bright side of things, "Tho if you want to hear my advice, better to go back now, and rest. I'm willing to escort you out of the wilderness and make sure nothing attacks you." He said with quite a bit of confidence in his voice before turning to Symphony. "You better watch him, If you are good friends, Keep your friends close if you don't want to be left behind in some dark ally because you are not useful at all," He says almost sounding like he has experience with being left behind, as he went into quite a bit of detail as well. "And yes and no Symphony, I'm not fully a frontliner at all, just someone they have their eyes on as a tank, I'm learning to use my new armor and weapons better and right now I'm just waiting for the frontliners to be done with their things before I get into anything with them," He said addressing both of the players.
  10. Hazado

    [F1-PP] A Welcome Surprise

    Looking at the moment now it seems that only a fact of white knighting came in here as the other player seems to have killed the monster, even looking at it now one of them seemed to be a much higher level than the other. Haz looks a bit disappointed to the Player in white and blue probably some guild armor. Taking off his helmet revealing his brown messy hair and with yellow eyes. Now standing right up about 6 feet high in the air showing how big he really looked when in his armor being full heavy armor with green and gold. "You know you could have got her killed," Haz says a bit emotionless to the male player as He places his spear back into his inventory and looks over to the female player, "Are you both alright" He said inspecting the HP bars from both before looking at the other player as his HP looked to be halved, "At least you two are saver now ... But its best to always look out for each other no matter what," He says to the female player. He pauses and looks where the monster was killed then back to the two players, "Name is Hazado, Or Haz for sort, Frontline Tank in training and one of the leaders of the Garnet Rangers Guild." Saying this he takes a small bow at it to be just a bit friendlier as with his armor he looked quite a bit intimidating for some players. His armor
  11. Hazado

    [F1-PP] A Welcome Surprise

    Walking around on floor one for a bit roaming around the wilderness a bit Haz seems to just aimlessly walk around going nothing, He did this a lot and with his armor clanking a lot. It almost looked like Haz was some sort of Mod with his green big armor. With no weapon on his hand at the moment wondering around for a bit. After a moment he starts to hear combat in the distance and something is fighting, walking up to the sounds of combat slowly he looks at two people are fighting what looks to be a monster. But on second look it seems that this mod was not just a mod it was a boss monster, one for sure to be a trouble for players with his low of a floor. Darn it, really, He thought getting out a spear with a fast reaction and running up to the monster. As he runs up to the people fighting there he slides in front of the players standing between the players and the boss monster, before letting out a strong shout making the dragon look at Haz for sure as it seems to get out of its paralyze. "Get behind me you two," He said fast making sure the beast was focused on Haz at this time as His spear started to glow a bit getting the attention of the dragon for sure. Action: Focus Howl On Water Dragon +4 Hate +1 Taunt = 5 Hate Symphony 80/80 HP | 0/8 EN | 4 DMG | 14 MIT | 9-10 PLYZ (3 hate) Ryu HP: 341/680 EP: 50/68 (2 Hate) Hazado HP: 760/760 | EN: 70/76 | MIT: 107 | DMG: 1 | Taunt 1 (Hate 5) VS. Water Dragon HP: 87/340 102 DMG (no longer paralyzed)
  12. Hazado

    Ryujins New Crafts and Loots

  13. Staring almost soulless into the spider's eyes he grinned and just smiled like it was nothing, No emotion went into Haz his body and really everything was just cold and hard. It was like the person before was in some other world staring into death staring into nothing. Then as he pulled up his ax from the position again he just smashed it into the spiders head splitting it into two and killing the spider right away. As the body exploded into pixels Haz felt to the ground with the energy he still had left, it was clear that something was going wrong with Haz his body and he knew that no matter how hard he tried he still did not get what he wanted. the Respect he was looking for the way people always looked him down and now that he got power people liked him. It was just all a test or something like that something was not right something was going the wrong side. Hitting the floor out of anger he looked around him and lets out a deep sigh before standing up and walking into a random direction. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action: Using Lightning Axe On Spider 114128: BD 8 | 10*7= 70 DMG 114128: MD 10 Major Crit | Dead Hazado | HP: 760/760 | EN: 33/76 | MIT: 107 | DMG: 10 | Thorn 36 | Def Para 9-10 Battle healing +15 Spider | HP: 0/380 | DMG: 114 | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 114129: LD 2 Nothing | Standart Drop HP*4= 1.520 Col, 1 T3 Mat