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  1. Hazado

    Macradon: The Blazing Typhoon

  2. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    As Azhoda followed Morgenstern she did not say anything at all, she was probably thinking what happened, one moment she was enjoying the craftmanship from the armor and weapons and the next she had a blade at her head, and after that blood on her hands. She did not know anything at all but she knew she did not want to deal with this and her quietness broke as she spoke soft "I'll get your revenge Haz, for you and your friends." Looking up at Morgenstern she shook her head. "He well... his name is Omniga, and well he seemed to have a history already with killing. and... um... sorry Can I sit for a moment to take all of this in." She said before sitting on a bench and taking a breath as her spear disappeared on from her hand and she looked at her hands like something was on them. To Be Continued. Thread Summary: Hazado: 3 SP @Morgenstern 1 SP, 400 Col
  3. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    Omniga was walking making it all dramatic as he did love this kind of stuff, but before he lifts up his ax to strike at the girl a weapon slashed across his body as He grabbed to the attack. "ACK! WHO! BLOODY HELL! MORE OF YOU!" He shouted angerly as he stepped back looking around for a second locking eyes with Morg. "Oh oh oh, you look angry. Did I kill someone you cared about or your one of those hero types." Omniga said as his HP dropped more then he liked. Then his face went from playful fun to a dead stare as Morgenstern talked and said who he was. "Well guess my fun is over and I will be going now!" he said getting out a crystal and smashing, "Just remember I'll come back to finish my job! And I won't forget any of you." He said before disappearing. It was not just the three of them Morg, Azhoda and Haz as the last moments of his body started to act up. Azhoda was looking at Haz silent, Haz spoke for a second "I'm sorry, I came back to tell you that... and... Sorry, we didn't become friends." Haz his view began to blur a bit and he looked up at the newcomer for a second and smiled, "Hope... Keep fighting for me will you... Keep hope," He said to Azhoda before looking at Morg. "Morgenstern, Good ... to see you ... again, promise me to protect her. And Azhoda, please promise me ... to keep safe." Haz said before his body went up into pixels and he was gone leaving nothing behind. Azhoda was just staring at the place where Haz was laying and stared... frozen in fear and all kinds of emotions. "I'll promise Haz, I'll keep your memory around... even if you seemed grumpy when we met I could feel you were quite a nice person. And to come back and protect me like that... it's rare, Thank you... In my mind, you will always be my friend no matter what, so no need to sorry about that." She said looking at the now empty spot. Morgenstern 1450/1450 HP | 136/136 EN | 11 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 73 BH | 61 THRNS | 6 F. Thrns (9-10) | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce Omniga | HP 405/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 | Omniga Used a teleport Crystal @Morgenstern
  4. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    Pushing Omniga back as It seemed to be his only option to give Azhoda some time to get over the bridge and out of here. "W...Well, you have some fight, last time you ran like a dumb idiot." Omniga said leaning close to Haz. as Haz was trying to attack from behind his shield Omniga pushed Haz from his body about 5 feet or so, And before it was known. His ax moved right against his shiels. As crack came into his shield it soon exploded into pixels and the ax went into Haz his body making Haz fly quite a distance close to the rock next to the bridge. Azhoda saw this and she froze running over to Haz his body. "Haz! Are you... alright please! I'm sorry okay! I'm sorry I irritated you," She said sitting next to him. Out of the cornor of her eyes she saw a man run up with quite some speed. He looked well armed and called out something, she looked up for a second before looking back to Haz. At that same moment Omniga slowly walked up with his ax dragged behind him wanting to strike at the last person that was standing there not yet seeing the newcomer. @Morgenstern _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID 127846 | BD 5-2= 3 MISS | -2 Energy MD 6+1 =7 Hit | 180-101= 79 DMG Hazado | HP 0/660 | EN 36/66 | MIT 101 | THN 36 | Para Shield 10/9 | DMG 8 | BH 6 | Omniga | HP 543/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 | -36 HP Thorns
  5. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    Omniga seemed to smile, "Anger... I love it. It's a way better thing then what your old guild leader toned. Sadly soon I won't able to play with you Haz... Or should I say, Ruben." He said against Haz knowing his real name made Haz, even more, angrier and with that, Haz was getting ready again. "You killed them... you slaughtered them. Azhoda, promise you to stay safe, Run while you can once I'm done here," Haz said as he took his weapon and smiled. Attacking Omniga with his weapon slashing right into his arm. "HA! there is that hope! Hope for her to get away! Love it, you are really a kind person to keep others say without your keeping eye out for your own health." Omniga said as his two-handed ax moved right into Haz and his shield gave off a last time beam before Haz felt to his knees. "I... I promise!" Azhoda said as she got up but did not want to leave Haz on the ground like that. She was not standing not knowing what to do holding her two handed spear stiff agains her body. "RUN I SAID!" Yelled Haz to her as he stood up again rushing to Omniga and Pushing his shield into his body holding him at bay for a moment. @Morgenstern _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID 127842 | BD 8-2=6 HIT | Stunning Bash Crit 4x8= 32-27= 5 DMG | -4 Energy MD 5+1 =6 Hit | 180-101= 79 DMG Hazado | HP 28/660 | EN 38/66 | MIT 101 | THN 36 | Para Shield 10/9 | DMG 8 | BH 6 | Omniga | HP 543/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 | -36 HP Thorns
  6. Okay, @Morgenstern I promised you to gift something special in the long run so Here are some T3 items I never got to use please keep them safe as long as you can maybe gift them to someone. Trades with Morgenstern T3 Blood Thorn ( OHAS | Burn, Accuracy, bleed) T3 Vlam blade shield (Shield | Flame Thorns, Taunt)
  7. Hello all you people, Today I will give out these gifts for anyone who wants them please take care of them and please keep in mind I do not mind if you take more, but please not more then 5 items per person. So please take and enjoy it for they are all yours to use. 14x Dragon-Fang Potion (+1 Damage for a thread) 31x Sharp Dragon-Fang Potion (+2 Damage for a thread) 1 Snowfrost 1 T2 Hero Protection Potion, (MIT +20) 1 The Matriarch's Stinger 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) I'll update per person who takes something from this list of items, I hope you enjoy it and keep safe.
  8. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    "I could hear their screams, as they died, taking out the healer and Tank from their group was easy. And truly I spared them both, but it seemed one had another agenda. Ooh and their leader, so easy to gain trust from, so nice, you should hear him plead for his death, so cute, so USELESS, SO DISGUSTING!" He said to Azhoda mocking her a bit. She got scared and more scared as she crawled back on the floor as he came closer. "He and that whole guild, so easy to kill, the first blood was so nice and next, I'll get more and MORE!" he said getting closer to her. While this was happening Haz got up from the ground and heard all the things he said, his old guild murdered by a trap, murdered by this man. Even if he has grown to hate them, they did not need to die, It was him who turned them against Haz and now... Haz was filled with blind rage. "NO... ONE... SPEAK... LIKE THAT ABOUT MY FRIENDS!" Haz said rushing right behind him and with a powerful strike slashed into his back. Out of panic, Omniga swung his ax around right into Haz his shield taking the Thorns into his face this time. flying back a bit Haz stood there "You are a monster. Many times ago, I made a promise to them, to protect them. And even is Azhoda is no part of this family I promised to protect. Now she is, It's my job to protect her. I WILL NOT LET YOU HURT HER ANYMORE!" Haz yelled in anger and rage. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID 127839 | BD 9 Minor Crit | Stunning Bash Crit 4x9= 36-27= 9 DMG MD 5+1 =6 Hit | 180-101= 79 DMG Hazado | HP 107/660 | EN 42/66 | MIT 101 | THN 36 | Para Shield 10/9 | DMG 8 | BH 6 | Omniga | HP 584/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 | -36 HP Thorns
  9. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    "You. Be. Dead. So. Soon." Omniga said getting his weapon into his hand and rushed at Haz jumping up in the air and slamming down right on his shoulder, as the impact made Haz fall to the ground completely. "You always acted so high of yourself, you know nothing of pride, you useless piece of garbage." He said turning to Haz standing over his body. Haz did not move however and was laying on the ground with sort of pain as the cut in his armor seemed to have leaked into his avatar as well showing his body. "I won't give up," Haz said low under his breath. It seemed, however, Omniga turned his look at Azhoda. "See this what happenes if you get dragged into my game, you get other killed. and soon his death will be on your hands, raised from this world to join his failed guild members." Azhoda looked in shock and shaked her head, "WHAT DID YOU DO!" She yelled to him as he now turned to her. "I just... lets say killed them without touching them, set them into a trap I knew was there, and after that I killed the last surviver, the guild leader," He said proud. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID 127838 | BD 2-2= 1 miss | -2 Energy MD 10+1 =11 CRIT | 180-101= 79 DMG Hazado | HP 186/660 | EN 46/66 | MIT 101 | THN 36 | Para Shield 10/9 | DMG 8 | BH 6 | Omniga | HP 629/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 |
  10. Hazado

    Hawke Identifier and Alchemist

  11. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    Haz being held by Omniga was no better way to see it now, Haz was kind of messed up having more cuts on his armor and shield then he would normally have. "No, where to run, facing your fear. Anger, rage... ooh and a bit of hope. Stubborn as ever, and hmm Recklessy you have grown, sadly I don't back down on my promises and soon you will be dead." Omniga said looking Haz into the eyes. What He did not see was Haz his weapon rising and before anything making a cut into Omniga's chest letting go of Haz and pushed him back to strike with his ax right into Haz his shield giving it another big cut right in the middle of his shield as Haz got pushed back quite a bit. "I have grown, and I'm planning to keep anyone saves! Even her!" He said to Omniga holding his own shield arm up a bit. "Your wish, I see you die soon then if you want it that way. Maybe in another time, we could have been fighting together killing people." Omniga said with a smile. Azhoda now strucked by fear of moving sat there helplessly at the side of the battle hearing Haz his words he felt a bit like her bigger brother was speaking in her eyes it felt like this. Trying to stand but without much luck as her body was completely frozen in fear. "Keep fighting," She said low slowly believing in Haz as he was fightin. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID 127836 | BD 8-2= 6 miss | Stunning Bash 4*8=32 -27= 5 DMG | -4 Energy MD 8+1 =9 Hit | 180-101= 79 DMG Hazado | HP 265/660 | EN 48/66 | MIT 101 | THN 36 | Para Shield 10/9 | DMG 8 | BH 6 | Omniga | HP 633/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 | -36 HP Thorns
  12. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    Standing up from the ground Haz took his second wave of attacks and ran right for his target. But This time Omniga moved out of the way and attacked with his weapon right before Haz attacked. "Gotcha!" He said with a smile and struck from the left side right into Haz his shield as he grinned his teeth a bit getting the damage from the thorns into himself. Haz flew off for a bit and as he sat on the ground Azhoda ran over to him. "Haz, we should get out of here! FAST!" she said scared holding his shoulder, "I know, but we can't He knows my every move, and last time he made a promise," Haz said to her, "Yes and that promise is going to be done, As I said back then, I promise to murder you next time I saw you. Looks like fate caught up to you old friend." He said grinning as he pushed Azhoda to the side and back on the ground picking up Haz by the arm. "It won't take long now, Just accept it." _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID 127835 | BD 7-2= 5 miss | -2 Energy MD 6+1 =7 Hit | 180-101= 79 DMG Hazado | HP 344/660 | EN 52/66 | MIT 101 | THN 36 | Para Shield 10/9 | DMG 8 | BH 6 | Omniga | HP 674/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 | -36 HP Thorns
  13. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    The player looked back without any fear in his eyes, just pure enjoyment. It was like he was going to have fun killing Haz, "You have ruined me, And now I'll won't let you ruin someone else," Haz said getting his weapon strong into his hand as he zigzags running at Omniga. "Haha, you with I care! I RUIN EVERYTHING YOU CARE ABOUT!" He said smiling but before jumping out of the way Haz slide down over the ground with his body and attacked his legs. Omniga turned around as Haz went by hitting right down on Haz but seemed to hit his shield again getting get again the thorns to shoot right at him. "YOU ARE REALLY A RAT! Hiding Behind your shield won't help, how about I help you get that thing removed for EVER!" He said standing so that he saw both Azhoda and Haz in his view. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID 127834 | BD 8-2= 6 HIT | Stunning Bash 4*8=32 -27= 5 DMG | -4 Energy MD 5+1 =6 Hit | 180-101= 79 DMG Hazado | HP 423/660 | EN 60/66 | MIT 101 | THN 36 | Para Shield 10/9 | DMG 8 | BH 6 | Omniga | HP 714/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 | -36 HP Thorns
  14. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    Haz got up and with a yell of anger and rage tried to strike down the player that was about to strike another player. "nt nt nt, Nah, You don't learn do you now!" he said turning to Haz as he made his attack He held his ax above his head and smashed down into Haz but before Haz his body gave up he took his shield and in front of him taking the main attack as a flash went off pronking Haz his thorns. "HELL! you stinking rat! YOU... Ooh, now you have done it. Princess, you wait there I get back to you soon." He said standing just so that she could not sneak away without him noticing her do it. "You keep forgetting I am a Tank and nothing will change my mind," Haz said getting back on two feet standing still staring with anger into Omniga's eyes. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID 127828 | BD 3-2= 1 MISS | -2 Energy MD 6+1 =7 Hit | 180-101= 79 DMG Hazado | HP 502/660 | EN 60/66 | MIT 101 | THN 36 | Para Shield 10/9 | DMG 8 | BH 6 | Omniga | HP 755/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 | -36 HP Thorns
  15. Hazado

    [PP-F10] A New Hope

    Omniga stood strong smiling on his face like he knew what to do taking his ax on his shoulder and smiling. "I heard about the items you have, I may want that item. And you already know that I take what I want just like your old guild, sitting on the top of my fingertips." He said smiling getting his ax into the ground. "Don't you dare speak of them, they are my friends," Haz said angerly, "Correction, were your friends, they seem to hate you now or rather forgotten you." Haz got angrier and took his weapon and tried to strike down Omniga, but with a failed impact he instead got a knee to his stomach and then after that an ax within his back as Haz felt to the ground trying to get up but without any luck as he felt his HP bar drop. On the side lines Azhoda got a bit of a panic and she did not really know what to do at all as she got out her Assault spear and stood there a bit in a panic holding it, "H-Haz please, get up. D-Don't die because of me!" She said scared as before Omniga turned a look at her and moved to her, "Aah is the princess scared his Knight in shining armor is going to die. Soon he can join you in death," He said slowly walking up to her and he struck down just before he put her her spear blocking the incomming attack before falling to her knees from the impact. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ID 127656 | BD 1 MISS | -1 Energy MD 9+1 =10 Minor Crit | 180-101= 79 DMG Hazado | HP 581/660 | EN 62/66 | MIT 101 | THN 36 | Para Shield 10/9 | DMG 8 | BH 6 | Omniga | HP 791/800 | DMG 180 | MIT 27 | EVA 2 | ACC 1 |