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  1. Hazado

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Hazado Listens too what the group is saying and looks at the Dragonborn Spin-off closely as Dom then moves up to him saying something about getting ready giving him a sort thumbs up and started to get ready in his attack position ready to attack the boss at any time. As then the options disappear and the boss came to his point finally getting to what he wanted to say. before showing his true nature and attacking the group with an AoE attack Hitting almost everyone even giving everyone burn damage. "Darn it, Smug Face really Like to heat things up doesn't he," He says before looking at a small duff he seemed to have and getting a grin off his face. Hazado charged To the Boss with his Trident in front off him and attack him. "Time to remove that smug off your face," He said before hitting the boss with quite a powerful trust into the boss but not as much as his party leader, but it seemed like Hazado's Hate with the boss went Up and his Smiled under his Helmet "Oi, Cheap spin-off, Look at me, It is me who you want," He said as Hazado's hate went up more than the rest of his part. ID# 107878 BD 7+1=8 HIT | 7+2=9*4= 36 DMG - 24 MIT = 12 DMG Mighty Charge | 36-4=32 EN | Burn DMG 12
  2. Hazado stopped talking as Neo stayed quiet for a bit, What have you done, You being an idiot again, He thinks as he walks to look for some more Materials, Sadly it seemed like he was not having any luck with that and as soon as he gets up he receives a message from Neo. Reading it slowly he does not understand it had first but reading it a second time he seems to understand it more. "Um... Yeah okay, Taking it slowly... Yeah sure, we are just best friends right... I understand, Never been there myself... I just don't know how to be around you at this time," He says if he sits down on the ground looking at Neo as she is fishing for some items and other things, "Just around you... it feels like you understand me, you being one of the only persons that listen to me without the teasing and all." As he looks down to his knees now thinking about what he was feeling if it was really just the moment or something else. @Neopolitan
  3. He looks at Mars as he talks about getting Col, yes maybe it was the best way on this floor for sure and he started thinking what he could do with. It was maybe the best thing to do now getting Col could prove quite a bit handy but where could the Col go to, Stuff was not really needed at this time but maybe having Col on the side could prove to be handy. "Sure I can help in getting Col, And I'm always happy to help crafters, I still have a long way to go before getting to the frontlines but I will get there," Hazado said looking at Mars. Maybe finding a monster to get some Col was going to be a bit easier said than done, finding the right leveled Mod and getting good col out them was harder if you thought about it and Haz was not looking up to it to fight any monster again. @Mars # 107823 LD: 9
  4. 6th Floor was maybe one of the calmest and beautiful places in this game, not that it was standing up to floor 16 Ten floors higher but still may be the number 6 had something about it having beautiful floors. His Full heavy armor with one arm being fully exposed and the other arm being filled with thorns on the shoulder and the lower part of the arm. At the hip was a red cloth almost as red as a garnet. and on his shoulder sat a red garnet cloth as well covering his arm that did not have any armor. On his head sits a green and black marking of a rhino around it, having the form of a gladiator helmet on. He was in the mood of doing nothing and placed his trident on his back walking inside the Settlement. Once inside Hazado walked around for a good amount of time, looking around to see if he could relax in the end he stops at an open plaza with a fountain looking into the fountain for a bit. Hazado was standing out quite a bit. Being the only one with full heavy armor around here and of course being 6'4" feet.
  5. Hazado

    [SP-F4] nICE to see you, <<Avalanche>>

    It was about time Hazado's Luck turned around a few more attacks like that and It was done for. He Grinned again and with a lot of speed moved to the Field boss to attack. At that point, his Spearhead glowed Blue again and his sword art was ready to charge. As he then connects with his target It seemed that it was quite hurting the thing now and he smiled, "Got you," he said before lifting his spear up into the air and slamming the field boss down behind him with quite a lot of power. Hazado turned around and saw that the Avalanche had gone into the yellow and seemed to be going down quite quickly, as it stood up again swinging another miss at Hazado again. It was now just them and the weakened Field boss, It seemed like the Field boss was already up for death and it was clear that Hazado was going to win this time. ROLE-ID: # 107814 BD: 9 CRIT 1 | 6+1=7 DMG | 7*4=28 DMG MD: 3 MISS Hazado | HP 320/320 | EN 24/32 | DMG 6 | MIT 45 | Thorn -18 +1 EN Regen | -4 EN Sword Art Avalanche | HP: 44/100 | DMG 40 28 DMG | 74-28=44 HP
  6. Hazado

    [SP-F4] nICE to see you, <<Avalanche>>

    Hazado smiled and moved in once again his spearhead began too glow bright blue and with one strong push into the Ice hide of the Avalanche and it seemed to hurt him quite a bit, "I like to sculpt you into your defeat If you let me," He said with a grin under his helmet before jumping back as he saw that the field boss swung his arm down to Hazado, "Nope sorry to slow," he said as he moved out of the way from the field boss his attack. it was quite fun to see that a grown guy was fighting this thing it did not look strong or even a danger to him at this point and he started to grin under his helmet again. "A few more hits like that and you are melted," he said jumping out of the way again as he slams his other arm into the ground. ROLE-ID: # 107813 BD: 9 CRIT 1 | 6+1=7 DMG | 7*4=28 DMG MD: 1 CRIT MISS Hazado | HP 320/320 | EN 27/32 | DMG 6 | MIT 45 | Thorn -18 +1 EN Regen | -4 EN Sword Art Avalanche | HP: 72/100 | DMG 40 28 DMG | 100-28=72 HP
  7. Hazado

    [SP-F4] nICE to see you, <<Avalanche>>

    Hazado smiled as the thing came into few and Hazado moved to attack only remembering that he placed his Spear in the ground, Moving back quite fast to his spear it seemed to his luck that the Avalanche missed as well striking the snow behind him and missing Hazado. Picking his spear out of the snow again he got a grin on his face and puts his helmet on once again ready for the attack, it was about to get real now even if this thing was weaker then the Ice Golem he just fought It still was going to be quite interesting as it was Him against the Avalanche. No matter what was going to happen Hazado needed to come out on top and defeat this thing once and for all. Getting him the reward and the EXP as well was going to boost him up quite a bit. ROLE ID: # 107812 BD: 1 CRIT MISS MD: 4 MISS Hazado | HP 320/320 | EN 30/32 | DMG 6 | MIT 45 | Thorn -18 -2 EN Missed attack Avalanche | HP: 100 | DMG 40
  8. Hazado

    [SP-F4] nICE to see you, <<Avalanche>>

    He gave himself the all clear sigh and moved around in the snow making a small ball as he pushed it in the snow, slowly it became bigger and bigger, and somehow it was holding quite fine. It took him a bit before it seemed that the ball was just as big as his lower legs and came up to his knees, Well this must be quite good already lets move on too the next one, he thinks as he gets another small ball of snow and rolls in the snow, it became bigger and bigger but not as big as the first one, Hazado smile as and slowly picked up the second ball off snow and placed it on the other one. One more to go then some stones for the face and done. He moves around and started to make a third ball slowly adding Snow to it by rolling it over the ground, as he picked it up then he places it on the second one and smiled, DONE Now some stones, He thought looking at the ground for some stones but at that moment he saw that something was showing up a big place off polygons formed and Hazado smiled. ENERGY FULLY RECOVERED.
  9. Hazado

    [SP-F4] nICE to see you, <<Avalanche>>

    It was about time that the field boss would show, but it seemed like there was no luck of showing up at all, well at least I got out of there without any trouble maybe I just have to get my energy back, He thinks as he then sits down and looks at the snow, it seemed like someone has been here before maybe a snowball fight or something else, Then he remembers what kind of people were on floor 4. One of the people around here was Cosi having his shop on this floor, Maybe I need to pay him a word, He is a nice lad, He thought as he stands up kicking some snow, He was not happy about the snow and he smiled a bit thinking about ways to deal with the time maybe building a snowman would kill some time, He smiled again and placed his spear in the ground looking around to see if there were any players around
  10. Once outside Hazado let's out a big breath, Yeez outside air, yes, He thought before looking back to Mars as he said he be happy to help Him with quests. Hazado had no trouble at all and he accepted the Friend request from Mars, "Well I'm Happy to hear and no I have nothing planned at this time, I got her because some rumor about a thing going to happen after fighting the boss, But once again a falls rumor," He said as he slowly seemed to get his normal color back on his skin. He opens his menu ready to send the info broker her information to make sure this Rumor was all just talk and nothing more. Once sending that he walked up to Mars, "Well I have nothing so If you want to do something I will help, cuz I feel like I owe you something for letting you do all the work," Hazado says as the party stayed in the corner of their few.
  11. He could not help himself as he laughed as well as she did that at him "H...Hey Unfair, you laugh so quiet and cute, it is hard not to try and not laugh at that," He said walking off again to get some more materials. He kneeled down pushing away some things as he looked for Materials, "Neo..." he said pausing shorty just making sure she heard him, "I'm Not the best around people, Laking quite a lot of social skills and so. But when I'm around you or Su it seemed like nothing is stopping me, and whenever I look at you Neo..." He paused again picking up a material he found and stand up walking back to the pile, "Neo, You seemed to give me hope, In a better world, to keep pushing and keep going until the end. I don't Know if it is my brain playing tricks on me or it is just something I feel for you but... I think..." He pauses for a long time looking at Neo right into the eyes, "You know... that thing," He said not getting out what he wanted to say at all it felt like something heavy was pushing on his chest. "Sorry... It is that I feel something for you... I mean we are friends and all, and made a promise to meet in real life and all, But um... I feel like we are more than just friends," He said as he stopped with talking completely and looking into Neo's eyes. @Neopolitan
  12. Hazado

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Hazado Looked at the boss as he started to speak again all the while he spoke about forgiving someone and even if they stole and all. Hazado had his own ways of thinking and He was thinking about them, Someone can always be forgiven, after an act of great sin even. But as a person wants to be forgiven by the unforgiven they must show acts of trying acts of truth because they seek the best. As Hazado was about the press the Forgiven one he was stopped by Black saying we need to stay united, That sparked it to him stay United was something that was their plan stay together stay side by side to get one common goal. Leaving this place. He turned to @Black "Well Soldier boy, to stand united is what we need, this time I will follow, but if something is at least one piece of truth about his words off acting good, you will at least get hit once by my fist I will make sure it does not hurt tho," Hazado said as he then turned to @Sunova and smiled, "To forgive and forget, well not today as we stand side by side as one group as one Team. As one group we call our own law, OUR OWN SEEKING OF JUSTICE AND TODAY YOU ARE IN FRONT OFF THIS JUSTICE," Hazado Said facing back to the NPC @Miraak the Accursed "You may be forgiven in another life But not in this one, Today you stand as we fall upon our duty to get out of this hell, and you are standing in its way," <<Unforgivable>> Stats
  13. As Mutsu talked about a Prison he thinks about the Prison on floor ten but that was a dungeon, But he also heard the same thing about the prison in the town of Beginners, "I heard the rumor as well, Altho I don't believe it has been found yet. Maybe it is not even there, maybe it was just a falls rumor as well, they seemed to be going around quite a lot these days," He says opening his menu sliding down his finger and opening his messages reading some of them, "According to some Info Brokers, It seemed that there is yet to be found a perfect way to lock up Orage players, as it seemed they can still run free now. Green players won't kill So the only option now is to Hunt them down and seek the right people to do it who do not fear striking down, and By that I mean Murder," He says, He knew it sounded hard but it was really the thing that was going on at this point, Murder was the only way to stop a murderer, to play his own game. It was sick and just savagery. the real Law was not a thing here anymore, Murderers, Thieves and go one can walk free, altho he never met a real murderer or even an Orange player he knew there are a few of them even in the frontlines. @Mutsu
  14. As they walk a bit More Haz flinches for a few times again as the light goes out but not much more, he did not seem to have any problem with it as it was just a few seconds without light but his few was getting a bit irritated by the light going off and on, at that point he seemed to start to shuffle his feet over the ground more for his own safety and he also held his spear as a kind of blinds man stick. "Keep calm, Positive thinking," Hazado said walking. you could still see that everytime the light went on again Hazado's face was still quite blake and he seemed to just stare straight ahead. It was not like he liked it, quite the opposite but he had to try and keep his guts up and keep his head high to move on until they got out or even have to face his fear. Altho He seemed to be in quite the disadvantage when it comes to being in the dark it also seemed that he was much more alert to every sound around him as he could easily get his weapon and take a swing.