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  1. Hazado

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    As the second finish of its last commander, it seems they went to attack the group that we were fighting. Jeez, how to rub in someone's pride It seems Mars gave up on his work and felt his pride, sure Haz his pride was going to be hurt a bit as well even more with the second tank and Domarus getting close to his own hate. The other tank seemed to not want to take the hate but still, it felt a bit pushing. "Alright, I keep them on me but just keep away from them, I got this," Haz said a bit aggressive as he was done with this fight as well and wanted it all to end faster. With that out of the way Haz swung his weapon wide and missed the enemy that he was supposed to hit. Sure how to break someone's pride more, make his be useless in attacking while the rest racks up kills and hate. Action: Attacking Rain Commander 4 | BD 6-2=4 MISS | -2 Energy Missed attack +1 Energy regen | [1/0/0/0] @Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 10/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [8/6/6/6] Hazado| HP 620/850 | ENG 56/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen [1/5/3/4] @Domarus: HP 846/930 | ENG 13/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA  [4/4/1/1] Alec: 736+7=743/760 | 54-11+1=44/68 | 134 MIT | 2 ACC | -1 EVA | DAM: 5 | BH: 7 | THN: 56 | SW: -25% DoT [0/0/0/0] Vigilon: HP: 307/600 |EN: 12/70 | 14 DMG | 38 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | REC:3| PAR | 1 Taunt | T1 BLD
  2. Action: Attacking Monster 4 Lightning Axe | ID: 124252 | BD: 1 MISS | -2 Energy +1 Energy Regen [6/6] Hestia: HP: 481/1970 Energy: 123/176 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 84 (50 on crit) Eva: -1 BH: 98 Rec: 3 Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction Kitchen: 5% col gained from monsters/Chests more LD:8 [0/0] Hazado: HP: 850/850 | EN: 64/80 | MIT: 107 | DMG: 13 | ACC: 2 | 16 Regen | Enemies- Monster 1: 0/880 264 DMG ACC:3 EVA: -3 Monster 2: 0/880 264 DMG ACC:3 EVA: -3 Monster 3: 96/880 264 DMG ACC:3 EVA: -3 monster 4: 226/880 264 DMG ACC: 3 EVA: -3
  3. With that attack in from Hestia and killing the first of the few monsters right away, it felt a bit better having to know that at least one of them was killed and soon the rest would fall but first Haz needed to get a hit in as well. Getting his Ax ready for his attack he started his sword art again, With a blue glow on his ax, he charged forward to the monsters and with a strong Z like swing slashed on the body of the second monster getting into the kill zone. It was now up to Hestia to pull off the kill and get it over with, Soon with all the loot and col in the world getting closer and closer to the end of their battle as well. "Hestia both the second and third are on near-death, SO HIT!" Haz said getting back and looking at his energy as well, as it slowly was going down a bit faster than he also hoped as well. Action: Attacking Monster 2 Lightning Axe | ID: 124244 | BD: 4+3=7 HIT | 7*13= 91 DMG | -7 Energy +1 Energy Regen [6/5/5] Hestia: HP: 609/1970 Energy: 133/176 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 84 (50 on crit) Eva: -1 BH: 98 Rec: 3 Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction Kitchen: 5% col gained from monsters/Chests more LD:8 [0/0/0] Hazado: HP: 850/850 | EN: 65/80 | MIT: 107 | DMG: 13 | ACC: 2 | 16 Regen | Enemies- Monster 1: 0/880 264 DMG ACC:3 EVA: -3 Monster 2: 141/880 264 DMG ACC:3 EVA: -3 Monster 3: 170/880 264 DMG ACC:3 EVA: -3 monster 4: 310/880 264 DMG ACC: 3 EVA: -3
  4. Hazado

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Getting ready as the attacks came at him, one by one the attacked hit him and every hit so far was useless against his armor. The attacks were useless against Haz at this moment and the Frontliners helping out now it would seem that this was going to turn out in quite a fast battle over time. Soon it would be over and with the winning group here standing now it seems that the power of the players has turned on the fish-sticks. With all the attacks ready and done Haz took his weapon started to attack the monster, sadly he missed his attacks quite fast and the commander seemed to be still as fast as before as his attack misses the enemy with quite a bit before he had to attack again. "GOD DARN IT" He yelled standing to before the commander eye to eye. Haz showed no fear in his eyes standing before the commander. Action: Attacking Rain Commander 2 | ID: 123564 BD 5-2=3 MISS | -2 Energy +1 Energy Party 1: [1/0/0/0] @Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 10/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [8/6/6/6] @Hazado| HP 623/850 | ENG 57/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen [1/4/3/4] @Domarus: HP 846/930 | ENG 13/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA
  5. Hazado

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    It took not long for battle has come to a close, but still, these ideots of a fish sticks KEEP ATTACKING, sure they are just ones and zeros but at least some had the power to just run. Knowing that this would not take long more Haz was getting ready to attack again but was slower than the commander that came at him, one by one they attacked him, Tickled him as they did no damage at all but then a stong out of nowhere a commander came up and with a strong swing pushed Haz away from combat, Not only that as soon as He wanted to stand he got paralyzed and could move again... yeez what a luck today. hopefully someone can murder these dumb fish sticks fast so Haz could get a break from getting paralyzed. Action: Well Bloody Hell Look at that I'm Paralyzed again.... oooh nooooo... FEKC! | +1 Energy Party 1: [1/0/0/0] @Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 11/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [8/6/6/6] @Hazado| HP 624/850 | ENG 58/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen {PARALYZED} [1/4/3/4] @Domarus: HP 846/930 | ENG 13/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA
  6. From the corner of his eye, Haz saw one familiar Face... literally Familiar as his Familiar seemed to have dug himself a hole not far away from Haz. "Could you hold on for a moment," Haz said to Aeolus. Walking over to the dragon-fox Haz picked him up as he made a scream in panic as Haz did so, "Aah Shush you baby, it's just me" Haz said to his Familiar Nano, that looked still shocked but gave Haz a lick on the nose. Holding Nano in a hug a bit Haz slowly began to dry up quite fast, Lucky for Haz it was because Nano came from Floor 9 and was warm most of the time. "Sorry Needed someone to dry up," Haz said holding Nano in front of him in a hug. When the guy asked if he as she were an item Haz his face turned a slight red, "Wait... you mean little miss White hair... Um well... Nah... She is ... Just um... My old friend, I know her well... She is just um... Well, friends maybe ... one of the best. Su is like... Um, family, I guess!" Haz got out for the first time in ever getting flustered by someone again. Last time was Arabelle with her teasing. Getting his breath a bit he looks at the man, "Well guess they do just to tease me, not sure, but they got me and well I'm not bothered by it now," Haz said to the guy. Hearing his answer on the question he asked Haz smiled, "Well, of course, been some time from the last time I have been swimming, god I kind of miss it. But yeah I would probably," Haz said to him with a joyful smile on his face, what was there not to like about swimming with others. As Aeolus asked who the blue hair ish guy was Haz looked over, "Um... He is... Nah I don't know him, but He looks like someone who would hang out with Aris," Haz said pointing at the blond woman with the two-piece swimsuit. Haz was staring a bit at the guy as well he does look like someone that would hang out with Aris. Getting back to the conversation He was asked a question and looked to the guy, "Ooh... Well, everything. Being on it, being in the water, swimming, having fun with people... But if I had to thoese it would be ... going underwater, It is quite fun to see the world from there," Haz said looking at the water a bit dreamy. @Aeolus
  7. Haz smiled to Arabelle, "Well she would think a lot, because the only thing she does Ara, she doesn't speak. And your teasing doesn't work like it used to do dear, I kind of grew used to it by now, So how about you get your boyfriend back Ara, seems you lost him already," Haz said to her in a teasing way pointing at Dustin. As she then walked off sending a message at someone and Haz took this as a victory and was about to leave Ara alone until he got two ice-cold water bucket thrown against his back "BLOODY HELL!!!" He yelled out angerly to turn around as his eyes spewed almost fire. @Arabelle Looking at the girl who was responsible for this she kind of felt a bit more anger in him. "You have the right Guts to throw that on me Kanari," He said to the girl who he clearly remembered. This girl was quite irritating and did not have any mercy for a soul at all, Heart attacks are still a thing you can die from. Looking at the girl Haz his anger build up slowly before he starting to talk sounding really angry, "In what bloody land do you think it is safe to throw Ice buckets on someone, you could die from that... Why the hell did you even do anything like that you little..." Before he could finish he got a bucket at his head, throwing up his arm he caught the two buckets but the girl was already running. "You Little... devil you are going to die," Haz said below his breath. @Vigilon Before he could go after her with a full-on sprint he was stopped by a man who was saying hello to him. "Um... yeah hello, The Name is Haz and with fun, you think getting an ice-cold bath, not really it is just about the begin," Haz said evil and was planning to hunt down the girl before he got attacked by another one. But this time by someone he knew quite well a bit too well, "Oh hello Su, got me at the..." He paused a bit before she spoke, "Sure um... I sign here what is it," He asked her before she turned the paper around showing the swimsuit competition. He was about to unleash his anger on the small girl but she sprinted of already, "Darn she keeps getting faster, that little Rat... Guess Karma is a monster." He said low to himself before turning to the man again, "Sorry about that, but where are my manners, Like I said the name is Haz. That is what everyone else calls me at least, I go by Hazado in full. It's a pleasure to meet you Aeolus." He said to the new guy extending his hand to greet him properly. "Sorry again for my reaction, but it seems they are after me again with their teasing and revenge, guess that what I get for being a big target. So you said fun what did you mean by that, sure beach parties are always fun and just for me being here near the sea is fun as well," Haz said to the guy before him. @Sunova @Aeolus seems Haz enters the swimsuit composition by force
  8. Hazado

    [PP-F03] An old rescue mission (Symphony)

    Nano seemed to have fun and did some sort of mid-air walking as his paws light up in flame making a small fireball under him before releasing it into the air with a spin, Guessing what he did he probably was trying to show off his skill as a familiar from floor 9. "OI! NANO! No fire" Haz said fast and quite loud to him as the fireball went into the air. Looking at Haz, Nano got in a shock from the yell and landed on the ground between Symphony's legs. Moving fast around her legs and firming his way againt her feet. "Sorry, Nano seemed to be quite young still so he like showing off, but I can end up Red if Nano hits a player or NPC with that. But back to what you asked Sure I like to have some company, maybe we can even talk a bit more while getting to know each other, last time we did not have much chance to chat," Haz said friendly to Symphony with a smile on his face. Meeting new people was always good and knowing that there will be ways to improve someone's relationship would benefit in every way Haz could see. "I was planning to show Nano around the town first and then go over to the wilderness and see some of these new improved guards walking around, Must be fun I hope," Haz said to her hoping she would follow him. "Come Nano, you had enough time to hang out with the ladies," Haz said jokingly extending his arm to the creature as it flew from under Symphony's Legs and to Haz his arm making a small biting attack with flames at his arm. "Oi! I told you not to, our you go back to those golems!" Haz said to Nano as he looked down to the ground as he made his way up to Haz his shoulder. @Symphony
  9. Dealing the last hit on the worker bee's that Nano pissed off I looked at Nano and stared at him, he knew bloody well what he did wrong and sat there on the ground head down. "Don't you do that ..." He said before getting a small break and turned around Fast ready to attack, as his Ax began to glow purple and with a strong upwards attack smashed the Bee as it was about to attack and make contact with Haz. The bee was surprised by the fast-moving junk of metal and got the attack right in its face pushing it about at least 30 feet back even passing Bahr as well. "You bloody Bee's don't know what honor is and attack from the back, Cowards, show me your worst another time, useless Minion!" Haz said getitng his Anger he was about to release on Nano but then On the bee. You could clearly see the short fuse Haz had at this moment. Action: Attacking Bee Minion 2 | ID 123221: BD 8 HIT | 8x10=80 - 25 = 55 DMG 2 | Hazado: HP: 820/820 | EN: 75/82 | DMG: 10 | MIT: 127 | THN: 18 | Def Para 9-10 | 18 Regen 1 | Bahr: HP: 680/680 | EN: 43+3-2=44/66 | DMG: 15 | MIT: 48 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 Bee Minion 2: HP: 100/250 | DMG: 125 | MIT: 25
  10. Hazado

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    While the battle was going On Haz saw that slowly but surely the battle was getting all of the commanders low, they seemed like Tank while looking at their Health as it seems that they can even take Tier 3 attacks without trouble. It was clear to Haz how this battle was going to end but to get the end of it all was need of a faster boost so Haz also choose to attack again. Getting his Axe out he grinned. With wide swing at one of the commanders, he misses his attack. looking around he notices finally the people who joined, "Fine to see you again Macradon, just keep out of their claws they are pricks about stunning the tanks!" Haz said to @Macradon as it seemed he was getting stunned by a commander as well, these pricks never knew of stopping with their high dmg and stun, well High dmg was nothing hight but still. Action: Attacking Rain Commander 3 | ID: 123218 BD 6-2=4 MISS | -2 Energy +1 Energy Party 1: [1/0/0/0] @Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 11/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [8/6/6/6] Hazado| HP 648/850 | ENG 57/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen  [1/4/3/4] @Domarus: HP 846/930 | ENG 13/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA
  11. Joining the party a bit late it seemed Haz walked up to the beach and looked around to see quite a few people he knew, from some of his close friend, guildmates and even some people he just knew from conversations. It was not rare for Haz to go to a beach this may have been the third time he went to an event like this. Looking around for people he knew he kind of felt a pain in his chest but was gone quite fast. Looking over to Sunova she seemed to be busy with Vigilon and his girlfriend and looking over to Hydravion it seemed that she was already busy showing off again and enjoying, there was no need to a trick or two for Haz to pull of here. Then he walked over to the chore a bit before dipping his feet in the water. It was quite refreshing for sure and to make things worse for someone He took out a bucket and filled it with water. Walking up slowly with a Bucket of water behind him he walked up to the purple-haired girl known as @Arabelle, With a grin on his face he walked up to her. Holding the bucket above her head he smiled before speaking, "Hello Arabelle, been some time for sure, maybe we have to stop meeting on a beach like this, Also look up for a second!" he said and as soon as she would look up he would drop the water over her head and start laughing a bit, "Sorry sorry, Its what I could call payback, Last time we ended up with a sort draw I believe so I'll be taking that win now," He said with a grin on his face before looking to the other players there as well, "Hello again... @Dustin Was it right, I remember you, your a great fighter mate. Hello you as well," Haz said to the other girl with a friendly smile you would not suspect from someone as tall as Haz. Haz's his outfit
  12. Hazado

    [PP-F03] An old rescue mission (Symphony)

    Looking up at the two familiars Haz got a smile off for a time before taking a more serious look again. Getting the question shot back from Symphony was to be suspected for sure at least what they could do it be honest. "Well I thought it was time to get Nano to know to the world a bit, He has been stuck on floor 10 his whole digital life so everything else is new to him. And well I may just like this floor it's one of the more calmer floors with all the guard walking around in the wild now." To be honest, Haz did not really have plans he made Nano choose a floor by placing his paw on a number and he placed it on the number 3 so Floor 3 it was. "I know I'm way too over-leveled to get anything here but at least I know I can just take my minds of thing from the higher floors, its nice to come down here and just not focus on being attacked from everywhere, The lower level Monsters tend to stay away from me now," Haz said to her. Looking up at Nano again he seemed to enjoy himself playing with Cloak, Knowing Nano he would start a fire somewhere soon, back home Haz had a safe switch called Roman who would normally put out Nano's fire or even cool him down, but in the wild Nano could do anything they wanted without getting attacked with Ice. @Symphony
  13. Seeing the first of the bee's drop dead was a good sign for sure. Getting the attention of other mods was good as well as Bahr could now get the killing blow and we could move on to the next group that seemed to be 3 of them. As soon as Haz wanted to move however Nano came flying in quite fast and it seemed he pissed off some workers. "NANO GOD BLOODY HELL!" Haz said before turning is attention to the workers and with one attack made them all dissolve into Pixels and nothing more. Knowing this now he kind of wasted his move to help his familiar but Haz was not going to do the familiar-looking thing again as that was hell for sure, "Sorry Bahr, got a bit of worker problems here Deal with that guy while I slaughter these workers for s bit, Darn Familiars," Haz said as he again lashed out at some more workers that moved to attack. Action: Attacking Minion Bee 2 - Undertone | ID 122929: BD 1 MISS | -1 Energy +1 Energy 2 - 2 | Hazado: HP: 820/820 | EN: 75/82 | DMG: 10 | MIT: 127 | THN: 18 | Def Para 9-10 | 18 Regen 1 - 1 | Bahr: HP: 680/680 | EN: 43/66 | DMG: 15 | MIT: 48 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 Bee Minion 1: HP: 95-95=0/250 | DMG: 125 | MIT: 25 | Bee Minion 2: HP: 250-95=155/250 | DMG: 125 | MIT: 25 | STUN
  14. Getting the invite Haz gratefully accepted the invite and following the man down it was an all too a well known location to Haz. These Bee's have been defeated by him quite a bit before and they are just too weak to even pay attention to. But it seemed Nano had other plans. Swiftly going into the air and going after one of the weaker and smaller worker bee's while Haz and Bahr started to get into a fight with some stronger looking Minions. This was going to be easy with High damage and Haz his High Mitigation it would be over within a minute. As soon as Bahr attacked Haz took his shield and slammed on it with quite a loud sound. "Oi! You bloody Honey suckers, I'm Back and ready to murder your queen again!" Haz shouted at them as the Bee's went straight focus on Haz right away. It was like Haz had some Honey or so as they were on him the moment He spoke those words. Now with Bahr dealing the damage, it would be over without breaking a sweat at all. Action: Hazado Uses Howl | +2 Hate Bee Minion 1,2 | -7 Energy 2-2 | Hazado: HP: 820/820 | EN: 75/82 | DMG: 10 | MIT: 127 | THN: 18 | Def Para 9-10 | 18 Regen 1-0 | @Bahr: HP: 680/680 | EN: 53/66 | DMG: 15 | MIT: 48 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | Bee Minion 1: HP: 95/250 | DMG: 125 | MIT: 25 | Bee Minion 2: HP: 250/250 | DMG: 125 | MIT: 25 |
  15. Hazado

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    It seemed it was time Once That Haz had the highest Hate of all his party members, with one less to worry about it seemed that Haz could now focus a bit on dealing damage to his enemies. Taking his ax he looked around to the rest of his party and nodded. This is going to be easy He thought before taking his Ax and running up to one of the commander and with a strong attack and his first attack as well Haz landed quite a powerful hit on the commander knocking it back quite a bit with that attack. "Alright, Mars! See if you can take out the low HP one then Focus on this one that I just attacked. And once that is done we can work out way down, We got this one in the pocket for sure!" Haz said to Mars as he still had to attack, It seemed that either way He needed a small boost as he seemed pissed off at the moment because of the Tier 3 players. Action: Attacking Rain Commander 2 With Lightning Axe *7 | ID 122668 BD 10 +2 | 13+2=15 x 7 = 105 - 75 = 30 DMG to Rain Commander 2 Party 1: [0/0/0/0] @Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 22/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [8/6/6/6] @Hazado| HP 651/850 | ENG 58/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen  [1/4/3/4] Domarus: HP 846/930 | ENG 13/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA