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    Mars' Evaluations.

    approved dear
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    Blaze's Journal

  3. Haz nods to Hestia, He would agree to be helping his friends and hearing about him when he gets to something like that but Haz his mind was not to be like that, "Is something Like that happens I can shove it in their face..." He said low sounding a bit mad even at the fact of speaking about his friends. But he shocked a bit as Neo cuddled up to him, "well No worry about that now I guess, They will see soon enough What I can do," He looks at his hand and made a fist, "He is not worthy of the name Voice of the Voices," He said low looking a bit mad before shaking his head. It was clear to anyone else that something was clearly bothering Haz, and not just something, more like someone. "Well Hestia, I will make sure to stay safe and keep this girl save too, But remember Hestia. Don't go too fast, I have heard stories of how fast you grew in level, but You know I always am willing to help." He said sounding like his normal self. He reached out his hand to Hestia to give him a hand, As he did so his sleeve went up a bit and the bottom of a logo could be seen on his arm. With not sure what it was as It seemed to be almost something like a box but Haz covered it before it was fully revealed. "It's nice to have you as a friend," He said with a smile somehow almost a fake one. @Hestia
  4. Hazado

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    Haz sees Mars move past him and attack the ghouls once again and killing the one Hazado did hit. It was good again to fight along someone you already know, and Knowing how Mars was with fighting it made this quite a bit easier. Getting his spear in two hands Haz runs up to the now pushed away Ghouls and with a lot of momentum stands in the middle of them and makes quite a powerful spin hitting all of them. As the attack connects with all of them they seem to fly back with one big nasty looking scare on their chests before they explode into pixels. Haz comes to a stop and looks at the items that dropped. it was really not the best loot Haz could get but for sure not worse than he ever had, At least there was one Item that was Perfect and the Rare Item would be handy too as well. "well Mars, Check on your Friend, I will stand on guard here for a bit, make sure you are all clear to move, But don't think I will not become all friendly with him, He was out for a kill back there, and if not for Hestia I would have snapped his snap if I could," He said before standing with his back to Pin and Mars looking out over a few things making sure not more Ghouls showed up to attack out of nowhere. Action: Weeping Moon, Ghoul1/2/3 113500: BD 9 | Minor Crit | 9*16= 144 DMG 113501: BD 9 | Minor Crit | 9*16= 144 DMG 113502: BD 9 | Minor Crit | 9*16= 144 DMG [H:0/0/0/0] Pinball: 766/980 HP | 43/98 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 6 EVA | 8-10/24 FRZ [H:0/0/0/1] Hazado: 417/640 HP | 16/64 EN | 15 DMG | 92 MIT | 0 ACC | 2 EVA | Safeguard [4/3/3/4] Mars: HP: 840/840 ENG: 44/84 DMG: 17 MIT:12 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds Ghoul 1: 0/490 HP | 147 DMG Ghoul 2: 0/490 HP | 147 DMG Ghoul 3: 0/490 HP | 147 DMG Loot 113503: LD 1 | Nothing 113504: LD 19 | CD 3 | Perfect Consumable, Rare Trinket 113505: LD 8 | CS 4 | Uncommon Consumable 1470 Col
  5. Hazado

    Skill Refund Evaluation

  6. It was quite early still, at least for Haz, Waking up in bed next to Neo. Slowly sneaking out of the bed as best as he could hoping not to wake up Neo. Opening his Menu and putting on some normal clothing, A Blue Shirt with a Marine Blue Hoodie and last some black pants. Now walking down and closing the door after him he gets to the kitchen he gets out a pan and starts making an old recipe his father some times made for him. Getting a few eggs before putting them into the pan to start baking them. After a few seconds, the house began to smell quite a bit, not even bad at all. After he knew it he was busy making some food, it would really be rare to see Haz cook at all but who knew what he could make. With the Eggs done he moved on to some bacon and cook that as well, after some toast and some nice tea was set. Taking it all he looked quite busy for sure, while he was baking this. "Neo would be surprised For sure," he said to himself as he was now really focused on cooking breakfast for the two of them. @Neopolitan
  7. Hazado

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    "Mars, you know My name, So no Tank boy if you mind, And things have changed, It ain't like Last time," He said as he gets up from the ground now and picking up his spear as he spins it around before it starts to glow Red and Haz moves with as much speed what was quite a surprise how fast Haz was with his armor on. With a Grin of Pride Haz takes his spear in one hand and with a powerful swing around his head attacks the ghouls with as much power as he can, but sadly it seems the Paralyze still had it's after effects and before Haz could hit them all he went down on one knee quite fast before ending his swing and the Ghoul he did hit was laying on the ground looking quite hurt, After all, he did get hit by a spearhead in the face. Standing on his feet fast after he did hit the enemy Haz hit his own chest with a fist of anger, "OI! If you want to run now I will see you as a coward running from battle Pinball," He says in an angry sounding voice not even caring to look at Pinball before he takes his weapon and aims it at the few creatures standing there. Action: Weeping Moon 113269: BD 2 | Miss 113270: BD 2 | Miss 113271: BD 2 | Miss 113272: BD 9 | Minor Crit | 9*16= 144 DMG H:0/0/0/0] Pinball: 766/980 HP | 42/98 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 6 EVA | 8-10/24 FRZ [H:0/0/0/1] Hazado: 442/640 HP | 29/64 EN | 15 DMG | 92 MIT | 0 ACC | 2 EVA | Safeguard [3/2/2/3] Mars: HP: 840/840 ENG: 70/84 DMG: 17 MIT:12 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds Ghoul 1: 170/490 HP | 147 DMG Ghoul 2: 178/490 HP | 147 DMG Ghoul 3: 178/490 HP | 147 DMG Ghoul 4: 18/490 HP | 147 DMG @Pinball
  8. Haz looked around a bit as thing got to the point of exploding, sheesh this was really not what to expect from front liners, They all sounded so greedy now, even Hestia did all of them. Sure the lines here are not perfect, but they were also not good. He looks at @Shield not angry or anything, Just disappointed in the thing he heard about. at the moment what truly was showing was the I and I politic. Caring about yourself before everyone else, the guy that was almost as tall as Haz himself spoke up, he seemed to not care about who was leading and he made a lot of good points for that, Haz spoke up again as it seems thing just needed to end, "I agree with you, @Jomei right... Tho I do not agree with Shield or Hestia, sure Protection is needed, have a good point there, but also true we need trust and prepare, it seems the two of you," he looked over to Shield as the other person he was meaning already left, that person being Hestia, " You two both have good plans here, yet if you go soling things here then please to but share, and true I will not join and I highly advise for any other T2 player here to rethink your options here. Bosses are not one to mess with, and with the no clear stats and attacks of bosses we have to face I say don't risk it, it's your life. Now to what I do agree if, fighting here has not helped us at all, we need someone as a standpoint of raid leader, the face of the raids, now I can see that most of you kind of want to be that face, But that is what is wrong, If you want to have that face, then I will say you one of a greedy hacking yerk," He said taking a small rest from his voice, altho not sounding angry he did sound quite disappointed in his words. "I don't have anything waiting for me on the other side, but thanks to something here, I can say I have something worth fighting for," He said looking over to @Neopolitan the one he loved the one he was fighting for as he looked to his wedding ring around his finger, "I would give my life for that person, but she would not allow me to do that, I don't want to sit here doing nothing, but you all may be setting the tone for my actions. I have looked up to some of you here, Shield you are a good tank that is true, and Hestia is quite a nice friend, one better I can hardly see before, and so I want to look up at you all, but now I can't do that at all." he paused and rubbed the back of his head a bit, "So more or what I'm trying to say is... Stop acting like spoiled kids and stop being greedy and help each other become stronger, you all don't have to become friends here now, but the only thing I ask if what are you fighting for, is it just for YOU to get out of the game and get back to your loved ones outside, OR it is for you and everyone else and make sure many players see their loved ones again," He said stopping his speech before walking over to Neo and giving her a kiss before standing next to her putting his hand on her shoulder.
  9. He nods to Hestia, "Oh No worry I know I can't join into the front lines now, I'm still climbing here and with my new plan I think I will be getting some other things ready. Sure my Level is going up at the moment but right now I just can damage the Rhino here, But on planning my next step will be getting a shield and try to protect people more." He says as he stocks Neo's hair a bit and looking at her. "to be sure, I never came alone to this world, I came here with a few other people, Guys from a old game I was in a game with," He pauses a bit "Yes Neo, Sunova was a part of this guild as well," He said to her before going on, "I don't know where all of them are, but I know they are not dead, none of their names showed up and the monument... Yet, but I believe Sunova is doing just fine for now, she is safe for sure. And the others well, they left after they heard that the game got real, They left me and Sunova behind." He said before nodding his head, "Well Hestia, I'm happy you where here today, True be told I take very risky and deadly actions somethings, and I'm very blunt about it," He said before stopping again and letting out a big sigh, "Just so you know, I do this to find them and keep my old friends safe." he said now looking at Hestia. @Hestia
  10. Haz was still sitting on his shield a bit looking at all the commotion around him, it was getting a bit too hot for some friendly strategy talk. True whatever this Shield guy said was true the rumors were out there, People have lost quite a bit of hope that they ever will be getting out here, And now seeing it first hand as well it was kind of sad to see. Knowing Hestia she was going to act as leader as long as she cant be proven otherwise, but this shield guy had a point as well, we DON'T know what they gonna have to fight, even tho Haz was not strong to join as tank yet, He knew that at least this was just a big black hole that keeps taking people into it. Standing up from his shield Haz towered over everyone here standing tall at around 6'4" feet tall. It was here that Haz spoke up and not even lightly, "Ok, I think I see what is going on here, First of the pleasantries out of the way, I'm Hazado, Most call me Haz, Sure some of you know me, but I'm a Tank in training." he paused a bit for a second or so, "Now that is out of the way, Hestia, I know you want to push and get out, And Shield I know you want to keep people save, But both can't be done. A strategy is needed I agree there, But how will you get this, what do we know about the boss, what do we know about our new enemy. Nobody here Knows how the boss works, and if you want a scene like the last raid and make the rumors about the frontliners losing numbers and never getting to floor 100 THEN GO AHEAD, start augmenting here. But I can say one thing because I have now seen it with my both eyes, this is just a Sh** hole, so get it together, It's still a game and game mechanics, so use your gamer knowledge and makeup teams that can do something." He paused again, looking at Hestia signing her to calm down as she seemed like she was about to explode anytime soon. "So listen to me and hear me out for once, If it's true we have not many tanks than me need to make sure every party has ONE tank, Next up to that Every Tank needs its healer, If we put people who can heal next to the once who Tank we will have a good starting point. Next up We need to place the DPS players, we can move them over the different groups, My best suggestion is to Put a Hard hitting DPS in every Party, Katana users would be handy here," He says looking at @Baldur Knowing he is a Katana user, "If we have anyone with MA can be in a party as well. So meaning in every party out best option is to put 3 for sure people in, A tank, A healer and a Strong DPS.For those who dual class here they can be very useful if their stats are standing good to it." He said and looks around again nodding again. "Most of you don't know each other's stats at all, And if we look at the stats from every player that will join we can start putting people in parties, Sure being with friend would be good but it would mean you are focused on your friend and protection them, But most part of the frontliners is... That you protect everyone and not just the one you care about." He looks at Neo as he says this before nodding again, "I know you won't take my advice because I'm still a newbie here, but just think about it, My vision is the current vision of the other players from lower floors and this here is just a mess so take some advice from the son of a military officer and get to know your teammates." He said before crossing his arms, Never knew He could go after his father here a bit and just say what needs to be said as the current groups here was really not in order. @Hestia @Neopolitan @Shield @Itzal @Calrex @Hikoru @Jomei @Zuekin @Zandra @Domarus @Anemone
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    Inanna's Journal

    Approved, welcome to the HELL with all sort of hope and DEATH, please have a great time in this world and keep safe for as long as you can.
  12. Taking a little break from all the mayhem that happened Haz was sitting in his and Neo new house and looked a bit into the fire poking it a bit. Almost like he was just dead inside for a moment, just, staring. Into, the fire. It was just waiting a bit now for something to happen, Knowing Neo was out for the frontlines Haz was sitting in his under armor a bit just doing nothing at this point. Getting a message as he drops the poker on the ground, Reading a bit of it he nods his head. Looking for his weapon he had to lay around somewhere and his new shield. He was about to pick up his shield as Neo jumped from behind and started bugging him quite a lot, Getting a hug from her and more before getting a message pushed into his face, "Calm down Neo Calm..." And gone she was It was clear Neo got the same message from Hestia for sure from what Haz could read and he tried to follow up with her but with less luck for sure. With his Shield with two horns and the same color theme as his armor on his back he made his way to the meeting seeing that Neo was there already quite hyper, maybe a bit too and Haz was going to say something about it. It seems it was just Hestia and Neo there yet, an easy thing to step in then. Walking up he leaned on on Neo's shoulder a bit, "If you gonna act like Su, then I can treat you like her," he said in a teasing way before nodding to Hestia, "Good day as well Hestia, Thanks for asking, tho I'm not sure If you truly want me," He said to Hestia taking out his shield and using at some sort of chair now as it pushed a bit into the ground. @Hestia @Neopolitan
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    Neo's Items

    Approved, Ree. Ree. Ree. Ree. REEEEEEEEEE
  14. (I used the Wrong Attack Copy there No worry I still do *9) Haz looks like a group of 4 yet new Goblins storms out to attack Neo attacked one and it seemed to get hit quite good. This was a close one so Haz could finish him off if he did hit him. With a powerful spin, Haz took out his power on the group, but it seemed two of them jumped over his attack and one even jumped on his spear attacking Haz right away, The other went around Haz and moved up to Neo attacking her as well. "OI, Don't you Dare Touch her," he yelled at the goblin attacking Neo as he smashed the other one off his armor. Moving up to Neo standing between the goblin and Neo, "Neo when I say so I gonna kneel down and you jump over me attacking the goblin killing him off, Just make sure to use my back at Momentum to attack him, I Will make sure it will be standing right still for you," he said to Neo holding his spear out for him. Then Hazado went down on his knee and Neo could Jump over him to attack the Goblin standing there as his face was clearly shocked as Hazado Yelled, "GET HIM NOW!"