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  1. Hazado

    Mordecai’s Journal

    Approved, Welcome to the World full of wonders you can explore, Please mind that on your Right is your Right hand, Just making clear, have fun out there.
  2. Haz looked one last time at the Demon and smiled to it, "Seems we are at your end, Any last words before your weak body disappears into nothing like the fear you are to me," Haz said to the demon that was still crawling away from Haz just trying to get away from the man in his armor. "You are crazy, get away from me," The demon said as it was trying to get away from Haz. Haz laughed a bit "No. That is not what I'm, I'm just your fear, your end, Your master. I have control over you," He said before raising his Axe and smashed down into the crawling demon as is was struggling to get away. "Now rest forever," Haz Said getting his Axe out of the body from the demon as the pixels flew off him and his Axe before disappearing into nothing. Haz looked at where the body of the demon was before a small light around him returned and he could see his hand's feet and body again. Along with two symbols that lighted the place. ID: 118081 BD: 10 Major Crit | 10+2=12*7= 84-3=81 DMG | - 7 Energy MD: 1 Miss | Hazado| HP: 740/740 | EN: 52/74 | MIT: 97 | DMG: 10 | Thorn 36 | Para 9-10 Shield | 25 Reg Inner Demon | HP: 0/247 | MIT: 3 | DMG 23
  3. The demons face turned from easy going and anger to Pure Fear. As he was trying to crawl back in his feet Haz did not let to any change and jumped up smashing his Axe into the demon. Only missing by a hair. "GAH! this is not supposed to happen, You would be stuck here for every not getting out of here," the demon said as he rolled out of the way. Haz got a grin on his face from under his helmet and he smiled quite disturbing. "Oh yeah, I never told you then, You are in my head, my memories, I can shape them into whatever I want. You are just some story some stupid fear I had as a kid, but no longer as you turned weak and I face try dangers here now, and you are nothing compared to them!" Haz said getting his Axe out of the ground as slowly around him some light began to shine and the Demon was even more exposed to his true form. ID: 118080 BD: 3 Miss | - 2 Energy MD: 4 Miss | Hazado| HP: 740/740 | EN: 59/74 | MIT: 97 | DMG: 10 | Thorn 36 | Para 9-10 Shield | 25 Reg Inner Demon | HP: 53/247 | MIT: 3 | DMG 23
  4. The Shadow was Fear in his eyes and not only that he was clearly getting angry about something, "How can you break free from me if I always will be there, I will not leave you, I'M PART OFF YOU!" the demon said before standing up again. Haz his eyes now emotionless locked on to the demons Shadowy body and Haz smiled. "Yes, You are a part of me, A part that I CONTROL, Nobody said you could Stand again," Haz said before he moved his Axe again. The Flash of is Axe gave off before hitting the demon again smashing it down to the ground again with quite a bit of power. "I have control over you, No matter where you are." Haz said to the demon before him. "No... No this can't How could you do this so easy after I saw you struggle with your memories so much," the demon said before he closed his hands pushing something into Haz with his hand. "You are part of me, SO come here!" Haz said as the demon attacked Haz took his shield and a flash of thorns jumped out to the demon making it hit the shield and fly back quite a bit. ID: 118079 BD: 9 Crit | 10+1=11*7= 77-3=74 DMG | - 7 Energy MD: 7 Hit | 23-97= 1 DMG | Thorn DMG Hazado| HP: 739/740 | EN: 60/74 | MIT: 97 | DMG: 10 | Thorn 36 | Para 9-10 Shield | 25 Reg Inner Demon | HP: 53/247 | MIT: 3 | DMG 23
  5. The laughing of the voice got more and more, Not only that more different laughs joined in as well. Some of them he remembered and others he did not at all. Then he heard voices in the darkness. "Ooh look at him, the scardy cat pissed his pants," and thing like that. Laughter became louder and louder until it was all around him. Haz shacked his head before he knew it he looked up. The laughter did not stop but Haz looked up with a deadly cold look in his eyes before his armor came to him. The armor he grew so reckless in, the one he knew to trust. His helmet was a perfect fit and the armor around him felt like home, felt like he could do anything. "Stop laughing," Haz said monotone, to the voice. The voice stopped laughing and seemed to turn his attention to Hazado again, "And tell me, why would I," The voice asked him getting real close to his face, "Because you are not worth my time, I can see you," Haz said before raising his Axe into the air and Smashing it into the now clearly seeing Demon of shadow. The face of the shadow was filed with pure shock confused on how Haz broke free from his fear this easy. "You don't fear me, You are just an imagination of something I was before. You are nothing," Haz said to the Shadow as his voice sounded quite reckless and monotone as hell. ID: 118078 BD: 10 Major Crit | 10+2=12*7= 84-3=81 DMG | - 7 Energy MD: 5 Miss | Hazado| HP: 740/740 | EN: 66/74 | MIT: 97 | DMG: 10 | Thorn 36 | Para 9-10 Shield | 25 Reg Inner Demon | HP: 166/247 | MIT: 3 | DMG 23
  6. It was just dark with no light at all. Haz started to get stiff and knew what was going on, Facing his fears, face his demons. It was the darkness really something Haz could face here or was it something else. Standing up Haz was leaning on his shield a bit and keeping his Axe close to his body. He felt something was looking at him and that something was not something he wanted to know. "Well Hazado, It seems facing this demon will take steps beyond your comfort zone," A voice said from the darkness before a cold and hard push came to him knowing Haz down as He became very cold all a sudden. "You know what is here for you right, WHahaha" The voice went just in a teasing way. "Show yourself Demon, I ... I WILL FACE U!" Haz yelled out into the darkness without any known location to this voice. The voice in the darkness laughed again and this time very close almost right next to his ear. "Oh no no no, you won't you can't even move so I am not scared, I will keep you here for every," the Voice said. Haz stood up on his legs again and sadly the voice was right, Haz did not move. ID: 118077 BD: 4 Miss | - 2 Energy MD: 1 Miss | Hazado| HP: 740/740 | EN: 72/74 | MIT: 97 | DMG: 10 | Thorn 36 | Para 9-10 Shield | 25 Reg Inner Demon | HP: 247/247 | MIT: 3 | DMG 23
  7. Hazado

    Roulette's so-and-so Diary

    Approved, Welcome to the new world. Here u can grow strong and find our own path, Just make sure to follow the big arrow on your map and don't stray too far from the route.
  8. He was completely lost in his thoughts knowing that something was going to hunt him soon Haz took a breath and sat upright looking at the symbol lighting up. He felt warmth for a moment, something he did not feel for a long time. Even with having fun memories and always trying to look at the bright light Haz finally felt sad and depressed. It was not long before he opened his eyes again with a flash of light and it was pure black. Not like before where he could see his own hand and body, but this time it was completely black, Keep breathing, Nothing to be Scared off right. Haz thought as his breath started to go faster and he felt his heart pumping. Trying to keep calm Haz looked at his hands who he could barely see and trying to find his footing he was not enabled to even stand up. True Haz may look thought and strong and maybe even older, but he is still just a child at heart and body as he was just 19 as he came into this world. Slowly panicking more and more Haz was finally getting to what was going on, He was alone... In the dark. Nothing could help him, with no sight and only earing things Haz just kept breathing faster and faster.
  9. Hazado

    Housing Evaluation

  10. Haz looked around only to see black space again, as his mother disappeared into the void he gave a weak smile and remembered the good times he had with his mom and father. Knowing now that both of them loved Haz for who he was he felt back as a splash of water as he hits the floor. The void was yet again filled with a small pool of water and out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a light starting to shine. A symbol lit up Looking closely he could make out a that there were three rings there all connected as one and In every ring was a smaller symbol. A Marine ship, A Pen, Meaning his mother as she was a writer, and a Spear meaning him as He was officially a spear user in this game and Kind of still wanted to use a spear for old sayings. He looked up as the one white light in this void, at the top of this void. I feel like I forgot something along with the ways, Like, I changed my memory to hide from the bad things. But what did I hide from, After my mom past away I traveled to Japan with dad, what did I hide for there, what was I scared... off, He thought knowing something was going to happen once he got up from the ground
  11. Hazado

    [PP - F1] <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    (Sorry been a bit busy and forget about this) Haz walked next to Haltar as he was speaking Haz looked down to Haltar and nodded, "Well Good, I keep in touch for sure, No reason to cut it off right now. Just send a friend request and I will accept it, U can send me a message anytime. And If you cant send me one, it would be either I'm in a dungeon with a tracker block or just not around anymore. But sure." Haz said accepting the friend request as soon as it came in. Haltar Dhrim, what a name, Well I have seen some weirder once for sure, Haz though to himself as he looked at the stats. Getting to the crossroad Haltar spoke to Haz again and he looked at him for a moment, "Well yeah guess it is then, just send a message if help is needed or come to floor 7 where I have my home and our temporary guild base." Haz said holding out his hand for a friendly goodbye shake and once that is done move away into the wilderness of floor 1 again and hope to find the thing he was looking for before meeting Haltar. @Haltar Dhrim
  12. Hazado

    Dagger's snazzy evals

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    Happily Accept this from your hands My great sir, Now level time GOOD LUCK MINA Takes Blood Thorn
  14. Hazado

    Dagger's snazzy evals

  15. Standing face to face with one of his oldest fear, this Shadow was his mom and how he could have remembered it, as it kept saying it was Haz his fault because she died. Slowly as the fight went on with his inner demon he stood face to face with this creature and was scared a bit and wanted to get out of here. "U killed me, U REALLY DID KILL ME!" She said to Haz as she laughed at him again, but this time Haz did not move out of the way accepting his faith more or less. As the Shadow got closer and was closed for Haz to do something He just opened his arms and took the shadow into a hug. "Sorry... I did not mean to run from you at the hospital, I ... I was scared I never .... never gonna see you again, So I... I wanted to keep the memories. the ... good once... .... ... Sorry I did not want to be at your grave, Sorry I made life hard on you because I did not know better, Sorry... I made it so hard with the family, I ... I was just scared." He said as then slowly the image around him began to fold in on itself. The world became black again and he could feel the water below him. Letting go of the shadow in his arms he sees his mother, almost just as big as him, "Darling, I would never want to harm u, I knew u were scared your dad explained it to me in the hospital. I really liked your painting, and I will always have it with me. Just so you want to know the truth, I left you a message, If you ask your dad about the video tap he will remember and give it to you, so I can Explain what I really believe." She said standing up, her Dark blond hair flows nicely in the wind of the black space. wearing a white dress and her red glasses the image of his mother was repaired, "Now go and defeat them all, U are strong in my arms, don't let the bullies get to you," She said with a smile before leaving. Haz smiled and looked as his mom disappeared. "Love you to Mom," Haz said low with a smile. ID: 117502 BD: 2 Miss | - 2 Energy MD: 7 Hit | 70 DMG - 97 = 1 DMG Hazado| HP: 740/740 | EN: 55/74 | MIT: 97 | DMG: 10 | Thorn 36 | Para 9-10 Shield | 15 Reg Inner Demon | HP: 0/185 | MIT: 2 | DMG 70