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  1. Hazado

    Bahrbaric Evaluations

    Approved, Next time wait for PST to approve them before posting them in your Post as to make sure we dont get problems after the player had paid and in the end the item cant be approved
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    Kit's Evals

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    Oscar-Meyer Evaluations

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    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Seeing the members of Tier 3 join in It seems like this battle was soon to be over, a few faces here and there was nice but the Tier 3 players should focus on Party 2 to make sure the commanders on their side did not attack them more seeing as they had more trouble than any of us. "Oi! Mars Just focus on getting that Kill on the commanders, they are low and once that is done all of them will focus on me. Deal with your pride soon not while we are in combat," Haz said to Mars hoping he at least heard it. "Domarus, I'm not one of ordering around but try to focus on the weaker once, Once the commander that is facing Mars is dealt with they have to all focus on me," Haz said with a smile before he Smashed with his ax against his shield and getting quite a bit of attention from the other commanders around him. "Oi you bloody Fishsticks, I'm done with your Paralyzing, you forgot to get me stuck again so THE SPOTLIGHT ARE ON ME NOW!" Haz yelled getting fro sure the attention from them now. Action: Howl, Commander 2,3,4,5 | + 2 Hate Party 1: [4/0/0/0/0] @Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 33/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [0/6/6/6/6] Hazado| HP 654/850 | ENG 58/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen  [0/1/4/3/4] @Domarus | HP 846/930 | ENG 13/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA
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    Kit's Evals

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    Alec's Blacksmithing

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    Bahrbaric Evaluations

  8. Hazado

    Bahrbaric Evaluations

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    [Party Sign Up] Kityuisa's Beach Party

    Tier: 2 Build: MIT Tank Discord: Arctic Hazard#6969
  10. Hazado

    Alec's Blacksmithing

  11. Thread Summary: Hazado: 2 SP 1630 Col | (1230 Loot, 400 Complete Thread) T1 1 Perfect Consumable T1 1 Rare Trinket Familiar: Dragon Fox Nano
  12. Hazado

    Haz haz Evals

    Name: Nano Roll ID: 121851 Roll Result: 15 Mastery: N/A Description: "A Red Fox with Dragon Wings, Paws and Tail and a few scales on his lower belly. Blue eyes with a small effect of starting flames at his paws or mouth. He is a playful and agile creature who likes most food and is very curious about everything." Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18029-f10-sp-not-all-big-things-are-scary/?tab=comments#comment-579499
  13. Getting into the Settlement Haz looks around for the lady again to get this food back to her, as he had no need for it at the moment. Looking around for a second Haz walked up back to Gypsy and placed Nano on the ground for a second. "Thanks, Gypsy, also I want you to meet Nano, someone I found out there," Haz said giving back the Food to Gypsy and as he did so Nano looked at her quite confused for sure. "Well aren't you a cute little one, well take care of each other and it will probably go right," she said before Nano flew up into the air and with struggle landed on Haz his shoulder plate. It was not hard to keep on it as it was quite a bit bigger then Haz official shoulder it was just a bit slippery for sure. "Well I hope you two have fun take care Kid," She said. "Will do I believe he already found a spot to sit on for most of the time," Haz said as he turned his face to Nano as he was looking left and right to see everything from this heigh. Haz took off to the portal from the settlement and smiled at Nano, "Hold on Nano we going for a trip," Haz said before teleporting to floor seven.
  14. walking with the dragon fox in his hand holding him with two hands in a sort hug the creature looked left and right quite amazed by everything around him. Even if the creature was smaller then a dog and not much smaller then a normal fox it was still a quite heavy dude. Looking down Haz smiled, "You like being carried like this, don't you," Haz said as it looked up at his face before giving a lick, the creatures tongue was quite a bit warm almost like cooking water. It seems it was agreeing with Haz as it smiled or what looked to be a smile at least looking from left to right. "You need a name buddy, let's see... How about Nano?" Haz asked the creature as it looked up again to Haz before giving another Lick and making a weird like bark. and this time it was clear that it was agreeing with Haz. "Nano it is then, Welcome to the team I guess then. Ooh and by the way Nano I have a friend for you at home maybe you gonna like him," Haz said as Nano looked up confused a bit still seemed to enjoy being carried in a hug.
  15. Haz walked up to the little Dragon fox thing and kneeled down, it seemed to reel back as soon as Haz got close. It was scared for Haz now, after this battle It must have seen it. It was trying to find a way around the big tank but it seemed to be stuck where it stood. Haz took off his helmet and smiled to the creature. It was slowly calming down but still scared. "No worry buddy, That thing won't come back, and oh I got something that is yours," Haz said getting out the crystal and holding it in his hand for the dragon fox to pick it up. It seemed that it was moving to the crystal slowly to pick it up but stopped as soon as Haz smiled. Then it pushed its head into the crystal and more into Haz his hand before slowly walking over to Haz his pocked at taking away a few familiar foods and nibbling on it. "ooh I see, He Buddy wanna come with me?'" Haz asked as it looked up with its mouth full. As soon as it heard this it began to make small little hopes in the hair and even making some flight jumps. "I guess that is a yes then," Haz said picking the Dragon fox up and holding it in his hands. The dragon fox was holding on to Haz his harms while its hind legs and tail bungled from Haz his grip. "Let's go somewhere save buddy," Haz said moving back to the settlement.