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  1. Hazado

    [PP-F1] Rhino Tank teachings

    Haz Listens to the Guy as he speaks he looks as he speaks about his larger hitbox Haz gets a bit of a chuckle of as he says this. It was quite a dark chuckle from under his helmet like some sort of evil laugh. "It seems so, I have heard many names already. Rhino, Tin can and probably more. But who cares about those," he said to the player sounding still quite a bit dark with his helmet. "Sorry I should take My helmet, it is a bit intimidating to some," he said taking his hand to his head and removing the Helmet revealing his face to the player that called himself Masutado. His face was revealed, a guy around the age of 19/21, Brown hair quite messy as well with Yellow friendly eyes and a friendly face in total, "Hazado is the name, Nice to meet you Masutado. Don't sweat about the Hitbox to much, I'm quite a target as well here but still, I can push past a lot," He said with a friendly tone placing his helmet on his belt as the horn on it was pushing against his plating on his hip. "With a Tank Package you could still surely take a lot, And with that col, you start with you can get new equipment quite fast even on this floor," It was clear Hazado was someone who knew quite a bit and also very friendly behind that cold heavy armor of his. You would say a Cold Protection around a Soft heart. @Masutado
  2. Hazado

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    Hazado did not really like the company of Pinball sure they met a bit weird but that was so far back and It seems Pin was still the same in his heart but just broken. It was not up to Haz to choice now, the bigger thread was to defeat the quest monsters they had to deal with for sure, Not only that Haz and neo knew both what the monsters could do as well did Mars. Last time was Chaos and now it was just the four of them sure to be something now, Pin had no idea what was waiting but the rest did and Haz just let it slide who cares if things end badly, he could teleport out because of the crystal he got from the Baldur guy. Mars spoke up and threw a potion to Haz catching it and taking it right away Apart from that Haz took also a potion of his own before getting something from Neo as well. He was at this point ready to go for is own look "Don't let is end like last time Miraak, Just make sure to heal us when you can," He said to Miraak with a demanding voice. Before waiting on Mars to choose the option on where to go now, "Your the party leader here Mars, Go say your speech if you have one so we can destroy these things," Haz said sounding a bit more aggressive then normal. (Accepting Spinach-Artichoke dip, From Neo) (Accepting Rare T2 MIT potion +20 MIT From Mars) (Taking Rare T2 MIT potion +20 MIT) (Taking Spinach-Artichoke Dip +2 EVA) (Taking 1 Tier One Damage Potion +1 DMG)
  3. Hazado

    [PP-F1] Rhino Tank teachings

    Haz turns around as he stares at the Player behind him, To say for sure this player was a low-level tank for sure. Haz did not say much until the player spoke up wondering why a powerful player like himself was doing here on this floor. Haz placed his spear on his back and walked over to the man looking a bit scary for sure with the full armor he had, "I'm Not helpless... But I appreciate the thought of trying to help me, but I can handle myself on this floor. Nothing can damage me here and I'm free to test my AoE attacks here," He said from under his helmet before staring down at the guy again inspecting him quite a bit. "I see you are going into the Tank builds," He said sounding a bit dark as he asked this, But this was all because of his helmet a bit. "It is a risky move to go tank, I can say that for sure," he says patting on his chest making his own armor move on impact "As you see why It is hard to get far with a Tank build here but you types are needed for sure," He said to the player as he slowly started to wonder why he was outside of the town of beginners because it was rare to see players get out before they did any leveling, "If I may ask a question in return, It would be one to ask why you are here," he said to the player in front of him. @Masutado
  4. Haz followed Neo into the cave system and seems Neo was quite known around here, before getting into thing Haz smiles a bit It was not far from here that they kind of fell in love and he was following Neo into the darker part of the cave. It was not the best but Haz tried to be calm at all times. Moving behind Neo he spotted some enemies right ahead. They did not really look that strong and Haz nodded with his head and went into action as Neo gave the all clear to him. He rushed with speed into the middle of the 4 cave goblins as the shocked from the pure steeled armored player and took their weapons out raising them to Haz. He grinned with a smile and started tapped his spear two times on the ground and took the end of the spear with both hands and as the goblins moved in for attack Haz gave one powerful Spin with his spear around his body without moving much hitting every goblin that moved into the ground. Two goblins stayed on the ground but two others moved up and attacked Hazado on in the back and another from the side both did not move Hazado at all and Hazado did not look faced at all and just pushed Both attacking Goblins away. "Neo Give it your Shot, You are up!" He said from under his helmet standing in the middle of 4 cave goblins. ( Holy A Bejusus Molly Freaking God, I have some good hopes for this Neo)
  5. He listens to Hesta, she was ready to get going and Haz was also ready to go, Giving Neo a look asking like, are you ready too. He then turned to Hestia as she commented on Neo getting the item from the Christmas event and said she got herself one before and also mentioning her luck she had in hitting things. "Well you also have seen my luck in hitting things, So I know the feeling for sure there," He said laughing a bit as he walks over to Hestia leaning on her shoulder a bit, "Maybe it is an Age thing, Hestia, We are both the same age," He said to her acting a bit like an older brother as he did most of the time. He looked over the Colosseum and thought about the things they needed to fight inside and nodded to himself. "Wel I'm ready to see what this quest is about, it was said to be inside and talk to some Fat and rich looking NPC or so," He said getting around and walking inside the building and not taking long to see the Fat NPC as he walked up the quest was already starting as the NPC walked up to him and the girls. "You look mighty fine there, I can offer you a job if you want. It is a well paid I would say so why not do it. I can say your more up to the test for sure, well let's really test this why not test that armor of yours and fight against our champion, He killed the guy who came before you within one minute, Let's see if you can break that, Probably not," The NPC said cocky and pointed to the gate that was blocked by a second gate as that gate led into the Arena itself. Haz turns to the two girls and just looks confused why this NPC wanted to see us fail so hard, maybe it was just something that was about how they were going to fight the champion. @Hestia
  6. Haz was On floor 1 doing some training to understand the newfound power of his spear, it was not the best way to train but sure it was the best way to understand your power without getting into risk. His Big Dark green Heavy armor was just outstanding on this floor for real, Not only was he 6'3 Foot tall but also was the only player with this kind of full steel armor from top to bottom. Getting not far from the Settlement Haz thrown down a lure and not many seconds later a big group of oversized Boars came his way the Strongest Boar would have been around level 6 or so and Haz was grinning under his helmet a bit. As the boars surrounded him it almost looked like he was outmatched if you did not know Hazado's level at all, Any normal player would rush in to help the guy but Hazado just stood there waiting to see what the boars were going to do. One boar moved, trying to bite down on Hazado's arm, Holding up his arm before the Boar came in contact. The Boar smashed into the Hazado's arm and with a quick move, Hazado just smashed the Boar away killing it. "One down, seven more to go," he said low under his helmet before three boars moved to attack and as Hazado saw this he took the last part of his spear swung it around hitting all three boars with an AoE Killing them all. Now just four more boars where standing and Haz smiled under his helmet Knowing what his next move was going to be. He looked at the boars and as the moved in Hazado Smashed his hand to the ground making a small earthquake making the four boars fly into the air, after that, He swung his spean 360 degrees around hitting them all as they got killed the moment Hazado lands his hits. Hazado was now standing in a field with nothing around him within a few seconds. as he looked into the forest right ahead of him thinking about the things he has done on this floor. No boars where showing up now and Hazado was kind of liking his new power for sure at this moment. And things seemed to get better and better as he trusts his spear into the ground and stood there staring into the horizon like some NPC or something like that. @Masutado
  7. Haz listens to Hestia as she was happy to help as well and sure Neo would be too, It was no wonder because both of them cared about people and to protect them one more than the other. "Hestia If you would not mind, Ennakai shared some information with me about a Quest inside the Collesium, And it was not just some normal quest as well as It may be the first Combat quest in a settlement for sure. She also told me that the quest was about a boss monster and it is to one shot everything lower level then well our level for sure. And I would be crazy If I went here alone, Ennakai told me I could find someone to help me with the quest and have you see It was you," He said sounding a bit happier that he should be. He also started to think why Ennakai of all people would be the one going up so high while they could be killed in one attack if they came here no matter what It would be it was dangerous for sure and he did not want to see the end of a good Info Broker like Ennakai. @Hestia
  8. Hazado

    [F13-PP] Horseman vs Imbalance

    Haz looks at Pinball as he comes out of hiding and stares at him wondering what made him like this from the Shy and awkward guy to the I don't care about anything just die, guy. He let's out a sigh and looks at Pin, "I hope you still remember fighting together, So for the love of everything that is still pure on this floor lets just clear this quest and part ways," He said to Pin as he got his 2 handed assault spear into his hand and looked over to the road ahead. He listens to Mars as he asks if Haz had an AoE attack, he just stated the clearest question as he was a long-range attacker meaning AoE was one of the things Haz was going to use for sure. "I do Have an AoE for sure, Just you kill the enemy faster than I take Damage. I would like to see the end of this for sure," He said to both of them before looking to the road seeing that they got a splitting ahead in the road and they needed to choose which way they went @Pinball
  9. Hazado

    [PP-F1] One Step Closer

    It was good to see that Ghost accepted the guild invite and friend request, It meant that they would get things ready to go. As Ghost said she was not good with people Haz thought about how he was first, sure he was good with words but around people, he would just be awkward. "No worry Ghost, you will like them, and there are not many of them at all. And you know us already so we can ask especially one to calm down, I would believe Aris-san would be just fine, somehow she can fit in everywhere." He said saying Hydravion, a guild members real name as she told him many times to just call her Aris or any other given name. It was good to know that thing would be rounding up now and Haz looked at the time and noticed it was a perfect time to eat something. He opened his inventory and got out three bottles of drinks and three Aincrad Donuts and giving them to the two girls and himself, "Here it is on me, why not take one to start off with a new friendship I would say," He said smiling friendly to Ghost taking the third bottle and starting to drink, "Cheers" He said before going on with drinking. @Ghost @Neopolitan
  10. Hazado

    Masutado - Takahashi Tetsuya

    Approved, Welcome to the world Of Betray and death. Join a group you trust and make friends Just make sure to make the right friends
  11. Somehow He felt like something was going to need to change and he knew right away what, As with one click on his menu his full armor came on making Haz now just a big looking Tank with the armor he was wearing. He was ready to face whatever they needed to face and Haz knew right away the best option was to take some buffs, as well as Neo, gave him the dip. "Thanks, dear, I will make sure we stay safe for sure if we are going to fight something I will push back," He said friendly with a smile before taking the dip and eating it. It was quite nice with some of the small cookie stick he had and he could see right away that his stats got a buff for sure. The second Item he took out was a Black Stinger and you knew right away from where it was and what drop it was as Haz beaten the Wasp queen at least 4 times by now, "I have plenty of them so I can waste one for sure," he said as he broke the stinger in his hand as a small glow came from it as he did this. After that, he got a potion and took that as well giving him a good boost as well yet again. : I'm ready I think, We can't fight on an empty stomach so this would be done the job right, I will just follow you and see where we get." @Neopolitan (Accepted the Hummus Dip [+2 ACC]) (eating the Hummus Dip [+2 ACC]) (taking the Matriarch's Stinger [+1 DMG]) (Taking the Sand Armor Potion [+27 MIT]) Hazado| HP: 640 | EN 64 | DMG 14 | MIT 99 | ACC 2 |
  12. Hazado

    [PP-F1] One Step Closer

    Haz his armor started moving a bit and he did not know why before he looked down seeing a small monster tugging to his leg. He opens his inventory and with one click on something his whole armor disappears and he was not only wearing his under armor and his Orange clothing popped up. He looks down at the monster again that was tugging his feet a bit now making less noise before picking it up as Ghost was thinking about what she wanted to do. As he got the monster on his lap Both girl could see it as well now, It was a Cobalt Pseudo Dragon and Well neo would clearly know its name as it was Roman that was tugging to Haz his leg. Then Ghost spoke again and she was ready to say things she wanted to say, It was clear to Haz that Ghost was not completely ready to get into a guild but it was clear she wanted to help at least someone. "It is as you say Ghost, I can help you become stronger for sure the whole guild can and you will fit in just fine we are all a bit weird," he said with a grin on his face. He gave Roman a small pat on the head before handing him over to Neo as it was her familiar and all but it seems Roman did like Haz too. "So if you want Ghost we can gather most guild members in a place to get you introduced and stuff. But just feel at ease okay we are all friends here," He said sending Ghost a friend request and after that, a guild invite into the guild. @Ghost @Neopolitan
  13. Haz was getting ready to leave and get join up with Neo. wearing his under armor at the moment he made his way to the location Neo wanted to meet on Floor 21. He got out of the teleporter and sees Neo right away and he walked up to her giving her a big hug from behind and a kiss in her neck. "Hello, Lovely person of this world. So you are ready for this then?" He asked her smiling. He did some hand motions he learned from Hydra as he was spending some time with her last week. The hand motions mend 'Love you Neo, Where too.' Just for Neo, Haz said it normal as well to her, "Love you, dear, Where are we going from here." It was something Haz looked for yet to be with Neo and start getting things in order to level up quite a bit faster as well, No matter what this was a win-win situation. His new Spear was shining quite good and the Red jewel speak head was see through. And not only that you could see Haz was wearing his under armor as the black Tank top was made of some fiber that people would use for sporting and also was quite fitting around his body. With some dark green pants and some armored protection on his feet, you could see that Haz did have some new armor for sure. "I'm ready to start this, it is all up to you as I never been up here at all so why don't you take the lead and I will just follow you," He said with a smile. @Neopolitan
  14. It seems not only things in the lower floors were a bit troubling but also her on the new floor, with the Event boss and the last floor boss things have seen to go down quite quick and morel was well low, But on the other side this was a chance to show what you can do and Haz was kind of a bit trying to do that as going up to this floor would be a risky move in total. He listens to Hestia as she spoke about a few things and how new members would be needed for sure. "Well not throwing any thoughts out, but I can help if you want to. Knowing who I have to deal with is Neo it would seem I will level quite a bit faster then normal for sure, and I would be okay to help frontliners as well, Plus side, If both Neo and I are in the fight you at least know one person has a safeguard." He said pointing at the ring he has around. He then got surprised by Neo as she gave him a peck on the cheek and it showed that Neo was here for him, "Speaking of the devil and they will appear," He said before giving Neo a kiss on the forehead. "Hello Neo, see you have found me, What brings you up here because I was here for two reasons. One being got asked by our mutual friend Ennakai to check the place out," He says looking to Hestia knowing that she knew the Info Broker "And two... well Sorry in advance, but I was also here for ..." He paused a bit and scratches his head a bit, "Well A quest, far above my level," He says before falling quiet. @Hestia @Neopolitan
  15. Haz heard that the floor 24 finally was available to them and not only hearing it from Frontliners but also from one annoying info broker. He was asked to go to the floor and find something to do and Haz sadly agreed with it. It was not like he did not want to but it was quite the risk to even get here. WIth his green full heavy armor and his helmet, he almost looked like a tank as he spear as a barrel of the tank and also like some sort of a rhino with the horn on his helmet. Getting onto the floor Haz looks around to see things for himself and spots quite some interesting things here and there outside the flying island and inside a big coliseum. Making his way over to the Coliseum as he spots quite a familiar face getting there as he walks up, "Good day Hestia see you enjoying yourself here," he said looking down to Hestia. "Oh how rude of me," he said taking off his helmet revealing his face as he held his helmet under his arm, "Good to see you again Hestia, How have you been holding up," He said as he takes a seat and sits down across of Hestia