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  1. Cosi

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    After Miraak died and the angel came, all Cosi could do was slump to the ground. His adrenaline left him and everything that had happened in the fight hit him like a ten ton truck. People died in the fight. Sunova, Mina I didn't know but still they're still both dead. The front liners are... decimated. Then suddenly Cosi looked up with tired eyes and saw that everyone was either gone or moving out of the chapel. Apparently the field that had kept the players in had been dropped. Limply Cosi rose and followed. Once outside the church Cosi was greeted by a mass of people. Not only the tier ones and tier twos but the front liners as well. Most of everyone were fine. Some were in the yellow but they were regenerating slowly. Cosi began to look for familiar faces. He saw Hestia and Shield which in all honesty were the only two tier threes he knew. Cosi began to look around and he caught sight of people that he thought had died. Sunova and Mina as well as the front liners he had seen fall. It must have been an illusion or a... Cosi's stupor of thought was interrupted by someone approaching him. @Shield stood before the blonde haired player with his hand held out. Cosi took hold of the front line tank's hand and gripped it firmly. "Yes it did and it was... something." Cosi said. The aspiring tank continued to hold Shield's hand for a split second after Shield released his grip. Cosi then nodded at Shield's comment. "Personally I was fine but the boss was fast and it dealt plenty of damage. A couple people... well I thought they died but turns out they're fine." Cosi tilted his head to catch a glimpse of Sunova, "But what happened with you guys?"
  2. Cosi charged the boss. The blonde haired tank honestly did no damage but still he might as well attack and build up hate. Cosi then noticed that Vigilion had a lot of hate. Probably not the best thing to have when you're at half health. Cosi looked over to Vigilion trying to catch the other player's eyes as Cosi charged at the event boss. "Hey @Vigilon! Switch!" The blonde player shouted just as he hit Miraak. Like always it did minimal damage but this time just the force of the blow caused the demon to stumble back a couple feet. Cosi jumped back so that he wouldn't be in range of the boss's attacks- thought its fast enough that it might not matter- and waited to see if Vigilion would complete the switch. The boss was extremely close to being dead but still Cosi doubted that their group would be able to do anything about that. It would be up to the tier 2 players to finish the event boss off.
  3. Cosi tugged on his white tie- apparently even in a virtual world tie’s suck- trying to straighten it and make it slightly more bearable. Thankfully the rest of his attire fell perfectly. He strode into the wedding venue looking first for Haz, tugging on his black gloves. It was a nice place. Just a grassy hill overlooking the sea against a copse of trees. Simple but fitting for a wedding. Cosi spotted Haz standing by the entrance- somehow Cosi had come in a back way- with the priest and quickly made his way over to his fellow tank moving past tables and tents. Cosi tapped Haz on the shoulder, waited for his friend to turn around and then gave Haz a firm and exuberant hand shake. “I see we’re really going through with this,” Cosi gave his friend a playful smile which changed to a warm grin, “I’m happy for you two, Haz, I really am. Speaking of which where is Neo? You haven’t tried to sneak any glances of her have you?” Cosi elbowed Haz lightly in the ribs and grinned. The blonde player then gave Haz a light clap on his back and began to move off, “Anyways I’d love to chat but I’ve got a speech to plan. Thanks to you of course,” Cosi gave Haz another playful grin and then he walked off to find a place to collect his thoughts. Searching for that place Cosi found himself walking along the beach his menu opened to a mostly blank note page. Where to start? The thing is I hardly know either Haz or Neo especially outside of a questing sense. I could say I know more about Hazado’s build then I know about him. Cosi sighed, closed his menu, and plopped down on the grass right before in changed to sand. I know Neo is quiet and reserved but that she’s helpful, hard working, and fairly nice if you can look past her quiet exterior. Haz is warm, strong, and dependable. He’s steadfast. Cosi flopped down, laying on the grass, his hands over his eyes so he didn’t have to see the blank page staring accusingly back at him. This whole thing is crazy. I’m happy for both of them, I really am, but I just can’t understand that they’re willing to get married in this death game. It’s like they’re accepting the fact that this is their life now and that they won’t be getting out of SAO. God I hope that’s not true. I hope they aren’t fine with this being their life and I hope that we are really stuck in here. I can say I that I follow their sentiment but I’d rather get married in the real world where my family can be there too. Cosi then sat up quickly looked at the blank page. But this isn’t about me. It’s about Haz and Neo. Two people who among the death, hardship, and general insanity of this game have found love and who will have that love even if we don’t get out of here but if we do then they’ll have that love for so much more time. And getting them back to the real world alive and together is a job for the rest of us. Cosi smiles and begins to write. Cosi’s Wedding Attire
  4. Cosi nodded to Hestia and took the lead heading outside of the prison lair and back out into the open floor. Once there the blonde haired player began searching for anything of interest: mats, treasure chests, or entrances to sub dungeons. But after a while of looking around the desolate and dark floor, searching under rocks, amidst ruins, and in copses of dead tress Cosi gave up and moved over to where Hestia was. "Sorry, I couldn't find anything of interest. Some help I am. We could try looking somewhere else or heading to a different floor." Cosi sighed and looked to the front line tank. "I'm game to keep searching if you are I just can't find anything in this area of the floor I guess. I'm not too lucky when it comes to finding stuff." Cosi grinned sheepishly and waited for Hestia's response. As he did so he looked back to see what Haz was doing. @Hazado
  5. The small tunnel gradually widened out until Cosi found himself in a small Cavern that opened further into a incredibly dark tunnel framed by hanging icicles that looked like teeth.
  6. Cosi continued to walk looking for more ore deposits or crystals. Alas this part of the tunnel didn't seem to have many of those as other parts. Probably because I've left the part of the tunnels closest to the glade. That part had a whole lot of salvageable materials. Cosi shrugged and kept looking for valuable items or interesting areas. And Cosi just so happened to stumble upon one. There was a small alcove in the side of the tunnel that was practically hidden from sight when coming from the other direction. But when heading back towards the entrance it was in full view. And on closer inspection Cosi saw that it wasn't just an alcove but in fact a short tunnel. Intrigued Cosi decided to investigate and headed down the small tunnel. He had to squeeze to fit but the blonde player managed to shimmy into the small tunnel.