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  1. Cosi heard his name called, quickly got up from his seat next to the fire, and made his way over to the crowd of people. Apparently the NPC merchant had started the raffle and was handing out the prizes. And it looks like I got one. But which one? That prize turned out to be the shield, Frostbite or something. Too bad I got rid of my one handed skill and stuff. I probably won't use this shield. Cosi took the shield out of his inventory to admire it. I guess it will look nice in the shop or once I get a house, above the fireplace. Cosi returned the shield to his inventory and then moved to head home. I've bought my item and I won a raffle item. That's about as much as I can do. Though I guess I could wait to see if something else happens.
  2. Cosi walked alone through the alleyways and streets of the Town of Beginnings. He was heading to one place in particular: The Painter's Stones was Domarus' artisan shop. About time I paid Dom a visit. I need to thank him for the items. Cosi rubbed his hand over the diamond eye clasp on his cloak. Besides I may need another couple other items from him. At least one more to help with looting. Cosi turned a corner and found himself at his destination. The Painter's Stones was a nice looking shop, though not much to about it. Cosi walked quickly to the door, and turned the handle to go in. Cosi walked straight into the hardwood door. A purple sign popped open reading <Immortal Object> as it usually did whenever you walked into or hit something that couldn't be destroyed. Cosi rubbed his nose and stared at the door. Why's it locked? There's no sign that says he's closed... Cosi reached out and knocked loudly on the door. "Hey Dom! Keres! Anyone in there?" @Domarus
  3. Cosi followed Pinball into the cave, after equipping his war hammer Inbrunst, but he didn't stay close to the orange player. He slowed his pace till he was keeping pace with Kirbs, "So what Happened with pin? You seem to know at least something of how he got the orange cursor. Care to enlighten me, Please? I knew him before but he's changed and I haven't seen him in forever. I just want to know what happened to my friend." Cosi kept calling Pinball his friend even though he hardly knew the guy. Still I'm his friend whether he wants it or not. I won't leave someone to go through their trials alone. Even if they feel like its one hundred percent their fault. Cosi turned to Kirbs and waited for her answer, looking at her expectantly. Also I wonder what this quest is going to be. Pin has literally said nothing about it. I should probably check my quest log and see if it says anything about it. @Kirbs
  4. Log Entry 256 I go do a dungeon with my friends Hazado and Neopolitan on the fifth floor. It was difficult but still tons of fun, also a good amount of loot. Thanks of course to Neo because she does tons of damage. Same with Haz. I really need to keep grinding and leveling so I can catch up to them as well as Mars --------------------------------------------------------- Cosi was on the fifth floor clutching the dungeon map in his hand. Time to go dungeon delving though I'll need some help. Especially some dps help. "better message Neo and Haz." Cosi said to himself and he brought up his menu and began drafting the messages. @Neopolitan @Hazado
  5. Cosi

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Cosi nodded at @Sunova's remarks, "That's good. Hestia is a good person. I don't know much about Baldur but I expect if he helped encourage you he's a good person..." Cosi trailed off. He really didn't know what to say. How did you ask about someone's mortality and death. So he simply continued to nod and then he chuckled when the white haired girl mentioned meeting anywhere but this floor. "Sounds like a plan." He gave her a lopsided grin and then did just as she requested. He headed over to @Hazado and Neo. Cosi patted Haz on his back again but stayed a second longer to actually talk with his fellow tank this time, "How are you doing? I noticed you took quite a beating in that fight. Could have used my help couldn't you?" Cosi elbowed haz lightly in the ribs chuckling slightly. The blonde haired tank also gave @Neopolitan a smile and a wave. "How are you Neo? I saw you did well in that event." Cosi pointed to her new rapier.
  6. Cosi watched as a second dark cloaked person joined the first- who was in fact Pinball- and a scuffle broke out as the second kneed Pin and threw him off the roof. Cosi jumped up but before he could do anything Pin was being hauled off by the hooded player after they had called for Hestia. Why Hestia? and goodness what just happened? Cosi was left standing and awkwardly staring so he quickly sat back down. Then someone came an sat down next to him which made him nearly jump out of his skin. Then he saw it was @Katagawa, "Oh hi Kat. and yeah it has been a good while. Anyways have you been enjoying the Christmas celebration? There's a lot of rare stuff. Also Merry Christmas." As he waited for Kat's response Cosi's mind wandered back to what had just happened: So Pin's be arrested. I still don't know the full story of how he's an orange player. He's being taken to Hestia. Is she Aincrad's police force or something? Then Cosi came to a conclusion: F*ck. I bet that second player ( @Itzal)saw me or overheard me talking to @Pinball and then he went to go catch him. I just got pin caught. So much for being his friend...
  7. Cosi sat by the crackly fire, warm cocoa in his hands, his snake curled around his neck, and simply watched as players and NPCs walking by talking and laughing. Cosi sighed and looked down into his mug. It was at that moment that his draconian ring lit up with a faint emerald glow. Cosi quickly looked around knowing that flash could only mean one thing: something near was hidden. And since he was in a safe zone it was almost certainly a player. Cosi scanned the nearby rooftops and spotted a person clad in black and wearing a mask. Cosi didn't know what the player was doing up there but he decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, "Hey Mate! yeah you on they roof!" Cosi shouted just loud enough for the hidden player to hear, "I can tell you that the view is better down here so why down you come have a seat? I promise you I won't say anything or tell anyone you're here. Heck you can sit in the shadows over there." Cosi pointed to the shadow cast by the nearby building. "Up to you mate." Then Cosi spotted another player although this one wasn't trying so hard to hide, "hey @Katagawa! Over here!" Cosi waved to the girl, motioning for her to come over.
  8. And in a flash Cosi was left alone, @Shield left with a girl, @Hikoru was practically dragged away by one, and @Baldur, someone Cosi hardly knew, become enamored with a female of his own though it seemed like the samurai was more interested in her like a fan was interested in a celebrity. Cosi grinned and waved goodbye to the three front liners, even giving Hikoru a wink. He'd have to spend some more time with them later. Still the blonde haired tank was left alone with his pet snake, "Everyone's got a girl Ladon except us." Cosi said to his serpent, scratching his scaled head, "let's go find something to eat- actually some hot cocoa sounds nice- and a nice fire to sit by." And with that Cosi went off to find the desires objects. The hot chocolate was easy to find- vendors were practically throwing the stuff at passerby's and Cosi ended up with a couple festive cookies as well. The fire was harder to find since Cosi felt like begin alone for a change. There would be plenty of time for engaging with friends and strangers but right now he needed a spell to be alone. Cosi managed to find a campfire surrounded by empty chairs a little ways away from all the hustle and bustle.
  9. Cosi gave @Hikoru a salute and his signature lopsided grin, "No worries mate. I practically live here so I wouldn't not invite others. Hmmm double negatives are weird." Cosi shrugged and turned back to Shield. The two of them made their way to Benny's tent and the items that lay inside. Cosi looked in awe at the offered equipment and gear. Shield on the other hand gave scoured them with his appraising gaze. Shield signed up for the raffle so Cosi followed suit, "Put my name in too @Benny. It's Cosi. And I'd love to get the backpack put I'm short a couple thousand Col. I'll like the look of the keys though. Those could make my grinding trips a little more worthwhile and maybe we can come to an agreement if I let you use one or two. Also, while a demonic would be nice, my build is fine where its at right now." Cosi forked over the Col for the ring of keys and thanked the massive NPC merchant. Cosi pocketed the ring of silvery keys. Cosi moved to leave the tent but still he stuck close to Shield, "And I get you: just cause you're a little more dour then others during the festive season doesn't mean you hate Christmas and joy itself." Cosi chuckled and looked around catching sight of @Hazado with Neo and gave the couple a cheerful wave. "Are you at least here with someone or waiting for friends, @Shield?"
  10. Cosi

    Wayward Market Identifications

    Name: Cosi Your Profession: Mercahnt Your Rank: 2- Salesperson Roll ID: ID# 110620 ID# 110621 ID3110622 Roll Result: 5, 13, 13 Item Type: Light Armor Tier: T1 Quality: perfect Enhancements: two slots savvy, one slot recovery Description: a light weight breastplate of supple leather meant to conform to the wearer's body Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16813-f4-the-wayward-market-r1-merchant-open/?do=findComment&amp;comment=565877 Name: Cosi Your Profession: Mercahnt Your Rank: 2- Salesperson Roll ID: ID# 110623 ID# 110624 ID# 110625 Roll Result: 16, 2, 5 Item Type: T.H.B.A. Tier: T3 Quality: perfect Enhancements: two taunt, one slot damage Description: A heavy iron battle ax meant to inspire fear more than deal damage Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16813-f4-the-wayward-market-r1-merchant-open/?do=findComment&amp;comment=565877 Name: Cosi Your Profession: Mercahnt Your Rank: 2- Salesperson Roll ID: ID# 110626 ID# 110627 ID# 110628 Roll Result: 7, 3, 12 Item Type: T.H.B.A Tier: T3 Quality: perfect Enhancements: two slots bleed, one slot keen Description: a black battle axe with a jagged edge meant to leave lasting wounds Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16813-f4-the-wayward-market-r1-merchant-open/?do=findComment&amp;comment=565877 Name: Cosi Your Profession: Mercahnt Your Rank: 2- Salesperson Roll ID: ID# 110629 Roll Result: 4 Item Type: consumable Tier: T1 Quality: rare Enhancements: two slots of prosperity Description: a beaker that holds an emerald liquid that seems to have flecks of gold in it Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16813-f4-the-wayward-market-r1-merchant-open/?do=findComment&amp;comment=565877
  11. Finally more stuff to identify! Cosi sat down at his work bench, set down his cup of hot cocoa, pulled out his bristle brush, and began to work. he fist worked on the piece of armor he had found when grinding for loot in the Glacial Cove. It turned out to be an interesting piece of equipment: savvy and recovery. Could be useful for energy recovery. After that piece he ranked up so he went and retrieved the two tier three weapons he had gotten when questing with Shield. One massive ax turned out to have two slots of taunt and a slot of damage. Not a bad weapon if he really needed to draw attention. The other ax had bleed and keen, perfect for leaving lasting wounds. After that Cosi pulled out a potion he had also found during his grinding session and identified that. It turned out to be a prosperity potion which would actually help out to get more loot during his next grinding session. Thought that wouldn't be for a good amount of time. After that Cosi set his tools aside, picked up his mug of hot coca, and headed back to the fireplace. He was out of identifications for the day anyways.
  12. Katagawa missed the wasp queen, so Cosi Cosi quickly covered for her, charging straight at the mob. once within range he wound up his war hammer and swung the massive thing at the bee. His first strike hit but the blonde player didn't stop there. Cosi lay into the queen bee swinging Inbrunst in powerful sweeping strokes. He connected twice more and watched as the wasp queen's health dropped down to practically nothing. Cosi grinned and looked over to Kat. "You're up. Finish it." But as he looked towards his companion the massive insect flew towards him and stuck with its stinger. Cosi tried to side step the attack but he was just a tad too slow. The stinger managed to slip past Ladon's scales and struck Cosi's exposed flesh. The blonde tank jumped out of reach and checked his health. "Only a scratch is that the best you can do?" Cosi shouted at the bee, keeping its attention on him so Kat could get the killing blow. @Katagawa
  13. Cosi continued to walk around Snowfrost. It seems like his messages and just the general flow of information had done the trick; a good chuck of players had shown up. Most of them he didn't know then he spotted Shield. Shield didn't look too happy to be here even if he was sporting a festive hat. Hestia came by to say Merry Christmas and Cosi would respond in turn giving the front line tank a lopsided grin, "I think it is, so Merry Christmas @Hestia." Cosi spotted Neo, waved to her with a cheerful grin, and then began to make his way over to @Shield. "You don't look too happy to be here my friend." Cosi gave the front liner a nudge with his elbow. "Don't like Christmas even though its the most magical time of the year?" Cosi grinned but quickly dropped the facade. It just didn't feel right celebrating Christmas without his family or friends. Well I mean I've got friends here but its just not the same. Cosi audibly sighed, "I think I understand Shield." Cosi sat down on the nearest bench, laced his hands behind his hand, and looked up into the sky. "Christmas isn't the same without family, without friends. Christmas is not the same as it is in the real world."
  14. ((First post cause I'm too excited)) Cosi headed outside, wearing a button up shirt, suspenders, simple breeches, and boots with his scarf and snake wrapped around his neck, and headed for Snowfrost. Lately the town had been all a bustle with NPCs. Cosi wanted to see what they had all been working on. Snow fell- it always did- but the blonde haired player didn't care and as he got closer to the town he saw that it was now ablaze with light, sound and color. "Looks like its Christmas time Ladon" Cosi said to his familiar, then he rubbed his eye. Another Christmas away from family. Not that I could go home if I even wanted to. Cosi sniffed, rubbed his nose and strode inside the town. His first sight, other then the massive Christmas tree, was a giant of a man, wearing nothing but pants and boots, his chest covered in blue tattoos, and a glorious mustache on his upper lip. The man's voice boomed directed workers and NPCs to add finishing touches. Then the man caught sight of Cosi. The mountain of a man stared at the tank darkly and then welcomed the player with open arms, gesturing for the player to come closer. Cosi followed the direction and walked towards the massive man. I wonder if any other players are here? I bet @Ennakai is. They live close to here. I should message people. And so Cosi did sending messages off to @Neopolitan, @Hazado, @Dustin, @Mars, @Shield, @Katagawa, @Hikoru, and @Hestia about the celebration happening on floor four.