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  1. So he did just that. Cosi charged passed the slashing vines and headed straight for the nepent. He brought his shield up to cover his head- I really should get a helmet to cover my noggin- and tried to move fast so that the nepent would not have a chance to get away from him.
  2. Cosi ran towards the last nepent standing and swung his sword in a oberhau, aiming to split the plant monster down the middle. The creature backed up but for once it wasn't fast enough to avoid Cosi's attack. The blade slashed across the thing's chest leaving a deep gash in the cellulose like flesh. Cosi grinned in triumph then he had to quickly bring up his shield for cover as the sentient stick of celery attacked back. He steeped back and felt the thorny arms strike Rose Gold but they did no damage to him. Cosi heard the thing shriek- a high pitched noise that was not human- as it realized its attacks were useless against Cosi's armor. Cosi moved past the swing vines and attempted to get closer to the nepent so he could finish the monster off. But the flailing arms kept him at bay. Cosi would have to make a reckless charge at the creature.
  3. Cosi tried again. He ducked under the first nepent's flailing vines and charged at it trying to kill it quick so he could move on to the second one and then go find a variant nepent to go kill. These evil vegetable monsters were getting really infuriating. Cosi lashed out with his sword and again thee nepent was too damn fast! It scuttled away and lashed out with its thorn covered tendrils. Cosi managed to block one but the second arm managed to get past his defenses and slice across his cheek. Cosi stumbled back and into the second nepent's own attack. Cosi felt the tentacles pound against his back and he he flet something snap- just a little- inside him. Cosi yelled a primal yell and swung his sword at the monster. The blade hit hard and cut deep, actually slicing clean through the creature. The nepent's top half- spraying red particles- was propelled away with the force of the blow. Cosi turned back to the last nepent, breathing heavily, and moved to attack it.
  4. Cosi laughed at her question, "Its my gamer tag and channel name actually. I've used for every game I've ever played that required a username and its what I went by when I streamed my gaming videos." He chuckled, "I can not remember for the life of me if it means anything. I think I made it up as a little kid." Cosi laughed out loud. It had been quite a long time since he had thought about other games and his younger years. "So what about your username? If you don't mind me asking of course." As Cosi waited for her answer he kept searching hoping to find some more materials. No luck. He could not for the life of him seem to find any materials among the bushes, trees, and flowers. The girl on the other hand seemed to be finding plenty of Mats. Not that he would ask her to share. No that would be terribly rude. Plus he really didn't need to many. Just a couple here and there. @Artemis
  5. Cosi stabilized and then tried to attack the first nepent. He slashed at it with his sword trying to chop it in half. The plant creature scuttled away on its many legs then struck back with its long tendril like vine arms. Cosi brought his shield to block the attack, and then side stepped and turned as he heard undergrowth being trampled behind him. He caught sight of the second sentient carrot stick charging him. Cosi dove out of the way just barely avoiding the slashing vines. He really did not like it when these things were smart and tried to ambush him. They were not very good at it but Cosi wasn't smart enough to recognize it. So they three just ended up swinging and missing each other for a couple minutes, which was a best annoying and at worst infuriating. And Cosi was past getting annoyed at this part of the day.
  6. Then just as he was turning to continue searching, Cosi heard something shuffle off to his left. Cosi quickly moved and jumped behind that tree. There was a nepent there trying to scurry away from the armored warrior. "Got you" Cosi grinned as he approached the plant monster, "But where's your friend?" These things always traveled in pairs, so where was the second one? Not worrying about the inconsistency Cosi charged the one that he had in front of him and attacked it. The thing scuttled backwards and danced out of the blade's way and attacked back. Cosi quickly brought up his shield and blocked the thorn covered vines. Then Cosi heard something behind him. He spun just to see a second nepent's spiked tendrils about to hit him. Cosi tried vainly to bring up his shield or evad the strike but he couldn't move in time. Both tentacles hit him. They didn't get past his armor but still they threw off his balance and Cosi stumbled back towards the first nepent.
  7. Cosi rushed around a bend and past a couple trees, trying to find the source of the movement. It was probably a nepent or two trying to sneak up on him, but they had already tried that so Cosi was prepared for anything the evil sentient celery sticks tried. Cosi moved around through the undergrowth probably causing as much noise as whatever he was pursuing, but Cosi did not care at all. He wanted to find those plants and turn them into compost. He wanted to get that drop and then get out of this forest as soon as he could. He'd been in here much too long. Cosi burst out of the bushes and found himself at the edge of the roaring river with no nepents in sight. Cosi cursed and kicked at a rock which went flying into the river. Cosi hadn't even seen any more materials and now he had lost the nepents. Damn it! Cosi really hated those things and he was beginning to hate this forest.
  8. Cosi nodded as Kiro told him he was going to attack the boar. His face got a little more serious and his brow furrowed in determination. Cosi may have been strong but he did not treat any combat lightly. Either one of them could die if they took this too lightly. As the boy rushed the monster Cosi called after him, "I'll let you handle this pig. If I attack I'll probably turn him into pork chops without even meaning to" Kiro nodded and hit the boar with a heavy blow with his one handed arming sword. Cosi circled around the other side, getting behind the boar, and making sure that if the fight went south he would be able to quickly stop it. When the boar charged back at the blue haired bot and pierced him with its tusks, Cosi couldn't stop himself from wincing. It pained him to just stand by and watch without out offering support and protection. But Kiro was doing fine and he'd have to learn to fend for himself. No point in Cosi sheltering the kid. @Kiro
  9. Cosi continued walking through the forest, straying a little ways away from the rushing river just so he could hopefully hear any monsters- specifically nepents- better. Cosi kept moving his eyes flicking back and forth between any movement he saw. The twitch of a bush from the wind. The snap of a twig. The randomly falling dead branch. He did not see any monsters, materials, or treasure chests. Still Cosi kept his eyes open, hoping to spot one of his three goals. He definitely wanted to spot a treasure chest. He did not want to trip over a third one while he was in this forest. He'd go crazy. The treasure chests were more silent and sneaky than the nepents he could hardly find anymore. Still Cosi kept moving, kept searching, and most importantly: he kept hunting. And while Cosi didn't find materials he thought he heard something scuttling off to his right, towards the river. Cosi went to investigate.
  10. Cosi followed Kiro deeper into the forest. The trees were bigger here and more gnarled. They grew closer together and their branches and leaves blocked out more of the sunlight. Cosi gripped his sword in anticipation. There were probably mobs this deep in the forest. The massive trees broke away into a small clearing of flowers, almost a garden of sorts. The boy was standing by some tall flowers, searching for more materials. Cosi wandered a little bit, spotted a small boar that he didn't feel like bothering right at the moment. All the same he watched making sure it didn't go for the blue haired boy. Cosi dug around the bushes, hoping to find more materials, but he was still unable to find any. This search was beginning to annoy him. They had only found three materials between them and they needed five for the boy to be able to complete the quest. Cosi sighed to himself and kept looking. @Kiro
  11. Cosi quickly traveled through the snow and the magically appearing pine forest. It was amazing how this place reacted to his emotional and mental stat. It was making his own preferred paradise. Cosi was surprised to find the flat stone so easily. It lay in a small clearing between the pine trees somehow untouched by the snow. Cosi shrugged at this but did not let that fact bther him. He walked over and laid down on the rock, closing his eyes and letting the snow fall over him. Sleep came quickly. And just as quickly Cosi found himself stirring as he felt the warmth of the sun and the rock on his back. He felt mist from the waterfall on his skin and could hear its soothing roar. Cosi blinked his eyes, rubbed away the lingering sleep, and sat up. He was back in the real world. Well he was back in Aincrad. Cosi stood up. He stared at the waterfall. He felt different. More balanced and at peace. There was no turmoil inside him anymore. Cosi grinned and turned to leave.
  12. Cosi clambered back down the tree and once he was a safe distance- okay he was still like 12 feet off the ground but he was a so who gives- from the ground he jumped off of the branch he was standing on and fell earthward. Cosi landed heavily, making sure to bend his knees to absorb some of the impact, and got up to follow Kiro. He looked back and saw that he had actually put footprints a couple inches deep into the ground. He gave a low whistle as he picked up his sword and shield. He slung Rose Gold over his back and buckled his sheath back on. Cosi really wished he could find some more materials. But no dice. There was nothing he could see as he walked. He wished his luck would turn around just long enough to finish this quest. Then he could head up to floor two. @Kiro
  13. Cosi heard his teammate calling to him, saying something about catching him if he fell so he wouldn't die. Cosi laughed and nearly fell when he heard that. He shouted down to him, "Don't worry about me kid! I'm covered in plenty of armor so that if I fall I'll probably put a hole in the ground. And if you tried to catch me I'd probably crush you. Just don't worry about me I'll be fine." Cosi kept climbing hoping and praying to find something. He was nearly at the top of the tall tree now. Cosi stuck his head through the top of the branches and into the open air. The sky was so blue and the sun was so bright. A small breeze blew over the tree tops and ruffled Cosi's hair. Sadly for all its majesty an beauty there was nothing up her. No treasure chest or materials. Nothing. Cosi shrugged his shoulders and began his descent. @Kiro
  14. Turned to where the guide had been waiting the entire time but the shadowed and featureless being was gone now. Looks like I will have to find my own way back. Better start moving. Cosi began his trek back to the flat rock that he had woken up on. It would be a lot more difficult without the smiling guide. Mostly because with the snow it would be hard to spot and the two of them had walked for what seemed like eternity to get to the semicircle of doors that were now archways. Cosi turned back to look at those arches one more time. They were now dusted with a couple inches of snow but that only added to the beauty of the sculpting and their design. Cosi sighed in remembrance and then kept moving. There was no point in waiting. He needed to get back to the real world.
  15. "I know its a stupid idea! I'm full of those!" Cosi shouted back down to the kid, as he scaled the tree, "Plus I'm a little bored and I haven't done this since I was a little kid. Don't tell me you never climbed trees as a little kid!" Cosi caught what was saying and rethought it, "A littler kid!" The tree wasn't that difficult to climb. Cosi had picked one with plenty of lsrge, evenly spaced branches so climbing the tree was nearly like climbing a big ladder. As he pulled himself higher and higher, the tree was pretty tall, Cosi looked at each branch and knoll for any materials that could be of use. Sadly as he climbed he did not see any materials. Cosi shrugged and hefted himself up to the next branch. Climbing trees was so fun but it was also kind of strenuous. Cosi looked down and wished he hadn't. He was some thirty feet or more in the air. @Kiro