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  1. An then for the fourth time in a row that fishing trip Cosi felt a diminutive tug on his fishing rod and with a drawn out sigh he began to reel in his catch. And just like the last three fish the blonde tank had caught this one was tiny- no bigger than a goldfish- but at least it netted him one more material. Cosi sighed once more. And then cast out his line once more. He was still holding out hope that he would fish up a chest but at this point the blonde tank would settle for a bigger fish, possibly three materials. Was that too much to ask for? Cosi sighed once again and looked over to Neo. His pink and brown haired companion didn't seem to be fairing much better than him but she seemed to be resolved to continue. I guess I'll stick around then as well. There's no harm in staying. I'm in no hurry. @Neopolitan
  2. Once again because of the mentoring and instruction, Cosi entered the @Domarus‘s artisan store the Painter’s Stones to order another trinket. With hope this one would be finished as fast as the last one but the blonde tank didn’t really care. He had plenty of patience. Cosi quickly jotted down the specifics of his order- the enhancements and the description- and then left the order form with the requisite seven materials on the counter and a note saying thanks for the other trinket. Dom was an interesting guy but he made good trinkets. Cosi had already put his other trinket to good use. Cosi then left, hopeful that he would get a message soon.
  3. Log Entry 20 I go on a gathering trip with Hei because he has run out of materials for crafting and since I ordered two items from him I might as well help him get more mats as well as getting some mats for me to pay him with. —————————— After Cosi had messaged Hei, the owner of the Hanger, about doing some gathering the blonde tank had received another message affirming that he would join him. So Cosi headed down from his workshop and home on floor four to the first floor. From the Town of Beginnings the platinum blonde tank made his way to the gardens. Cosi was becoming used to the gardens on floor one from the now many times he had gone there but that didn't mean that they didn't take his breath away. The gardens were vibrant and verdant, full of life and growth. The grass was lush and sparkled with dew. Beautiful, brightly colored flowers grew in groups alongside patches of dark earth where vegetables flourished. Fruit trees orchards abounded, heavy laden with oranges, apples, apricots, and other delicious looking fruit. Nestled and scattered throughout where lakes and ponds teeming with fish. The whole place was a paradise. Cosi simply stood just inside the gardens by a noticeable archway and waited for @Hei. Hopefully the tailor would be here soon.
  4. Cosi

    [F04-PP] Storm bring warmth, or not

    Cosi crouched behind his tree, a snow ball in each hand. Mace would have to do better if she wanted to sneak up on him, especially with the fresh snow. The blonde player grinned, quickly dashed out from behind his cover, and pelted Mace with two snowballs. Cosi received a return shot to the leg but he kept running, moving towards the next closest tree. Cosi chuckled and quickly began making more snowballs. "You'll have to do better than that Mace," Cosi said as he stuck his head out to throw another lump of fresh powder at the dark haired girl. He ducked back behind the tree as a snowball exploded against the side of the tree and laughed. This was almost definitely the most fun Cosi had had in the years he had been stuck in Aincrad. He had a goal but it was good to have some fun every once in a while. @Mace
  5. The game did not hear the platinum blonde player's plee. The tug on Cosi's fishing pole was hardly a tug. The line just barely dipped further below the surface and then bounced back out. Cosi sighed and then reeled in the line. The fish on the end of his line was tiny, about the size of a goldfish, maybe even smaller. Still the tank player brought it ashore and watched as it dissolved into a measly one material. Cosi sighed again, turned to Neo, and said, "At least I got one material" then added it to their pile. It does seem like this lake no longer has any big fish in it. "Still hoping that there's a chest in there somewhere." Cosi pulled back his arm and then cast out his line again. The end landed with hardly a splash. Hopefully he would get a better catch next time. Hopefully @Neopolitan
  6. Cosi

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Cosi was about to put down unforgivably even before Black’s whole f*** the system spiel but that did make sense. It was a game. Games has tons of questions and choices. Games with replay ability has tons of them. In the end they didn’t matter. You could usually just save right before and change your answer or just restart the game. The thing was with Aincrad there was no save or restart button. Still whatever ever they did in this death game didn’t matter. Once they got out of here back to the real world everything would be behind them. They couldn’t be held accountable. They would all be victims of a madman’s sick game. The blonde tank pressed the Unforgivable button and turned back to the rest of his team. “All of you follow Black’s instructions. If you want to discuss ideologies and ethics I’ll be happy to after the whole event is over. But right now we’ve got a boss to end.” Cosi turned back to his team. Kimi had left to join the DPS team- he didn't care or know why- but they still had Black, Vigilion, Krysta, Dustin, and Kyoto. Plenty of fire power- not as much as Mars and the other tier twos over there- good support and while Cosi didn't have howl he was sure he could draw aggro and take a couple heavy hits. -Unforgivable- Battle Stats
  7. Cosi

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Cosi is simply waiting for the battle to start, bouncing on the balls of his feet, when he here's a ping as he receives a message. He quickly opens it up and sees that is from Mars. So he didn't have a necklace on. I guess that's that theory out the window and a good thing too since I don't think Black or Dustin have a necklace. Still I'm going to go for that blood seal first turn. I don't like the vibe I'm getting from it. Cosi snaps back to reality as he hears his name spoken. He quickly turns to the sound and sees that it was Mars who said it during his conversation with the pink haired girl. He missed the first part but it seemed that he had said the only people he had respect for here were Black and himself. And he had respect for Cosi because he was a valuable friend and was willing to die alongside him. That sentence sucker punched Cosi just a little bit. Not because he didn't count the dark haired martial artist as a friend but because he hadn't known how the usually silent and calculating player felt about his interactions with the aspiring tank. To see that it was so strong was fairly surprising to Cosi. Cosi gave @Mars a salute and a lopsided grin then returned to simply staring the event boss and readying himself to attack.
  8. Whatever possessed Cosi to return to the fifth floor, the blonde haired tank had no idea. But here I am anyways. Cosi had on his half plate and shield this time which didn't help with the blazing sun and burning sand, but for some reason Cosi felt like this time he would have more combat to do. Hopefully not as much as when he had been strolling around the floor with Mars and Pinball- that was insane- but still he felt like he would need to fight. Cosi was in his usually attire except his scarf was wrapped around his head and lower face to block the sun and wind and his sheath was empty. Instead he had a simple dane ax strapped to his back diagonally from his shield Rose Gold. He had switched out his gauntlets as well for a pair of fingerless leather gloves. The blonde tank walked into the main town and began looking around for something to do. If he was going to be on this floor he wanted to do something useful and worthwhile. @Neopolitan
  9. Cosi felt another weak tug on his line and quickly reeled in his line. He was rewarded with another small fish that netted him only one more material. Cosi sighed and added the slice of meat to the pile of fish meat. It definitely seemed like the fish in the lake, especially big ones, were becoming scarce. Still Cosi was holding out hope that either Neo or himself would fish up a chest and then get more loot. Sadly that had yet to happen. Cosi shrugged and cast out his line again with a flick of his wrist. Maybe this time I will get a bigger fish. Though probably not. A chest would be nice as well. Cosi crossed his fingers and silently mouthed, "Please get a chest. Please get a chest. Come on stupid game give me a treasure chest."
  10. Cosi

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Cosi listened intently to Black's breakdown of their battle plan and strategy. The plan seemed good and the marine wasn't missing any glaring points so Cosi decided to remain silent. He simply nodded in affirmation. The platinum blonde player checked over his equipment once more: Rose Gold, his shield, was secured on his arm, his armor, Richter, was equipped, the curved sword still felt fairly awkward in his hands but that didn't matter- if Cosi needed to he could always equip his usual arming sword. Everything seemed to be in order. He had plenty of mitigation, good accuracy and some evasion. All of that would help in the fight to come. Cosi readjusted his scarf, double checked that his cross necklace was still there, and then stood stoically with his team. Cosi had since turned away from Domarus and Mina. He had given Mars a curt but warm farewell and good luck, promising to see him afterwards, before leaving to stand with his team. Cosi just didn't care about what the pink haired girl had to say and unless Dom was telling them their overall attack strategy, the blonde tank didn't care what the red head had to say either.
  11. Cosi saw Neo nod her head out of the corner of his eye. We do have a good amount of materials right now so it wouldn't hurt to go now. But I think we can still stay a little longer and hopefully get one more treasure chest. Just as Cosi was thinking that he felt a tug on his line. Alas it wasn't a treasure chest- it was much too easy to reel in- and Cosi ended up with a small fish. Cosi took it off the hook and added one more material to the pile. Cosi cast out his line again and turned to Neo, "Let's keep fishing for a little while longer. I feel like there's a treasure chest in that lake somewhere. Plus we've got an odd number of mats now." Cosi grinned a the pink and brown haired girl, then turned back to the lake. At least it would be nice if we fished up a treasure chest. @Neopolitan
  12. At Shield's explanation and description of the front lines the platinum blonde player simply nodded. The squabbling and egos sounded just like human nature. Most people were in it for them self or their friends, even in a life or death situation like a floor boss battle. Though it is under the guise of a video game so maybe that's why people don't care to follow orders. The fight seems a lot more trivial as a game. But I would hope that the front liners of all people would realize the need to be serious and ordered. "I guess that's just why we need new people to push has farther and faster..." Cosi said his last thought out loud but quietly. The aspiring tank didn't seem to notice and kept heading towards the sound of the rushing river. He pushed through vines and ferns all the while keeping his eyes out for a snake. His familiar.
  13. When Enna came and sat down by the blonde at the dock, Cosi simply smiled. When she mentioned it being a game Cosi just shrugged. He didn't care really to compete he just wanted to get more Mats because he needed to pay for his hew equipment somehow. "I guess we can compete but I really don't care. Anyways i was planning on just having it be a big pile of Mats and then splitting it equally three ways once we finish. If that's okay with everyone?" Cosi looked over to Enna and Dustin in turn. Dustin seemed to be doing some gathering among the flowers, plants, and trees. Cosi's attention was called back to the lake when his rod gave a tug. Cois reeled in a much smaller fish. He was rewarded with one mat which he added to the pile then he cast out his line again. @Dustin
  14. Cosi

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Cosi watched the exchange of heated words between Domarus and Mars like he would a PvP fight. Both were trying to put the other off balance and fore the other to make a mistake. Stinging words and sarcastic comments were heavy strikes. Cosi wanted to shoot back at Domarus that he'd seen Mars hit. It was devastating. If the martial artist's first hit had struck true that priest would not have been feeling so good and Cosi would have been sure to follow Mars and capitalize on that opening and Cosi was sure that most of the DPS players would've have done the same. But Cosi didn't say anything. he just seethed. He was liking the red headed player less and less and when Mars brought up that @Domarus still hadn't given them a plan of attack or strategy Cosi couldn't help but add to that. "A plan of attack would be nice. I mean unless you expect us to just rush in and get ourselves killed, which you seem so keen on stopping." The blonde player said referring back to when Dom had talked about Mars "suicide charge". The blonde player stood shoulder to shoulder with @Mars almost the martial artist's opposite. Both were the same height but while Mars was dark haired, Cosi had white blonde hair. Mars was in lightweight armor while Cosi wore heavy plate. Mars fought unarmed, Cosi had a sword and shield
  15. Cosi

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    When Cosi received @Hei's message he was a little surprised. He had made two orders so he didn't expect them to be finished so fast. Cosi swiped open the message and then saw it was not about his orders being completed. Apparently Hei had run out of materials. A big problem for any crafter. Cosi messaged him back saying that he was low on Mats as well- that's why he he was going to be paying in Col- but he was about to go on a gathering trip so once he was down with that he would come back and pay upfront in Mats. Cosi also tagged on that Cosi was happy and willing to accompany him on a gathering quest if Hei wanted. Cosi sent the message and then went back to his usual business. That was of course running around Aincrad with his buddy Mars and doing crazy quests.