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  1. "Don't worry about it Sonnie. It's part of who you are. I just have to, love your flaws too you know." she gave her another nod as she calmed down. She listened to Sonnie and nodded again. She was sure she'd get a nice place for everyone. She didn't want it to be a pipe dream. She honestly wanted them to be comfortable. Everyone. She smiled listening to her talk about a huge mansion and nodded. That was more of a pipe dream but maybe that's what she needed. She looked to Sonnie who was full of hope. It was nice to have an optimist with a realist. Maybe it'd work. Maybe together they'd make it happen. Sadly Kit was busy making her own things better to survive out in the wilds. To take that plunge. Still, it felt almost achievable. She mentally thanked Sonnie for it. "I do believe in karma actually, and making one's own luck. Just, be careful with it okay," she warned. "Maybe things will taste better and sound better though." She wondered how the food would taste to Sonnie. "Let me know if the food is less bland okay." She looked over listening to Sonnie. She was wondering if he was alive. She also wondered if once she killed a monster if she'd be like that too. After all it wasn't a person or real. It was just information compiled and then rewritten to make the same monster later. Right? She got a bit more worried about that side of herself. "Gorgeous?" she felt her face heat up. "I'm not in one of my primes yet. Not till I'm 33." She admited at least that's what she always thought. "Is he...Still in your friends list?" she asked curiously. "Sorry, you don't have to check if you don't want to." She was surprised that her birthday was coming up! "What, did you want to do anything special for your birthday? I think we should do something you know. For your name day." she said as she was slipping back into character. @Sonya
  2. @Ennakai She watched the woman and nodded. She wasn't sure it was a quest she'd enjoy doing with her or not but it was something new, and backup would always be welcomed. She nodded to Ennakai. She didn't feel like she owed the woman too much in this arrangement but she'd remember her actions and maybe send something her way later. "Okay, I'll send you a friend request so that I can find you. I heard that I have to do some prerequisites for the quest, anyone, when the main quest starts up I'll give you a letter when I'm about to go on the meat and potatoes of the quest okay." She sent her the request. The first part of the quest was a 100 long fetch quest that she wouldn't subject too. (And cause that was started already sorry but I'll pull you in part two where I go to Tolbana to search for the missing NPC!) She sent the girl a friend request and smiled at her. "So what's all the damage." She didn't want to assume it was free for her and that they'd just be on a quest together. She felt she should pay SOMETHING. She looked up at her to try to read her face. She was pretty excited over it. She only hoped that there weren't enemies. She still wasn't use to it. "If fighting is involved I'm not sure I'd be much use. I haven't fought anything yet." She admitted with some worry.
  3. She was running towards her quickly and stopped to bow at the woman. "Thank you very much." Kit huffed. She lifted her head up to listen. "I use to play all sorts, but I'm a conductor, or, was." it was odd talking about the real world but she shrugged it off. "I put that behind me," she explained. She watched the woman ask her a bunch of questions. "I guess I'm into jazz if I'm honest." she looked at the person in front of her. She couldn't really tell the gender of the woman in front of her, but because it wasn't obvious, but because she always had trouble telling. "How about.....Miss....ter?" she said the last two words quietly trying not to offend the girl. "Also really nice grab on the paper. May I?" Kit reached out for the paper. "I'm just doing a quest at the moment. It's called the favors quest. I'm trying to figure about more about the NPC missing in Talbana." She didn't know if she'd invite this person but they seemed pretty excited to talk to someone. "Want to join me on my quest? It's kinda long though. I have to get 100 favor points. I've managed to tell the conductor that I'd like to be owed favor for each musical score sheet. He had eight sheets that I'm trying to track down and collect. So that'll get me up to 8, but I got a favor earlier so I'll be at 9 out of ten. Most people don't care for the quest I guess. I guess they think it's too boring or something.....I'm Kit by the way. Nice to meet you...." She was going to let her introduce themselves, she wasn't going to peek at the username she never bothered doing that anymore. It didn't feel too natural. @Sunova
  4. Kit

    Boss Drop Chance Discussion Topic

    I think maybe do what paladins and overwatch do and reward certain players a little more. I'll show you. Best in Most Damage - the character who has done the most damage to the boss (Not the most damage in one shot but all together, bleed and thorns don't count in this count just raw dmg) Most Shielding - the character who has taken the brunt of the most damage and survived, this person is important as they've protected the party Most Healing - the character who has done most of the healing (this will count on themselves as well with battle healing!) Most Assisted - this player handled the debuffing and pinging dmg (Bleed also counts here things that caused dots) Most Boosted - this player handled buffs for attacking Most Criticals - this person landed the most criticals in the fight Most Dmg Avoided - this player avoided the most damage when targeted Everyone else would gets mats and maybe equipment but the above players would get the legendary drops. If that makes sense. Just an example, but I like the idea of secret critieria but some players might wonder if that's gm favortisim if it's not stated ahead of time. Not that I think so, I want it to be a thing, most players in SAO had no idea what the game was doing anyway XD. Still awarding players for doing other roles in combat aside from the final blow sounds amazing and a bit more fair considering all the roles people bring to the table. you could even come up with other Best in. Like Best roleplayed post or something ;3
  5. Kit, wasn’t in her battle armor and was in her starting armor instead. She was walking the streets and listening for more clues about Tolbana and the missing NPC that she heard about. However, there was something called favor coins she needed to acquire first and hadn’t the slightest clue on how to gain them. All she understood was that she had to be in the town of beginnings. As she walked past people she saw an NPC with a paper bag, the bottom of it came out and there were green apples and potatoes all over the ground. Kit watched as no one bothered to help, and realized this must happen to the NPC a lot for even normal players to not care. Kit moved closer and knelt down grabbing apples. ”Oh thank you! Can you help me carry this to the Ceaseless Ale?” Kit nodded. It was an NPC run bar that would give out drink and food to players who were under a certain cole amount. Just a free food item and drink per day. Kit sauntered with the NPC. She could hear people say something about ‘that quest’. It wasn’t as if she had something better to do though. ”Are you perhaps going to Tolbana?” The woman npc in a milk brown long skirt asked her. ”One day, when I feel confident enough to head outside.” Kit stated. ”Oh, why don’t you ask someone to go with you?” ”I might not have a choice. Is it true there’s a missing NPC there that hasn’t been there for a year?” ”Oh the lord’s son has gone missing yes. Tolbana’s lord is rather eccentric, it’s likely his son lord Chaol ran away.” ”And I need the favor points to seek audience with him.” ”That’s right you need 100 favor points to see the lord of Tolbana.” She could see why no one cared for this type of quest. It was likely a lot of mundane tasks that no one cared to do. Still, she was still curious about lord Chaol. Did he really just run away or was there something else? As she stepped into the NPC bar. A rustic tavern that seemed to have almost Celtic music playing. It was an interesting musical score, to say the least. ”Thank you for helping me out. Here’s one favor if you’re going to try for that quest.” She picked up the coin and looked it over. It was shiny like gold but was likely only gold leaf. On the back was a sword and on the front was a cat-like face. She made the motions of placing the coin into her pocket and it went into her inventory. ”No worries.” ”Oh, you have one favor.” A man at the bar stated looking over. Kit looked over at the well dressed NPC. ”Care to have a drink with me? I’ll pay for it. I was wondering if you could help me out.” She walked over and moved one leg over a stool and sat down next to the man. She got a goblet of wine. She drank with him enjoying the blackberry and cherry notes of the drink. She felt warmer inside but not drunk in the least. ”Thank you sir.” ”I was lost my musical sheets. They’re flying in the winds. I meant to have them to play for the Lord Ceric. Lord of Tolbana. Could you find all eight pages for me?” KIt looked at him and drank the wine. ”All right. For one favor a page I’m sure I can handle it.” ”Excuse me?” ”One favor per page. It’s important right?” ”Oh, I see, I suppose it is. Very well yes.” Kit drank the rest of her wine and made a dash outside. She looked up and saw some pieces of it floating about. This is when she started to jump from wall to wall and climbed upwards to grab a piece pretty high up. She jumped and touched one of the pages and it just slid from her grasp on the wind and towards another player. ”Hey! Catch that paper!” she called out to the person. @Sunova
  6. Seeing her reaction didn't stop Kit from growing angrier, it wasn't until she apologized that Kit felt her anger turn into butter and melt away. She stood there dumbfounded for a moment and then realized how sorry Sonya sounded. She so used to adults and teens expecting their way or the highway that this new turn of events shocked her into a more reserved state of being. She rubbed the back of her neck as Sonya asked for forgiveness again and she nodded feeling a bit overwhelmed by the situation and listened to the young woman's plight. She gave another nod and looked to her. "I'm sorry to Sonnie. I grew up being the breadwinner for people who couldn't really handle a nine to five. I guess I got so wrapped up into my own head, with my own goals and aspirations that I wasn't thinking there could be other ways. I shouldn't have put a burden on your shoulders like that." She walked with Sonya and lightly tapped Sonya's arm with her elbow. "Hey, don't take that burden alone Sonnie. We'll manage together. I don't want to say I'll be buying everything from you or giving you items. I just. Can't. I would like that idealistic world where I could, but I....I just can't. I might explain why later, I'm sorry I don't want to say why that is at this moment." she admitted. Kit took a deep breath and sighed. Her shoulders were still raised but she was less enraged that she was only moments ago. She thought about it and thought about the cop that turned her life around a long time ago. Even if it was for a short moment. Even if she didn't rely on them after that point. That fact was. She did rely on them. She nodded, and her shoulders lower as she could finally see some common ground. "I might not understand the whole entitlement thing. I never have. People would tell me, oh this group or person feels entitled. I never understand that. I figured, if they're entitled they must be working hard, show me the evidence, maybe then I'll give them something, or a pat on the back. I just need to see it. So, I'll never understand it, but, I do understand how it feels to rely on someone. To know, it's going to be okay. I had it once. It was for a very short time. I didn't even know I needed it. Didn't even know I wanted it.I can appreciate now, and I almost forgot all about it. Thanks for reminding me, that sometimes, relying on someone can be okay. I just have to trust them. I trust you, kind of. Sorry, it takes me a while, and sometimes I get frustrated. Sometimes I push people away. I don't mean to. I'm sorry I got really angry. I guess, I've been sleeping on pews and cots that I forget, that maybe, it's comfortable. I think I do understand that much at least." She watched as Sonya changed her pain settings and stared. She never bothered to even look into the settings. She always wanted her sense of smell and everything to be fairly high so she was aware of her surroundings better. She never considered that might be why she felt pain and felt every step she took. "Sonya if it hurts don't put the pain settings on. You shouldn't have to do that." She wasn't about to be the reason why the woman felt pain. "You don't have to live in this game as I do." she wasn't sure if Sonya could deal with that on top of talking about going out into the fray and fighting. "Sonya, I understand my limits. I've been pushed. I don't know if you should do this. Maybe you should put your settings the way you have it." She wasn't considering how it also affected the sense of pleasure as well. She saw all the food laid out, and the coffee and juice. She sat down wondering if there was a farming village nearby. It'd be nice to help out there as well, some wholesome work to be had. It was something she liked to do, and she wasn't sure why. As she started a habit of hers when she enjoyed the food. As she relaxed from the hectic morning she looked over to Sonya. "If I may be so bold. What's your bother like?" she questioned wondering why she hadn't reached out to him. Did she not have him friended to see where he was, or to send him a message. She wasn't sure if Sonya wanted to talk about that subject so she quickly changed gears to give the woman another option for a topic at the table. "A girl hm? As long as they're willing to work I'm willing to help. Is she younger than you Sonya?" she asked. "Younger than me maybe? I'm probably older than I look. I turned 31 this year. I guess, how old are you Sonnie?" she was curious now. "When's your birthday?" maybe a happy topic would be best too. "Cause next time we can celebrate somehow." she smiled happily. She continued eating at the thought about the new person Sonya was talking about. "Did she need help? I wouldn't mind meeting her. It's not like I have work for people right now but eventually, if we all want to strive for a place to live we'll have to work really hard." she explained. "But once we're past that point. We'll be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor." She nodded thinking about it. "So what do you think? Should we do the earning a living quest today and get proactive? If we do, we won't have to sleep on a pew anymore, and we'll be able to get your friend a comfy bed as well."
  7. Name: Tolbana Key Necklace Profession: Artisan Rank: 5 ID: (leave blank) Roll: (leave blank) Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +2 acc +1loot Description:Key Necklace A key that is often seen in Tolbana. Its use is unknown but it said to be crafted in one of the many windmills that could see most of Tolbana itself. It's said there's also great sights to take in and that Tolbana is a treasure in and of itself to behold. The door to the key has been unfound. Kit went with a group of players to the higher floors. It really did make her feel a bit ill going past floor one, and she was ready to run back to the starting floors. All she wanted was to live in peace but there weren't any artisan shops open. She looked up at the signs seeing the prices and sighed for a moment. "Excuse me, can we haggle the price? I was thinking eight hundred instead of a grand before I came up to this floor. Would that work for this order please?" She asked as she put down her order that she wanted. "I heard about a quest involving a Tolbana Key and I was going to give it a try." @Ennakai
  8. "I warned you about letting your guard down, but good job on taking off before the counter. I'm used to people playing fair all the time, it gets a little stagnant. With those monsters running around outside, it's fine to cheat and try to be ahead of the curve you know." She opened the door for the poor woman. "I managed to get up on the roofs and made my way over. I haven't been able to feel that thrilled in a long while. Thanks for the run Sonnie." she beamed at her friend. "We'll hunt around for freebies the npcs give out daily. Pretty nice of them too if you ask me." She walked inside feeling oddly chilled. "Must be from our romp in the river." "Welcome back ladies, that didn't take very long now did it?" "Not at all really." Kit smiled and went behind the counter. "So you make a potion like this, not that it matters unless you're an alchemist, but it's still neat. I'll let you do this for now. So you stir counter-clockwise three times and you add this ingredient in very slowly. Like this." Kit watched and then started to cut and prepare the materials she had gathered. She placed them on a drying rack and took materials off the drying rack that were ready. She walked back over to him and started to use the pestle and mortar as instructed. She grabbed a few bottles and the cauldron. "No no, not the iron one dear, the copper one for the healing potions, trust me. It's a little trick I came up with." "Oh certainly." She nodded and got to work with filling up the cauldron full of a thick liquid. She moved to where he had a steaming water and added that to the mix and started to stir that slowly. It was then she stirred in the crushed up materials and looked it over. Once it cooled enough she started to pour the mixture into the bottle. "Well now let us see how you did, shall we?" # 110098 7 Created Rare Potion! "Hoho! A rare potion! Are you sure you don't want to be an alchemist? You have a nice nack for it." "That'd be ideal, wouldn't it? For teleport crystals and the like. You'd never be useless either because it's a craft that needs to be crafted over and over again. Sadly it's not the life for me. I want something that will help me get the most out of those treasure boxes. Maybe I'll change my mind later, but for now, I know what I'm after." "Ha, driven spirit I see. Well, then I'd like you to deliver something for me as an aspiring entrepreneur. Take this parcel to Lyle Tealeaf, he might have some extra work for you to do as well." "Does it have to be today?" "Nonsense but soon please." "All right I'll look into it." "Oh but you won't go empty handed! Here this is for all your efforts." "Thank you Mr. Zack." After collected their rewards the tandum went off in search of dinner. Rewards Given Kit - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) - 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) -1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) 3SP 200Col Sonya 1Sp 200Col
  9. Just dropped by to say happy b day I think yup

  10. Kit

    still thinking about a guild. What kind of guild? Just curious.

    1. Zandra


      yes, its still something that is planned to happen :)

      Its going to be a merchantile guild.

    2. Kit


      sounds interesting. You'd have to convince my character though as she's thought of making a guild as well. I'm sure you could though. In retrospect, I'd like to join, but I currently don't have a 'job' class. I'm working on it.

  11. Kit sat up and listened to the shrill voice complaining. She tried her best and she got complaints. Maybe it was that and the agitation of failure that gave her a sour face and she slightly glared at Sonya who was just about as happy as Kit was. Her azure blue eyes were glaring right into the amethyst eyes in front of her as she inhaled to try to calm down, but the more Sonya spoke the more aggravated she became. "I figured we'd go out to tea, I'm not some servant that just goes around to get you whatever you know. Don't be such a lazybones, the kids are kids, you're an adult." she wasn't use to people who she believed were her age to be in bed all day, and much less being weighted on hand and foot. A teenager or younger maybe. An elderly person, mostly deffenatly, but adults. She hated slothfulness. She let out an exasperated sigh and stood up holding her hand out to Sonya. "Sorry, I just figured today would be a pretty big deal that's all. I can't be sitting on my hands while other players make twice as much col as me. I'm already lacking in funds for buying equipment to go out against monsters eventually, and pretty soon I'll be forced to only eat whatever the church supplies us again. I'd rather not waste it on coffee unless I really have to. I'm hoping we find something for free at this rate." She lowered her hand once Sonya got up on her own. "What game are you- oh that's right....I don't know what you're talking about really I feel the right amount of pain. Maybe your nervegear his broken or something." That's what that stupid thing was called right? She wasn't even sure anymore, it had been so long. "I just accept this as my reality, I'll deal with the other world whenever I get out of this one." After two years Kit was pretty sinical about waking up in general, not that she wouldn't try to eventually, but right now she was only a low level player and she had already met several high level players that hadn't beaten the game. If she remembered correctly there are some mmo if not all of them that are unbeatable. Meaning quests refresh and other things, what if there was no winning? Not that she'd ever say that outloud, it'd cause too many people to suffer, but to be honest, she was getting very use to how this game worked, and was comfortable in it at this stage. "I just hope the church has some coffee this morning. They tend to have some on the weekends. We can check that out. The kids are getting their lessons today from the nuns." Some of the nuns were NPCs while others were in fact players taking up the same role. Kit thought about what they were doing today. She supposed they could help out the church but she was thinking of becoming a merchant today with Sonya becoming a tailor. "I got some information from Sister Rosa." Sister Rosa was one of the NPC nuns, and was often called the head nun by other nun NPCS in the area. "I asked about the earning a living quest line and she asked me what I was interested in and I told her tailoring and being a merchant. Long story short I know where the two are and thought we could pay them a visit if you're up to it. What do you say? We can check the church dinning hall to see if they have any coffee. They usually have a breakfast of some sort. I overheard Nancy say that they had the complete breakfast again for this morning, so eggs, bacon, sasage, pancakes, and donutes are a go today if you're interested in that sort of thing. I don't know if the coffee is readily available or if I'll have to use the last of my col for it." She really didn't want to spend any money. "But to be fair the breakfast can have a fair amount of sugar in it, so you might not need the coffee at all." She explained as she went to the door that went behind the organ to where the other rooms would be.
  12. "Yeah, I know Sonnie...I know...Don't worry though, after we get jobs we can get out of this place and maybe live in Tolbana instead. Okay? They have tons of water fountains and windmills there. I've wanted to explore them but I've been too chicken to venture that far. " She explained in a soft whisper almost like a cooing voice. She moved Sonya's legs forwards, holding her by the thighs and kept her own back bent forwards to keep the woman comfortable. Kit went cross-eyed when Sonya started to suck and nibble at her neck. She shook her head to try to shake her off. "S-Sonya, I'm not a pancake stop trying to eat me." she shrilled dancing as if she had to pee, in truth she was just anxious at the situation she was placed in. "I'll get you coffee but I'm not coffee either, all because of having darker skin does not make me your frappuccino." She grunted. Kit gasped feeling those slender arms, heavy with sleep, pull upwards under her bosom forcing her to stand upright. She looked around and then looked over her shoulder as Sonya was trying to sit up, unknowingly on Kit's back, which stranged Kit to tip backward. "SONYA! NO NO NO SONYA!" it was too late, the rouge like beauty fell backward onto her friend. "Sorry." SHe huffed out apologetic. Kit rolled onto her stomach and looked up at Sonya hoping she hadn't clocked her head onto a pew, child, or NPC. "What a way to start a morning. Good morning everyone, hope you enjoy your morning concussion." Kit whispered sarcastically. "Sonnie are you all right?" @Sonya
  13. rolling evens I catch up odds I don't and you won loot die roll not using my suit ID# 109966 results: 20 (holy moly XD. After your post I'll wrap this one up.) "Oh I don't think so!" she said watching Sonya sprint off. She cracked her neck and took off like a shot after her. A map of the town was firmly in her mind as she dove into a shop window and bolted up the stairs and through another window onto the roofs. She raced along the rooftops jumping from one roof to the next. She peered down at the crowded streets below and eyed up Sonya who was making her way through the town to get back to the old man's shop. She did a running leap to one of the roofs and saw she needed more momentum to make her jump. Kit quickly tucked her body in and did a forward flip and landed on one knee onto the roof, only to spring forwards and keep up her jaunt. The raven-haired woman looked down again at her friend and saw she had caught up with her. She then cartwheeled off the roof slats and tucked her body inwards to descend faster. Once halfway down in her free fall she opened up her body with her arms out to slow her fall slightly then rolled into a tumble once she hit the ground. Kit, was right back up and the cocky rouge like ninja tapped Sonya on her other shoulder to see if she'd look the wrong way. "Going my way?" She asked in a sultry tone. "I know this town like the curve of my blade. I shan't be left in your dust today my dear Sonnie." She did another quick burst to get to the door and open it so that neither one of them would crash into the shop. In her mind, she reached the shop first, but it was likely that Sonya would run into the shop first. Perhaps this was a draw in this case. @Sonya
  14. She nodded and moved to where he could measure her and moved her arms out letting Hei work his magic. Some might wonder if this was awkward but in all honestly she wanted to make sure her friends were safe and this man was running a business. "You're pretty fast at this I see. Thank you, I don't feel tired at all. Usually, I don't like just standing around. I'll let her know you'd be free to show her the ropes, or in this case the threads. Thank you again, Hei." She found a place to sit down and could listen to him working the leathers and sewing. She began to hum a beat as she listened to it, and in no time at all Hei returned holding the very leathers she had asked for. She got up and walked quickly over to them and pulled on the leather to check the stitching. "And without a doubt, you've outdone yourself. Thank you. I don't know how strong you are but when I get better at handling monsters I wouldn't mind going out in the wild with you to get more leather, or whatever it is. Also, if you're hanging around town and see me don't be a stranger and come over okay." she was over the moon about her leathers and it seemed to have some sort of game lore attached to it. She'd check it out later. "Well, I'm off to find Sonya, thanks again Hei." The item materialized as it moved to her inventory slot and she gave him a two finger salute before heading out. (Thanks for the quickness <3)
  15. Name: Tolbana Key Necklace Profession: Artisan Rank: 7 ID: (leave blank) Roll: (leave blank) Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: +2 acc +1loot Description:Key A key that is often seen in Tolbana. It's use is unknown but it said to be crafted in one of the many windmills that could see most of Tolbana itself. It's said there's also great sights to take in and that Tolbana is a treasure in and of itself to behold. The door to the key has been unfound. Kit walked into the shop. She was very happy to see another shop on floor one. She looked in and seemed a bit lost once entering. She looked up at the prices and then opened up her inventory. She nodded and felt it'd be just right with the price. She looked back up and explained what she wanted in the key. "I'll give you the founds now in case you need to buy the materials or something with them. Good luck, and thanks for having a shop of the lower floors, I haven't gone up at all yet, and it makes it easier to try it. Thank you so much sir." she nodded her head in thanks. "I wish you luck, hopefully this helps in my endeavors." She semi wondered if he had been to higher floors or not. Either way, she wouldn't turn down any amount of help now that she was starting her journey. She was just happy there were still player shops on floor one. Though once inside she saw that the shop was actually closed and walked back out. Sadly without an artisan there was little she could do at the moment. She'd have to think about it. @Domarus