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  1. "I won't steal forever! Idiot." He muttered under his breath. When she tried to talk about the orphanage, which he insisted on calling it. He only got more riled up. "Forget it! I'm not going to that s**thole! Just drop it already!" There was no way in hell he'd be put in there. Never. He'd rather die and meet his mom in the afterlife than go to another orphanage again. "I'm not strong enough yet! I'll make it someday soon." When she told him to accept help and pointed out that he was the one who ran into the crates, his eyes became daggers. He did not like her pointing that out. "Just help me out of this damnit!" He tried to push the items out of the way, but with his strength stat not being high enough he failed to do so. Curse this game and it's stupid limiters. "I'm taking the beginner quests, I won't be weak for long. Now are you going to keep pointing fun at me or help me get out?!" @Kirbs LV: 3 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  2. Get a job? Seriously? There was no way he was getting a job. Not with the way he was raised. It was hard for an assassin to teach her child anything other than what she knows. What was she going to teach him? Gun cleaning? However, he couldn't exactly tell her that his mother was an... Assassin. Well more like a bounty hunter but still. "I can't help the frontlines one day if I just get a stupid job." When she mentioned the places who take care of kids with 'needs' he nearly threw every crate off of him in an instant. "NO WAY! YOU'RE NOT THROWING ME IN A F***ING ORPHANAGE!!!" If there was any trigger out there for him, it was the orphanage. He had way too many bad memories with such a place... Enough so to have some of his mother's 'colorful language' slip through. When she mentioned how she was surprised how he hadn't been caught yet and how the guards must not be too good at it. He thought about how he'd been caught once or twice, and was getting good at sneaking around, looking away. "...Yeah, maybe..." When she mentioned how he could have asked for help he narrowed his eyes. "I'm not helpless!" @Kirbs LV: 3 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  3. This was bad. This was really really bad. Akio knew this was bad, and he'd keep believing it was bad until it wasn't. When she asked him what he was going to use the col for he just blinked. 'Did.. Did she really have to ask?' "U-um. Food? New clothes? Maybe a room in the inn? Things like that." Seriously what was she expecting him to spend money on? Although... He might save up money to buy info on the frontliners from the info broker. He heard it would be important to know about them as they were a big deal. The girl then kept talking, making Akio a bit frustrated as he couldn't exactly... Well move. 'She MIGHT?! What kind of girl was she? I thought girls were supposed to be the nice ones!' She warned him that Scarfy would strangle him to death if he didn't answer her. He just looked at Scarfy then back at her. "...You uh... Do know we're in a safe zone right? I'm not that stupid." She asked about his cursor first. 'This is gonna be a common occurrence isn't it? Well, I can lie like earlier, but I'll have to think of an official story at some point...' He just narrowed his eyes. "What do you think? I stole from people. I kind of have to in order to survive. I'm not nearly strong enough to survive out there on my own. One day though..."
  4. Great. This was just great. He thought he'd be able to [censored] a fancy looking scarf so he could get col. He'd do so much with this col! It would give him a better life. Maybe he could even get some high quality tips from an info broker with it. But no. No the scarf just had to have been a familiar that looked like a scarf. What kind of logic was that even? What was the point in learning the mechanics and logic of this world when there wasn't any logic?! He tried to get out of the crates but another one fell on him, preventing him from pulling himself out. He sighed in annoyance as he saw the lady come over and yell at him. Asking what he was doing? "Trying to steal a fancy scarf so I could... Get col. I didn't know it was you're familiar. Seriously, what kind of animal looks like a scarf?" 'Thank goodness I didn't tell her what I wanted to use the col for. ''Never share your true intentions. Always give the roundabout, especially to strangers.''' He sighed. "You aren't going to throw me to the guards are you? They'll just throw me outside... Again..." @Kirbs LV: 3 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  5. Iron_Lion

    [F1-PP] Some Actual Training <<TSLIAF>>

    Akio was still upset about having been separated from his mother. However when Hei said how it's not as bad as he may see it, he realized what he'd done. '''Never doubt yourself, and never show weakness to others.'' That's what mother always says. I need to stand strong and never show any form of weakness. And sadness at the separation of my mom.. Can count as a weakness. I can't screw this up again!' Akio changed his frown into a confident smile in the snap of a second and nodded. "Oh yeah! Once I learn how to survive for a long time, I'll get strong enough to do anything I want and go anywhere I want. That's a promise!" 'And I will too. I won't let you down mom. I'm going to make you proud, and become not just a survivor. But a winner.' When Hei offered Akio to help get him strong enough to reach the dinosaurs one day he was about to take up on that offer, when he remembered his mother's creed again. 'Never trust anyone because they seem nice or trustworthy.' Akio nodded. "Thank you very much for the offer sir, but I'd like to see how far I can get on my own first. Maybe sometime in the future." 'If I trust you enough not to stab me in the back, or turn me into the authorities.' When Hei said they had to head over the hills, Akio had already started running. He wanted to get to combat as soon as he could after all. However the man suddenly added that there were ways to get information that didn't involve asking players for assistance. To this, Akio halted and turned to listen. Hei couldn't see his eyes under the hood, but he'd see the utter surprise on his lower features. He started by sharing how certain quests would show you where the objective was if you pressed a certain button. "Wait you serious? I thought it just popped up automatically!" He followed Hei's instructions and pressed the button, seeing a thin blue line drawn in a circle in the area Hei had mentioned. 'Huh... I'll be damned.' When Hei continued about info brokers Akio's shoulders sank. "Awwww, but I heard those guys are expensiiiiive." Furthermore, he was told about the guide. Akio groaned and was about to argue that when he saw it, the book was too big for him to read it... But then there was his mother's creed. 'If it contains useful information, read it in your spare time. The more knowledge you possess, the less likely you are to fall in the trap of ignorance.' Akio stood there for a bit before sighing. "Alright fine, I'll find and get the stupid huge book." [0/3 Tusks] @Hei LV: 3 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  6. Iron_Lion

    [F1-PP] Some Actual Training <<TSLIAF>>

    Akio looked a little bit disappointed at first when he heard that the raptors were on the sixth floor. 'Aw man. I can't even afford to go up to floor two, let alone floor six. Oh well, I'll make it someday. I will see those raptors.' He nodded when the player mentioned how he loved raptors. "Yeah! I love cool things like dinosaurs! I was so excited when I saw the description for sword art online! I couldn't wait to play it... Until.. Well." He looked around before holding his hands out for a second in a way to gesture to the world. "This." This was easily the most terrifying experience for Akio. His mother was probably either staying by his side or doing another assassination job to get enough money to put him in the highest quality hospital possible. Maybe both. Regardless of which way she did, he needed to get back to the real world to his mother as fast as he possibly could. When Hei asked if the quest was the second lesson Akio looked up to him. "You know that one huh? I'm so glad I hit this quest. The last one was nothing but teaching you how to craft or look for materials... I mean it's cool I guess, but I really wanted to learn how to fight. For many reasons, most of them obvious." When he mentioned killing some boars Akio's ears perked up. "Oh so that's what I'm supposed to do?" He opened his menu and checked the objective... Yup, he had to collect three baby boar tusks. He nodded. "Alright then! I guess that's what I have to do... Um... Where do people usually find baby boars???" [0/3 Tusks] @Hei LV: 3 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  7. Iron_Lion

    [F1-PP] Some Actual Training <<TSLIAF>>

    Akio panted as he ran through the alleyways and streets. Ducking behind curtains and crates, slipping into crowds, changing his color to blend in with their clothing. He was afraid he lost Hei a few times, but whenever he saw him he'd keep going. Eventually they managed to make it outside of the town a little ways away from the walls. Akio panted and sat down beside a tree to catch his breath. "Aaaagh, this sucks." He began to slow his breathing to the point where he was calmed down now. After this the player began to speak up, asking him what he had possibly done to have deserved such treatment. Akio looked away from him for a moment and looked down. He was very ashamed about it and was hoping the hood would hide that shame. 'What would mom have to say about this?..... ''Never share the whole truth. Only share as much as you need to feed curiosity, or enough to satisfy an ally.''' Akio took a moment to decide what he was going to say before turning back to Hei. "Well, I've kinda been stealing from npcs as of late. Food, col, anything I can get my hands on really. Have to survive somehow right?" Is that gonna be enough? "I haven't learned combat mechanics yet, so I can't just grind mobs. Especially since, well. I'm only level three. I don't want to die and all. Luckily I got a quest that teaches you combat! So maybe I can do that soon." 'Ok, that should be good enough. I don't want him to think I'm capable of murder. At least, when I need to that is.' Then the storekeeper introduced himself and. A.. Small raptor?! Akio shot to his feet and came right up to the raptor's face, his eyes wide under the hood. "OH MY GOSH! THEY HAVE RAPTORS IN THIS GAME?! THAT'S AWESOME! Wait, does that mean aggressive raptors are like, super dangerous? What floor are they on? Do they attack in groups or just one at a time? Oh uh," He stopped, suddenly embarrassed at his rudeness. "My name is... It's Akio. Nice to meet you Hei." 'I wonder if because I hesitated he'll think my real name is actually my Alias.' @Hei
  8. Iron_Lion

    [F1-PP] Some Actual Training <<TSLIAF>>

    Akio continued to run, trying to dodge players left and right. Npcs too, even though they typically moved out of the way when you ran towards them. He was so excited however that he did end up bumping into an npc or player by accident, apologizing as he ran past. His hood was up of course so they couldn't see his face, but hell yeah! He finally got to practice fighting for once! He was just so excited to actually practice it! To learn how to legitimately fight! His face beamed as he turned a corner. Unfortunately things would not be going exactly as he anticipated. Akio didn't see the player moving towards him until the last second. He didn't even have enough time to scream before he collided into the player with full force. Despite this, it was Akio who fell over, not the player. That guy was rock solid! Akio fell on his butt and rubbed his head before looking up as he pulled himself up. "S-sorry, I have to-" Then the player spoke, stating how it was nice to see him again and commenting on his clothing. Akio blinked in confusion until he looked at the player's face. His eyes widened. "W-wait. But you're. How did. Why did." He was so confused at this coincidence... Buuuut. "There he is! Get him!" Akio looked behind and saw guards running after him. Akio looked up at the player. Should he ask him to come with him? What would his mother say? 'Doubt everyone and everything. Never trust anyone because they seem nice or trustworthy.' But what if he needed help? What if he couldn't do something alone? What did she say after this? 'If they can prove themselves trustworthy, work with them often. Don't just trust them after a show of trust either.' Well... Maybe he could see if this guy was trustworthy. He just had to be cautious and look for any attempts to take advantage of him right? Akio grabbed the guy's hand and tried to pull him away from the guards. "Sorry but I gotta run!" He let go of the player's hand, wondering if he'd try to stop Akio. If he'd chase after Akio. Or if he'd follow him. There was a difference between chase and follow after all. @Hei [0/3 Tusks] LV: 3 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  9. Akio had been living off of meager scraps and savings for a long while now... Until a few days ago when he swiped some food a player left on their table while they rummaged through their inventory. After that he just made a habit of practicing how to pick the pockets of strangers, both npc and players alike. What was weird was npcs seemed to be harder than most players when it came to stealing from them. Probably for reasons unknown to him but still. He was walking through the crowd, his clothes colored navy blue and brown so that he would blend in more with the crowd. They were all adventurers wearing leather and plate armors, wearing blue, red, gray, brown and such shirts underneath those. As he walked with the crowd he noticed a young girl sitting on a bench with what looked like an expensive scarf beside her. 'Damn that looks expensive,' he thought to himself. Then he remembered his mother's creed again: 'Don't steal something obvious unless you have an easy getaway route.' He scanned the area until he spotted an alleyway that led into another public street. Perfect! He walked up with his hood down trying to look like someone you'd ignore. And then at the last minute grabbed the scarf and ran off like a dart with a smile on his face. 'Ha ha! Bet she didn't see that coming! Now I can sell this scarf. Maybe it will get me a lot of food! Maybe even a room in an inn! That would be-' his thought was interrupted when the face of a red fox popped up in his own. "Awesome?!" And just like that it hit him square in the face, causing him to let go and trip at the same time, rolling into a collection of barrels and crates. Groaning as he couldn't get out. LV: 3 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  10. Lyle Tealeaf just stood there watching as Akio banged his head repeatedly against the interior wall. The sign immortal object would vanish only a quarter of a second before he hit it again, causing it to appear, vanish, appear, rinse and repeat. About ten minutes later he finally stopped. Another perk about being in a VRMMORPG? You could bang your head against a diamond wall and still not be hurt. Stat wise or brain wise. He wasn't even dizzy. And it felt good to just hit something like that. Finally he made his way over to a seat and sat down in front of Lyle. ".....Ok, what on earth do you want?" He asked. If this was another stupid gathering quest- "Well you see, I've been needing some additional rare materials-" Akio stood up. "Well thank you for your time sir, but I really should be going. Got uh, things to do." He turned to leave and took two steps to the door. "Oh, well works out I guess. I don't think fighting boars would be fit for one of your a-" Akio shot over to the man, almost in his face. "You mean I can learn how to fight? At long last?!" "Um. I guess?" Akio hit the accept button and ran out of the shop before the man could finish. He'd read up on what he had to kill after he escaped the town. [New Objective: Collect Boar Pup Tusks. 0/3 Tusks] LV: 3 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  11. Iron_Lion

    [F1-SP] Required Study <TFFLAF>

    Now on his own again, Akio began making his trek back to the town. This had definitely been an interesting day for him. NPCs were far more intelligent than he had originally thought. Having an orange cursor was a bigger drag than he had imagined it would be. And now he was learning how to not only hunt for materials, but also craft potions.. Soon at least. However... Akio groaned. "Do I really have to put more effort into sneaking past the guards again?!" Time_Shift: 19:23 He soon walked into the building again, closed the door quickly and pressed himself against the wall panting. That. Was. Close. He panted a bit before he looked at Zachariah who was looking at him curiously. "You ok there boy?" "Oh yeah.. I'm.. Fanfreaking.. Tastic.. Ugh.." With that he dumped the materials onto Zachariah's table. The man nodded and began to show Akio what he needed to do. While Akio was not at all enjoying the idea of learning how to craft instead of learning how to fight better, the alchemy bit was interesting. Maybe he'd become an alchemist in his spare time. Eventually he made a potion and gave it to Zachariah. "Not bad kid, not bad. That will do just fine. Just leave those materials there, I'll have use for them. Now could you take this to my friend Lyle Tealeaf?" "WHAT?! YOU MEAN I'M NOT DONE YET?" "...No? I just need you to deliver something that's all." Akio sat down for a moment arms crossed. Eventually he muttered. "......Ffffine.." He stood up and took the potion and walked outside. Storming out he watched the menu notification appear that he completed the objective of crafting a potion, and now had to complete the new objective of delivering it. At least it was giving him the location of this blacksmith. Sighing he slipped the potion into his bag. "Hey you!" Akio shot his head over to see guards running at him. 'Aw damnit they think I stole this don't they?' Given no other choice Akio began to run. He saw a mark placed somewhere on his town map. Oh, well at least there's that. Akio turned a corner and turned another in an attempt to lose his chasers. Two npcs were transporting large lumber and he slid underneath them before turning another corner. He spotted a collection of barrels and crates, and Akio leaped into one of them and stopped moving. He waited as he heard shuffling and running. Eventually the guards gave up looking for him. Akio, who was panting heavily, took a deep breath and peeked out. No guards. He pulled himself out and looked around before walking into the crowd to keep himself hidden from the guards. Eventually he made it to Lyle's workshop. He opened the door and closed it quickly before he leaned against it, and sank to the floor. "Sonny," the blacksmith said. "You ok?" Akio shook his head slowly before he pulled out the potion and held it out. "...Zachariah give you trouble kid?" "Not in the way you're thinking, but yes." The man simply grunted and walked over, taking the potion gently from him. Sighing, Akio let his head tilt back until he was looking at the ceiling. The quest completion menu popped up, leveling him up to level three, as well as rewarding him with items. Cool. "Thank you very much for this sonny... You know, I could use your help with something as well if you're interested." "UUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH." [ID# 120375] CD: 7 - Result: Rare Crafted! [Items Removed: -5 Materials] [Objective Completed: 1/1 Healing Potion] [Objective Completed: Deliver potion to Lyle Tealeaf 1/1 Potion Delivered] [Items Rewarded: +5 Tier 1 Health Potions (+40), +1 Damage Potion (+1), +1 Overhealth potion (+50), +400 Col, +2 SP] LV: 3 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  12. Iron_Lion

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Akio sat on a seat in the shop swinging his legs back and forth as he hummed to himself. He'd been checking in every day out of excitement, and out of the fear that he'd miss his order and someone else would take it. How would that even work though? Someone walks in with a jacket that looked like his and says he's delivering it for me? Nah, that's stupid. Then he heard the shop owner call out to him and he shot up from his seat over to the counter. Clearly excited. Hei handed him the armor and it looked perfect for him. He opened his inventory and switched it out. He changed the color scheme from white to gray and brown. It did exactly that. Now he could blend in with crowds, ditch people chasing him, and hide in any environment a lot easier! His mouth broke out in a wide smile and beamed at the player. Though he couldn't see Akio's upper face, it was clear he was excited. "Thank you so much mister! Really and truly!" And with that the young boy ran outside with his new clothing. LV: 2 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  13. Iron_Lion

    [F1-SP] Required Study <TFFLAF>

    As they walked they encounter yet another animal. Eventually Akio managed to gather materials from that one too. He watched as another menu notification popped up stating how he had completed his current objective and attained a new one: Return to Zachariah and craft a healing potion. Healing potion? That would be useful. Mercer put one of her hands on his shoulders. "Listen kid, I'm gonna go ahead and take off. You can clearly take care of yourself so I'm not too worried. Just do me a favor yeah? Don't get in over your head. Help where you can, but know your limits. And stay alive. you can't help if you're dead." Akio listened to her... And remembered the creed. He knew he had to put himself before everyone else in this world. If he died, and it was on the frontlines. His mother would track down and kill every frontline for not protecting him... "I will, don't worry. I'll stay safe.. I'll survive." And with that the two parted ways. [ID# 120172] LD: 16 - Result: +1 Material [Quest Objective Completed: Collect 5/5 Materials] [New Quest Objective: Return to Zachariah and craft 1 healing potion. 0/1 Healing Potion] LV: 2 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  14. Iron_Lion

    [F1-SP] Required Study <TFFLAF>

    Akio followed her but quietly. He didn't like killing, but he knew it was necessary at times. His mother made it clear to him that he would need to kill if he was assaulted. 'Always be selfish. Your survival comes first. No exceptions.' His mother's creed rang through his head again. Sighing, he hugged himself as he followed Mercer. 'Doubt everyone and everything. Never trust anyone because they seem nice or trustworthy' Well true, but Mercer wasn't like everyone... Right? Her cursor was yellow not red. Even if she was intelligent, the cursor was never wrong. Which meant that he could trust her... Right? His mother had given him a lot of instructions for the creed, but he had a suspicion that he would encounter more situations where the creed would be unclear as what the answer should be. He might make modifications to it depending on experiments. [ID# 120171] LD: 3 - Result: Nothing [4/5 Materials] LV: 2 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]
  15. Iron_Lion

    [F1-SP] Required Study <TFFLAF>

    She had a feeling he didn't mean to phrase it the way he did, but at the same time she understood what he was saying, so it mattered little. "I see... Well you'll need to have a backup plan in case you're in the wrong environment like here. There are people who hunt other people rather than animals, and you're easily spotted out here in those white clothes." Akio nodded solemnly. "Yeah I know.. I was already attacked once actually. I had to fight for my life..." "Is that how you became a murderer?" She asked, causing him to stop dead in his tracks. "...........Um........" His eyes were a bit wide as this was the last thing he expected, and he was rather concerned now. "H-how do you-" She turned to him. No hate or admiration in her eyes. Just acknowledgement. "It's in your eyes. Despite your childish nature, which of course is natural, you have a steel about you. You killed because you had to right? You were attacked and killed him before he could kill you?" Akio was quiet but nodded. She nodded in turn before continuing to walk. [ID# 120170] LD: 8 - Result: Nothing [4/5 Materials] LV: 2 Iron_Lion HP: [ ] EN: [ ] XP: [ ]