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  1. [Lv. 10; HP 200; EN 20; R3 Dagger; 7 DMG; Hidden Blade {3 DMG}; Assassin's Armor {3 EVA}; Strange Sigil {3 ACC}, Inspection Lense {3 LD}; x1 TP Crystal, x1 Glowing Scented Salve, x1 Spring (The Four Seasons), x1 Super Lucky Fancy Asian Cheetos] [BUFFS: +3 LD, +1 LD (finding familiar only), +1 CD (taming familiar only)] Waking up in his alchemy tent, Akio stretched and rolled off of his sleeping mat with a grin as he leaped to his feet. "Right, today's the day.." He started putting everything in the tent back into his inventory. The potions, the station, the supplies and materials. And finally he walked outside and took the tent into his inventory too. His face beamed even more. "Today's the day, I get my familiar!" He had messaged Mari a few days back, asking her if she'd be ok with spending their weekend finding a familiar for him. She agreed so long as it wasn't on the ninth or fifth floors. And Akio, who'd traveled up to the eleventh floor by this point, understood why. The fifth floor was a desert, which was stupidly hot and nearly killed him getting to where he needed to go. And then ninth floor was a volcanic wasteland. And it made even more sense seeing as how Mari said she preferred the cold as opposed to the heat. Shaking his head though, he got himself back on track and on the right mindset. He made his way to the fourth floor with relative ease as opposed to the last few times. He wasn't worried about monsters anymore. He found out that he was already a lot stronger than most of the monsters on the lower floors now that he was level ten, especially with a rank three sword skill, so he hummed and walked without much worry or regards to the mobs around him. Akio eventually made it to Mari's house and ran up to it, his hood and jacket keeping him warm from the cold. Although, he made sure to stretch his shirt and pant sleeves down further so that his legs and arms weren't exposed. It was also a nice feature when he tried to evade guards, tricking them by changing the length of his clothing in an instant, plus changing the jacket and clothes color really helped. He knocked on the front door, and while waiting went ahead and ate the asian cheetos. When he did his eyes widened and scarfed them down. "Wow, these are nothing like the cheetos back in Japan!" @Mari
  2. When he had lots of free time, he'd love to spend it mountain climbing. He'd never done that before and it sounded fun. But when he was in a rush? And trying to find some kind of consumable for finding a material? He'd rather NOT run across raised, lowered, steep and inclined terrain to get to his destination. Akio opened the door to the shop before falling face first panting. "...I didn't need exercise today... Why did I have to go through some exercising today?.." He looked up and saw that it was a traditional Japanese Noodle shop... Which caused his eyes to blink. 'Why would someone have a noodle shop in the middle of the mountains? Kind of a weird location.' He shook the thought away and stood up, heading to the counter after grabbing a bag of Cheetos. Japan had been making them, but one time he heard that they were way better in America. "I'd like to buy these please!" he said, making sure his hood concealed his face before placing the materials on the counter. With the payment there, he went ahead and turned around and walked out the door... And then drank two cantines of water before starting his journey again @Cordelia T1 | Super Lucky Fancy Asian Cheetos: +3 LD paying 5 mat
  3. Iron_Lion

    [F11 - R5 Performer] Magnolia

    Extraordinarily thankful that he'd visited the tenth floor not long ago, so the trip up to the eleventh floor wasn't too long. Though it was both eerie and cool to sneak around in the darkness the entire time. Now that he was on the eleventh floor though, he gaped in awe at the city. He'd never actually been inside a city like this before, it looked a lot like colonial times. The theme and feel of the city filled him with renewed energy and excitement. He got distracted several times in fact, but overall he tried to stay focused on his primary goal: getting his hands on a familiar. And to do that fast, he wanted some items. And so, he found a shop he'd heard about, and ducked inside with enough speed to cause him to skid, struggling to slow himself down. He ran back to close the door before he dived under a table and waited for the guards to pass the shop. When they did he gave a little sigh and pulled himself out again before he ran to the counter. Keeping his hood down he kept his face hidden as he put the col on the counter. "I'd like to buy the familiar sight enhancement please! Whatever you have on you!" When she gave him the consumable he'd give a slight bow. "Thank you miss!" he said before running to the window, checking to see if the coast was clear, then darting outside again. It wouldn't be long before she heard the guards yelling at him again. [Iron_Lion] [Lv. 10] [DMG:_06//EVA:_03] HP: [ ] (250/250) EN: [ ] (20/20) XP: [ ] (0/3) Purchasing THE FOUR SEASONS (familiar sight) -400 col @Arabelle
  4. Iron_Lion

    [PP-F1] Parkour 101 <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Smiling and nodding he started running, leading her the way to the spot he wanted to practice with her on. "Yeah! Only we should start by climbing sideways so that we're over the water. It's still a cliff, so I wanna avoid fall damage as much as possible ok?" He'd never been a teacher before. He was probably doing it wrong, since he really didn't like sitting still and doing nothing, but it was more fun this way. And besides, she seemed to be understanding everything he was teaching her, so all that was left was to get the experience she needed right? Eventually they reached the cliffside. "Ok then. For a cliff it's a bit more tricky. There are a few methods you can use. The first is looking for natural footholds and using those, which admittedly there are a lot with. However this is where that 'knowledge of the environment' comes into play. See, not every natural foothold is safe." The young boy started pulling on certain stones and large rocks. Most of them were sturdy, but some of them visibly shook when he pulled on it. "See? Your best bet will be crevices, holes and carved areas on the side of the cliff like these, but they're harder to find. So if you have time look for those, but if you're going to be in a rush it's best to memorize all of the shaky stones to make sure you don't make a wrong step. And even then you could still slip, trip or reach too far and lose your footing. And I definitely don't recommend doing this when it rains." With that, Akio started to give her his demonstration, explaining where he's looking, how he's reaching, and showing her the proper way to grab the areas. He showed her how far she should be willing to reach with her arms and legs, and how high or low she should limit her climbing too. "You can only climb fast once you've mastered it. Until then it's best to go slowly. It may seem like a slower method than just running the long way, but once you've mastered it, it turns into a shortcut. Even for someone as fast as you!" While he climbed, he made a not to look for any materials that might grow or fall onto cliffsides, but he couldn't see any... Would have been a pretty cool find too... Dang it. [ID# 154146] [LD: 7+3=10] [Result: Failure] [Iron_Lion] [Lv. 10] [DMG:_06//EVA:_03] HP: [ ] (250/250) EN: [ ] (20/20) XP: [ ] (0/3) [9 Materials {4 GPD} || {4 SPS} {1 SF}] @Assassin
  5. Iron_Lion

    [SP-F10] A Long Awaited Grind

    [Lv. 10; Hidden Blade {3 DMG}; Assassin's Armor {3 EVA}; Strange Sigil {3 ACC}; x1 TP Crystal; x2 Starter Potions] [Buffs Active: +1 DMG {x1 DMG Potion}; +1 ACC {x1 Fish Snack}] The twelve year old kid panted heavily as he reached the top of the stairs leading up into the tenth floor. He'd never actually been here before, so he wasn't able to use a teleport crystal to get to any location on the floor. So, unfortunately, while he could teleport up to the fourth floor, he had to walk the rest of the way. He wasn't too thrilled either when he found out that floor five was a freaking desert. But he was finally here. He finally made it to the tenth floor. The one floor he could safely fight monsters which would drop loot on him. And he really wanted to try getting his hands on some good loot this time around. The last time he tried to do so, he was sorely disappointed to find out that there were limits to how strong monsters could get on certain floors. So this time, he'd be on the appropriate floor. He might have been able to take on the monsters of the floor below, rather than tackling this floor's minimum level monsters... But there was another reason for him to come to this floor: Mari had been the one to explore this floor. And she'd been so kind to him, so he wanted to do something in return. So he decided that he'd go ahead and explore the floor she helped unlock in the first place. Thus, even though he was panting heavily from a very very, very long run. He smiled. The first thing that he noted when he finally reached the floor was how massive it was. It was a cave, but it was a giant cave! Where sunlight or moonlight usually shown, giant glowstones littered the area, along with glow shrooms, both of huge sizes! The glowing world was so awesome he couldn't help but gawk at it. Eventually however, he got over himself and scanned his immediate surroundings. The staircase seemed to come out beside what he was going to assume for now was the main settlement. It didn't have giant stone walls, just simple wooden ones meant to divide the town. He could scale those suckers easy, likely without a sweat. But of course there were guards guarding the, town... Guards who, as he peered through the darkness.. Looked an awful lot like... ZOMBIES?! His eyes shot wide before he pulled out his inspection lens for a closer look. Sure enough, they were zombies wearing armor with shields and spears. Woah. Never thought to see zombies be the npc guards of a village. They even had the yellow cursor and everything. [Iron_Lion] [Lv. 10] [DMG:_07//EVA:_03//ACC:_04 HP: [ ] (200/250) EN: [ ] (20/20) XP: [ ] (0/3)
  6. Iron_Lion

    [F?-R1] Iron_Lion's Alchemy Tent [PRIVATE]

    Placeholder [ID# 154081] [CD: 9] [LD: 17] [Result: +1 Uncommon HP Recovery, -1 Glow Shroom] [+3 EXP] [ID# 154082] [CD: 10] [LD: 13] [Result: +1 Uncommon HP Recovery, -1 Spotted Puff Shroom] [+3 EXP] [ID# 154083] [CD: 6] [LD: 3] [Result: Failure, -1 Spotted Puff Shroom] [+2 EXP]
  7. Iron_Lion

    Iron_Lion's Evaluations

    [Name]: Glowing Healing Salve [Your profession]: Alchemist [Your Rank]: 1 [Roll ID]: 153963 [Roll Result]: CD: 11 [Item Type]: Salve [Tier]: 1 [Quality]: Rare [Enhancements]: 2 HP Recovery [+40 HP] [Description]: A small tray the size of an adult's palm containing teal blue salve which smells like moderately cooked mushrooms. The salve is made of a bone meal paste with glow shroom spores mixed into it. [Post Link]: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19601-f-r1-iron_lions-alchemy-tent-private/?do=findComment&amp;comment=612093 [Name]: Glowing Scented Salve [Your profession]: Alchemist [Your Rank]: 1 [Roll ID]: 153963 [Roll Result]: CD: 12 [Item Type]: Salve [Tier]: 1 [Quality]: Perfect [Enhancements]: 1 Pheromones [+1 CD Taming Familiar] [Description]: A small tray the size of an adult's palm containing a somewhat glowing teal blue salve which smells like well cooked mushrooms. The salve is made of a bone meal paste with glow shroom spores mixed into it. [Post Link]: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19601-f-r1-iron_lions-alchemy-tent-private/?do=findComment&amp;comment=612093
  8. Iron_Lion

    [PP-F4] First Second Meeting

    The frontliners had infighting? "That's so stupid. If they're all trying to fight to escape the game, then why would they fight each other?" He gave a pouting face as he lay his head on his arms, resting on the Kotatsu. "It can't be that hard can it? Find the boss, scout the boss, make a plan for the boss, then fight the boss. Then move to the next floor. The whole goal is to beat every boss until we're out of here. How could that make people turn on each other?" When she mentioned how he should still be safe when he went out adventuring he nodded and stood up straight again. When she mentioned that she had a shop tent his jaw dropped. "No way! That's exactly what I was hoping I could do! Like, get a huge tent for my shop and just use the menu to set everything up! And don't worry I'll be safe~ I plan on moving it's location every now and then, and if I keep an eye out I can spot the more secluded and safer places on the floor!" When she mentioned how he could stay here anytime he wished, he was about to tell her 'yeah I know, that's why I said I could try coming here on the weekends', but before he could she opened her menu and tossed him a key. She could almost see the question marks over his head. When he heard her comment surprise covered his face as he realized what she was giving him. She really was putting her trust and faith in him. Giving him access to her home like this... He nodded and stored it in his inventory. "I won't let it go to waste Mari, and I swear I won't lose it either." Then her smile faltered like his had upon the topic of Redemption. True, he was a child, in every sense of the word. But his mother drilled it hard into him that when push came to shove, he had to harden himself and think about everything carefully until he was certain he was safe. So after he'd gotten over his fear, that's exactly what he had done. Before, during, even after the tutorial quests, most of what he'd done other than steal food was learning everything he could about the system. The visible and invisible rules and laws of this new world. All for the sake of survival. However nothing taught like experience, at least that's what his mom said. Mari had been in his place before, so she was his senior. And she didn't seem to have any ill will towards him at all, so he could probably trust her. He nodded slowly. "I, understand, Mari... I don't, really feel comfortable trusting too many people right now, so.. Maybe not right now.. Maybe later on, after I've had time to get used to this world." He curled up into a ball and rocked a bit in his seat. "This world... It's amazing. But it's also scary isn't it? It's so easy to get lost in this fantasy world, it seems so real. I was talking to someone who didn't seem to know much about the system, even though they've lived here for so long. That's what could happen to me isn't it? If I'm not careful, or don't pay attention... That's the reason the frontliners are fighting too, isn't it? Because they're too used to this world we're in?" He gave a nervous chuckle. "...I... I don't know what to do Mari, besides joining the frontlines I mean. I have ideas, but... I don't know." He turned to look at her with a smile. "Maybe... Just maybe... If I feel more comfortable later... I'd like to make more friends in this world." THREAD END! IRON_LION'S REWARDS +2 SP, +200 col @Mari's REWARDS +2 SP, +200 col
  9. Iron_Lion

    [F?-R1] Iron_Lion's Alchemy Tent [PRIVATE]

    With renewed energy knowing that he had finally increased his rank in the alchemy profession from one to two, he set up his alchemy tent a bit early today. He really wanted to get to the third rank as quickly as possible. That's where the more complex and fun activity of crafting potions was. And, seeing as how he only had one point of experience in, he had to hurry up with the process. Thankfully, he was now able to make three attempted crafts rather than only two of them. Three attempts to get it right. While he didn't have any replacement materials for the toxic venom enhancement, he still had other materials he could craft from that might prove useful. For instance, the glow shroom could be used to craft the enhancement known as pheromones, which was specifically designed to give the player a subtle boost when attempting to tame your familiar. It couldn't help you find one, but that wasn't really an issue if you had patience. Though, if he was being honest, Akio likely wouldn't feel very patient when the time came. Maybe he should buy a familiar sight song... Either way, Akio was eager to jump straight into his crafting session. Taking his collection of three materials, instead of two he thought with a giggle of delight, he set them to the side to prepare. The first material was the Fae Flower. In order to make an antidote with it, he needed to use the Fae Flower's leaves rather than it's petals or stem. And since he really had no need for sparkling paste right now, he'd go ahead and just leave it unused. Akio took the hand clips and clipped the leaf off. Then he did the traditional grinding the two leaves into a mush. He found out the hard way he needed to do this instead of boil it the last time. It didn't exactly look like complete mush, as there were some bumpy stuff in there but he really couldn't alter it no matter how hard he tried so he just let it go. Then he started mixing it with the bone meal and- BAM A small spark and pop followed by a stream of smoke came from his work. "What?! Come on?! Wait a minute... Don't tell me the middle thing on the leaf counts as the stem too?!" So he was going to have to clip the leaf off, and then carefully peel the two halves of the leaf off of the tiny thin stem that they connected to... That was gonna be a pain, but at least he knew how now. Moving on to the glow shrooms, he knew that they had two properties. The glowing cosmetic was found in the cap, while antioxidants was within the stalk. But the pheromones enhancement, he could now see, was in the spores within the cap. Meaning that instead of cutting stuff off, or mashing it and boiling it, he needed to shake the spores of the mushroom directly into the boiler. He went ahead and did this, but ended up putting too much into the boiler, resulting in a rare craft. But he had one more attempt left. So he tried it again, this time with less spores, and this time he finally crafted a perfect! He cheered for his second perfect craft ever and began to put them away for later use. [ID# 153962] [CD: 1] [Result: Critical Failure, -1 Fae Flower] [+1 EXP] [ID# 153963] [CD: 11, LD: 11] [Result: +1 Rare HP Recovery Salve] [+5 EXP] [ID# 153964] [CD: 12, LD: 16] [Result: +1 Perfect Pheromones Salve] [+8 EXP]
  10. Iron_Lion

    [PP-F1] Parkour 101 <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Akio's jaw dropped when he saw her move with extreme agility and precision on her first try. When she reached his position he just laughed with envy on his face. "Enough to make me jealous! Though it does help that the system handles multiple factors." His face returned then to the bright, enjoyable boy he was before as he looked around the area. Then he spotted a cliffside with it's own trees, one he noted was larger than the others. "Hey, I have an idea! Let's go over there. I'll teach you how to find footholds and how to scale walls and stuff. Then we can climb the tree and we should have a really awesome view of this area! Come on it'll be awesome!" He began to climb down now, and when he reached the bottom he would patiently wait for Kaya to join him. While he did so, he'd better be productive he thought, as he flipped his goggles back on. He scanned the area around here and spotted two green petal daisies behind the tree. He went ahead and picked them by the time she reached the bottom. "So what do you say? You ready?" [ID# 153961] [LD: 14+3=17] [Result: +2 Green Petal Daisy] [Iron_Lion] [Lv. 10] [DMG:_06//EVA:_03] HP: [ ] (250/250) EN: [ ] (20/20) XP: [ ] (0/3) [9 Materials {4 GPD} || {4 SPS} {1 SF}] @Assassin
  11. Iron_Lion

    [PP-F1] Bound to meet new people

    He watched as shook her head, and he even saw her throat swallow before she declared that he wasn't in any real danger. However, even then Akio had his doubts. He sighed and crossed his arms before giving a reply. "You can say that, but this is my first time seeing you or hearing about you. I don't know anything about you, including whether you're a liar or not. And so far all you've done is interrogated me, while all I know is your name and that you're a way higher level than I am. How am I supposed to feel safe and comfortable?" In truth he was terrified on the inside, but he knew that it was important to make it look and sound like you weren't scared, just cautious. 'If you can, keep others from knowing your scared and weak. So long as they aren't aware of it, they can't take advantage of you.' Definitely mom... When she asked how he got his cursor again he was about to give another sharp retort but decided against it and just explained the details. "Not many players know this, because nobody has had to do this, nor has done this, as a green player. But if you commit multiple criminal acts, even if they're minor ones, eventually your cursor turns orange. If you steal over and over again for instance, your cursor will eventually go orange, and stay that way." This was half true. He'd never done it personally, in the sense that he'd never stolen while green, but he had heard from other people stories of those who did get it. Mainly players too scared to go out adventuring, but were not able to live in the town due to bullying. Then she started telling him that he couldn't play the game without taking risks. How it was the only way to progress in the world, regardless of who stands in your way. Or who falls by your side. To this, he shifted uncomfortably, his thoughts bringing up the memory of that player he killed. "...So, what are you saying? That, killing is fine if it means you progresses? Cause that's what it sounds like your saying..." @Teayre
  12. Iron_Lion

    [F?-R1] Iron_Lion's Alchemy Tent [PRIVATE]

    Well. He still crafted sh*t, but this time he got a real reward out of it. This time, he had managed to increase his rank to the next rank! Sure he may have lost another fae flower due to him realizing that boiling the leaves wasn't how to make an antidote with the fae flower, and that he needed to grind it to a mush instead. And sure he may have failed to craft a salve out of the glow shroom (though he miraculously had salvaged it due to him using only the stalk of the mushroom and not the cap). But it was worth it! Because now he could craft up to THREE times a day, and on top of that, his crafting skills had increased! And he noticed a change in it too! When he checked a material that could be used in alchemy, he could now see all it's alchemical properties just by looking at it's menu! In addition to that, he sometimes got a hint from the system as to which part would have what properties, making it less likely for him to screw up. Of course this was only the start. Eventually he'd be getting better at keeping things boiling and brewing at just the right amount of time, chop or snip a part of the material just enough times, and of course. The very next rank was going to grant him access to crafting potions! He had access to tier two items right now, but that was basically useless to him. Additionally, after some more reading up on the alchemy profession, he realized that he had the potential to make twice the number of items. He hummed in thought as he looked at his work set. "Maybe I should go shopping for more supplies and tools..." [ID# 153922] [CD: 3] [Result: Failure, -1 Fae Flower] [+1 EXP] [ID# Rolling] [CD: 6; LD: 7] [Result: Failure, -1 Glow Shroom] [+2 EXP] RANK UP!!!
  13. Iron_Lion

    [PP-F4] First Second Meeting

    The kid grinned when she mentioned how he appeared to be capable of handling himself, and crossed his arms across his chest proudly. "Yeah definitely! I like to think I'm the most capable kid in this world! I can't wait to see the frontliner's faces when I catch up to them!" He closed his eyes and giggled as he used his imagination to picture the faces of super powerful players in total shock and amazement upon seeing a young kid help take down a chunk of health from a boss. When he heard Mari talk again he snapped out of his trance and focused on her. When she made her offer he looked down and took a sip of his hot chocolate. "..Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.. Really, I will." He looked out the window. "But you know. Living out in a tent isn't all that bad either really. I mean, sure I really missed the cozy bed and warm meals. But living out in the wild kind of feels like... Well it feels like being a real adventurer you know? Like I'm actually a fantasy character in some fantasy novel. It almost feels... Fun..." He smiled again and looked at her. "Buuuuut, that doesn't mean I won't take advantage of your offer! Maybe I could come and stay the night like, once a week? Or maybe twice a week, like the weekends.. That way I have plenty of time to train outside towns, but I have two days a week to rest super comfy and cozi!" His face brightened further and he added, "And if you're ok with helping a low leveled weakling like me, maybe you could help me with some quests so that I can catch up to you!" When she mentioned the redemption quest however, his face became somewhat blank. He drank some more of his hot chocolate, and thought of how to respond to that. "...I kind of heard of that quest actually. And, well.. After some calculations, and running through simulations in my head. I don't think it's a good idea for me to take that quest anytime soon." He tapped his glass as he tried to think of a way to proceed without upsetting her. "...The quest can only be taken once, and the change isn't permanent. Meaning that if I ended up killing someone or stole something too many times afterwards, I'd have it permanently. I know you don't want me to kill, but what if someone else tries to attack and kill me again while I'm alone? What if I'm kidnapped?" He put his mug down and closed his eyes. "I know what kind of world this is. I'm not stupid. So, I know that I'll probably have to kill someone again, regardless of whether I like it or not, to keep myself safe." His hands started to shake, but he showed no other signs of nervousness. "So. I'd rather take the quest, when I'm strong enough to be able to fight or escape, without being forced to kill someone. And I know that will take a very long time, so I'm going to wait a while longer until then. And besides." He looked up with her with a, somewhat genuine smile. "If they see my cursor, a pker might be less likely to attack me for a multitude of reasons, so I guess it does have a benefit or two right?" [Iron_Lion] [Lv. 9] [DMG:_06//EVA:_03] HP: [ ] (180/180) EN: [ ] (18/18) XP: [ ] (032) @Mari
  14. Iron_Lion

    [PP-F1] Parkour 101 <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Akio laughed a little when she fell down from the tree after her attempt. "Ha ha ha ha! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. That's almost exactly what happened to me when I first tried! Though, to be fair I ended up on my butt when I fell." He walked over to her and nodded at the tree. "The first thing you need to do is identify your final destination. I'm gonna assume you were aiming for the top of the tree, but the 'top' isn't actually the top branches. The further up you go, the weaker they become. The trunk will reach a certain point and split into branches, and that's the 'top' of the tree. The second thing you need to do," He said as he started climbing. "Is decide the best method to climb it. There's the cliff method where you find hand holds and foot holds." He stood on top of a branch and looked at a trunk above him. "Then there is the jump, and haul method!" He bent his knees and jumped up, grabbing the trunk and pulling himself up with his upper body strength until he was on top of it. He looked at the last trunk which went straight up. "And then there's what I call the squirrel method." He hugged the tree and started to pull himself up one inch at a time until he eventually reached the top he mentioned. "See? Of course you also need to identify what part of the tree is strong enough to support you and what isn't. If it's thin enough for your hand to wrap around at least one and a half times, don't grab it!" [ID# 153758] [LD: 8+3=11] [Result: +1 Star Fruit] [Iron_Lion] [Lv. 10] [DMG:_06//EVA:_03] HP: [ ] (250/250) EN: [ ] (20/20) XP: [ ] (0/3) [7 Materials {2 GPD} || {4 SPS} {1 SF}] @Assassin
  15. Iron_Lion

    [PP-F1] Parkour 101 <<Nature's Treasure>>

    Nodding in agreement, the boy smiled. "That, and it's really fun when you get the hang of it! Now then. There are several vital elements when it comes to parkour. Focus and concentration are gonna be key. Outside the game, failure means you risk physical harm, whether temporary or permanent. And if you take real risks, you could end up dying. However, after experimenting with the system in the game, I've determined that players will receive fall damage like normal. So you won't break your wrist, or twist your ankle, but if you fall from say a rooftop, you'll receive the appropriate percent based damage. So until we can get a mod that reduces fall damage, I don't recommend us taking too big a risk with anything." He began to draw a line in the dirt, then drew different building sizes. One small, one medium, one large, and one huge tower. "Let's say, you receive varied percent based damage for every five feet. For five feet for instance, you could receive no damage to five percent your health. If you fell from ten feet, you'd likely receive less or more than ten percent damage. But at twenty feet, it becomes more or less thirty to forty percent. At fifty feet, I imagine somewhere between eighty and ninety percent. And then, anything above that would probably prove fatal." Akio stood up after making the drawing and giving his explanation. "These are just estimates though. I'm not stupid enough to test it out, but it's safe to say that the higher you fall from, the more quickly the percentage of fall damage escalates. Focus and concentration will be key factors in two regards: The first is making sure you can travel without falling. After practice it becomes a combination of instinct and focus, but it will be hard to get adjusted to for a while. The second factor crosses over to the next factor, in the sense that you have to plan out your route while you're moving. There are always things that can change, like a window being boarded up, a hole in the wall fixed, etc. So knowing all the potential paths and taking the best one is crucial. The second factor is of course, knowledge. Knowing where everything is, what the variables are, and how to use them to your advantage. The third factor is simple. Practice practice practice." He paused to look around for materials now that he had his inspection lens on. Unfortunately when he slid the glass into place it seemed smeared. So he had to take the darn thing off, clean it off, then put it back on again. [ID# 153755] [LD: 7+3=10] [Result: Failure] [Iron_Lion] [Lv. 10] [DMG:_06//EVA:_03] HP: [ ] (250/250) EN: [ ] (20/20) XP: [ ] (0/3) [6 Materials {2 GPD} || {4 SPS}] @Assassin