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  1. It genuinely was a wonderful day on the first floor of castle Aincrad. The sun was shining with just the right amount of white, poofy clouds spread across the deep blue sky. The morning weather couldn't have possibly been better, with a slight and just right breeze blowing through Drazyn's brown hair. It was the type of weather that would make the fairy tale character of Goldilocks happy. It wasn't too far into his walk, but Drazyn hadn't had too amazing luck searching for materials across the grass land. He needed to find a better spot to search for Zakariah's materials, but he really didn't feel like leaving the grasslands quite yet. He wasn't quite that willing to head out into a situation where it could be much more unsafe than out in the grass. He still had that same voice in his head as he had previously. The voice that gave Drazyn some reasoning, but maybe the same exact voice that holds Drazyn back from what he could be. The voice that always had held him back from what he wanted to be. But, Drazyn was driven. He was driven to make that voice die. He had something he wanted to do and he wasn't going to let that very voice stand in his way. Roll: (LD 6 - Fail)
  2. Drazyn was brave crossing the gate and walking right out into the grassland area, but with every step he took in the dewy and soft green colored grass, his bravery and courage was questioned in his mind. Was it really worth putting himself into this danger, where he could die and lose everything? But, the more he thought about it, Drazyn realized he really didn't have much to lose. His mother and sister were gone, he didn't have any friends since the move way back in middle school, and his remaining family were all abusive to him. I mean, really - why not play the game it was meant to play? The more he thought about it, the more Drazyn wished he had been actually doing stuff all the months he spent in isolation in the Town of Beginnings. He wanted to prove to himself that he really could help everyone clear this game. It wasn't for himself though, no. It was for the countless individuals besides him that lived in the Town of Beginnings full of sorrow. Drazyn couldn't fix what happened to his mother. But in a way, he felt like by helping these people get back to their own families that were still alive, he would make her proud. Roll: (LD 10 - Fail)
  3. It had been a while since Drazyn had actually done much in the game of SAO besides simply walking around the Town of Beginnings, with fear of death on his mind. But now, here he was about to leave the massive town, having accepted a quest from an NPC named "Zakariah". The quest seemed simple enough; Find the old man some materials so he can craft with them and probably get nice reward, Drazyn wasn't interested in searching an info brokers list to find what the quests reward would be. If he was going to do something in this game, he wanted the reward to be a nice surprise. Something he could actually be somewhat excited about, a feeling that Drazyn had seemed to long forgotten in the past. Drazyn also saw the quest as a way to help himself change. He wanted to help clear the game. He wanted to get through it. Heck, he even wanted to play the game he had saved up money to buy. But the fear of death was just so haunting to the young adult that he hadn't let himself out of his shell. He didn't want to die. If he was going to die, he should've been in that car when his mom and sister got rammed into, not like this. He thought about how much he wanted to be with them all the time. All together as a happy family again. He had his rapier in its sheath at his side, the Breath of the Forest, in case if he stumbled upon combat. He really was hoping it wouldn't come to that. Drazyn stopped walking out of the town right when he stood before the gates. He let out a big breath, closed his eyes for a moment, and thought about why he was here. In any case, he really should've found the game much more appealing than living with an abusive family.. Drazyn tried to tell himself that all the time, but always felt like it was his fault they were that way. He opened his eyes as he began to walk forward again, out of the safe zone and into the grass lands. "I can do this!"
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    Bumping this since it is finished now, and am going to use this seperate post in the future for roleplay/arc descriptions. Thanks!
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    Faceclaim: Somewhere similar to Gary and Green Oak, Pokemon Series Drazyn's Profile Username: Drazyn Real name: Matsuda Tsuneo Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 5'8" About Drazyn has messy brown hair and light emerald green eyes. He looks a tad bit older for being eighteen, but has a cleanly shaven face. History/Personality: Drazyn spent his youngest years in a smaller town several miles north of Tokyo. He had a happy childhood there, with his younger sister, older brother, and parents. Drazyn had been an energetic kid, always wanting to be outside and always running around the small town with his friends. His family would go on weekly bike rides down to the park together and would all play basketball, among many other activities the family would. He had lived a pretty darn good childhood up until going into middle school. It was during his second year at the school there when his happy days began counting down, without even having a clue something would happen. He didn't even know what had happened. Drazyn had walked home from school that day as planned, with a pretty chipper attitude. School was out for the weekend, so hey, what wasn't the kid to be excited for? Clouds surrounded the blue sky but the sun found a spot to peak through. It seemed like a good day. Opening the door to his home with the same lively feeling, he found an eerie silence awaited him, when usually his parents and siblings would be home by now. The school his younger sister went to was about ten minutes away by car and got out about an hour earlier, so his mom would normally pick her up, and Drazyn would enjoy to walk home from school. His brother had his own car, so he would drive home from high school on his own. Thinking about it, he hadn't seen his mom's bright red car in the driveway like usual. "Hello...?" Drazyn asked in the house. It was almost as if it carried a dreary echo throughout the lifeless living room, through the empty kitchen, and right back at him. He started to walk up the stairs towards his parents' room to see if they were there and what he found was a scary thing to see. His father knelt down on his knees and trying to hide his tears. Two empty bottles of wine laid down on the carpet next to him, leaking whatever was left onto the closet carpet. It was a mortifying sight to the young adolescent. Drazyn didn't go to school the next week. His mother and younger sister had died that day on their way back from school; they had crashed with a driver too busy looking at their phone to look at the road ahead. After the funeral, the family moved to a much smaller apartment in Tokyo. Drazyn's brother became very abusive towards him, and his dad became abusive as well. He didn't talk much, but when he did, it was yelling. Otherwise, all he did was go to his new job, come home, and drink. Living in the bustling capital of Japan, Drazyn often found himself lost amidst the busy streets along the city. He became quiet as he grew up in the city, and found a new feeling of anxiety he hadn't felt before. He picked up a after-school job at a local computer parts store, not only just to have some money for himself, but so he could stay out of the house. He was a very smart student in school, even with the abuse. Drazyn found himself getting lost in video games to hide from the abusiveness of his family and to cope with the reality around him. It was his senior year when we went out and bought Sword Art Online. As he plugged in, He had the intent to hide himself and his emotions inside the game as often as he could away from his father and brother, but as it turned out when he first said those cursed words, he was stuck for a much longer time. "Link Start!" Virtues: Caring. Regardless of how socially awkward Drazyn is, he is truthfully caring for those close to him. Even though his father and brother are abusive to him, Drazyn would never forgive himself if something happened to them, regardless of why it happened. He partially blames himself for his father's alcoholic ways, and really wishes he would stop. Drazyn has always been a caring type of person and would do anything for those close to him. Resourceful. In most situations, Drazyn has a very analytical mind when he just puts it to work instead of letting his emotions do the talking. He is a very good problem solver in hard situations, so he could be a great member for a team of players to have on their side. Drazyn had hopes of going to school to get a degree in Computer Science since he first peaked his interest in computers, and loves thinking through any kind of complex problems. Courageous. Drazyn, even in the face of fear, is courageous, and will not back down if it means helping another person. He will fight until the very end and will not give up when the going gets tough, and likes to inspire those around him to know that there is a way through it. That laying down and dying is not the only option. His rescourceful-ness and courageousness is something that can work together very nicely. Flaws: Emotional and Recklessly Impulsive. He tries to keep hidden any emotions he has in general as much as he can, but in private, Drazyn is really impulsive and emotional. He cries a lot still about how he misses his mother and sister in private. He's sad about not having any friends, but clearly tries to keep that to himself. This may lead to Drazyn acting somewhat recklessly when on his own, and potentially putting himself into dangerous situations because of his impulsive misjudgments. Anxious. Stemming from when Drazyn moved after the day his mother had died, he had a new sense of anxiety. In the smallest of situations, Drazyn may find himself panicking and not knowing what to do sometimes. Drazyn is also really socially anxious and somewhat tries to avoid other people for that reason, even if he really deep down wants to have friends, he is scared. He is scared of holding people close and letting them in and then losing them, or even letting them down. Drazyn always felt like he had let down his abusive father, and his brother always let him know how much of a failure he was after the move. Those were the only ones close to him after they moved to Tokyo, and it scares Drazyn because he doesn't want to let anyone else down. Mentally Unstable. Drazyn has lots of problems with where he puts his head and where his thoughts go because of the traumatic abuse from his father. Sometimes, Drazyn will flinch and get scared for a moment when you go for a high-five even, out of simple reaction. The head-space he has because of the abuse sometimes makes it feel like life really isn't worth it to Drazyn, and he assumes others don't want him around, but he tries his hardest to keep himself pushing. He tries to think about the better times when they would go on those family bike rides once a week, all as a family and happy. Drazyn Inventory/Skills/Col Log - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uxVhDKLJp3UO9kcqJCintIkNUqrrNeG4VK3jCKgz0M4/edit?usp=sharing -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------