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  1. NIGHT: okay please tell me you all saw that omg Basuke: yes Bistro: I'm busy, but yes. Bistro: And my clients have been blowing my inbox up about the news, too. I've got free potions, if you're looking for them. Bistro: Just please don't message me any more. NIGHT: omg Bistro has left the group chat. Basuke: free? Basuke: ah hey Basuke: orz NIGHT: basuke i need to meet you NIGHT: where's good?
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    NIGHT: thanks NIGHT: um Bistro: Payment isn't necessary. Bistro: Good luck out there. NIGHT: i'll let you know if i see her Bistro: Okay.
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    @Oscar has been added to 'Delivery'. @Andromeda has been added to 'Delivery'. NIGHT: pick up @ evening star NIGHT has left the group chat.
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    #ph | i need a canvas so 1s NIGHT | HP: 1065/1065 | EN: 102/102 | ACC: 5 | DMG: 25* | EVA: 4 | MIT: 36* | LD: 6 | BURN: 36 | BLIGHT: 72 | BLEED: 36 | TOXIC VENOM: 24 | PARALYZE: 1 | Stealth Detection: 3 * [Filling] has been used to provide +1 Protein.
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  8. <<Scents of the Wild: Leeching Nightmare>> Blue and black. That was all she could remember from her time at the river. When she'd gotten to the tenth floor, however, a different sense of dread fell upon her shoulders. NIGHT's eyes went to the rock her other had previously occupied, and found a hollowness in her when she realized it empty. A missing piece. It didn't feel right without them looming over her back this visit, and it certainly didn't feel good having them around, either. So what gives...? A change of scenery might do the trick. NIGHT's gaze fell onto the rest of town, a sight she hadn't pressed herself to look upon during her past visits. The vibrant reds and warm lights from the open stores through paper windows were inviting and homely, and while the player might've stayed for a quick stroll, today was another day for mark hunting. So she quickly drummed up a message to her ally and friend. To: @Zajcica NIGHT: yomi NIGHT: lich NIGHT: eta? NIGHT | HP: 1045/1045 | EN: 100/100 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 23* | EVA: 2 | MIT: 36* | VAMP(OFF): 1 | BLEED: 24 | LD: 3 | Stealth Detection: 3 * [Filling] used to provide +1 Protein.
  9. The two crossed over the water bridge to Yomi, the knight nodding as her paladin regaled the both of them with the tale of meeting the newbie. NIGHT nodded when Yuki had mentioned wanting to help starter merchants -- she too had shared the same idea once. "Though, I wouldn't exactly call us high-leveled players," the woman said, finally finding her voice to pitch in. Call it humbleness, inexperience or anxiety, but NIGHT still didn't feel as secure as Yuki did with regards to where she stood amongst other players. "I'd imagine that title would go to the active front liners myself." Back in town under the tori gate, the ambient atmosphere quickly switched from cool hues back to warmer tones. The woman felt a sense of relief wash over her, as she hoped up the stairs, nearly gunning for the teleporter a few feet ahead. NIGHT glanced over to her friend. "I'll bounce outta here first. Feel free to meet me up on the 16th whenever you're ready." @Zajcica
  10. <<Scents of the Wild: Mōretsuna>> It was upon reading Bistro's details of the next mark that a realization dawned on NIGHT -- she didn't know how to fish. She might've, had she taken the opportunity to attempt that fourth beginner's quest. Unfortunately, with her troupe going missing one by one, the player realized she hadn't even found the time to head out on completing that mission with any of them. A handful of experience for starters fallen to the wayside along her own personal journey. Bummer. But at least the help guide would give NIGHT something to read whilst waiting for her hard-headed friend. This floor was where Hebishinu resided, so it had fallen onto the knight's persuasion that her paladin come for the hunt, with today's mark being a flounder than a snake. As NIGHT scanned the help text on Cardinal's systems guide, she idled around uncomfortably by the teleporter. No doubt any player who showed up would seem out of place in the 16th's settlement. @Zajcica NIGHT | HP: 1045/1045 | EN: 100/100 | ACC: 4 | DMG: 23* | EVA: 2 | MIT: 0** | LD: 9 | REC: 2 | TAUNT | PARAIMMUNE | Stealth Detection: 3 * [Filling] used to provide +1 Protein. ** WARNING: Mitigation cannot fall below 0! title ref
  11. "Freyd?" That name... didn't ring a bell. Of course it didn't -- if Yuki's guess was right about them being a fresh face, it only made sense that NIGHT wouldn't know them. But with a sword missing from her inventory, she could only find herself wondering... "Sounds like an alright guy. What's he using?" Admittedly, all the player had on her right now were a number of single-handed blades, fashioned to break a dent in their enemies' health bars through the use of DoTs. She'd wanted to save one of them for Basuke, knowing the possibility that the kid would've appreciated it, but it also acted as a gift of apology. Because she'd shrugged him off during that one Easter event with her doppel. Whoops. NIGHT hummed as she mulled over the immolation potions' usage. "They sound like they'd fit you," she commented, eyeing the crossroad's path down towards Tartarus as they'd passed it, a sour taste left in her tongue. "-- And the fact they don't scale seems like it'd be good to keep customers returning." @Zajcica
  12. NIGHT whistled at Yuki's shopping habits. She could understand the sentiment entirely -- though, her unwavering loyalty with regards to patronage put her on the opposite end of the spectrum. Still, she could admire her friend's insistence on hopping between stores. "Easy enough," she replied, as they'd crossed over into the settlement's safe zone. "I'll wait for you outside, then." Onto the teleporter and a flash of light later, the duo were right back out in the Town of Beginnings proper. It was darker out than NIGHT had expected, and with quick steps she lead them through the different districts of the city, careful not to lose track of her aide. The route was complex, though it was due to the woman's insistence on taking shortcuts from the teleporter; in just a handful of minutes, the two were at Pandora's Wares storefront. And somehow, for the first time, NIGHT had managed to catch sight of the panel on the front door. ... oh so that's what andromeda meant-- She was going to need to make up for yet another stroke of inconvenience... again. @Zajcica
  13. "There're potions that do that, huh?" NIGHT wasn't aware of them, on the account that she'd barely looked over a merchant's default stock, nor kept track of what her alchemist-broker contact was ever up to. Visits to both of those personnel in her own life had always been a touch-and-go affair -- until recently, at least. The thought of her friend helping out a new player was rather intriguing however, and with a tilt of her head she decided to inquire more. "Who's the newbie? And hey, I haven't heard of that particular quest either; what, you gonna tag me out to that boss fight too?" NIGHT snorted. If Yuki could take it down while protecting a starting adventurer, she bet she could do the same. But it was fun to jest about possibilities and hunting marks together. After all, the duo had been at that game for a good while by now. @Zajcica
  14. Two merchants? No-- no, wait. NIGHT knew just as many aside from Shield, and she was more likely to try and forget her neighbor just out of sheer concern and embarrassment. The woman hummed, wondering if it was a good opportunity to splurge on her secrets; then again, it was a tidbit that was much more beneficial with regards to the merchant, rather than the warrior herself. "I guess it's more like they'd need the experience more than anything," NIGHT reflected, hands burrowing into her tracksuit pockets. "Her name's Andromeda, and she runs a store down on the first floor. Pandora's Wares. It's super convenient." For a moment she'd hoped that her friend wouldn't ask about the merchant already living right beside her, before she continued to speak. "Capable too, though I guess I'm at fault for finding that out... I used to saddle her with a lot of equipment myself..." @Zajcica
  15. NIGHT only managed a hum of acknowledgement as they trudged their way down the river. She'd set her gaze upon the lapping blues once again, somehow entranced by their glows as they illuminated the other ghastly figures on the other side of the shore. Aggravating. The last time she'd been here... The player shook her head, turning her attention to her paladin friend. "Strength is just numbers," she'd finally found herself returning, trying to keep her eyes on the ground rather than the light that dug a pit in her stomach. "You'll catch up eventually, with your pace. Didn't your thorns cut a sharper bite earlier, too?" Maybe it'd been her misremembering, or the Stygian warriors had been a lot weaker than she'd understood. But Yuki's equipment once only managed to scar enemies by just a hair; today, it felt like their gauges shrunk a little backwards further from the punishment. @Zajcica
  16. "Sounds like a done deal to me." A quick trade, and NIGHT passed the collected equipment over, along with a handful of col. She tilted her head as she posed her next question. "Col and a CD consumable? I'm assuming this is the same merchant we're talking about here." Then she raised a brow, expression shifting into a scowl as she'd finally connected the dots together. "Is it Shield? I didn't check his rates the last time I'd been up at his shop..." It had also been where she'd picked up Basilisk's Bane from, but that fact might've been irrelevant to Yuki. "What's up with the incredible amount of effort for each identification, though?" With a wave, she beckoned her friend to follow along by her side, resuming their stroll back towards town. "Don't tell me you can't find one better, or that you're obligated to just because they're a front liner or something. Isn't their shop in the middle of nowhere, too...? Yuki, if you need a recommendation, just let me know." @Zajcica
  17. Nothing much had changed while she was away. Okay, good. NIGHT treaded over towards Yuki, glancing down at the last remaining lamia of the ambushing pack. She'd almost felt sorry for it, having to be put down with a simple art such as this, but she knew its information would be better used elsewhere, for both Cardinal's sakes and their own. A quick cleave down the serpent's torso, and it scattered its data into a handful of fragments across the floor and into the air. And for their trouble... "... I want the consumable," NIGHT announced with a fixated gaze to the item, stashing it away in her inventory. With a handful of taps, she'd closed her menus, the boxes shrinking as she'd cached away her sword to her back. "And maybe the handful of col, too. Did you want the rest of the loot, Yuki? It's not like I've got a need for it any more." @Zajcica
  18. New enemies? Oh [censored] that. And what was worse -- the damned Lich had managed to wriggle itself free under her shoe just when she'd found herself watching the commotion over by the Stygian's surface. When NIGHT found that it had the gall to devour them whole and buff itself up once again, she'd snapped. Teeth clenched tight, she'd raced towards the undead creature's form and buried Dracbane into its abdomen with only a streak of light to accompany her. The cloth on the boss didn't even manage to stand a chance. It collectively exploded alongside its host's body, shimmering and rising upwards against the darkened cavern ceiling. The woman let out an exasperated breath, finally registering the numbness and pain wedged in her mouth before sliding Dracbane back to its holder, her tongue running over her incisors in absolute annoyance. To hell with this place. For some reason it was downright awful and stuffy to be here, and the monsters never helped any. An exhale to calm her jittery nerves, before she turned back over to Yuki. "I'm done. Let's get out of here." @Zajcica
  19. Annoying indeed. NIGHT grunted her affirmation before plunging herself back into the fray. In three quick dashes past the already stricken targets, she'd sent them back to their maker, leaving only one standing on the battlefield. The woman cut through the mass of fading data crystals with her blade, keeping a careful watch on the snake's movements as it dove right for Yuki once again. This time, it'd end up with a punishing cut for its crimes of existence. In a swift motion, the lamia reached out towards her paladin friend, and NIGHT sprinted forward to tear her blade through its stretched limb, shattering the part in half at its elbow. As the monster reeled back in surprise, the woman kicked the creature aside, pushing it back to give her ally some much needed space. A tick upwards on her energy stole her attention away from battle -- that was new, the player thought, forgetting she'd put on a garment that had the recovery enhancement on it. The battle continued as she stalled for the moment. @Zajcica
  20. The heck was that? A trick of the light? NIGHT advanced on the lich just as it had grabbed hold of her ally and drained her of some health -- there'd seemed to be a blur or a smudge in between the space of the two figures, before Yuki was shoved back into the dirt. Whilst the boss was fulfilled with its meal, its lull in combat gave the warrior time to leap into the air and tear its flesh asunder. Success. At least, decently so. While the undead creature had managed to steal some life from its victim, so too was NIGHT capable of such a feat. Dracbane willed the familiar healing orbs to life just as it struck into the wilted figure of the ghast, and with a single thought, they returned to her to bump her health back to full. When she'd landed, NIGHT rose back up to loom over the fallen figure with a smirk, propping her boot up onto its form out of habit. Not feeling so special now, huh? @Zajcica