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  1. In Combat: Okay, what was a person to do when they just wanted to leave the fight and the event? Continue fighting. She had a goal and she was going to get that said goal. Besides, she's already killed two zombies, who says she can't kill another one, or two? She was mentally pumping herself up, only to see the first zombie coming toward her. She had her basic attack ready to use, and would have used it, if it weren't for the fact that she had to move out of the way of the zombie. That could have gone bad for her if she hadn't. But her attacked missed and instead hit the nearest tree. Oh well, it happens. She couldn't see the second zombie though, at least, until it hit her from behind. There went another chunk of health. Right, use a potion, equip her armor, use another consumable, then kill these things. That was the running base of operations in her mind now. Achievement Tracking:
  2. In Combat: Okay, health was needed again. She grabbed another Spider Cider and downed it quickly, noticing that she still had thirteen left. That was good at least. Perhaps, after she heals once more, she might just equip her stuff and attempt to kill these things for real. That would be fun wouldn't it. She smirked at the thought then. The smirk was soon gone though as she noticed the first zombie coming at her. She tried to move, but couldn't in time. Well, good thing she just healed herself right? Just as she thought this, she was hitting the ground as the second zombie tackled her and bit her arm once more. What in the... okay this might get bad soon. She was already down half the health that she just restored. What in the world was going on here? Either way, she shoved the zombie off of her and quickly rose back to her feet, holding her rapier ready to attack. Items Used: Achievement Tracking:
  3. In Combat: Okay zombies, can you hit her now? She was actually starting to get bored. She thinks this as she goes to use her basic attack on the first zombie again, only for it to miss. Yeah, this was starting to get boring and seemed to be mighty familiar. At least they aren't critical failures. Though, would that be better? The thought crossed her mind, making her miss the attack from the first zombie, another chunk of health gone. She glared at the zombie then. "You, sir, are going to die, I'll make sure of it." She was starting to get more mad at these zombies than she probably should be. Oops. This anger that was focused on the first zombie made her miss the attack from the second. At least, until she felt it. She looked at the zombie biting her arm and she pushed it off. "Hey!" Now this was starting to feel like a horror movie. She wasn't about to turn into a zombie was she? Achievement Tracking:
  4. In Combat: So, the zombies didn't seem to like her refilling her health. Oh well, sucks to be them. So, while they seemed to be angrily talking to one another, she used her basic attack on the first zombie. She watched as just a sliver of health dropped from it and she cursed at whatever god might be listening at this point. These zombies were annoying as heck. She tried to back off of the zombie though, but failed at that for it hit her, and hard. Right in the stomach. Of course. She cringed at the slight pain, funny how one could feel pain in a video game huh. She looked to see the second zombie coming for her though and she moved just slightly, managing to miss it's attack. Good, only one zombie doing critical damage at a time. This was going to be a slow event for her wasn't it? Achievement Tracking:
  5. In Combat: Right half health, yellow health bar, no fun. Nope not at all. Grabbing one of the Spider Ciders from her inventory, she quickly downed it. The moment that the cider was gone, the bottle burst into fragments and she watched as her health went back to full. Okay, this was good. This meant that she was able to continue on with the fight. Cool. She looked to see the first zombie coming for another attack and, after clearing her mind of the fear, she side stepped it easily. For some reason, this time it was fumbling. That was odd for sure. She looked to see that the second zombie was already coming for her as well and she managed to move out of the way of that one too. Cool, did these ciders help with more than just health? She looked at the information and groaned. Nope, just health. She just got extremely lucky right then. Figures. Item Used: Achievement Tracking:
  6. In Combat: Wait, were those...yes they were zombie clowns too. Whelp, this event was just out to get her wasn't it. She sighed as she charged right for the first zombie, only to miss, drastically. The NPC had dashed right in front of her, causing Noct to come to a skidding halt. The first zombie saw this and decided to retaliate by clawing her arm then. She grimaced and watched her health go to half. Yup, now it was time to drink something. She sighed looked over to the second zombie to see it fumbling it's way over. She moved to the side and out of the way of both of the zombies, hoping that she was going to be able to restore her health at least. She watched them though, waiting to see what their next move was going to be. Two against one, these were going to be the odds forever weren't they? Achievement Tracking:
  7. End Combat: Okay, she was going to kill it this time. She had to. She knew she was going to. She couldn't sit here in an endless game of missing with this darned thing. She was even thinking of unequipping her trinket and putting it in her battle ready inventory. She knew that goals that she was here for, and well, this wasn't exactly going the way that she planned it. She would wait and see. She looked at the zombie as it was starting to turn toward her and she charged it, striking it once in the sternum with a basic attack. That was when it went poof and she smiled. "Good." One less zombie, one less clown. Wait a second, what was that sound behind her? She turned and looked to see two more zombies chasing after someone and off she went, to be the savior. Achievement Tracking:
  8. In Combat: Okay, one more hit and the zombie should die. That seemed to be simple enough. She looked at the zombie and took in a deep breath before she charged it, ready to use her basic attack once more. But even though the attack landed, and showed doing damage, the zombie was still alive. What in the world was this magic? This wasn't fair at all! She just stared dumbfounded at the zombie, and it seemed to be just as dumbfounded when this happened. It tried to hit her in return, but looked slightly confused making it easy for Noctua to move to the side and out of it's way. Okay, so, sometimes a zombie can't be killed at all. She didn't understand this, she didn't like this, but it is what it is. It just means that she would have to try that much harder to get this zombie to die. Achievement Tracking:
  9. In Combat: She waited a moment before she used her basic attack on the zombie, or at least, tried to. The zombie seemed to have picked up it's speed once more and was able to move out of her attack, making her run right past it instead. She grumbled something under her breath as she turned around to see the zombie running at her in turn. Only he was easily able to be read, and she moved a few steps back once the zombies momentum faded. That was the moment that her status effects hit the zombie once more, causing it to drop to one health point. Well, wasn't that just peachy? She sighed as she shook her head. This would be the one time she can't just kill the thing and call it quits huh. Nope, instead, she had to continue this game of dodging and attacking, as if it seemed to really matter much. "Just die will you. Clowns suck. Zombies suck. All in all, you majorly suck." Achievement Tracking:
  10. She chuckled lightly as she looked at her inventory, yup, still just the one. "Still just the one from before." For something so easy they sure didn't like to dro- Her thoughts stopped for a moment as Koga kissed her on the head. No, she was not used to this what so ever. So much so, she blushed lightly. "T-thank you, h-hun." Oh this poor child, so unsure of what she was supposed to say. "And we'll have to do it again...oh boy, what joy. I can't wait." She was grateful for the minor subject change. She smiled though and she looked at him, "Is that sarcasm I hear?" A small chuckled came from her then as she looked around for a moment. There seemed to be nothing around them. Had they scared off what boar pups might have been left in the area? She didn't care if they had, she wanted the darned items from this quest and she was going to get them, just hopefully before nightfall. @Koga
  11. Noctua

    Noctua's Athenean Crafts

    Name: Golden Ring Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 4 Roll ID: 129232 Roll Result: 10 (9 +1) Item Type: Ring Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: Keen // Accuracy Description: A golden ring band that has a arrow on it. Surrounding this arrow is something that looks like an aura field. Post Link: Name: Golden Eye Ring Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 4 Roll ID: 129235 Roll Result: 13 (12 +1) Item Type: Ring Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Accuracy // Accuracy // Accuracy Description: An eye from a monster encased in risen. It is only content with more hunting. Post Link: Name: Golden Rabbit's Foot Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 4 Roll ID: 129236 Roll Result: 13 (12 +1) Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Loot Die // Loot Die // Loot Die Description: This is a golden rabbit's foot. It is supposed to be extremely lucky when trying to find things when out and about. Post Link: Note: Athena's Lens tool is under Noct's notes in her main shop post.
  12. Hm, she was close to ranking up, be she didn't think that it was going to happen today. So instead of expecting that, she just went about doing her normal thing. She had another ring order that she needed to do today, so that was the first thing that she was going to work on. Her first craft became a rare ring, the second and third though were failures that were at least able to be salvaged. She liked her odds of being able to beat the crafting system now. Salvaging her materials was better than losing them. Her fourth craft, well that was the perfect ring that she needed for the order that she had for Lonzo. Quickly making sure that it was finished, she sent him a message stating that it was completed and ready for pick up. She still had one more craft, so she started to work on a trinket. She wanted to put loot die into it, that seemed to be the thing that was selling lately. What she didn't expect for was for it to become a perfect and help her rank up to rank five. Now that was a surprise. She grabbed one more material and got to work, only for it to fail. Oh well, all in all, today was a great day.