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  1. She watched as Okami went and woke the man up. She shuddered from the drool that she saw on him and she chuckled lightly at the same time. Guess he should have woke up when she told him too the first time. He was finally waking up it seemed like and she looked at him. "Something, but yes, it needs to be killed. A merchant is unable to get his supply caravans anywhere safely, something keeps stopping them." She looked at him and smiled, "So, I figure, we go kill whatever this thing is that is terrorizing the poor merchant on the second floor, and afterwards, we go for some French cuisine afterwards." There you go Koga, she is determining the plan for the day. Be proud of the woman. Right now though, she looked at Athena and whistled lightly, the owl looked over at her, then Koga and just settled back to sleep. "Great, she's been around you too long," she joked lightly as she sat on the edge of the bed and waited for him. @Koga
  2. She stared at him in disbelief. He really wasn't catching on right now was he? "I know her from her coming into our shop and being friendly with you." So, that was how he was stronger than her, that was now making perfect sense. But, instead of attempting to delve much more into the conversation, he was so graciously saved by some mobs that decided that the pair needed a distraction. "Yeah." She didn't wait long after that at all. Her hand hand been hovering over the hilt of her rapier when the antmen showed up, and knowing that he was ready to fight and wasn't about to go and get himself killed was a good thing. She wasn't entirely done with their previous conversation after all. But, with the goal of taking her jealousy out on the antman in front of her, she dashed forward, the blade of her rapier turning violet just before she unleashed a quick flurry of thrusts at the antman. She didn't do all of the damage that she wanted, but she at least dropped the antman's health, a lot. @Koga
  3. The sun wasn't even up just yet, she was though. She didn't know why exactly. Koga was asleep, and she was going to leave him that way for now. Instead, she silently looked at the owl who was perched by the window, a small hoot came from her before Noctua smiled and left the inn room. She walked through the streets of the town, until she saw a new bill on the quest board. She looked at the details before she turned and went back to the inn room. Once back, she walked over to Koga and kissed his cheek, "Hey, love, wake up. Someone needs some help on the second floor." She was going to leave it with that as she started to make sure that she had the things that she wanted in her inventory and the right equipment on. She noticed that he still wasn't out of bed yet and she looked at Okami. "Okami, a little help please?" @Koga
  4. He was staring at her in disbelief, and she didn't really blame him. She had been against things that could get them both killed for years. But the disbelief turned to surprise and she chuckled lightly. She knew that there were a lot of things that could potentially go wrong, but she wasn't going to let that stop her from letting him have his fun. She figured that Yuki, NIGHT, and Tala were going to be at the top of his list. But there was a name that she didn't hear. Was he trying to hide something now? As she walked, she picked up another material and kept walking as she voiced her next comment. "What about that Azhoda chick? You two obviously seem to know each other enough to know how you both fight." She didn't look at him, she just kept walking. Was that a hint of jealousy? Yes, a random woman had come into their shop and commented on him knowing how she fought and she hadn't once heard of this person. Yes, she was jealous. @Koga
  5. She looked at him and she shook her head, "Babe, you realize that if I'm insane, then that means your just as insane, if not more insane." He wasn't the only one who could joke about their sanity, besides, that much was true. He did agree to marry her after all. The look that she gave him, made him quickly change his mind when he said that the NPC would just respawn. She smiled lightly before she kissed his cheek, making sure that he was walking behind her once more. "I think we both are love, I mean, you did manage to get the slime on me as well." The walk seemed to be short getting to the village. Queue the scream and the instant headache reforming. They gave the NPC the item that was needed and waited for the quest to be finished. Things calmed down, and they promptly left, going back to the Town of the Beginnings. Food was on the list as well as a couple of baths to get the slime off of themselves. Thread Summary:
  6. "I try, but only for you." She chuckled with him for a moment then as she just relished in the embrace. But of course, she knew that it was going to have to end at some time, no matter how much she didn't want that. For now though, she spun around after he kissed her head and she kissed his cheek lightly with a smile. "As long as I get to keep you, I think I'll remain being sweet." Was that a hint of jealousy, over nothing? She still thought on her choice of skills for a moment. She was torn, mainly because she didn't want to die, but she also didn't want to chance him dying. Why couldn't these decisions be easier to make? "I really wish that I could say that I have officially made up my mind," she chuckled for a moment, "mainly because I don't want to get hurt, which is where my light armor would come in, but I don't want you to be hurt either, which is where the first aid would come in." Another small thought process, "Hm, perhaps I'll just ask your opinion on that when I need to focus on it." That should at least help with that for now. "Burritos it is, but I can't wait to see how to like French cuisine." There was a hint of excitement in her voice as she started to drag him back to the town then. Their quest for the day done, so that was pleasant at least. Perhaps now they could just sit and relax for a little bit. But knowing them, that wasn't going to happen, they would find something new to go about and do. The walk to town was fast and peaceful, and soon enough, they were sitting and chatting while eating some burritos. @Koga Thread Summary:
  7. She looked at the parchment and she instantly shook her head with a sighing laugh. Only he would be so bold as to want to go and hunt down a sub-dungeon. "So, my lovely husband wants to find a sub-dungeon. What could go wrong?" She was going to support this wholeheartedly, mainly because she wanted to see what it might bring for them. Plus, it sounded fun. Perhaps Koga was rubbing off onto her more than one might think. She was starting to enjoy fighting and hunting down things that had the possibility to kill her. "Yeah, we might be good on gear for now." She saw something on the ground and quickly grabbed the material before she thought for a moment. "But, who are we going to drag along with us?" She looked at him as she put the material into her inventory. She was curious to know who he thought was going to be worthy of going into a sub-dungeon with them. @Koga
  8. People were still focused on them. She wasn't sure if she liked it. So she mainly just focused on Yukiro and Tala. The pair was hiding something, she could tell by the way that Yukiro was stammering. It kind of sounded like herself back a while ago. Of course, it was Tala who had finished whatever it was that Yukiro couldn't finish. She smiled though and clapped lightly, "That's grand you two, congratulations." Yes, for those who hadn't been keeping track, Tala and Noctua have gotten to be on each other's good sides. They just don't know if they can call each other friends yet. But then, she looked at the NPC when he showed up out of no where. How these NPCs could do that was beyond her, and she kind of envied it in a way. But he talked about giving, and told Koga and Tala not to spoil the surprise. She looked at Koga with curiosity, just before she thought of the perfect thing that she could ask him for. It wasn't going to be for her, but for Koga. Of course, if she got her way she wasn't going to be able to give it to him until they were married, but that was okay. "Um, would I be able to get a coat that is cursed but has two evasion and a regen?" She thought for a moment as that might be a bit too much and something that the NPC possibly wasn't going to be able to do, but she would wait and see. If he said no, well, then she would happily ask for something else. Perhaps some experience for herself to be able to stay caught up to Koga. But for now, that was the gift that she was hoping to be able to receive. @Koga
  9. She smiled lightly, "I wouldn't trade it either. Even back then, I wouldn't want to change it." Yeah, even during their..break up..she wouldn't have changed anything. Well, okay, she would have changed the break up so that it wouldn't have happened, but otherwise, she wouldn't have anything changed. "Wait, hold on, I keep you sane? Then who is keeping me sane?" She's joking, maybe, possibly. Maybe not any more. They were stuck in a death game after all. Staying sane was hard to do. But she was managing, maybe. Was she? Judging by this mental conversation with herself, possibly not. But, her laughing at him came with consequences soon enough. She even tried backing away from him, but that failed her as she bumped into a rock. The moment that he hugged her, she was covered in the goo and she shivered at the cold feeling. "Thanks love," she laughed with him before she wrapped her arms around him in a return hug. "But, no matter how much I would love to stay right here, hugging you even though you're covered in slime, I think we have a NPC to save still." Darn quests always ruining the good moods. @Koga
  10. It was hard for her to even pretend to be mad at him, mainly because he always seemed to be sincere and made her laugh. But in this moment, he thought that he had actually upset her, and she could tell the moment that he wrapped his arms around her. She was 'trapped' and she knew it, but she leaned into him, "Of course I'm not mad at you Mas. But you know, you don't have to let go anyways." She smiled though and gave a small nod. "Yes, but there are moments I wonder which one would come in handy the quickest. Especially since you seem to be so keen on shouting at some dragons." She laughed lightly for a moment. "Perhaps I'll work on my light armor first. Because at least then that way, it would be even harder for things to hit me." It was a thought really. "Aw, but what if I like making you choose?" She stuck her tongue out at him playfully before she nodded. "Burritos sound good, though, if you want something different still, I think there was also this little French place too." Hey, if he wanted her opinion, then she was going to give it. But of course, that also depended on how he felt about it. Like she said, she wasn't picky. "But, we should probably start heading back, talk more about it on the walk too might help." @Koga
  11. If there was one thing that Noct didn't like to hear with 'I have a question for you' coming from Koga, it was 'promise not to try and kill me'. So, she looked over at him, unsure of how her face even looked with that question. This could lead to one of many things, and she didn't know where her mind was going with her. Just that things were going to be interesting today. "You know my love, it's hard to not want to kill you when you start a conversation off like that." She sighed and shook her head, a smile slowly appearing, "But, let's hear this question of your's, you'd never know, I might agree." Noct honey, don't ever say that in real life okay. That could lead to bad things. But for now, she just started at Koga, and noticed that he was wearing his woven bracelet instead of his necklace. Oh boy, what are we about to do? @Koga
  12. She saw him wince as even he remembered that fight and she nodded, "I'm still sorry about that you know..." There had been moments though that she wondered if he would have been better off with her just leaving at that point, but not anymore. She was doing better, and she would probably kill the first chick who tried to swoop down and take him. Yeah, those doubts from before were definitely gone. "How about, we tag team the big guys? I can't let you do all of the work you know. And I am somewhat helpful at times," she smiled lightly as she threw out her little compromise. Though watch him take one thing out of it, her still being unsure with her combat ability. But, even as the smaller nepents vanished, the large one came out of no where again. She stepped back and let Koga deal with it, only to watch it explode and cover him in goo. Queue the stifling laughter from the woman. She even had a hand over her mouth to try not to show it, with a cough coming not long after from attempting to hold back the laugh. "I think you got something on you love." Noct, if he hugs you, that's on you. @Koga
  13. The confusion that was on her face, turned blank as she just stared at him. Careful Koga, the new Noct that is here now knows how to hide things. Like the fact that she really wanted to slap Koga upside his head in the current moment. Really bad, like, if going orange wasn't the result, she probably would have by this point. She was about to say something but she knew that it was a joke. No need to turn a joke into a fight Noct, not really the smartest of plans. So instead, she chose to ignore that little comment of his. She shook her head though and sighed, "I should start leveling my first aid next shouldn't I?" She had a feeling that she was going to need it at this point, and well, he was going to be that reason for needing it if he was going to walk up to a dragon and shout at it. His mind changed to food then and it made her laugh, "I can go wherever your stomach wants us to go love. I'm not super picky, you should know this by now." Wasn't that the truth, she didn't entirely care where they went for food, as long as they both ate. "So, my dear handsome husband, what sounds good to you?" @Koga
  14. Noctua

    Noctua's Athenean Crafts

    Name: Snell Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 6 Roll ID: 133512 Roll Result: 13 (12+1) Item Type: Jewel Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Evasion // Evasion // Evasion Description: A blue crystal sounded by a metal flame in bronze coloring. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18382-f01-r6-blacksmith-r6-artisan-the-ring-and-sword/?do=findComment&comment=593472
  15. So this was now two strange days for her. Yesterday, some white haired chick came in and started to flirt with her fiance. Not cool Lethia, not cool. But now, an unknown friend of Koga's came in. Apparently he knew how she fought? Confusion, but oh well. She looked at the request that she was given and she nodded lightly, "I should have it done here in a few moments if you don't mind waiting." She went over to her station and four crafts later, she had the jewel that the orange haired woman wanted. She smiled as she handed her the jewel, "Here you are."