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  1. LiZzie

    [PP-09] <<Bandit Camp>>

    With a gutteral and feral roar LiZzie launched herself off of the overhang like a gigantic monstrous comet which came crashing down amid the cluster of bodies towards the final Bandit. As she arose from her crouch she called on the energy she had and felt the satisfying surge as the energy poured through her into her one handed sword, galas, causing it to begin glowing and vibrating as the lava animated sword crested and lashed out with her new sword swinging it in a wide arc that flew in a blur. Her footing wasn't fully set do this attack but, luckily, LiZzie hit her strike at the solo Bandit it smashed into it multiple times as if she was cutting bushes with a machete. The lone Bandit lashed out with their short sword but LiZzie swung her sword up knocking it's strike away harmlessly. Stats Combat status
  2. LiZzie

    [NLY-F11] New Life Years Festival

    Rolling for disc
  3. LiZzie, hearing Ariel cheer her on, she jumps, side to side, kinda like multiple quick side steps, she charges forward and strikes at the boar. "HURRRAGGGH!" She roars as she swings her new blade. She keeps striking the boar, over and over again. She finally kills the stubborn boar, and exhales in exhaustion. "Huh.." it shatters into multiple blue crystal like particles. "Okay, that was cool.." she admires Ariel, staring at her. She some what appears to be checking Ariel out... ",U-uh, anyways, let's find those materials.." @Ariel - The Crowned Lion @Ariel - The Crowned Lion
  4. Once again, LiZzie enters the Blazing Typhoon, only for it to be dead quiet. "Um, Hello? Is anyone here?" She shouts in search of the owner, no reply. "I'd like to place another order!" She stands at the counter. Eventually, once again, she gets bored and decides to take a look around the shop. She sees a variety of well made weapons, two-handed, one-handed straights, and many other weapons. She sees her other sword, The Dark Striker, and she sees it's in the "ready for pickup" section. "I'll just leave my order on a paper here! And thanks for the sword!" She says as she leaves the shop. Request: Leaves 2,400 col
  5. LiZzie

    [PP-09] <<Bandit Camp>>

    LiZzie decides to turn back and tag along with @Cordelia. "Hey, why do you have to be like that." She sighs. "I get it you think I'm way out of it. But do you have to be an ass about everything? I get it you could kill me in one swing of a blade, do you really think that I don't know that? That every single creature up here could easily end my life? So if you're going to be that person who kills me, then do it. Kill the girl who is risking her life on higher floors to make sure the younger players who are scared to death on the first floor, have hope, or can even eat more than once every few days!" She tells her. "Let's just get this over with..."
  6. LiZzie, strikes at the boar, as she sees Ariel takes out her 3rd boar out of the group of 4. LiZzie feels a little embarrassed due to her unable to have slain one boar in the time it took Ariel to kill 3. A red pixelated line from the slash of LiZzie's sword forms on the boar, it squeals in pain from its wounds. It backs up and prepares for another attack on LiZzie. "Hey, pulled pork!" She yells at the boar. "What do you call a pig that's not fun to hang around? A Boar!" She teases it as she runs up to it ready to strike again. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion Combat status
  7. The boar breaks out of the grapple, which LiZzie was taken by surprise by, is enraged seeing it's friends die. LiZzie gets striked by the boar's tusk. "Ow! That hurt, you fat horned pig! I outta make ham out of you!" She says. LiZzie takes a step back and runs up to take a slash at the boar, who dodges it. "I'll leave that one to you, I'll handle the rest!" said Ariel as she watched her fight the boar. "I'll get you, then I'll make boar stew!!!" She yells as she gets ready for the boar's next move. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion
  8. LiZzie

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Objective: Stop the Archers ID: 133376 Final BD: 7 + 2 DMG = 9 BD (Editing later family emergency) Stats:
  9. LiZzie

    [PP-09] <<Bandit Camp>>

    Hmm, she says to herself. He's pretty strong, I should watch myself... "yeah it seemed easy for you. Okay, let's go." She thinks a bit. "What did you get?" LiZzie asks. In curiosity, "did they drop anything?" LiZzie puts her new sword, The Dark Striker, back in her sheathe. "Anyways, let's go. I have a feeling that you want to get away from me right about now." "Let's head back into town." LiZzie walks in the direction of the town, and calls out to Cordelia. "Hey, why do you hate me so much? I didn't do anything to you. And I can take care of myself, I've been doing that for the last 2, almost 3 years. Not just myself but all the players down in the town of beginnings on floor one. Thank you very much." She continues walking. LiZzie enters the town and she searches for a place to stay for the night. @Cordelia
  10. "Engarde!" She yells as she charges in to battle. LiZzie watches as Ariel takes out one of the boars, so she she focuses on another one, it charges at her and LiZzie catches its tusk and lifts it up, with a quick flick of her blade in her hand, she twirls it, then she stabs the boar in its neck. "Woah, woah, HURAGHH!" She yells as she wounds the beast by stabbing it's throat multiple times. "Wow! This sword is amazing!" She says to herself. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion slays her boar. Combat status:
  11. LiZzie

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    LiZzie takes a breather after repairing the wall, her UI blinking from all the messages she's been getting. She runs down to floor one to get more supplies. In search of better gear, LiZzie asks around for a blacksmith that takes custom requests. She is told to find the Blazing Typhoon. Supposedly it is owned by a master craftsman, who forges some of the finest quality of weapons and armour in all aincrad. LiZzie looks at her blade "Hmm..." Maybe its time she got an upgrade... She eventually comes across a shop of the same name she was told about - The Blazing Typhoon. Um, Hello? Is anyone here?" She shouts in search of the owner, no reply. "I- I'd like to place an order!" She stands at the counter. Eventually, she gets bored and decides to head back to floor 17.
  12. LiZzie

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Objective: Save the Royal Family ID:133274 Final LD: 19 LiZzie Runs as fast as she can to the outside of the castle. She looks around and hides as someone comes around the corner. LiZzie runs inside and searches for the family. Where are they.. they got to be around here somewhere. LiZzie starts checking the rooms one by one. LiZzie hears screaming, and heads towards the sound. LiZzie reaches a room in which stand the royal family. She attempts to un tie their bines. "Hey, come on we got to get out of here" in LiZzie's best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. They try to sneak out of the castle, trying to be very sneaky. At that moment, LiZzie gets a prank message from someone named Davi "When the darkness has fallen down And the times are tough alright The sound of evil laughter falls Around the world tonight... Through the fire and these flames we carry on." LiZzie remembers these words from Force Dragoon.
  13. LiZzie

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Objective: Fortify the Walls ID: 133264 Final LD: Roll: 7 +1 acc = LD (+8) LiZzie hearing that the kingdom is under attack, rushes all the way to floor 17 to help out. LiZzie encounters a guard. "Hey! Hey, you! Come help us Fortify the Wall, we're under attack!" Warns the guard. LiZzie looks around her surroundings. "Okay, lead the way! Go!" She rushes to the outside of the town faster than the guard, and attempts to help the guards that are struggling to keep the wall up. LiZzie moves as fast as she can, trying to move stone and wood near the wall and install it. "We need more people!" She yells. "The wall is going to fall if we don't get more help!" LiZzie feels very pressured and overwhelmed. LiZzie ends up dropping a brick and it breaks. "[censored]!" As some of the guards look over at her and give her looks of annoyance. "Don't look at me, keep fix the god damn wall!" She shouts at them.
  14. LiZzie

    [PP-09] <<Bandit Camp>>

    LiZzie watches as Cordelia unsheathed her katana from its hold and look over to LiZzie. "Stay put," she warned, "or those bandits aren't going to be the only thing you need to worry about," she muttered, shooting her a glance before dashing into the shadows behind the four bandits. Wait.. LiZzie says in her head. Did she threaten to kill me? I would really die, and she's fine with that? I should be more careful when teaming up with others... LiZzie sees Cordelia kill two of the bandits with her katana, Only to miss the other two and get stabbed by them. I see Cordelia's HP bar slowly drain a bit. She's got this, I believe in her, she's on the front. LiZzie stays hidden, like she was told, eagerly waiting for the combat to end. LiZzie is taken by storm, as she watches @Cordelia in awe. Cool.. she says in her head.