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  1. Elora

    Custom Skills and Sword Arts in 3.0

    I meant to select the 1st option: "Allow players that reach the benchmark a choice between creating a Custom Skill or Custom Sword Art." Sorryyyy Edit by Bahr: Elora's vote has been moved in accordance with her intentions. Her name will not appear in the "See who voted for this" link, so that is why one might see a discrepancy between the number of names in the list and the number of people who voted for this option.
  2. Elora shifted her weight and placed her hand on her hip as she addressed the new player, "Well, I was hoping to complete a quest so that I could build my own set of armor. I need to defeat a Dark Elf and collect the materials he drops. The Armorsmith said that he lives in these woods, but I haven't had luck with navigating in here so that I can find him." It frustrated and somewhat embarrassed her how little progress she had made, especially since she had needed saving from a monster that she knew could spawn here. She looked down and lightly kicked the toe of her boot into the dirt. It squished in an unsettling way. That gave Elora an idea. Crouching down so that her line of vision was parallel to the forest floor, she noticed the wolf familiar had left impressions all over its soggy surface. "You know...this ground is pretty muddy. There's a chance that we could track that Elf if we find its footprints somewhere."
  3. Elora's complexion seemed to somber slightly in response to his words, as if what he said wasn't as uplifting as she had expected it to be. "Oh...yeah, I guess that makes sense..." Eyes lowering, she watched as Warren leaned forward to pick another flower. She couldn't help but chuckle at his response to it shattering from his grasp. It was comforting to know that maybe she wasn't the only player in the game to struggle with completing basic tasks. A wave of serenity washed over her as they happened upon a fragrant lush meadow. "No kidding" Elora agreed, marveling at the multitude of colorful flowers in full bloom. Taking a knee on the soft grass, Elora gently cupped one of the pink blossoms and removed it from its stem. This flower resembled a cherry blossom but with curled tips that turned a deeper shade of magenta as they grew out, almost like they had wilted from being held over a flame. Off in the distance, Elora spotted clusters of mushrooms that had sprung up from beneath fallen logs overgrown with moss. "Look at those HUGE MUSHIES!" she exclaimed, excitedly running over to the grove that shaded them.
  4. Elora watched in surprise and horror as a new player materialized from the mist in front of her, diving behind them and obliterating the monster in a single devastating blow. Witnessing an attack like that made her question whether or not she should be more afraid of the spider or of the woman who just killed it. Coming to a sudden halt and turning around, Elora quickly stepped to the side to avoid colliding with the male player who was sprinting toward her. Baffled, Elora needed to take a few moments before responding to her question. "We're, uh...I think we're fine now that you showed up." She was at a loss for words to reinforce the conversation. With attention drawing to her legs, Elora noticed they had been coated in golf-ball sized burrs that must have latched onto her while she was bolting through the underbrush. She began to pluck them off, individually flicking each from her gloved hands and into a nearby patch of grass.
  5. Elora eyed the beautiful flowers in the patch nearby as Warren talked, choosing to crouch down and gather one as well. It appeared periwinkle in color and was shaped like a little bell. A few fuzzy-looking stigma peaked out from beneath it, dusting the top of her hand with pollen once she uprooted it. She pulled it from the ground with such force that all of the petals fell from the flower and disintegrated into pixels. "Sh*t" she cussed "Guess I'll need to be more careful with these things..." "Floor seven is pretty far away, I haven't even left this floor yet. It just seems so risky to leave when I have everything I need here to survive." She seemed thoughtful for a moment as she imagined all of the amazing creatures and environments that could exist on different levels of Aincrad. Maybe she was starting to get bored of staying stationary after all. "What's it like being an Alchemist? Do you feel like you get to do more for yourself here? And more for others?
  6. A young man emerged from the mist, holding his sword in a precarious stance. Elora relaxed and lowered her spear since he didn't appear to be very threatening. "Jesus you scared me..." she admitted, composing herself and straightening her posture. "Sorry for drawing my weapon at you. I don't think I can see even twenty feet in front of me with how dense this fog is." The visual Impairment would definitely be a problem if she kept running into other players and creatures, even worse if it stopped her from finding the Dark Elf and getting -- "HISSSS!" Elora jumped back, watching through her peripheral vision as a pair of huge black spikes shot out from beside her, narrowly avoiding contact with her body. Within another second, she was able to turn her head and make out the silhouette of an enormous arachnid snapping its mandibles and crawling toward her and the other player. She had never seen any creature so terrifying in stature. Overcome with fear, she held her spear and dashed into whatever direction was AWAY. "RUN!" she called back to the boy, hoping he wouldn't decide to face the creature on his own.
  7. Elora marveled at the gargantuan trees towering over her. In more than one way, It seemed that her journey was looking up after all. Earlier in the day, Elora had made the courageous decision to teleport to the third floor so she could study all the unique plant-life growing in its expansive grasslands, rolling hills, and bountiful forests. With so many new landscapes to explore, she was certain to find herbs far more interesting and useful than all of the boring first-floor ones she'd become accustomed to. Since she was feeling so brave, she even accepted a quest that would allow her to build her first set of light metal armor; all she would need is to kill some dark elf and take the materials he carried. The only problem was that she was lost. Distractedly hopping from one plant she saw to investigate the next, Elora had quickly worked her way into The Forest of Wavering Mist. A blurred haze of pixels clogged the details of her map, making it impossible to see which direction she had entered from and where she needed to head next. At the sound of a sharp ticking sound, Elora spun around and drew her spear at what she assumed would be some sort of spider monster.
  8. Elora began to walk with him toward the gates of the town. "I think that heading in the direction of Hor...unka village would be a good start? I've heard that it's surrounded by some pretty dense forests, and I'm sure there are plenty of flowers and herbs that would thrive in that environment." She considered for a moment that maybe the game included dangerous plant-life too, ones that could be turned into poisons. Having some sort of field journal to assist them in this situation would be helpful. Maybe she could sketch drawings and record descriptions of how whatever they encountered could be used. As they began to leave the town, Elora thought it might be good to strike up some sort of conversation with the player accompanying her. Breaking the ice before heading out on a long hike might give them something to talk about along the way. That, or it would just make the whole experience infinitely more awkward. "My name is Elora by the way. How have you been fairing since the day we were...you know...trapped?", she decided to ask him.
  9. Elora looked down at the list and sighed quietly, accepting it from the woman. "Thank you" she said, bowing to her before turning to leave. So much for being able to leave the man in her care. At least assisting in this task would give her something to do. Admittedly without it, she likely would have returned to her room at the inn to sleep for the remainder of the day. She stopped near Jackpot at the tent's exit to address him. "You can't just continue walking around like this or you're going to end up hurt, or even worse..." Her previously annoyed expression melted into one of genuine concern. "Don't worry, I'm sure it won't be too difficult for me to find what she needs to make the serum. You should stay here for now, it's too risky for you to leave the city walls." Saying the statement out loud made a pit of uneasiness form in her stomach. No matter how many times she seemed to leave The Town of Beginnings, it never got any easier. It wasn't that she worried about encountering monsters; instead, she held an irrational fear of other players attacking her once she left the sanctuary of the city.
  10. Elora moved to accept the quest as Warren had. After doing so, she remained seated, contemplating for a moment how worried she felt about wandering outside of the city's walls. In all of her years of playing, she never really had been able to shake the feeling of being under threat once she left the sanctuary spaces. The beginner quests wouldn't require everyone to scavenge in the wild if it wasn't safe to do at a low level. I'll be fine. She did her best to console herself before the voice of the other player interrupted her thoughts. Upon hearing his offer for them to complete the quest together, Elora visibly perked up from her chair. She was close to blurting out her acceptance, but decided to reign in her excitement before agreeing. Standing and walking over to the man, she smiled and nodded in confirmation. "Yes, I think that would be best. I can't say that I'm very knowledgable about different kinds of herbs. I mean, I studied plants in high school because I thought that Botany would..." She was rambling. There wasn't a reason for her to talk about what she had learned; they weren't living in that world anymore, and that knowledge wasn't applicable here. "Well, anyways, I have some ideas on where we could start looking unless you have some locations in mind."
  11. This guy was even more uncoordinated than she could have imagined, his body stumbling and falling in every direction. Her shoulders instinctively tensed and lifted up when he grasped them with his hands. Why can't he just stick to holding my hand? It's so much less awkward than whatever...whatever this is attempting to be. Almost as quickly as he had lost his footing, something that seemed to be happening to everyone today, he was leading her to an Alchemist. She was glad to no longer be making contact with him and was actually enthused to observe how he would manage wayfinding on his own. He announced their arrival to the shop before adopting a distant expression. With eyes glazing over, his countenance appeared to stare into the void or a great darkness beyond. "My, uh, name's Jackpot. Merchant. You?" Outstretching an arm to feel something, anything, he disappointedly returned it to his side, empty-handed. "Elora..." She promptly stepped around him and entered the establishment, her voice trailing off midway through the pronunciation of her name. Being quickly greeted by a woman named Evangeline, Elora began to describe her situation. "It's nice to meet you Evangeline, I've heard from word on the street about your skill in potion making. My...acquaintance...here is hard of sight. I think he may have been injured in a battle." Elora didn't try with any effort to quiet her voice. She didn't care if Jackpot overheard. This was all for his own good anyway. She continued, "Do you carry any sort of eye drop solution that could be used to restore his vision?" The woman began hunting through cabinets and shelving for something to assist his impairment, but was unsuccessful in doing so. "If I just had those 5 ingredients, then I could create a new remedy for your friend. Oh, but don't worry, they aren't difficult to find. Here, I'll write them down in a list for you. It could be another few days before I get what you need to help him. If you want, it'd be best to gather them on your own and return to me."
  12. After knocking and hearing a "Come in", Elora placed her hand on the door and gently pushed -- leaned all of her wait against it until it gave way and opened with a loud creek. She was immediately greeted with the enchanting site of an impressive amount of bottles, books, and trinkets. Speckles of dust flitted in the air, each gleaming intermittently as they danced through beams of light which shown through circular windows. The spotlights intersected, creating a focal point on an old man who was sitting at a table and finicking with some sort of chemistry set. "Zackariah?" Elora asked as she approached him. "Welcome young traveller. I'll be with you in a matter of moments, I'm just needing to finish up some calculations for my latest experiment. Please do have a seat in the meantime." She nodded appreciatively and sat in a just-as-creeky wooden chair to wait patiently for him to finish his work.
  13. "Lost?" Elora heard the man ask in a friendly manner. The inquiry resonated with her in an unnaturally profound way. She quickly shook herself from the feeling. Obviously he was referring to how unfamiliar she seemed to be with her surroundings, but it's not like she carried herself in the fashion of some purposeless vagrant meandering the city. Wait...or was it that...? Elora stared for probably a bit longer than she should have at his unusually squinted eyes. Oh...HE'S lost because he's blind... She shuffled her feet uncomfortably while she considered what she should do. It REALLY wasn't her job to play seeing-eye dog with this man who QUITE LITERALLY could not watch where he was going. She wouldn't have even gotten in this awkward situation if he had just been responsible when he decided to take his sweet time moseying through the busiest city in all of Aincrad. GAH! I'll just need to bring him somewhere to pawn him off on someone else. At least that would mean I didn't just do nothing. Reaching out, Elora carefully grabbed a few of his fingers and began to usher him to follow her. Her facial features subtly contorted as a wave of revulsion washed over her. Touching people she didn't know was so gross, and assisting them was about as satisfying as attending Great Aunt Karen's annual Christmas Carol at the retirement home. "I was actually just on my way to finding an Alchemist. I think I've developed some sort of ailment that needs remedying." They've got to have some sort of concoction that he can take to recover.
  14. The awkwardly-shaped pebble clattered atop the cobblestone before halting a few paces in front of her. Kicking it along her path to town provided an effortless and welcome distraction to thinking about what she was going to do with her day. The city was always bustling with traffic as other players socialized with friends or prepared to embark on grandiose quests. It was easy for her to become overwhelmed, to get lost in the motion of it all. If only she could just regain her footing and find something to focus on for more than a matter of hours, maybe then productivity would become intrinsic to her. She narrowed her attention to the rock as she prepared to deliver another kick. Swinging her leg forward and making no contact with it, she swiftly drove her foot into the shin of a passing pedestrian. "[censored]!" She exclaimed before even having the chance to look at the stranger's face. Her face immediately flushed with embarrassment for how negligent she had been for not paying attention to where she was going. She could only hope that whoever she had just hurt wasn't looking for fight.