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  1. "A giant? I'm hardly above the average height of a woman -- at least from where I grew up", retorted Elora as she picked up a donut, which prompted Borris to unravel himself from her arm. It's icing was practically sliding off toward every minute direction she happened to tilt it in. Figuring it best to eat before it slopped onto the floor and made a mess, she swiftly stuffed the entire pastry into her mouth. And just as Katoka asked her what kind of tea she wanted. Great, brooded Elora as she tried to chew and swallow it before Katoka would notice. It wasn't working. "Ooommm...", she stalled as she lifted her hand to cover her mouth so that nothing would spill out, "Anefhing ish fine. Gef me somefhing exsheiting" Borris seemed to study Elora closely as she consumed the donut, then struggled to speak. He looked over to the donuts, then back to her before suddenly charging the carton and punching one in the center. Icing exploded in every direction, coating the walls, floors, and the front-side of the little golem with the sugary confection. "Borris!", shouted Elora as she practically inhaled her food, "What the hell -- no! Those aren't enemies!"
  2. The mention of the recently-encountered player killer boded more ominously with Elora than the abnormality of the current situation How the hell does she know about that? There's no way she was around during all of that. Freyd must have just told her at some point. "I'll do my best", she found herself responding in summation to it all. Although it was difficult for Elora to conceptualize the truths she had left unspoken, she was certain that they existed somewhere within her mind, or perhaps, woven into the fibers of her being. It would probably be much longer before she would have the confidence to admit them to other people, let alone, to herself. Either way, this encounter was beginning to grow too personal for her liking. She had completed the task that she hadn't necessarily set out to accomplish, and now it was time to leave. "Thank you again", she said out of curtesy before carefully pulling open the shop's door and seeing herself out.
  3. Elora read Kil's message and suddenly threw her sheets off of her and shot up from her bed. "Oh, sh*t -- I wasn't expecting him to respond so quickly! I need to get ready!" She quickly looked to Borris as if he could offer her any help. The rock golem simply shrugged and began to scuttle toward the door. "Hang on! I know that you don't have to wear clothes, but I do! Give me a few seconds to get ready!" Only a matter of moments passed before Elora was able to open her menu and change into her usual attire. The system caused a series of fairy lights to spin around her, dissipating as they floated upwards to reveal her clean outfit and styled hair. She found herself becoming bored of the monotonous morning routine, although it took little effort on her part. One of these days I'm gonna have a reason to wear something else, nodded Elora to herself as she hurried out the door, stooping down to grab her eager familiar on his way out.
  4. The...what...? The Whisper? Is that what they call him around here? Elora did her best to not put too much thought into the passing comment, but she couldn't help but feel curious upon hearing the mention of a mutual goal. What's that about? Well, I guess that he is a captain after all, so maybe it's got something to do with that. Weird that he'd have an obligation to a phantom seamstress. Either way, it's probably not really my business to ask. "Thank you", she offered gratitude to the tailor with a bow of her head. The gesture of appreciation often demonstrated in Japanese culture was really started to rub off on her. "For the repair -- and for the advice, that is. It's funny, because I've learned that I apply words in essentially the opposite way", she began as she crouched down and carefully lifted the mended garment from the floorboards which remained obscured from a lingering mist, "I have a tendency to run my mouth until it ends up hurting someone I care about and severing our friendship as a result..." Holding the garment close to her chest, it became evident that Elora was reflecting on a memory associated with the article of clothing that she so desperately wanted to protect. She suddenly began to laugh at herself upon realizing the ridiculousness of the situation. "I guess on that note, I should probably shut up and pay you for your service. How much do I owe you?"
  5. "Uhhhh", responded Elora, uncertain of how to communicate with the strange fog. How the hell does it know about Freyd?! Well, whatever, it's only aware of his identity and not mine, so I'm sure that it's fine. "Yeaaah", she continued as she awkwardly scratched the back of her head in attempt to negate the feeling of a chill running down her spine, "I mean, at least I think that's what he'd consider me" Hopefully... Was this all some sort of a trap? Perhaps even a boss fight that she hadn't realize would be incited by her visiting this place? Well, whatever it was, this thing seemed to be offering to help her, so she continued to try her best at negotiating the proposition, regardless of how disarming the building's atmosphere was. "Anyways...It would mean a lot if you were able to help me. I'm worried that if I return it to him like this, that he'll think that I don't care -- and -- I don't want to just not return it at all" Although Elora wasn't much more than uncomfortable, she appeared to become finicky from standing still for so long. Her feet shuffled from side to side and she could hardly manage to keep her fingers from tapping at her thigh as she waited for the entity to respond.
  6. Elora encroached on, then crouched beside the small patch of carrots. They looked awfully adorable compared to some of the other strange produce that sprung from the ground in this area. Putting all of her concentration into collecting the item still proved to be fruitless as she once again failed to do so correctly. Her hand had wrapped around the vegetable's stem and, somehow, plucked it free from the soil with such slowness that the game didn't understand how to accurately compute the action. Before the carrot could be added to her inventory, it had already dissolved into oblivion. "Why am I so fucking bad at this...?", she sulked, I can't just keep coming up empty handed or Jackpot is going to think I'm a complete loser. I'll just have to keep trying until I manage to gather something...At least then I could make the excuse that I was looking for the best carrot to use...or...something...
  7. I think this must've been the place that I saw when we were looking for that stupid dragon, thought Elora as she approached the ramshackle cabin, Wonder if anyone actually lives here or if it's actually just up for grabs. The young woman had set her sights on exploring and potentially claiming the lot as her own as a means to finally move out of her room at The Hummingbard Inn. Considering the state of the dwelling and the climate of this floor, she wasn't very optimistic that the exchange would work out. Finding no success in her attempts to yank the door free from its frozen clutches, she resorted to kicking it in with the heel of her boot. The entrance immediately swung open and slammed against its opposing wall with enough force to completely ricochet back and relatch to its frame. Oh...maybe it was just a push door... She delicately reopened the door and entered the threshold as its hinges creaked to add an ominous effect. "Oh shi--", she gasped at the sight of several faceless...wait, were those mannequins? "Oh thank god" Her hand clutched her chest as she sighed in relief. "I thought those were fucking ghosts", she admitted to Borris, her Aincradian companion that was wrapped rather inconspicuously around her wrist. After taking a few moments to collect herself, Elora scanned the room and noticed a hodgepodge of miscellaneous fabrics and other sewing materials strewn across its floorboards. Could a tailor live here...? Hell, I've gotta announce myself in case anyone is actually around! "Heyyy", she began awkwardly as her hand moved to open her menu and summon a dark gray cloak into the other, "So, I don't know if anyone is home -- but if you are -- is there any chance you could fix something for me?" Elora didn't know whether or not it was better to anticipate for the place being vacant or to expect the chance that she might have to finally take care of an errand she'd been meaning to do. "I've got this garment -- It's from a friend of mine...It got really torn up when I was borrowing it and I'd really like to fix it before I give it back to him...", to her surprise, her voice seemed to adopt a remorseful tone as she tried to explain herself to...to what...? Thin air? Jesus, what am I even doing?, she criticized before turning to leave. Vanity tag: @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows (Through post #130)
  8. "No kidding", Elora agreed with Katoka's observation, "As for last words -- I don't know" She turned her attention to address each of them with a respective and rather improvised farewell. "Congratulations on your wedding and sacrifice all of your independence to please someone else, learn to express your emotions through song or sculpting or -- something, and find a way to channel your anxiety into thermal energy so that you don't freeze in these kinds of conditions" Keeping with the spirit of what she thought to be an elegant departure, she ran a few meters forward, then slid across the ice, tipping the ends of her spear to keep balance as she maneuvered toward the dragon's lair. Elora's spear sliced the little wyvern as it scampered out of its cave. The momentum behind her swing carried the rest of her body into a twirl until she planted her staff into the ground and spun around it, causing her gliding to eventually come to a stop. Wow, that went a lot more smoothly than I was expecting.
  9. "Oh good, it is you. Open the gate would you so I don't have to climb over the wall", her voiced was muffled and difficult to interpret from the other side of the bamboo barrier. Thankfully, Katoka opened the door, preventing her from having to embark on the escapade. Elora raised her free-hand up to rub her forehead, "Well, I wasn't sure if this was your place. You know how many people have Japanese houses around here? And who knows, maybe any other women could call out to me and sound just enough like you to get me to forfeit my donuts" On that cue, she opened the box to reveal four galaxial water snake-filled long johns with rainbow sprinkles on top: a true delicacy. "No, no -- I'll be fine. I tried my best to make them appetizing, but they came out looking a bit...deflated...Actually, having something to chase these down with probably isn't a bad idea" As Katoka picked one up to eat, Elora did the same and used the opportunity to meander around and eye her foyer. "Anyway, nice place you got here. Seems like a lot of space for someone so...small..." Although the observation was blunt, she hadn't intended for it to be an insult.
  10. Long Live the Queen F*ck..., she thought as she rubbed the knuckles of her index fingers over each of her sleepy eyelids, What time is it...? The sun is still glaring through the window...Does that mean...it's before noon...? Elora seemed to be forcing herself to get out of bed more and more every day since her joining of Firm Anima. She wasn't sure whether or not that was because she was actually driven to accomplish more or simply because she felt like she was expected to contribute a greater amount of collateral to the guild. Either way, she wasn't entirely opposed to having a fuller schedule, aside from the fact that it tended to drain her of energy. Elora stretched her arms above her head as Borris unraveled himself from her arm and trickled down her wrist, eventually reforming into his usually bipedal shape once he reached the surface of her mattress. "Ahh -- that's tickles! You need to get better at sleeping on your own, you know", she scolded him only half-seriously. "Well, anyway, I'm not entirely sure what we'll be doing today, but I think taking on a quest with another member of the guild might be fun" Borris nodded in curious affirmation of the idea. "Let's see...", she began by lethargically opening up a player-list from her 'recent encounters' menu, "Already done a few with Freyd and Katoka, done one with Haine and Asmura, Vie -- oh...? Come to think of it, it's been awhile since I've seen Kill. I wonder how he's doing with the engagement" Elora chuckled mischievously at the thought before sending him an invitation to accompany her for the day. To: @Kiluia Seiko From: Elora Message: "Heyyy, so I know that we haven't talked in awhile, but I was wondering if you'd mind helping me with a mission. It's not anything that dangerous, I don't think. Also, aren't you getting married or something? Well, if you're regretting the proposal or just need someone to reflect on your life decisions with, I'm around." "Uh, yeah, so, meet me on Floor 2 or something." Elora | HP:560/560 | EN:56/56 | DMG:9 | MIT:8 | ACC:2 | L.M.:2 | KEEN:1
  11. Elora became petrified with concern as she watched Katoka's eyes turn into sprinklers for tears. Oh no -- shit, I've made it worse. How do -- Then, she hugged her. The gesture almost stunned Elora more than her friend's excessively-expressive emotions. What should she do? Wrap her arms around her and hug her back? Offer some sort of additional collateral to make it up to her? As quickly as she had leapt into the embrace, Katoka began to withdraw from her. Is this just how women resolve their arguments? "T-thanks, I'll try not to let it get to me too much -- the worrying about not doing enough in a fight, I mean" She found it necessary to clarify that the female player's intimacy wasn't an issue, at least, I don't think that it is...is it...? Such a strong display of empathy was confusing and foreign to her, leaving her feeling unprepared to appropriately respond to Katoka's affirmation. Elora didn't feel like she deserved to be understood, or to be forgiven. However, she wasn't about to sacrifice the kindness that Katoka had shown to her, not after everything that she had put her and Chase through. On that note, their male companion barely seemed phased by either of their apologies. It was just as she'd feared, Just saying that I was sorry wasn't enough to make it up to him. I'll have to find some other way to... It didn't come as a surprise, but she couldn't deny that she was hopeful in thinking that they could reach a resolution so easily. "See you around then", she nodded to bid him farewell, If I ever even see him again...
  12. Elora lethargically took the lead as the three of them trudged forward, slowly making their way back toward the settlement. Not long after they began their returning journey, she heard Katoka begin to speak: "E-Elora--" She glanced over her shoulder only to be greeted by her companion's overtly saddened expression "If I did or said anything to upset you I apologize." "Wha -- no, you didn't --", she frantically tried to console the samurai. Why does she look so hurt? I didn't mean for... "Y-you didn't say anything to upset me", reassured Elora as she raised her hands in a gesture that feigned trying to calm Katoka's nerves. "I just got...", she began before catching a glimpse of Chase's equally-disheartened complexion, which only worsened her sense of regret in how she'd acted. Slowly coming to a stop, she reluctantly turned to address them both after emitting a stifled sigh, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you like that, either of you..." Elora's eyes turned downward to find escape from their gazes in her pair of scuffed leather boots that rose to her thighs. "I just -- I wasn't happy with how I handled myself in our battle. I got desperate to try and pull my weight, so I started attacking recklessly and ended up wasting all of my energy." She bit her lip at the admission, the shortcomings of her own abilities being a hard truth to except, let alone divulge to others. "But, that's not either of your faults -- it's mine -- and I shouldn't have taken out my frustration on you" For the time being, Elora hoped that the superficial confession would suffice as an apology, or at the very least, repair their spirits enough for them to return to town before they went their separate ways.
  13. She probably should have just asked for directions, but she wanted the visit to be a surprise. Floor 22 couldn't have that many players living on it after all...right? Well, a few hours of searching for Katoka's residence proved otherwise. After hearing from Freyd that she too had successfully tamed a familiar, Elora found it fitting to invite the young samurai to train her companion while she further befriended Borris. Now, if I could just figure out where the hell she lives...I hope she doesn't think it's creepy that I've been out looking for her like this... Elora's fingers tightened their grip around the ceramic ledge of a small container of confectionaries. It was her hope that if this was the case, Katoka would still accept her offer so long as she bribed her with some sort of dessert. Although, Elora wasn't so certain that these ones would meet her standards. Stumbling upon a sizable edo-period inspired estate, Elora could only hope that it was the home of her fellow guild-mate. She approached its front gates with caution before offering a boisterous knock against one of their many wooden planks. "Hey, Katoka -- If you live here, then let me in!", she announced with as much confidence as she could muster, "I made you food to help us train our familiars! Err -- but if you're not Katoka, you can't actually have any!", she felt it necessary to clarify that she wasn't offering handouts to just anyone she encountered. Elora | HP:560/560 | EN:56/56 | DMG:9 | MIT:8 | ACC:2 | L.M.:2 | KEEN:1
  14. "I'm fine--", she responded with such immediacy so as to nearly cut off Katoka as she was posing the question. There was a slight snap to her voice that indicated a discordance between what she was saying and what she was expressing. Much to her discomfort, Chase made no effort to bolster the conversation, leaving a tense and prolonged silence to sink into the already-awkward atmosphere. "You ran out of energy." "Yeah, I realized--", she retorted snidely with a half-hearted glare, "It's kind of hard to have the stamina to finish a battle when only two of us are really fighting" It was quite the back-handed comment, especially considering that Chase had absorbed many of the hits that would have otherwise fallen on her or her guild-mate. Still, she couldn't help but feel like he hadn't carried his weight or done enough to oversee that things went smoothly, as Freyd often seemed to do. After all, Elora had never crippled herself in combat like this before. It had to have been the fault of those who she'd chosen to campaign with. "Well, whatever. It's over now.", she added abruptly, crossing her arms as she looked back over to Katoka, "Should we head back to town?"
  15. Kill, huh? Yeah, she could see that. The white-haired player was pretty charismatic, so she wasn't surprised to find out that he had charmed someone, especially if he'd combined his personality with his culinary skills in order to win her over. As they headed out to locate the dragon, her mind continued to wander and consider the concept of marriage within the game. Do people who get married here intend to stay together in the real world, or is it actually just a way of making due with the cards they've been dealt? Even worse...it could be that they've accepted the fact they won't be able to return to or even begin pursuing romantic relationships in the real world ever again... The feeling of something brushing against her arm threw Elora out of her thinking. She looked down to see Katoka clutching it as the samurai shivered and struggled to retreat from the cold. "I-It's fine--", stammered Elora through her jaw which had been tensed from a brisk breeze. She can't be -- no, that wouldn't make sense. Quickly turning away to avoid engaging in a prolonged stare, Elora hoped that Katoka hadn't caught sight the sudden blush that consumed her face. "Just don't slip or you're going to pull me down with you--" Thankfully, her skin had already turned a rosy pink from being exposed to the cold, leaving the reaction to make little visible difference to her features. She kept her knees stiff and her sights forward, determined to remain upright as their party crossed a lengthy sheet of ice occupying a narrow ravine that carved between the slopes of two snow-covered mountains. The glacier was so transparent that, with the occasional glance downwards, Elora could make out the forms of various hydrophytes, crustaceans, and the occasional carcass of a drowned character beneath its surface. Suspended like statues that served as eternal monuments to their unfortunate demise, each contained a haunting expression of what was felt seconds before their passing. Whether or not they were an exercise in world-building or the remains of fellow players was something that she preferred not to think about. "I don't know if the dragon's attack is all we have to worry about...", the woman muttered beneath her breath.