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  1. So Katoka is...into women? Having grown up in a small town in the Irish countryside, Elora hadn't held any interactions with someone who was queer, at least, not anyone that she was knew was attracted to the same sex. The reveal caught her a bit off-guard, and she wasn't confident in her ability to addressing such an unfamiliar topic with care. Best not to pry about it now. Then came a question about Freyd. It felt like it came from out of nowhere. Was Katoka trying to move on from the topic too? "Uh...spicy is not a word I would use to describe it, no", Elora couldn't help but blush in response to what she felt the small samurai was implying, "He's just been...really nice to me is all...I think he likes to help me learn more about the game when he can be there to keep an eye on me. I think my impulsiveness worries him more than he'd like to admit" "... Be careful of him.", Casher warned, "... He can be... offputting. Don't trust him too much." "Offputting?" It's not the first word that Elora would have used to describe him. "Why, do you and him have beef or something?" That was something that Elora could see being the case. @Katoka
  2. Elora's body seemed accustomed to sleeping in, since the bright light from the morning sun did nothing to rustle her awake. Instead, she just retreated further and further away from it, until eventually, her face was completely buried against Freyd's arm. Drool trickled out of her gaping mouth and her limbs seemed to twitch and spasm randomly while she dreamt. Finally, one such movement occurred with enough force that it caused her to head lurch forward. Elora awoke just in time to prevent her body from falling over. "Wha--whatdidyou...?", she mumbled in a daze before looking around and realizing she was sitting where she had passed out the previous night. Oh, that's right... She rubbed the side of her head with a gloved hand, smearing dirt across it without even realizing. Noticing that Freyd was still beside her, she asked, "Did we...did you get any sleep...?" She could barely finish the speaking before yawning loudly. Leaning against Freyd had somehow undone one of the bows from the front of her hair. The rest of her emerald locks hung in a snarled mess, serving as a reminder of the evening's hectic events. Elora rolled her shoulders, then began to stretch her arms above her head. "Man, what a night. I feel drained", a lengthy growl from her stomach interjected the conversation, "And hungry..."
  3. Elora simply waved to Chase with a smirk, as there was really no reason to elaborate on the introductions Katoka that had made. Elora basked awkwardly in the female player's compliments, which caused a blush to stretch from ear to ear across her face. She began to wonder if it was even possible to make an enemy of Katoka with how welcoming she seemed to be. "Sure, dinner will be on me", agreed Elora. She didn't have all that much money in her inventory, but, It's the least that I can do for making her wait. "Makes sense now.", said Chase as he concluded his statement. Was that meant to be some sort of threat? Was he even originally invited to join us on this quest? I'm pretty sure that we could manage without him. Katoka having a love life was news to her, so Elora remained quiet in hopes that she could gain some insight from the girl's response.
  4. <<EDITS IN PROGRESS>> Elora watched in awe as Katoka flowed through the enemies like water, then struck the dragon with a powerful attack. Fluorescent colors sprayed through the air like dancers twirling their glow sticks at a rave. "You're up partner!" Had she spaced out? Katoka's dancing was captivating and she had lost track of time. "Sorry, I wasn't paying enough attention. I'm on it!" The elven chanting grew angrier and more discordant with the sound of rattling maracas and shaking tambourines, their clamoring only fueling Elora's drive to...(placeholder) @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows
  5. Before Katoka could even say the word, Elora was on her way to taking down the dragon. Her feet seemed to maneuver swiftly in rhythm with the music as she twirled around scattered saplings and hopped across mossy rocks. Once she was close enough, she set her eyes on the dragon and -- "EEEEAAP" A shrill note grated against the woman's ears as Katoka slayed the second elf, causing him to suddenly scrape the high strings of his instrument. The horrible cacophony caused Elora to fumble her attack and miss the dragon completely. She cussed beneath her breath before looking over her shoulder and catching sight of the little samurai busting moves out on the battlefield. Well damn, that's impressive! An assemble of elves began to pour out from the woodworks and congregate around the players, chanting and clapping enthusiastically as they sent two more elven musicians out to represent them: Maraca Malachi and Tambourine Terry. Elora laughed nervously about the energy created by the crowd. She was expecting to have an audience during this duel. "Leave it to me, I'll get a hit on that dragon next round", she nodded in reassurance to both herself and Katoka. After all, fighting is really just like a dance with higher stakes, isn't it? She looked over to Freyd after a defense of their shenanigans had been properly prepared, "This'll help us learn how to maneuver and time our footwork with our swings. A-and maybe help with performance anxiety?" It seemed like she was half-explaining, half-speculating how the environment of their exercise could serve as beneficial training.
  6. "An old...blueberry...?", asked Elora with squinted eyes and a confused expression. Once the male player standing beside her removed his helmet to reveal a mop of cerulean-colored hair, she was able to make the connection. Looks more like a gooberry than anything else. What the hell is he wearing?, she thought as she eyed his armor from toe to head -- their eyes suddenly locking with one another. Was he glaring at her? Just then he leaned over, seemingly whispering a warning to Katoka. Elora's ears perked up as she attempted to ease drop on the conversation. "I'll stick with you. I don't want you two dying..." She had missed that last part. "You'll stick with us by choice or because your armor won't let you get away?" It was a serious question with an admittedly provocative undertone. The ooze looked incredibly sticky, almost like it had the same consistency and quality of honey. "Yeah, I did", she said, finally answering Katoka's question. "I forgot that we were meeting here today and I totally overslept. I hope you weren't waiting too long" @Katoka
  7. ♪ A Restful Sleep ♪ "Relax" It was the same advice that he had given her that night at Tanabata. Although Elora believed that the word bestowed her with a false sense of security, she couldn't help but feel her muscles unwind in response to his reassurances, and to the warmth offered by his crepuscular companion. "I'm more accustomed to sitting out in places like this than you might think, so I'll keep watch." "That seems concerning", she said with a weary chuckle, "I've never been good at falling asleep in places I'm not used to..." On the very rare occasion, she was able to feel rested from sleeping in her room at The Humming Bard Inn, but no matter what she tried or how long she lived there, it never seemed to offer the comfort of home. In the real world, Elora had made a ritual of sleeping with the items she cherished most, almost like a dragon that laid over its treasures to protect them throughout the night. Those stuffed animals, notebooks, pictures, and other trinkets were absent from Aincrad, leaving Elora to cope with a sense of loneliness that only seemed to worsen her desire for belonging. The small player fidgeted in her resting place, eventually reaching a stillness with her head propped against Freyd's shoulder while the two of them remained upright. It was Elora's intention to stay awake as long as possible to assist him with watching the woods. Gradually though, her blinks became heavier and she struggled to distinguish the details of the evergreens' swaying bows and the animals which scurried beneath them. They grew ever dimmer, until finally, all was swallowed completely by darkness.
  8. ♪ Challengers Approaching: Kinsey and Kinsly ♪ "Salutations my fellow, elves,...my elvenbloods,...my ele-vations!" Keep digging that grave deeper, thought Elora to herself as she struggled to address them with the proper greeting. "D-don't mind that one! She's just a little uncultured" She wrapped an arm around Katoka's shoulders and hoped that the blonde would pick up on her cues of trying to be deceptive. "Trust me, I don't wish anything more than to worship our dragon...overlord...", she trailed off, sounding less and less convinced of the performance she was putting on. Of course, her intentions didn't matter at this point, because the pair of elves were already upset from being attacked. Kinsey barked at the woman wielding the katana, "Oh yeah? You think that you can just flex on us like that and not have to face the wrath of our -- " "MUUUSIC", announced Kinsly as if it was a war cry. The male elf suddenly spun a lute over his shoulder and into his hands to begin strumming ferociously. His female companion coordinated with him to reveal a formidably funky accordion, "Get ready to face your demise as we praise some ambiguous attributes of our Great Leader!!" I guess she's probably referring to the dragon. Jesus, this feels like the Scott Pilgrim movie. The duo did high leg kicks toward them in rhythm with the music. "F-freyd, what do I do?!", she cried turning toward him to ask for advice, "I feel like I should attack them or something, but their dancing is so damn intimidating! Like, how can I even compete with that?!" @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows
  9. "Valephtima?", muffled Elora beneath his hand, "Ishshe thaplayar killher?" "Has your hair always smelled like mint?" She peeled his fabric-covered fingers off of her face so that she could finally speak, "What the hell are you talking about? It's not like we can use fragranced shampoos here" Her hand lifted the backside of his own up and against the length of his forehead, as if to check for a fever, "You sure you didn't get a few whacks to the head?" Whether or not his defense was true, she knew that arguing about it further would be futile. Quickly releasing his hand, both of her own clasped nervously as they sank into a vacant space within her criss-crossed legs. "Freyd, I didn't find a familiar...", she expressed with a tone of disappointment, "I mean...I guess that none of the monsters there were really in that good of shape, but I still wish that something could have worked for me" Her shoulders seemed to deflate as she sighed before continuing, "I even lost Borris. Apparently he was only following us because I was carrying his headstone around in one of my pockets..." This was the first time that she had addressed the rock golem by a name, the one that she had bestowed upon it at some point during their journey. "I'm sorry for dragging you along for all of this and for wasting your time" As Elora spoke, the volume of her words varied depending on the hostility of the environment as it developed around them. The voices of some NPC's grew quieter, while at other times, a few seemed to grow louder. Elora didn't know whether or not it would be possible for her mind to grow calm enough to allow sleep in such a dangerous climate. She only hoped that the programed characters, and their suspected slavedriver, would enter some sort of sleep cycle that would force them to suspend their search.
  10. Sunlight trickled through the window shutters of Elora's cozy little room in The Humming Bard Inn. Cows were mooing, crickets were chirping, and birds were singing right outside of her wooden door. Or, wait -- were those just the hungover squatters that occasionally slept their sorrows away the hallway? Nevertheless, it was a beautiful morning. Elora rolled over onto her other side, burying her face into the soft billowy sheets. Nothing beat getting to slept in as a result of having no obligations. Although...she swore that there was at least one thing that she had agreed to do this week. Her weary mind wandered absently as she struggled to remember when and who she'd made plans to meet with. Already did that one thing with that person...haven't heard back from him yet...I think she's probably... "WAITING FOR ME!", screamed Elora as she tore her blankets off and made a beeline for the exit, "Sh*t, sh*t, shi*t! I can't believe I forgot! Poor Katoka is probably standing in the woods, being harassed by some vagrant!" With clothes wrinkled and equipment askew, she sprinted between portals so that she could make her way to Floor 3 as quickly as possible. Finally reaching the entrance of Delilah, Elora noticed the familiar player and slid to an immediate stop beside her. "Sorry -- hiiiieh -- are you ok?!", she asked frantically between staggered breaths. Elora | HP:460/460 | EN:46/46 | DMG:9 | EVA:1 | ACC:1 | L.M.:2 | KEEN:1
  11. "Wait, NO -- FREYD!", she protested as he swept her off of her feet, "What are you doing?! We have to help the animals!" Angry fists batted at his back as Elora insisted that he let her down. Her legs swung frantically and the heel of one boot nearly clipped the bottom of his chin. Damn, how is he so strong when he's only like a few inches taller than me! "FIND THEM! I WANT THEIR SPLEENS!" Elora's head snapped to attention and her eyes locked to scan the horizon. Dusk had already disappeared and darkness now cloaked the landscape, concealing all but a few distant torch-lights which bobbed like lanterns in a sea as their pursuers chased them through the prairie. "N-never mind -- Keep running!!", she squealed, burying her face against him and grabbing onto his body as best she could. There would be no time to stop and reposition themselves so that she could run on her own, so she didn't make demands. The uncomfortable acrobatics would have to do for now. By the time they had fled into the forest, the voices of the people behind them had grow distant, or at the very least, disconnected from one another. Elora yelped as Freyd half-dropped and half-threw her into a small clearing of moss, his own body practically collapsing in exhaustion from the excursion. "A-are you ok?! What the hell happened?", she asked in a panicked voice. Hurriedly lifting his limbs and shoving away his gear, she tried to inspect whatever wounds he may have sustained in the dim light. There was no chance that he had managed to piss off a mob, let alone a psychotic woman, without getting caught up in some sort of battle.
  12. Elora seemed to get a bounce in her step the moment Freyd mentioned their great feats against the Trebuchet. "Yeah? I did do some pretty awesome stuff that day! We were able to cripple that trebuchet in no time once I cleared an opening through the soldiers protecting it!", she hesitated for a moment before adding, "What are you talking about, Katoka? Don't sell yourself short like that. I know you contributed more to taking it down!" Even if she didn't do as much as me, she shouldn't just pretend like it was nothing. Her pace seemed to slow as Freyd posed the next set of questions, and she was glad that Katoka had taken the initiative to answer them first. The more the girl spoke, the harder time Elora had trying to concentrate on what she was explaining. It felt like her mind was caught in a state of limbo where her attention was split between trying to understand Katoka's situation and simultaneously prepare to answer in the wake of her response. It was like that excrutiating feeling that crept up during classes when you knew that teacher would call on you to speak next. "I'm sorry, I might have gone off a bit there." Honestly, Elora wished she'd gone on more. Her response had been brief enough that it wouldn't warrant moving on to another topic. Even worse, the two players seemed to be anticipating her contribution to the conversation. She didn't feel ready. "Umm...", she began by awkwardly lifting a gloved hand to scratch at the side of her head, "I don't know, I guess I just want to fit in somehow" She struggled to search for any supplementary reasoning, but nothing came to her mind quickly enough to reinforce the answer that she had already given. Instead, the crude truth of her intensions for joining Firm Anima hung in the air, unprotected by any arbitrary ambition or petty excuse that she would have normally hid behind. The reality was that she hadn't joined with any purpose in mind, and that during her time with the guild, Elora hadn't made any decisions about which direction she should take to help other members the most. "I mean, there's more to it than that..." The defense was hardly enough to disguise her admission at this point. @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows