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  1. Vie

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    With newfound determination, she searches the bushes in front of her- looking both high and low for quality in her materials. No mere easily snapped twig would quite do. Testing a few branches for durability and feeling the soft petals of the flowers, it felt like everything here was far too delicate to quite be right. Perhaps they had been artificially grown to be beautiful rather than optimally "functional". After a little while of contemplation over the matter, she decides to make her way back to her fishing spot while glancing towards the two that seemed to be conversing. Returning her gaze back to the pond she had previously cast into, a yawn escaped her as her feet trailed through the grass making indents in the freshly attended to vegetation. 'Just... a little more,' she hyped herself up, sure that soon this would all end happily ever after. That a good meal, warm shower, and fluffy mattress might make up for all of the annoyance caused by today. Loot total (for Vie): 5 mats
  2. The weight of possibility was alleviated with a gaze and human touch which emitted a soothing effect to the older woman's anxiousness. Gazing upon the small girl's hand as she led her to yet another mushroom's habitat, the warm hold parted as she used all her might to uproot the mushroom. Unsuccessful, Vie saw her lose balance and attempted to catch her- though before she was able to, the raven haired girl was staring up at the aoi sky. The giggles that spurted out similar to a geiser drew a grin to the red haired girl's face. 'Silly, didn't you learn?' Thinking back to the beginning of their gathering journey to when she, too, fell. Though face first. After admiring Asmura's determination... Sort of crouching down beside her, she offers a hand to the smaller person parting her lips to say, "Are you alright?" concern evident though bits of laughter escaping between words may have been interpreted as otherwise unintentionally. "Just a few more left and you're scot-free to go sky gazing," the warmth in tone felt sort of comforting, moments of laughter felt homely and familiar in a strange way. The small girl seemed like family that needed to be protected with every molecule of her being, perhaps those emotions were just a form of maternal instincts.
  3. Her incomplete conspiracy theory had been thwarted- or interrupted- as a couple of large bats appear and hover in front of the group, likely having popped out from the shadows. Just before they had actually entered the tunnels, the area wasn't too too dark with streaks of light pouring in though it was definitely dark enough in the initial corridor they inhabited- the majority of what she could see was the outline of their body and small beady little eyes staring at her, not that she could actually tell what direction they were looking in... The only reason one could have realized that they had encountered them other than the GUI and their thin rather grotesque silhouette was because of the loud screeches they made, as if trying to echolocate something that was a million miles away. As her ears rang she heard, "...Asmura as bait?..." the string of information which had been upsetting to the redhead caused her to blurt out a rather strong opinion, "That's ridiculous! Hell, we can't see much of anything in those tunnels- what if we can't protect her properly?" She certainly hoped this was just a joke. In this sort of sudden situation, she was unable to really think of any alternative options in the heat of the moment. One thing was definite, she didn't want the group to go through with Elora's plan, not unless it actually had some sort of reason unbeknownst to her. Vie hadn't yet drawn her blade, wanting to wait for Kiluia's command as he definitely seemed the most fit to lead the party at this point.
  4. Vie

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    The creature had been following her for quite some time now, eventually making its move towards her belt before she was able to stop its tongue, it had returned the scale and rolled away. Vie takes a deep breath, glad to not be in any sort of imminent danger it seemed. Which felt like the first time since she had met up with that strange quadruped. She scrolled through her inventory enjoying the number "3" beside the newly collected materials. Finally- it felt like taking this quest was paying off somewhat... The redhead continued to look for flowers that appeared helpful to some degree- perhaps inspirational for a future drawing or craft idea. A white lily was plucked, as well as a darker flower that though smaller appeared just as good quality-wise. A form of wind kicked up, the girl finally looked towards the sky that seemed to signal that time was everpassing. Though it felt like it had been years since she had experienced the comfort of a mattress, she decided to continue the journey for as long as possible- the more materials collected the better! Loot total (for Vie): 5 mats
  5. Vie's mind wandered away from the girl who recounted numerous memories fondly it seemed, she continued to follow in her footsteps. Mushroom after mushroom, she felt it may be getting a bit boring apart from the bright daylight. Not to mention it had been such a dreary atmosphere in the first place. Leaf corpses crunch beneath their feet with each step, trees lean over as if to impair their view... It felt like none of the plant life had seen light in years. Nonetheless, the female once more immediately refocused on protecting the younger soul, watching her leave her side briefly only to pick yet another fungi. "Yup, just two!" She hoped the near end to their successful hunt would keep the girl motivated, though it felt like a shame since they met mere seconds ago. The small girl's question brings up various thoughts, her expression and movement slow to a halted frown as she sinks into remembrance of around week or so ago. A sandy floor of annoyance that nearly devoured a friend whole- only for the foe to immediately crystalize and dissipate at the blade of Freyd's sword. It was a frightening instant yet a dear one at the same time. The first time she had realized how important power had been to the game, though that was something she would've known in the first place as it's how many games function generally. Nonetheless, the thought that the girl could've died right then and there in front of her eyes had an effect on her. "I... nearly saw someone die. She was well protected thanks to guild members, but the idea that it was a possibility is... Scary. You know? I'm really glad she was alright," she monologues right after the lengthy pause and then turns silent. After awhile she speaks with a bit of sadness in her tone, "I'm grateful for them. They're wonderful people." Eventually changing the subject with, "Try to gather a few more materials and how about we gaze at the happy trees again? It's a bit gloomy here."
  6. Vie

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    Vie was rather irritated at herself that the two felt the need to cheer her up. Though glad that they cared to such an extent about her wellbeing, they had felt it was necessary to when she should've been able to deal with it herself. She returns each material that had been given to her back and gives her brief thanks, apologizing for what worry she might've caused the two, "Sorry about that... I'll try to get back on track with actually doing what we're here to do." Frustrated at herself, she decides to attempt to take her mind off of things by then wandering towards a garden of sorts with varieties of flowers and perfectly shaped hedges instead of fishing again. She attempted to pick a few out of the several that stood out to her keen eye, successfully plucking them from the bush and continuing to move her attention while keeping watch of Blizz out of the corner of her eye just in case. Loot total (for Vie): 3 mats
  7. The last boar. Just... one last boar and all of this could be over with. Vie focused in on the boar with rage, running towards it and jumping off of the obstacle-filled terrain despite it being quite desolate. Losing her footing at the very last second, she instead falls onto her back and stares at the sky for a minute... 'Yup... still blue,' before realizing that her boar had gone on the loose and headed towards the two others in a fit of fury, they had all killed his brethren. If he couldn't kill the redhead with ease, then mob would attempt to sniff out the weakest link to at least takedown with him. The female now sat up and slightly out of breath contemplates what would make up for her stubborn nature in not letting others help or perhaps not trusting them to help, eventually saying "First one to kill it gets an IOU of their choice," in a gradually decrescendo-ed and worried voice haphazardly hoping no one would've heard it and immediately regretting her decision.
  8. Feeling stupid for just having realized there had been a mark for the quest location, she stood beside Asmura. The group comprised of guild members that barely knew each other traveled forwards towards the indicated point. Her head had been sort of downcast for the majority of the journey until the small person begun making some form of conversation, the redhead was wholeheartedly glad to hear that she didn't make the wrong decision in inviting her to the guild- that she genuinely seemed to enjoy the likely similar sense of togetherness felt when adventuring alongside them. "I'm glad," was all that slipped out of her mouth as the herd migrated. Vie's posture was altered to an alternative, more confident one as they continued... Until eventually happening upon a cavern of sorts. The cobbled together mess of nature seemed to both be wet enough to foster moss and dry enough for surfaces to crack at the same time. Vie followed Elora cautiously one step at a time while sticking close to the wall as it got darker, hoping to not lose footing on the one of many damp rocks and embarrass herself. Contemplating on the question that arose, she shouts ideas aloud- "Well, either you've offended their idea of safety or there's a kidnapper or creature afoot- there has to be some sort of reason after all," as she spoke of the former paranoia set in- 'what if this entrance was all apart of that monster's trap!' While her brain began laying out the roadwork for a theory, she continued to lay the palm of her hand against the wall as they traveled, wanting to know where she was to some extent in this darkness if any and questioning if leaving breadcrumbs would be helpful in their attempt to return...
  9. While Asmura was answering her questions, she popped in her own answers occasionally to make it a more dynamic conversation rather than sort of one-sided interrogation, "I like otters! Sometimes they drift downstream asleep on their backs while holding hands to keep from drifting away from one another. It's just a really cute concept altogether I think..." Her insert is filled with newfound excitement, as if she had never gotten to say such a thing before- as if no one had ever asked her such mundane things. Vie turns her attention to the small girl attempting to pull the slime-covered mushroom out of the ground unsuccessfully, "Don't worry, you'll find a better quality 'shroom soon enough," the redhead spoke, trying to keep the smaller one from being frustrated with herself over materials, as she didn't want her to experience things she had. Vie was curious why Asmura seemed to be avoiding the final question, guessing after a bit of contemplation that she may have some bad real world experiences before speaking up, "Uh, you don't have t-" she was cut off by the girl's response along with her very own conjured up inquiries. There was a pause as the redhead stuffed all the pieces of information she had learned about the pirate-loving female into her head. After the silence, she began to address the small person's questions, "Well, other than games I enjoyed making online friends. Drawing was fun, but I wasn't very good at it. I preferred having conversations. My favorite season is definitely autumn. Halloween was fun despite not being in America." The girl leaves no room for response, smashing all of her thoughts into a compact cube and displaying it. She felt bad for the unsolicited interview, yet glad that Asmura had obliged. It felt like they properly knew each other a bit better which was nice. "Only a few more left!" Accompanied by a smile was Vie's attempt at motivating the young pirate-loving girl, questioning whether she'd like some sort of pirate-related nickname or not.
  10. Vie watches in her peripheral whilst the two sort gather tons of boars around them, while wanting to be of help- she knew she needed to focus on the problem at hand. She stared at the three boars and wondered what would be the most efficient way to punch through them. Punching the closest boars to her, she watches the two dematerialize leaving her with nothing but loot. Finally- Finally... She had properly completed the quest. It had taken long enough. Forgetting that combat was still taking place, she let her guard down the one squealing boar she had yet to correctly punch trying to bury its horns into her skin, being successful in that matter and tearing away some of the vanity cloth that felt to serve no purpose with how full of holes it had been at this point. Vie's irritation is immediately honed in on this one singular creature.
  11. Vie

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    "probably." "probably." "PROBABLY." Echoed through her head. Chase's "probably" had worried her more than feigned confidence in the matter. False hope would've given her peace when probably only made her mind race to worst case scenarios. Vie's lack of confidence that the familiar would be alright made her search with a more critical eye, nothing seemed to be just right, every possibly choice of material appeared to be wrong to some degree. The real question was how would she be of help to his familiar. It felt like it was her fault after all! She had found it... Isn't it only right that she take it upon herself to fix whatever problem the pangolin seemed to have been infected with. As she briefly glanced over at the pangolin, it appeared to be doing fine... Vie felt a little relieved, yet a little in disbelief that it was actually alright. She then remembered how similar creatures functioned in the real world. Shedding was a thing the average animal would do... Why would a pangolin be any different? Finally, she took a breath and relaxed. Immediately reflecting on her actions that had taken place only moments earlier, boy did she feel stupid. Loot total (for Vie): 1 mat
  12. "I'm glad I can count on you," had drifted out of Vie along with a lighthearted grin as she watched the young person pluck a mushroom from the slightly already unstable ground in an excited manner. "Ooooh, good job! You're doing really well!" the redhead supported on the sidelines, relieved that Asmura seemed to be having an easier time than she had. She watched over the young person while also staying cautious towards what might be in the shadows, feeling that she ought to take extra care to make sure the girl was alright as if in some sort of maternal paranoia. With the slightly damp ground, they'd leave imprinted footprints behind them when they traveled. Vie definitely didn't want any backlash to come from that- mobs could follow it... Or even worse, they could get the upper hand with how unlit the environment was. When she wasn't overly protective, she was trying to keep some sort of conversation so that the two would get to know eachother better- they just met after all despite having partied up. After pause she began her barrage of questions, "What's your favorite animal? the best snack you've ever had? What'd you enjoy doing in the real world?" Leaving little room between each question, it likely felt a little overwhelming, but Vie just wanted to know more about her in all reality.
  13. Vie

    [SP/F6] The Gemini

    Vie's lays on the solid stone ground, attempting to dodge or do much of anything, but unable due to the paralysis she's experiencing. Everything feels pointless- frustrating. How was she supposed to fight in this position? Was she supposed to just lay down as the enemy attacked her and took damage? She wanted a fair fight, but this would happen with her inability to even stand. The girl remembers the real world, what her mother would say to her when she felt distraught over a situation and voiced her worries to her. 'Don't give up, no matter what- we'll get through this together,' despite the fact that she wasn't here, it felt extremely comforting to have been told those words. It felt like her adoptive mother had told her that no matter what, she was rooting for her- a relief to say the least. As the Gemini continues to slash at Vie's immobile ragdolled body, the girl continues to contain her fuming rage.
  14. Vie

    [SP/F6] The Gemini

    She felt frustrated at herself that she had even thought that she might lose. Vie needed to trust her guild, the ones protecting her... Just the fact that she had this armor meant that she wouldn't lose. That there were people behind her, caring for her... The girl had the damn upper hand! There was no way in hell she'd lose. She daydreamed about how she'd triumph over the enemy... Charging forward in an attempt to quicken the speed of which she'd win. Making an attack with her sword, the enemy now has a scratch on its armor despite it protecting him from the majority of dealt damage. The same attack is mirrored to Vie, taking her for surprise as she gets stunned once more. The paralysis creates a tingly electric effect on her body, it hurt, itched and stung at the same time. It was scary to be unable to move...