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  1. The excited agreement was sort of refreshing or relaxing in comparison to the several weeks of constant combat... In this moment, she thought back to those nights where she'd take a long walk while her outstretched cupped hands caught the fragmented light reflected from raindrops that hailed down from the sky. Taking a sharp exhale, she smiled a genuine smile unforced and unwavering towards the smaller girl. "I'd love to stare at the stars with someone, I've... never gotten the opportunity before," the words enunciated in a tone that hadn't quite come from the female before- completely rejuvenated in some way. Her mind wondered a bit, imagining the scene, ultimately settling on proclaiming that "Maybe we'll have a firefly catching contest," the statement complete with a hint of laughter. Referring to the map once more, they took a few turns and... Finally they they happened upon the supposed 'correct' building, she opened the familiarly styled wooden door and led the younger girl inside to where they exchanged greetings with the one of the name Lyle. With the quest having acted out to its finish, she parted with Asmura after sending a friend request and a few words, "Contact me at whenever you wish, I'm up for joining you for stargazing whenever you happen to be free." Trusting that the girl could handle herself just fine.
  2. Once she realized that they had been noticed the redhead sort of felt bad, unintentionally seeming as if she were making fun of her somehow despite meaning for it to be a supportive action towards her endeavors. This is sort of overcome when she overhears Hisa's argument to the creature- a laugh begins to bubble up, ultimately bubbling over as the final attack is landed. A leg among other limbs appearing to glow as it swiped at the large rocky creature. If this was 'embarrassing,' she was unsure what was 'impressive' to the female. Regardless, Vie celebrated their mutual victory with a "Congrats!" Taking a pause to appreciate the interesting jewel presented to the duo and joining the girl in exiting the cave. "Well, that was easy enough. Are we ready to turn in the quest?" She prompts, though the answer felt implied as the group traveled back towards the direction where they had met artist.
  3. Watching the girl from her peripheral vision she saw Hisa straying away from the group, bringing her hand atop Katoka's head essentially patting her, a grin spreads onto her face, "I'm glad. I don't know what I would've done." An exhale leaves her as she refocuses her attention on the redhead, concluding that she ought to follow Hisa's footsteps out of both curiosity and concern. Enclosing the sword woman's hand in her own after a moment she spoke, "Stay close to me if we're going to tail her," hoping that the blonde woman would allow her to take the lead on this one. Sticking close to the wall in case she were to get lost in the darkness, she lets her left hand drift atop the cracked yet somehow slightly damp edges of the wall which eventually lead her deeper into the tunnel to where yet another battle was happening. Unsure whether aid would be welcomed by the rather competitive martial artist, she stays back silently supporting and watching her from the sidelines- allowing Katoka to do whatever she thought was best, she lets go of her hand and stares vacantly at the fight. Her eyes nervously dart around capturing the action, hyper focused on the battle at hand.
  4. Just before the fist was able to pummel the redhead's body into mush, the blonde woman had protected her. She watched the event in awe- their blade risen, a golden shower of sparks falling from the katana impacting something rock solid as a once-stable leg was cast across the cave and into the 'safety' of its shadows. Vie felt overwhelmed with motivation, happy yet also upset that she needed to be helped. Ignoring Hisa's minor blunder, she looks beyond Katoka's distracted shoulder to find that the monster had risen once more and was headed straight for her friend- unsure what to say or do, her expression alters into more of a shocked state. She thought the creature was too close for her to protect the blonde, despite this she yelled "WATCH OUT-" as if that was supposed to be of help- grasping her hand and pulling her away from the combat in a way that it seemed harmless. Would this be yet another on the list of mishaps on her part? She begun being frustrated at herself internally despite the mob having the chance to miss- she already blamed herself wholeheartedly... Fortunately, Vie had pulled Katoka away from the guardian's attack just in time- managing to save her. Enraged at the beast that had scared her and rendered her helpless for but a moment, she turns to glare at it for attempting to attack someone she held dear. Rushing towards it and utilizing the speed to further inflict pain on the creature- her rapid fists rendering the mob's remains rubble. Despite this, she continued for a moment- looking up to ensure that the girl hadn't been harmed, she backs off and returns to her natural state. Attached to the blonde woman's side, "Are you alright?" She asked in a concerned tone wanting to make sure just in case. Vie | HP 280/280 | EN 14/28 | DMG 8 | BLD 24 [8-10] Katoka | HP 280/280 | EN 28/28 | DMG 8 | BLD 12 Hisa | HP 180/180 | EN 16/18 | DMG 8 [0,1,0] [DEAD] Cave Guardian | HP 0/20 | DMG 50(1st)/5(after 1st) Quest Item Recieved!
  5. (Sincerest of apologies for the late reply. College has been killing me. I'll try my best to keep up- worst comes to worst keep me as a background NPC and I'll forfeit rewards.) "It's alright Kotatsumi," Vie spoke the nickname she had given the blonde with a smile, remembering that she hadn't quite yet told Katoka her own name. "Oh, right... I'm Jami. Sorry for my lateness on th-" Before their interaction had been interrupted by the loud yelling of both Hisa and the artist that had been painting just as Lyle had foreseen. Eventually they arrived by the NPC's side and the back and forth had begun. At the thought of reward she ignored the rest of what the woman had to say, staring at her guild mates with wide eyes clearly wanting to rush towards the end goal in an impatient manner. Until off she bound towards towards the marked location on the map with the two in tow... perhaps reluctantly so. The montage carried on until they finally reached their destination- the mouth of the deep, dark, and likely damp cave. The small redhead, blinded by the idea of a new item to add to her collection, stepped into it without second thought... and off she slipped into its depths... Her strange position somehow allowing for her hand to touch the shiny object embedded into stone that just so happened to spawn the massive big meany they were searching for. In fright at the sudden movement of rock, she scrambles back to her feet and stares at the large perpetually crumbling creature that had somehow moved- blinking in disbelief until it seemed life-threatening and her fight-or-flight response arose instinctively. A deep breath and she refocuses her vision on the creature at hand, enraged at it getting in her way though her back was turned to the others. Approaching the mob, she keeps her fists close and shuffles back and forth a little before seeming satisfied with her pose and attempting to strike the beast. Her fist met rock, and the monster seemed unaffected and displeased. As Vie's hand comes back to her waist slowly, feeling silly to even attempt the attack suddenly she watches in slow-motion as the monster's fist comes down on her in slow motion. As it gets closer her eyes widen as if pleading for nonexistent mercy. Seeing them in the corner of her eye, she remembers there are others here to help. If she were telepathic she'd say, 'p-please... help. I'll do... anything you ask'. What a shame... Vie | HP 280/280 | EN 18/28 | DMG 8 | BLD 24 [8-10] Cave Guardian | HP 20/20 | DMG 50(1st)/5(after 1st)
  6. As an illuminated swing is brought down on the creature, Vie watches as its brightly colored corpse bursts into fragmented crystal. Though impressed, she still continued to frown. Both Eruda and Simmone seemed to be attempting to comfort her, which only made her feel even more lousy for needing support instead of being seen as someone who was independent. As the blonde's hand is brought onto her shoulder, Vie's downwards tilted head begins to raise to make eye contact with her. Some form of uncertain sadness could be made out in her eyes, despite this she listened to her words. Feeling just a bit more encouraged, she manages to get out a "T-Thank you..." as the blue accented wolf rubbed against her leg, Vie bent down to pat its head and perhaps find something of value at the last minute... Her attempt at searching for anything- anything to take back hadn't succeeded. Thus their journey ended on a bit of a... sad note. THREAD COMPLETE Vie - 5 SP (1 page, 1 event, 3 quest) + 100 COL, Simmone - 5 SP (1 page, 1 event, 3 quest) + 100 COL, 11 Stars Sam - 5 SP (1 page, 1 event, 3 quest) + 100 COL Eruda - 5 SP (1 page, 1 event, 3 quest) + 100 COL
  7. Vie watched all of her guildmates attempt to support her in the fight- the thin woman unsheathed her rapier, the average-seeming female that had narrowly recovered from the last combat chased the small slippery water-covered creature about was essentially at a disadvantage at that point completely not in her element... Meanwhile the blonde tank had activated some sort of skill attracting the mob towards her and telling the group to attack. Following Eruda's lead, the redhead unsheathed her own sword and attempted to use her sword art to kill the thing- unsuccessfully of course. Meanwhile flopping about, the creature didn't seem to be hurting anyone in particular- the girl felt entirely responsible that the focus of the quest was now upon attempting to hit this fishing equipment. It's like they didn't even have a chance to actually attempt the quest... Internally Vie's mind raced, she upset at herself for somehow causing nothing but trouble to the group who had only attempted to help. Upset that she was unable to even get a hit on it- the thing that she had practically created herself despite it being an accident. After a moment of deliberation she happens upon her conclusion: perhaps she shouldn't have gotten the fishing skill. Nothing good had come out of it so far after all. Maybe the group would have better luck simply gathering stars. She lets out a long sigh- visibly shaking her head and refocusing on the battle at hand, frustrated at herself. Player: Vie | Lv. 10 | HP: 170/200 | EN: 18/20 | DMG: 2 (1 base, 1 skill) Simmone | HP:540/540 | EN:51/54 | DMG:1 | LD:9 | BLD:12 | KEEN:1 Sam | HP:308/560 | EN:43/56 | DMG:19 | ACC:3 | LD:6 Eruda | HP:669/670 | EN:56/64 | DMG:3 | MIT:99 | BLD:24 | TAUNT | THRNS:36 | REC:1 | DoT -25% Enemy: (0,0,0,4) Tackle (Timothy) | HP:44/80 | DMG:30 Vie misses
  8. Vie walked through the entrance to the store with Asmura, the redhead glanced around at everything as if it had been a millennia since she had seen the place. The reality was that it had been a few hours at most. Gazing probably erily at the older male, the strange smile that creeped onto Zackariah's face had been interpreted as absolutely bizarre to the older female. He always bore this sort of neutral slightly disappointed expression towards Vie that she hadn't imagined that he was capable of emoting any other sort of way. As the two make their way into the back, the older girl shadows their actions- eventually acting proud of Asmura as if she had in fact being the one teaching her the craft of brewing potions instead. "Good job!" her exclamation had accompanied the chemist's. As Zackariah tells her to deliver the package to the blacksmith, Vie's expression turns into something more frown-like- upset at the male for making the younger person run around and do his errands. Despite this, the girl suddenly rushes towards the front in search of a pen and paper to draw some sort of map for the younger female so she'd not get as lost as she had previously. When the rough sketch gets drawn she hands it over to Asmura, "This is just in case. We don't want you getting lost." She comments as the map lands in the younger girl's hands. After a moment she continues, "Still up for skygazing?" The taller female asks with a smile.
  9. The redhead interpreted Ruler's character to be be filled to the brim with stoicism- something she wasn't entirely sure how to handle. It was hard to tell whether the blonde woman's words were meant to poke fun or state truth so she opted for the silent route though the addition of the word 'friend' towards the end was a bit more welcoming. "If anything it sounds like you'll be the one murdering the mob and we'll be bystanders," she spoke after a little while of silence in between- looking at Freyd and remembering the sandshark bursting before her eyes for a brief moment. Though it was possible for the tank to get into trouble, the woman seemed to be able to handle herself with that sort of confident disposition so there was nothing on that front to be too afraid of. Lacking information about what they were to be fighting and such, she was slightly uneasy- but the fact that two guild members accompanied her was encouraging, balancing it out to a more comfortable place internally. With Freyd's line of dialogue, the group begins to migrate towards the quest location. Meanwhile she attempted at some sort of conversation to keep the journey interesting, "What's your favorite floor so far out of curiosity?" The girl spoke, slicing through the deafening silence.
  10. Katoka's words which were seeped with clarity cut through the awkward nature of Vie's comment. Relieved, the redhead becomes more of a bystander to the conversation now only occasionally interjecting for a few words to avoid similar mistakes. Oblivious to the Hisa's sense humor she says, "...T-That's a bit bigger than a butter knife actually-" before getting cut off and collaboratively deciding to chug down the potion, an action that she took alongside her now close friend. Somewhere inside she knew that it wouldn't be as big of a deal if she got hit, but didn't want to seem egotistical- ultimately taking her comrade's advice. Nodding at the cue to leave, she got up and transferred monetary compensation to the waitress. After a few moments she travels to the other side of the door in wait for the rest of the party. As a bit of time passes the group now 'properly' gathered together, they move towards the location marked on their map. The redhead attempts to fill the silence, "So... Do you think there's anything else you should mention before meet this painter? How does she feel about compliments on her piece? Do you think she finds it rather obnoxious when someone comments on a work in progress?" She inquires, hoping that the petite blonde would carry the discussion with some sort of story about the encounter as they made their way towards the location. Vie consumes <<Safeguard>> First successful attack versus player is now ignored.
  11. Vie

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    Making her way to the edge of the water, she thinks about how unsuccessful her fishing attempts had been today. After a bit of thought, she settles on picking up the pole's line and knotting another handcrafted vanity tackle onto its end- hoping perhaps this cast would be not only the last but the most successful. Carefully throwing the hook decently far into the body of water and attentively watching it. Bobbing a few times, she reels her bounty in. A smaller fish twitches into her hands as she slides it into her inventory. Slightly disappointed, she places the vanity items back in and rejoins the others. What's visible as she makes it back is her downcast head and a neutral expression worn on her face. It seemed rather abnormal on the redhead, yet natural for the majority of the population. When she gets closer, she looks towards then with a dejected smile trying her best to seem upbeat and cheerful, "Ready to head back?" She asks. +1 T1 Material Total Loot (for Vie): 12 T1 Materials
  12. Just as Vie observes the thin woman's graceful movements, though suddenly priority is take by the beast that had previously been on some sort of suicide mission resurrected, emerging from the lake soaked and making its way to its owner. Still a bit flabbergasted, the redhead finds difficulty on how to explain the whole situation. Somehow managing to get a few words out, "The boy was looking for traces of his savior by the name of Yori, apparently they've gone missing recently..." After a bit of an awkward pause she continues her explanation on occurrences as the woman questions what the stars had been for, "I believe a few young people were asking for star donations earlier." Now having caught up the taller female, she turns towards the one who had begun her hunt for fish... Her eyes following attentively as some sort of battle began- an aquatic animal attempting to capture and devour a human instead of the other way around. Inevitably Vie becomes a bystander, the event unfolds too fast to have an impulsive fight-or-flight response. A brief wall of sand appears and covers a somehow familiar red clad person's actions, what little she's able to discern is a flash of yellow and a clearly upset tone. As the dust settles, she sees Sam and... Raidou? Was it? Combating the massive frog creature, each landing hits though the red robed person making much more of an impression on the girl. His dance of light faded as he made a comment and meandered away from the group. Still in awe, the information she had already known had felt new to her in some way, lighting a flame that seemed to motivate her. Eruda's words hadn't completely registered to her, the girl immediately trodding off to begin her part of the fishing expedition- though she hadn't known much, she wanted to give it her best try as well. Taking a moment to position herself comfortably on the edge of the water in an unrefined manner. She gives the lake a gaze of confidence, herself an air fistbump, and takes out her red vanity nautical box. A moment of silence came upon her as she contemplated the best one to use, staring at the box. Ultimately she chooses a relatively light-weight singular hook with a visible upper portion- she'd know a bite when she saw one. Tying it onto the vanity pole with fishing line, and finally tossing it into the body of water to complete the action. Spending a moment to sit back and relax, thinking the fish would just somehow flock to her naturally... She didn't seem to be catching anything, eventually reeling in nonexistent spoils... On second thought, now that she looked at it properly and gave full attention to the line that lacked the previously attached fishing tackle... Watching it morph into some sort of mob right in front of her. Its eye sockets began glowing red, twitching itself off out of her poorly crafted tie and onto the ground. There it lay flopping about as if attempting to get her attention. Before she had the chance to respond to its actions and stand up to scramble away, it latched onto her ankle and gave it a chomp. Internally squealing in pain, Vie attempted to shake the creature off- regretting having used the cursed tackle box that left her with nothing but shattered hopes and dreams. Player: Vie | Lv. 10 | HP: 170/200 | EN: 20/20 | DMG: 2 (1 base, 1 skill) Enemy: Tackle (Timothy) | HP:80/80 | DMG:30 Timothy does 30 DMG to Vie.
  13. Vie watches as the plate stacked high with sandwiches slides onto the table in front of Hisa. After a bit of thought, "I don't mind fighting more than the two, though I would prefer you or I take the damage just to be safe." The comment escaped her lips and floated into the air clearly referring to the blonde swordswoman despite not directly suggesting so as she didn't want to seem like she was underestimating her other comrade. Listening to Katoka and becoming slightly flushed though attempting to divert their attention towards the quest at hand as to not make the fellow redhead feel uncomfortable. Hearing them talk about appreciating the game she decided to say as much as she could towards the topic as if that would prevent them from making fun of her embarrassed face, "The graphics are absolutely stunning, it feels so realistic for a virtual game. Though flavors are probably super complex to replicate, so it seems just as surreal... It's nice how it seems they just went above and beyond for the user despite it turning into... sort of a death game..." At the end of her review her words slowed and her embarrassment halted, realizing that it quickly devolved into something more grim towards the end. Attempting to figure out how to transition to something more positive, she mentions that they'll eventually conquer it together with their guildmates- talking about how they've improved drastically from that first quest and how they're bound to continue their growth.
  14. Vie

    [PP/F1] Nature's Treasure

    She nodded, accepting ChaseR's conditions. Turning a little towards Katoka to properly respond "None in particular, haven't planned that far in advance actually." Listening to the growl her stomach produced she acknowledges the girl's hunger and remembers the cafe, "Did you really feed the majority of the scone to that damn dinosaur?" She emphasises, shaking her head in a bit of disappointment as her stomach produces a bit of a similar noise. Blushing, the redhead too scans the ground for any signs of materials that may allow her to escape the embarrassing subject at hand. Her search renders successful as she bends down and takes two handful of grass too, shoveling them into her inventory. Hoping perhaps collecting materials may alter the subject, she wanders a bit further away where a couple vanity objects laid beside a pond. She didn't want to leave empty handed as far as fishing came. The first memory of capturing fish didn't have to be fruitless quite yet, the female still had time. "Gimme a little while, I'm going to put a few items away!" She called back towards the rest of the group hoping to wrap this up quickly. Loot total (for Vie): 11 mats
  15. The redhead watched the young girl pluck the flower and lay in her palms, showing it off. A smile grows on her face as Vie is glad for the girl's achievement, "Congratulations!" Right after their small pause to celebrate she's a little surprised by the amount of questions yet decides to answer them. Her expression changes from one of glee to a more serious alternative. As the obsidian haired girl takes her hand and travels with her back to Zackariah's house a bit of externally non-existent smoke streams out of the older woman's head seemingly released by mental gears turning, searching for an answer. After a bit of contemplation, she figures out what to say to the young one. "I'd say the guild is a made up of extremely helpful people who're both incredibly welcoming and able to go out of their way to give you advice along your journey," she elaborates on how people behave and what they're willing to do despite feeling a bit of deja vu. As the two get a little closer to their destination and more time is spent on thinking, Vie molds yet another answer setting it free and hoping that it satisfies what Asmura had been expecting of her. "The leader's Raidou, though I don't know much about him quite yet he seems to genuinely care about everyone despite feeling far away." As the redhead responds to yet another of the girl's questions as their adventure continues, feeling almost never ending. "Our headquarters is on Floor 22, a relatively safe floor in my brief experience. All that I've heard is notable about it has been some sort of lake, a forest, and waterfalls. I haven't quite gotten to explore the floor myself yet either though. I suppose we could see it ourselves after this quest if you're interested. I think we have some empty rooms that we'd be able to stay the night at."