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[F04 - Shop] Frozen Gemstone [Rank 6 Artisan] [open]

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Walking into the Frozen Gemstone, I was certainly hoping that the proprietor could help me. My last few fights had gone horrendously and I realized I desperately needed some evasion to prevent that from happening again. Especially if I wanted to tank. Walking up to the counter, I offered my hand to Ennakai, "Hello, my name is Mortambo. I have an order I'd like to make for a ring of evasion." Seeing the order forms on the table I quickly filled one out. "Hopefully paying with materials is all right?" I said as I went into my inventory and transferred some of my latest gathering run to him. "It's nice to meet you and I can't wait to use your wonderful wares, sir." I said bowing slightly. 

Order Form:


Name: Ring of the Trickster
Your Profession: Artisan
Your Rank: 5
Item Type: Jewelry
Tier: 1
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: EVA +3
Description: This small, nondescript gold ring seems like nothing special, but when you put it on it helps you move more unpredictably helping you get out of the way of danger. 
Post Link: 

-9 T1 materials

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