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[F17] Obsidian Invasion

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Finally, the dark gave way to light.

Buckets of water doused the final flames, and as the red of fires died away, golden streaks of dawn dominated the sky. Civilians slowly spilled from the castle doors, returned from their safe haven to survey the damage. Occasional cries of exhaustion and loss still came from the NPCs, but overall feel was hopeful. People spoke, laughed, patted each other on the backs. They helped neighbors sort through the burned remains of houses, and encouraged each other with promises of rebuilding. But all movement, all sound, ceased when Queen Delia emerged on the castle's balcony.

"My people," she began, her voice both soft and powerful. "Our great city has played witness to a horrible, terrible tragedy. We have lost much - our homes, our businesses, our belongings. But we have not lost our lives, and for that, we must be grateful. These invaders sought to weaken us, but they have not. They hoped to frighten us, but they have not. They aspired to divide us, paralyze us, destroy us. They have not.

"As we celebrate this great victory, we must also thank those who helped make it possible." The woman paused, motioned, smiled. "To our saviors, we are eternally grateful. What you did here will not be forgotten, nor will it ever be truly compensated." Something mischievous came into her eyes as she added, "But we shall do our best.

"I aim to use my vast influence to improve your standing within this realm. Furthermore, you will have access to our stored goods; we had a plentiful year, and the materials would have been lost had it not been for your efforts. Finally, the one hundred and seventy civilians whom you rescued have each donated three coins to show their gratitude."

Queen Delia lifted both arms, gesturing to all that surrounded her. The rising sun at her back, she was every bit the mythological ruler the game made her out to be. "Mighty Larissa shall live to fight again thanks to you, Guardians." 

All Guardians Receive:

  • +3 SP (in addition to standard thread rewards).
  • 510 col.
  • 2 mats per post (based on player tier).

Top Contributors Receive:
Choose ONE, tiers with player. Once one group is selected, it cannot be chosen again.
Mac, then Ariel, then NIGHT. (A randomizer was used to determine order of two and three.)

Light Armor: EVA | EVA | Flame Aura
OR Heavy Armor: Thorns | Thorns | Flame Thorns

Trinket: Life Mending | Recovery | Recovery

Shield: Holy Blessing | Paralyze | Recovery
OR Weapon: Holy | Paralyze | ACC

Introducing the Hall of Heroes
A permanent place to celebrate successes in Aincrad.
You, the Guardians of Larissa, will be the first to have your names displayed there.


Lessa = 9 = 6 SP, 510 col, 18 T2 mats.
LiZzie = 3 = 4 SP, 510 col, 6 T1 mats.
Pinball = 3 = 4 SP, 510 col, 6 T3 mats.
NIGHT = 14 = 7 SP, 510 col, 28 T2 mats.
Cordelia = 10 = 6 SP, 510 col, 20 T2 mats.
Randal = 8 = 5 SP, 510 col, 16 T1 mats.
Jinx = 7 = 5 SP, 510 col, 14 T1 mats.
Mishiro = 5 = 4 SP, 510 col, 10 T1 mats.
Andromeda = 6 = 5 SP, 510 col, 12 T1 mats.
Arabelle = 5 = 4 SP, 510 col, 10 T2 mats.
Ceres = 7 = 5 SP, 510 col, 14 T1 mats.
Mari = 5 = 4 SP, 510 col, 10 T2 mats.
Basuke = 6 = 5 SP, 510 col, 12 T1 mats.
Calrex = 7 = 5 SP, 510 col, 14 T3 mats.
Skeleton = 6 = 5 SP, 510 col, 12 T1 mats.
Zandra = 10 = 6 SP, 510 col, 20 T3 mats.
Tsurei = 5 = 4 SP, 510 col, 10 T1 mats.
Ariel = 14 = 7 SP, 510 col, 28 T3 mats.
Dracul = 12 = 7 SP, 510 col, 24 T1 mats.
Azhoda = 8 = 5 SP, 510 col, 16 T2 mats.
Baldur = 7 = 5 SP, 510 col, 14 T3 mats.
Macradon = 20 = 9 SP, 510 col, 40 T3 mats.
Ronnel = 4 = 4 SP, 510 col, 8 T1 mats.
Anise = 4 = 4 SP, 510 col, 8 T1 mats.
Bistro = 3 = 4 SP, 510 col, 6 T1 mats.
Alkor = 7 = 5 SP, 510 col, 14 T2 mats.
Bahr = 4 = 4 SP, 510 col, 8 T3 mats.
Solei = 3 = 4 SP, 510 col, 6 T1 mats.

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As the portal finally closed, Macradon would celebrate, even if he himself didn’t really do much, it was one of the greatest feelings he had ever felt being able to help the city like this. After the portal was closed, Macradon would walk around and help douse the flames and recover the lost town, helping wherever he could with manual labor. Macradon would chuckle when he saw the beginning of the Hall of Heroes “Guess I’m the arbiter of Zeus and Guardian of Larissa … maybe I should hunt for more titles like this.” he muttered with a chuckle as he bowed to the queen after he victory speech. When given the opportunity to get special equipment as a thanks, Macradon was the first to be invited. Before him were … choices. He had to ponder for a while, as Thorns wasn’t his taste, but neither was Life Mending or a shield for the matter. “I guess … this will be fitting one day.” he said and accepted the Light Armor with Evasion and Flame Aura.

[ Macradon Accepts the Light Armor: EVA | EVA | Flame Aura ]

@Ariel - The Crowned Lion

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The blonde spear user, in tow with her blond alchemist companion throughout this event quest, have just finished escorting back a the last group of refugees. They have heard the queen's words and the blonde took them to heart. "All hail Queen Dalia!" she cheered with the rest of the NPC army. She'd 'officially' become part of the queen's guard, when she did the Herculean Labor quest a long while back, and liked the idea of it. Responding to the summoning about rewards, she planted her long spear in the ground and let the lion  balled her right fist over her heart as she spoke solemnly. "I respectfully decline this material reward for myself, to be of service to my queen is rewarding enough... however" she glanced a little behind to her right, where Dracul was located and smiled slyly. Contrary to her claim, she reached for one of the rewards and adjusted its stats to her liking, earning all kind of mean shouts from around them:

"Liar!" "Egoist!" "Showoff!" "Fake!" "Stop embarrassing yourself in front of our queen!" and so on. Queen Dalia herself had to raise a hand to silence the disgruntled crowd, raising a brow herself but saying nothing. Meanwhile Ariel ignored them and focused on her task and let out a short whistle at the result in her inventory. Moment later, she materialized a large and beautiful sword. It had a silver colored blade with rose petal etchings which have a blue hue; similar to rune inscriptions. A small blue rose rested on top of its guard.

The crowd marveled at its beauty and frowned as the blonde turned it upside down and impaled it in the ground, next sending her spear in her inventory. "Draco, come pick it up. It's yours. You've got as much right at it as me." she added with a smile as she stepped to the side and let him come for it. He got close and wrapped his hands around the pommel, pulling it out of the ground with a slight grunt. Even if it looked like some cheesy arthurian tale, he REALLY like it. The design fit him like a glove and the the balance was impecable. He noticed the tier, way above his level and slightly raised a eyebrow at the blonde.

"You've earned it in my eyes. Now you just need to prove it to yourself and fight your way up, so you can get to wield it. For their sake and yours." A slow clap came from in front of them and following the queen's example, many of the people present cheered as well. "I will not fail your trust." he muttered with s sincere smile.

Ariel Accepts the Weapon: Holy | Paralyze | ACC

It turns in the following item which she gives to @Dracul


Guardian's Oath#134013
T3: Holy | Paralyze | ACC
A massive two handed straight sword from Queen Dalia's own treasury, given as a reward for helping protect Larissa, in time of need. It is has a beautiful silver colored blade with rose petal etchings on it, which have a blue hue; similar to rune inscriptions. A small blue rose rests on top of its guard and the leather scabbard is dyed blue, similarly etched with blue hued rose motifs.


Edited by Ariel - The Crowned Lion

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The last thing on the table was a trinket. It was befitting -- an artisan piece to an artisan, right?

With a tilt of the head, NIGHT approached the jewelry, picking up in her hands and examining it over. It was beautiful, looking almost like an archaic relic recently unearthed and polished. Holding it up, she turned to the Queen that she knew absolutely nothing about and bowed. "Thank you very much."

... Why was she chosen out of the others? The player pondered on it, eyes stuck on the trinket as she stepped down from the platform. In a moment, a familiar hand was on her shoulder, a big grin on the other's face. "Nice job."

The compliment came from Bistro. "Oh, hey."

A push of a button, and a smirk from the older woman. NIGHT found herself glaring daggers at her informant, whisking away the relic before she could do it again. "H-hey--!"

"-- Though, I wouldn't have expected you out of all people to be called out like that." NIGHT rolled her eyes, beginning to walk off. "Trust me, I'm the last person who would've imagined it."

"A-at least let me take another look at that item--!"

Without turning around, the adventurer held a hand up as a farewell to her accomplice, heading for the town's teleporter.


+ Trinket: Life Mending | Recovery | Recovery

Name: Ancient Larissa Leaf Necklace
Type: Trinket
Tier: 2
Quality: Perfect
Enchantments: Life Mending | Recovery | Recovery
Description: An old necklace from Larissa. Once held by Queen Delia herself. Flexible golden and green metal leaves are strung along a hidden chain. You can spot the wear and tear on the leaves' edges if you look closely enough. 

Edited by NIGHT

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