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Lady Penny Pembrook

[OP - F22] Star-Crossed Gala

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Yuki cleared her throat and folded her arms against her chest once again. Another deep breath escaped her lungs. "I just like to have a positive mental attitude towards anything I do. If I went into everything without keeping my chin up I'd drown in my own self-loathing I guess. Hearing someone agree with and all around just understand your situation is encouraging is all. So whether or not you accept my thanks for helping my spirit, I'm still glad I talked with you about it."

She looked over at the tent's entrance once again, wondering if she would have time to incorporate her own ideas, but something told her she was probably too late for that now.

"Well, I hope you enjoy it no matter what it is. I know I would. It would be awesome to have your own quest idea in a video game like this. What kind of ideas did you apply with?"


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