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Floor 26 Boss Fight Rewards



For those of you involved in the floor 26 boss raid and received a <<Fate's Armament>> from Gabrandr's defeat, there has a number of questions regarding these items. Staff is making this announcement as an aim to rectify this. Anyone who possessed this item and participated in the companion event "Defying Destiny" is eligible to submit the vanity weapon to their evals. The item will become a T4 Demonic Quality Weapon, type being whatever the player so chooses and the name and description can be defined by the player. In addition the enhancements present on the item will be of the players choosing:

  • 1 Unique Enhancement (Excluding Cursed)
  • 3 Standard Enhancements

Please before submitting the item, make sure that the character in question participated and received rewards for 'Defying Destiny' in addition to the Floor Boss fight for floor 26. Only characters that received thread closure rewards from the companion event will be eligible to upgrade the item this way.

Your resident weirdo,


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