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  1. My green eyes lit up with excitement, Mari would be coming to the meeting too! I am attending that meeting as well. I have already omitted any of my members to participate in the battle because they too would die in one hit. Though I'm only a few levels ahead of them I plan to come back to them. I said, only a hint of doubt in my voice. This was something that I was constantly worrying about, death. The people I had met in Aincrad so far had really been worried for me too, not trusting me to leave on my own and such. Now though I had to go my own way, be stronger for the guild, and most import
  2. I nodded in agreement to what she said. Somehow she sounded like my old guild leader, maybe even Rolland. They beleive that the bigger the guild is, the more power they have. But sometimes you aren't that lucky. Sometimes you realize that you are just canon fodder and nothing more. Another memory sprang in my head. One of Shade this time. He wasn't my friend but I wouldn't call him an enemy either. He was on the brink of killing me, he even told me to kill higher level monster for him- to give him the materials. Luckily, I ran away. I was ashamed of running but there was nothing I could do abo
  3. I can't handle any of that conceited manners either, they are quite unpleasant to me. I said and steadied myself on the ice. I would hate to fall and cause the ice to crack open. A memory of Rolland and I popped into my head at that moment. We were in a small boat, a date to be exact, when suddenly we tipped over and both fell into the water. It was a disastrous moment back then but now when I thought of it, it made me giggle. Like an inside joke. I smiled at the mention of her guild. Quite so, I just got the position also so I'm a little new to it. I'm trying to recruit new members but i
  4. I nodded slowly and recalled event. Yes, I met some very fine people on this floor. This was also where my guild "career" started...just as the White Knight though. But still, I was honored for it. I babbled on again about the same person I always talked about, my previous guild leader. He was one of the first people I met and also the kindest so far. I don't mind it really that much...I admitted to the beautiful young lady with pink hair. Indeed, it always silent over here, no one really likes this floor very much...it's too cold for some I think. As the last of her song finished I began
  5. Thinking quickly, I decided what sword I wanted in a matter of seconds. A rare one if possible focusing on damage and accuracy. I said bluntly to the young man addressing me.
  6. I looked behind me and made sure she wasn't speaking to anyone else. Once I concluded that it was I she was talking to I responded with a smile on my face. I don't favor it, I just have fond memories on this floor. The cold doesn't really bother me that much either. I said, staring at the violin in her hand. What about you? Are you here just to play your violin? It's very sweet music, I love the sound of it. I complimented her on here playing and silently hoped she would continue to play, as if I were not there at all.
  7. I walked into the shop that I had been suggested to. It was really late to be doing this, but I had to. Hello, I'm looking to buy a sword...I spoke to no one in particular as my curious eyes went around the room.
  8. I was still into my old habit of wearing my white cape. The cape used to symbolize that I was the White Knight, which wasn't necessarily good or bad. I needed to accept the fact that I was now the new guild leader, and find a new cape of course. I had already appointed someone to be the White Knight, and mostly the Knights of Color positions were filled. But at the same time the guild had been having a shortage of members recently. With that in mind I stepped onto a boulder to look out onto the lake. What I saw surprised and confused me mostly. There was first just flashes of pink but whe
  9. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3225 (Knight Artorias and Primrose) 3 pages x 400 col = 1200 col divided by 2 people = 600 col received each viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3319 (Kiluia Seiko and Primrose) 3 pages x 400 col = 1200 divided by 2 people = 600 col received each viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3230 (Dante, Knight Artorias, Mayonaka, Rolland, Vee, Alkaros, Grim, Primrose) 5 pages x 400= 2000 col divided by 8 people = 250 col each viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3701 (Rolland + Primrose) 3 pages x 400 col = 1200 col divided by 3 people = 400 col received each viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3667 (Kilua Seiko and Primro
  10. «Name»Oliver Profile » Oliver: » Oliver: » 17: » Male: » 5' 2": » Oliver wasn't necessarily a nerd but he wasn't cool either. He was normal until his friends wanted to try a game called Sword Art Online. He logged in with his buddies in the game. He had an older sister name Mira and two younger brothers named Conner and Ethan. They played together often with video games and sword fights. He lived a happy life until he came into this game. : History/personality » Virtues: Smart: He paid attention during class, especially his favorite subject, science. Oliver knows
  11. Although I may not agree with the whole "If u you die...." This is a really good idea!
  12. Profile » Username: Primrose » Real name: Mariko » Age: 15 (When she started) » Gender: Female » Height: 5' 7" » About: History/personality Before Sword Art Online Primrose was always the "weird girl." I guess you could say she was bullied. After her parents died in England her heart was locked away for no one to penetrate. For a thirteen year old girl, a game you could escape to was a dream come true. She had to log into SAO for her own sake, for her heart to heal. Primrose (NO not from the Hunger Games!) is a solo player. She is unimpressed with the way the deaths of this "game
  13. Primrose


    Profile » Username: Snow » Real name: Yuki » Age in game : 19 » Gender: Female » Height: 5' 11" » Snow entered the game with her best friend, Daisuke. Her parents were typical and thought nothing of the game when she purchased it. She has just finished High School and had been accepted into a community college close to home. Snow would be attending if she hadn't said "Link Start." » Virtues: Kind- Snow is very kind to strangers, unless they attack. She likes to meet new people, especially in the unfamiliar world of Sword Art Online. If someone isn't so nice to her sh
  14. Snow was dumb-founded for about five minutes. She was confused on why it's a secret to some. She treaded up the stairs, forgetting about everything and everyone. Eventually Pepper and Ruka found Snow in an Inn, dozing off. They sat and waited for hours for her to wake up, she did and they began their journey into the 3rd floor.
  15. Before he reaches the top Snow bounds up the steps and this time Snow runs to the cloaked man. What is your name? I'm like the only who doesn't know! Snow says quietly so no one notices.
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