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  1. "Field boss?" Killia repeated. "Yeah... That sounds good. Let's give this new skill a test run." RESULTS: Calrex Earns: +2 SP, +200 col Killia Earns: +3 SP, +200 col, <<Martial Arts Level 0>>
  2. Smudged and looking ridiculous, Killia let a grin crack at the corner of his lips. His amber eyes lit up with excitement. "Aw, man, yeah." Killia's tone exuded relief. "I really haven't done any quests." He paused for a moment remembering why. He looked down to his hands which were numb instead of consumed with searing pain. Numb felt right. He scoffed. "You know?" The teen rubbed at his knuckles, a habit he had from before the game. "Can we tackle something tough?" The request left his lips as overconfidence but the boy lined it with guilt. His expression fell flat. The co
  3. Killia shot a fist into the air. "*&%! Yeah!" He blurted with fervor. Immediately, he pushed his face into his forearm and vigorously worked the paint from his face the old man forced him to wear. Believing it had all been removed, Killia turned to the old man and pointed. "Suck it old man!" The NPC chortled. Doubled over, and pointed his walking stick at the bluenette. Difficult to see, Killia only managed to severely smear the ink all over his face instead of remove it. Once he regained his composure, he cleared his throat and bowed. "Thank you, you two, you've been a grea
  4. The taste of victory was nearly palpable. The HP whittled down little by little and finally had more empty than full. Were this the health of a player, everyone would be worried. But Killia had a strange suspicion that everyone loved to see this boulder die. Keeping that image in mind, the future pugilist squared his fists to his side, took a half breath, and thrust his fist with a sharp exhale. He could immediately tell by the impact, the percussion down his arm and rooted in his core, that his blow was nearly perfect. Some the cracks grew, flakes of stone shuddered and chimed loose from the
  5. ID# 87410: BD5+3 <<-1EN,HIT>> [+1EN] [+4 Damage] "Yeah," I replied to Calrex. "Thanks again." Were it not for his help, I may have spent the better part of a day punching this rock. My little chunks of HP versus his were pathetic. Then again, this world made it well known - that gap of power. My fist open and closed as though it ached. It should ache. But it didn't. Here, there was no pain, just a faint tingle. Just that faint indication that something happened. My health was full, but my hand tingled. Surely, were this the other side, I'd have broken a finger by now.
  6. ID# 87233: BD6+3 <<-1EN, HIT>> [+1 EN] [4 Damage] It was like watching a ball of meat and bone launched from a cannon. Calrex shot out and bludgeoned the boulder with much better form and follow through than what I just put forward. I mean, I could have been putting him on a pedestal for being a higher level and all, but the health bar of the thing dropped twice as low from his blow as mine. Meaning, he had some firepower behind that fist of his. "Jesus," my lips spilled unintentionally. I shook off the thought of his fist entering my forehead and exiting my skull ef
  7. ID# 87182: BD8+3 <<-1 EN, HIT>> [4 Damage] I nodded at Calrex's information. Compared to Clevis' broad suggestions and lack of detail, it felt relieving to work with someone knowledgeable. Still, I couldn't help but take an opportunity here and there to observe him as we walked. Despite his earlier comment, the stranger kept his guard up. Part of me felt safer, but the other part felt slightly unnerved. Everyone knew to keep their eyes open in the fields for random field bosses of even surprise attack mobs, but to add fuel to the fire, rumors of increased PKing had been floati
  8. "Second Floor?" Then why the heck did he leave me here? "Alright, meet you there then?" My face soured, thinking of Clevis. If I did learn whatever skill this was for unarmed combat, I'd be sure to test it out on his gut. Then again, if he really was from the front lines, I'd probably have better luck punching more rocks. I approached the town gate and vaguely remembered the procedures for transport. "Teleport, Urbus." White light filled my peripherals until all vision was washed away. I felt light and weightless, followed by the slamming weight of reappearing. New sounds flooded my
  9. Who here mains Martial Arts? Post below.

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    2. Takao


      all fists all day bb

    3. Martha


      Nice nice, a list of people who can help me with <<Breaking the Unbreakable>>. Can I get a raise of hands from a volunteer willing to help a young woman?

    4. Killia


      Looking to start an MA only guild that works sort of like a Fight Club. Any MA users interested?

  10. "Great," I commented at the mention of taking a while. This guy was kind. So, when he said "while" what he meant was longer than a game of Monopoly with Grandma playing the banker. Senile old bat... "Really?" My words were hesitant. Was he like Clevis or like those bastards in high school? Yeah, let's go check out the cheerleaders practicing in the gym. One black eye and a broken hand later... "I mean, you probably have other things to do." He seemed genuine, but who's to really know? "Although, I have no idea where this quest is at all. Just that I have to climb a mountain." I
  11. Looking to protect a female player that also needs no protecting. Aiming for good friends. Open for awkward romance.

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      *finger guns*

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      *also finger guns minus relationship part*

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      *returns fire @Kooh* Profile looks solid. What kind of quests are you still needing to finish/work on? We'll knock out two birds, one stone.

  12. A hand? Yeah, I guess you could say that. How about a sledge hammer? Dynamite maybe? I mean, we’re breaking a rock here and can’t use weapons. Is this some Matrix level Quest where there is no rock? Come on... "Uh, maybe? A friend of mine said I needed to complete some quest involving a crazy old man and punching a rock?" I held up my hands and balled them into fists. The cloth wrapping tightened against the knuckles with a soft, audible strain. "Said if I refused to take up a weapon, it was the only way to be relevant?" I dropped my hands, opting to ruffle my hair in frustration ins
  13. This is the taco's birthmas? Happy birthmas!

    1. Takao


      thanks bb ❤❤

  14. "I'm not doing it," I stated with firm resolve. "Listen, if you're not going to pick up a weapon, you need to do this." Clevis punctuated his sentence for emphasis, but the choked back laugh did little to enforce his point. "Nope, not if its going to make me look like an idiot." I mean, paint whiskers on my face? Sounds like something Mr. Miagi would do once senility finally took hold. "Alright, whatever. Do what you want, but I'm telling you. If you're going to insist on punching your way through life on SAO, you'll need to take this quest. Without it, you will die, or you'll
  15. I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a heavy bag they can tape someone's face to. It may drastically decrease workplace and domestic violence.

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      Now just picture if everyone's cubicles had a heavy bag with the same person's face ;)

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