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  1. Crreeeeeaaaak... Kooh winced at the drawn-out sound that the large oaken door made when she pushed it open. "So much for trying out that lockpicking skill..." She muttered under her breath with dissatisfaction. Still, an entrance had been presented to her, and so she cautiously made her way into...an office? She raised a brow while looking over the large room. A few desks, some filing cabinets, even a standing fan and water cooler decorated the space, though she couldn't shake how empty and lifeless it felt. WHAM! She spun around, eyes wide and her pulse skyrocketing. The door h
  2. Col: 18,811 Tier 1 mats: 25 Tier 2 mats: 10
  3. Yoooo, anyone wanna do the new low level quests with me?

    1. Dominion
    2. Bhairyuu


      I would love to go on these quests with you if it's okay with you.

  4. Ehhh, anyone want to do a thread?

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    2. Nocturn


      You can throw me in as well, if you'd like.

    3. Kooh


      @Kasier apparently :P

      Oh goodness, so many friends. If anyone has a specific idea for a thread, PM me please? :3

    4. Khrysaor


      I wouldn't mind joining in as well, if it is ok:)

  5. Giving a slight jump, Kooh's eyes quickly fell upon a raven-haired girl with a mischievous smile on her features. Feeling the item on her, the blonde girl brought up a hand to gingerly touch the pendant. A grin pulled at the corners of her mouth at the shopowner's words. "Kooh." She answered. "And may I ask the name of the artisan I should be recommending throughout Aincrad?" She asked in return. "That, and the price of this beautiful piece." Movement caught Kooh's eye as another player entered the shop, and as she looked over she repressed any change in expression. 'What, is he following
  6. Casually strolling into a shop located on the very outskirts of Urbus, Kooh slipped her hands in her pockets as she surveyed the Artisan shop. There was something specific she had in mind, and she was almost positive this was a place she could go to get it. With a small smirk on her lips, she scanned the area inside but wasn't able to spot a shopowner. With a light shrug, the girl scanned the items on display. She didn't have to look for long before her eyes fell upon a Rare-quality accuracy charm item. A ruby pendant matching closely to the color of her own eyes, she practically grinned with
  7. Anyone interested in doing a thread? I'm thinking of doing Earning a Living soon, but I'm just a baby level 1 so anything but combat!

    Feel free to PM me c:

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    2. Emblem


      Im up for it!

    3. Victor


      I could help out too if you'd like. Also willing to plot more extensively if you want. I need story arcs for Victor :)

    4. Rain


      So long as there's SP, I don't mind slaving on getting mats. xD

  8. Kooh

    Kooh's Journal

    Profile Username: Kooh Real name: Luna Kanno Current Age: 19 Gender: Female Height: 5' 9" History With a record of mischievous behavior and being no stranger to foul play, Luna has led a slightly haphazard life up until Sword Art Online. She was born into an average family as the youngest of three children. Doing any- and everything she could to stand out, Luna was labeled a 'wild child', always very outspoken and adventurous in order to get attention. Throughout her elementary days the girl practically thought herself invincible; there was no hill she couldn't climb, no dare
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