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  1. Unsurprisingly, Marius hadn't exactly gone out of his way to prepare anything in particular for this quest. He hadn't known what he was getting himself in for but chose not to worry about all of that in the beginning, considering the fact that most things on the first floor couldn't exactly harm him in any meaningful way. Well... There was that dragon that he had seen Freyd and his familiar take on upon their initial meeting but that didn't exactly seem to be the kind of thing that would appear in the docks. "Right, of course, consumables. I have a few of those but they are really only for hea
  2. Not wanting to be rude, the elderly gentleman would go out of his way to shake ChaseR's hand. This was probably the most at ease that he had been around another person on this game, aside from his grandson. The fact that he had really only met one other person that he had managed to get along with up to this point definitely contributed to that factor though. "Level ninety huh? That is certainly a rather impressive feat! You must be working quite hard to clear the game at this point. I commend you for this fact, Chase." It was likely going to take quite a bit of time before Marius could ever c
  3. Not quite sure if anyone is all that interested but the rank 2 Performer shop, <<The House of Muses>>, is officially open for business.

  4. Having been a little lost in his thoughts, this elderly gentleman would jump briefly at the sound of a young man's voice. His line of questioning wasn't one that he had really anticipated anyone answering for him so the advice had been appreciated but the sudden appearance had assuredly caught him off guard. "O-oh! My apologies young man, I hadn't seen you there." A bit of an awkward laugh would escape from Marius's lips as he had begun to rub at the back of his head. "The fisherman is down by the docks, you say? I suppose that that does indeed make some sense. Thank you for the assistance!"
  5. SUBMITTING A NEW CRAFTED/IDENTIFIED ITEM FOR APPROVAL Shop Post: Here Transaction Date: 10/03/2021 Cost of Transaction: 1 Materials Sent to the Banker Crafter's Profession: Performer Crafter's Rank: Rank 2 Item Name: Instant Lesser Invigorating Tune Item Tier: Tier 1 Item Type: Consumable Item Rarity: Uncommon Masterpiece (1 Slot) Item Enhancements: Instant HP Recovery I Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: ID: 199082 | CD: 10 | LD: 15 (+3) Item Description: A large recording crystal with a golden filigree about
  6. Previous Thread Not only had Marius succeeded in completing <<The First Lesson>> but they had even gone as far as to complete <<The Second Lesson>> in what had felt like record breaking time! Both of those quests had been rather instrumental in enhancing his level to the point in which it had been now and they would be known to him as some of the priority quests that had ensured that he have the ability to protect his grandson in this world. That said though, both of these quests had been rather tiring with how quickly he had tried to persevere through them. Hopefu
  7. A few curt nods would be offered to the mousy brown haired man before him. From the sound of it, this tracking skill was something that would come in handy in the future. Especially considering that it was something that had fallen under the Searching skill that Marius had been aiming for. If he were capable of increasing his searching ability than he would likely have an easier time searching for materials in the future, which would in turn benefit his shop. "I see, I see. I'll definitely have to do a bit more digging into things like this. Find ways to be more useful in the future. Running a
  8. SUBMITTING A NEW CRAFTED/IDENTIFIED ITEM FOR APPROVAL Shop Post: Here Transaction Date: 09/28/2021 Cost of Transaction: 1 Material Sent to the Banker Crafter's Profession: Performer Crafter's Rank: Rank 2 Item Name: Hymn of Healing Item Tier: Tier 2 Item Type: Consumable Item Rarity: Perfect Masterpiece (3 Slots) Item Enhancements: Mass HP Recovery III Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: ID: 199056 | CD: 12 | LD: 18 (+3) Item Description: A large white recording crystal with golden filigree, about the size of a
  9. Returning back to Lyle's blacksmithing shop had been a relatively simple task. It wasn't too far from the location in which he had fought the <<Mama Boar>> and he had more or less remembered the way back without the mini map. Re-entering the dimly lit shop, Marius would turn his attention towards the grey bearded blacksmith. "Right, Lyle, I'm back with those tusks that you were looking for." With this, Lyle would give Marius a curt nod of approval as Marius had handed the tusks on over to him. "I use these on hilts," he explains simply, before setting the items aside. "Now, I'll ha
  10. From the looks of things, it would appear as though the <<Mama Boar>> had been rather close to death. It's health bar had been flashing red and seemed to be near its end. After all of his hard work, it had almost seemed as though he was going to come out on top. A soft smile would begin to curl upon his lips as he would attempt to slam his warhammer directly into the side of the <<Mama Boar>> for one last time. Unfortunately for him though, he had been too slow in this final attempt and the <Mama Boar>> had managed to slip by him unscathed. From there it would
  11. With each passing moment, Marius would find himself getting closer and closer to his achieved goal. He was slowly working towards increasing his level and towards being a respectable enough level to protect his grandson and help everyone clear this floor. It wasn't going to be easy for him to do this alone though and as such, he was likely going to need to try and spend more time with those in his guild. Perhaps those in Firm Anima would be willing to come out with him in the future? It would definitely speed up the process of everything that he needs to do. While considering what kind of
  12. Just as before, Marius was going to need to give everything that he had to this fight if he had planned on coming out on top. Now he had known to be a little more careful with the task at hand though. He wasn't quite sure what was going on with his physical body but if he wasn't careful, it was possible that things would get worse. "R-right... Come on <<Mama Boar>>... We've almost got this." It probably wasn't right for him to be goading this mob towards its death but he had to do something to keep his perseverance going. These kinds of fights were likely to draw out until he was s
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