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  1. Purchasing the following item(s): Spyglass (x3) | 800 Col Total: 800 Col
  2. Wares Custom Order Pricing Tier 1 2 3 4 5 Uncommon Song 360col or 1 T1 Mat Rare Song 515col or 2 T1 Mats Perfect Song 1200col or 4 T1 Mats
  3. <<The House of Muses>> | Rank: 1 | Musico Primo | Support Songs | Tier 1 Crystals This small shop has a rather bare appearance from the outside. The walls of said building are built of the typical stone in which most other shops in this district happen to be. In fact, the only way that this shop even seems to stand out amongst its peers is via the massive glass windows that seem to peer into it. It is through these windows that one can truly see where the difference lies between this shop and the others. While peering in th
  4. Seeing as how he had now obtain the Performer profession, Marius had decided that he was going to need to gather a few things to assist him in his career. Of course he had known that he was going to need to open up a shop at the end of the day but before that would happen, he had figured that it would be best to acquire an aid of sorts for his newfound career. Thankfully, from what he had heard out on the town, the general merchant likely had exactly what he had been looking for. "Alrighty then. So what kind of thing is going to be useful to me in the recording studio? Perhaps some kind of mic
  5. Having completed the crafting process, Marius couldn't be happier with himself. Not only had he managed to succeed in completing the quest but he had gone on to make an item of rare quality! Sure it had been a tad embarrassing when it came to the first attempt but his follow up attempt was as good as he was going to need it to be. That was all that had mattered. "Heh. Sure am glad that I managed to pull through with this. The process may have felt as though it was taking forever but I sure kicked this quests butt!" Just as Marius was about to turn about to show Landon his work, the musici
  6. SUBMITTING A NEW CRAFTED/IDENTIFIED ITEM FOR APPROVAL Shop Post: N/A Transaction Date: N/A Cost of Transaction: N/A Crafter's Profession: Performer Crafter's Rank: Rank 1 - Musico Primo Item Name: Invigorating Tune Item Tier: 1 Item Type: Consumable Item Rarity: Rare (2 Slots) Item Enhancements: HP Recovery II Craft/Appraisal/Obtainment IDs & Rolls: 198683 & Quest Link Item Description: A large recording crystal about the size of ones hand. It almost has the appearance of a cassette player. Upon activation, it
  7. Having taken the time to appropriately go over every punctual detail on crafting, Marius would eventually come to the moment in which he was going to need to actually craft things. Thankfully it wouldn't require a ton of materials to really get things started. The ones that he had previously collected should be enough to not only craft an item but have backup materials incase things were to go wrong. With that in mind, Marius would immediately set out to craft some kind of consumable support item. He would start by placing each and every material that he had gathered for this quest on the tabl
  8. Having heard the good news from Marius, Landon would seem come from behind the counter of his shop and would begin to approach the old man. "Ah, good. You're back. I managed to finish up my work so I suppose that it's time to meet in the middle." This was what Marius had been looking forward to since he had come to Landon's shop. What kind of crazy things was he going to show him as a trick of the trade? Sick guitar riffs? Perhaps a singing technique? Nope. It was nothing like that. With a strum of his lute, Landon would begin to motion towards the counter nearby. "You are going to need to go
  9. Taking into account that he was now going to need to head on back Landon's little hole-in-the-wall shop back in the <<Town of Beginnings>>, Marius would rise from the ground and begin to head on back. As he had done so, he would brush alongside his backside so as to clear away any sort of debris that might have remained after falling. Thankfully there hadn't been anything other than a small amount of water. "I'm so close now! Soon the world shall come to understand the true nature of a support character. I'll be able to buff and debuff my enemies while remaining sturdy and capable
  10. All that Marius had needed to come out on top of this quest was the final Tier 1 Material to be collected for Landon. If he could succeed in this attempt than he was going to finally be able to head on back to the rockstar and assist him a tad further. Then he would finally be rewarded with the Performer profession! He was so close to his goal that he could taste... or perhaps that was the salt water in the air above the pond. "C'mooooon Fishies!" It was a good thing that his grandson hadn't been around at the moment because he had been acting a tad embarrassing overall. At least he was enjoyi
  11. This old man didn't plan on allowing these fish to clown him as often as they had been. If they had been clown fish than that might have been a different story but seeing as they weren't, he had completely and utterly refused! "I've almost completed everything that I came here for. C'mon, just let me reel 'ya in 'ya darn fish." Hoping not to lose another one, Marius would cast his line out towards the pond and wait. He could more or less remember where that last fish had escaped off to. While the fish may not have been too stupid to fall for such a tactic again, it was entirely likely that it
  12. Hoping to try and get through this eventually, Marius would continue along with this line of work. The line of his fishing pole had been cast out towards the pond and the lure had simply bobbed just beneath the surface of the water. It wasn't much but it was honest work. "It's only a matter of tiiiiime, before the fishes come iiiiin~" On this account, he had indeed been right about it only being a matter of time. In fact, they had come even quicker than he had anticipated! Yet another fish had begun to snake its way through the pond and towards the lure that had simply been waiting for its pre
  13. Continuing along with his whistling while standing, Marius would continue along with this rather repetitive activity. It was slowly becoming something that he was getting used to doing once again and that at least had some level of comfort for the old man. "I wonder how effective I'll be at gathering materials and the likes in the future, once I manage to reach the final professional level of fisher? Of course I still need to acquire the profession beforehand but... Eh. I really should have started off with that profession to be honest but it is what it is, I suppose." The lure would continue
  14. "I refuse to let these failed attempts get me down. Someday I shall become a master fisherman! Or angler? A grandmaster angler!" Having talked some motivation into himself, Marius would prepare himself for some hardcore fishing. He wasn't about to lose to all of that self-doubt! In an attempt to make things easier for himself, Marius would rise from his position on the ground and than hurl out the fishing line once more. "C'mon 'ya little fishies. Come to papa~" It was only a few moments later in which another fish would come darting on over towards his lure. "That's right... Let's go!" The fi
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