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  1. Hael whistled. "Wow gramps, you must've been a real Chad! Teach me your ways." He moved onto his belly, fingertips skimming the surface of the water. The view among the tranquil lake alluded to some vision of paradise, waters impeccably crystalline. He could see down to the sand from up here. He mouthed a look of astonishment. "Hey Val?" Hael hummed. "I'm gettin' bored. Can we do somethin' elseee?" The brawl with the fish had only wrapped up a mere minute ago, albeit the boy was ever impatient. He was one to be up on his feet on the regular. Productivity was not his strongest suit. His stomach
  2. Hael shrugged. "Hey, I don't know the first thing about fishin'. Like how to hold one and all that jazz." He leaned back on the rowboat, head propped against his chin. Other hand reached over to skim the water. It was a beautiful day out on the lake, the boat rocking steady with the movement of the waves. He hummed a catchy tune as he listened to the ol' man sit passive between them. He didn't expect the man to say anything as he wasn't an artificial intelligence, a mere dummy to orchestrate quest details. There was a little something scripted in him, however. Hael stared dumbfounded at t
  3. Hael witnesses the slight outbreak with a quirked brow. The man named Enryu carried quite a head over his shoulders. A little toughness was good, he supposed. He meant it in good fashion. The retaliation provided ample distraction for the nepent to weasle out of range and counterstrike. Fortunately, the party member had evaded in time. The remaining miniature nepent was quite the pest. Hael balled his fist to prepare to strike, only for their leader to intercept with a trained lunge of his spear. The nepents stems were snapped clean off, four wilting flowers dispelling a strange mist that
  4. As soon as the fish spawned, it had met its swift demise. Hael whistled at the sheer expertise displayed. Oddly enough, the fish didn't crystalize as most mobs did when killed. Much like the typical fish, it assumed its natural state as a corpse. In fact, it had turned into an inanimate immortal object. Hael thought it odd as they both threw the swordfish overboard. The boy dusted his hands. "Well, that was both exciting AND underwhelming." He plopped down on the rowboat and crossed his legs. "Was hoping it would put up a fight." They were still a way from shore out in the middle of the greate
  5. "Yessir!" Hael nodded. On second thought, he looked down at his long trousers. The waves lapped up at the bottom of his soles. He was, unfortunately enough, going to have wet socks. He rolled up his pant legs as well and began to push the boat into the waves with all his strength. After a momentary struggle, the canoe was suspended above the water. He hopped on top, wobbling over the shaky flooring. He fell back on his rear, palms gripping both sides of the boat. Val assumed fisherman duty, seizing the pole for himself. "Ooh," Hael commented, "Y'know how to fish a big one?" An question th
  6. Hael let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. It was a relief that Val wasn't mad, but again, he seemed rather stoic most of the time. He'd come to find that his comrade's default face was a neutral one, neither this nor the other. "Yeah, for sure! I'll take you back there after this is over with." He flashed the man a smile. He noticed that as time passed, conversation had grown smoother. It was a nice change and Hael was glad that they'd been getting along. Carob eyes diverted towards the boat ahead, the old man grabbing the hull. The brunette rolled up his sleeves. "Hollup a sec
  7. As per usual, Hael was running late. Punctuality was not his strongest suit for one, as he was a bit of a scatterbrain. A typical day would have him set out early, only to be distracted by something. Today was such a case. A crowd of players in the Town of Beginnings crowded at a vending cart, perusing cheap culinary consumables. Mop of unruly brown locks peeked in between the circle, to find a large, scrumptious watermelon on display. The usual good was marked down by twenty-five percent. The eager penny pincher stepped into the ring and fired up a transaction. At the convenient click of a bu
  8. "Nope!" Hael responded to man named Enryu. And it was true. He'd only received a vague message from Val and didn't bother to inquire further. He trusted his comrade's judgment as a level-headed man. He decided if there was nothing worth fretting over, he'd gather the rest in time. The brunette tuned in to the other's discussions with tactic. He noted the dynamic of all three around him and frowned. All three were polite for pleasantries and straight to the business. Even a smile or a polite jest would have been good. He stood among the group, feeling alienated without much input to tact out of
  9. "Roger that." Hael stayed on the lookout, form guarding the entrance of the secret passageway. The absence of his comrade left his nerves running. Back pressed against the stone, he peered through the darkness as much as his vision could able. He kept the other safe until he retreated. The duo, with not much else to do, decided to head off. The brunette twisted on his heels and set off behind Val. The next objective was to deliver the goods to the rather talkative artisan. The party traveled to the grove prior and dropped off their individual packages. Hael dusted his hands for a job well
  10. The worm went down in record time, much to the boy's surprise. He'd been too enveloped in battle to even consider the health bar above the opponent's head. The worm's body materialized into nothingness, alerting him of its demise. His tension ebbed away as he sighed in relief. "Whew, good." Free hand skimmed through his matted locks and pushed them back. A stack of loot appeared in place of the body and the boy's eyes glimmered with greed. He picked it up and stowed it away. Attention moved to Val and he nodded in confirmation. "Yup! Let's get outta here-" Hael noticed the clearing in t
  11. The concept of death at a game over kept him in check. It was weird to think that a few mistakes could have him digging his own grave, but that was why he weighed his options before each fight. His tact was hopeless as he preferred to move at whims, but fortunately for the duo, Valentine was an efficient tactician. He glanced back to his comrade who was fairing well on his own, spearing the grotesque worm. He'd thought too soon, however, when the worm rolled over to crush Val. Hael blanched for a moment and panicked, unsure of what he would do to be of use. He balled his fists and charged forw
  12. The worm was a scene straight out of a science fiction horror film, titanic in size with a gut protruding about half the space in the cave. Slimy appendages skittered about the soil, making way towards the party. Hael scrunched his nose in distaste. The developers had an eye for detail, perfectly capturing the essence of a grotesque being like that. He held his wraps taut and studied the patterns of the worm. Due to the sheer weight of its body, the creature moved slowly. Maneuvering? Near impossible. That should've been the case until he'd charged at the worm, only to trip on the coil of its
  13. On the way to the rendezvous point, Hael crossed the heart of the bazaar. The town of beginnings was bustling with life like usual. Vendor wares and goodies lined the streets, beckoning him to take a peek with his empty pockets. Envy welled within at the sight of things he could not afford. Whims put a dent on his earnings. He forwent the necessities in favor of a luxurious meal. In the aftermath, he'd been penny pinching his way through life. Several thousand col accounted to his entire earning. One day, he'd surmount enough wealth to sustain a luxurious life. He glanced at his cloc
  14. In what felt like seconds, another cave guardian had spawned from the cave's dark recesses. The armor clad guard skulked over, the clattering a dead given sound. The brunette spun around to remain alert, checking over his shoulder towards his surroundings. Among a flickering of light, he caught a telltale glimpse of the creature's armor. Brows furrowed in concentration. Before his next breath, Val stepped in for the kill with remarkable expertise. The boy had silently applauded him. Val had always given the impression of a hardworking, driven man, with his meticulous schedules and his attentio
  15. His anticipation built up at the sound of a count. An enemy was spotted, and in light, both men assumed stances of defense. The shadows provided ample cover for them, however against a creature of the night? The stakes heightened from there. Heavy vibrations shook the ground beneath his soles, rocks falling from the cavern roofs. Hael, in a rush to preserve himself, braced his face with his forearms. When his comrade was flung aside like a ragdoll, Hael's blood ran cold. Despite his orders, he threw caution to the wind and went racing forth blindly. The narrow path diverged into an open
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